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REVIEWS OF Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine - Lehi Office IN Utah

Garrison Norton

The people here are very understanding and accommodating. And they didn't cut any corners. I absolutely loved this place

Sherilyn Kent

I went in because my doctor recommended physical therapy for the vertigo I had been experiencing. I was surprised that physical therapy could help vertigo, but it certainly has taken care of the problem! JT has been just wonderful! He took me through a very few motions, don't know if they're officially called exercises or not, but they've taken care of the problem and I have no more trouble with vertigo. Besides, JT himself was an awfully nice young man! We laughed and talked and the whole thing was just fun! The payoff of no more vertigo was just the sugar on top! Thank you!

Lori Le

Orrock Mendenhall helped relieve pain in my knees and with tennis elbow. All the people that I have worked with have been very professional, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. Ease of scheduling was a plus along with location, location, location.

Steve Mickelson

Staff are knowledgeable and supportive. I felt better after my first visit. Prep work and massage made these visits very productive for me. They listened to my concerns and were conscientious of my needs.

Tyler Caprio

I've appreciated all the physical therapy I've gotten here. I injured my knee and tore my ACL, and they have done a fantastic job in helping my knee to improve and get it back to normal motion. Awesome people to work with!

Lehi Key Club

D Velez

Very professional staff. I started going to this facility after a car accident and they have done a great job. They really care and listen to any concern you may have. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.

Mary Scharman

I love the attentive attention they give each time I go! They are knowledgeable and professional while make you feel like a member of their team!

Jill Jones

I highly recommend Orrock Mendenhall. All of the staff members are competent and engaged. They make you feel like part of the crowd from day one. You won’t be disappointed!


Jonathan, Zeke and Heather are the BEST! They are VERY friendly and personable. They always give you their undivided attention and listen to what's being said. They don't hesitate to ask questions when determining the best course of treatment. There staff is very well trained and know how to execute the suggested treatment. I have been treated in the Lehi Clinic for various reason for the past nine years. I have always finished treatment in a timely manner with excellent results. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking Physical Therapy treatments

Jen Claybaugh

These guys were awesome. Their focus was on getting my neck better permanently so I didn't have to keep going to physical therapy forever. I have had neck pain on and off my whole life and have tried going to other Dr.'s, chiropractors and had some relief with that, but physical therapy has been the most successful at eliminating the pain for me and changing bad habits that were causing my pain. I highly recommend this place because they care about getting you better long term and are very knowledgeable at what they do.

Zach Bingham

These guys are the best in the biz !! Been going to them for years with lots of different types of injuries and they have helped me out a ton! Would highly recommend going to them! Very fun atmosphere!

Bryliegh Ulloa

Love this place❤️ I love the people very kind

shamae mickelson

I went here for rehab after breaking a bone in my foot. They were fun, friendly, and really knowledgeable in helping me get my stability back. They even gave me some help with my running form. Hopefully I won't need them again, but if I do they will definitely be my first choice.

Joshua stevens

Went to this clinic for about 3 months for a slipped disk in my neck which they didn't help. The Dr never xrayed me or really examined me without my shirt off which I thought was weird. Staff made me feel like they didn't care about me and was just constantly rushed out the door for the next patient to come in. And getting billing for my insurance was anthor headache by itself. Don't go here

TMichelle Tucker

The PT, assistants, office staff all do an excellent job. I had wrist, elbow and neck pain. They used e-stim, heat and ultrasound to warm it up. They taught me exercises and gave me papers to take home. They used a-stim and I used puddy. At the end they put ice on the areas. The pain went away and it has stayed away with the stretches and exercises they taught me. Everyone was friendly and I will only go to them from now on.

Ashley Downs

They always make sure you feel comfortable and explain everything they are doing.

Alisha Youngberg

I woke up one morning with a “pinched nerve” type feeling. I had shooting pain in my back, shoulder and neck. It wouldn’t go away and I didn’t know who to turn to. My neighbor recommended Orrock and Mendenhall. They are fabulous! They got me in right away and created a plan for me to get better. They taught me exercises to strengthen my shoulder. Before I knew it, I was pain free! I’m so grateful for their friendly staff that helped me to recovery. I highly recommend them!

Mike Poulos

Here’s to all who made my experience at Lehi’s Orrock and Mendenhall Physical Therapy worth going... No business can truly be successful if their front office personnel aren’t in sync with the needs of the patient and truly supportive of their group’s mission. So, thanks to Alina and the others who take care of the business end. A warm welcome, answers, and encouragement... all with smiles... and they remember your name, too! Nothing stuffy about the physical therapy staff, either. They are friendly, ‘down-to-earth’ and truly interested in seeing a positive outcome that will end the pain their “patients” may be experiencing. That requires an ability to communicate and explain thoroughly what and why a “particular therapy” is being used. It is not unusual to have three different team members seeing to your particular needs during your visit, either. No therapy is encouraged unless it is something the patient can handle, and you won’t be sent home without instructions on exercises that can be enhanced on one’s own personal time. HUGE thanks to Physical Therapists Jonathan and JP, and Heather (PTA); and to my one-on-one “therapy” workers: Emily, Brittany, Lauren, Garrett, and Liany. You rock! When you leave, you really do feel like a “part of the family.” Again, thanks to all!

Janelle Hanks

One of the best physical therapy places I have been to. The staff is very knowledgeable. One of the best things about them is that they do the workouts right along with you and not just tell/show you what to do.

Trent Taufer

We had a VERY disappointing experience here. The actual/main Physical Therapists were OK, but didn't have much experience with recovering from an auto accident. The front office staff had no idea what they were doing. They made CONSTANT mistakes and errors in billing and insurance, and even after explaining things to them multiple times, they couldn't get it. It was mainly the lady that handled the insurance and billing that had no idea what she was doing. They set us up with a physical therapist that couldn't even bill under our insurance and cost us thousands of dollars because of it. Also the physical therapy assistants were hit and miss, there were cases where my wife would get treatment and/or massages and it was obvious they had no idea what they were doing. Most of them seemed to be untrained/inexperienced high school students or college students. Many times my wife was in more pain for multiple days after her visits. After 15+ visits here we finally switched to another Physical Therapist, and it was a night and day difference. I would strongly NOT recommend their services, and I would rate them zero stars if I could.

john fenn

Jonathan, Zeke, Heather, and staff are all amazing! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy.

Nathan VanWhy

After a month of PT for my knee I can feel an increase in strength and dexterity in my hips and legs. The place has a relaxed, comfortable feel to it.

Armando Garcia

I love this place the staff is amazing very knowledgeable and helpful kind and understanding there's no other place i would recommend to my friends and family for physical rehabilitation.

mandy westwood

So great to work with. They make sure all our questions are answered and work with my daughter to make sure all her needs are met. They push her but make sure they don’t over do it and know when to go easy on her. She loves to joke around with the staff.


The folks at Orrock Mendenhall are amazing. From when you walk in to the front desk, everyone is so friendly. I've gotten to know everyone there and can tell they care about your physical well being and making sure you're doing the proper exercises so you can heal smarter and faster and not doing things to injure yourself more. If you're looking for a physical therapist, look no further than Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine.

Mary Henrie

My back was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep at night. Jonathan and Zeek got it feeling better in just a few visits. I love their comprehensive approach.

Katelynn Mercer

They make physical therapy lots of fun! They make sure to push me but also to keep me safe. They are always so encouraging and they are always asking questions to get to know you better personally which is lots of fun!

rhett goss

My name is Leonard, I'm a commercial electrician and have been treated by these people 5-6 times for various injuries and these guys are nothing short of fantastic! They have been upbeat and positive and would not let me quit to getting well when I didn't want to keep trying. They kept me going. I'm impressed with their professionalism and their people skills. They have worked miracles with me. I am now 60 years old and am in therapy right now for a broken shoulder, and they have kept me going. Again they are nothing short of fantastic!

Domonique Hansen

I went here for my wrist to get help with it. My time there felt valued. The staff was ALWAYS very nice and concerned about how I was doing and if I was progressing. They made me feel like family right away and was always a fun environment. Also the scheduling was always around when I needed it. I never had to fight for a time or day. 110% recommend this place for physical therapy.

Jean Burgess

I had a sore groin muscle and they helped me in two visits . They figured out that it was caused by something in my back and gave me exercises to help that. They are very friendly, and knowledgeable. I've gone to them before for a frozen shoulder and they fixed that also. I really trust them. Thanks

Kade Hansen

Great staff and they help you heal quick! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for great physical therapy treatment.

Jake Peterson

I've been coming here for years. They explain conditions well and answer my questions. The front office is easy to work with, friendly and scheduling is a breeze. Great therapists and great staff. Since I come to get great treatment and don't care about what the facility looks like, I give it 5 stars. If there was a different rating for the facility, that would be a lower rating. The facility needs updating and a remodel. Though functional some equipment is old. Where they store some sticks and clubs, that help with shoulder range of motion, makes me smile because of how janky it is. Don't judge the treatment by the looks of the facility :)

Kaylene Steele

I love this place. In my first two visits they taught me an exercise that allowed me to lie comfortably flat on my back for the first time in FOURTEEN years. I look forward to every session. I think my favorite part of therapy here is that they make sure they are sending me away with tools to take care of myself and continue healing.

Kristelle Bruno

They are amazing!!!!! The environment is great!! All they aids were really nice. The therapists are really good and everyone does their job really well. I would totally recommend!!! They do an amazing job!!!

Matthew Barnes

Great people to work with! The PT's and aids were all excellent, friendly, and professional. The office was comfortable and while physically trying it was mentally stress free!

marykay fortie

I came to this therapy office with some pretty severe back and knee pain. Jonathan, Zeke and Heather and the staff have been amazing to work with, and I am pretty much pain free. I know that soon I will be free of any pain, and that the stretching and exercises they have given me will continue to give me the quality of life I want.

Kent Burkhardt

Staff is awesome. They are professional, and take the time to work with you individually. I especially like that they push you to improve, but not at the expense of increased pain. Hopefully I will never need to go to them again for help in overcoming an injury. But, if I do ever need physical therapy, I will go back. I drive past numerous physical therapy office to go to Orrock Mendenhall. They are awesome!!!

Colton Cole Alan Blackwell

Orrock and Mendenhall Physical Therapy was referred to me to go to so I could get help recovering from an injury. I was told that they were one of the best, and they definitely lived up to it! So much so that my family has gone here to recover from their injuries. They are always great in teaching us the exercises we need to do, inspiring us to recover quickly, and motivating and encouraging us to do our exercises at home and take our recovery into our own hands. They are certainly the best, 12/10! I'd never go anywhere else if I have to have Physical Therapy again!

Emma Harmer

Love this place! All the staff are really kind and fun, and they are really good at helping you heal!

Yunjin Yu

all the workers in this place are very nice knowledgeable, positive!they are helping me a lot !

Quientin Anderson

Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff. Every person who helped me knew exactly what they were doing and I looked forward to seeing the staff every time I went. I received a lot of education as to how to prevent future injuries or issues. They made the best of the time I had for every appointment.


I had a total knee replacement and came to get my knee back to full use. They are extremely good at getting you to use the equipment and work with you the whole time. I have seen other places that just walk off and leave you. they correct you if you are doing it wrong as they want you back in good shape. They are really helpful and friendly and a lot of fun to be around the whole staff. i would highly recommend this place to anyone who needed physical therapy. They cover occupational therapy as well. Great place..

Brandon Richards

Incredibly amazing staff! Very knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful!

Brenda Gordon

Ended therapy after 1 visit. Given 2 stars because although the therapy wasn't right the people who worked there were polite. I visited them for therapy after a 2nd rotator cuff repair (the other PT wasn’t on current insurance any more) what I experienced was a bit “off putting”. This alone would have made me not go back-I had to sit in a room with the smelliest wet/heat therapy wrap in the world. Like the stinkiest gym socks wrapped around my arm smell

Tina Young

I had a total knee replacement. ALL the staff are excellent. My surgeon scared me talking about a minipulation surgery. The whole office knew about my apprehension and we all worked very hard to make sure I didn't need that. I am very pleased with the success that they helped me achieve.

Jennifer Betts

Amazing staff. So helpful!! they have taken good care of my son.

M&J Powell

LOVED them! They know what they are talking about and sincerely care. They did more than just try to make my knees feel better. They looked for the root cause and corrected that as well.

Natalie Flock

Everyone that works here is very nice. They take great care of you and really listen to what is going on. They have helped my back pain lots!

Mychelle Herem

I had my hip replaced and went to these guys for my physical therapy. They were wonderful! The staff is very friendly and outgoing. The physical therapists were not only knowledgeable, but compassionate and gave advice to get me back to work. They made sure I did excercises that were hard enough but didn't over work my muscles. The exercises became harder as I progressed. They asked if I did my exercises at home too. A great place to go for therapy!

Tricia Austin

Maureen Curtis

Physical Therapy is no one's favorite thing to do but the staff at the Lehi Office have made it so much better than I thought it would be. Because of complications I have had to go for quite awhile and they have been great. The aides are very fun, helpful, and full of energy. They call me by name and are encouraging and make me feel like I'm a superhero. Johnathon and Heather are knowledgeable and are always trying new things to help me get better. The office staff are great and very helpful. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Kristina Narvaez

I have had degenerative disc disease for 10 years and was suffering from very bad lower back pain. The pain was so intense, it was very hard for me to walk. I worked with Zeke Mendenhall and his associates for a few weeks and now I have learned exercises to strengthen my core and I can exercise again. I can not thank them enough for improving my quality of life. Zeke also helped my teenage daughter who sprained her ankle playing basketball recover quickly from her injury. I highly recommend them.

CStriker 723

They were so helpful and happy! I came in and they were very efficient in figuring out how to best help me after I dislocated my knee! Now I intern there and it is so fun to be able see both sides and help others myself! Thank you Orrock Mendenhall! Love the happy healthy atmosphere!

Jen Watson

Great people and atmosphere. I really felt like they listened to me and asked me good questions. I can't believe how much better my knee is now that I've been doing physical therapy! I totally recommend them!


Huge thanks to Zeke, Jonathan, and the gang! Happiest PT office I've been to and they know their stuff (helped me at least!) Also thanks to future PT Jackson and to Megan who is the most Okay. YeeeeHaw!

Dallin Holker

This place is awesome really wants what's best for me and help me get back to be able to play again !

Lee Meredith

Staff and physical therapists were great. They all acted very professional and courteous. The therapists were very knowledgeable about all kinds of injuries and how to overcome them. They gave me a list of stretches and exercises to do at home that have really helped.

Jalyse Ortiz

The staff are very friendly and nice. The therapists are truly trying to help you feel better and be pain free.

Grace Beeston

This place is awesome! They have great customer service, and know how to help!

Emmie Spanos

Caitie Soffe

Super great results! I have been able to get more flexible and fix my running form so I don’t injure my body. Very great staff and relaxing environment. I highly recommend this place! Thanks for helping my body!

Eric To

This place is getting me back to the things I love doing and at a faster pace than I anticipated. Had ACL knee surgery in April 2018 and almost back to full health now at week 19. They ask my progressing at every visit and what my concerns are. Zeke, Jonathan, Heather and their team members are amazing.

Tom Reeves

I have had the privilege to use the services of this group several times over the last ten years plus. I have seen them about knees, shoulders, whiplash and back problems, everything from surgery rehab to some injuries. The results in ALL instances were very good. I have had a couple visits with some other facilities and found their patient care a lot less effective than the Orrock Mendenhall people. The atmosphere is pleasant, the people are professional and they take the time to get the job done right. I can't recommend them higher. Tom R.

Derrick Kellis

Spent six months suffering from shoulder injury. Finally came in and I was back to normal in three weeks. Great staff. Great schedule. Always got the appointment I wanted.

L Salmond

I love the care I received here after a bad whiplash. They take the time to treat you well and you leave feeling worked out and pampered, too. I love the friendly staff. They become friends and it's sad to stop coming when you get better!

Will Purser

I loved going to Orrock Mendenhall Sports Medicine for my physical therapy after being in a car accident. The people I worked with were knowledgeable. They really listened to how I've been feeling and altered their instruction according to what i needed. I healed quickly and quite miraculously in my opinion. Thank you Heather, John, Rachel, Lindsey, And Zeke!

Caleb Crowther

I really enjoyed my time here. I had to go for a few months and the staff was always very kind and fun to be around and I got better too!

Chris Wright

I’ve enjoyed my PT experience here the past 8 weeks since my ACL surgery. They have helped my recovery immensely. They are experts in helping my knee recover, getting range motion back on track, strengthening and getting me back on the road to recovery. A-stems kill!

Masahiko Kinjo

Austin Russell

Staff is A1! Genuinely friendly, not just cause they have to. Actual care taken with every visit. If your therapy is physical, orrock in lehi is the place.

Candace Jones

Caitlyn Bennett

I’m so happy. I loved my experience.

Daniel Jackson

Years ago I broke the scaphoid bone in my wrist and my doctor recommended that I go see Orrock Mendenhall to rehabilitate my wrist because it was in such bad shape. I had such a wonderful experience getting my wrist back into shape that recently when I sprained my ankle and I knew it was not your average sprain, so I went to the doctor and once again it was recommended that I do physical therapy so naturally I wanted to return to the same place! I was excited to see Jonathan the physical therapist again and To meet all the new aids and other PT’s! They had their work cut out for them considering the doctor had diagnosed me with a grade III lateral ankle sprain and deltoid sprain. It wasn’t pretty, my ankle was very swollen, very black and blue and very sore. Even after the first visit we could tell a difference in how much I could move it and with each visit the swelling started to go down the bruising went away and slowly my movement returned and by the time we finished my last visit I could not believe how much more movement I was able to get out of my ankle I was even able to jog again! I hope I never need their services again but if I do I will definitely return the third time and I highly recommend them to anyone I know and to anyone else that needs their services! They do great work and every single employee there always has a smile on their face and a cheerful attitude and are very happy to help you. Thanks to Jonathan, Heather, Lauren and all that helped to rehabilitate my ankle. Daniel Jackson


Great job helping me recover from knee surgery.

susan capell

I have had a great experience at Orrock and Mendehall as I have recovered from a knee replacement. The PT's have been very knowledgeable and supportive during my recovery and rehab. They have pushed me and encouraged me to help in my recovery. The office staff is great to work with and it is easy to schedule. I highly recommend them!

Shauni Crye

Once you make your appointment and come into the office, the wait is 5 minutes max. And you spend 1-2 hours here. (I average 2 hours). Everyone is really nice and funny and helpful. They're really good at making you feel comfortable and helping you get better and recover. They always make conversation and know how to take a joke if you tease with them. They offer ASTYM (deep tissue massage with plastic instruments) They give massages They provide you with heat packs while you get therapy done (electro-therapy. Doesn't hurt) And if you get iced at the end of your appointment, you can request a blanket so you don't get too cold. Zeke also has goats. And that's really cool.

Michael Young

These guys are great. All the therapists were very knowledgable, they had my best interest at heart and made changes based on my progress. Fun staff.

Scott Sampson

I really like the way I was treated and the great job that they do

tara hendry

I have had to go to physical therapy off and on, for years now, for different injuries. I have gone to this facility and the therapists/aides do phenomenal work. They really care about you as a person and not just as another client to have to work on. I am recovering now from a shoulder injury/surgery. It is amazing to see how much more movement I have in my arm, after only a month. I actually look forward to therapy. The massage is great!! I love this place and highly recommend Orrock and Mendenhall Sports Medicine to anyone needing any physical therapy needs.

Greg Rampton

Vertigo? The Epley Maneuver therapy administered by the therapist (JP) cured my serious vertigo. I was dizzy, eyes swimming all over, couldn't stand when getting out of bed and episodes during the day; but after just two 45 minute sessions I no longer experience vertigo. Lehi office was very accommodating; set up my appointment the day after I contacted them. I highly recommend this physical therapy office - staff is upbeat and friendly and works with your insurance seamlessly.

Gayle Jorgensen

I had a total knee surgery almost 3 years ago and i still had stiffness in my knee. After receiving treatment through Orrock Mendenall Sports Medicine, my knee feels much better. The staff is very helpful and friendly and I enjoyed the time that I spent there. I would totally recommend them.

Linda Maloy

Great Place! Great People! Great Service! They helped me through my recovery with care and kindness. Highly recommend.


This has been great. Appointment times are flexible and easy to schedule around work. The staff has been very friendly and helpful. JP and Heather have been concerned about my progress and have tailored my exercises to meet the pain I have had. I have noticed good progress and feeling much better.

Harmony Packer

Jonathan, Zeke, Heather, and staff are all amazing! I had a total knee replacement about three months ago. They have taken such good care of me that I was out of pain and had regained my range of motion within just a few weeks. I credit their attention, care, and ASTYM treatments! Now they are focusing on my balance and strength and those are improving as well. It's not quite the same as the knee I had as a young adult, but I have very little discomfort, and I can go up and down stairs, squat, exercise, and even run like I haven't been able to in years! I have had such a good experience and felt so comfortable in their clinic that I will really miss my weekly PT sessions when they end.

Rachel Clegg

My knee feels much better now because of the amazing helpers and awesome Physical Therapists. Jonathan and Zeek are great!

Greg Nielson

Very friendly and professional. Listened and worked with me to recover and achieve my goals!

Nikki D.

April Haueter

I’ve been impressed by the therapists here. I really feel like thy are trying to help me get better. The environment is great as well. Everyone is friendly and will listen to what you tell them.

Celeste Carter

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and overall great to work with. Higly recommend.

Cam Bristow

Great staff and going has really made a difference in my recovery.

Jake Smith

Work with you well and love the people

Austin Dallin

Super friendly atmosphere. Always are willing to help you. Never are kept waiting for someone. The therapy is painless and simple.

Devyn Gurney

Great staff that is knowledgeable and helpful

Dylan Nelson

I pulled the muscles in my back and they helped me to have full range of motion again with no pain in just a few weeks. The staff was great and was very respectful. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.

Mindy Ray

Excellent care from staff and therapists. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. They Helped my son, who has been in pain for Months, be pain free within just a few visits. Taught us the exercises he needed to get stronger and prevent injury. I’m so happy we came here! Would definitely recommend!

Barry Mott

The Staff at The Lehi Office, what can I say but "THEY ARE ALL AWESOME."

Tamy Sorenson

Staff is amazing, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Had me feeling fantastic in just a couple of weeks. Would highly recommend them to everyone!!

Paul Dunford

Amazing office staff! I have had great success healing from my hip surgery. I highly recommend this office!

Nyree Gibbons

They were amazing! They took the time to listen to my concerns then help me build confidence in my knee. They always were willing to help me from answering questions, to modification of activities to better serve me.

Jill Hatch

Wow is how I would like to start my review! My daughter worked for Steve and Buck in their Orem office a few years ago and had been encouraging me to go visit them in Lehi (closer to me) for some hip and lower back pain. I was grateful they were on my insurance. Every aspect has been excellent during my visits. Easy to make appointments, short wait times, cheerful assistants, and the physical therapists have been attentive to my pain. My favorite assistants, Katy, Megan , and another girl ( ugh, I forgot her name, sorry), have gone above and beyond to listen to me and always explain what they will be doing each visit. We even laugh which helps me to forget about the pain. They are in close communication with the physical therapists. I have been motivated to do the home exercises which an important part of this whole process. I have been to a different PT for another issue and was very unimpressed, in fact the assistant really turned me off. Thank-you Orrock-Mendenhall for all that you do!

Erik Wilford

Great therapy for my hip after a bout of burstitis. Nice people that are caring and want to help you get better. Highly recommended.

Noah Moeaki

My experience was great and really helped with my injury and to get back to normal, staff was great at helped in any way they could

Shannon Searle

My daughter bryliegh goes here and they've been awsome with her! I would recommend them to anyone!

Lauren Christiansen DHS

I loved my experience at Orrock Mendenhall. They really are focused on progress and are very interested in what your goals are. I like how the techs do all of the exercises with you - makes you feel a little more comfortable. :)

Suzanne Palmer

Zeke, Johnathan and their assistants were fabulous! They cared for my injury AND how it affects the whole body! Very professional, Very knowledgeable, great team!!

ciera brown

Great physical therapy office!! Steve is very knowledgable and has helped me a ton with recovering from surgery. Physical therapy is not the most exciting thing to do but this team is always so happy, kind, and always checking to make sure you are doing okay. Highly recommend!

Monica Kauffman

Highly recommended! I have come here for several different injuries and they have always come through for me! They are ALWAYS friendly and I look forward to going each visit!

Aubrey Hildreth

Everyone here is so awesome! They are super helpful and knowledgeable.

Tracy Wilson

My wife and I are in our early 80s and have gone to Orrock-Mendenhall therapy for four years although we have moved to Draper from Lehi the last two years. We have aches and pains that come with arthritis and aging and receive comfort, strength and balance from caring therapists who patiently help us twice a week and allow us to adjust our schedule whenever we need. We have inquired closer to other offices but feel that the love and concern we receive in Lehi can not be matched.

Braydon Lavery

I love this physical therapy office! I am an aide here and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! Great environment and the therapists know what they are doing. I’ve seen so many people go from post surgery to functional quickly!

Brianne Larsen

Dr. Janelle Macintosh

I came to to the office 2 days after an ACL repair... i was in pain and frightened. The staff were kind and gentle. Jonathon was the first PT i met. He was very thorough and spent extra time answering mine and my husbands questions. They gave me a very manageable and realistic goal to my recovery. I probably would not be walking today if it had not been for the support from everyone at the office. I have now been going to the office for PT for 3 1/2 months. I love going! I love all the staff. They are friendly and genuinely interested in my health and recovery. They push me to do my best and tell me slack off when i have pushed myself too far. I have extended my visits because i love going. Can't wait for the new year... when i get more PT visits on my insurance and i can start going again.

R Barrera

Everyone that works here are very friendly and experienced they always listen and address my needs

Alex Allgaier

I really appreciated how hands on and involved the staff was. I was never rushed, and they got to know me on a personal level when only getting treatment for a short amount of time. They used a wide range of techniques to help with my recovery. I highly recommend Lehi Orrock Mendenhall.

Aislinn Macintosh

I first came in as a bystander to wait for my mom to do her physical therapy for her knee. I asked one of the staff if they thought they could take a look at the shoulder pain I was having while running. They were extremely helpful and helped me develop better habits for my running as well as strengthen some weak back muscles to help keep my shoulder in place. The staff is super friendly and attentive. They modified excersizes as my should improved and I felt listened to. I would definitely go back.

Stephen Englund

These guys are awesome! Very accommodating and will help you get back to full health as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everyone that works here is very friendly and experienced. I hope to not have to do physical therapy again, but if I do, these guys will be where I go to treat my injury.

Amber Larsen

The staff is wonderful. Very friendly, very knowledgable. You feel comfortable the second you walk through the door.

Mandi Zaugg

Super helpful, kind and willing to do whatever it takes! They make you feel like you’re not just a patient, but a friend.

Carson Meleen

Marie Anderson

David Gillis

Recommend- defiantly! I really hurt my back and could not walk for two weeks without complete support. I started visiting Orrik and Mendenhal on day 3. These guys were friendly and knowledgeable. I began to improve immediately and withhin a theee week period I was walking on my own. I continued to work with them for the next three to four months and I am completely without pain (my injury was really bad). The best quality Orrik and Medenhal have is how confidently relaxed they are. I always felt comfortable and welcome. Also, I checked their pricing against other physical therapists in the area and they had the best price.

Chris Oman

All of the staff was very knowledgeable, positive, and easy to work with. I felt at ease working through my limited mobility and was able to see improvement every week until I was finished

Shayna Smith

So great to work with! I injured my spine and they have been the best help getting me up and walking again.

Madison Larsen

Great staff and really good medical care. I got some pinched nerves in my back that left me in so much pain. We called in and they were able to squeeze me in that day. I left feeling so much better and will look forward to my follow up appointment!

Emily Elwood

The staff was really awesome and knew what they were doing.

Lynne Marie Jacobs

I have had a couple of injuries treated at the Lehi Orrock Mendenhall office & highly recommend them! I visited the office after a knee surgery a few years ago & had a great experience, so when my son & I were injured in a car crash earlier this year, I knew exactly where to go. The therapists & entire staff are wonderful - kind, patient, professional. My 9-year-old actually enjoys going in for our appointments, and the staff is awesome at relating to him and explaining things on his level. They are great at answering any questions that I have, explaining everything about the treatment & exercises, and everyone in the office seems to enjoy their work. We have seen great improvement so far & I know that they actually care about us as individual patients.

Adam Abel

I have been to a few different PT's over the years. Finding this location has been refreshing. Buck, Jonathan and Heather are fantastic. Their aides are top notch. The therapy and attention to my individual recovery is encouraging. I can recommend them without hesitation.

Stephanie Javid

The staff was friendly and professional, I felt comfortable right away. They’ve been super helpful in working through my lower back/hip pain.

Ronda Gutierrez

I love going to physical therapy! The first time I came in I could barely walk now I'm doing great. I had shoulder surgery in December and I already have great range of motion and hardly any pain. They always listen and address my needs! It's a fun atmosphere and the time always goes by so fast because it's so enjoyable!

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