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REVIEWS OF University Orthopaedic Center IN Utah

Natalie Vavrasek

Dr. Aoki is the best surgeon around. His bedside manner is amazing and he will really listen to you and help you understand what is going on. I also have to comment on how great the staff at the Physical Therapy center are. I've seen several different therapists and every one of them has been really helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place to anyone with a knee injury requiring surgery or physical therapy.


M Walker

I love the Physical Therapists here. They are top of the line and well versed in their respective fields. Lots of equipment to utilize and even a therapy pool too. Jenna and Lee have really helped me to get further in my treatment than anyone else. My only complaint is that getting an appointment here is very difficult! They are always booked out months in advance. But definitely worth the weight!

tarrah baldini

Dr. Lucas Anderson at the university of utah orthopedic center has a horrible bed side manner. He tells people they are to fat for him to do anything about their problems. He doesn't offer any solutions except lies to you about other "patients" which technically is a violation of HIPPA laws. He shouldn't be talking about other patients if what he is saying is true. His answer to my knee problems is to lose weight then come see him. Why would someone want to see a doctor that tells you "YOU'RE TO FAT"? He offered me a solution that I have already tried many different times of steroid shots.

Andrew Freeman

First off, according their own customer service they have “a system glitch that a lot of people complain about” which prevents payments you already made at time of service (which policy apparently requires so I’m told) are not applied to your bill immediately. I go for a month paying $300 in co-pays and then at month’s end I get a $300 bill due. I pay it to avoid fees then after hours on the phone with customer service and my insurance company I find out that I didn't actually owe them and the rep said he’ll refund me. So there policy is pay twice and then eventually get refunded. Extra fun is they are always booked up and I have never been able to get 2 appts in a week even though the PT suggests this. I also was turned away the other day because I forgot my swim trunks for pool therapy, the only type that really helps, but the receptionists were not aware they had disposable trunks and so on I day where I was excited to get some relief I was told I would have to wait a week and there was nothing they could do (which was incorrect according to their own ploicies. Going here has negatively impacted my health and possible recovery and I regret it. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Binod Paudyal

Worst services!

soujanya subbaiah

The staff here are the kindest. The doctors, nurses and other staff were all very kind and patient and made me feel very comfortable. I’m impressed.

William D. Draney

Saw Kate for the first time today. She is amazing! I have been to about 9 physical therapists over the years. Kate is by far the best. She is very professional, competent, has excellent communication skills, listens and did an overall great job. I would give her 10 stars if I could!


My dad went in because of knee pain. They took an X-ray and MRI I believe and Dr. Petron saw that his meniscus was torn. He told us with injections it would take care of the problem, but it didn't. We went three times just to have him inject his knee. The last injection didn't work and Dr. Petron told us that he needed surgery and that he couldn't do anything else for him. We went with Dr. Cooper and he told us right away he needed surgery, got it done and now he's better. Would not recommend going here. They just want your money.

Leah Blanchard

Love Dr. Kubiak and his nurse. Unfortunately he moved to Las Vegas for a much better job. I have had 26 knee surgeries and my right leg would never work right. It was causing problems with my back and hip. The first time I met Dr. Kubiak he asked what he could do for me and I asked for my leg to be cut off. He was shocked but did everything the insurance would require first then agreed with me. It has been about 2 years. I'm struggling right now but also have a broken wrist. Kubiak is the best Dr. I've ever had.


I have 3 months trying to make an appt for my daugther for hip displasia, and i can not get it, because the nurse must to go to vacations, she come from vacations more than 2 weeks ready, and they can nit give me the appt untill she see the RX, she has months with the referral and the disc with the records and she not see it yet, why i do not, they are discriminate my daugther because she is disabled, my daugther is in a lot of pain and they just not give us the appt, they are waiting probably untill she is unable to walk completly, just for their RASISM AND DESCRIMINATION FOR HER DISABILITY, atte: Esther Vargas

Nicole Fisher

I went in for lower back pain caused by a pulled muscle. I was able to get in to see a PA for diagnosis relatively quickly, but scheduling PT was a nightmare. Their soonest appointment was 2 1/2 weeks out. I had lost range of motion and couldn’t do any bending and sitting for anything longer than 15 minutes was too painful. The medication I was put on to reduce inflammation did not help and I continued to worsen and experience muscle spasms. After calling in to report that I had gotten worse, I was prescribed neurotin over the phone from the PA. Besides having a very bad reaction to the neurotin (my heart rate dropped below 50 while lying down), the medication is for nerve pain. I had pulled muscle, which would have been better treated by another anti-inflamatory and a muscle relaxant. I was in so much pain after a week that I finally gave up and made an appointment with my primary care who DID prescribe me an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. She also gave me a referral for PT that I took to the Mountain Land Physical Therapy off of Foothill and they got me in within 3 days. I do not recommend going to the University Orthopedic Center if you’re in need of PT. The wait time between appointment and PT is much too long, especially if you’re in need of more immediate treatment. I also felt the level of understanding of what my injury actually was was entirely missed by the PA at this center. My primary care and PT were both perplexed that I was prescribed neurotin as a treatment for muscle injury. My current PT has a more expensive co-pay for my insurance than this center, but it’s worth the cost since I’ve noticed improvement after having only had two sessions.

Eric Allen

Dani Workman

Justin Wilson

I have to say I’ve been through a lot of trauma and pain. I was upset with the U at first I felt like I wasn’t treated well. But I didn’t take into consideration how busy they are and how stressful I’m sure it can be. I got surgery to get hardware out and dr Higgins did an amazing job. His PA Sandy is also amazing and has gone above and beyond for me. Judy is very helpful and kind. Thanks to the crew for helping me get better. As for the hand therapy and physical therapy they probably have the best in the state. Nothing happens overnight when it comes to getting better but good help goes a long way so trust the U and discuss what your goals are.

Michael Kay

Terrible communication with patients. Slow, no urgency. No one really seems to answer to anyone or care at all. My surgery was rescheduled without any one updating me. When I arrived(after fasting all night and day) I was told I'd have to wait 2 more hours. Inconvenience to me but especially my family. I asked to speak with a coordinator about what happened. Instead, an angsty and defensive nurse tried to tell me it was my fault. People come here for help; not to be toyed with and jerked around.

ARA ArthurA

Medial care is adequate. BUT BEWARE. The University Orthopaedic Center gave me a wrist brace and did not say anything about how I'd be billed for it. The natural presumption was that I'd pay for it via the same means I would pay for the office visit. Instead I received a bill from the manufacturer of the wrist brace for $198.00. That same brace is available through the manufacturer's own web site for either $24.99 or $27.99, and is available from Amazon for $20.99. MY ADVICE: Do not accept any orthopedic product directly from the Orthopaedic Center. Have them provide you with a prescription for the product, buy it yourself, and provide the prescription and bill to your insurance company.

mary nielson

Brandy Grim

Had a injury to my knee and did not understand what was wrong considering I did not physically do anything to it. I saw an orthopedic at the Redwood location she was very nice and informative. Then had to complete physical therapy before I could have an MRI which is due to my insurance nothing to do with the office. Within 24 hours I was told I needed to see the orthopedic surgeon. Schedule appointment dr. Grise and I am extremely happy with him and his team. Anytime I've had a problem or concern they were on top of things. I had an issue with my insurance the day of my surgery and the insurance department made sure I was able to have my surgery done. I still see the doctor for my follow-up so I actually go today. I definitely recommend going to this orthopedic I have only seen Emily Harold and dr. Grise and I also went to physical therapy with dr. Jarrett esplin he is also a wonderful person and a great therapist.

James DeHaan

This was a while back and I’m just getting to it now, but I did not have a good experience here. I hurt my back and wanted to get some top notch treatment. I was very worried about healing my back properly. I went in, they glanced at it and sent me to physical therapy at another company. After the several weeks of treatment there was no difference. So I got an mri. It showed no damage. The doctor and whoever the other guy was didn’t seem very concerned about how to heal from there. They basically said- good luck with that. I asked if I needed to worry about arthritis developing or anything, they said no. After about a full year my back started healing. I don’t know what the problem was since they never even guessed or gave me a clue. Neither did they offer any kind of medication. I’m not asking for morphine or anything but it was hard to do simple daily tasks with the pain. I guess it just needed time to heal. A lot of time. But I left the doctors thinking I’d have to live with it.

Marvin Jerstad

Tim Hart

A relative of mine had a procedure this week. We were extremely impressed with the staff and the doctor, Doctor Pelt. They are true professionals. The surgery had a great outcome, but this was not surprising as all the prep put our confidence at a maximum. We received three separate prep calls the week prior and everyone knew their roles and played them well. Thank you so much for your great work.

Brad Taylor

They did great work with my broken finger, however watch out with your insurance benefits. They try to bill through the hospital system which in turn forgoes some of the benefits you thought you had. My insurance covers x-rays 100% but with the way the U of U Orthopaedic center bills I had to pay like 90 bucks and x-ray on top of the co-pay for a specialist. Great place, but if you can find a dr not associated with a hospital do your self the favor and see them instead and save some money.

Mandy Dickerman


Corinne Dalton

Only 2 Doctors are very good here. Tashjian and Nickish. Most staff (receptionists, call center people etc) dont have a clue. I used to interpret there quite often , almost every day for more than 5 years until I realized how discriminatory most of their staff acts. Now i work freelance and do other things too. Too bad they dont get what "word of mouth" means. They also dont get that interpreters recommend doctors to most people in the hispanic community. Its a cultural thing. They go by what interpreters ( we also advocate) suggest. Go to Intermountain doctors, way better!!!!

cláudia Araújo

Excellent job from the PT team. Nice facility and very professional people. I want to thank specially Elizabeth Kohring for being so professional, friendly and compassionate with my pain. She did a great job in my first PT session and almost eliminated my acute back/gluteus pain targeting the right spot. I highly recommend her job! Thanks!

Joseph licata

Scheduled a session for muscular tightness in my upper back. I received a 30 minute professional consultation/assessment that diagnosed and subsequently prescribed a one page print out with three strengthening exercises. I spoke with the front desk and university healthcare billing specialists beforehand for some kind of quote or ballpark estimate. In short, I was never given an estimated cost pre or post insurance premiums and received a nice bill in the mail afterwards for over 470$ ($270 after insurance). It was my fault for continuing with the appointment after not receiving a set price. Just a heads up if you are going in for something minor. Still do it, but just be ready to pay. The facility is definitely worth the hassle if you’re going for a long term serious treatment if covered by insurance. Forgive my ignorance if this is the standard practice in physical therapy.

Christi Wruck

I was referred here from the u of u ER. Got an appointment 6 days later. When I walked in, they said, you know we don't take your insurance, right? Super. You MUST have known that before I got there. Why couldn't you have told me BEFORE I sat for 6 days with an injury that still needs diagnosis. I'm hobbled, can't walk and sitting in their parking lot in tears. No idea where to go next, but I know I'll never go to the U of U health system again. Obviously, garbage humans and system who are more interested in money than they are in health of their patients.

Daniel Mont-Eton

Tim Graham MD

Great experience with shoulder surgery by Dr. Tashjian. I injured by left shoulder and had it repaired eight years ago in Boston by another doctor - the surgery was extensive, and it took months of rehab until I could use my shoulder. After moving to Utah, I came to Dr. Tashjian with the same injury on the right side. He offered me a less-invasive surgery than what was done in Boston. My recovery time was much faster - a couple of weeks instead of months, and I have had no ongoing problems now several years later. Thanks, Dr. Tashjian!

Kate Salmon

I've had a great experience here while being treated for a broken ankle.

Kymee Johnson

After being in a horrible car accident I had horrible shoulder and neck pain. I went to not one but two different doctors. First doctor was a shoulder specialist who did over 4 different tests and said nothing was wrong. But I was still in pain so he sent me to a neck specialist. I did another 4 MRIs and 3 other test and one of my MRIs showed fluid build up on my spine so she sent me for another MRI. But surprise surprise that came back just fine. All the doctors think I am faking it. It has been almost 6 months since my car accident and I am getting worse. I can't even move my arm or shoulder. I can't hold anything in my hand. My arm is numb. You can't fake swelling. All of my test show I have major swelling In my shoulder and neck. My physical therapist has found more stuff on my tests than my doctor's have.

Bart Gibby

Dr. Hutchinson has changed my life. I blew my fingers to pieces when I was a child. He saved 7 and 2/3 of my 10 fingers. After several surgeries and physical therapy I was able to recover all my movement in my hands and fingers with the exception of only one knuckle. I can't fully express the gratitude I have in my heart to him for his dedication to his skill and experience as a surgeon. Not to mention he is just a great all around person! Today, 23 years later, I saw him for my ulnar nerve in my right elbow. He is every bit of the same genuine & caring person he was when I was 11 years old. He loves what he does and it shows. I couldn't recommend a more experienced and caring surgeon than Doctor Hutchinson.

Kathy Knighton

Turbo Skum

Went in for ACL and Meniscus surgery. Dr. Mack was awesome. Super happy with the results.

Michael Skoluda

David Merrill

Had a knee replaced recently by Dr Peters. The surgery was excellent, the Orthopaedic surgery center was excellent, but the post operative care was poor. Calls not returned. I was left to organize my own PT afterwards and the exit interview felt like I was having a final inspection at the knee factory by someone with moderate to severe Aspergers Syndrome. In general, I got competence but very little real care or concern in the post operative period. Since this was my first major surgery and it involves an extensive period of recovery, I would have really appreciated more support from the Doctor's staff.

Kari McMillan

I just came out of surgery from dr aoki and the nurses and him and every has been soooooo nice the nurses that worked with me were so niceee (especially Kim shout out to you you're an angel) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Angela Palmer

Dr Maak is an amazing Doctor. My experience at the U of U Orthopedics Center has been great. The medical knowledge with doctors and hospitals between Logan, Ogden and SLC is huge in my experience Each one is great for very different reasons and different areas

Melissa Shaughnessy

I called to make an appointment with Dr. Spiker about some issues I was having with my back. I heard the U has the best Orthopedic Doctors and was willing to go out of my IHC network to get a second opinion. I called and specifically asked the U representative how much the consultation would cost me out of pocket since the visit would not be covered by my insurance. The receptionist told me it would cost $100.00 due at the time of the appointment. I decided to go ahead with the appointment and paid the $100.00 at the visit. Weeks later I received a bill for an additional $186.00. I called and explained to the billing department that I had specifically asked how much the visit would cost me and was told it would cost $100.00 which I had paid. The billing department's responce was that they doubted anyone told me that and that I would be responsible to pay the additional $186.55. So, a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Spiker cost me $286.00 out of pocket. I was considering changing networks but this experience has soured me on any further interaction with U of U health care system. My advice, get price quotes for services in writing!

Jill Potter

My daughter is a 16 year old athlete. She had a hip surgery performed here last spring. The staff took such good care of her and were great at making sure that I understood what was going on. They followed it up with phone calls to make sure that things were going okay.

bonnie faust

Ihor Vasutyn

Highly professional


I was seen by Ryan Spiker for a roof that had collapsed in on me... I got the typical run around and waited weeks to be told everything with the MRI was normal except a bulge in my C5, C6 and C7. I was then sent to see several other doctors for nerve problems. I then returned about 5 months later for a to check up on these bulges in my C5, C6 and C7.... WHAT A FREAKING JOKE! They do more x rays and then come back saying everything is normal and have no explanation why my neck is still popping! Yet they tell me I have carpal tunnel... HOW ARE THE TWO RELATED??? I also personal handed my disability paper to Dr Ryan Spiker to fill out witch they lost and had to have another company fax it to them several other times. Then they listed that is was carpal tunnel that caused my problems... Ha, really??? YOU REALLY THINK PEOPLE ARE THAT STUPID??? I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE U OF U OF ANY KIND AND WOULD GLADLY DIE INSTEAD OF BEING AROUND ANY OF THESE MONEY HUNGRY DOCTORS! HOW YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT IS BEYOND ME!

Knut Lindsley

I was at classic roller skating and I fell and hurt my wrist. Turned out to be a fractured distal radius. After they put a cast on me and checked the x-rays I was told I may NOT need surgery. After six weeks when the cast came off I was relieved to find out that they did not suggest surgery for my fractured wrist. The care I received was top notch and I am glad to have the expert care they provided.

Mielle Burch

Everything was good except the parking. The parking is ridiculous...

LuieandKaren Vazquez

I had surgery and had to take FMLA at work. I faxed these people my paperwork 3 TIMES and they still did not fill out correctly. After I called the third time and clearly wasn't happy Dr. Kubiak's wonderful assistant (Kristina) hung up on me before I could finish informing her what needed to happen. Needless to say not very pleased.

KayCee S

I would never recommend this facility. I went there for an injury and was disappointed but went several times thinking it might change. And it did, it got worse! I was bounced around from one doctor to another even though they all had the same MRI to look at. I was in so much pain on a daily basis and had not slept for several months. One of their support staff actually said to me on a visit that "you don't look you are in pain....". THAT TOLD ME WHY I WASN'T GETTING ANY BETTER TREATMENT! i SHOULD HAVE ASKED IF THAT CAME FROM THEM OR IS THAT WHY THE DOCTORS SEEMED TO IGNORE MY PAIN AND INJURIES! I THINK I KNOW THE ANSWER! i also should have suggested they try to move some of the areas that were injured and torn and they would hear and see what pain sounded/looked like! There are other facilities in the valley who are ranked number 1 in orthopedic care for the past several years and their doctors actually treat you they don't just blow you off. It is also concerning to think of all the money my insurance company wasted on my visits there. Is it any wonder our insurance companies are going broke.

Ralph Vincent

Madalyn Nelson

Shawn Lockwood

I was referred to a hip specialist there. He decided he was a weight specialist and I needed surgery; which I cannot have due to absorbtion problems, among others. He didn't perform an exam of any kind. And a back surgeon, a qualified great hip specialist, who left the area and pain management doctor has already done the work up to pinpoint area of injury. Don't waste your time

Kimberly Lewis

I routinely have to wait two and sometimes three hours for my doctor to see me, but the one time I was a little late I was told I'd have to reschedule. My doctor also acted like I was making my knee injury up. I've just about had it with their cavalier attitude towards the people who keep them in business. If it weren't for the fact that I didn't have a choice with my insurance I'd never go back.

Lisa Putnam

Love all the Dr's and therapist they go over and beyond to make sure you are happy when you leave

Joshua Murcray

Had my left shoulder surgery done at u of u orthopedics, they did reconstruction surgery to repair shoulder, surgery took 5 hours and my shoulder is better then ever, great dr and staff and I recommend them for all orthopedic work.

Kenyan Inkney

Trevor Clegg

I've been to the center 6 times this year for sever pain and injuries. They cannot provide quality help or solutions. They seem fine with not listening to my concerns and just telling me they can't find anything, and send me on my way in pain. I have seen many doctors here and they all seem like I'm not worth their time to help. I highly suggest tosh Ortho for anyone who wants proper care and solutions.

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