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REVIEWS OF Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert IN California

Alexandra Henderson

The lady at the front (I apologize, I forgot your name) was wonderful. They were able to break down all the post op instructions for my recovery time and did a really good job. So far everything looks really good and scaring was minimal to none.

Liz Velaz

Surgery didn't go as well as I expected. Dr Mo K. Missed an obvious spot and offered to redo it with a charge. Im so disappointed after paying all that money and the work was not done as promised even more that he would charge me.

Susan Orman

had botox and filler - very expensive 4K. I now have droopy eyebrows and I was supposed to have gotten rid of my crowfeet with botox and filler and they have not changed at all - still there. Peggy is a nice person, but not impressed with my $4K worth of filler and botox - very disappointing.

Teresa Jones

I often get my injections done here. Everyone seems to be extremely caring. I always get complimented on my appearance after leaving here. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Barbara Steinberg

Valerie Slaviero

This review is long overdue since it has been 3 yrs. since my surgery. I had abdominoplasty surgery, butt grafting and liposuction. I have had problems from day one of my surgery and the problems continue until this day. The 1st week that Dr. Mo pulled out my drainage tubes there was an infection. While I was in the office I ran into the anesthesiologist and we got to talking and he said he didn't know I had an autoimmune disease. I discussed this with the Dr. Mo thoroughly because I was not sure it would be safe to forego surgery. The anesthesiologist was shocked he didn't know and it could have turned into a real problem during surgery. I do not have a belly button anymore and the scar that should be my belly button is about 2 inches higher than it should be. I have a huge crease or ledge on my lower back instead of a contoured lower back which is what I was told I would have. There is too much fat in the upper region of my butt. I cannot wear half of my clothes because of the ledge. I have dog ears on my incision which is excess tissue that protrudes at the ends of an incision and should be easy to correct, but that didn't happen. This often occurs because the incision was not taken from hip to hip. He cut them off, somewhat but they have come back bigger than before. Whether taking out my tubes, or cutting off my dog ears it was always done very abruptly and painfully. With all these problems, severe pain, infections, I was continually told to go elsewhere for treatment instead of him taking responsibility to correct his errors. There were never any answers as to why I was experiencing the pain or results that I was experiencing. I would come into his office crying because of pain or fear of what I was going through and Dr. Mo would tell me to get a grip and change my attitude. It was like I was the one causing my problems because of my attitude. It was like I was the one causing my problems because of my attitude. I came in one time with a horrible infection and he said he never had seen anything like it before. My personal doctor couldn't believe that was his response. It needed to be treated immediately. That was the last time I saw Dr. Mo. I have had every test, x-rays, consults imaginable and still am having infections, pain and bad results. The only way to correct this is to have the surgery redone. My body was certainly better before the surgery. As a patient, we are held responsible for our part therefore, the doctor should be responsible for their part. If something is not the way they say it is going to be they should correct it. It's awful not to get the results we are promised. We have to learn to live with our mistakes.

Greg Jacobson

Paul Powell

Marissa did a really good job. My skin has a unique glow to it and a few people have complimented me since I got this done. My skin never looked as good as it does.

Edwa Robb

I went to Dr. Mo because of the discounts I heard of locally. Dr Mo was a pleasure to meet and was pretty good with the work he did. He seem very knowledgeable and experienced. I would absolutey recommend him to anyone interested in cosmetic procedures. Overall pleased with my experience. Thanks again!

Vanessa Wright

Dr. Mo and the team are great! Although I didn’t have anything done just yet, I did come here for a consultation and the place was beautiful, stylish and clean. The doctor didn’t seem pushy and they were able to answer all of my questions. I plan on getting the work done in late April, so I’ll update my review should anything change.

Lesley Grieve

Daniel Wilburn

Just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Mo and his staff. I went in for a Tummy Tuck. It’s been a while since I had the procedure done. I’m really pleased with the results. I feel more confident and feel I look much younger. I’m absolutely happy and would give him 10 stars if I could!

erica levish

I went to Dr. Zakhireh in 2011 for an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation after losing 80 lbs. with my tummy tuck I am left with ‘dog ear’ flaps on either of my hips rather high and cannot wear cute bikini bottoms. With my breast augmentation I was left with the double-bubble effect where you can see the curvature of my natural breast and below that there is a definite hard line of where the cavity was dug too low where the implants sit. While going through recovery I was very insecure and up set and couldn’t always hold back my tears in our check up appointments. His response to my emotion was “You poor girls in Southern California. So much pressure to look so perfect” or “you could have cancer, it could be much worse”. I was at that point dissatisfied not only with my surgery, but also his bedside manner and mentioned my discomfort to the gals at the front desk. Rather than fixing his work he insisted it was the way my body healed (not the case after seeking second and third opinions with other local doctors). On top of the negative experience I was going to be additionally charged for him to put a bandaid on the mistake by doing an autologous fat transplant which I had had in the past in my face, which does not solve the problem for good. I told a client of mine about my experience overall and she was also a client of his. He mailed me a notice of signed affidavits of his staff expressing that I missed numerous appointments (which I never had, in fact, the office tried to reschedule an appointment of mine due to a surgical client opting for liposuction that day which minimized my window with the doctor) and was discharged as a client for breaching client/doctor confidentiality. Through out these negatives experiences I never went to an appointment alone. A family member was always with me and experienced the appalling ordeal first hand along side me. This was not my first experience with cosmetic surgery. I had a rhinoplasty 3 years prior with Dr. Peter Scheer. I was used to a very kind bedside manner with Dr. Scheer and wonderful results. I am not a client with false expectations of surgery. I understand that you need to expect the unexpected, however, to be belittled by someone who you put your life in their hands and gave them $20,000 cash is less than desirable. Further more, 6 years later I still have nerve pain in my lower back from his liposculpting and never regained any feeling in my lower abdomen. I would not recommend CSI. My foolish 27 year old self signed a paper before surgery stating that I would waive the right to sue if there was any issue with the surgery. After all of that disappointment I’m very sorry I signed that document.

Marilyn Standish

I wish I could give Dr. Zakhireh 100 stars! He is a very skilled and compassionate surgeon. He recently applied his skills and knowledge on a facelift for me, and people tell me he took 20 years off my appearance! In addition, his carefully planned pre-surgery screening saved my life. I had high blood pressure and did not know it! His staff is very professional, and incidentally most have been with him since he opened his practice! I highly recommend this office and most especially, Dr. Mo Zakhireh. He is the best!

Joe Raj

Came in here for cosmetic injections, the doctor did a great job! Artists touch for sure. Light hands, happy with how things turned out. Would recommend!

Hussein Dakhlallah

Clarissa Wilson

While I was visiting the Palm Desert office, I received Botox injections from Dr. Clark. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend visiting this cosmetic surgery center to anyone who wants or needs surgical or non-surgical procedures.

Carolyn Towle

Couldn't be happier with my experience here. I didn’t have anything done yet, just a consultation for rhinoplasty. The doctor was professional and took his time to explain everything and address my concerns. I’m considering on having the procedure done here.

Staci Hall

Marissa is amazing! She made my skin look the best it has ever looked.

Mary Greene

Always had a great experience when coming here. I feel more confident in myself since seeing Dr. Z. The team at CSI is amazing and goes the extra mile. I would absolutely refer anyone to this place!

Jasmine Bell

I'm currently 2 months post op of 485 HP Silicone implants. From the first call to the office, to now, they've been supportive, knowledgeable and caring. I knew for sure when I left my consultation with Dr. Zakhireh, that I wanted my surgery done by him. You won’t be disappointed!

Sophie Stewart

Received multiple comments from friends and family from the doctors work. I had a few lines that were a problem. I’ve been here once before in the past and with the fillers I got those lines are almost not noticeable anymore. Cost was a bit cheaper than the other places I went to as well.

Karla Matheny

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert. I am an out of town patient and they worked their schedule so I could see the doctor and feel like I had enough time to ask questions and feel good about what I was about to have done. I also felt like every person cared how I was feeling. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. Becky Barnett took great care of me and still checks in on me to make sure I am loving the results. Dr Zakhireh was the best. He knew how to get me the results that would make me happiest. He took such great care of me before, during and after.... I will be back.

Perr Earli

Dr. Zakhireh is a good man. They seem to have the latest in lasers and such. I didn't feel any pain when I came in to get some laser work done. The office is clean and everything. It's located in Palm Desert off Hwy 111. I've been trying to find someone who was good at laser hair removal and so far, I think I like CSIPD the best. I'll def be back!

Stacey Hayes

I came to CSIPD from a referral by a friend. I liked how she had her breasts done so I was Dr. Zak to have a procedure done. I needed help with the financials an they were able to help me with that too! I’m happy I chose this place.

Jeff Hammerberg

Dr. Mo Zakhireh admitted "I didn't take very good notes" which was alarming to hear as a patient scheduled for surgery that day! The day prior to my scheduled 9:30 a.m. surgery I was called & asked to come in early and meet with Dr. Mo and discuss which option I had chosen; surgical lift or Brazilian. I reminded the person on the phone that I had been in a week prior and had met with Dr. Mo, chosen the Brazilian and paid for it in full, which my file should have shown... they still requested I come in early. The day of surgery I arrived early. Dr. Mo came into the room said hello, flipped open my file and asked what we were doing today (really?)... I reminded him we had decided a week ago on the Brazilian (this is where he mentioned "sorry, I didn't take very good notes"). I mentioned that my file should have shown at the least that I had paid in full for the Brazilian lift... he didn't really have a reply. Dr. Mo was clearly embarrassed, seemed a little confused. He obviously had not remembered our previous meeting, or reviewed his notes prior to coming in the waiting room with us. During our brief 3 minute meeting Dr. Mo mentioned an emergency had come in and they needed to push my appointment back, at which time my husband said "it would have been nice to have received a call prior to us driving an hour in, and then finding out the appointment was going to be delayed at least 3 hours..." Dr. Mo offered a half hearted "I'm sorry" and suggested maybe a walk along El Paseo to pass the 3+ hours. We left the office on not such a great note - it was clunky, unprofessional and the Dr.'s head was clearly not in the game. On our drive back home we received a call from an "assistant" of Dr. Mo (not the Dr. himself) saying Mo felt the energy between us was bad, and he wanted to cancel the surgery. My intuition (and husband) was telling me the same thing so that worked perfect for me, because if I cancelled on them, there would be no refund... with them cancelling on me, I accepted their suggestion and will be refunded my $10,950.00. Doctors are egotistical, this we know - but with that you generally expect perfection in every area of their practice... that wasn't the case with Dr. Mo Zakhireh at Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Palm Desert.

Bianca Pickle

Went for a consult with Dr Zach and literally booked a surgery date at the end of the consult! If people are referring to a Dr as a perfectionist, then sign me up! Friendly staff Beautiful office So many options CARING DR I’m so excited an so ready for my procedure with Dr Zach

Patti C

I had face lift and erbium laser procedures with Dr Zakhireh over two years ago. When you plan for plastic surgery, you are hoping for a fresher, younger look. After consultation, Dr Zakhireh told me that I would look 15-20 years younger and that my face was going to look thinner. That's pretty exciting to hear and I went into this with high hopes. Not unrealistic hopes but optimistic. By the day after my surgery, it was clear that I had a two inch round burn on one cheek from the erbium laser. It took almost four months for the burn to heal and when it did, it left a large blotchy white scar that is quite visible. Then, stitches that were left in both cheeks left an unnatural and swollen look. I went back four times to have stitches removed because they had tangled and created visible pulling of the cheek. One area was particularly bad and after three tries to remove the stitches it is still swollen and hurts to touch. Prior to the surgery, I did not have under eye hollows, but with lifting of the cheeks I ended up with hollows that look worse because of the puffy cheeks. I never had a refreshed look which is what you hope for. It's been embarrassing to know that my family and friends think I made a mistake. In my entire circle of friends, only one said you look good and later said she was just being nice. Several people said they were scared when they saw me and worried that I was ill. Others have asked me if I was sorry that I did this. Really sorry. This was a not a good surgery or experience.

Heather Maxfield

I love these people. Great service and medical Esthetics staff is incredible!! Peggy and Doctor Mo are the best.

Carla Douglas

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Zakhireh and his staff. The office manager and the ladies who work at the front are very nice and respectful. The doctor went out of his way to call and check in on me a week after my procedure, I thought that was very nice. All around I would recommend Dr. Zakhireh, very talented and caring surgeon.

edwin cooper

Came here for a consultation. Dr. Zakhireh was kind, answered all of my questions. So far so good.

tech chad

I was given a gift certificate to this place for Botox. The providers here werewelcoming, professional. Happy with the results.

judy willner

Was recommended by a friend whose procedures I thought were letter perfect and I must say, she was on the money. Not only is the entire office an incredibly safe, professional and friendly environment but the staff of RNs is incomparible. Peggy was my clinician and boy does she know her stuff. I had thought I was going to get away with regaining just my upper lip, missing in action due to aging, using fillers such as Restylane, Rejuvadern, Botox, etc. but I was priviledged enough to have a very well vettted person who was able to assess what I really needed, what my options were and to minimize pain, anxiety and let me feel in the hands of in incredbily capable lady. Here I am, three days later writing this review because this office and their associates are that good!! My lip procedure was as painless as it can be (come on ladies and gents, it's gonna pinch for a nano-minute and be oh so very worth it at the end of the day!!) but she explained that using the product she did on me was a far better outcome than what I had done three times over the past 15 years with New York plastic surgeons who were also of the Park Avenue genre. I've had a considerable amount of other work done through the years and in closing I must extoll the fact that I am beyond satisfied and very lucky to live in Palm Desert and have this over the top facility and all of it's employees and doctors at my doorstep. If you are now or have ever considered looking a little younger, a lot healthier and getting those heads to turn again, RUN, DONT WALK..... Save your paycheck, spend it where it counts the most, upfront and personal with a fabulous clinic on your side....

Wendy Breshears

Can't even begin to explain how great Dr. Taylor is. Very caring man inside and out. Great bedside manner. Everyone always returns my calls. Always thrilled with the results.

Sandy Lagerson

Dr. Mo did an excellent job for me and Peggy also was fantastic. The entire staff could not have been nicer or more professional. I couldn't be happier with my results. I highly recommend the Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

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