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Kareem Cervantes

Went to Dr. Barrett's office to try the Venus Legacy System. I had stubborn fat and loose skin around my neck and the Venus Legacy tightened everything and even slimmed my neck down a bit. It's a subtle difference, but definitely worth it!

desperanza7 .

Thank you Dr Barrett for my breast augmentation. Truly an amazing surgeon with great beside manner. I would recommend Dr Barrett to everyone. His staff is also super kind and makes you feel very comfortable. If you’re considering getting a procedure id definitely recommend going to Dr Barrett

G Pop

I did extensive research & asked all my friends for an amazing plastic surgeon. I wasn't going to let just anybody touch my face. Dr. Barrett came highly recommended so I made an appointment. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately. I spoke with the guy at the front desk and he knew everything. He answered my questions and if he couldn't he referred me to the doctor. Consultation dr. Parrott explained everything to me and put me at ease. He took all precautions to prevent bruising and pain. I'm really happy that I picked this doctor. I was happy with the experience overall. My face looks amazing and everyone was professional and friendly

Wade Gometz

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction done by Dr. Barrett. I could not be happier with my results. I interviewed 3 other surgeons from Orange County where I live before going to Beverly Hills. His staff were warm and welcoming. I was nervous because I have never had surgery before. However, his staff were able to put me at ease especially the morning of my surgery. Not only does Dr. Barrett have great skills as a surgeon he also posses the artistic eye required to see what is going to look fabulous on you. Now they have me on their recommended skin care regiment and my skin is already looking great. Ill drive on the 405 Fwy at 5pm to get to Dr. Barrett, he's worth it.

Phan Su

Absolutely amaze-balls! Never pushes you to get something you don't want to get, does not judge you, supports your decisions to the best of his abilities and tries his very best to give you what you want. A real perfectionist that cares deeply about his work. Will not let you down. Definitely highly recommended!

Laura Pinon

I had really high expectations for my breast augmentation results and Dr Barrett exceeded those expectations by far. Not only do I love my results but Dr Barret and his team made the experience just as amazing. Patient coordinator Rachel, his wife Rosalyn, medical assistant Karen and the surgery team were all super sweet, comforting and so helpful every step of the way. I am so proud to say I love my breast by Barret. Best decision ever!

Jennifer Wesley

I had a breast lift and augmentation 3 months ago, and from the very first consultation I knew I was making the right choice. Rachel was so friendly and continues to be a gem every time I see her during my follow-up appointments, and the rest of the staff is equally as sweet. Dr. Barrett is the kindest man who truly cares about the happiness of his patients, and he's given me the breasts of my dreams (seriously I'm OBSESSED). If I could rate my experience higher than 5 stars, I would. I'm so thrilled.


I am now 8 weeks post-op after a breast augmentation with lift and can give a genuine review from start to (practically) finish. I waited to do this until now to be able to give a full review of my experience. This was my first cosmetic surgery experience so going into the office for the consultation and making the commitment to actually go had me a little anxious. I instantly was put to ease by the front staff who welcomed me and were (and still are every time I come in) so friendly. Meeting Dr. Barrett for the first time I expected him to be like most doctors in the field (I work along physicians as a nurse) but I was SO wrong. Dr. Barrett has some of the best bedside mannerism I have ever seen. I always feel he is genuinely listening to everything I say and I’ve never felt rushed or like “just another patient”. The surgery itself went better than I could have expected and each and every member of the team I encountered that day were excellent. Dr. Barrett called personally the night afterwards to check in. After surgery your have frequent check-ups and any and all questions are answered. I have had no issues, not a single complaint, and could not be happier that I went with Dr. Barrett and his team. Thank you so much to each and every one of them.

Trula Floyd

I just received Botox for my forehead, and Filler for my laugh lines from Dr. Barrett I. could not be happier! Only two days ago and the results are incredible. Just came back from Trader Joes, and a gentleman helped me to my car to help with groceries(he didn't work there) and the check out clerk said I looked too young to have grandchildren. I am 61 and this improvement is amazing! I have done this before with another doctor and the experience here with Dr. Barrett is far superior. He is gentle and caring in preparing the area with a topical pain cream and ice pack. He took time and care to massage the area after injecting. Never seen such an improvement in my looks EVER! Such a smooth and natural look. I highly recommend Dr. Barrett ! And his receptionist Rosalyn is very professional and informative as well.

Dina Abou Salem

Five months ago I went to Dr. Barrett and was a repeat patient/customer another time. Having committed to Dr. Barrett, I called again yesterday to book an appointment but I had a very unpleasant and unwelcoming experience with the person who was making the appointment. I decided to entirely opt out of my appointment because I was made to feel entirely unwelcome and uncomfortable. We all have personal reasons, insecurities or needs for reassurances to seek doctors like Dr. Barrett and to be met with someone who reinforces your insecurities by an unwelcoming behavior made me just walk away. I still highly recommend Dr. Barrett. He is amazing in every way. I always post positive comments on his Instagram page and am still a big fan. If you can handle passing the first hurdle of making an appointment then by all means go for it. Below is my initial review of Dr. Barrett. I saw him again one more time after that. Sadly, now I am seeking another plastic surgeon... ...If there was a rating higher than a five star I would give it to Dr. Barrett. Dr. Barrett is very intuitive and adapts his work to complement one's personality and overall look. I totally trust his esthetic judgement. Not only is Dr. Barrett talented and skilled, he follows up personally with his patients on how they are improving. This gesture goes a long way honestly. I am definitely going back. I would very highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Barrett for all you do. Dina A. Salem

Joel Dixon

Got my Botox with Dr Barrett almost a year ago. It was amazing. About to go back. He does great work!


Dr Barrett and his entire team are absolutely amazing. I had researched for an entire year and interviewed 3 other doctors and it was not until my visit to Dr Barrett's office that I decided to proceed with my procedure. Rachel could not have been more accommodating and lovely at answering all my questions. I have recommended Dr Barrett to several friends and would do so for anyone looking for great service and experienced/well informed doctor

Eva Ortega

Warning do your homework! Book this Dr. at your own risk. Beware he gets yelp reviews removed! Though they were in constant contact about payments, etc. before the surgery, I found it near impossible to get a response from them to address concerns I had following the surgery. During my follow up appointment, where I again expressed concerns about the results of the procedure, they brought in 2 staff members to basically gaslight and say how wonderful the results were (they decidedly were NOT wonderful). I had concerns that the lipo I paid to address my back fat had not been done, there was no bruising or pain, and the before and after measurements on that area were identical, even now 10 months post op. The tummy tuck revision was equally as disappointing, with the scar being much longer, more crooked, dog-eared at the ends and vaginal bulge. My belly button resembles a coin slot. The stretch marks the revision was to address were still there, though they were below the belly button and should have been mostly gone with the type of surgery promised. The BBL left me with one cheek higher and one fatter than the other. Trust me when I say I look worse than when I started. I realize perfection can't be expected with any cosmetic procedure, but some kind of improvement is desirable when paying thousands of dollars. Many other surgeons have agreed that my results were better before. And what was even worse than the very disappointing results was the harsh treatment I received from the Dr. and his staff after raising my concerns again at my six month appointment. The doctor said he didn't see what I was talking about that my results are amazing, then within three minutes of that, his wife comes in and tells Dr. Barrett she needs to see him, he leaves, then she comes in and says "that's all we have time for today we do not need to see you again since this was your six-month appointment". Keep in mind I flew all the way over there took off work and paid for the flight for this follow-up appointment, so I expected and deserved my full time. Days after getting back home and thinking about it, I called her and said I didn't appreciate being rudely treated and dismissed. I flew all the way over there and left with a bunch of unanswered questions. She said there's nothing we can do for you surgically and have a great day and hung up the phone on me. They are truly the most unprofessional people. My results are horrible and other doctors have agreed. Other doctors have stated they would just look at me and offer to fix it, and said I shouldn't even have to ask. Now in order to fix all the damage that he has created I would need to pay more than I paid him to fix everything because now were dealing with double revision and scar tissue. I wish I had done more research and really familiarized myself with other doctors before choosing him. I was sadly influenced by Instagram and Snapchat girls who claimed to have work done by him and promoted him. My mistake. It's not about how they treat you before the surgery it's how they treat through the whole process and after. I write this review hoping to help other woman and warn them be cautious of which surgeon they choose. Do your homework, don't be overcome by a couple of perfect bodies that were probably already perfect recommending any surgeon (particularly this one, but any one). If you would like, I will provide pictures and other doctors opinions to show you how bad my results are, if it means helping another woman to make better choices in her selection of a surgeon.

Rebecca Young

Dr. Barrett is truly a life saver. He takes so much time to make sure you get the exact results you're looking for. I came in for a breast augmentation revision because the first doctor I went to didn't do a good job. After only 3 years of having those implants, I needed to go in for a second augmentation. I was extremely picky when looking for a new doctor and I honestly wasn't even thinking about getting them fixed for a while because I was scared/felt like I couldn't trust anyone to provide me with the results I originally wanted. But after hearing Dr. Barrett speak on a podcast I was listening to and meeting him for the first time I was so impressed. His staff is so sweet, they call you to make sure everything is healing correctly and there's always someone there to answer your questions. Even his anesthesiologist called me the night after my surgery to make sure I was feeling okay. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, he even takes his time to see you multiple times (months and years after your surgery) to make sure everything is healing properly. He is extremely meticulous about his work and will not leave the surgery room until results are perfect. There are so many amazing things I could say about Dr. Barrett and his staff, but overall my experience was exceptional :) My results are absolutely perfect and I feel like I gained my confidence back. Thank you Dr. Barrett!

Sandra Huerta

Super Doctor. Super Staff. Super Surgical Team. Super ‘Results.’ Two months-six days ago, Dr. Barrett performed a tummy tuck, liposuction, and bbl. I am 36-years-old, I have four children, and workout five days a week. I couldn't get rid of the belly. I went in for a consultation and fell in love with his practice. Everyone in the office is amazing. On July 28th, day of my procedure Dr. Barrett made me feel very comfortable. I was not afraid at all. A few hours after my procedure Dr. Barrett called to check on me. Dr. Barrett has the best bedside manner. I am still a bit swollen and healing but extremely excited and happy with the results. My stomach is flat, waist is cinched, booty is poppin', I look and feel amazing! Everyone in the office is friendly and kind. I couldn’t have chosen a better office or surgeon. They make you feel like family. I am very pleased with everything, and so is my husband. Thanks Dr. Barrett for a job well done!

Courtney Goff

I've never been more in love with my breasts, Dr. Barrett is such a perfectionist and gave me exactly what I was looking for !

amanda calleia

Friendly environment, fast and reliable service, and kind staff. First time patient and I couldn't have gone to a better place ! From the ladies up front to Dr.Barrett himself, I felt safe and comfortable my whole time there. Lips came out great and I highly reccomend this location!


Dr. Barrett is one of the kindest and amazing doctors I've had. The team is awesome as well. They are very attentive and quick to contact you back if you have a question after your procedure. I had a tummy tuck done 4 weeks ago and I am so happy I had it done and went to Dr. Barrett. I anticipated a long recovery, but honestly by the beginning of week two I felt back to normal and had minor soreness. I am on week 4 and the swelling has gone down enough that I can see great results already. I also had liposuction done on my hips and to be honest that was the worst pain after the surgery, but that lasted one day. I am sure once you have a consultation with him you will feel confident that he is the right doctor to do your surgery. I also think the staff make it a good experience as well.


Dr. Barrett and his entire team are warm, friendly, and professional. They put me at ease and treat me like family. Being from out of town, Dr. Barrett and Rosalyn worked to accommodate my needs/schedule for follow up visits. Dr. Barrett offered expert advice and set realistic expectations based on his considerable experience. I had lipo, thigh lift, and fat transfer. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. I felt a genuine sense of care and compassion during the entire process. I rarely write reviews (good or bad) but I felt compelled to share what an amazing practice Dr. Barrett's is. If you chose Dr. Barrett for your procedure, I am confident you will never regret your decision.


Dr Barret and staff are great, they all work well together and are there to make you feel comfortable. I could tell I am in good hands. Dr Barrett is very particular and detailed with everything he does. I love he wants everything to look natural. So thankful to have found such an awesome Dr.

Allie Simond

My first time doing Micro-needling I was extremely anxious not knowing what to expect. Jocelyn was so careful drawing my blood I didn't even notice, which was what I was most afraid of. My skin was glowing after three days and I cannot wait until my next procedure!

Elise Anderson

Review on Dr Daniel Barrett Plastic Surgery - Breast Augmentation Surgery, Nov 17, 1015. Hi All, I will try to keep this review short and sweet. After doing much research into different surgery center options, I settled on Dr Barrett Plastic Surgery. I chose Dr Barrett as he specializes in BA, his reviews were fantastic and I really loved the look of his work from all the B&A photos. I initially had a Skype consultation with Dr Barrett regarding the surgery, as I had to fly into LA from Canada to see him (all costs spend on travel were absolutely worth it). In the consultation he discussed my options, the procedure, and answered all my crazy questions with patience and kindness. Leading up to travelling to LA for the surgery, I was corresponding a lot with Rosalyn - beautiful Rosalyn, Dr Barrett's Surgical Coordinator. She is an angel and I couldn't have had this procedure done without her. She helped me organize my travel, my finances, my bloodwork and pre-op documents, my healthcare rebates - everything - from LA! Without her there is no chance I would have been able to have these beautiful breasts. So, after organizing that, I arrive in LA for the procedure, sit down with Rosalyn and Dr Barrett and the next day I have the surgery! Everyone involved in helping me prepare for the procedure was so kind and gentle - the nurses and anesthesiologist who assisted me put me at ease with their encouraging words and fun sense of humors. After waking up from the surgery, Rosalyn and the nurses gave me a bite to eat so I could take my first round of medications, and then Rosalyn drives me to my AirBNB as she said she wanted to make sure I got home safe and felt comfortable - ANGEL ROSALYN. Over the next few days, I pop in to have my stitches removed by Dr Barrett - the patience in this man is out of this world. Our appointments were basically 30 minutes of his time with me saying, 'okay, I'm ready, you can pull the stitch..... no no no no .... okay go! no no no. okay go. - Poor Dr Barrett. So patient and never once rushed me. If it were me, I would have kicked me out. So three weeks later, I am back in Canada loving my perfect new breasts!! The shape, the size, the look is perfect. Dr Barrett is a absolute perfectionist and I am so grateful for it!! Rosalyn still checks in with me to see how I am, and I am going back in January to see them as two of my close friends are now getting their breasts done by Dr Barrett. He is getting a rep here in Canada, watch this space! I can't thank them enough. Beautiful people, and a fantastic surgeon - made me feel like family.

kendra bates

Definitely offended by this doctor and his staff. I called in to see if I could make an appointment for a muscle to be shaved down on my chin and to also get advice and some filler that I got done in my checks. He is a injection specialist as well as a certified plastic surgeon, so let me remind you, he can literally do almost any procedure which is what he staff praises him on as well. The ditsy staff on the phone asked me to send some pictures in. Which I did. A few hours later she called me back saying Dr. Barrett wouldn't want to help me. I'm not unattractive so the work that I was asking to be done is literally minimal and the fact that he and his staff weren't even open to letting me come in for a consolation is even more disgusting. The staff I talked to went around the reason why he wouldn't want to take me. So confused and disgusted with how judgemental they were.

Corinne Marie

Cannot rave enough about Dr. Barrett & his staff. I went last week for natural looking lips because i heard that’s his specialty & I couldn’t be happier with the results. I got 1 syringe of Juvederm ultra xc. 5 days later my lips look incredible. Dr. Barrett was so friendly & personable & honest. He explained everything in detail. He used numbing cream & ice so it was virtually painless. I’ve had my lips done a few times before, but I will never go anywhere again. My lips are perfect; plump, juicy, sexy - everything I wanted. Thank you Dr. Barrett!

Kimberly Gaines

After contemplating a tummy tuck surgery for years, I finally found a plastic surgeon office that I felt extremely comfortable with to perform my tummy tuck. The staff in this office is phenomenal and very professional. Rosalyn is an excellent patient coordinator, very thoughtful, encouraging, and truly amazing in her own right. Dr Daniel Barrett changed my life! He is amazing, highly skilled, very nice, not to mention easy on the eyes. From the start I felt like I was in great hands with Dr Barrett. I had my surgery done Nov 17th; I was back to work Nov 30th. I would never imagine after having this type of surgery I could get back into routine so quickly. I am swollen and healing but extremely excited and happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr Barrett for any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure he is definitely top notch.

Naomi Perez

SIMPLY AMAZINGGG. i had no idea where to start with this review, but let me start by saying that. Choosing to go with this dr. and his team was like falling in love. Coming into the decision of choosing plastic surgery can be very overwhelming. Little backround story ....i'm 21, with tuberous breast , getting a breast augmentation was something i've been wanting to do for so long but with my condition i knew i had to really find a doctor with such expertise to correct mine, which basically overwhelmed me that much more. I searched and searched for the right BA, and i know the universe sent me this number for a reason. The long wait to finally find someone was well worth finding the one (dr. daniel barrett and his team). From the first call , i was blown away by the incredible expertice of cutomer service given to me by the beautiful rachael. i remember getting off the phone and telling my mom "look im going to this place, i have the best feeling , and i need you to trust me". I dont live close to Beverly Hills so its not like i can just go out there , i had to make sure this was going to be worth my while. and THANK YOU GOD i agreed to that consultation. The consultation was when everything really changed i was welcomed by rachael and rosalyn , seriously the cutest most sweetest women, they made me feel so calm and comforted it was crazy. I remember being so nervous and within 1 minute of speaking to them all nerves deceased and it felt like i was just chatting with two of my bestfriends. I then met Dr Barrett and from that moment on i knew i Had made the right choice. I am now 6 weeks out my breast augmentation and i cant believe how simple all these people have made it for me. Dr. Daniel Barrett's work is trulyINCREDIBLE! AND UNIQUE.the amount of people who have asked "omg where did you do them at? ive been wanting to do mine" makes me so proud to call them my team. You all have changed my life and i know that may sound cheesy and cliche but it brings me to an emotional standing. and through it all i've not been a customer, but ive made a group of friends. Thank you Roslyn Rachael, Brandi Barrett and everyone for my new found confidence. I love yyou all, thank you for taking the best care of me. You are all so special and amazing , and the team wouldnt be the same if eithor one of you were missing..

Carolyn Cofield

Dr. Barrett is by far the best doctor I ever met! Five months Dr. Barrett performed a tummy tuck with liposuction! The results are amazing! I am 51-years-old and workout five days a week but couldn't get rid of the big belly. I went in for a consultation and feel in love with his practice. Everyone I the office is amazing. The day of my procedure, Dr.Barrett made me feel very comfortable. I was not afraid at all. After my procedure he called to check on me and Roslyn called weekly to check in! Dr. Barrett has the best bedside manner! My stomach is flat and I look amazing! Everyone in the office is friendly and kind. They make you feel like family. I am very pleased with everything so is my husband! Thanks Dr. Barrett for a job well done!

Shannon Shape

Dr Barrett is seriously the best! I was driving down to OC bc I was scared to let anyone at my face... but I've been going to him for a year now and I would recommend him to the moon and back. His staff is friendly, his office is gorgeous and they always fit me in and work with my busy schedule!

gojwest .

Great! Amazing! Best doctor ever! Thank you for giving me back an amazing body. You and your staff did a great job of taking care of me through surgery and after care. If I could give you 10 stars I would. My husband loves your work. Once again thank you.

Allie S

I'm not even sure where to begin, but my entire experience with Dr. Barrett has been soooooo amazing!!!! I spent months looking for the perfect surgeon & I finally found him! When I did find him I was rejected by the finance company they originally refer their patients to & I was so upset & worried! After the rejection I told Rosalyn who I believe is the manager of the office & told her how I was approved by another company Alphaeon. She reached out to Alphaeon & found a way to accept their credit card & I was able to schedule my surgery! I couldn't be happier with my results & I'm so happy with Dr. Barrett & Rosalyn! They are so kind & great at what they do, that they made me feel so comfortable about the entire process. Everything was broken down so simply for me from the day of my post-op appointment all the way until after my surgery! Rosalyn is extremely organized & her & Dr. Barrett look like super models! Lol I will be going back to them for anything I'll ever need in the future. I got 500cc silicone implants & they look so great and natural on me! I feel like I finally have the body I was supposed to have. If you have any questions about the surgery or how I felt after just send me a message & I'll be more than happy to answer your questions! :) Go to Dr. Barrett you will not regret it I promise!!!!!!!!

Nicole Truefitt

I’m not big on reviews. But I can’t let my experience go unheard . Dr Barrett is so awesome and down to earth!! His team is wonderful and kind. Girls in the office are all sweet as pie.. Rosalyn is a doll and his assistants are sent from heaven!! What else Can I say??? I could go on and on..if you’re looking for a surgeon.. look no further! You won’t be disappointed. So happy with the results of my BA..I know it’ll only get better from here. Also received an amazing floral arrangement ... sent right to my door. Made my day!!! Thank you to everyone!

Caysee Schulte

I had an umbilicoplasty, and a cyst removal.To start off, Dr. Barrett, and his team are outstanding. I felt nothing but comfortable from the minute I walked in, to the second I stepped out. Rachael and Rosalyn retained me from being so nervous by ensuring that I was going to be okay and that I wasn’t going to feel anything after the local anesthesia, which was very true. Also, his surgical assistants were so sweet to me! I couldn’t have asked for better ones. I’ve always disliked my outtie belly button and was extremely shy about being in a bathing suit. Dr. Barrett did a quick 30 minute procedure that changed my life! I no longer hide behind towels at the beach because I now have a cute innie belly button! this procedure boosted my confidence by 100%. Also, I have a minor case of Hidradenitis suppurativa. Everyone that has this skin problem knows what a pain it is to hear “its just a cyst.” It has a name! And it’s SO relieving that Dr. Barrett knows EXACTLY what it is. He removed a cyst on my groin. The scarring has gone down greatly from the scar cream he has for sale so I recommend buying it. Thankyou so much Dr Barrett and team…I will definitely come back for any further procedures.

Kyle Mazade

FIRST OFF- Dr. Barrett AND his Staff are not only knowledgeable and polite, but they really put the patient first. I came in for Botox and wanted to learn more about some other treatments. The Nurse explained and answered all my questions and gave me handouts to take with me about all the treatments I was asking about. I am extremely satisfied with my Botox results and wouldn’t trust anyone else. I will be going to Dr. Barrett for micro needling to help with some fine lines under my eyes. I highly recommend Dr. Barret. He was kind and understanding of me and what I wanted to accomplish with my Botox injections. My experience was VERY quick and painless. I love my results and had absolutely no bruising.

Solmaz S

I am beyond impressed with Dr. Barret and his clinic! I only ever write reviews if my experience is so extraordinarily good (or bad) that it merits the time, and I can honestly say that choosing Dr. Barret to handle my procedure is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a medical professional, I am very careful in choosing doctors, and I visited over a dozen well-known surgeons before deciding that Dr. Barret was the best choice. What impressed me first was his fantastic office manager and patient coordinator, Rosalyn. I was completely blown away by how helpful, patient, kind and caring she is. Throughout the process, she was always very quick to get back to me, and all appointments ran on time. The office is a well-organized and relaxing environment with super friendly staff. Dr. Barret proved to be knowledgeable, accommodating, concerned, and was always there to answer all my questions patiently and remove any worries or concerns. Due to preexisting conditions, my surgery was expected to be significantly more complicated than under normal circumstances, but all went very smooth. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results, which exceeded even my most optimistic expectations! This professional team really went above and beyond anything I had experienced before to eliminate the confusion and stress that comes with having a major medical procedure, and I truly appreciate it! I highly recommend Dr. Barret. For anyone looking for a luxury experience with great results and reasonable prices, he is one a kind!

Rosa P

Dr. Barrett and HIS ENTIRE staff are wonderful people, but they are also amazing at what they do. Dr. Barrett has done great work for me on fillers, but he wasn't free when I called it, so they referred me to Jenna. I was a bit nervous but they told me her philosophy is just like his and she does natural work like him. I needed a temple fill and SHE WAS AMAZING! LOOK NO FURTHER, I don't think I'll ever let anyone else do these things other than Jenna and Dr. Barrett, don't fear just go. You'll be sorry if you don't, my regret is not going sooner. THANK YOU GUYS, you're the BEST!!

Chelsea Yang

Stopped by for a visit today and blown away by my entire experience. The front office staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming and the entire office is beyond gorgeous with its white marble floors and modern accents. I saw Jenna for my injectables -- she was so sweet, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. I've been to other practices who rush through seeing you, but Jenna took her time making sure to explain and talk through what I wanted to ensure I was comfortable and that we'd achieve the result I wanted. As if that's not enough, their patient coordinator, Rachel, is an absolute doll!! Definitely found my new go-to for esthetic needs in Los Angeles!

Amber Brannan

Chelsea Volz

I have lived with an awful stomach ever since a teenage pregnancy and botched liposuction job. Recently, I relocated from NY to LA. Being in a beach city, the plastic surgery capital of the country, and only 25, I decided that enough was enough. I was going to get my stomach fixed once and for all. I started calling surgeons and quite a few didn't even bother to schedule a consultation after seeing my photos. The scar tissue and damage done by the previous surgeon "didn't make me a good candidate." By happenstance, Dr. Barrett's name popped up in my google results. I was immediately impressed by his pages and pages of five star reviews. Then I called... And for the first time in the weeks I'd been looking, Rosalyn, his patient coordinator, made me feel listened to. She was patient (no pun intended) and wonderful and hilarious, looked at my photos and consulted with Dr. Barrett herself. She never once made me feel like the inconvenience all of the other doctors had. It was an incredible breath of fresh air. Since my first botched surgery, I felt horrible about myself. I covered my stomach religiously even while I was in the shower... And as soon as I met Dr. Barrett, I knew that I was going to be okay. For the first time since sixteen year old me looked in the mirror, aghast at my body, I felt okay. And I was so incredibly right. Dr. Barrett and Rosalyn are a dream come true and have absolutely changed my life... They answer any and all questions I had: day, night, on the weekends. And this was before surgery! I was really afraid of going through anything similar to the experience in New York. But Dr. Barrett was completely honest: there was a lot of scar tissue and previous damage, but he truly believed that he would get me a great result, by pulling from the very top of my stomach, correcting my badly damaged belly button in the process. The first few days post op were the hardest. But Rosalyn and Dr. Barrett were there for me through all of it. Dr. Barrett called me the day of surgery to check in, and they even sent me flowers! I was constantly terrified that moving in even the slightest position was going to cause damage to the result, or mess up what Dr. Barrett had so diligently done -- blame my traumatic previous experience. But each time I had a silly question, Rosalyn was there to check with Dr. Barrett and/or answer it herself. The worst of it was the pain in my back, from being hunched over constantly, but being able to chat with Rosalyn whenever I wanted was a great comfort. It's now been about three weeks post op, and I can't even begin to describe the joy I feel each time I look down at my stomach. Dr. Barrett has continued to show tremendous care at each visit, careful in explaining why he's cleaning certain areas, answering any questions I have about the results and injecting all of it with a sense of humor and happy -- even the stitches were painless to remove and I didn't believe him at first. ;) He keeps telling me how amazing it'll be in three more weeks and I can hardly wait, considering how much I absolutely love it now.

emily harper

Got a breast augmentation from Dr. Barrett in October and my results now, 6 months later and healed, are amazing. I went from a 32a cup to a 32dd and they suit my body perfectly - not too big or too small. Exactly what I've always wanted. Dr. Barrett's bedside manner is impeccable - he really cares about his patients. I felt that he listened to what I was asking for and delivered what was best and what I wanted. He also met with me twice before my operation in his office to discuss details, expectations, etc... He also met with me immediately before my surgery as well to finalize details, go over with photos again with me, etc... I felt heard and prepared going into surgery. After surgery, Dr. Barrett met with me once a week for six weeks. This is not common - as I have many friends with BA's who barely saw their surgeons post op. After 6 weeks he met me a few times more up until 6 months. Now that I've reached 6 months I am considered fully healed and dropped & fluffed. I LOVE my results and I would have gone to Dr Barrett again if I had to do it over. His technique minimizes chances of capsular contracture, bottoming out, etc.... and I have had zero issues. My scars are also unnoticeable and I have to point them out to show my friends (lol.)

Tonia Rozo

Dr. Barrett and his entire Staff are just AMAZING! I recently had a mommy makeover. They made the process from start to finish so comfortable and effortless. I am beyond excited with my results! Not only is Dr. Barrett the best surgeon around he is an amazing person! I would recommend his services 100%!

Suzanne Raina

Dr. Barrett is a very skilled, caring and professional plastic surgeon with a posh Beverly Hills office. You will feel comfortable talking to him about embarrassing skin problems and he offers a wide variety of effective treatments at his office. My appearance looks great and I am very happy!

Rhiannon Ramirez

After having two children I decided to have breast augmentation. There are many doctors to choose from, but choosing Dr. Barrett was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Barrett and staff walked me through the entire process answered all of my questions, and the after care that I received was amazing. I have to say that I am impressed with the professionalism by Dr. Barrett as well as his staff. I have never once had a voicemail,text message or email unanswered, and as a patient I truly appreciate the love that goes into Dr. Barretts work. I am two months post op and my breasts look amazing! I could not have asked for anything better. Thank you Dr. Barrett!!!

Arturo Bermudez

I had an Otoplasy done with Dr. Barrett. He was courteous and professional from the very first appointment. His wife is very pleasant and kind, going into the office was always great. Dr. Barrett is warm and genuinely invested in the care and success of his patients. The procedure itself was painless and quick. I was awake, but I did not feel a thing. The difference to my prominent ears is astounding. I don’t have any obvious scarring behind my ear. You’re in great hands with Dr. Barrett and his staff.

Brandy Gray

BEST Doctor and BEST People ! So very glad to know this place!

Clancy Johannsen

This review has been a long time in coming for which I apologize. I was referred by my best friend as she raved about Dr. Barrett and his office. I was amazed by her results so I went in to set up an appointment to remove my "mommy belly," some saddle bags and a little bit of lipo. I am 54 years old, run ultra marathons and I just couldn't get rid of it. I already knew I was going to have the surgery within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Barrett and the office. Fortunately an appointment was open within a couple of weeks AND before my sons wedding. The surgery went off without a hitch (so I am told as I was out for it) and even with the swelling I was SO HAPPY with the results! I am so ecstatic that I have the figure that I hoped for! It was so NOT disappointing to have to buy new underwear, new clothes and I bought a bikini! The last time I felt like I could wear one was over 20 years ago. So thank you thank you thank you! PS: Because of the removal of my belly it looks like I had my breasts done as there is nothing to disguise them. Bonus! PPS: And I have the loveliest new belly button and pretty much no scar!

Rosalyn Floyd

Dr. Barrett is a Breast and body specialist. He's kind, knowledgable and highly skilled. He is the best in Beverly Hills for long term NATURAL looking results. He listens well and is extremely meticulous. Dr. Barrett is a true gem. He's been able to help me with a few specific procedures and has exceeded my expectations each time. I've sent my friends and family for Face lifts, mole removal's, breast revision, Augmentation and Tummy Tucks.

Tara Lynne

I would recommend Dr.Barrett and the care and expertise of Rosalyn to absolutely anybody! I love how personal my experience was, and how they go over and above regardless of the number of times you have been in. I was so scared prior to going in and they make you feel nothing less than satisfied, comfortable, and confident!

Lindsay Zumbrunn

I wanted to take the time to thank and recognize Dr. Barrett and his staff for an amazing experience before, during and after my breast reduction and lift. I did a plethora of research and underwent multiple consults before concluding that Dr. Barrett was 100% the right choice. I am two months post op and still feel very strongly that I made the best possible decision. Dr. Barrett has a very inviting office and staff. Rosalyn, the office coordinator, is warm and welcoming. I felt I was in good hands from the moment I stepped in the office. I appreciated that the consultation was well thought out with ample time for questions whether spending time with Rosalyn, the nursing staff or Dr. Barrett. I also appreciated that I was fully clothed and able to feel relaxed for most of the appointment. I chose Barrett based on both my judgement of his medical competency and his eye for aesthetics. I was confident that I would not only have a safe journey through surgery and post operative care, but that the results would be aesthetically pleasing. Prior to surgery day, I met with Barrett again in the office to go over desired results and to receive post op instructions and prescriptions. I went into surgery prepared with information, special garments, supplies and all my medications. Surgery day was pretty uneventful. The surgery for reduction is time consuming, roughly six hours. My mom was in the waiting room and was kept up to speed throughout the process. I made it home that evening and felt surprisingly well. I received a call within hours from Dr. Barrett to check and in make sure I made it home and was recovering well. I appreciated the though and effort. Recovery was much less painful and less awful than expected. There was definitely pain on the first day post op but nothing that wasn’t tolerable. By the second day post-op, I was up and out of the house, walking laps at the mall and at the beach. Every day was better than the previous. I returned to work after seven days off. ( I am a pediatric emergency nurse for reference). My post operative results are pretty incredible. One of the main reasons I chose Barrett was because he uses a different scar pattern than most plastic surgeons. I think the outcomes he achieves speak for themselves. My scars are minimal and the overall shape is pleasing. My significant other was initially quite resistant to the surgery, even he now admits that he is so happy that I went through with it. If you are currently in the market for a plastic surgeon, I would recommend Dr. Barrett to anyone. I believe that he truly cares about his patients and is very meticulous with his skill. He has attention to detail and will do everything he can to make your dreams come true.

Aubrie Pettersen

Dr. Barrett and his team are the absolute best! I was nervous to go in for my first Botox treatment and he made me feel very confident. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am very impressed with my results and their world class service. Highly recommend!

patricia torres

Dr. Barrett and his team are amazing!! I spoke with many different surgeons and once I spoke with Dr. Barrett and his team I knew this was the place that I wanted to do my surgery with!! I got a breast augmentation and a BBL with lipo to the abdomen and flanks. At first I was so scared but after meeting all the staff they calmed my nerves so much! I was not scared at all! Even on the surgery date when I thought I would be FREAKING OUT, I was only a little nervous. They were all so sweet and I trusted Dr. Barrett so much that I was barely even nervous walking into surgery. Then the healing process was AMAZING! I was in no pain at all when I came home. The 2nd day was a little rough but by the 3rd day I was feeling so much better!! :) Thank you so much to Dr. Barrett & his team for an amazing experience and recovery.

Annette Guerrero

Dr. Barrett is extremely professional, He took plenty of time explaining everything and discussing options.My experience couldn't have been better! 5stars & 2thumbsUp! Rosalyn & the staff were always cheerful & friendly..It"s been 2 months since my breast aug & I feel & look great! Most def going back .

Jennifer Eker

My experiences with Dr. Barrett and the team JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER. I decided to go with Dr. Barrett for a very complicated breast aug revision, and could not be happier with my decision. I'm now 2 months post op and the results are literally perfect. I feel good, I look good, and I have Dr. Barrett and the team to thank for that. From the consultation to every single post op appointment, I have felt that my concerns were listened to and addressed and that everyone in the office truly cared about me and my surgery. With so many doctors to choose from in LA, I can safely say Dr. B is your GUY, and you will not be disappointed. THANK YOU Dr. B, Rosalyn, Ali, and all the AMAZING (and funny) nurses/staff. You guys are a ROCKSTAR team and I will surely be recommending all family and friends your way.

Janette Palomo

My experience with Dr.Barrett and his team was amazing. I was looking for a surgeon who was going to make me feel comfortable and really guide me in the this whole process. I've never really gone through anything like this in my life so picking the right doctor was extremely important for me. I came across Dr. Barrett's work on Instagram and really liked the results his patients had. As I did more research I realized that this was someone I was really interested in getting a consultation with. Making an appointment was extremely easy and next thing I knew I was off to Dr. Barrettes office. I went in with a breast lift in mind with a possible breast augmentation. I had large breast but they were a bit saggy and missing some volume. I explained to Dr. Barrett everything I was looking for and he was able to answer all the questions I had along with assuring me that he would be able to give me what I wanted. In the end he helped guide me in making the best decision for myself and my goals. He advised that i didn't need a breast augmentation and with a breast lift alone i could get the results I was looking for. I really appreciated the fact the he wasn't looking at me as a dollar sign but he cared about me as an individual. He didn't find it necessary for me to spend more money on something he felt I didn't need. I was 100% sure that he was the right doctor for me and decided to go through with him as my surgeon. I am currently 9 months post opt from my breast lift and I couldn't be any happier with my results! Everything was such a smooth process and Dr. Barrett and his team really made this experience so great for me. If you're looking for a Dr. who will not only give you amazing results but truly care about you as a person than I would definitely consider Dr. Daniel Barrett. He has truly changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful. Thank you Dr. Barrett!

Macii Thoma

I absolutely love the staff and the entire atmosphere at Dr. Barrett's. He is so genuine and really takes the effort to make you feel like you not only understand what procedure you're getting, but that he fully can encompass your desired look. I had a breast augmentation done and I was literally up and working within 3 days! He is phenomenal, literally barely any pain. Not to mention, I am in love with my results and most importantly I feel so confident. Thank you so much to you and your team Dr. Barrett, you've truly changed my life!

Anne Soontrakorn

I had breast augmentation with Dr. Barrett 2 months ago. I couldn't be happier with the results. I was very nervous about the pain after surgery. I couldn't believe how quick I recover. I was literally waiting for the pain to hit after the surgery. I prepared my feelings for it, but it didn't really happen the way I thought it would be. I totally wasted my energy worrying about it for nothing. Dr. Barrett and his team was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. They have answered all my questions and concern. I am so grateful that I have found Dr. Barrett. He's the best surgeon ever!!. I truly mean that. He really took the time to determine what you want to achieve and work with your desire every step of the way considering safety, technique, suitability, etc. As a woman, I feel so much more confident about myself. Thanks to Dr. Barrett and all his team :-)

mae taylor

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Barrett and his entire staff! I am a pretty anxious person and as a first timer for a cosmetic procedure I was verrrrrry anxious. Dr Barrett took his time to make sure all my questions were answered. He was extremely patient and caring and somehow made me feel at ease. I'm only a month out and am already loving my results! WOW If you are considering Dr Barrett for your cosmetic needs I highly recommend you give them a call and let Rosalyn make an appointment for you! You won't regret it. ROSALYN is the best: ) Loved my experience!

Jessica H

Barrett Plastic Surgery is the BEST! I cannot and will not ever be able to express how grateful I am for Dr. Barrett and his team! From the moment I called the office, I just knew this was the surgeon for me! The front office staff, Rosalyn and Rachel, Dr. Barrett's patient coordinators, and all of the medical team instantly and at every visit make me feel right at home. The office is SO inviting and each staff member genuinely takes the time to get to you know you on a personal level. This is something I have never experienced at a doctor's office or aesthetic practice and is what truly sets Barrett Plastic Surgery above the rest! Dr. Barrett is a master at his craft! My consultation was 1 full hour and I left booking my surgery the same day. I could not be happier with my dream breasts that look SO natural and God given. Thank you, thank you, thank you Barrett Plastic Surgery! I will be a patient for life, as coming to the office is always the highlight of my day!

Seth & Nicolette Stepakoff

I have thought about getting a breast augmentation since I was sixteen. As friends graduated high school and college they would get breast augmentations and/or nose jobs. However, my parents always asked me to wait. When I turned 18 I decided I could pay for a breast augmentation myself and went with a friend for a few consultations, but when the time came I chickened out and boy am I happy I waited. 10 weeks before my wedding my fiancé and I decided what better time than now to get a breast augmentation. I would look amazing in my wedding dress, bathing suits for the honeymoon and of course my fiancé’s argument was, “I get to enjoy them before kids,” lol. So, I began researching doctors in LA, it was no surprise that I ended up with a list of 15 top rated doctors. As I called each office to make consultation appointments the receptionists were cold and not interested in me as a person at all. However, that all changed when I rang Dr. Barrett’s office and Rosalyn answered. I informed Rosalyn of my wedding in 10 weeks and she immediately began asking me questions about the event, how I met my fiancé, if he will be participating in the consultation and helping during the healing processes. It was like I was speaking to one of my girlfriends who I have known for years. The last thing we spoke about was the procedure, in a calm collected voice Rosalyn informed me that if I wanted my breasts to fully heal before the wedding I would need to get them done in two weeks. With no time to spare, I was in Dr. Barrett’s office that Saturday. As soon as I walked into Dr. Barrett’s office, I was greeted by Rosalyn and began discussing wedding details and how excited I was for the big day and how perfect I would look in my dress. The comfort level and feeling that I had known Rosalyn for so long, even though I had only spoken to her on the phone once, was one of the characteristics of Dr. Barrett’s office that sold me. Dr. Barrett himself was the other selling point. Dr. Barrett’s reputation in LA is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else, so I was excited to meet him. When I met Dr. Barrett in person he gave me a hug, he also asked about my upcoming wedding and answered all the questions that were racking my brain. “Will I be fully healed before the wedding? How can I accelerate the healing process? Will stretching my pecs help before surgery? What about anesthesia?, etc” Dr. Barrett took his time in answering each question and made me feel like I was the only patient in the office. I walked out with an augmentation appointment two weeks from then. I couldn’t me more nervous and excited that I was finally getting a breast augmentation! The day finally came and I was more anxious than expected. Dr. Barrett’s staff made sure I was as comfortable as possible, making small talk, playing fun music, etc. I went in that Friday morning with an 36A and came out with a 36C. I am 5’3 and 135 lb’s and the 36C couldn’t be more perfect. As my breasts healed and dropped, my confidence increased. My wedding dress fit better than I could have ever imagined and bikinis are so fun to wear! Dr. Barrett and his staff take pride in all the patients and goe above and beyond to ensure you receive the best results possible. Dr. Barrett is the only doctor in LA I will go to for any cosmetic enhancements. If you are thinking about getting any cosmetic surgery, please go meet Dr. Barrett and his team. Once you meet them you will become part of the Barrett family!

Monica Almengor

Where to begin, Dr.Barrett is not only a wonderful Doctor, but treats you like family. I went in scared and not knowing what to expect not only did the procedure go smoothly, the results are absolutely amazing. If I ever get anything else done there is no question in my mind who I will be going to.Thank you to Dr. Barrett and his wonderful staff.

Alisa True-Daniels

Dr. Barrett is the BEST! I recently visited his office for some botox for my crows feet, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. I was met with promptly and Dr. Barrett clearly explained everything before starting. It was SO quick and painless! I was able to go to work right after which was great! I am very happy with my results, and will definitely be back. Thanks!!!

Mariah Brown

First, let me start by saying I absolutely adore every single person in this office. From the front desk staff to the medical assistants to Dr. Daniel Barrett himself. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable anytime you walk into the office. I am 5 weeks post op breast augmentation + Lift and I could not be any happier. I am extremely happy with my decision to get this done by Dr. Barrett. I knew he was the right Dr after my first consultation with him and I was eager to get the procedure done. He was very open and honest about everything that I needed and wanted to know which is something I respect a lot. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable when working with the staff to set a surgery date which I loved. He was honest about which size I shouldn't go above or below and he really takes pride in making sure your end results will look amazing. I have no idea why I didn't get this done sooner but I wanted to make sure I had the perfect surgeon and I found just that at this office. I don't know what more to say except if you are looking to get anything done go do Dr. Barrett. I can't thank him and his staff enough and I can't stop smiling :) xoxo

Julia Navarrette

After breastfeeding 2 children for a total of 4 years I found myself with deflated breast. They weren’t as full as they were before I had my children. After several of considering a breast augmentation I was really just looking for the right surgeon. Of course I was also nervous about being put down for anesthesia and the pain I would experience. After several consultations with other doctors I finally decided to call Dr. Barrett. I had followed him on Instagram, Snapchat and RealSelf for several months and was very impressed with all his 5 star reviews and seemingly scarless results. I spoke with Rosalyn, the patient coordinator, about 3 or more times before I had my consultation. She allowed me to text her and call her whenever I had any questions. She is so helpful I could write a review based off of her alone. On the day of my consultation everyone in the office was so friendly. The office was very polished and clean. After meeting Dr. Barrett, I knew he was the prefect surgeon for me. He’s so caring, welcoming and gentle. Not once did I feel like this was routine for him. I could feel his excitement and that really made me feel comfortable. During the consultation Dr. Barrett explained all the measures he takes to prevent capsular contracture. He uses the no touch technique which really sealed the deal when choosing him as my surgeon. He also explained that he would treat my body like if it was his own. He was going to take every measure to prevent capsular contracture and make sure the scar wasn’t visible. I also found it very helpful to see his surgeries on snapchat. The day of my surgery couldn't have gone any better. My surgery was at a very nice and clean surgery center only a few blocks from Dr. Barretts office. The entire surgery center staff was very attentive and all my concerns were addressed. My main concern was waking up feeling nauseous and being put down for anesthesia. Dr. Barrett made every effort to make sure I was comfortable. To my surprise I woke up not feeling nauseous at all and zero pain. Several hours after getting home from surgery I was waiting for the pain to begin (like all the girls on YouTube talk about) but it never came. No pain at all!!! Just soreness like if you worked out your chest the day before. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was a 3! A few days after surgery Dr. Barrett and the team sent flowers to my home!!!!! How sweet is that! Totally caught me off guard and made me feel extremely special. At my follow up appointment his assistants, Crystal and Jocelyn, are always so friendly. At these appointments Dr. Barrett takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I’m 3 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Barrett was able to give me exactly what I wanted and has exceeded my expectations.

Marian Miller

I had Botox injected by Dr. Barrett. I've been having it done for years but this was a WONDERFUL experience and the BEST result I've had. He was very meticulous and took great care in making sure it was just right! There was no discomfort and even no redness afterward. Best of all, no more wrinkles!!! I highly recommend Dr. Barrett!!!!

Jennifer Moe

Dr. Barrett,his staff and his beautiful office manager Rosalyn are so wonderful and welcoming. My entire experience has been nothing but amazing! I had my breasts done only 4 weeks ago and I am happier than I ever could have imagined with the results. You can't even see the incisions... his work is fantastic!!

Daisy Mendoza

My breast augmentation results are soooooo amazing! The staff at the surgery center, nurses and Dr. Barrett made me feel super comfortable the day of the surgery. I felt no pain at all during my recovery. I am so happy I chose Dr. Barrett. I would definitely recommend him to my family members and friends. The staff is very friendly!! & the experience from the first day of my consultation , to the surgery date, to the follow up appointments have all been wonderful. They even went out of the way on my surgery day to get me a birthday cupcake from Sprinkles! (Since I chose my Breast augmentation on my birthday)... Omg. They are so sweet!! They also surprised me with a beautiful arrangement of Roses to wish me a good recovery. So thankful I had an amazing experience !!!!! Thank you Dr. Barrett, Rosalyn & the entire team! I love you guys.

Joan Henehan

I'm a relative newcomer to advanced skincare treatment, so when my surgical nursing friend recommended Dr. Barrett, I was relieved to have a knowledgeable testimonial. I've been seeing Dr. Barrett for about a year for the ongoing Obagi skincare product treatments that he favors, as well as for as-needed applications of Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse. Having damaged my skin in the sun over the years, I'm thrilled with the reparative results of Dr. Barrett's work. He listens to any concerns or ideas you have, then he recommends solutions and never "over prescribes" a treatment or a procedure. I trust Dr. Barrett!

Vielsa E.

I would like to take a moment to say I would highly recommend Dr. Barrett. He is knowledgeable and professional in his field.... nothing but good things to say about his treatments and services.

Malia Gonzalez

Very good experience! My son told me I look 10 years younger. The staff was so professional. I was able to go to work the very next day with no swelling! I did not tell anyone about my procedure and everyone told me I look rested and younger. Under eye filler is amazing!!

Caroline Stern

Dr. Barrett and the staff are amazing! I got a Microneedling treatment to reduce my acne scars and large pores and the treatment was a huge success for me. They were very enthusiastic about the treatment and went in to depth explaining what they were going to be doing to my skin and why. Dr. Barrett is meticulous and really took his time to give me amazing results. He has great bedside manner and left me feeling very comfortable. Even when I was nervous a day or so after about redness and scabbing, he vocalized that it was normal and to just be patient. I will be returning to him and his staff for more treatments down the road!

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