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REVIEWS OF Dr. Cat Begovic IN California

Carolyn Avelar

Elora Harré

I went to Dr Begovic after coming across her online. Having lost 55kg/125lbs and being left with loose skin that no amount of diet or exercise would change, Dr Begovic saw an article about me being declined funding in my own country and VERY GENEROUSLY donated her services to me to remove an apron of skin that was having a negative effect on my health and life. Dr Begovic ensured that her and her team went to every length to make sure my experience with them went smoothly - and I can comfortably say it was the best experience of my life! I am SO unbelievably happy with my results. Dr Begovic has changed my life. If you are thinking of seeing her for a consult, I highly recommend it. I flew all the way from New Zealand to see Dr Begovic and I hope to see her again in future!

Michele Hoang

My results 2 weeks out from liposuction is incredible. Dr. Begovic is an amazing doctor. She is honest, provides detail step by step how the surgery will go and gives you realistic expectations. The office staff makes you feel so at easy to the up coming procedure and post op as well.

Jaimie Huynh

I can't recommend Dr. Cat enough. She is the best and gives it her all to making you look perfect :) I don't trust anyone but her!

Monique Cinquanta

Dr Begovic is such a sharp, caring doctor who knows exactly what she's doing and how to do it at the highest level. Now that I have met her and experienced how great she is, I can't imagine ever going to anyone else! Clairbel and Donna in the office are amazing and so sweet helping out with whatever is needed. Love love this place !!

Natalie Fostere

I've been wanting a breast augmentation done for a long time and so it was really important to me that I took my time to do my research. When I decided to choose Dr Cat as my doctor back in September 2017, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! From my very first consultation in January of this year, fast forward to today where I just went in to see her for my 1 week post surgery check up, I honestly couldn't be happier!! Dr Cat is beyond amazing and she really took the time to listen to my concerns and needs. She and her entire team take professional to a whole other level, and the amount of informative care I have received has made the recovery process so much easier. I go back in one month for another follow up and I'm already looking forward to it. Thank you Dr Cat for everything you have done for me!!

Candace Biggs

Dr. Catherine Huang-Begovic is a wonderful doctor and person. She is professional and caring. She strives to get you the best possible results from your surgery at the most reasonable price. She went to bat for me and ensured Mentor (the breast implant company) reimbursed me for my old breast implants as one of them had a slow leak. This was not my first experience with plastic surgery but it was by far the best. Two other (male) surgeons told me nothing was wrong with my old breast implants except scar tissue and they were both wrong. As Dr. Huang-Begovic suspected and as the lab results proved there was something wrong. Thanks to her its all fixed now and looks way better. She explains every detail of the surgery to you and spends far more time with you than other doctors. So many plastic surgeons have one way to perform a procedure (very cookie cutter) but she really spends the time to know your unique body and your specific desires and performs surgery based on them both. Dr. Huang-Begovic even came into her office on a Sunday to address a concern I had about the surgery, however everything was fine. She really is thorough and her staff are also very caring. If you want an intelligent, kind, professional doctor choose Dr. Huang-Begovic.

Norma Fernandez

To those looking for an Amazing Surgeon look no further. I made the mistake to trust other doctors because they were friends of the family or just doctors I thought I trusted, and boy was that a mistake. Not only did I get botched, but never once were anything of my main concerns addressed. I ended up worst than I started out with and I lived with the results for about 4 years. Thinking that its something I got myself into and I deserved to live with the consequences. Till I found Dr. Cat. I researched her and studies all her videos. I was even willing to go to her consultation and pay the $500 just to have her examine me and hear her opinion on whether I was fixable. This time I was willing to pay whatever it took just to get me to look like half of what I did before any surgery I had. This past December, my back started to be effected due to my abdominal separation from prior 2 twin pregnancies, a 3rd huge single pregnancy and if that wasn't enough. One of my twins has cerebral palsy. Lifting her for 23yrs had taken a toll on my back. Having paided hundreds of dollars on back adjustments. It became clear that having my abdominals (inner girdle) sutured back together would totally help to stablize my back. Sounded better than putting a rod in my back. That's when vanity took a back seat. I saved my pennies and took the plunge. Dr. Cat was very honest with me from the start and wasn't sure if she could totally fix my previous botched job, but she knew that she could help with the suturing of my abdominals. After 9 hours of surgery my abdominals were back to pre-babies and with Gods Mercy, Dr. Cat was able to fix my botched pre-surgery scar. I look forward to life now and no longer have to live ashamed nor guilty of my body ever again. Thank You again Dr. CAT

Jazivi Lastra

Paola Leggs

I can’t express how happy, pleased, and thankful for the experience I have had with Dr. Cat and her entire team. From the moment I was in contact with Dr. Cat I felt how genuine, warm, and how beautiful she made me feel. I knew immediately I was in good hands to undergo abdominalplasty w/ pubic lift and hernia repair procedure. I am so incredibly happy with my results. It’s been one week and I feel great with only taking Tylenol for the first few days and NO bruising at all!!! All you need to do is trust her and follow her instructions for the best results. Thank you Dr. Cat ❤️

Steven Alibaster

Lauren Mitchum

DR. CAT IS BEYOND THE BEST! I am a young mother of 4 and I have been wanting some work done for years. I always said “by the time I am 30” and while it didn’t happen before 30 - I am 30 now and am currently 1 week post op - tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Dr. Cat has been amazing since the day I met her. Her office staff is so wonderful. Overall it has been just a really amazing experience. If you are worried about the recovery DON’T BE! With her your recovery is, as crazy as it sounds, pretty much painless! I cannot put into word just how grateful I am to have such an amazing surgeon! When you are going to subject yourself and your body to surgery (because the ultimate goal is to feel great about the way you look right?) you want to look for two things: precision and attention to detail. Dr. Cat is a perfectionist, which is EXACTLY what you want when you’re getting work done. She is meticulous and so very talented! It’s a work of art and she’s the most amazing artist. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Sharon Haron

I had labiaplasty from Dr. Cat and it was very successful. There was just something more that I was hoping could be done and she had suggested we follow up with thermiva. A few weeks after surgery I did my first round of Thermiva and was greatly impressed. It is noninvasive, as in, nonsurgical. It is a “warm” wand that stimulates the vaginal area. (Not in a sexual way) You can almost feel the regeneration process. It is a bit pricey. If you can swing it, you are better off buying the package of three at one time, you get a price break. I didn’t to that, not knowing how many I would do, but am looking forward to my second session next month and then my third a few months down the line! Well worth the money!

Chau Luong

Alma Al Jerjawi

Ms. Ventura

Dr. Begovic is beyond fantastic. Her credentials and all reviews do not provide sufficient credit for her marvelous work and professionalism. As a surgeon, I found her to be detailed, precised, and meticulous. I first contacted her through Facebook and she immediately replied. I was astonished to see how she quickly answered and immediately showed interest in helping me regain my confidence and figure. I knew from that moment, that she was my surgeon to go. Two months after, I went from NYC to LA to see her. From my first contact with her and even now after the surgery, she has maintained constant communication with me and has provided a genuine care of my satisfaction and well-being. In 2010, I went to the Dominican Republic to have lipo- sculpture. Unfortunately, the surgeon in the Dominican Republic was very aggressive and I was left with lots of ridges on my abdomen, over-suction places and lots of scar tissues. Dr. Begovic performed a lipo-revision of my full abdomen and flanks. She was very detailed in looking at my body and even during the surgery she ensured that she could target anything that was bothering me. She worked persistently and hard (almost broke her hand) to ensure that she removed as much scar tissue as she could. She also did some fat grafting to fill in the wholes. I had realistic expectations of my results and explained with detail the procedure. After the surgery, I had my first visit, and the results were visible. I cried of joy and happiness. It has been three days since my surgery and I can attest that her dedication and perfectionist demeanor has made me “perfect”. Thank you Dr. Begovic! I am forever grateful!

Kristine Andreasyan

I can’t begin to tell you how happy and proud I am to choose a dr like Catarine Begovic. There are no words to describe how I feel about this doctor. From the moment I met her to her office visits, after surgery she has been there supporting me all the way when you walk in her office her staff and dr cat make you feel so welcome so confident and conftable. I’m so glad I chose her and I will choose her for my future procedures. I want to thank Dr Cat for her hard work she is an inspiration to me and motivates me to feel good about my body! I want to thank Emily for taking good care of me for being so supportive and so sweet. I can’t put into words how I feel about them taking care of me I’m basically speechless and honored to be able to choose the best Dr and staff of Beverlly Hills ! ! !

amanda beltran

Dr Cat Was very honest and realistic about what my outcome would be and the surgeries that would or would not benifet me. I wanted so many things “done” and she reassured me that some of these things were unnecessary. After going to Dr Cat there was no need to “doctor shop”. She knew what she was talking about and made you feel completely at ease. My results were fantastic. She is a perfectionist which is just what you want in a plastic surgeon. The office staff is amazing and you feel right at home. I could go on and on. It was a wonderful experience!

Deborah Hughes

Dr Cat is not only an amazing talented surgeon she’s also an amazing human being. I always felt comfortable talking with her asking my questions. She ihas been nothing but kind and underrstanding. She really listened to me and together we devoloped a plan for the best possible results for me. Dr. Cat is the best no need to look look further. You are are safe and in the best hands.

Faith marie

I love following Dr. Cat on Instagram, she is super professional, knowledgeable and intelligent. My parents bought me Dr. Cats MD Glam and I absolutely love it! I can tell she's a perfectionist, which I love!

M p

Melissa Smitt

Would not recommend as her husband makes racist unprofessional comments on her behalf on her professional Instagram page. I would never trust someone to be professional when they act that way on social media, look elsewhere for a surgeon.

josie c

(Translated by Google) l love you doctor cat !! The best doctor I recommend her very proficional and her staff very nice

Felesia Reyes

Dr. Begovic performed a Abdominoplasty and Panniculectomy . I am and feel "Made Perfect"!!!!. Dr. Begovic is a gifted and talented surgeon that flows beyond performing diligently flawless procedures but continues with wonderful follow up calls to your home that made me feel Special! I am also a Registered Nurse working in Women's Health; I see surgical procedures and have had many abdominal procedures. Dr. Begovic is absolutely Amazing; my recovery was quick but I am most overwhelmingly Pleased with my tight flat abdomen and new belly button. I look Good in and out of my new clothes with many compliments of my new found happiness. Thank You , Dr. Begovic for "Making Me Perfect".

Nikita Denise

I found Dr.Cat Begovic by searching best rated plastic surgeons in LA and after comparing her before and after pics of her work with other surgeons, I found hers to be the best. She is very professional and friendly, takes her work very seriously. She replaced my old implants ( I was 36 DD)for little smaller, including a breast lift and nipples reduction. It's been only 1 month after the surgery and I feel great! My breasts look better than they ever have. They still healing but they look perky and much better suited for my body. I'm super grateful and happy with my decision! I would recommend her always, I can't thank her enough.

Patricia Polanco

Ghoncheh Nazarian

Dr. Begovic is amazing. I can't rave enough about how amazing her work is and how amazing of a person she is. She really values building relationships with her patients. I became familiar with her after asking a family member who works as a surg tech in the OR where all the BH plastic surgeons work, about who to go to for a procedure I was considering. Without any hesitation, she said Dr. Begovic was the only surgeon she would recommend to family. She recommended Dr. Begovic because of her results, her cleanliness, and her bedside manners. Dr. Begovic personally closes all of her incisions very precisely and meticulously, she's amazing about having everything done perfectly. She also answers any questions or concerns you may have at all hours of the day. There would be times I called her office after business hours, and was put in contact with her. I would email her questions at odd hours of the night and she would respond very quick. It made me feel extremely comfortable and I was reassured that I was in the right hands. I had visited other doctors and hadn't felt right about choosing them, but once I walked out of Dr. Begovic's consult room, I knew I was in the right hands and ready to book. Her staff is also so amazing and helpful. They are very diligent, kind, on top of things, and made me feel welcome from the moment I had walked into the office. I knew it was just right. I am so extremely happy with my results. Thank you Dr. Begovic ! You are amazing.

nirmal khatri

T. Mason

Jenny answered my phone call, I asked to speak with Allison (on their website as a patient assistance coordinator)...She told me I had the wrong number and hung up on me. You should probably take your business to some place where the front line staff work with the doctors to create a good experience... Not here.

Angela C

She is amazing, extremely thorough, highly recommended! Definitely having her work on me again in the future :)

Lela Tatum

I had planned a vacation to the area earlier this year for other reasons and decided to seek out a surgeon to evaluate a poorly healed scar from a prior surgery. I read a ton of reviews on area surgeons and contacted a couple. Dr Begovic's office called within minutes of my contacting them online. Scheduling a consultation was fast and easy. After meeting with Dr. Begovic I knew I had found my surgeon. She impressed me with her eye for detail, of course... but what won me over was her confidence yet ability to be humble and down-to-earth. I never felt rushed or pressured and all of my questions were answered in detail. I'm now about two weeks out from my procedures and continued to be amazed with what she has been able to do. My incisions are so fine and she was able to give me such a beautiful shape in my larger and formerly shapeless body. Thank you Dr. Begovic!

Hamida Yaquobi

Indi Wijethilake

Very skilled talented plastic surgeons in the industry

Anonymous Anonymous

My experience with Dr. Cat Begovic has been very satisfactory so far. Dr. Cat, Julie, Amy, and Marcela displayed great care, concern, attention, and detail to my needs, wants, and inquiries. They go above and beyond in everything they do, from hospitality to professionalism, and suggestions to instructions. There is a reason why their service is in great demand. You'll realize it from the moment you schedule a consultation with Dr. Cat. Dr. Cat takes great pride in her work. She is very detail oriented, meticulous, intelligent, diligent, astounding, kind, and genuine. Your surgery should be with someone who is passionate about helping you, and that is Dr. Cat. It does not stop there. The staff and resources provide you constant reminders and ample information on your upcoming appointments, general surgical concerns, and specific operative questions. I recommend Dr. Cat and her friendly staff to anyone!

Flavia D.

I had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Begovic in 2012 and the results where absolutely wonderful. I am extremely satisfied and I have recommended Dr. Begovic to all my friends. Thank you so much Dr. Begovic I am incredibly happy !! FD

Elmira Ermukhamet

Geymi Love

Where do i even begin!!!! A year ago i had a mini tummy tuck with umbilical float with a previous surgeon that left my tummy looking horrible!! I was devastated, I had a low bellybutton, dog ears, high scar and a very low self esteem afterwards. After learning about Dr. Begovic and just reading about her amazing credentials and just the awesome reviews, i decided to give plastic surgery another chance. I flew in from Virginia to California very nervous but very excited, i met with Dr. Begovic and i just felt an overwhelming feeling that this was going to have an amazing outcome, she made me feel very sure that everything was going to be fine, she was very sweet and compassionate about my situation. I am VERY PLEASED to say that everything came out WAY BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!!! Dr. Begovic is A MAGICIAN!! She gave me beautiful results, i am at loss for words! Did i mention that she made a fake bellybutton because my previous surgeon cut off my umbilical stalk and my whole bellybutton had to Be removed, well she is a perfectionist and made me a whole new beautiful bellybutton that looks too cute to be true!! Very low scar and i did not even get one bruise! I will eternally be GRATEFUL WITH HER and i recommend her to anybody out there looking for PERFECT results, she is the one to go to!!

Rich Esp

She is amazing! She dedicates so much time and puts so much attention on your needs. She is one of the most detailed oriented doctors out there. I had two procedures done with her and both exceeded my expectations. I have no words to express how much she has made my life better with these transformations. I am very thankful and I know for a fact in the future if I decide to have another surgery done she will be the doctor I will go to.

CJ Jimenez

1 day after my tummy tuck and I am doing FANTASTIC!! Dr. Cat is so talented and delicate with her surgery, it is a true blessing I found her ... My result is magnificent, life changing ... I waited 23 years to get this done because I was so scared of the procedure and pain after, but there is minimal soreness, and I have no need for pain meds .... No pain meds after a tummy tuck, can you believe it?! Just proof of what a gentle surgeon Dr. Cat is ... She is warm and caring and really makes you feel comfortable throughout everything ... The whole office is always smiling and welcoming ... And seeing those smiles when checking in for surgery put me at ease on a intense yet exciting day! I am forever grateful to Dr. Cat ... She just gave me my confidence back that has been hiding behind my insecurity for all these years ... THANK YOU!!!

Donna Vo

angel dixon

Gretchen Genato

I cannot speak highly enough regarding Dr. Cat Begovic’s stellar personality, intelligence, kindness, and surgical skills. I am currently 3 month post-op from a full abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) with a mons pubis lift done in February 2017. I previously had liposuction of the flanks, upper back and mons pubis with a fat transfer to the buttocks for a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in May 2016. I had my consultation with Dr. Cat about 2 months prior to my initial BBL and lipo surgery. She was attentive to what I was saying and my areas of concern. I was unsure about what I really wanted for my surgery, but found Dr. Cat a valuable asset in my decision making. I initially wanted to just have a tummy tuck, but was interested in what exactly the BBL procedure entailed. After thoughtful discussion and consideration, Dr. Cat and I devised a plan to first get the BBL done first and have a second surgery to do a TT with a mons pubis lift. I previously had liposuction approximately 10 years prior to my surgery with Dr. Cat and I can tell you that I cannot remember my doctor’s name who performed my surgery and can only remember one follow-up. With Dr. Cat, she takes pride in her art, which is my body, and made sure that I had follow-ups the next day, next week, and subsequent weeks to ensure proper healing and to answer any questions I may have regarding recovery. Dr. Cat and her staff were very prompt in returning calls/emails and are always so pleasant when discussing anything. Regarding my recovery, the BBL surgery itself was not painful post-surgery. The only issue I had was that I have large breasts and a lower back problem. Laying on my belly was the only cause of lower back pain, but my surgery and recovery itself was great! With my tummy tuck, I opted to stay at Serenity Surgical Center and am thankful that Dr. Cat strongly recommended this for post-op care. I could not imagine my friends caring for me with such a major surgery for the first 24 hours. I honestly was up and walking within hours of arriving to Serenity and making rounds walking the halls. The staff were astonished at how active I was and how minimal pain I had after just having a tummy tuck. I did not need my narcotic medication (Norco 5mg/325mg) after 2 days. The rest of my recovery was great with expected discomforts, but everyone around me were impressed with how fast I recovered. I can only thank Dr. Cat for how easy my recovery was for me. Working in the medical field as a nurse practitioner, I can honestly say that Dr. Cat and her staff are exemplary in their field of practice and business. If you want to get a surgery done right, precise, with the most attentive care to detail and your well-being, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Cat!

Lesli Bernal

S Lav

All I can say is that she is absolutely amazing. Dr. B's work is flawless. She takes so much time for each and every patient regardless of the procedure. The fact that she is such a perfectionist made me feel at ease. Dr. Begovic goes above and beyond what other Doctors offer. I am truly thankful for finding her, I couldn't have asked for a better Dr. I will never go to another Dr. for any kind of cosmetic surgery as Dr. Begovic has set the bar VERY HIGH. Thank you for being such a wonderful Dr. & person. Lots of love, S

Afa Shafa

I tried few Doctors before Dr. Begovic and nobody is comparable to my dear Dr. Begovic, She is always extremely careful and caring . I have and will recommand her to all my friends

Yvette Baroian

Dr Begovic's work is truly exceptional. She listens to one's concerns and questions & has an amazing light touch. Plus she is very approachable . Her work is superb.

Nina Garwood

Dr. Begovic is the absolute best!! She is a consummate professional, a perfectionist at her work , and truly cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her in every respect!

Flower Child - MD

Dr. Cat is fabulous. Even that could be an understatement. She is well worth your money and your time. It was my first time every going into surgery, but her knowledge of the field, experience, and beauty put me at ease. Her staff is great. Her assistant Jaime, was also comforting, professional, sweet, and helpful especially right before the surgery. It also helps that she is a women, personally I believe woman pay more attention to detail than men so she knew what I wanted. I was already content with my body, I just wanted some slight adjustments and it was hard to find a surgeon I could trust with such a task, but Dr. Cat was it. I am a student, after the surgery I went to class. I was on the table for 8 hours and I WENT TO CLASS hours after the surgery, AND PARTICIPATED. She even made some adjustments to my surgery later to help with the overall results just to make it PERFECT. She is so sweet and aware, not money hungry her concern was in the result. I can't say that for other surgeons I researched. My recovery was so easy I did not even need much assistance afterwards, of course I had people check on me but I tell you I HAD NO PAIN. I did not even take any of the narcotics, just Tylenol extra strength. Her team was so comforting, nice, and sweet that I was so relaxed before such a big surgery time. She used the same care and attention as was done with her own surgeries. I am going out of my way to go to her for another adjustment that I want done, I can't picture myself going to another surgeon. Dr. Cat is truly amazing. No hype. Good luck on your journey!

Mrs Csech

My journey to Dr. Cat Begovic started June 26, 2013 when I had Gastric Sleeve. I was instructed to wait 2 years before I hade any skin removed. I live the the SF Bay Area and waited for about 6 months to start researching for the perfect surgeon. I got lots of recommendations for local Doctors but I would read reviews and look at before and after photos and I was never 100% happy. Not even enough to call to make a consultation. One day I stumbled across Dr. Begovic on Instagram on another one of her patients pages. I started research on her and I did so for over a year. Reading ever single review I could find and looking at every picture I could find. Not 1 review that I found was negative or had less than 5 stars. Not 1 photo was disappointing. Than one day she posted a before and after of another patient and that did it. I knew she was the one for me. I called to make an apt and she is very busy so it was either wait 3 months for an apt or go in 3 days due to a cancellation. Who ever canceled, I thank them. I took the apt and drove down. Dr. B was amazing throughout the consultation. She explained so much to me. Took her time. Found I had a hernia. Told me my option because I have Kaiser. I opted to have Dr. Mesra perform the hernia repair at the time of my abdominalplasty, which she suggested so I would not have 2 surgeries. Cost me a little more money but who cares. I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago and everything has went perfect. Surgery ran longer than expected but she is a perfectionist and I appreciate that. I was on prescription meds for 2 day and then moved to Extra Strength Tylenol. My pain has never been more than a 3/4 out of 10. Such a surprise. I thought I would feel like I was hit by a truck since most people I know who have had a tummy tuck said that's how they felt. So thankful I didn't. I had drains in. She took 1 out at 8 days and the other today at 13 days but I'm sure that up to your body. I was up and out of the house 5 days post op. Standing straight up under a week. The ladies who work in her office are all wonderful as well. Friendly, professional and helpful in every way. I was in communication with Claribel the most during the pre op stages. She is so sweet and we had a lot of laughs during our phone conversations. She gave me a tremendous amount of relief leading up to surgery. I didn't have much because Dr. Begovic is awesome but it's surgery so I had some. If you are still thinking if she is the one, stop thinking and make the call. I am so glad I did. Thank you Dr. Begovic and all the girls for an amazing experience during my first plastic surgery.

Adriana Munoz

my personal experience with Dr. Begovic was incredible. I was very insecure of myself and when I sat down for my consultation and explained what i felt were my problems she sat and listened then gave me her input. I can honestly say I have made a great decision in doing the procedure I did. I can look in the mirror and smile. It has been about 8 years that I hated looking at myself and have no one to blame but myself. Thank you Dr. Cat for giving me back they smile back.

Jennifer Stellema

Dr. Cat Begovic is absolutely amazing and a very talented plastic surgeon. Her attention to detail is astonishing. She has a heart of gold and makes you feel at ease. Her staff is very friendly. Dr. Cat’s credentials are very impressive Harvard, UCLA, and Double Certified Plastic Surgeon. I can’t imagine going to anyone, but her. I will grow young with her :)

Wildad Vertus

Dr. Cat and her staff: Amy, Julie, Marcela and Sarah

Nina Cortes

Dr. Begovic performed liposuction and scar revision on my abdomen. I am so pleased with my results. The outcome is better than I expected. She gave me a new waistline! My clothes fit better and look better. Dr. Begovic is a wonderful lady. She is very attentive to her patients. You really feel like your happiness is important to her. Very genuine lady.

Loree Eckstein

Dr. Begovic was an answer to my prayers. After a bad experience with a previous procedure, I knew I needed a complicated revision surgery. But for fifteen years, I was too scared to seek the help I needed. For years I thoroughly researched the backgrounds and outcomes of surgeons near and far. When I found Dr. Begovic I knew I had found a true and trusted partner in my well-being. From the first phone call with Claribel and Ghoncheh, I knew this was the place where my needs would be met with dignity, compassion and perfection. I am a busy business owner with a busy family, and I live thousands of miles from Dr. Begovic's office. I conducted all my initial consultations with Dr. Begovic by phone and by sending photos. I was able to have all my pre-surgery bloodwork, xrays and other tests done locally. Even before I met Dr. Begovic in person, I felt so comfortable with her and had a deep sense of trust in her expertise. The first time I met Dr. Begovic was the day before my surgery at my pre-op appointment. Meeting her in person further reassured me that I had made the right choice, that I was in excellent and capable hands. As a woman, she truly understood and could interpret my vision for my body. She measured, marked and prepared my body for surgery with artistic perfection. While I had the greatest confidence in Dr. Begovic, I was nervous about having surgery, about the anesthesia, and the fear from my previous surgical experiences was creeping in. But Dr. Begovic, her staff and the anesthesiologists comforted me and put my mind at ease. The nurse held my hand until I drifted off to sleep, and was right there when I woke up. I can't adequately express how kind and loving these people were with me. The follow-up care was amazing. Dr. Begovic called to check on me frequently and the staff were quick to respond when I called with questions or concerns. My recovery was so much easier than I ever anticipated, which I attribute to Dr. Begovic's surgical expertise and excellent follow-up care. Most importantly, the results of my procedures surpassed my greatest expectations! I am so thrilled with my new look. Taking this step has given me a renewed sense of confidence. For anyone considering a procedure, I have the highest regard for Dr. Begovic and can assure you you're choosing the BEST of the very best.

A. K

I had my tummy tuck surgery on Monday with Dr Cat. It’s my fourth day post surgery and I haven’t taken any pain meds because she is an incredible surgeon and cares about post op pain. When I had my consultation with her, it was hard to believe her when she said that her patients just takeTylenol after surgery. I had two Tylenol pills yesterday and nothing today. I only took the strong stuff the first day after surgery cuz i wanted to be comfortable...but i probably could have gone without it. I honestly can’t believe how i feel no pain cuz it’s major surgery. This incision is also so small I can barely see it. She’s definitely perfectionist! I had been following her for two years on instagram watching her live surgeries and seeing how delicate and precise she was. I saw her patients had natural looking bellybuttons which is hard to achieve. I could always tell someone had a tummy tuck cuz of how the belly button looked but Dr Cat has a special technique (which she doesn’t show on instagram). My stomach looks amazing and the bellybutton is perfect. When I had my consolation in her super cute girlie doctors office, I felt comfortable and didn’t feel rushed in any way whatsoever. I’m the one who ended the appointment. Her staff is super friendly (Especially Amy and Julie). I had no issues with call backs or making an appointment. On the day of my surgery I was really nervous waiting on the operating table for the anesthesiologists to put me to sleep. Dr Cats bedside manner is incredible. She was kind, tried to distract me and reminded me everything was going to be great..and it was. I called Dr Cat 2 days after surgery to ask her some questions. When you’re on the phone with her, it’s like you’re talking to a friend and not a doctor. I really can’t say enough good things about her. I admire her as a woman and respect her as an incredible surgeon. She is beautiful inside and out. Don’t go cheep on your body. I got exactly what i paid for by going to Dr Cat. Best decision ever and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it better.

Paula Pena

Dr Cat is the best in this industry. She is the most professional individual I have ever encountered,

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Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery
Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery - California

Plastic surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert
Cosmetic Surgery Institut...
Plastic Surgery - California

Plastic surgery clinic

Marina Plastic Surgery
Marina Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery - California

Plastic surgery clinic