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REVIEWS OF Dr. John C. Layke, DO IN California

Liza Frankiw

Sandi Orcutt

I LOVE these products and recommend them. I get so many compliments on how young I look since I started using them.

Susan Gather

Love the products. The crepe is wonderful. Makes skin feel silky on arms and chest area. I use the exfoliating soap that goes with the product if you want to order it It’s wonderful as well. My boyfriend can’t belief how soft my skin feels.

Casey Phillips

I’ve tried several products and they work. It takes time to see a big difference, but then, it didn’t start looking bad overnight either. I love the products

Kayla Jones

Denise Ellwood

GG Garman

I have been using the products for at least three years. They are good products. The Crepe body cream feels good on my skin, has a pleasant smell, and my skin does tighten although the “bat wings” do not disappear. The Spot Remover works for me.

Renate Cohen

Janet Hilton

I love the crepe correcting cream for arms and legs.

Carolyn Cooper

Great doctor. He really cares about his patients and delivers great results!

Beverley Steele

I used this crepe cream for exactly 4 days. The heavy perfume was cloying and cheap, and permeated all my clothing. Does this tell you something about the quality of product? They do not respond to e mails.

Robert Lasater

Best body lotion i have found not feminine smelling so it works well for men . Love it. Just need more. Robert L

Sherry Piperi

Crepe cream is awesome. Saw results after one week wouldn't use any other one. Great job!!!!

Den Bradshaw

James Short

Hollia Alzate

I recently met Dr. Layke and I am so happy I found him. Perhaps one of the kindest, personable, caring doctors I have ever met. He was very thorough with his consultation and his friendly and helpful staff were out of this world!! I can't wait to recommend him to my friends and family!

Cindy F

Yvonne Kaelin

Dr. Layke was very informative and helped me choose the best products for my skin. Great doc and very nice!

Bonnie Rolls

I started using the product only last week. It is very light on my skin without heavy fragrance or oily consistency, just very light soft skin. I love using it daily. I will let you know in a few weeks if I see a difference in the appearance of my skin. Thank you for providing a product that feels clean and light.

Charise Rosenthal

I am using all BHMD products for my skincare, and am very pleased with the results. As far as the crepe correcting complex, I am using it on my decollete, neck, and arms. I have noticed some firming of the wrinkles and crepiness has diminished in those areas. Some of the products work better on my skin type than others, but generally, the product line is outstanding, and I will remain a loyal client!

Sally T Zito

I love love this product(Crepe Correcting Cream). I can’t go anywhere without it and I can’t run out of it! I’ve used many many products in my entire life, finally found one that delivers. As a DJ and being on stage a lot, maintenance is everything. I’m 51 years old and always mistaken in my late 20’s. I’m told my skin is so soft, smooth and silky! No crepey skin! I highly recommend it!

Pumba Gaming


S. Nats

Wow! I am so lucky to have found Dr. Layke! He is such an incredibly skilled doctor, not to mention how comfortable he made me feel! A thousand thanks!

Brian Simmons

Linda Hermosillo

My skin is softer and tighter! I can tell the difference between when I have used your products or not. I think my skin is smoother!

Tonette Bowen

Incredible product. Started using Crepe Correcting Body Creme about 1 year ago and am finding that the longer I use it, the less I have use. This Creme is very hydrating and I am seeing visible improvements daily. It also works extremely well as a general hand cream - better than any other hand cream I've ever used! It absorbs very well and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy layer. My husband even uses and loves it!!

Dave Skiles

Jennifer Solomon

Great doctor! I will be seeing him from now on and won't be going anywhere else. He was very kind and did a wonderful job !!

Jennifer Ordonez

I had my first cosmetic surgery here (rhinoplasty) and I am very pleased with my results. I couldnt have been happier! They made this process so easy and comfortable for me, considering it was my FIRST surgery. I would definitely recommend him, you wont regret it.


John Lee

Dr. Layke is the best doctor I have ever visited. I went to several other doctors, and he was the only one who I KNEW would give me exactly what I was looking for. I can't thank you enough for everything! Very nice office, clean and courteous staff. Thank you to everyone!

Susan Jacobs

Carolyn Gianotti

Lena Bradshaw

Dr. Layke is amazing! His practice is beautiful, the staff is warm and friendly, and the doctor himself is everything you hope for in a doctor: smart, skilled, compassionate, patient and calming. They have their own surgery center, and for a gorgeous practice in Beverly Hills, their prices were exceptionally fair. Now, on to my rhinoplasty experience: Let me start by saying that I had a very difficult, wide, bulbous and asymmetrical nose, with very little tip cartilage, thick skin, a deviated septum, retracted columella, small nostrils and thick outer nostril. Before visiting Dr. Layke, my husband and I visited and talked with many other plastic surgeons, and everyone agreed: my nose was about as difficult a case as you could get... 10 out of 10 for difficulty. Of all the doctors we met with, Dr. Layke had the very best 'bedside manner.' He immediately puts you at ease, is calm, knowledgeable and patient. He makes sure you understand everything, and answers any questions graciously. He used 3D pre-visualization to show us what his target goal would be. When discussing how he would go about the procedure, his plan coincided with the most thorough, modern and effective techniques that had been recommended to us. He performed an open rhinoplasty alar rim grafts, weir incisions, shaved down the sides of my wide nasal bones, took cartilage from my rib and built up the projection of my nose. (he went *expertly* through an existing scar I already had from a previous breast augmentation). He did Weir incisions, which narrowed my nose, while at the same time using the alar rim graft to widen and shape my nostrils... He thinned my skin, and also slightly lowered and reinforced my retracted columella. He also reduced my turbinates, helping my breathing. The sheer number of things he did are truly amazing. He spent over 4 hours working on me, refusing to stop until everything was perfect! After the surgery, he was very conscientious, following up on me and checking in. After wearing a 'splint' for a week, I went in and he switched me over to a special clear splint that he had made from the 3D pre-visualization... I wear this to control the swelling and shape the nose to our desired shape as it heals. (No one else I've talked to does this... very cool!). My nose used to be a boxy, bulbous, a-symmetrical thing that didn't fit with the rest of my face. I'm now 3-weeks post-op, and couldn't be happier with the results! A huge Thank You to Dr. Layke and his entire staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for such a fantastic experience! P.S.: Several doctors warned that aesthetics went counter to breathing functionality, and as I already had trouble with my nose (deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, very small nostrils), it was unlikely that we'd be able to improve my breathing and my aesthetic significantly... Each would compromise the other. Dr. Layke managed to accomplish both of these results, with better breathing AND better aesthetics, all at once. Amazing!

Holly Griffin

Raeda Daas

He was very kind and did a great job

Carolina Sanchez

Dr. Layke is one of a kind! I am so grateful to have found this doctor! He truly did change my life and gave me my confidence back! I was extremely nervous at first, but he did everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and calm. I recommend him to anyone looking for a caring doctor who really knows his stuff!

gayle gluck

Excellent products that really work. have been using them for almost a year now, and there is an enormous (positive) differencee. The Crepe Body Cream, Lift and Firm, Repair and Reverse, the Peel pads, and Line Smoother are just incredible.

Cici Perrier

Donna Valenti

Marina Kriegsman

Products are great and they seem to really give me smoother skin.

Amanda Wilson

Take your money £80 and do not supply the goods, do NOT deal with this company. They do NOT respond to emails, it's a con...

Martha Noreault

This guy is s scam! I've ordered 3different products and nothing works. Could have gone to Walgreens. He isn't even an MD--just a DO trying to scam the public as Beverly Hills MDs.

Deb Ward

I have been very pleased with crepe correcting boba complex. I tried other products and even consulted a plastic surgeon to help with the appearance of my thighs. This lotion did not completely fix my legs but has altered my skin enough to make me more comfortable in shorts and dresses. I swear by it. Thank you Dr. Layke.

Janet Koltun

It feels good and my skin feels a little less wrinkly, but at 82 I didn't expect magic!

Rebecca Ailes-Fine


I'm seeing and feeling amazing results with the skin care products from Beverly Hills MD! I'm extremely satisfied!

Francescca Rigaud

I've been using Crepe Correcting Body Complex for a while and I'm completely amazed and ecstatic about the look and feel of my skin. It has a silky feel to it and the "crepey" look has disappeared. Now I'm not embarrassed to wear short sleeve dresses and tops. This product is absolutely AMAZING!

Jackie Joy

Debi Howarth

Judith Snyder

SBT Santa Clarita

Stacey Lennorde

I am so grateful that a friend recommended Dr. Layke to me! He immediately made me feel comfortable, and answered all of the questions I had so I knew EXACTLY what would take place. The results were incredible! Thank you Dr. Layke!

Todd McGee

Nothing more than a snake-oil salesman. Really disappointing that a man with such gift and opportunity chooses to use it for his own pocketbook while misleading people looking for his medical advice into buying into quackery. Ever read comic books about superheroes protecting people from the bad guy? You, Dr. Layke are the bad guy. Stop what you are doing and do something honest with your life.

Alyssa Howard

Dr. Layke is one of a kind! His personality and professionalism made me feel so comfortable, I am so happy I found him! He works wonders!

Kathleen Bieck

By the end of the first jar of I saw 100% improvement on the crepe skin that had begun to embarrass me on the skin on the inside of my upper arms. I even saw how supple they looked in a photo. It doesn’t erase all wrinkles but it definitely erases crepe! It feels silky and smooth on my skin and not greasy. I will be sure not to run out of this product.

Marie Fleisher

I am only giving this four stars for now because I’ve only been using it for about a week. Can anybody tell me how long a tube of the deep wrinkle filler should last if you are just using it on your face?

carmina aspra

(Translated by Google) Your Dark spot concealer is useless. The spots are still there. In addition, they are charging my credit card with another product that I don't even order. very bad (Original) su Dark spot corrector no sirve para nada. las manchas siguen ahi . ademas de que me están cargando a mi tarjeta de creditootro producto que ni siquiera ordene. muy mal

Heather Brewster

Terry Roitz

I've always prided myself on my legs and arms - my legs are shapely and my arms toned; but, last year, at 67 years old, I started to notice, to my horror, crepiness on my thighs and inner upper arms. I've been using crepe correcting body complex for about a year now, and the crepiness has all but disappeared ... I can again wear shorts and sleeveless tops unabashedly ... feeling and looking good at 68!

Rose Bowe

Love the Products! Helped my skin faster than I thought it would! <3

Jorge Rodriguez

What wonderful treatment I had received from Dr. Layke and his staff. After a horrible experience I had from another Dr., who had botched my nose. I was very hesitant about going to another Dr. to repair the damage. Afraid of the possibility of another mistake. Dr. Layke explained what would have to be done to correct my breathing and appearance. He went over every step to improve both issues. He made me feel at ease, knowing exactly what needed to be done. I am very pleased with the outcome. My breathing has improved 100% and I now have a nose that I should of had. Dr. Layke listened to my needs, wants and achieved more than what I had expected. I wish I would have gone to Dr Layke in the first place. Thank you to your friendly staff and to you Dr. Layke, for your warm, caring and professional expertise. To anyone needing cosmetic care. I highly recommend Dr.Layke, he knows perfection.

Nadine Blue Moon

Marlene Champlin

I am enjoying the Crepe Corrector, but I've only been using it for 30 days. I'm committed to going the 60 days before I comment further. But in 30 days I do see a slight reduction in wrinkles on my hands, neck , elbows. I'm after reducing the crepe skin on my arms, upper thighs. Too soon to tell yet.

Kristina Walsh

I love the way it makes my skin super soft after applying. I've been using the lotion for just under a month now and I notice a small difference on my hands. I just wish the jar was bigger so that I could use it on my entire body for the soft feel.

Maxine Adkins

I must say that I am very disappointed. After listening to all the hype on your infomercial I truly thought I would see some difference of my face after using your product for a month. Nothing changed, the age spots are still there, not one change in the appearance of my face. I could have gone to CVS and purchased some bleaching cream and saved a lot of money. I'm taking a vacation this month and I ordered the product around the end of May, I thought surely I would see some change before I left. I am so disappointed.

Ida Doman

Pamela Draper

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