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REVIEWS OF Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists IN Utah

Nephi Beck

After several months of knee pain, I finally relented and went in for therapy. It was a good decision. Dave is very knowledgeable and friendly. He put me on a stretching routine and went to work. His staff was also very helpful and had me back on track in no time.

Chloe Herrman

I worked with Val on my pelvic health and Dave on my back and hips. Both doctors really helped me improve physically. Everyone there is caring and attentive. I would recommend both doctors to everyone!

Gregg Taliercio

Worked with David and his team through some lower back struggles. They gave me a great plan and over 6 weeks I was able to reduce my back pain to a tolerable level and get back to doing the things I love doing. I'd highly recommend him if you are looking to get back to that thing you love to do.

Catherine Hill

Dave is very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help me after my injury! Everyone was very nice and scheduling was flexible!

Jenn Lee

Kathleen Gleed

Dr Ross is incredible. He is so aware of what’s going on with my injury (Achilles) and has really tailored my therapy program to me. Incredibly patient and also doesn’t coddle his patients. It’s difficult, but I actually look forward to coming in. Also all the PTAs I’ve worked with are so great!

Davie Smith

Several months after having surgery for prostate cancer, I was dealing with persistant symptoms related to the surgery. I was doing PT for a shoulder surgery with Greg at the Bountiful clinic, and after discussing the symptoms related to the prostate surgery, he referred me to Nikelle for pelvic floor therapy. I was not even aware that help existed and I have to say that I was sceptical at first. However, after several visits, I'm very pleased with the progress we've made. Nikelle is very professional and always puts my mind at ease when discussing very sensitive matters. If you are suffering from pelvic floor muscle issues, I would highly recommend Nikelle and Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I cannot say enough good about them.

Queen KaNikki

Very patient, understanding and friendly staff. They push and encourage YOU in all the right ways because they want to help YOU recover in a way that is still comfortable for YOU. In other words, the only thing they care about is YOU. I have never left my appointments in a bad mood. You may leave a bit sore but the results will have you coming back. 10/10 would recommend to all my friends if they ever need physical therapy.

David Stillman

Spencer Christensen treated my hands (carpal tunel and arthritis) and my feet (plantar fascitis). For my feet, he did something called Graston deep tissue mobilization; while the treatment was uncomfortable, it had amazing results in terms of my ability to walk without pain. Spencer is an exellent physical therapist, and a really nice person. I highly recommend him.

Erica Navarro

I was injured back in 2010, I have been in an out of physical therapy sent then. I have never experienced as much 1 on 1 as i did here .The atmosphere was calm, witch was really nice in my busy life. I know i will once again need physical therapy this will be my number 1 place to go too...

Joe Tamasonis

I started physical therapy after breaking my wrist, and Spencer tailored my treatment plan based on my circumstances and recovery goals. The entire team is thoughtful, friendly, and attentive. My injury has healed far faster than I expected, and I've resumed most of my normal activities. Would highly recommend Hand and Ortho

Janet Timothy

Whoever knew that torture could be good for you? I was referred to the Hand and Orthopedic physical Therapists after shoulder surgery. Kudos to Dave Moss, Ryan and Aimee. It ended up being lots of hard work but a very pleasant and rewarding experience. They guided me through the recovery splendidly. I'm almost 100% now and am enjoying life again.

James Guilkey

Dave Moss has treated me for shoulder pain due to rock climbing and more recently has helped me rehab my knee following surgery to repair a skiing injury. Both have had good outcomes. Dave brings the knowledge and experience of his 61 years to the job as well as the energy of someone half his age. I got good value and individual attention at each visit. I would recommend him to any active person seeking to return to sport following an injury or surgery.

Cheri Beck Wright

Dave Moss and his team were great! Dave is highly experienced. I loved the various treatments they used to help with shoulder rehabilitation.

Cynthia Mills

These people know what they are doing and are kind and compassionate at they guide you.

kevin ford

Dave and Ryan were great to work with. Not only with the rehab of my shoulder, but were willing to be flexible with my hectic schedule. I highly recommend them for any physical therapy needed!

Laura Perry

John Crawford

Dave and the staff at Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy make it fun to do physical therapy and I look forward to my appointments, not to mention my back has come light years in improvement. The service is friendly and effective, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality physical therapy, Plus they accept Medicaid.

Buthaina Abd Al Majeed

Everyone is great and very professional. David moss and his assistants are very nice and quiet. I am feeling better and a good health. I would recommend them to anyone. I hope good luck to all the staff.

Andy Hanc

Going to Hand and Ortho PT for a broken elbow was the first time in my life that I felt like physical therapy was really worth it. Spencer Christiansen spent one-on-one time with me at each appt, making sure I was getting the exact care I needed as my arm slowly healed. It was fascinating to watch him with other patients with the same injury because he would not use the same PT methods on any 2 individuals. I asked him about it and he said that everyone heals differently and has different long-term goals, so he always takes that into account. Other Physical Therapists I've seen over the years use a limited list of exercises and modalities on every patient they see. There were some exercises I could not do because of health issues, but they always found something else that worked for me. I had a major break with tendon damage, followed by surgery. Thanks to Hand PT, I'm now pain free and have 99% mobility restored. Everyone at Hand and Ortho PT, thank you!

Pete Floor

Dave and Steven take their job very seriously and does a very good job with the rehabilitation of their patience. I would highly recommend them to anyone how needs service in this field. Personally they have helped me two times now with both of my shoulders. They make it fun and engage in conversation as they work on you. I felt better every time I left after each session. Thank you folk very much for all your hard work. Pete Floor

Adam King

They got me better much faster then expected and did top quality work.

Morissa Henn

Dave and his team were a joy to work with! After years of misdiagnosis on my hamstring, they figured out the issue and co-developed a plan to address it. After just a couple weeks I was already running faster and skiing harder then before...virtually pain free! Very satisfied and grateful.

alicia chen

My surgeon recommended this place after I had thumb surgery due to a MTB crash in May and from day one I was impressed. Steve Wixom, Jordan (the PT assistant), and everyone from reception to the other therapists are amazing. I have a pretty active lifestyle so I came in with a lot of anxiety about the lack of mobility in my thumb joints, my scar pain and sensitivity, and low confidence about gaining it back, but Steve addressed all of my concerns in a thoughtful and encouraging way. Him and Jordan were so attentive and were always providing insight and education so I could take it home and progress at a pace I was comfortable with. During the middle of my therapy, I also injured my back while moving, and Steve took extra time to work on my back between packed appointments during our sessions for several weeks. He even got me in with another back and pelvis specialist (Nikelle, who is also amazing!); completely above and beyond! Towards the end, I even brought my mtn bike in and Steve made me a custom splint molded to my handlebars, for my thumb so I could ride it without having to worry. Today, I "graduated" from PT to just home exercises and it was bittersweet! I have so much confidence in the rest of my recovery now. Steve and team are truly an exceptional group of humans in their skill, knowledge, and compassion.

Covina Spangenberg

I went in to see the physical therapist initially because I had been experiencing continual overall fatigue throughout my body. I also noticed that I was experiencing hip pain and aches each time after I would go for a 2-3 mile run. Dave Moss was my physical therapist. Our initial appointment was very nice and Dave really listened to me as I explained where I was hurting and the fatigue I was experiencing. He treated me like I was an individual and my case was unique to me, since each person's body is different. I really appreciated that. I was given an at home program to do daily, and I went in for physical therapy about twice a week for 5 weeks. Through the sessions we learned that the problem is most likely something going on with my lower back. At the end of the sessions I was able to run with less hip pain and ache and am experiencing fatigue less often. I was able to compete in the triathlon I was training for and had a great experience! When Dave worked with me one-on-one he was fantastic; very involved and attentive. Overall Dave, Mary, and Steve were great and I did feel that they were genuinely concerned about my recovery and me as a person. They celebrated with me in my success! I appreciate all that they did for me.

Tucker Wolfe

Came here for shoulder strengthening and had nothing but a good experience. Dave and the staff were super friendly and helpful and helped me get to 100%

Grant Flynn

Jo Weight

I am very satisfied with my time with Valerie. She is excellent at what she does and very knowledgeable. When I started going there I had so many issues after having a baby and it took her some time to pinpoint all of them, but she did. I haven't fully recovered yet, but I blame that on lax ligaments because of nursing. I am doing a lot better though. When I first started going the pain was really bad and now it is manageable. I would keep going back to finish the recovery process if I hadn't have lost my insurance. I definitely recommend coming here to see Valerie, especially if you need some help recovering from a having a baby.

Trever Wyles

Dave and Mitch were excellent and helped me regain my strength and flexibility in my knee lost surgery. If I ever need physical therapy again or have a friend that’s need it I would no doubt recommend them to come here and see Dave.

Darcy Mimms

Dave Moss and staff are very professional and attentive, they addressed my concerns and always had my comfort and best interest in mind. I had 14 sessions with Dave and Steven and home exercises and feel amazing! With lots of hard work and Dave's expertise I reversed 10 years of back pain.

Ish G

Highly recommended to anyone in need of assistance with physical therapy. The staff are friendly and patient. Provided me with great information to take home. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Thanks Dave Moss.

Christian Lemieux

Dr. Matthew Cobb of Salt Lake City referred me to this clinic for pain in the shoulder and left arm. From the first meeting, David C. Moss identified my problem and started treatment. He understood my urgency and gave me a second appointment for a second treatment. Even if I was only a tourist, I received a reception as if I had been a regular patient. If I went to Salt Lake City, that clinic would definitely be mine. Christian Lemieux, Quebec, Canada

Matt Hanson

Dave and his team were great! Would definitely recommend them for your physical therapy needs. They helped me recover from a knee injury and feeling better every day. Dave was knowledgeable in the issues that I was working through and set up a great recovery plan.

Roy McDaniel

David Moss and his associates have done a great job helping me recover from ankle and foot surgery. They have helped me understand the reasons for doing each exercise and treatment, and they always treated me well, and with respect. Most importantly, it’s been a while since walking on my foot has felt this good.

Jessa Brock

I had an incredibly positive experience at Hand and Orthopedic. The facility is clean, warm, and well taken care of. However, their true strength lies in the staff. Every person I interacted with was engaging, caring, and kind. Megan and Christian, especially, both did an excellent job of being personable and professional. I was always especially glad to walk in and see one or both of them working. Most importantly, my therapist Spencer was outstanding. He always took the time to explain the anatomy and science behind things in a way that was informative and never condescending. He has a good sense of humor and is fun to talk to while still maintaining a great sense of professionalism. I felt incredibly valued and felt like Spencer was personally invested in my healing. As I would look around the office it was clear he had the same level of investment for each of his patients. Spencer has a true gift. He has definitely chosen the correct field, as he is a remarkable therapist. I feel very lucky that he was mine. I don’t think I would have healed as fully (and with as much knowledge about the process) with anyone else. Going to physical therapy is never anyone’s idea of a good time, but if you go to Hand and Ortho that’s exactly what you will get. I came to really enjoy therapy days, which I definitely contribute to the success in my treatment. Being discharged was very bittersweet for me. I was proud of the work I had put in and the results in my healing, but I will definitely miss the staff. 10/10 would recommend!!

Mekenzie Hayford

Steven Purhonen

Professional, attentive and thorough. Dave is the best, he is so easy to work with and so helpful in teaching you what you need to know to get better.

Heidi Hagen

I came to Hand and Ortho for 15 months of physical therapy between 2 and 3 days a week for 4 knee surgeries over 3 years. My knee surgeries were rather complex and invasive, two de-rotational osteotomies as well as medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for treating miserable mal-alignment in both knees. Dave Moss and his assistant Steven Brown are confident professionals and deeply knowledgeable about how to treat my uncommon case. After all my surgeries I was able to return to a active lifestyle including jogging, cycling, lifting, swimming and Water Polo with extensive feedback from Dave and Steven on what would be the most beneficial exercises and how to keep my knees healthy in the long term and still stay active. Dave keeps up on recent research in the world of PT and constantly improves his methods and techniques to provide the most informed and up to date care. I will never be able to thank Steven and Dave enough for their wonderful work.

Jennifer Andrus

There are not sufficient words for how happy I am that went to hand and orthopedic physical therapy specialists for physical therapy on my hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Everybody there--from the front desk staff to the PAs to the physical therapists--are professional and a pleasure to work with. When I started physical therapy, after a major trauma, I didn't think I'd move my elbow again. Thanks to Steve Wixom, who is exceptionally talented and kind, and to his team, I have my arm and hand back.

Laura Sherman


I went to Spencer Christensen at Hand and Orthopedic in SLC and I cannot be happier with my results. I went in the end of August 2019 for help regaining motion in my broken elbow. At the time, I could not straighten my arm and was also having a lot of wrist pain. After twice weekly visits for about 7 weeks, my arm is completely straight again and I can participate in activities I couldn’t before. I would say that Spencer is a miracle worker, but actually he is just a very thorough and knowledgeable physical therapist who is very good at his job. He makes PT fun, he has a great attitude, but most importantly—he knows what he’s doing. If you follow through with the prescribed exercises given and do your part, I think you will be surprised at how quickly you can experience progress when you are working with someone as proficient as Spencer is. I recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.

Lorraine Nelms

I'm happy with everything about the facility, staff, and therapy I received. Reception staff is friendly and welcoming. Facility is clean and well equipped. Therapists and assistants are knowledgeable and interested in your well-being and getting you back to full function. Dave Moss is the best for Ortho issues!

Kathy Durka

I was referred to Dave Moss for help recovering from surgery due to a torn meniscus. He was professional, direct, and compassionate as we moved towards recovery. His staff is professional, friendly and patient. The gym was always clean and orderly and they were always happy to see me. Most importantly, he Helped me heal in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to others and will not hesitate to use him if I need PT again.

Scotty Bernauer-scottyb518

Chandler Purcell

Amazing location downtown with a great staff! Dave will get you back to 110%. Friendly, knowledgeable and engaging staff all around.

Jill Kinney

I was in need of physical therapy after having surgery on both of my feet. My left foot was operated on first and PT started on that foot about seven weeks later. Then after about another four weeks I had surgery on my right foot. Two weeks after my right foot surgery I went back to Dave and his team to finish up several more weeks of therapy on my left foot (while I was still non-weight bearing on my right foot, in a boot and using a knee roller). Anyway, there were some challenges because of the tight schedule I was on in order to be able to be back on my bike in the spring. Dave and his team were great to work with during the required therapy on both of my feet. As most everyone knows, therapy can (and should) be difficult, I am so grateful for Dave’s knowledge, creativity and skills in pushing and challenging me in my recovery so I could reach my goals! I’m happy to report that I recently completed a 54.9-mile bike ride with no foot pain whatsoever.

Ryan Parrish

Dave and his staff are top notch. They are very knowledgable in the practice and have a good gage in determining each of their clients goals and needs. Thanks for helping get me back into the game.

Sergio Avalos

Went in with lower back pain. Learned alot from Dave Moss! Back feels great now. Thank you to everyone who helped out in the process

Ryan Nord

I would not recommend this company to anyone. They aren't good to their employees. They aren't good with patients, it's more about making money then helping patients recover.

Todd Green

They say it usually takes 12 weeks to recover from the surgery I had, but with Dave and his staff's care I finished therapy in just over 7. Dave is very knowledgeable, friendly, personable, and really listens to your feedback about your treatment. He reinforces what is working with additional exercises and if there is something you feel isn't for you, he had a variety of techniques that he can substitute. He is also great at managing your expectations and concerns explaining the healing process at every step. Though I hope I never need to, I wouldn't hesitate to go back in the future or recommend him to friends and family.

Mike Pingree

Steve Crandall was very professional and gave me a therapy program tailored to me individually. I have been to other PT's but have not had the same experience. My back is feeling a ton better. The results of the exercise program have been awesome. My pain has gone away and I have my life back again. Thanks a bunch.

Juan Valdez

After I had a bad car accident the Hand and Orthopedic Specialists really helped get me back into shape. They are extremely supportive and professional. If I need therapy again, I will not hesitate to come back and see Dr. Moss or Dr. Wixom.

Charlotte Marshall

Everyone is great here. The office is nice and quiet and there is more individual attention than other places I've tried.

Corey Hansen

Caring and helpful staff. Dave is excellent. Highly recommended.

Judy Maas

Victor Gold

Spencer definitely knows his stuff. Highly recommend if you need hand therapy.

Marcie Bronchella

The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my therapy.

Rachael Hsu

The staff were all very accommodating. Dave and the PT assistants we're awesome to work with and really cared about my progress and goals. Gonna miss going to this place!

Brittany Alleman Ayers

Very professional and understanding of the healing process. I would recommend them to anyone.

Nicole Pinnell

Spencer is a superb therapist who has helped me break through a variety of complex, long term issues. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone seeking for healing and answers.

Kathy Kolstad

Everyone was amazing. I’ve had a lot of PT & all of the people here are the best, most caring & thorough of any I’ve worked with. If I have another surgery (I so hope not) I’ll be back! Thanks to Spencer for all of his knowledge & kindness!!

Lauren Ericksen

I have been visiting this clinic for ankle rehab after a misdiagnosed syndesmosis injury ended in surgery. The team here is amazing! All of the staff are friendly, and it has been great to work with them. Dave Moss will push you hard, but the results always make the pain worth it. It is always easy to get scheduled, and the location is very conveniently close the the University of Utah campus. I would highly recommend coming here!

Richard MacDougall

Very professional staff. Dave Moss and Mitch were punctual and thoroughly explained the therapeutic techniques being used. They were personable and had a good sense of humor--always helpful when one is in discomfort from an injury. My achilles rupture definitely benefited from PT. I highly recommend the climic.

Dennis Cox

Hanna Harris

Nikhit Mago

Dave and his team was amazing and very professional! It took them about 12 sessions to treat my knee problem, and each and every visit was so fun. The entire team was so well organized and Dave answered all my questions so enthusiastically. Dave is an amazing guy who genuinely wants to know the patient better. Highly recommended for anyone with a knee problem.

Sal Scott

Juliana Groscost

Everyone was very welcoming and professional, the location is clean and well maintained, and best of all, I’m feeling much better!

Mitch Orton

Arnold Jones

Dr moss and Steven are very professional, courteous and verf friendly. They are easy going and very knowledgeable. They care about their patients. I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of physical therapy. Their office staff is awesome as well. Matt jones

Karen Eyre

Mike Farr

Great therapists and a nice staff. I was well taken care of. Thank you!

Walter Blanco

I am very happy for the professionalism, knowledge and motivation demonstrated by my therapist during our sessions, which got me back on my training schedule. I appreciate all the care and time he spent with me to get me back on track.

Grace Mason

I had a great time at Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I have an ankle that loves to get bent out of shape, and Dave and his team provided me with care that was fun and helpful.

Christian Jackson

Spencer Christensen has been a wonderful person to work with! He is very personable and gives you the care and attention that you need and want. Additionally, he is very knowledgeable about the human body. In short he is an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend him to my closest friends!

lowell bennion

David Moss and his assistants treated me in a most satisfactory manner. I just wish it hadn't taken eight visits to clear out most, but not quite all, of the congestion in my chest.

Nicholas F

Dave is a great Physical Therapist. He cares about what’s best for your recovery. He doesn’t push you too hard especially when you’re starting out, but gradually works you up to a full recovery. I’m very happy with the results I had post-shoulder surgery.

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