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May Lee

I have gone to Dr. Chiu a few times for procedures and each time, he and his staff were very welcoming, informative and patient. Dr. Chiu is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain, in detail, what a procedure entails and what the results will likely be. What I appreciate about him is that he is very straightforward...doesn't try and sugar coat anything and doesn't oversell. He likes the idea of subtle enhancement rather than drastic changes. In a sea of cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Chiu is a standup so I would highly recommend him.

Jess Ann

Dr.Chiu and his staff are amazing, I went a second time to get things done. I received exceptional care from the moment I made my appointment. Dr. Chiu takes his time with you to find out what you want and gives you his best approach to your wants. I have no complaints from the surgery’s. He will explain in great detail all your questions you have and can be reached if you have any more.

Gab Perez

I would recommend BHPS to anyone who would ask me about any procedure!! I have a Breast Augmentation surgery scheduled next month and want to thank Dr. Gabriel Chiu and staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for all the support and comfort prior to surgery! I have to admit that I was very nervous prior to meeting with Dr. Chiu, but that changed as soon as he walked in the room. He is friendly and very professional. We talked about my goals, he stressed the importance of body structure and health and I was in...I knew at that moment I was scheduling my BA. He answered all of my questions before I even had an opportunity to ask him. I went in for my pre-op appointment yesterday and it literally felt like I was hanging out at one of my friends house. I thought maybe I would feel that weird scary feeling you get before a dentist appointment but surprisingly I didn't and I still don't. I am in THE BEST of hands!!

Thomas Stelmach

My closest friend, Steve, had a face lift 3 weeks ago. The results are amazing and it has only been 3 weeks. He had very little swelling and very little bruising. Steve now looks like a younger version of his old self Dr. Chiu was very supportive and professional. His support staff are all fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Chiu - he's the best!


Great experience with Dr. Gabriel Chiu and his staff 100% satisfied. Couldnt ask for anything more Speedy recovery. Very happy!!!

Felisha Watson

I was referred to Dr. Chui by my mother and I couldn't be happier. Doctor Gabriel Chui and the staff at BHPS were very pleasant and helpful through my entire surgical journey. I appreciated how involved he has been throughout the process. Dr. Chui also has an artistic eye. He was able to determine which implant would get me my desired natural look. He was also very holistic in his approach and recommended natural vitamins to prep me before surgery. I would definitely recommend him.

Rozy Sham

I cannot say more great things about Dr. Chiu and entire staff. Always professional, accommodating. He is very sweet, honest and caring.

Los Angeles Guide

I went to Gabriel Chiu because I look "tired". Chiu injected Perlane in my tear through/under eyes and the results were not only poor but also devastating emotionally and psychologically horrifying. After consulting with other specialists and being advised to demand a refund. I have never experienced anything more painful, more humiliating and more embarrassing than what Gabriel Chiu did set up for me after I asked him for a simple refund. He accused me of extortion and threatened to sue me for that, only because I asked for a simple refund due to the results of the injections, then he officially and formally dropped me as a patient with a "cease and desist" letter type and he immediately hired an attorney. Chiu's attorney prepared a settlement agreement where I would agree to not post any reviews and in exchange I would get my refund. It was ok with me but Chiu's attorney had plotted a completely different ending. Instead of facilitating the refund, Chiu's attorney was dreadful. So I was left with the only option to sue to get my money back. It was less than $600 and I will never understand how that can compare to Chiu's net worth. I think Chiu mentioned in court it was "the principle" the reason why he wouldn't refund me. Principle of what? The injections were terrible, the results were poor and uneven and while injecting, Chiu was panicking and saying "it's not lifting" referring to my skin. The material shifted and migrated. Chiu's choice of material was wrong and the placement of the material was also wrong. But I am not here to judge. God will. I just wanted my money back because I was suffering. Anyone can see the entire file at any courthouse in Los Angeles. The outcome and the experience was poor, unforgiving, uneven, lumpy and it was not restylane, it was perlane. What would be "the principle" about that? I still don't know. I hope God will give me this answer one day. Chiu brought to small claims court his attorney which was completely inappropriate, illegal and unethical and he made sure that he defended the entire the case by falsifying facts per usual and on top of that, my interpreter was very old and not fitted for the job and because of her I wasn't made aware of important facts like the ability to oppose to a temporary judge and other facts and she didn't translate properly so I lost the small claim against Chiu. I guess it was extremely important for Chiu to fight and keep my $550 and I hope for him that through his entire life, his soul and his conscience and his heart will still think that it was worth it to do everything he did to keep my money and to put me through all of that pain and suffering just to avoid a refund. I don't know what else to do now to be able to get a refund and recover the funds. Perhaps I could reopen the case or I could file a State Bar complaint against Chiu's attorney, at least his license could be revoked due to his unethical dreadful behavior. Perhaps I could also reach out to the Perlane company because the product should not be delivered to the under eyes area because is too lumpy, even though Chiu could have known better and the manufacturing company only cashed in a much smaller amount of money than $550 for one syringe of Perlane. Medical records have been requested again this month but I didn't get them yet. I lost everything while battling domestic violence and severe depression. I just really wish with all my heart that this situation could have been resolved with at least a refund so I could move on with my life but it was crystal clear that Chiu wanted to punish me and he sure did. The lesson I learned is that whoever has the more financial resources will always win in life and will always crush and morally and psychologically destroy a weak and poor person, no matter what, even a doctor will do that and stop at nothing to get the results he wants. I am hoping Chiu didn't throw away my medical records because I still have a lot of unresolved questions and concerns to ask the Osteopathic Medical Board of California which is where Chiu has his license from.

Lorraine Martinez

During my consultation, Dr Gabriel Chiu’s top priority was to understand my objective and educate me on all options available for my desired result. In addition the atmosphere was comfortable and luxurious and Dr Chiu and staff took care of me as if I were one of the family which made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Mari Fig

An amazing team!! I completely trust Dr.Chiu and his opinion regarding any procedures I have gotten done with him. Having cosmetic surgery was something I wanted to do for years but was always afraid of the outcome. After meeting with Dr.Chiu and the BHPS staff I knew they were going to help me achieve the natural look I was looking for. From start to finish the doctor and staff are guiding you through the process and making sure you have what is needed. After care is no different. They are available and willing to help you with whatever you need. It has been two years since the surgery and I love my nose more everyday. Dr.Chiu will definitely see me again for future procedures. Thank you everyone at BHPS for making this process so simple.

Adrienne Cooper

Dr Chiu and staff are absolutely amazing! I really can’t get over the experience I get when I go there. I’ve been to Dr. Chiu’s office Twice, once was for a breast augmentation that I had done somewhere else and the results were undesirable and a BBL, both were done amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better job and this time I just came back for a rhinoplasty and him and his staff really treated me like a rockstar and listened to all my concerns and I can’t wait to get this cast off to see my new nose. I highly highly recommend Dr. Chiu, he’s super nice and outstanding and what he does, and his staff is AMAZING!!!!

Sara Wang

I seriously can’t explain how compassionate and caring Dr.Chiu and his staff have been. They are always attentive. Very helpful and happy to help.Not only do they provide excellent customer services but my results are amazing. I had a Breast Augmentation with silicone implants. My breast look very natural and they are very soft. They have the droop I expected.Dr.Chiu went over the different type of implants and sizes to help me pick the one that best fitted my expectations. Thank you Dr.Chiu and staff for the wonderful experience and amazing results!!!

Angie Mejia

Wonderful experience! Highly recommend if you're ready for a new you! He's a very talented surgeon with a great team behind him!

Lisette G.

I had heard such amazing things about Dr. Chiu for years, and I am so so happy that I went to him for a rhinoplasty I had been considering for a long time. From our first meeting to the day of the surgery, I felt extremely comfortable and confident in his abilities, his concern for my well-being and satisfaction, and the positive results I would attain. All my expectations were exceeded! I could not be happier with how natural and subtle my nose looks, which was my biggest concern. Dr. Chiu gave me the gift of a better version of myself, and I am forever thankful!! I also want to add that his staff is the most caring and pleasant!

Martha Jackson

Dr. Chiu preformed surgery on my legs more than 2 months ago and he and his staff has been just the best to me. I’m so satisfied with my results and I will recommend him highly.

Araceli Ruiz

I don't even know where to start… My experience with Dr. Chiu and his staff was simply amazing. From the minute I entered the office for a consultation I was greeted by Roni she is so nice, warm and sweet. I later met with my patient coordinator Yvette, she was also very nice and understanding she took time to answer all my questions and explain the entire surgical process in detail which made me feel very comfortable. I like the fact that they require detailed medical clearance prior to surgery because it showed me that they genuinely care about the patient and their safety. When I met Dr. Chiu, he made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. Immediately I knew he was the one! He really paid attention to my concerns and gave me intelligent feedback. I ended up having abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) diastasis repair, lipo in the hips, flanks & braline. It has been two weeks and I’m already seeing a huge differnce! I can’t say it enough! I am beyond happy!!! Veronica, Dr. Chiu’s assistant was wonderful! She took out my drains and sutures and I was able to get off the medication in less than a week, she really helped calm my nerves post operatively. I would tell anyone getting surgery done to get it done right and have the most amazing results, go to Dr. Chiu you will not regret it! Trust me! Thank you again Dr. Chiu. I am forever greatful!

David What you

It's been a year since I has my surgery with Dr.Chiu . I am very happy with my results. Dr.Chiu was very hands on. He explained everything I needed to know about the surgery in my consultation. During the year I had a numerous follow up visit where he explained what to expect next. If you need a detailed and caring doctor look no further.

Karen Hulseman

My experience so far is limited to consultation and scheduling. I haven't had any procedures yet, but Dr. Chiu and his staff are wonderful. Everyone has answered every question and if they don't know, follow up is quick. Dr. Chiu was very reassuring during the consult. I wanted a surgeon who would help me with the after effects of weight loss without over promising me to look like a 'Barbie'. He explained in clear language what he wanted to do and why. Completely reassured I've made the right decision. Kelsey, Laurie, and Heeva are all very attentive. I am excited not anxious which is proof of the trust I've placed in this team.

Ana Alaniz

Dr. Chiu and his staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc were amazing. Dr Chiu is a knoledgeable and talented plastic surgeon. He has a great aesthetic and is very helpful when it came to choosing what is right for me and my body. I am beyond pleased with my results. From the consultation I knew Dr chiu was the right choice for me due to his honesty and ability to make me feel comfortable with the process. His staff is friendly, accommodating and willing to help any way they can. After surgery Dr Chiu and his staff were always available if i had questions\concerns and thus i felt safe at all times.

Samantha Kelly

Dr. Chiu has been my surgeon for years now. I cannot express enough how happy I am with his work. I just had my 2nd Breast augmentation by him 2 weeks ago. I decided to go a little larger. I am thrilled with my results! I have also been getting all of my injections by him for years and he is the best. He is so professional and brilliant at what he does. Pays attention to all details. I always enjoy my experience when I go into his office! His staff is so friendly, organized and very helpful!

Mayra Reimer

This is the second time I go to Dr. Gabriel Chiu and it is because he is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to plastic surgery. I went to him this time for a tummy tuck and liposuction. He is super kind and sweet and you can definitely tell he loves what he does. The surgery went as smooth as you can imagine and he is always there when you have any question. My recovery has gone so well and I'm only one week post surgery. I definitely recommend Dr. Chiu, he is an amazing plastic surgeon!

Kat Cat

I had an awesome experience with Dr.Chiu and his staff. Very friendly and ready to help . My results are phenomenal and over exceed my expectations! Look no further BHPS is the place for surgery. You know as soon as he is done with his consultation that he is the doctor for you. Also, the price was very reasonable . Wish I had done this along time ago.

Emma Hix

Honestly, this is the BEST place to go to for any cosmetic surgery! I got my secondary rhinoplasty done by dr Gabriel Chiu and I couldn’t be more happier! I wish I went to him for my first one but he was able to fix my nose to exactly how I wanted it. I also go for Botox and filler very often, he does exactly what I want. I wouldn’t choose anywhere else. Such great staff, so welcoming, and overall AMAZING ! Thanks dr Chiu!

Joanna Marcos

Dr. Chui is simply AMAZING! and not to mention his staff (Veronica and Ivette are such dolls!) they made me feel extremely comfortable and trusting with the process. I had rhinoplasty a year ago and it was such a great turnout. I will soon have a secondary procedure with Dr. Chui and I honestly couldn't have picked a better doctor that truly cares and delivers for his patiece great results! They are extremely flexible with schedule and availability, plus they have such a beautiful facility.

Priscilla M

Dr. Chiu and his team are exceptional in their service. I felt very much at ease from the time I had my first consultation until after my rhinoplasty procedure. He has excellent bedside manner and answered my questions regarding the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Chiu to my family and friends.

Gigi Baez

Dr. Chiu and his staff are incredible, professional and caring. I consulted Dr. Chiu for a breast lift with implants; a surgery I've long wanted but was too afraid to get. Dr. Chiu was reassuring throughout my consultation, advised me of the appropriate cc's for the implants and patiently answered all of my questions. Heather and Yvette are both rockstars that have made this whole journey a breeze. I highly recommend Dr. Chiu for your next body transformation!

amy garcia

I am very happy with my visit today, the staff is super helpful and friendly and dr. Choi takes a good amount of time explaining every single detail of the procedure.

Jasmine D

If you are considering getting plastic surgery look no further because this is THE BEST place to go! I don't know where to begin with how exceptional Dr. Chiu and his team is at BHPS! He is hands-down the most genuine, professional, patient and knowledgeable surgeon. From the moment you meet him you can tell he is a true expert at his craft. I could not be happier with my result. I have never experienced such attentiveness to detail than with this doctor. He truly is an artist and has an incredible eye for symmetry and beauty! I was also shocked by how much time he spent with me, he thoroughly explaining what to expect in detail and helping me to feel as comfortable as possible about going through this surgery. I have never experienced such friendly and outstanding bedside manner before. By the end of our consultation I was completely at ease and could not wait to get started! Also, what I found to be truly unique about him was how extremely knowledgeable he is on holistic medicine! I love that prescribes a detailed list of all natural vitamins/minerals to take pre and post-op that have shown to help speed the healing process and swelling. Dr. Chiu and his sweet staff have been caring and accessible to me through out this entire process. The quality care has been phenomenal since day one and I feel very blessed to have found Dr. Chiu. He is my surgeon for life now! I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Chiu to anyone interested in receiving plastic surgery. You won't regret it! Thank you thank you Dr. Chiu, you really are like no other doctor out there! I am so grateful to you and your wonderful staff for taking the best care of me.

Nancy Haffar

Dr Chui and team have been by far the most comfortable, most accommodating, thorough, and professional team I've experienced service with. I originally only scheduled a breast augmentation, but after the phenomenal service and results, I booked liposuction and a tummy tuck six months later. I couldn't be happier with the process, recovery and service provided my Dr. Chui and his team. Highly recommended!

Anastasia Peters

I'm really glad I came here and that Dr. Chiu at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery has me as a client. I had some liposuction done and some revision liposuction that he fixed from another doctor. Thank you!

Heather kRAVITZ

I went to Dr. Chiu because I had this fat under my chin that I hated. The whole process was so easy and quick and the results were amazing. It changed my whole face and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Chiu did an amazing job.

Susana Castillo

David Alexanderian

christina velasco

Ever since my first consultation I knew Dr. Chui was the right doctor for me. The staff was not only helpful but they were very informative. Dr. Chui made me feel very comfortable and I have to say I am so incredibly pleased with my outcome. I would definitely recommend BHPS to family and friends!

Ellas Nadjafzadeh

Dr. Gabriel Chiu is the best doctor in my opinion. I've been seeing him for many years now and never have I left his beautiful office unhappy. He has wonderful bedside manners and never pushes you to think you "need more." I would recommend him to any friend or family member with full faith they will be well taken care of! Dr. Chiu is my forever Botox go to guy!

Ivy Blue

I came to see Dr.Chiu for a Breast augmentation. I had no idea what I was getting my self into. The only information I had was what I've read online. I brought my boyfriend along for support. Dr.Chiu was very patient with us both since he also had tons of questions. He explained the difference of implants,size, and projection. He was very informative in regards to the best fit for my body. I've had many compliments as to how natural they look and sit on my body. My experience was wonderful and I recommend Dr.chiu to every one !!

Edwin Ayala

Just wanted to share my experience I had with Beverly Hill plastic surgery this was my first major surgery I had a tummy tuck done was nervous at first but the girls were amazing and Dr Chiu very detailed in what is being done with all this said I am very please with the work Dr Chiu did I am glad I chose Beverly Hills Plastic surgery thank you everyone

Holly Hou

I had a breast augmentation with Dr.Chiu almost a year ago . Wish I had done it sooner. I recommend Dr.Chiu to all my friends and family. He has excellent bedside manners and my results are 100% what I expected. His medical assistant veronica is always on top of it. It’s a big plus because it makes the process smooth and easy.

Lauren Giles

I was nervous and a little apprehensive about seeing a plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation, as it was a huge deal for me. Dr. Chiu was the first and only surgeon I made a consultation with. To say him and his staff are amazing is an understatement! They are professional and friendly and made me feel so welcomed and at home as soon as I walked in (it also helped that their office is gorgeous and clean). They treat you like family to give you the best care possible. Dr. Chiu is very thorough and answered all the questions I could have possibly had before even having to ask them. He spent a lot of time with me going over everything I needed to be prepared for surgery and I never felt rushed (which is huge since most doctors try to cram as many patients in). After my consultation I felt confident that he was the surgeon I wanted to go with and didn't need to meet with any others. I'm so happy with my decision and I highly recommend Dr. Chiu!

Vera Cortez

Why did I wait 15 Years for this! Thanks Dr. Chui and his staff for this life changing experience. My breats look better then ever but most of all it was the experience up to and after the surgery! Thanks you all so much!So it’s been a year and my breast look like they did at my 3 month appointment , PERFECT!! I couldn’t be happier with the location, staff and Dr. Chiu. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants extra care and a team that goes above and beyond all expectations.

Cort David

No way to express how grateful I am with Dr.Chiu . I had a breast augmentation several moths ago . At first I was very nervous but after meeting with Dr.chiu I was confident I was ready for surgery. His consultation was very informative. He spent over an hour with me answering all my questions. Even before surgery I was able to see him for a preop visit and he was also very informative during that visit. Thank you Dr.Chiu and staff for making this such an easy journey for me.

Maria Zia

Deciding who would one choose to do a change of a lifetime takes dedication and time. Well, finding that someone is not easy, but once you find it you are in the hands of a Michelangelo. Dr. Chiu is that artist, that physician without any other comparison. His work is one to be admire and his background knowledge is reach by only a few. I couldn't be any happier today with myself image if it wasn't for Dr. Chiu. I thank him for the wonderful work he did on me and for his patience every time I called for advice or any concern. His staff is just out of this world because they truly showed care throughout my journey. One star that shines in his office is Chammy (A true angel); she is just amazing and wonderful as well as caring. Every time, I called or text she immediately responded and was so helpful throughout even when I wasn't feeling so great. All I have to say is that if you ever consider anyone to make a change in your life, do not look further because there isn't anyone quite as Dr. Chiu - a true genius at his work!

Nathalie Nunez

Emily Tee

I've gone to breast augmentation consultations with a few different doctors, and I have to say that Dr. Chiu is the best! I spoke with him over the phone as well as in person. He quickly put me at ease with his knowledge and how well he explained things. He let me know every detail of the process and what I should do to prepare for pre and post operation as well as the results I would achieve. He also let me know what he recommended for my best interest, which I was grateful for and I appreciated how honest he has been with me every step of the way. His staff has been amazing along this journey too. I have my procedure this week and I wouldn't have chosen anybody else to perform this!

karina duenas

Visiting Dr. Chiu has always been a great experience. His staff is always so friendly. Kaly always greets me with a warm smile and offers me water/tea/coffee. When I first visited for my consultation Dr. Chui was very informative and answered any of my questions. I felt so comforted throughout the whole experience. The say after my surgery, Veronica was so helpful when I came in for my check up. I would recommend Dr. Chiu not only for his fabulous work but also for all the care and comfort of his office. Thank You!

Christine G

27 days ago I had my long awaited arm lift with lypo. Happy to say that I have had very minimal pain with no complications. I truly believe that Dr.Chiu not only loves what he does and takes pride in his work, but he secretly has magic in his hands. My life will never be the same!!! My arms are beautiful. I will never have to wear stretchy shirts so my arms will fit anymore. I keep looking at before and after pictures and I can not believe the difference. He placed the incisions so you can hardly see them. Honestly where the glue is coming off the incisions the scar is so light you can hardly tell. He made sure to position them so once healed no one will notice. I have to remember that it has only been 27 days and my arms are still a little swollen. I look at them with disbelief that these are really MY arms. Dr. Chiu and his entire staff are amazing. From the beautiful Heather to the terrific nurse Jess to the most caring Yvette. All my questions and concerns were answered. I have had 3 follow ups and not only have all my questions been answered but the staff has texted me to make sure I’m ok and if I need anything. My only question now is how do you repay an angel???

Shervin Mostafiz q

When I went for my liposuction consultation at BHPS everyone was so sweet. I felt so comfortable and couldn’t think about going any where else. Dr . Chiu explained everything and told me what to expect. Now after 3 weeks I love the result and I couldn't be happier !!Best decision I have ever made. Thank you Dr . Chiu and your staff

V V.

WOW!!First, for someone who has never had surgery I must say my experience when getting rhynoplasty has been phenomenal. Truly exceptional service from beginning to end. The staff is incredible, professional, personable and attentive. Once I made my decision I felt very confident in Dr. Chiu's abilities, but he surpassed my expectations. His honesty was comforting, his bed side manners fantastic and his attention to detail was excellent. He was realistic with the results he was expecting and he certainly won't promise a "typical Hollywood nose" He has an eye for symmetry and promised just that…a result that compliments the rest of my features. As a result nothing is drastic, but rather natural and even a few days after surgery people that didn't know I had surgery were not able to tell until I asked "notice anything?" AND my nose was still swollen. If THAT doesn't prove that Dr. Chiu is a master at his craft..I don't know what does. THANK YOU DR. Chiu !! Thank you Chammy and the rest of the wonderful staff!!

Michelle Frye

Dr. Chiu and his team are simply amazing. I was hesitant on getting a revision since my results from a prior doctor weren't terrible but definitely weren't what I asked for. I wanted my original breast augmentation to be super natural. I wasn't doing it for male attention, I was trying to fill in my bras. My prior surgeon ignored what I told him in our consult and did what he thought was best. My "natural/ moderate" request was answered with high profile and built in cleavage. He literally made the pockets where I would have permanent cleavage! I Hated it! I never wore low cut tops or certain swim suits. It effected my life more then I realized. On top of that my shoulders always felt tense. My chest muscle wasn't released enough during the surgery, also causing the implant to not take its full shape. After 3 years of insecurity I decided to do some research and I found Dr. Chiu. I told myself I was going to go to at least three consults before I fully decided if it was worth going through again and choosing the surgeon. Dr. Chiu was my first consult. Being that it was my second time going through this I had something to compare it to. He was so knowledgeable, detail oriented and honest about the results. He was also very analytical which I appreciated because i am as well. I left that appointment excited and feeling hopeful again with a surgery date booked. I have never made a better decision in my life! I'm only 3 weeks post op and they already look amazing! I wish this was my result the first time. it's so life changing! I know that they're going to settle in even more but I'm already feeling confident wearing low cut tops. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chiu. He really listens to what you want, his bed side manner was so calming and reassuring. The entire experience was just wonderful.

Raquel Gilson

Could not be happier with Dr. Chiu! From bedside manner, to absolutely PERFECT results. He's the best surgeon anyone could ever ask for. I'm going back for another (different) procedure next month.

Rochelle Stewart

Dr.Chui has a terrific touch. He literally takes years off my face with his cosmetic procedures. He always runs on time and is a fantastic doctor. RKS

samantha amezcua

I had read a lot of great reviews about Dr.Chiu and decided to set an appointment for my consultation, and I'm glad I did! Dr.Chiu and his staff at BHPS made me fell comfortable and thoroughly explained everything. He is very informative and puts you at ease, I highly recommend Dr.Chiu.

Jordan Riggs

Just had my surgery today with dr.chiu, he is amazing! Very easy to talk to and helped me with any questions or concerns I had regarding the sergery. He made my experience stress free. Also the girls at Beverly Hills plastic surgery where I did my consultation and pre opp appointment are very nice and always wanting to help with whatever I needed. He has a great staff!

Mynor Maradona

Rodriguez Vanessa

My experience with Dr. Chiu was so great. I went in to see Dr. Chiu for a Brazilian Buttlift and I would like to say that I wouldn't had picked anyone else but him. He explained everything to me in great detail as to how the procedure consists of. He made me feel very comfortable into getting my procedure done. He answered all my questions. I would say I made a great choice plus the staff was very friendly and very caring . I would recommend Dr. Chiu to anyone who is considering having any work done.

jlle beha

After long hours of research and uncertainty I finally decided to take the initiative into getting the otoplasty procedure..let me say that even on my way to Dr. Chiu's consult i felt a little worried but it all seemed to shift away once i felt the warm welcoming of his amazing staff, which by the way were very professional and respectful, and after just a brief wait i finally had the pleasure to meet the artist in person. Dr Chiu patiently heard me out, and once he explained the procedure in detail for the otoplasty i was impressed! I can say I was very relieved to know that this man knew exactly what he was talking about.. and all that uncertainty and doubt was over powered with confidence and excitement. The procedure was a success Dr. Chiu reshaped both my ears perfectly and pinned them in a way that look sooo natural. I cant thank you enough Dr. Chiu. My ears were my biggest insecurity and now a thing of the past..all thanks to you i feel and look beautiful i love having my hair back or tied to show off my pretty ears any chance i get.. Thank you for for this life changing experience Dr. Chiu .

Tenisha Taylor

Angel Nikoyan

sam cua

Nearly a year ago i visited Dr. Chiu for a cunsultation in which was the first step to an amazing transformation.From the first day of arriving to his consult i had a warm welcoming, his staff was very nice and respectful . Dr. Chiu explained in detail the way that the procedure would take place and that definetely gave me a peace of mind knowing that i was in good hands.The fat transfer to buttocks procedure was perfect! Not only sculpting my butt beautifully but also slimming me down, and i honestly did not expect the results to be this outstanding!! I look and feel fabulous. Dr Chiu and his staff are fantastic! I very highly recommend anyone who is looking to have a beautiful experience and transformation such as mine to take the initiative to visit Dr. Chiu. Thank you so so much I am very HAPPY with my sexy bod!!

Jen W

A few months ago i had a breast augmentation with Dr. Chiu it was the most amazing experience from my consultation to follow up appointment. He spent over an hour helping me choose the best implant for my body type I couldnt be happier. My breast are so soft and perfect. Thank you once again Dr. Chiu.

sourabh agrawal

Sahar Yakimoto

Had surgery with Dr Gabriel Chiu. Not happy with results. Turns out he is not certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery; he is not even an MD. he is a D.O and not able to get his plastic surgery certification. He is a very, very nice guy but was unable to deliver the results and not able to fix the assymetric breast that he created after my augmentation surgery. Not sure how he removes all the negative reviews and I bit some of his reviews are fake and paid for.

Lisa Brixton

Dr. Chui and his staff are the absolute best! My consultation was done thoroughly and he made sure to answer all my questions and let me know that he was there for me if I needed anything else. Every followup appointment, Dr. Chui and his staff made me feel at home, I'd highly recommend him to anybody who is interested in pursing a cosmetic procedure!

Blanca Flores

Dr. Gabriel Chiu has been my surgeon for the past 15 years... (Mommymakeover) I don’t know what to say!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! :) for outstanding and accomplishments of all my procedures... I recently had my BA few weeks ago!! WOW!! I feel great!! No pain!! And fast recovering I experience once agin!! Like the first time I met him and he’s wonderful caring staff... thank you for all want you have done for me... made me strong confidence person!!

Clara Solorzano

Being able to have had the opportunity of Dr. Chui to do my tummy tuck was such an amazing experience! Him and his staff at BHPS were so welcoming, kind and never hesitant to any of my questions. I had done my breast augmentation about 10 years and to this day it is one of the best decisions that I've made no doubt! Dr. Chui did such an amazing job that I just had to go back to get a tummy tuck. The recovery after my surgery went smoothly without any complications at all due to the fact that I followed every instruction that I was given by the wonderful staff. I highly recommend that you come to Dr. Chui if you ever want to get something done!

Brieanna Everts

I am currently 5 days postop and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the care I have received from start to present. From the very first phone call, Shanna has been absolutely amazing and accommodating to all my needs and concerns making sure to connect me to the right person in a very polite and timely manner. Laurie helped me through every step of prop, patiently answering all of my questions and helping me select an implant that was natural and proportionate to my figure. Dr. Chiu I really cannot say enough about him... high marks all the way! Very patient and extremely thorough... a perfectionist to a T! I appreciate how detail oriented he was and still is, expressing how important it is to do several and regular postop visits. I'm still swollen and taped up, but from what I can see, I'm very happy. My amazing anesthesiologist, Dr Barth, had just the kindest bedside manner and answered all of my last minute questions regarding my medications and what I could take safely. Lastly, the OR circulator that prepped me for surgery (I'm so sorry I do not remember your name) was an angel! She was able to prep me and ease all of my concerns. I was very nervous the night before surgery and she did such an incredible job distracting me and allowing me to go into surgery anxiety free. Thank you Dr. Chiu and thank you to your fantastic team!! ~B.E.

Taylor Brandon

I have breathing problems now after he did a Rhinoplasty on me a year ago (I noticed right away though) When I came to his office to tell him my concerns he pretty said it was ‘allergies’ and brushed me off. I had to tell him, “no, it’s not and will you look inside my nose please?” To which he did and then said “oh yea you have a deviated septum I probably should have checked that BEFORE the surgery” So I’m pretty much in disbelief and ask if he can fix it and he says it’s not in his field. Now I have to get it fixed and it’s gonna cost me a lot of money. Joke of a dr!

Rosanna Higa

Tummy Tuck, My surgery was on the 23rd of December and I am so pleased on how it came out. Dr Chiu is amazing! He answered all of my questions and was on top of every answer. I am very happy with my results. I can't wait to wear tight dresses.

Joseph Zanazanian

My first experience, I'm sure much like everyone else's, started with a list of questions and uncertainties. When you make that decision to get something done, and you know you're gonna do it 100%, there's nothing that's gonna stop you. The next critical step however is the step that can get a little challenging and stressful. Before selecting a surgeon, i had imagined i would have at least consulted with a half dozen doctors or so. Dr Chiu was the 2nd doctor I consulted with and thats where the search ceased. To say the least, the experience I had with with Dr.Chiu and his lovely staff made an otherwise unfamiliar process seem regular. It was apparent in their practices and attitude that they truly are the professionals they claim to be and that they do this day in and day out at the same pace. Im certain other clients are getting the same treatment, there's no doubt about it. I think my decision was pretty simple and obvious at the end of the day. I had no desire to continue consulting with any of the other high profile surgeons that i was supposed to because i refused to believe that they'd have been more appropriate than Dr. Chiu. Thanks again guys for keeping things cozy and comfortable.

A. D.

Dr Chiu has been amazing since the first day I stepped through his doors. I have always wanted to have a fuller more feminine physique and Dr. Chiu gave me that. His staff ( Jess & Veronica in particular) are amazing, they are always friendly, courteous and helpful. Emails, texts and calls were answers or returns immediately and any questions I had they were able to answer. Dr Chiu provided me with his personal phone number ( not usual for doctors) and was available in case of any questions or unforeseen circumstances; thankfully I didn’t I have to use. When you walk into his office it’s very modern with a cozy feel, they provide spa water, fruit and snacks while you wait. Overall my experience with Dr. Chiu has been amazing and I would recommend him highly! Thanks Dr. Chiu

Domenica M

Had such a great experience beginning from my BA consultation through my recovery. Dr.Chiu gave me a thorough explanation of the process. I was afraid of getting something too big for my size but Dr. Chiu helped me figure out the perfect size. He was extremely knowledgeable as to what is the best fit for your body type. I felt so comfortable with him and I never felt pressured into anything! I'm three weeks post op and feel great. He did an amazing job. The scar is almost non existent even though it has only been a little over 3 weeks since my surgery. Everyone at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc has been wonderful to me. Even the nurse that took care of me the day of the surgery was great and really nice. This was a life changing decision and I'm so glad I picked Dr. Chiu!

Jennette Kuhn

Dr. Chui is truly a gifted plastic surgeon! He is always so kind, and considerate. His staff is also will feel welcomed the moment you step into the office. I highly recommend BHPS!

Yuan Yue

First of all, I want to say thank you to amazing Dr. Chiu. I did my double eye lid survey last year on December. And Dr. Chiu did an excellent job. Everyone one in his team are amazing. Before the surgery, 2 times, Dr. Chiu sits with me and discussed lots of details as well as answers what I want, what I like, and what will make my eyes look natural. By all those details I can tell he’s really professional and knows what he’s doing, so I really appreciated that I can met a doctor like him. My recovery process goes on very well too. He gives the instructions on how to take care of myself after the surgery. Again. I really appreciate Dr. Chiu and his team. “If you want to be beautiful and nature, go to Dr. Chiu ASAP. “ That’s exactly what I told to my friend. :)

sodabeh khoshdaman

Very nice staff and dr is very gentle too ... I have had botox there and absolutely feel safe and comfortable...!

AmazingEverything TV

Love Dr. Chiu. He is attentive, amazing & with perfect angel hands. He will make you look absolutely beautiful. My breasts and belly are a dream come true. No one will touch me but my Dr. chiu 100% recommend him. The best Surgeon ever Hilda Combs

Brighton Way

Dr Gabriel Chiu is one of the ONLY surgeons who will sit and take his time with you answering questions. He will never rush you. I have many surgeons and he is the most humble and has the best bedside manner.

Al Mo

I cannot say enough positive things to properly explain how amazing Dr. Chiu and his entire staff are. From the moment, I entered his office I was treated like royalty. There's coffee on request as well as ice water in the waiting room. The waiting room is just like every other aspect of this practice, impeccable! It is clean.Sometimes I did have to wait a bit to be seen but I can honestly say it was always worth the wait . This is the second surgery I have with him there is nowhere else I would ever go. His entire staff is kind, patient and informative; include the front office staff whom always have a smile and a friendly comment when checking in. I believe my surgery was as problem free as any surgery could be. I felt very well taken care of and felt much like a work of art, with Dr. Chiu being the artist. He takes great pride in his work and genuinely cares about his patients and how he helps them to make their lives better. I truly feel very lucky to have had him for my doctor. LI called many times (and continue to do so) or emailed with questions, and they are always very fast at getting back to me and responding to my concerns with complete sensitivity and compassion. For example, I was worried about how one of my scars was healing and had written a quick email, hoping for an email in response: instead I got a phone call within hours from Veronica hoping to alleviate my worry. I would recommend this practice and this doctor to anyone doing any type of plastic surgery procedure. When you choose to go to Dr. Chiu he makes you feel like part of his family.

Trisha Griffiths

Dr. Chiu and all the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Dr. Chiu is very thorough and explains everything about the procedure in detail and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I did cool sculpting and had an incredible result and loved that it was non surgical and I saw a complete difference in my tummy pooch! I can now wear tighter dresses and not feel self conscious about it. Dr. Chiu also offered follow up visits to monitor my progress. I also do Botox at the office and have had great results with that as well. It looks natural and smooth and I just look more youthful. I highly recommend BHPS, Inc. for any procedure you are thinking of having.

jes nu

Dr. Chiu, Best Dr. by far! Dr. Chiu performed liposuction on my abdomen, hips, and flanks. I truly could not be any happier, I am actually glowing now!! He is AMAZING from start to finish. I felt more like I was being taken care of by family not just a doctor, from the day one of my consultation until my check ups.Dr. Chiu and the entire care staff are just incredible. I love my transformation, I feel sexy and beautiful. Thank you so much!

Estela Joya

After much consideration, I decided it was time to make my dream come true! Family members recommended Dr. Chiu and I am so happy they did. I read multiple reviews prior to my consultation and everyone raved about the friendly staff, they were not lying. They were so patient while I spoke things through with my husband, and the staff always had my best interest in mind. I am so excited for my procedure. #drgabrielchiubhps

Kristen Jimenez

My experience with Dr. Chiu was a pleasant one! Hes on top of everything and answered all my questions. Of course, my results were great!!

Gabina Perez

Dr.chiu is by far the best. I had a breast augmentation a year ago and I am very happy. The reason I say he’s by far the best is because I had several consultations with other doctors and none of them where as detailed and attentive as Dr.Chiu. One doctor mentioned I needed a breast lift and had to pay thousands of dollars extra. Dr.Chiu was able to give me the look I was looking for with just a simple augmentation. He helped me pick the correct size to fill the volume I lost after having kids. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend him. His staff is also very friendly and and helpful.

Stephanie Valenzuela

Four years ago I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Chiu. From the consultation to post op, I felt completely comfortable with him and his friendly staff. He went above and beyond to meet my needs and make my experience exceptional. He is a perfectionist just as I am, and he has no problem being completely honest with what sizes fit my body and pointing out my natural "flaws" that he planned to fix during the augmentation. I receive so many complements and have referred many friends to him. I recently had a 4 year check up with him after him insisting I check to make sure everything is still okay. To me, that shows how much he still cares about his patients. I will stay a loyal patient with any cosmetic procedure due to his great services and customer satisfaction!

Maggie Cortez

Dr. Chiu is a gem among the rest, and is the absolute opposite of what seems to be the norm. He and his staff made the entire experience phenomenal! This was my second procedure with him, the first took place when he first opened his practice about 10 years ago for a mole removal procedure – it was near my eyelid fold, so it required a skilled surgeon to hid/eliminate any scarring. Fast forward 10 years later and I am now the happy and proud owner of a soft, beautiful, natural looking breast aug that my friends really admire, so much so that a good friend travelled to have her BA by Dr. Chiu. The entire experience from beginning to end was an absolute pleasure- the front desk, Laurie, and Charlotte provided a gold standard customer service experience. I never felt like one of many, I felt like I was their only patient. Also, Dr. Chiu prescribed a highly detailed regimen of natural vitamins and minerals for pre and post-op in order to optimize the body’s recovery. You won’t find this level of detail with other doctors, from what I have learned, and I truly believe it made a difference. He took the extra time to answer each and every question, as did his staff, which put me so much at ease, I could not wait to get to the operating room. I feel truly blessed to have him as my surgeon. Highly recommend a visit with him to experience this for yourself.

Shae Steffan

At age 27 I had a sudden urge to have bigger breast, so I set out on my journey to find the right doctor. I had already decided if I couldn’t find just the right doctor to make me feel good about the entire process I wouldn’t get them. I saw a few doctors prior to Dr. Chiu and was on the fence hence was probably not going to get a breast augmentation done at this point. I actually wasn’t going to see Dr. Chiu as he was a 3 hr drive for me and I was kind of over the entire deal until my friend convinced me otherwise. I went with my boyfriend and after the first visit we were both convinced Dr. Chiu had to be my surgeon if I was going through with this. Not to mention his staff is amazing as well. Chammy Chan the patient care manager makes you feel extremely comfortable and secure about the decision you are making. I went to many offices and they all seemed a bit pushy to me when it came down to making an appointment and a down payment. Dr, Chiu office isn’t like any other, it’s one of a kind and that’s just the start of the wonderful experience I had. Dr. Chiu is all about having your body clean from the inside out prior to surgery to insure a speedy recovery. If you follow his regimen prior to and after surgery your experience will be as wonderful as it can possibly be. I followed his regimen and I had barely any swelling and bruising. My implants settle extremely fast, I was not in a awkward stage for very long. I couldn’t have asked for a better recovery. The other very impressive quality about Dr. Chiu practice is you have access to Dr. Chiu and Chammy's person lines after surgery so if you feel anything is wrong they can take care of it as soon as possible. It is really 5 star experience when using Dr. Chiu practice. I am only 2 months out and I feel great, my breast look great, and extremely happy. I would like to add one more great reason to pick Dr. Chiu. I was very apprehensive at first because I didn’t want to have the look of fake breast. Dr. Chiu is an artist because they look as natural as 33 D could possibly look. Not to mention how soft they are, extremely impressed with the quality of the implant as well, can’t say it enough exceptionally soft! I wouldn’t recommend anyone going to another surgeon. Dr. Chiu is the surgeon to see!

Sherlyn Jeong

Kathy Pirruccello

Stephanie Peterson

Sucked. Hated the surgery because of the severe pain. Results came out ok though...

Frank F

Everything about Dr Chiu and his staff is first class. My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none. I will recommend Dr Chiu to my friends and family!

Samantha Ward

Being religious about health and fitness and once having larger breasts prior to working out, I had always thought about getting breast implants. One day I decided to search yelp and Dr. Gabriel Chiu popped up with some pretty good reviews so I finally decided to make a consultation appointment to find out what it really was all about. It took about a month to get in, but Dr. Chiu was my very first consult and although it took a little bit to see him once I was in the office, it was worth every moment. Walking into the office the staff greeted you with a smile and made sure that you were comfortable while you waited bringing you drinks or little snacks. I felt like Dr. Chiu really gave me his full attention and cared about the procedure I had wanted done. He explained everything in full detail and then some, without me even having to ask the questions. After explaining the procedure, discussing different implants, pro's and con's of surgery, etc...he sat with me to try on different implant sizes to see what they would look like. He had instructed me to come back with different shirts so that I could really understand and visualize the difference in sizes and how I would look in them to make a decision on my final sizing. Although he gave suggestions about what sizes he felt would look natural he left the final decision to me to ensure that I would feel comfortable in my own skin. Some of his ultimate goal's that I felt were to make the client happy, the procedure to go safe and complication free and the breasts to look natural on the body. After making my decision to go ahead with surgery and scheduling a date, I was still a little reluctant on the procedure. Wondering if having implants would give me better self esteem about myself. Coworkers had instructed me to get a second opinion just to have something to compare too, which I was hesitant as well to do. I ended up getting a second opinion by a surgeon closer to me and cheaper, but it really just ended up ensuring my confidence in Dr. Chiu. The amount of time Dr. Chiu spent with me and my mother discussing the procedure and finding the perfect size for me really was above and beyond what I had anticipated. I couldn't thank him enough for that. Surgery day everyone there was respectful too. The anesthesiologist came and interviewed me prior to the procedure and helped ensure I was comfortable and pain free. The bedside nurse eased my tears and confirmed the feelings I was having were normal and might even continue. After waking up from surgery there was a snack bag awaiting and Dr. chiu and everyone there explaining how everything went "textbook" and my new breasts were "picture perfect." I had no pain or nausea after surgery and felt amazing. My mother couldn't believe I just had surgery. With the medications that Dr. Chiu recommends before surgery I've had minimal bruising, swelling and pain. I am currently day 4/5 post op and only used a couple of pain meds on day 1-3, almost not even needing any on day 3. I didn't think I had a high pain tolerance, but comparing this procedure and the impacted toothache pain I had several months ago I would rate the tooth pain at 10/10 and this pain 5/10. Yeah I'm sore, which is to be expected, but it's amazing how being healthy, having a good surgeon and taking the right medications prescribed to you really do help you recover quickly! I love how Dr. Chiu really supports a natural healthy recovery to things. I honestly think this makes a huge difference. I would say so far overall, I've had an amazing experience with Dr. Chiu and am happy with the decision to go through him. The only thing that was hard was the fact that I had to reschedule my appointments quite a bit because of schedule changes. I'm thankful that I have a pretty flexible schedule to be able to do that and say if scheduling was my only issue for a pretty hefty surgery, then it was worth the schedule flopping to have a complication free surgery by a surgeon who cares!

ta prat

Absolutely love Dr. Chiu and his wonderful staff. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I am extremely impressed by the whole experience with my liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Chiu. All my questions were answered and without a doubt decided to move forward with this procedure that for long I hesitated to have done because of being afraid, and I am very thankful for such an amazing job by Dr. Chiu who practically perfected the liposuction giving me my dream body. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Chiu, he takes pride in what he does and he’s really focused on what us as patients want. I highly recommend Dr. Chiu and his staff..quality, professionalism, great attitude.. A+

Olivia Kory

I've gone to Dr . Chiu a few times now, and couldn't be happier with the experience and results. Cosmetic procedures can be scary at other places, but Dr . Chiu is a true professional - he is very open & straight-forward about what will be done and the recovery process, and most importantly I trust him. The staff at BHPS is always friendly and welcoming as well. Can't recommend enough!

K. R.

For many years I've dealt with having gynecomastia and I am so glad I turned to Dr. Chiu. The whole process has gone so smoothly, all his staff at BHPS are very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Chiu explained everything VERY thoroughly and put me at ease before my surgery. The results look great and recovery has gone well so far. I'm grateful to Dr. Chiu for his excellent work fixing this embarrassing condition I've had to hide all throughout school, and looking forward to being able to go shirtless without feeling self conscious or having a limited wardrobe trying to hide my chest!

Simply Wonderful

Dr. Chiu and his staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery are AWESOME! I love the results of my surgery. Dr. Chiu is so personable and welcoming, my favs are Jess and Heather. They made me and my husband feel like part of their family. If I had any problems or questions, they would address them even Dr. Chiu would sometimes call me. I also appreciate the surgery center staff (shout out to Jaime-met her that day

Eliza Ludwick

I recently had my Breast Lift with Dr.Chiu and I couldn't be happier. I had various consultations with Other doctors and no one made me feel as comfortable as much as his staff and Dr.Chiu him self did. My consultation was very informative. I had a second appointment where everything was explained in details from how to get ready for surgery and what to expect. I couldn't be happier with my results. I recommend Dr.Chiu to all my friends and family

Rich P

Great experience at Plastic Surgery, Inc. The staff is wonderful! The procedures I had were flawless.

Belinda Aguilar

Dr. Chiu & his amazing staff were so nice and made you feel very comfortable the minute i walk in the office, Dr. Chiu answered all my questions that made me feel safe in going forward with my procedure... just had my procedure done 01/05/17 for a breast augmentation ( I could off gone a lil bigger I did ask for a full C cup close to a D but they don't look that big) but over all I am thankful everything went smoothly and tummy tuck as for the results I am extremely happy with my results I am still swollen but yet I see the results are amazing the incision is so thin can't even see it!! Great Job Dr. Chiu and the anesthesiologist Dr.phen was very helpful answering all my concerns. I will recommend all my friends and family.

Patricia Alvarez Anaya

I could not be happier about how wonderful my breast implant surgery went! The results are exactly (if not better) than I had hoped for. I was so scared and nervous about the pain, recovery, and how I would look afterwards. I was up and about the very next day without pain. I did not arrive at this decision easily. I struggled with my perception of public judgment and internal conflict. I am also physically active and teach yoga so I wanted a size that made me feel pretty and young yet did not get in the way of my activities. I actually went to see Dr. Chiu twice and also brought my husband with me. Dr. Chiu is patient, a true artist in his work! Together with Dr. Chiu I selected the perfect size that fits my body that looks natural without affecting my activities. I am beyond happy with the results. Dr. Gabriel has wonderful bedside manner, professional, patient, and his office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel sexy, happy, and I am kicking myself for not going through the surgery sooner.

Lorissa Cole

I just want to say Dr Chiu did a fantastic job on my breast augmentation . Dr Chiu and his whole office staff were so professional and didnt treat me like another number. My breasts look AMAZING and natural ! No one in my family or at work has noticed thats how natural they look and sit. I recommend Dr Chiu all the way ! He deserves 10 stars not 3 . The recovery was so easy and I'm not good with pain. I went to 6 other drs before i found Dr. Chiu but I wish I wouldve went straight to Dr Chiu first to spare me the waste of time from the other well known surgeons in beverly hills ! Thankyou so very much to Dr Chiu you are amazing and Im so happy with my results. Thankyou to all of his wonderful staff for treating me so well !

lily galindo

Can not say enough about how please I am with my tummy tuck and liposuction Dr Chiu you have done an amazing job with the choice I made in going to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery By Dr Chiu and the office girls I can say enough about them they where amazing very attentive word can not describe how please I am again thank you Girls and Dr Chiu for everything Liliana J.

jahnia the jungle

Scar Revision Surgery - post explant Dr. Chiu and staff far exceed my expectations from consult through year 1. Exceptional bedside manner, surgical expertise and continiuing care post procedure ensured a successful and happy recovery. Dr. Chiu is attentive and real! He’s always available and informed to answer my questions as well as offering alternative prospectives. If you are considering any surgical or non surgical procedure do check out BHPS.

Sara Gonzalez

All excellent!!! Its amazing how great I look and feel after every visit. Cant wait for my next visit. You are an amazing Doctor.

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