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Cesar Gandara

I went in for a consultation this morning and it went great! Dr Dugar and his staff were very welcoming and friendly. He had the same vision that I had for my nose and even told me I had a deviated septum which I never knew I had! Update: I have my surgery date scheduled for the beginning of October. I wish I could have done it sooner, but my job wouldn’t let me. I had originally had the appointment scheduled for the beginning of August. Thankfully they understood my situation and helped me changed the date so easily. They are so friendly and I really can’t wait for the surgery!

Deepak Dugar

Thank you for all the kind words and compliments. I make it my effort and goal to give world class service to all my patients and be there for them before, during and after any procedure. Noses and Facial iinjections are a passion of love for me and helping get that outstanding result is what it's all about! That's where i get my meaning and purpose. Thank you for all your kind words.

Angie Stimson

I had a consultation with Dr Dugar concerning having rhinoplasty. I had never liked my nose and decided to finally do something about it. I did hours of research online to choose the best doctor and Dr Dugar name came up again and again. After meeting him and visiting his office I now know why. His staff are wonderful, kind and welcoming and the ambiance and decor are designed to put nervous people like myself at ease. Dr Dugar was amazing, he really listened to my concerns and explained everything to me so succinctly and kindly that I know that I am in the best possible hands. Dr Dugar has many patients travel to here from Europe so that they can have the best of the best. The whole experience was brilliant.

Stephanie Roose

Dr. Deepak Dugar is the most professional, caring, kind and intelligent doctor that I have ever encountered. I had a run in with cancer 7 years ago and had phenomenal doctors at that time, but Dr. Dugar trumps all of them. Not only as he helped me regain my confidence as a woman (I was starting to show my age and was feeling less than and kind of ugly), he treats me like a celebrity or important person even though I am just a regular person. He is smart and innovative, positive and on his game. I would recommend him to any person looking to improve their natural beauty, his office is in the heart of Beverly Hills and has easy parking - it's a breeze! He offers a wide variety of treatments and procedures, make an appointment with him to see what he believes your best options are. They don't make them like him! Blessed to know him.

Victor Ruffrage

Very impressed with the level of service I received without even having a procedure done. If they treated me that good without actually being a patient, I can only imagine how good their patients must have it. Though no work was completed during this visit, I for sure knew where I turn when the time comes.

Genesis Mares

I appreciated how he explained everything and took the time to answer any questions or concerns. He made me feel comfortable about the procedure and expectations. Best consultation experience.

Natalie Benitez

Tess Annique

I go to dr. Dugar for my skin care treatments and he is the absolute greatest! He has wonderful bed side manner and he is one of the most kind doctors I've ever had! Highly recommend him !

Hassiba666 .

Sarah Luquin

I went in for a closed rhinoplasty consultation and I loved everything about my experience! Dr. Dugar and his staff were all welcoming. Dr. Dugar was very informative about the procedure and I greatly appreciated his honesty about my nose. The surgical coordinator, Lisa, was also very informative.

A. Frisch

I have been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty for many years now. I have met with several doctors and not one of them compares to Dr. Deepak Dugar. He is so kind, friendly, caring, empathetic, and genuine. He truly cares about his patients well being and I love his honesty as a plastic surgeon. He has amazing bed side manner and listened to all of my questions and concerns. He made me feel confident in my procedure. He kept my natural nose and subtly changed it to be more symmetrical and shaved down my dorsal hump. He is an artist! I have never been so happy or felt so confident in my life and it is solely because of him!

Kiona DiStasio

Absolutely THRILLED with my results!! I had Botox done on my forehead, between my brows and my crows feet. I have good movement in my forehead and when I smile I have no crows feet, I couldn’t be happier!! Dr. Dugar made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions completely. I would give 10 stars if I were able.

Anisha K

Dr. Dugar is incredible!! I’m a patient from out of town and had actually scheduled an open rhinoplasty with a different doctor in 2016 but didn’t go through with it because I wasn’t 100% comfortable. Fast-forward 2 years, I found out about Dr. Dugar online and instantly knew he was the one I wanted to do my nose as I wanted it to be extremely natural and was very impressed by his closed/scarless technique. After meeting him for the consultation, I was confident with my decision because he was so kind and explained things very thoroughly so I never felt rushed. Most importantly, I felt that we were completely on the same page and that he understood what I wanted. Dr. Dugar and Dr. Roy are literally the dream team and between the two of them and all the nurses, you could not be in better hands! The process was so smooth and recovery was also very quick - I was on a flight home the next week. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m so glad I waited to find the right doctor and traveling to LA to have the procedure done by Dr. Dugar was so worth it. I’m now 7 weeks post op, my nose looks incredible (and no scars!!), and my confidence has greatly improved. I’m over the moon with the results and can not recommend Dr. Dugar enough!

Leigh Cordiano

Dr. Dugar and staff are absolutely amazing. I had many consultations before I decided on Dr. Dugar. Once I sat down with Dr. Dugar it was decided for me. He is professional and knowledgeable. I'm ecstatic with the outcome of my Rhinoplasty and I'm only 3 weeks post op. Highly recommend!

Dr Kambiz Silani

Great bedside manner! Very professional! Dr Deepak always seems to be up to date with the latest technologies and procedures! Definitely recommend!!

HumbleHollywood Opinion

Dr Dugar is a magician and true master of his craft! After doing extensive research for the best rhinoplasty surgeon I came across Dr Dugar and I just knew he was the one. I read every single review of his (all 5 stars by the way) and knew I had to set up a consultation with him. I called his office and was very impressed with how kind, warm and professional his staff were. I met Dr Dugar for a consultation and it went spectacularly. I felt like I was in the hands of an honest doctor and true professional who has mastered his craft. I was apprehensive about getting this procedure done in the first place as I did not want to look different and did not want my friends or family to know I had work done but Dr Dugar assured me that he will give me a more refined, delicate nose that would look very natural and in proportion to my face. My nose was originally quite bulbous, with a dorsal hump and a droopy tip. I am now 2 weeks post-op and Dr Dugar gave me THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NOSE I COULD EVER ASK FOR. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the results. It’s better than I imagined. I LOVE MY NEW NOSE. I can’t stop looking at it, its flawless! The changes were subtle but have made such a huge difference in the aesthetic appearance of the rest of my face. I still look like myself but just…way better! He has seriously out done himself. My nose looks so natural. Dr Dugar is a true master and an artist. Closed rhinoplasty is the way to go. After surgery I had minimal to no bruising, I felt no pain at all. I did have swelling and felt like I had a stuffy nose, but after a week I was recovered enough to put on some light make-up to cover the fading bruises and run a couple errands and boy has my confidence shot through the roof. Dr Dugar’s staff also called me regularly post-op to check-in on me and see how I was recovering which I really appreciated. From consultation, to surgery, to post-op, this entire experience with Dr Dugar has been terrific. Closed Rhinoplasty with Dr Dugar is the best decision I ever made. You wont regret it! I 100% recommend Dr Dugar. Just call his office and set up a consultation and you will understand why he is the best choice in the industry!

Arineh Vartanian

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty: Background: I broke my nose when I was younger but I never addressed the residual issues. I not only had blockages on both sides of my nose but it was crooked too! Boo. Fast forward to now(ish)... The process: I met with Dr. Dugar and discussed my nose and I felt like he totally got it! First of all, I wanted to breathe through both my nostrils (yay!) and secondly, I wanted to take care of the bump and refine my nose a bit. Dr. Dugar with his expertise was able to make subtle changes so I still look like me... just more refined. This is his mantra and my sentiments. The whole office staff was super nice - honestly, what a great team! I felt informed and come surgery day, felt totally comfortable in Dr. Dugar's hands. Post-surgery, the staff and Dr. Dugar checked-in with me several times to make sure all was okay and to schedule post-op appointments. What a pleasant surprise! The first question that people ask - what about the pain? There was absolutely no pain. I am serious when I say this - no pain! There was some discomfort with the packing on the first two days but it wasn't so bad and it was short-lived (read: caught up on Netflix). Conclusion: Dr. Dugar not only met but EXCEEDED my expectations with my rhinoplasty/septoplasty. He is one of the very few who performs scarless nose rhinoplasty and does it well! No scars! I highly recommend Dr. Dugar's office.

Ted Darden

Christine Salazar

I’ve been wanting to get cheek fillers for months and was looking for the right place. I finally found Dr. Dugar and went to his clinic in Beverly Hills. Dr. Dugar is very professional, very respectful, honest and explains what is to be done before and after. He was talking his time to explain the procedure, since it was my first time. I felt really safe. The procedure was not painful. I am very happy and I love the result! I will definitely recommend Dr. Dugar to my friends and family and I will definitely be going back to see Dr. Dugar again. Thank you so much!

Sabrina Olivera

Dr. Dugar is just unbelievably fantastic! Not only is he sweet and kind he’s very honest and certainly knows what he’s doing. I chose him because I heard and saw he’s the best surgeon in LA for scarless rhinoplasty and I was not wrong at all! I was so astonished with the results it was exactly what I wanted and was hoping for. He is the best for clean cut results. He was great from beginning to end, starting off with the initial consultation he was always very friendly and helpful, and on the surgery date he did it very quickly and it came out great! I’ve been back to him 4 times and going to go back in a month for one last checkup but it looks absolutely amazing and I would recommend this doctor to anyone looking into closed rhinoplasty.

Annie Qerbash

I love Dr. Dugar, I have sent so many people to see him! he gives you a subltle and naturaly defined nose you've always wished to have. Dr. Dugar walks you through the process so you're not nervous and walks you through the many diffrent options that will work best for you.He makes sure your after care goes by super smoothly by doing regular checkups and his wonderful staff made feel comfortable before coming in by making my nerves go away and the procedure easy. The proccedure was painless and the recovery was super quick Dr. dugar is the top pick if you're looking for anything nose related!

Farid Dharamsi

lauren corcoran

Dr Dugar preformed rhinoplasty on me and I can honestly say I love it. My nose is so much more elegant and refined now. The scarless nose surgery really was completely scarless, didn't bruise, and looks amazing.

Alex Munoz

Dr. Dugar was my first and only doctor I consulted with. I Initially chose him because of his great charisma and the way he interacted with his patients. When I first met him, I instantly knew he was the one. The great thing about his practice is that he skillfully performs everything endonasal, inside the nose. So, you don’t have to see an ugly scar after the cast is removed! As a male, I was scared of too much change. However, I was also scared of too little change. When I brought this concern to Dr. Dugar’s attention, he ensured my face would be in harmony, and that’s what mattered. He always made me feel comfortable and was very easy to talk to. Not to mention, him and his staff often called to check up on me! He has put a great team together. In conclusion, if you’re looking to get a rhinoplasty done, please understand that it’s best to aim for balance of the face. Natural and subtle but meaningful change.. is the best kind. Please Dr. Dugar, never change! You changed my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Douglas Morgan Jr

Dr. Dugar is not only passionate about his profession, he is simply one of the best at what he does. I've seen the proof and you can check his results! He has worked with some of the top celebrities and is well respected in the cosmetic surgery industry. He is personally one of my favorite people to work with professionally and would highly recommend working with him!! 5 Stars!

Jessica Johnson

Priya Lalani


Corrina Feury

Always an amazing experience working with Dr. Dugar! Love him and love this office!

Puja Roy

Great experience with Dr. Dugar and his office staff.

Asha P

From the time I met Dr. Dugar I could tell he is not just another doctor; he was kind, friendly and didn't rush me. I contacted the office in June 2017 for a scarless rhinoplasty with Dr. Dugar. My consultation was in September during Dr. Dugar's visit to NY. He explained that all my changes would be subtle and hardly noticeable which was exactly what I wanted. I scheduled my surgery for November 2017 and nervousness started to step in. I was scared about the narrowing of the bridge which was the major change that I needed and about the anesthesia. Two days before the surgery I started getting panic attacks; I could not sleep and I was constantly thinking about what could go wrong. The day before I left NY I wanted to cancel but my husband assured me that I will be fine. I was even considering not narrowing the bridge. I met Dr. Dugar a little after arriving in CA and explained my fears about the anesthesia and narrowing of the bridge. He assured me that he will be very conservative and that everything will go smoothly. His wife Dr. Roy is the anesthesiologist; she called me after my visit with Dr. Dugar to discuss the anesthesia and any concerns I had. She was also very kind and assured me that I will be completely asleep during the procedure. My surgery was scheduled for 6:00am and it was a Friday morning. The morning of the surgery I was met by a very nice nurse who gave me a gown and some socks. She then went over the consent forms with me and checked to ensure that I had all the required medication. Dr. Roy took me to the operating room and they starting prepping me for the surgery. She inserted the IV and started to chat with me. I asked if I will start to feel sleepy soon; she said yes and that was all I remembered. I then woke up hearing Dr. Dugar telling my husband that everything went well. I was a bit groggy but I didn't feel any pain. When I got to the hotel we spent the day mostly icing my face. Dr. Dugar called in the afternoon to see how I was doing. I had no pain; just congestion and breathing through my mouth was a bit uncomfortable. I took none of the pain, sleeping or nausea medication. I spent the Saturday icing as well and still had no need for the medications. Dr. Dugar's assistant Stephanie called to check how I was doing. My first follow-up was on Sunday and Dr. Dugar cleaned out my nose which made things a bit more comfortable. He scheduled the Wednesday for my cast removal which was five days after the procedure. After Dr. Dugar removed the cast I was very happy that the change was not drastic. I returned home on the Friday. On the following Monday my swelling started to go down and I was amazed at the results. It looked like my old nose but just a bit refined which is exactly what Dr. Dugar said he would do. None of my colleagues at work or family noticed that I had anything done. I am five weeks post-op and I love the results. I definitely feel more confident and don't feel like anyone is staring at my nose. If you are considering this procedure then go to Dr. Dugar and you will not be disappointed. He will do precisely what you want and will treat you with the best care. He genuinely cares about his patients. Dr. Roy was amazing with the anesthesia; you will honestly think you took a nap and woke up. The entire office is super friendly and Lisa (Surgical Coordinator) will assist you with all questions and concerns. I was horrified of the procedure but it was painless and I just felt as if I had a really bad cold. Dr. Dugar is truly a master of his craft and I am sure he will change a lot of lives with his amazing work.

Angela C Styles

Forensic Accountant

Dr. Dugar is phenomenal for all things plastic surgery related! He took care of my own family for their rhinoplasty needs with his Scarless Nose technique and was phenomenal and impressed us like no other! He also is the best doctor for Botox and Fillers in LA!

Larisa Karapetyan

Dev Sinha

Truly an amazing experience! The office staff was great and Dr. Dugar made me feel very comfortable and relaxed!! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best!

Lauren Bopp


I had a great experience at Dr. Dugar's office. His office staff is nice and friendly. Dr. Dugar explained me closed rhinoplasty procedure, and it's post-effects (in my case) very well. I am looking forward to my surgery and can't wait to see my results. I am so happy I met Dr.Dugar! Most Knowledgeable and friendly doctor I ever met :) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Update: I had a great experience with my surgery as well. Dr. Dugar did exceptionally well as expected; his staff took care of me before and after the surgery. I was however anxious, and things were not making sense for me immediately after the surgery. Dr and his staff called the after-care facility where I was staying to make sure they are doing their job correctly. I am waiting to see my transformed look. I will update this review again after six months. Last but not least a celebrity doctor treated my nose! :)

Gabriella Mannsbart

Went to see Dr.Dugar the other day to get my lips filled. And I couldn't been more satisfied. Great service and an amazing result. I would absolutely recommend him and I will for sure visit him again.

Veronique Bolinao

Dr. Dugar, his wife, and his team are beyond amazing! The treatment along with the procedure is by far the best! I feel so lucky that I was able to have Dr. Dugar as a surgeon for my scarless nose rhinoplasty!

Vanessa Mendez

Elizabeth Samson

I highly recommend Dr. Dugar and his staff. I had a consultation with Dr. Dugar back in March which by far was the most comprehensive and detailed consultation I went on - I felt like he would have spent hours answering my questions. It was apparent that Dr. Dugar was a skilled, caring, and patient surgeon and picking him for my closed septoplasty/rhinoplasty was a no brainer. The procedure was seamless and the recovery was extremely minor. 5 stars!

Mandy Miller

Ally Cat

I had a great experience during my consultation. Dr. Dugar made me feel comfortable, answered every question, was personable and friendly. His staff was great and his scheduler was friendly and helped with the financial side of things. I will be going back!

Matthew Bunker

Full disclosure, I didn’t have a procedure with Dr. Dugar. However, I think he deserves some praise. The office staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming. During my consult Dr. Dugar made me feel comfortable, addressed all my areas of concern, and ultimately told me that for what I needed, he wouldn’t be the best choice since he exclusively works in closed rhinoplasty. When I asked if I could get by with only addressing the structural issues, he was very straightforward and let me know that I could but would most likely be disappointed with the results. He then referred me to two other surgeons that he was confident could help me. I appreciated the honesty, the expertise, and the overall experience. Truthfully, I’m kind of bummed that he isn’t my doctor.

Aleena Sorfazian

Beth Newman

I can't say enough fantastic praises about Dr Dugar and the whole Scarless Nose Institute practice. I had been contemplating rhinoplasty for over 10 years and when I finally got the strength to meet with various doctors in Beverly Hills, I instantly knew Dr Dugar was my guy. From the warmth of the first consultation to the aftercare to the attention months after - he is so TALENTED, kind and a true artist. And his office team is just wonderful. I came in wanting the most natural revisions (bump removed and tip lifted) and was nervous that I would look completely different but he reassured me the whole time to sit back and relax. The whole process was painless, minimal pain if any. And the end result is 100% ME - just a more refined, elegant and perfectly straight-nosed version of ME. He listened to my specific needs and used such a soft, subtle touch on my nose - making the world of difference for my looks. I would consider myself a very 'high maintenance' patient :), and Dr Dugar held my hand the entire time. The surgery day was easy, breezy and he and his gorgeous wife (who is the anaesthetist ) called the night before, came in to see me before surgery and checked in continuously afterwards. I had a lot of work done - septoplasty included - so I bruised quite a lot but the bruising went down SO fast. I live in New York, but had the procedure in Los Angeles and was able to fly home and go to work 9 days after. Dr Dugar was also VERY communicative and honest about the healing process and that it takes a year for the nose to swell down, and sometimes up to three years for the tip to swell down - so depending on the work done, the actual nose could still remain swollen for a few months - but he is there to hold your hand!! Three months later, I still send Dr Dugar photos and videos for check-ins and he is always available for me. I highly highly recommend Dr Dugar - his work changed my life thus enhancing my confidence in such an impactful way. My nose by far looks the most natural of any other nose job - so, you need not be nervous - trust him and enjoy the ride. I absolutely made the best decision to have him do my nose!

Simmi Singh

Besides being an amazing surgeon, Dr. Dugar is an amazing human being! As most people would be, I was nervous but he walked me through the different options I had and was extremely patient. He was super thorough with everything and made the decision and the entire process very comfortable for me. The aftercare was great! We did regular checkups and honestly, i've never felt better! My surgery was more to help improve my breathing and I can honestly say that I feel great after the surgery! Scarless surgery so everything was taken care of from the inside which made the recovery super quick! He's a magician lol and has an amazing amazing staff! Thank you Dr. D! <3

Mikey Farah

Had a great consultation with Dr Dugar. He’s an honest practitioner and went through all of my options and scenarios. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff.

Maya Benayoun

BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD!!!!! I am an out of town patient from NY who has wanted rhinoplasty for years. I was so afraid of every aspect of the procedure: from the pain, to the results, to wanting the most minimal and natural changes. I am now 8 days post op and I look back and laugh at how afraid I was thanks to Dr. Dugar and his team. From scheduling with Lisa, to Dr Dugars AMAZING bedside manner, to Dr. Roy the anesthesiologist, to day of op nurses. I feel like I took a nap in a really nice hospital bed and woke up with a new nose that’s me but better. Not often these days can you find born talent and unmatched bedside manner in doctors. I recommend his art to anyone looking to undergo rhinoplasty.THANK YOU DR DUGAR !!

Roos Vandekerckhove

Procedure done: Rhinoplasty I am writing this review 7 days after a scarless nose rhinoplasty by Dr. Dugar, and I think I can already say that the Doctor (and his amazing team) changed my life. I've hated my nose ever since I can remember. It was too big for my face, too long, and pointed slightly down which was probably what I hated the most. When I met Dr. Dugar for the first time, he immediately noticed the 'problems' with my nose. I make it sound worse than it was maybe, but to me it was a very big deal. Dr. Dugar showed me some amazing before and after photos, and I knew that I had found the right doctor. He was very clear in what was possible, and what wasn't, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I also knew that the result would be natural, which was also very important to me. I was sooo excited on the day of the procedure. Dr. Dugar came to talk to me right before surgery, which I loved, 'cause I wanted him to go over everything one last time. The whole team was so nice, I can't thank everybody enough! I went home, and I didn't feel a thing!! No pain at all! The only discomfort I had was while sleeping the first night because of the packing in my nose. But when Dr. Dugar removed the packing the day after the procedure, that discomfort was completely gone. The cast came off yesterday, and when Dr. Dugar gave me a mirror to look at my new nose I jumped up to give him a hug! My nose is smaller, and doesn't point down anymore! The result is so natural but very noticeable. Today I noticed a slight swelling, but that is completely normal and will go away in the next few weeks. Dr. Dugar is such an artist, and he truly cares about his patients. Besides an amazing doctor he is also one of the nicest people I've ever met. If you consider rhinoplasty, Dr. Dugar is the person to go to.

Terrence Jones

Best plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills!

kaity west

Dr. Dugar and his staff are amazing! I've wanted rhinoplasty for over five years. I hesitated for the fact that I didn't want a scare on my face and all the horror stories about rhinoplasty. I wanted to make sure I had the perfect surgeon. After doing my research for years and after multiple consultations, I found Dr. Dugar. I was an out of town patient so my initial consult was a Skype. After consulting with Dr. Dugar and learning more about his scarless nose technique, I knew right away I wanted to move forward with surgery. The day of my surgery everyone made me feel super comfortable and the surgery went smoothly. The next day I had minimal bruising and very little discomfort and just a week after surgery I had my cast removed, almost all bruising was gone, a little sensitivity, and NO scar. I cried the day of my cast removal because I was so happy with my results from my scarless nose surgery. Highly recommend!

Athanasios Plexidas

Excellent doctor! He’s the type of doctor who doesn’t push surgery if you don’t need it.

Marcos Otanez

Great Experience! It was my second time coming in and I was excited because I was coming in to get fillers to reduce my laugh lines and a touch up on botox. What I love about Dr. Dugar is that he isn’t trying to just inject botox wherever you think you need it and make more money. He takes the time to explain where it would make the most effective and he does it in small amounts. The Sunday appointments are great too because Beverly Hills is so congested on any other day. Thank you Dr. Dugar and I’ll see you soon!

Amit Shah

Overall excellent experience! During my initial consultation for PRP hair treatments, Dr. Dugar and his staff were through on answering all my questions and explaining the process, but also personable. I had received consultations from other places, but they made me feel comfortable that I did my first treatment on the same day. I have now completed three treatments and continue to get the same top-notch experience.

Nerces Sorfazian


"This is only place I trust for my nose for my loved one! He is so subtle and does such finesse work and does it all with special scarless technique! He changed my life and any one considering any nose surgery should see Dr. Dugar"

Natalie L

Maria Figueroa

Susan Stein

Fabrizio Siboldi

I found Dr. Deepak Dugar through a mutual friend. My girlfriend wanted to subtly finesse her nose for a more refined natural look. Deepak did an amazing job. He’s super personable. His staff is amazing because you can tell they love what they do and that’s why they do it so well!! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to have no scars and have a natural look after operation. Thank you sir!

Raleigh Seldon

The entire experience (from consultation to surgery to follow up appointments) with Dr. Deepak Dugar was incredibly professional and effortless—not to mention the results were phenomenal. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dugar's practice.

Beverly Weithman


Choosing Dr Dugar to be my rhinoplasty Doctor was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve been contemplating this procedure for nearly a decade, and while I had a decent nose, I always wanted to tweak it , get some “subtle finesse” as Dr Dugar would say! I had a few consultations in my home town and was told that my nose wasn’t “bad” enough to do surgery on , but after reading the incredible reviews from Dr. dugar’s clients I could tell this was someone who had the skills and reputation to be able to deliver the subtle perfection that I craved, as I was an out of town patient, I sent my photos via email and had a follow up conversation and FaceTime with Dr Dugar, he iimmedietly struck me as a genuine person, with an amazing bed side manner and said I was a great candidate for the scarless technique, aka not cutting your whole Nose open to do surgery but rather doing everything inside out with NO SCAR, I am currently seven days post op, and what can I say my results are beyond my expectations PERFECT ! My consult the day before surgery was great, we reviewed everything we had already discussed, also Dr Dugars wife, Dr Roy who is his anesthialogist called me that night to review everything related to the anesthesia, day of surgery my team of nurses were all phenomenal, so caring and attentive and again Dr Dugar reviewed everything one last time before we went into the OR, I woke up two hours later with ZERO pain, i had mild bruising that is nearly all gone one week post op, while I was prescribed pain nausea and sleeping pills, I only took half a pain med the first night and half the second day, it honestly just feels like a bad cold with some conjestion and in my case MILD pain on the bridge as I had shaved it down. Dr Dugar prescribes other holistic meds like arnica tablets and cream to reduce bruising and pain which I loved , we cleaned my nose one day post op and scheduled my cast removal for 6 days after surgery ! We took the cast off today , one week later, and my nose looked unbelievable, there are NO VISIBLE signs of surgery I actually started crying I couldn’t believe how much I loved it and Dr Dugar says I still have a little swelling on the top which I didn’t even notice but I can tell that if that goes down it’ll it’s look even better than it already does . I cannot believe doctors exist who are so down to earth, who listen to you and deliver exactly what you desire and are such genuinely nice people, he, his wife and his whole team , Lisa my surgical coordinator and all the nurses and front staff are all so phenomenal. Please if you’re considering this surgery LOOK NO FURTHER, Dr Dugar is your surgeon! I wish I lived in LA so I could take care of all my cosmetic needs in his clinic!

Stacy Villanueva

Dr. Dugar is the top pick if you're looking for anything nose related ! I went in about two weeks ago to get a nose lift and he also fixed an indentation I had on my lip using fillers. I first saw him on the tv show Doctors performing a nose lift. I decided to add him on Instagram and saw all of his amazing work. I'm glad I chose the right Dr! He and his staff are so friendly and the office is beautiful. He gave me amazing natural results, subtle but effective. Definitely highly recommending Dr. Dugar to my friends and family.

Fantasm Films

Very nice and knowledgeable doctor about closed rhinoplasty. Not trying to make a sale. Told me he thought I shouldn't even get the procedure because my desired results was so subtle. The only thing that was really surprising is that he offers homeopathic remedies to accompany his surgery. Any scientific doctor knows that all homeopathy is unscientific and diluted into water so not sure why he would betray himself this way. I decided to go with another doctor, although for surgery I believe he would be great.

Megan R

Finally making the decision to proceed with a rhinoplasty procedure was not an easy for me. It was a matter that I did not take lightly. It wouldn’t be a dramatic change, but subtle. It was something I had thought about for over 15 years... and always said I wish I could do it. I battled with trying to accept something I didn’t like about my appearance on a daily basis. I finally decided, I didn’t want to think about it anymore, I wanted to do the procedure, and move on with my life, feeling confident, and projecting the same feminine beauty from the outside that I carry within. I found Dr. Deepak Dugar through a friend, and when I met him, I loved his energy and his modern, conservative, and minimal ideas for my rhinoplasty. He also seems to lean toward more natural remedies for precare and aftercare which I embraced, and found very effective. I knew he was the perfect surgeon for my job. His motivated and kind energy towards my treatment inspired me. The day of surgery I felt so comfortable going into treatment, the team he works with are all so very kind and helpful; from the financial coordinator, to the nurses to the anesthesiologist, they all made me feel well taken care of and very safe. The healing was not a bad experience at all, a few days at home in the cast was to be expected. The medications provided kept me comfortable, and I was able to recover very quickly, in less than a week. When we took the cast off, I was amazed with the results, Dr. Dugar truly is an artist, with the precision and eye for the beauty of the human physique, and also listening to what I wanted as the patient. He met my expectations and then some. I could not have asked for a better experience, or result. Sincere Gratitude, Megan

Josephine Hastig

Every visit to Dr. Dugar has been amazing! From booking my appointments to after the procedures everything runs very smoothly. I love the way the whole team is taking care of me every time I visit. For me there's no one else I'd ever go to than to Dr. Dugar, I always recommend him to all of my friends!

Marta Oleen

Love dr Dugar and his staff

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