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REVIEWS OF Memorial Hospital Family Care Center IN Rhode Island

Dee Citizen

I love my doctor who i followed To this location unfortunately and is also on vacation, all other nurses and doctors are so uncaring and extremely rude, they are clearly just there for a paycheck. I have never been treated the way I have these past 2 weeks coming in and out of this location. I had 2 doctors tell me to take a couple days off and I declined until my test results came back and I decided maybe I should rest, I go back for a check up and ask the doctor for a doctors note seeing I was told through the phone of my test results and was told to take time off and I would get the doctors note when I go in for a check up which was today and this “doctor” gives me a note stating I reported I wasn’t feeling well enough to go to work... after explaining to her that the last 2 doctors told me to take time off she refused to give me a note for the last 2 days...if my doctor wasn’t at this location bet you a’’ I wouldn’t be coming here!!!! They treat their patients as if we don’t matter!

Delba Peňa

Son horrible yevo 10 días para comunicarme i llamo si asta 20 beses al día i no me comunico tuve que ir ala officina para poder comunicarme

Candice Mccartin

Maria Victoria Claudio

I been going to family care from the age of 15 years old and I'm 48 and my experience with them is been great they always treated me with respect and courtesy and I always been cared for 100% in family care and in there main hospital and ER..

emily velez

If you go here you will not be seen by doctors who know what they are doing. Place is run by a bunch of residents, students who when they dont know whats wrong with you they make it up. Ive had several wrong labs ordered and had to get blood re drawn. Receptionists are rude as hell and think they know as much as a doctor, sometimes trying to convince you to not make an appointment unless they think you really need it. Several of these 'doctors' are rude and conceited.

Gabrielle X

I have been going here for the past 15years, my Dr is the most caring and knowledgeable man. I am very fortunate to have found a medical team that can provide me and my family with the care we need.

noxvita83 .

Kim Peirce

On several occasions the service has been horrible. Now it seems that it doesn't matter that I don't have my medication. Going to look for new doctor and pray that I don't get into an accident in the meantime.

Jessica Sinatra

Worst experience ever in the medical field! My boyfriend came here on two occasions, for blood tests and physical. They couldn't find his appointment and dismissed him, only for one staff member to tell him to sneak past security to meet a nurse. The nurse was horribly trained, stabbing him repeatedly on both arms to find a vein. Second visit was for a physical, only to find out by the doctor after the appointment that he was already billed for a physical during the first visit (the blood test appointment) and therefore the insurance will not cover it. After appeals and conversations with both insurance company and the hospital billing department, it was determined that even though they (the hospital staff) are completely in the wrong he is still responsible for the bill. As a person who worked as a medical biller for 5 years, I can tell you that if it was our staff that messed up the billing it would be us who takes the responsibility NOT THE PATIENT. Moral of this story... Go elsewhere!! Worst hospital staff and medical billing department in the state of Rhode Island.

Allison English

Mari Perez

Rude receptionist in team A sat for hours in room then they went to lunch. They say it's an Express Clinic they really need to change the name Walked out

Ariel Blessie

I have lived in 7 different states and have had several different doctors. This is the WORST I have ever had to deal with. I refuse to come back here. So unorganized. All they want to do is keep playing tag with you. They hang up on me all the time. They tell me ill get a call back and they do not. My health is kind of important

Leanora Pewsey

I've been coming here for 20 yrs..always recd the best of care..knowledgeable Drs and Nurses..kind, compassionate CNAs..nothing but the best..My Dr? Dr.Rabin Chandran..he is what a dr should be..

Erin Vezina

I have been coming for years. And i went today. Was told That i could be seen in xpress clinic so you have to sign in. Then go to registration. Then go to the team and check in an wait for the nurse to bring you to your room. A hour and a half later i am leaving.never saw a doctor. On the way out i stop at the desk because i dont want to be charged. They tell me yea. Its crazy today with only 1 doctor. 1 doctor for all that staff. Nuts. This place will be shut down within a year I will never go back

Brandon Harper

Looking for new Doctors for my family. The front end is rude, arrogant, sometimes do not put appointments in, and lose records that have been faxed in. Absolutely terrible.

Dave Delano

The receptionist in Team C treated me like an animal. I guess these receptionists work hard but they shouldn't treat people as if they are stupid animals. The receptionist shouted at me very loudly when I approached her receptionist window. I felt pretty bad walking out of there without seeing the doctor I had been waiting to see. I had to mange to make it to this appointment through a lot of barriers only to be meet with an ill-tempered receptionist. I had made appointments there with the same Team C doctor for my other family members but I walked straight to the appointment desk(she was kinder) and cancelled those. Who wants to be treated badly for no real reason? All I wanted to do was see a doctor...

Renee Martel

I am so getting out of this place!!! I swear they kill people!!!! Smh worst docs ever!! Well i guess they are not docs yet!!!!

Amanda Williams

I'm new to Providence and need to find a better option for a doctor. I show up 20 minutes early and tlmy appointment was 45 minutes ago... "Yes, we are running late. We are doing the best we can." Well the best you can is wasting my time and of course I'm missing work and this process is way to stressful. 3 check ins... Not kidding. Desk, cubile, different desk.... And wait. No consideration given but I'm trapped it I want care, right? It's absurd. The last time I was here: same bologna. This appt., Though, was made in advance and I was super early... Ridiculous.

google user

I also have been a patient of Team B for 27 years. I ended up here because at one point I had no insurance and this was the only office that would see my son. Aside from exrtremely long wait times (Sometimes excessive) in l those years i only had only one bad experience with an on call doctor. I wont go into details but lets hope this doc learned bedside MANNERS. Long wait times is my only complaint.

Joyce Pepi

My family has been patient’s in this facility for over 12 years. It is time to find a new family practice group. The service is terrible. Staff are rude and uncaring. They are constantly canceling appointments at the last minute. Would never recommend them to anyone. No wonder they are in financial trouble.

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