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REVIEWS OF Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine IN Virginia

Thomas Ipsen

Great staff and facility! They helped me recover but you have to do the exercises for success. My only issue is parking isn't always easy in the evenings.

David Blake

Phenomenal experience. The therapists and staff treat you like family. From dry-needle to Graston, they've got you covered! I wouldn't even hesitate to recommend this place to anyone needing PT.

Lou Bertin

I began working with Colin and other members of the wonderfully talented team at Solutions following a total hip replacement. The results were far beyond what I had hoped for. Colin and company tailored my rehab and worked with me to achieve my post-surgical goal of resuming an active, pain-free life. Everyone at Solutions was caring (but never coddling) in their approach to my rehabilitation and I could not be more appreciative of their expertise and diligence in applying it. That the team at Solutions is comprised of a wonderfully personable group of people made the challenging process of successfully completing rehab a genuine pleasure. Highest marks to all.

Aaron Fettgather

Great service, and wonderful practitioners! Jessica is great to work with; she'll have you feeling better in no time.


I highly recommend Solutions for physical therapy. My therapist has been excellent in helping me get back to my normal activities after hip surgery. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and actually listens to and acknowledges me. I have interactions with other patients and the we all receive excellent quality care. Thank you Solutions Physical Therapy

Audrey Whittington

I have been going here for about a month for frozen shoulders. I have tried other PT places like Pivot, but this place was recommended to me by Anderson Clinic. So far so good. They are very professional, it is very clean, and I especially like the PT I am seeing - Tammy. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, smart, and easy to spend time with, especially given the sessions are not always easy or comfortable. I also like the techs, who know the exercises well - especially John, who is also very kind and knowledgeable.

Randy Shay

I found out about Solutions PT at a health fair where they were doing free injury assessments. On a lark, I decided to ask about an injury dating almost 20 years ago. In just a few visits my injured shoulder felt amazingly good! I am truly impressed. As an added bonus, everyone I've interacted with at Solutions has been a pleasure to deal with. If you need PT, this is the place to go!

David Relyea

I went through PT with Colin right by my side. He set realistic goals, encouraged me when I needed it and pushed me when I got lazy. Loosing mobility in my upper back and neck effected everything in my life. I was far to young to be "modifying" simple tasks. Colin asessed accurately and took the time to get me back to the old me. I am in such a better place physically and mentally because of MY hard work under the care of Colin. The staff at Solutions as a whole were all terrific. Front desk, very friendly! The assistants pay close attention to you during exercises when the PT walks away.

Sabrina Bahir

A very good practice, friendly staff, kind, and attentive. worked briefly with Mike O’brien And mostly with Matt Hannon who is a pleasure. He is very knowledgeable and caring, takes time to explain things, and knows what to prioritize. His tech Rob, Meghan, Morgan are all great. Highly recommend this place. Matt won’t keep you coming if he doesn’t think you need it which is appreciated.

Steve Jarreau

I decided to obtain my PT from Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine after speaking with a number of other PT and sports medicine options. Solutions was the most accommodating and approachable. I recently completed eight weeks of post-knee surgery PT and highly recommend Solutions. I worked with Albert and Vicki, with support from Kayla, John, and Lavell. They are a terrific team and work smoothly with one another. I found Albert and Vicki to be very knowledgeable, always understanding my progress and adapting my program to provide me with the best results. They helped me understand what to expect, without me having to fumble through questions about what was being done, why it was being done, and what kind of recovery I might anticipate. Should I need physical therapy again, I will return to Solutions without hesitation. I highly recommend Solutions.

Katherine Kany

This is my second round with Solutions Physical Therapy. This time I am dealing with different body parts. I returned because of the confidence I have in the expert staff at this business. They are extremely knowledgeable, caring and thorough in the care they plan, assess, and reassess, all along the way from first visit to last. I have been elsewhere and the difference here is incredible!

Noah Poet

The therapists at Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine are dedicated to ensuring the best long term outcome for their clients. The administrative staff is also great, working to eliminate any issues with insurance processing and coordinating appointments. I have been a client for four years and will continue to use them in the future. I would definitely recommend them.

Andy Lovorn

After searching around and calling several places, Solutions was phenomenal from the first call until my last session. Tracy was absolutely incredible at pushing my recovery and knowing when to take it easy. They were always on time and incredibly efficient to get me in and out, leading to a successful recovery. Nicole and LaVelle were also both incredible in properly demonstrating the correct techniques for exercises, particularly when my short-term memory failed me! It was a fun, serious and rewarding experience. Highly recommend Solutions!


I came here for prehab and rehab for my ACL and Meniscus tears. The staff, therapists and techs were extremely professional and helpful. They all challenged me and encouraged me throughout the whole process. I would like to particularly thank Matt, Christina, Monica, Kacey, Jay for all of there hard-work, great attitude, and knowledge, each one of them made a recovering from a terrible injury a more enjoyable process. I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT!

Israel Echeverria

I tore my left ACL and had surgery in Feb. My friend recommended me this place and I don't regret it for one bit! The receptionist, Nicole, really helped me by finding appointments that work around my schedule. She was extremely nice with good manners and always greeted me with a smile at the door. My therapist was Megan and she was great from the beginning. Extremely outgoing and always had an answer with an explanation if something was bothering me. She gave you a feeling that everything is going to be fine and you're coming back stronger. There was never a dull moment in that office with those two. I honestly recommend everyone who needs physical therapy to do it here because it's a great place! And I thank them so much for helping me get back into playing again!

Jim Cowen

Let's not mince words. I don't wish a joint replacement on anyone. It stinks. It's painful. It's a reminder that you are no longer in your twenties. But if you do it, you want -and need- a team of therapists that are legitimately invested in your getting back to mobility. Lauren Simpkins led my comeback. She researched my condition. She pushed and encouraged me. She was honest. She didn't let me sit when I needed to work. She cared. The result? I went from limping painfully in April to hiking the Swiss Alps in August. That's impact. That's what you get with this team.

Melissa Woodson

Solutions is the best PT I have ever been to. They work with me to address my needs and are really dedicated to making sure I am not only feeling better, but happy with my plan of care. I highly recommend them.

JT Stanton

So thankful for Solutions and their staff! After dealing with issues stemming from a stress fracture way longer than I should have, they were able to get me back to running comfortably and pain free in just a few weeks earlier this year. My legs have never felt better, nor has my running for that matter, in such a long time! I am so thankful for the work and dedication this staff has. Shout out to Jessica especially, she rocks!

Alexa Courtney

Shira is awesome! After having PTs who didn't have time for me, were distracted, overly booked and busy, I found Shira. Thank goodness I did. I was behind on my recovery from ACL and meniscus repairs and needed some extra care and attention. I got that in spades from Shira @ Solutions Physical Therapy. She is focused, attentive, extremely knowledgable, and deeply committed to my progress. I feel like I finally have an advocate for my recovery and progress. And, now I'm actually making progress! Thank you, Shira. I'm so grateful for you and Solutions! Abril, who works closely with Shira, is also fantastic. The PT technicians play a crucial role in recovery and I'm grateful that he is also hands-on, is super professional and attentive, and supportive. Shira, Abril, and Solutions earned 5 stars. With gratitude, AC


I love Solutions. I have come here on and off for 2 years. Courtney my PT is great... always thinking about new treatments for me on her weekend training classes. Jon the tech allways helping me get my form better.. just great people. Thanks guys.

Herbie Namvari

I came in with a fractured foot. After 3 months I came in and am now able to walk again. I am currently still going there for another month/ but the physicians are all knowledgeable and truly listen to what problems you have and how they will help you conquer it. I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Chris Hill

Over the past two years I have gone to Solutions three separate times for three separate injuries. In each case, the Solutions team has been fantastic at diagnosing, putting together a rehab plan, and helping me through it step-by-step. They are smart, encouraging, tough (when called for) and incredibly effective. Their clients run the range from high school athletes to older people like me who are dealing with nagging injuries. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Solutions to anyone looking for help with PT of any kind.

Bogna Zurawska

I returned to Solutions remembering how efficiently they took care of me years ago... This time Taruna was my PT and I could not be happier! She is a true professional: very attentive, knowledgeable and caring. From the very first meeting, Taruna explained my symptoms, set up expectations and designed specific exercises for my condition, adjusting them as weeks went by. After three months of solid work, I’m pain free and ready to re-start my regular activities, especially Bikram yoga. Taruna has reviewed the poses that were aggravating my symptoms, and gave me a solution for avoiding the pain or limiting it instantaneously during my yoga practice. Thanks to Taruna, I now have the understanding of what has happened to my body as well as the tools to alert myself to keep away from the danger of the repeat injury. She was so correct to point out that my pain steamed from sitting in front of the computer for endless work hours. Now I have a set of exercises to perform regularly during the day strengthening my muscles and creating a pain-free work experience. Solutions is a wonderful place to go to for (physical therapy) help, with many caring professionals, and Taruna is the best! Thank you, Taruna and the Team.

Heather Viland

Skilled staff, friendly front desk. Overall a great experience!

Janine Harris

Solutions Physical Therapy is a great PT office. I am a long time distance runner, and issues in need of PT attention arise every year or so. I always return to Solutions (even though I live in DC and work in Silver Spring) to revisit (and learn new) appropriate maintenance stretches and strengthening exercises that I need to get back to full running shape again. I trust their thorough intake evaluation techniques and variety of therapy techniques available. I also enjoy working with all the PTs and the staff-- everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Solutions for your PT needs.

Julie Schwartz

This is for the accounts administrator - thank you so much for sitting on the phone with Aetna and myself while they sorted out their billing information. You didn't have to do that, and it was very helpful. Thank you also for keeping great records in relation to insurance communication and billing.

Kari Steinberg

I had no idea what to expect going into PT but I couldn't have felt in better hands than I did with Solutions. From the initial consultation to the accountability of doing the at home exercises they were there every step of the way. The doctors and techs are very knowledgeable and were never annoyed with my endless questions. It was a fun atmosphere and the team had a great work culture. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a physical therapist!

Yvette Fulgueras

Our 13 year old daughter is a competitive level figure skater who sustained a very serious injury to her lower back after falling on a jump during a practice session. After a number of tests ... MRI, X-Ray, etc. and a few visits to the …

Brian Jack

The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the wellbeing of their patients. They provide good exercise plans and are able to prepare you to meet your goals very quickly. No wait in the waiting room and actively engaged with you while you're there. Highly recommend.

Leslie Espenschied

I've had a great experience at Solutions! Matt is the first physical therapist to dig deeper and figure out the underlying problem behind my injury. Highly recommend!

Rafael Hernandez

I have a great experience at Solutions in Old Town Alexandria during two weeks in November 2018. I went there to rehabilitate after a complete knee replacement and since I arrived my first time I felt right at home surrounded by a group of excellent therapists that were truly professional and knowledgeable of their trade. The progress I achieved after two weeks was remarkable. I will highly recommend Solutions to anyone looking for physical therapy sessions.

Stefania Gourzi

I am very pleased with the results of the physical therapy I have received during the past 2 months. My physical therapist Lisa fully invested herself into my case the moment I walked through the door. She is knowledgeable, caring and she always finds a way to help you feel better if you are in pain. I highly recommend Solutions PT as your place for treatment!

Rafferty Kelly

I tore both my ACL and my MCL in a mixed martial arts training accident. I had surgery to repair both at the same time, and started physical therapy at Solutions Physical Therapy three days after the surgery. This was my first experience …

Rebecca S

The PT therapists at Solutions hold the magic key to unlocking the pains in your aching body. So far my therapists have been Matt and Ashley and they are PHENOMENAL. The tech that has been working with me, Jay, is also terrific. For many years I have tried to unlock the deep frozen-bruised-twisted muscles and tendons in my right shin. In the past, various doctors operated on my right foot and damaged it; toes went sideways, overlapped. Mid-foot was also weakened because the tarsals had been cut. Damaged foot affected my gait and the right shin took the brunt over the past 20 years. Been to chiropractors and other PT facilities, had many deep-tissue and Thai massages, done cryotherapy and flotation therapy. All were good but pain relieving effects only temporary. Was trying to survive with the excruciating, intense pain in right shin. Then I go to Solutions and Matt is the intake therapist. He’s very thorough and cuts to the chase in indentifying the rudimentary cause of my right shin pain. Goes over my basic/daily foot exercises with me and explains how I’m going to try to loosen up the tight, frozen muscles in that leg. So far I’ve had three workout sessions, and I do my prescribed foot exercises daily. It’s working, it’s really working!!! Love all the great folks @ SOLUTIONS (front desk staff is always very helpful and pleasant). Thanks for the caring and incredible expertise, Solutions!!

Robbie Williams

Heidi and the Solutions PT team have been really great. She is thorough and very knowledgeable, as have been her assistants. The atmosphere is very friendly and positive, and she has really helped me with my issues!

Loretta Franklin

Great team of professionals who provide and monitor a detailed therapy program from patient discussions, examination, and review of the doctor's report. Shira is thorough and an excellent therapist.

Me Me

Laura and the rest of the team have been great. They are focused on my recovery and work with me to continue improving every day. I can be a difficult patient because I am very active and don't do well with limiting my activities. Laura has given me realistic goals and modifications that work with my lifestyle. I appreciate that VERY much.

Star Picucci

Worked with Colin after a Meniscus Tear and Bakers Cyst in my knee, when I started was barely able to walk from car to door with a cane and now two and a half months later I'm done with Physical Therapy and back to full function. I've been …

Kayla James

I really love coming here! It's very convientient to my home. The staff is incredibly friendly, supportive, and informative. They also seem to have great client relationships. Highly recommended.

Mary Clock-Rust

Wonderful therapists! Great results from Solutions. I have osteoarthritis and thought I was stuck with the pain, but it's greatly improved with help from Solutions! I'm so grateful for this place. :)

Jay Schoen

This was my first experience with physical therapy, and I've found it to be a good experience! My physical therapist and both techs I've worked with are competent and confident, and overall each employee I've interacted with has also been very pleasant!

Ma Ay

The entire experience at solutions was fantastic. I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for years. The PTs are very knowledgeable and created a program that addressed my issues effectively. The educated me too so I can continue improving on my deficiencies after my PT time is over.

melissa parker

I went to Solutions Physical Therapy with pain in both my knees on a daily basis. All my life, I have been unable to stand or walk for more then an hour without having discomfort and pain. After seeing Colin Flanagan for about 5 weeks, I am now riding my bike to work and doing daily activities with little discomfort. He did a great job at explaining what was wrong, and what I needed to work on to improve my strength. The staff is excellent and always friendly. I would highly recommend Solutions!

John C.

After six knee operations and going to two other rehab centers I found the Solutions group. Specifically I found Matthew Hannan. Matthew is extremely knowledgeable, very professional and really seems to care about you-the patient. The staff at Solutions PT is also very kind and professional. Making/changing or canceling appointments is extremely easy. You are speaking to people who understand your situaion and are used to dealing with people's busy lives. I would certainly recommend Solutions Physical Therapy to anyone.

Mara Post

I am finally pain free and it feels great! Thank you to Courtney and Jon for helping me accomplish my physical therapy goals.


Solutions is by far the best PT place I've been to in the DC area! I would say it's even worth traveling from farther away for them. No other PT place I've been to has ever so quickly identified and immediately started repairing an injury of mine. They are very professional and nice people to work with, including the front desk staff who are organized and don't give you grief even if you're a few minutes late. I have IT Band Syndrome, and on my first visit I worked with Heidi and was amazed at how she pinpointed what needed to be done and how I walked out with less pain than I walked in with. She knew how to target and immediately address the issue I was having. I have mainly worked with Heidi but also worked with Matt and Shira each on one separate occasion when Heidi was out for the week. Matt was very helpful too and he did something else working with the muscle fascia and taping my knee which helped dramatically also. Everyone there is very knowledgeable. I am just basically really thrilled not to be sidelined by my injury any longer... for the first time in the past two years! They have me running again on a consistent schedule. The previous PT place I went to tried to get me running too but didn't have it set up the way they do and I had pain immediately. I really can't give enough accolades to Solutions PT!!! They definitely know what they're doing.

Jay Premack

This is a fantastic place for PT. Come prepared to put in the work and they’ll guide you to your goals. Ashley was my savior and guru. She had my trust from day one and did not let me down. My “graduation day” was bittersweet. I’m on to take my fitness to the next level now thanks to her.

Isabella M

The hours are really awesome first of all. Second, my physical therapists Matt and Rob are personable, caring, and effective. Challenging enough but also accommodating for my ACL/meniscus injury. Great team and friendly staff overall. Also, a really cool compression and ice machine.

Jill Tyson

Solutions gets my absolute highest recommendation - if you need PT look no further. I went to Solutions following compound, multi-ligament injuries to my knee and ankle. I was fortunate to have Doctor Colin Flanagan. His understanding of the how the body works together is very impressive, particularly how an injury to one limb can affect other parts of the body. To this end, Colin took a holistic approach to treat me. He is patient, positive, thorough, encouraging, and insightful. He truly has a gift when it comes to caring for his patients as he takes the time to really listen to each one when devising a PT plan. The entire Solutions team is great, especially Lavelle, Nicole, and Albert. Thanks to many months of hard work and support from Colin I am able to resume daily activities and return to sports.

Jamie Nguyen

Jeff and the rest of the team at Solutions did a great job handling my knee rehabilitation. My knee is feeling better than it has in years!

Andy Reid

The staff at Solutions was professional in every sense of the word. The receptionist was polite and always greeted me with a smile. I had surgery on my neck last year as a result of multiple spills on my dirt bike and wipeouts on my snowboard. Before I was treated by Andy at Solutions I was living in discomfort every day. I tried acupuncture, massage therapy, and went to see a chiropractor.... none of which helped. On my first visit Andy came up with a treatment plan, and I was on my way to recovery. I feel better now than ever, and I am thrilled to say that I have completely recovered. Andy does great work! Go see him.

Justin Hughes

I have really enjoyed working with solutions as I recover from ACL surgery. Christina has been great to work with. She is very knowledgeable and my surgeon was impressed with how well my recovery was going, which I attribute to great physical therapy early and often. I look forward to my appointments and to making progress in my recovery. Highly recommended!

Jill Moore

KUDOS to Lauren & staff at Solutions, they are all TERRIFIC. Lauren helped me out so much, she knew when to push me and when to not. ALL of the staff were absolutely wonderful. ANYONE who needs PT MUST check them out!!! Thanks again Lauren

Jane Keim

I recently completed physical therapy for a shoulder injury at Solutions PT and couldn't be happier with my experience there. Albert was my knowledgeable, informative, approachable and persistent therapist. He never gave up and was determined to find a solution for my tricky shoulder. I am very happy with the results and intend to return to Albert for my knee issues. Overall the practice is top notch. All the staff are pleasant and professional. The PT assistants are helpful and friendly and the front desk are efficient in scheduling appointments and billing.

Michael Stauber

I was referred to Solutions Physical Therapy by somebody, after I had a bad experience with another PT facility. The moment I walked in the door and met with Tracy I knew I had found the right place. The therapist and support personal were all fantastic to be around the energy was always positive and motivational. Tracy always made me feel like the only patient in the room, she has a great disposition, very knowledgable and was mindful of my goals. Without a doubt I would refer friends to Solutions.

Gabe A

The folks at Solutions PT and Sports Medicine are some of the best in the area. Every single person on the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After spending some time there, the staff felt more like family than medical …

Deborah Cureton

I can't say enough good things about this physical therapy office. After suffering a serious skiing accident last March in Italy that left me with a shoulder that was fractured in three places, I received surgery in Italy and returned to the U.S. 10 days later. Unfortunately, the Italian surgery was improperly done and had to be completely redone 3 months later back here in Washington, DC. The good news was that I was very lucky to find an excellent surgeon who was able to successfully correct the problems from the first surgery and give me a functioning shoulder AND to work with a well trained and competent physical therapist like Colin Flanagan at Solutions Physical Therapy. I first started working with Colin in the interim 3 month period between my first and second surgeries where he worked to keep my shoulder moving and from tightening up by using passive stretching and limited movements. Recognizing the limitations of what my shoulder could physically handle until it could be properly repaired, Colin carefully customized a therapy protocol for me that balanced the need to keep my shoulder active, but not incur any further damage in the interim period before my next surgery. After the second surgery, Colin again carefully assessed my complicated recovery situation and developed a therapy plan that has successfully over the past 6 months given me the use of my right shoulder again! Because of the damage and bone loss incurred from the poor first surgery, my shoulder was extremely fragile. But at the same time, the ligaments, tendons and muscles all needed to be kept moving to prevent tightening and stiffening. Thanks to Colin's excellent professional skills as a therapist and his overall sense of commitment and care for his patients, Colin was not in the least bit deterred or concerned about the challenges my recovery posed. Always confident in his knowledge and abilities, he constantly boosted my morale and just as he predicted, he has gradually gotten my shoulder's flexibility and strength almost back to normal. Using a combination of passive stretches, shoulder massage, and resistance bands and weights which he added as my shoulder healed and grew stronger, I have gone from hardly being able to move my shoulder and not lifting anything to being able to again reach over my head into cabinets, using my hair dryer, and carrying groceries. I have even started riding my bike and going to yoga classes again! I absolutely credit Colin with the success of my recovery and would highly recommend him to anyone. He not only knows what he is doing, but always has an uplifting and positive attitude. I also want to mention that besides Colin, the other staff, both the supporting technical people who work with patients on the exercise protocols and the administrative folks are all equally good at their jobs and wonderful to work with. I have complete trust in this organization and their commitment and competence to helping people with often very difficult and debilitating physical conditions.

Shealah Craighead

Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine offers a wide range of services and will fit to the specific needs of the patient/client. From the warm welcome of the reception team, to the PT team with years of exceptional experience, each patient is made to feel like the entire staff is on their personal team and road to recovery success. In my family, we have a 10 year old (for posture and an intoeing walking gate) and a 40 year old person (lower back pain) utilizing the services of the knowledgeable, friendly PT team. Both family members recovered stronger and healthier. I would absolutely recommend Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine before seeing and orthopedic or considering surgery.

Clivia Lainez

Matt and Rob were amazing! I looked forward to seeing them each week because they kept me pain free and bc it felt like I was visiting friends. Highly recommended!

Nathan Born

Had a great experience here! I went in with a really bad elbow injury that even my doctor did not think I would recover from. A few months later, I'm back to 100% use of my elbow. My PT, Jess, challenged me to continue to improve week over week and was also extremely supportive. I'm not sure I would have the full use of my elbow had it not been for the amazing staff at Solutions. Their techs are also wonderful to work with and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Solutions Physical Therapy and my PT Jess!

Barbara Myslinski

Very professionally run. Therapist, Shira, has targeted my knee problems with a great program. After a week my knees have improved quite a bit.


I am heartened by my discovery of this practice on Reinekers Lane in Alexandria. It is staffed by a cadre of young but disproportionately experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy, who must have paid attention in class, and who have self-selected into a synergistic therapeutic haven, From the moment I walked in to the last minute of my most recent appointment, I have been welcomed, sympathized with, listened to, and collaborated with in treatment of my rather eclectic panoply of ailments and infirmities. For example - in 2015 i undertook to learn and complete the BIG program for Parkinson's Disease, elements of which had faded from my active memory. Not only did they demonstrate knowledge of the system, they corrected my deviations from the series of stretches and exercises. While being evaluated, the evaluator would stick her finger into the fairly undifferentiated mass of my spasming back muscles, and say, "Is this where it hurts?", and then going to another spot say "and does THIS make it go away?", as if she had studied backs and knew how to take them on. I am horribly overeducated and intellectual, and starved for metaphor. These Doctors can speak fluent metaphor when needed. I told how I am not capable of remembering the obscure names of exercises and stretches unless I can put a name on it, like "the Matador," "en guarde" or "the Ski instructor." My Doctor was showing me a stretch, and when I related my experience with names, she instantly conjured up "the Teapot" ("here is my handle"). They are not squeamish about inflicting pain, either. Several, make that many, of the stretches they have me do are quite painful to endure, but I have been surprised and delighted that each of these Descents into Hell had come with a concomitant diminution of pain. This is not to proclaim them as perfect. Were they perfect, they would know who Dale Evans was married to, so that when I said I got injections in my trigger-points, they failed to find my allusion in defining "Trigger Points" (Pointing with my right hand and exclaiming "Look there goes Roy Rogers!") penetrable. Everybody was young once (except perhaps Mitch McConnell). the doctors and interns can be forgiven if they don't get all the antique cultural resonances in my dotard's arsenal (see the title of this review, above). Believing is seeing. I believe I will exhaust all my insurance benefits on this practice.

Jason Nehmer

I came to Solutions with a fractured/dislocated ankle and high ankle sprain. This was my first experience with PT, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Everyone starting with the front desk was courteous, friendly and seemed personally invested in helping me get back to full health. I specifically worked with Megan (who is no longer there) and Ryan - both were fantastic and professional. They have a nice space complete with equipment and tables, and you're always under instruction when performing exercises. It can get a little crowded at times, but I never felt it interfered with my recovery or training.

Paul Bascomb

I have been receiving treatment for over a month now and I continue to be impressed with the professionalism, skill, knowledge and overall care that comes with their services. They treat me like I'm their only patient and are genuinely concerned with my recovery. I'm so glad that I selected Solutions for my physical therapy!

William Cornelius

I have had a couple issues with my shoulder and the staff here has been fantastic. Would recommend to anyone.

Clifford Wilkening

Solutions Physical Therapy has done an excellent job in accelerating my recovery . The professionalism, attitude, and knowledge of their staff are above and beyond anything I ever anticipated. In particular, my individual therapist, Heidi Austin, was extremely knowledgeable, had a great attitude , fantastic bed-side manners, and was willing to explore all avenues to improve and speed up my recovery process. She exceeded all my expectations for a therapist and I cannot praise her enough.

Deborah Lawrence

From the very first day I began to feel better, and it looks as though I will be discontinuing my therapy early because of the fast success rate. My therapist always takes time to explain to me in as much detail as I want what she believes are the problems, and what are suitable solutions. All of the therapists are knowledgable, professional in their demeanor without being autocratic and distant, and caring. They all listen and respond. They have excellent solutions to problems.

George White

My experience with "Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine" in Alexandria, VA was very good. I found that both the administrative staff and the therapists were knowledgeable, professional and committed to their work. Jessica, who was my primary therapist, was vigilant and determined to work completely through the presenting problem, in spite of the fact that although it seemed to be a straight forward enough issue in the beginning, but turned out to be much more complex than expected. Jessica was able to suggest a a course of action that required an orthopedic doctor's intervention and a combination of pain management approaches. Jessica and her colleague Loren (who does dry needling by the way, "chased the pain away" with intelligence and finesse. Their support staff, KC in particular, was knowledgeable, proficient and on task, having to juggle more than one client at a time, and never missing a beat. My therapy is now complete with 100% of my goals met and more. Bravo!

Erin Markle

I had an excellent experience with Solutions! The staff and program are both incredible, and I definitely felt well cared for. If you're looking for a physical therapist, I would really recommend Solutions!

Alexandra Griffin's Channel

I've been going to Solutions off and on since 2013 for various injuries/conditions and have worked with several physical therapists. They are all knowledgeable, thorough, and focused on making sure I'm making progress. Highly recommend.

Chip Calloway

Solutions defines the best of customer service, satisfaction, physical therapy and ,of course, results. From the warm reception ( Kara and Ashley), prompt appointment commitments, attentive and professional treatment by physical therapist ( Christina) to handoff to assistants (Megan or Morgan) for tailored exercises, the experience is crisp, highly personalized and well structured to be most attentive to the objective of improving your condition. From the positive energy and level of care of all Solutions staff, my experience has to be the norm. With all Solution’s gives you, it makes doing your daily exercise drills easier. You do not want to let them down.!

Sebastien Tabash

I have been at Solutions working with Dr. Matt Hannon and Rob Adams after I completely tore my lisfranc ligament. I have been at Solutions for five months and my recovery has been more than excellent. Dr. Hannon has done an amazing job connecting with me on a personal level and cares for not only my recovery but my success as well. Dr. Hannon’s meticulous excercises have sped up my recovery and Ive made remarkable improvement which is also greatly contributed to Rob’s knowledge ans guidance through different excercises. Rob helps at least two or three different patients at a time but still manages to personalize the excercises for me and take care of each of us. I have been very pleased with the care I received and am very close to full recovery.

Andrew Vincent

Excellent facility and professional staff. Parking can be difficult, but the overall experience and treatment are top notch.

Myth Riders

Fantastic staff, from the front office to the PTs and assistants. Parking is tough, but the experience is worth it.

Tochukwu Victor

I visited two other PT locations in the area for a severely pulled hamstring related to martial arts and they both paled in comparison to the expert therapy delivered to me by Matt and Rob at Solutions PT. While my injuries, imbalances, and general form were being meticulously assessed by Matt, he would always explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. The rehabilitative exercises also received the same level of attention to detail and have been tremendously effective for aiding in my recovery. They were also excellent about increasing the difficulty of the corrective training I was doing week-to-week, ensuring that I was progressing at a great pace. Not does my hamstring feel better, it's now stronger - along with the supporting muscle groups. I truly can't recommend these guys enough and my only complaint is that I can't visit them all the time to hone my body into an impeccably functional machine. I'm running out of positive adjectives to use so I'll wrap this up by simply saying to give them a visit if you're looking for quality treatment.

Jason Cheperdak

Lauren Simpkins is fantastic! I used to be a professional athlete and have some long term injuries as a result. I have gone to many physiotherapists and Lauren is one of the best! The whole team at Solutions is professional and they truly act in a way that shows they genuinely care about you and your recovery.

Drew Leins

I am a recreational runner. In summer 2015 I trained for my third marathon. Early in training I experienced lower back and hip pain. I went to Solutions to try to figure out the cause of the pain and to develop a better training program. I worked with Colin, who identified my weaknesses, set me up on a strengthening program, and monitored my progress. The program worked wonderfully. Within weeks I was running with no pain. At the start of therapy I could barely run 5-6 miles without soreness. Within 8 weeks I was running 20 miles with absolutely no pain. The following month I ran the marathon completely pain-free. I credit Colin and the staff at Solutions with helping me do that.

John Nolan

Great staff. Thorough evaluation and diagnosis. Focused training and care. Highly recommend to anyone suffering and in need of physical therapy. Colin is the man!

Lucia Stockmaster

I highly recommend Solutions Physical Therapy. Everyone is very knowledgeable and uses the right techniques to personalize their patients needs. I've been getting help with my shoulders, back, arms and hands. In the past they helped me with a stress fracture as well. I really like Ryan, Christina, Andy, Tammy, Vicky, Tracy, Shira, Colin, Lauren and of course all the assistants and receptionists. I'll say that its a TEAM work.

Dustin Q. Diaz

I've been going to Solutions for over a year for hip, back and groin pain. For a lot of that time I didn't have a diagnosis for my injury, which was a torn left labrum that needed surgery. Lauren, Christina, Matt and everyone else I've seen at Solutions has been really compassionate and helpful in me getting back to living a normal life, no matter how long that takes. I highly recommend anyone go there for any injury they're dealing with.

Comprehensive Pain & Spine Services

I am a pain management physician in Owings, Maryland. I have been working with Andy, Christine, Shira and the whole crew at Solutions for more than 5 years. They are knowledgeable and caring. The patients I refer to them get great results and the staff at Solutions always communicates with me regrading the patients progress.

sue cholden

Excellent facility. Have worked with Christina and Shira. Both really know what to do.

Eduardo Del Valle (DCPS-ES)

Excellent treatment techniques addressing specific injury related issues. The PTs are very knowledgable and professional!!

Brian Moore

Terrific PT experience! Shira listened carefully to my injury description and focused a personalized recovery plan on my goals for strengthening my rotator cuff. She corrected several of my misconceptions and closely monitored my exercises to ensure proper alignment/performance. Hearing of my strong desire to play golf well into my later years (I'm 55), she worked with her colleague Danielle who is a former collegiate golfer to help me improve all the muscles associated with the golf swing. Solutions has responsive scheduling, an efficient gym layout, and online exercise monitoring/management. 3 weeks into the program, I couldn't be happier.

Timothy Johnson

Lauren and Lavell helped me literally get back on my feet. They were helpful, knowledgeable, professional and made the entire experience humanizing and pleasant. This is the place you want to rehab and these are the folks you want to help you.

Gail Evans

Vicki was my PT today and Alan, my tech. Both were outstanding with lots of guidance and direction. Thank you!

Sharon D Long

Just completed my 2nd session with Jessica last night and I continue to be impressed by the professional and friendly staff. I greatly appreciate Jessica paying attention to my feedback on exercises and how my body both feels and responds. I also appreciate her getting on me for any slacking. It's my body and responsibility to use the tools available to get the max benefit. Thanks, Jessica, for your assistance thus far!

Ricardo Alfaro

It was only just a few months ago that I got scared at my inability to pick up my son due to back pain. Having had back surgery over a decade ago and admittedly worried of what this entailed, I decided to schedule a session after a …

John Martin

If I could give ten stars over five, I would. My treatment for regaining range of motion on my left shoulder, after a rather brutal four-part upper humerus fracture, consequence of a skiing accident, is shortly coming to an end. That is to say, Solutions and their amazing staff of Physical Therapists and techs have been my remedy for my recovery. When I first started my PT treatment at Solutions, I was treated by a fabulous therapist, Colin. After a couple of months, he put me in the amazing care and hands of one of his PT colleagues at Solutions - Lauren Simpkins. Lauren has been simply a rock star. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, understanding, devoted and truly caring for my recovery. Her attention to my issues, exercise routines and plans, expert dry-needling, and always done with a brilliant smile. I could not recommend Lauren enough. I have also seen her with other patients, who have also met their goal to recovery, and I can see how satisfied they are with the care Lauren has provided them. Thank you Lauren and all the staff at Solutions!

Ari Dembner

Recommended by my doctor to got to Solutions Physical therapy for a shoulder injury. Colin Flanagan worked with me to help rehab my left shoulder for a couple of months. Colin was knowledgeable with what was wrong and how to fix the …

Max Macrides

Solutions is fantastic and Courtney and Jon are amazing! They gave me hands on care to meet my needs while, at the same time kept me empowered and in control of my own healing process. I am exercising again and feeling great! I can't recommend them highly enough.

toni s

Jeff Yim is the best, he is a very skilled therapist, he helped me get back to golfing and my excercise routines! He patiently listened to my concerns. and he set a treatment plan to help me get back to the activities I love. I would give Jeff six stars if I could. Thank you Jeff!


I'm a cyclist who competes at the national level. I'd been having discomfort and pain in the lower abdominal area for a couple months after going back and forth with doctors. They only prescribed and didn't help, so I called this place first thing. On the phone they wanted to know every detail about my pain, because the lower abdomen is a fragile and unique area to be having such pain, so they wanted to make sure they were the right place for me. I came in and they found that up and down my Pudendal nerve I was having pain, because certain muscles were not engaging properly. After about a month of PT I'm back to pedaling with even better form. Albert, John, Beth and Ashley were awesome!!! The rest of the staff were very friendly! If I have any sort of problem in the future (hopefully not), I'm coming here and not even bothering with the doctor. Thanks!!!

Rafael Aragao

I highly recommend Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine if you are looking for a place with excellent professionals and friendly staff. I see Christina, and she is fantastic and very knowledgeable.

Scott Budzien

The staff did a great job diagnosing and treating the issues associated with my mild stroke. Andy and Laura were great. Worked with them extensively for three weeks and saw improvement. Will return if necessary.

Gersohn Epstein

I am using Solutions for PT resulting from a right knee replacement. They are fantastic. My wife and I are both in the medical profession And always seek a results oriented organization for our medical needs. Solutions is that place. Cristina at Solutions is totally committed to my goal of returning myself to full function of me knee. I can praise them enough and would refer anyone with PT needs to them. Further they have convenient hours.

Lisa Mathias Johnson

I'm currently going here to address a knee issue that arose after I increased my mileage in running, and even after just 3 weeks I'm seeing progress. Everyone is really nice, attentive, and thorough with diagnosing problems and addressing issues that arise during therapy. They're also good at not letting you slack in your form! Plus the location is just across the street from the metro, so it's pretty convenient to get there.

Linda Rodriguez

I have never had Physical Therapy in my life. I am so glad that my daughter Google and found Solutions. I am so happy that I was assigned Amanda Smith as my PT. Not only she made me feel like a brand new person after all the therapy, but I trusted and followed all of her advise on how to better myself so that I can keep working with computers. I only have one more session, and I wish I could put Amanda in a little box and keep her all to myself as my personal PT. She is the best! Kudos to Solutions for their great caring staff and especially Kudos to Amanda!

Rachael Forrest

I've been to several physical therapists over the past 20 years and this is the first one that has actually taken the time to accurately diagnose and come up with a custom and creative PT plan. The attention to detail and strong work ethic of Christina and her team is beyond impressive. For the first time in 20 years I can function without pain. Miracle workers doing the impossible.

Misha Petrovich

Great start, great facility, great results

David Raines

My knee had gotten irritated when I was lifting weights (I had let it dive in when I was doing squats). I could walk, but couldn't do anything more strenuous than that. After a month of taking it easy, it was clear the knee wasn't getting …

Jourden Satterfield

They are great!! All of the employees here are wonderful. I worked primarily with Blaire and she is great! They have a really nice set up and never seem rushed. They listen and then help you figure out how to get better.

Joy Climo

I chose this physical therapy location because it is a block away from my office in Alexandria, and I could walk there in a few minutes, for treatment after surgery for a broken wrist. My therapist, Lisa, was absolutely wonderful - knowledgeable, extremely pleasant, and thorough in answering my questions regarding rehabilitation of my wrist. I have recommended Lisa to a co-worker, Bob, who is having a knee procedure this month, and will need PT, and will sign up with her if I need PT myself again in the future. Thank you, Lisa!

Michele F

My experience has been very positive. Always on time with appointments. Lisa, my therapist took the time to explore the secondary causes of my achilles tendonosis resulting in some real strides in managing my pain and inflammation

drake j

I had a minor shoulder issue and they were able to resolve it in 12 sessions. They provided good print outs of the exercises for me to do at home. They gave me feedback to do the exercises correctly. All of their staff are very attentive, thorough and knowledgeable. This was one of my best healthcare experiences in terms of the results and the level of service provided.

Ari Chernikoff

Going to physical therapy can be a scary experience. I was just coming off a second injury to my ankle that required surgery to fix. I am, usually, a very active person - basketball, tennis, cycling - and i was staring down the pipe of this crucial portion of my life being taken away from me. That's where Colin Flanagan, my honest to god hero, came in. From day 1 he leveled with me about what it was going to take to get me back to where i wanted to be, fully unrestricted, and he made sure to reign me in from my natural impulse to push the limits of my body. His knowledge was/is outstanding, and he allowed me to safely and responsibly work my way back to full strength. Furthermore, beyond his knowledge of physical therapy, Colin is just a great guy - and despite the soreness that i felt leaving sessions with him, i always looked forward to coming in, catching up, and making fun of him for being a Buffalo Bills fan. It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the rest of the staff who helped me through this process, specifically the PT assistants Kayla and Gina, who had the unenviable task of putting me through my exercises, who were always there with a smile and joke and gentle ribbing to keep me motivated. Bottom line, I could not recommend Solutions Physical Therapy any more. I'd give them 10 stars but google only lets me give 5.

Ellen Chyn

Amanda is awesome! She gives out the cutest octopi stickers/tape for your skin! This is to remove deep bruising especially after surgery. Hehe, mine has a happy face!

Victoria Kelly

Jessica was wonderful!

Philip Engle

Outstanding. I've had back issues stemming from a fall for 3 years- no longer able to swing a golf club or walk, run long distances. Have tried phys ther 3x, chiro, 4 rounds of back injections to little effect. Christina has used needling & electric stim on my problem spots along with stretching exercises and I'm feeling so much better. For the first time, I have hope to getting back to ice skating, golfing and tennis. I'm able to consistently go to the gym to work out. This has been a terrific experience so far.

Lisa Morton

Excellent care of their patients, always keep appointment times, GREAT culture and atmosphere, no matter who is working. I will always come back to Solutions when I need a PT.

Dora Welsh

Solutions Physical Therapy has helped me with my knee issues. Their approach is a bit different from places I have been before...the evaluation is thorough and the exercises are well suited to my issues and not just the same routine suggestions I have received at other PT spots. After just three sessions I am feeling much better and I hope to improve even more with their continued help. I would highly recommend.


I HIGHLY recommend Solutions Physical Therapy who need PT. I broke my arm and was in cast for 4 months, my arm and shoulder were completely weak and stiff when I started my PT. Thanks to Ryan, he is extremely patient and was able to make the painful rehab fun and at least not so boring. All the staffs and doctors are very nice and knowledgeable, they make detail notes about each patient’s condition and design different movement/ activities accordingly in each visit. My recovery impressed my orthopedics doctor and I should definitely give all the credit to Solutions Physical Therapy. The environment and equipment are new and clean, the location is great, cross the street from King Street Metro station and Whole Foods Market, that’s also a plus!

Jesus Alcantara Gonzalez

I started to go to Solutions physical therapy after dealing with a lot of pain in my lower back due to an injury I obtained from weigh lifting. Around the same time, I was also dealing with shoulder pain and upper back pain from spending a lot of timing working on my computer. I saw Dr. Andy and he immediately came up with a plan. Soon after, my shoulder and upper back pain started to go away after few sessions. Dr. Andy referred me to his colleague Dr. Lauren Simpsky, who walked with my through the process of dealing with my lower back and a new coming issue from my left hip flexor. Dr. Lauren was, and has been the most professional, carrying, and patient person I have known. Dr. Lauren encouraged me when I was feeling hopeless due to the level of pain and slow progress. The pain in my lower back and flexor was difficult and challenging to deal with it, but Dr. Lauren did not give up on me. Dr. Lauren always cared about my progress, and even when I had downfalls she would always give me the hope I needed. After several sessions with ups and downs, we finally managed the pain. I am now able to say that my lower back does not bother me as it used to do, and my hip flexor allows me to walk and sit for long periods of time without having pain. I would love to thank the whole Solutions team for their level of professionalism, but particularly Dr. Lauren for always showing her concern in my progress and never given up on me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Cheval Force Opp

Let's face it, I am 71 and been to not a few PT sessions. lol I do not expect much, but my PT sessions with Taruna Rijhwani are a big exception. Pinched lower back nerve was disrupting my sleep and put my trip to South Africa in danger of cancelation. She has given me home stretches that work and thanks to her manipulations during office visits I am headed to safari and garden tours! Wonderful.

Colleen O'Sullivan

In just two weeks, I am free of pain, more flexible and better able to bend over to pick things up off the floor. After you've been there for a session, you receive an email with videos of the exercises you should do at home as well as written instructions from your physical therapist directly below each video. I highly recommend the staff at Solutions Physical Therapy!

Reed Armstrong

Severe pain in my right leg prohibited me from running for almost a year. After a series of MRIs, X-rays and CT scans two orthopedic surgeons were ready to proceed with surgery. Hoping for a more conservative treatment plan, I started physical therapy with Colin in late April. I’m happy to report that I am able to run again and there is no longer a need for surgery. Colin was thorough in tailoring a plan to meet my needs, took time to explain treatments, and meticulously monitored my progress. I owe my fast recovery to Colin and the entire team at Solutions.

John Collazo

Solutions was a great experience and they really cared about getting you stronger and back in action! Special shout out to Tracy and Nicole who certainly made my physical therapy experience way above average!

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