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REVIEWS OF HARTZ Physical Therapy - Lancaster West IN Pennsylvania

Sue Bucher

This is my second knee replacement and I returned to Hartz after being totally impressed by the physical therapy I received after my first replacement.

Diane Mowery

Patrick and Michelle have been working with me after I finally decided to have a total knee replacement. They are wonderful. Any questions I have, they answer in detail and in a way I can understand. When I would get frustrated, Patrick would explain that in so many weeks you will be seeing this happen or that. I had my doubts, but as each week progressed, I had to admit, he was right, as long as I did my part when not at PT. Everyone is so nice and if I ever need a question answered, I only need to call. Thank you.

kyle Donton

I love Hartz physical therapy. Beth and Brooke are the very best. I have such a fun time everytime and they work me hard. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to better themselves in a family like atmosphere with great people.

Kara Kalupson

I've had a wonderful experience with Hartz Physical Therapy- their expertise and friendly manner have done wonders for me as a recover from a serious ankle injury.

Sherry Ober

The staff at Hartz Physical Therapy Office in Lancaster are very friendly, sympathetic to the medical problem, and very knowledgeable in their approach to the treatment. Both my husband and I were treated at Hartz and have always been pleased with the results of the treatment. I was experiencing pain in the right elbow and lower back. One of the therapists who treated my condition is certified in "Active Release Techniques" (soft tissue manipulation). I found this treatment to be very successful in eliminating my pain, in conjunction with regular physical therapy treatment. An additional bonus with this office location is the fact that a medically adaptive gym or "MAG" program is offered for strengthening and cardio, following release from the regular physical therapy program. The director of this program customizes an exercise plan to meet the needs of each client. This program has been of special benefit to my husband who suffers from Parkinson's-like symptoms that especially affect his balance and ability to walk. His balance and strength overall has greatly improved as a result of participation in this program. He has fewer falls and if he does fall, he has more strength to help himself get to an upright position. We believe his enrollment in the MAG program at Hartz is helping to keep him more mobile and allowing him to have more independence in using a walker, as opposed to a wheelchair. A huge "Thank You" to all of the staff at Hartz P.T.!!

Raymond Ressler

I would recommend Hartz to anyone who needs physical therapy. Everyone there was very knowledgeable and concern with my care and progress. My wife also has used them for her physical therapy and speaks highly of the care that she got as well. Raymond Ressler

Lynne Ostrowski

Hayden McDevitt and the HARTZ PT staff are great. I'm a former employee who has also been a happy patient of this competent and warm team of professionals. I always recommend HARTZ PT to friends and family with rehabilitation needs. Two thumbs up!

Joe Averill

Went to Hartz after my shoulder surgery. Their staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I would highly recommend.

Lisa Brimhall

Zodiac-Music JValentin

Judy Snyder

Patrick and Michele helped me relieve the pain with my lumbar back problem with the therapy. I’m getting better each week and soon done. I want to continue at home the exercises they showed me for the core so the back doesn’t get weak again, especially over the winter. Hartz Physical Therapy is at a good location and I feel very comfortable going there.

Matt Long

Sheila Brustad

I had a great experience at Hartz Physical Therapy when getting seen for my neck and shoulder. I would highly recommend going there.

Nancy Hurst

Nancy Schuit

During the Fall of 2018, I had a herniated disc in my lower back and wanted to try to see if PT would keep me from having to have surgery. I, unfortunately, still had to have surgery, but my PT experience at Hartz was great! Patrick and Michelle were very professional to work with and they actually made PT fun! If I need to do PT again, I would definitely return there.

Bill McDevitt

Having suffered a back and neck injury years ago, and then having gone through many tests and treatments without any true relief, I began seeing Hayden at Hartz PT for physical therapy. His technique was different than any others I had experienced previously and within weeks my pain was gone. GONE! It was like a miracle! Anyone who has had chronic pain could relate. I've learned that growing a bit older is not for the faint of heart, yet I've also learned that there is someone who can help! I recently injured my shoulder and while I thought it would just heal on its own, that didn't happen, so back I went to Hartz to see Hayden. Turns out that shoulders are more difficult to deal with because of the complexity of that joint, but once again, that man has healed me through his prowess in the PT field and his more specialized technique using ART. Awesome! Hayden and his staff at Good Drive are unequaled in their caring, their attention to the patient and the successful results they are able to produce..... for which I am very thankful.

Paul Sniffin

I have used Hartz Physical Therapy multiple times over the past several years and have been completely satisfied with the treatment. Hayden and his team work wonders on all the aches and pain. They consistently invest all the time that is needed and I have never felt rushed, to make sure we understand the therapy and follow up home therapy. Paul

Susan Matthews

Great place for PT! Everyone is very professional. Treatment was top notch. Very clean facility and convenient location.

Jeanette Rickabaugh

Cheryl Marie

This Is By Far The Best Place Ever!! Everyone Is So Very Very Nice!! I Absolutely Love It Here. I’m So Glad I’m Going Here After My Brain Aneurysm And Stroke!! It’s A Terrific Place!! The People Are So Friendly!! I Wish I Could Give It Billion Stars!!! Hands Down The Best Place Ever!! You’ll Love It Here!!

jollymon17603 .

Great staff. My second time at Hartz and I am very pleased with the service.

Greg de Vitry

My PT with Hyden McDevitt was very helpful. After years with pain in my hip, I learned stretches and exercises to reduce my pain (hopefully gone someday). I would recommend this practice for any of your PT needs. The staff/exercise room were very supportive of my needs/recovery.

Rob Fisher

Well...last day at PT. Thanks for everything! My 15 year old is done with PT and is ready to rock again. He wouldn't be here without the amazing help of Dr. Hayden McDevitt and the PT asst. We spent a few months at another PT place and had zero progress. There was a time when we wondered if my son would ever play basketball again!! Well thanks to you guys he is good to go!

Cynthia Gary

Nancy Jenkins

My husband and I have been part of the Medically Adaptive Gym (MAG) almost since it was opened. It has been part of our weekly routine for almost 10 years. We have started and stop twice, but we are not motivated to continue regular exercise program without structure. The most important aspect of the program, most of us involved in the program, our overweight, have chronic health problems such as Diabetes, CHF, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, etc., aches and pain, and out of shape. Aaron is in charge of the program, and keeps a close eye on our progress. He designs programs to fit our needs, and every ones program is different. About once a month, when you complete your sheet, he updates the program, advancing your program, based on what he observes, in the gym. You are under constant supervision. Because you need to schedule appointments, you need to call in and cancel your appointment, and why you aren't able to come. It keeps you accountable. Over the last year, I have lost 27 pounds. The loss has been gradual and I have kept it off. The last 2 years, my Grandson who is involved with baseball, has been training with Aaron in off season. I know he is under constant supervision to prevent any injury, and also increase his strength. He is proud of his guns, and shows me on a regular bases his progress. I would recommend anyone who has made a New Years resolution, to consider going to the MAG program. Even though it cost more than other gyms, I find the personal hands on supervision reassuring. Also, if I am spending money on the program, I am not using the money to by snack, food, or eating out.

Chantel Gish

I would highly recommend Hartz Physical Therapy! I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for PT. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and very personable! I worked specifically with Hayden and Alicia, who are both amazing at what they do!

mike mcgee

The staff at the GD office is like a family. They take personal time with you. They do not push you through your treatment. They listen to your concerns. I recommend them highly.

Judy Haldeman

Hartz is a first class physical therapy company. Been with them for around 15 years and I will continue to use them as times arise. Great therapists, assistants and office personnel. I’m staying away from naming anyone since I’ve had so many. I will throw out Hayden, Alicia and Gabby since they’ve been helping me at the Good Dr office since my knee surgery.

Robert Barnett

Five stars aren't enough to convey my regard for Hartz PT Lancaster. I began therapy immediately after partial knee replacement. Hayden's gentle, measured probings, manipulations, and evaluations were carried out at the highest professional level. After each treatment I was expertly paced through a series of exercises by Alicia whose pleasant manner and skillful instruction insured that I did the exercises to produce the desired outcome of complete healing in a timely fashion. Hartz PT provides a spacious well-equipped venue with comfortable temperature that enhances the experience. Robert Barnett

Johnathan Maharg

Hartz physical therapy is miles above the rest of Lancaster counties Physical Therapy offerings. Staff is super friendly like many places but the main difference is the individual care from the start that is consistently there throughout the weeks and months you may be in treatment. I have been to 5 or 6 other physical therapy groups in Lancaster and Hartz is now my go to for future needs. Thank you Hartz ☺️

hoagie carmichael

Paul M. Rossi

I've been a client of HARTZ Physical Therapy - Lancaster West on Good Drive for the past three years. As a result of a traumatic injury, it became necessary for me to pursue long term physical therapy. From the initial intake visit with Dr. Hayden Mcdevitt, I was convinced that my specific needs would be met. Working closely with Hayden and his assistant Alicia, I've developed a trusting relationship with each, resulting in positive gains towards recovery throughout my journey. Never having to face the challenges I've endured, finding the right physical therapist focused on my specific spinal cord injury needs and with many choices of where to go and who to work with, I've found that working with Hayden and his colleagues has made a difference towards regaining my life back. HARTZ PT and the professional and courteous staff deserve the opportunity to assist when challenged with life changing events.

Tatiana Torres

Millie Shenton

Janet Keuper

Kathleen MCGDB

My son, 18 years old, began working with Patrick Jones at Hartz on Good Drive in December. He'd sustained a stress fracture during a sports season. Patrick and his assistant, Michelle, are phenomenal. They explain what and why they are doing various exercise. They spend a great deal of time with my son (and by what I observe the other professionals do as well with their patients). My son has been able to return to training and is thrilled. The facility has a home feeling while at the same time there seems to be no waits to use equipment. The staff who have worked with him as well as the warm receptionist who works behind the desk greet many patients by name and with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend Hartz and this team to anyone in need of Physical Therapy.

Timothy Smith

I have enjoyed my experience at Hartz! Wendy and Beth have both helped me to start reaching my goals. Wendy makes sure I don’t sink to the bottom of the pool! lol. And Heather is friendly and helpful at the front desk!

Barb Price

I have been a client of this practice for at least 8 years and knowing the owner since 1999. They work in dedicated teams with each individual based on their needs for rehab, after surgery or injury, etc. The staff is great fun, caring & genuine, a gang of great people. Kudos to Brian Hartz & Hayden McDevitt, both DPTs. You have rehabbed me how many times?? I do not know what I would do without you two. Absolutely the Best PT practice in the county!! Hands down!!

Kerry D.

Following shoulder surgery, I was unsure what to expect from therapy but my experience at Hartz was excellent. The staff was welcoming and kind. At each stage of the rehabilitation process Patrick clearly explained the objectives and goals, tailored therapy to my specific needs, and answered my many questions with expertise. Both Patrick and Michelle were patient, supportive, encouraging, and always made me feel comfortable. I could not be more pleased with my recovery. Thank you Patrick, Michelle, and the entire Hartz team. I highly recommend Hartz Physical Therapy.

Josh Leeking

I had an excellent experience at HARTZ PT! The staff was very knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend them!

Lauren Kirchoff

As someone who has seen the care delivered in a variety of physical therapy offices, I can tell you the care provided by both Hayden & Dan at the Good Drive office goes above and beyond anything I've experienced. Without Dan's help with a neck issue (and prehab for ankle surgery), I never would have made it two weeks, let alone 2 hours, on crutches post-op. Now, I wouldn't be where I am 3 months out from surgery, and back to work, without Hayden's excellent work. Both therapists are easy to talk and convey your concerns to, and make you comfortable that they are really listening. You truly can't go wrong choosing this office for your care.

Daniel Hopple

Mark Fleischmann

The staff at HARTZ Physical Therapy on Good Drive in Lancaster, Pa is excellent. I was very impressed by the care I received. Alicia and Hayden are very gifted. They did an amazing job helping me with my recovery! I was really impressed by their knowledge and technique. I would wholeheartedly recommend them!

Kenny Kirchoff

I’ve seen Hayden at the Lancaster office twice now, for neck pain and low back pain, and I won’t go anywhere else. He’s always attentive & keeps me challenged with my exercises. He was also able to identify an issue with my back no one else had ever pointed out before. I can’t say enough good things about him and the staff at the Lancaster office.

Judith Logan

Had an issue with severe sciatica pain a few weeks back...after six weeks with Dr Hayden McDevitt and his prescribed stretches and exercises at home...pain is gone and I’m back to playing eighteen holes! Hayden’s professionalism and expertise are unparalleled in the county! Thanks to you Hayden, I have my life back!

Gina de Vitry

I had the fortunate experience of not only being a patient at Hartz - Lancaster West, but also an intern PTA. I received such skilled and compassionate care as a patient, that I became inspired to pursue a career as a PTA. After shadowing at Hartz, I completed a program and was thrilled to get the opportunity to return to Hartz for my internship. I, again, had such a positive experience with each of the staff members and truly believe that I learned from some of the best in the field.

Angela Hess

Always great advice and great hands on Therapy.

Lisa Sandhaus

I have been seeing Hayden and Alicia at Hartz on Good Dr. pre- and post- shoulder replacement surgery. They are both so great to work with. Hayden is great at explaining what he feels is needed to improve and what to expect in the future, based on his knowledge and experience. Everyone at the office is very friendly and are happy to help each other out if needed. It is a very relaxed, happy atmosphere. I highly recommend this office.

Elizabeth Brubaker

Best place in Lancaster for physical therapy. I’ve been doing aquatic PT, the pool and room is always a great temperature. The staff is very knowledgeable, flexible and friendly. Individualized PT with skilled staff members.

kris trainer

For many years, Hartz Physical Therapy has been my go-to place for orthopedic rehab and PT for arthritic changes to my body. I've recently had PT under the expert guidance of Michelle Potts for my shoulder and the exercises have helped me tremendously. The staff is very confident and friendly, and I would suggest Hartz to anyone experiencing muscoskeletal disorders.

Jennifer Kegel

There is (cookie cutter) physical therapy and then there's Hartz Physical Therapy. I've had numerous orthopaedic issues over the past 30 years. I've seen many physical therapists. Hartz is the best ! They offer an individualized approach. The physical therapist are hands on; offering active release therapy. The staff is wonderful. As a medical doctor and previous patient, I recommend Hartz Physical Therapy without reservation.

Liz McDevitt

Always a wonderful experience with Hartz PT! Great group of people. Relaxed & welcoming atmosphere. Saw Hayden for my knee, hip & shoulder, with a great outcome each time. Hayden is very compassionate, knowledgeable & takes the time to answer all your questions. It truly makes a difference where you go for therapy & what therapist you are seeing. I’d highly recommend Hayden at Hartz PT on Good Drive!

Sandy Lel

I couldn't move my arm and was in pain. I thought I might need X-rays or surgery. My sister's friend suggested I go to a physical therapy so I chose Hartz Physical Therapy – Lancaster West on Good Dr. because of all the five stars they received. I didn't need to go to any other doctors because of Dr. Hayden Mcdevitt 's help. He diagnosed, evaluated and treated me. I love the way Hayden did stretches on me. I can feel a big difference afterward. After his stretches, I can move my arm without any pain. I would give Hayden a ten stars if I can. Hayden is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled. Alicia is also very knowledgeable and experienced. She helped me so much with the stretching exercises, making sure I did everyone of them correctly and helped speed up my healing process. I am very grateful and thankful for all their help. The front desk, (I believe her name is Gabby) is very friendly, patient and helpful with any questions I might have. This is the best place to go to and I highly recommend them. They are very thoughtful and compassionate towards your feeling and needs. I am very happy I found them on Google.

Linda McDonnell

My daughter had a brain aneurysm and a stroke. I had been taking her to the Neurocenter at the Health Campus thinking my daughter would get the best care there but I was wrong. I switched my daughter to Hartz PT and I am so thankful I did. The progress she made at Hartz on GD was amazing. She went from walking bent over and using the walker improperly after having 28 sessions at the using a cane then progressing to walking with no cane at Hartz! Oh by the way the Neurocenter said my daughter plateaued! I started her at Hartz right after the Neurocenter and Hayden had her practicing walking with a cane within the first 2 weeks. Hayden is awesome! He is so knowledgeable and good at his job. His assistant Alicia is fantastic too. They are all so nice and friendly at GD but most importantly they do their job with excellence. If you are looking for good results I highly recommend Hartz! I agree with others posts.... if I could rate them higher than 5 stars I would. I am so thankful for the progress my daughter made while in their care. They truly are wonderful at their jobs.

Gerald Sprecher

April 2018 I had a right hip replacement. I worked with Patrick and Michelle two very compassionate individuals. Then again on Jan 2019 I had a total left knee replacement. Once again I asked for Patrick and Michelle to assist me in my recovery. I found that the first three weeks after surgery pain level makes you want to cry for your mommy.

Anne Dandridge

Dr. Hayden McDevitt and the entire team at Hartz Physical Therapy are absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful for the referral from my rheumatologist after a rotator cuff injury. It’s not every day you find knowledgeable experienced doctors and staff who genuinely care about their patients the way this team does. Scheduling and billing have also been fabulous to work with! I have made tremendous progress over the past few months and avoided surgery! I owe it all to the Hartz team. Thank you Hayden, Alicia, and Joy. I look forward to my visits with you!

Ed Kachnoskie

The Staff at HARTZ Physical Therapy are very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them and remember it is your choice where you want to go for PT.

Jim Sauder

Patrick and Michelle did PT after my knee replacement. They kept me informed about what procedures they were doing and how it would help me. Both were friendly and asked about my musical activities and events. Aaron set me up with a rehab program in the MAG (Medically Assisted Gym). He is very patient in helping to explain and reexplain the exercises. The employees and patients are like a family. I would highly recommend Hartz Physical Therapy on Good Drive in Lancaster.

Jacqueline Boben

I went to Hartz physical therapy for a hip injury. I also looked forward to being helped by friendly people. It is very easy to schedule.

Phyllis Leber

I chose Hartz Physical Therapy because of its convenient location, but I have been very pleased with the quality of their treatment and their professionalism. Having had physical therapy at other venues previously, I am impressed by how personable the entire Hartz staff are to their clients. Patrick and Michelle have given me phenomenal care through three rounds of physical therapy, pre- and post-surgery. Patrick and Michelle are an unbeatable PT team. In short, they are the best.

Lori Jo Trautman

Professional, competent, friendly therapists. I have had therapy here twice over 3 years for 2 separate issues and each time I experienced fast, excellent results. I would never think of going any place else for physical therapy. Even the atmosphere of the facility is wonderful. I would give 10 stars if I could!

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