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REVIEWS OF Whole Body Health Physical Therapy IN Oregon

sharon prange

I've been a proponent of PT for almost 40 years, but Brooke at Whole Body brings a new breadth for my enthusiasm for it. She makes the whole experience almost something to look forward to. She's knowledgeable, thorough, enthusiastic and downright fun to be around. I hope I'm never in need of a PT again, but I know whom I'll be calling if I do.

pamela lockyear

I am so grateful for Bryan's guidance in my recovery. He is a teacher with an excellent understanding of the body, a great coach and a healer. He customized my exercises to accommodate a previous unrelated injury/weakness and in the process strengthened that area of the body, too. I only wish I had gone to him sooner. I highly, highly recommend Bryan!!

N Crompton

Last year I injured my back during a workout and was experiencing miserable pain. After no improvement after a couple weeks I went to see Justine at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy and had a fantastic experience. I work as a wildland firefighter and depend on my body for a living so the injury was making me VERY nervous, but Justine made me feel very comfortable and put my mind at ease. More than anything else though the results were what made me happiest. Within two appointments I was back to myself again and able to start exercising. By the time my fire season rolled around I had no pain and no problems performing my job to it's fullest. Thanks Justine!

Amelia Righi

Duane n Cora Tucker

Though I came in with pain in one area, Justine worked with me to find the source of the pain, rather than just treat the symptom. She was patient with me as I learned the exercises that would most help with my needs, and found creative ways to most effectively communicate in a way with which I could relate. She listened to all of my concerns, working hard to help me establish and meet my goals for treatment. I also appreciated her integrity in treatment.

Steven Beeghly

I worked with PT Bryan Lang. I was working on strengthening my knee after surgical knee repair. My goal was to return to playing competitive soccer. As a fellow soccer player Bryan helped focus on strengthening my core, hips and leg strength. I've never felt stronger or more confident on the field. That is thanks to continued focus from my PT Bryan. As long as you can commit to the work out assigned in and out of the office. You'll get where you want to be going to physical therapy here. Thanks for your help returning me to competitive play!

Allyssa Cole

I began working with Bryan at Whole Body Health after about 5 months of chiropractic work due to a lower back injury from a car accident. After working with Bryan for a few months my back pain improved drastically. Bryan is extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly made me feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Whole Body Health .

Maria LRB

Allison is professional, comprehensive, thorough and sincere; resulting in an immediate response toward my healing. Coming from Health Care, I am very particular and wouldn’t continue therapy if I didn’t have faith in her.

Linda Segall Anable

Darren Armstrong

All of the PTs have been great. Everyone in the office is amazingly helpful. Big shout out to Brian Lang and Kim Seymour for all of the ways in which they helped me recover. Their positive encouragement was a big help during my recovery process. Thank you!

GJ Bishop

Brooke went above and beyond to help with my injury and train. The front desk staff were always personable. The environment is modern and clean. Location is convenient for my needs.

John Rowan

Bryan and the rest of the staff are friendly, helpful, and truly effective. Bryan has changed the way that I approach running, which has resulted in a pain-free experience. I couldn't be happier.

Mike Goffe

Easy to find location, nice office, flexible scheduling, and friendly staff to work with (both my Physical Therapist, Brooke, and reception were wonderful). Would most definitely recommend!

Kristen Hobbs

I started seeing Bryan for a torn rotator cuff in March 2017, and upon leaving my first visit I have felt exactly how I need to as an athlete -- empowered in the active role I can take my own care. I am an active person with a fairly tight, irritable body and a history of injuries here and there from training, and Bryan has helped me figure out how to sort the signals to accomplish my goals. I found the Whole Body Health website by looking specifically for a clinic with an understanding of the latest research, especially because I have found that central sensitization has dramatically affected a lot of my injuries. From the first visit Bryan was rattling off all sorts of points that showed a genuine understanding of the latest interventions and research. Since my initial visit and treatment, I've been back as needed for Bryan's guidance and personal training ideas throughout multiple changes in my routine. When I have a mini-irritation or hiccup I contact him or the clinic to get a re-set with some ideas on what I might try, and I often get such good advice that I'm able to make progress myself for 6 weeks before even needing another visit. Two other things come to mind that stand out at Whole Body Health. It is notable that in this clinic as compared to many others, you are working directly with your therapist for a full session, often an hour, rather than being passed off to aides or semi-watched while your therapist is partially disengaged. Having also worked with Kim on pelvic floor issues and having seen other clinicians at work with clients, it is a place where the focus is genuinely on patient care. The office staff drive home this point as they are inevitably friendly, and more helpful than they should be - they have often made the self-sacrificing move of calling dreaded insurance companies on my behalf, or rearranging my weird appointment schedules, all while acting like they are actually happy to be doing it and making it seem easy. Kristen

Marcia Monro

Brooke is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and caring. I started PT with severe pain, thinking I might need surgery. The pain is in my lower back, hip, and knee. It kept me awake at night. After therapy with Brooke, I have reached a level of pain at zero to two, vs level of 7 to 8 when I started. I highly recommend Brooke for your physical therapy needs.

Jeffrey Wright

Anthony Morales

Brooke was amazing and was very knowledgeable. She was super nice and showed that she really cared. Everyone in the office was very friendly as well!

Debra Sheldon

I was a patient of Whole Body Health and Kimberly Seymour for almost a year. Every time I entered the office, I enjoyed the warm atmosphere from all the employees. Kim was my physical therapist and she is not only a skilled therapist, but a kind and personable woman as well. My healing and re-gaining strength to return to work was a pleasant journey, to my surprise. She also taught me other exercises and stretches to avoid injury at work, not necessarily related to my injury. If you go into the office even one time, you will see exactly why I was so impressed with this clinic. Give them a try and you will be convinced, just as I was!

Chris Mildner

I have had a lot of pain for a long time and Justine has helped take it down to almost nothing. She is thorough, knowledgeable, gentle and fantastic. Brian, also terrific, worked with my mom, who is 92, and helped her with her body strength. He was very patient dealing with her dementia too.

Kaori S

Justine has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She always make sure I have full understanding on the exercises she introduces me to. And I appreciate the email with follow up. :)

Elizabeth Ebensteiner

The physical therapists at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy are amazing and Justine in particular is a gem. I have bilateral osteoarthritis in my knees and she has helped me get more range of motion and less pain than I ever thought possible. I am so happy that a friend recommended this clinic to me. I have recommended this clinic to family members and friends.

george bare

Had a very productive session with Justine Cosman who gave me new insights to my my condition which have proven to be enormously helpful.

Matthew Pearson

Bryan Lang set me on a new course with recommendation for a healthier diet. The result has been dramatic. I met with Bryan Lang for help with a sports injury. As part of his health assessment, he identify a much more important issue; I was eating too much sugar. I have always been active and relied on my bodies natural ability to burn off extra calories. Alas, my body is changing as I get older. I've discovered that my diet needs to also change. Bryan made recommendations for higher protein, lower sugar and lower carb foods. Within weeks, I lost a couple of inches from my waist line. I feel better and my energy level is improved. I am amazed at how the body can change with a healthier diet. Thanks, Bryan!

philip smith

I highly recommend WBHPT. Kara is the best. You'll end up looking forward to going!

Cayla Cothron

I was searching for a physical therapist that I trusted when I first moved to Portland that could help me to deal with injuries I had been ignoring for years. I've lived in pain since I was 17, and with no success from prior treatments, I wasn't confident that I would be able to overcome it. But then I came across Whole Body Health and couldn't be happier that I did. Through my treatment, Justine worked with me every step of the way to provide me the care I needed. It was a lot of hard work, but I've never felt more supported by a truly knowledgeable therapist that cares about her patients. In addition to my physical therapy, I was referred to a chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy at Right as Rain chiropractic, who also works in the office space and is by far one of the best doctors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. In addition to those actually treating me, the staff at this office are fantastic and spent a lot of time making sure insurance was covering my costs to the fullest extent possible, and are dedicated to making physical therapy and the other services offered here as affordable as they can to those who need it. The holistic care I've received from Justine, Dr. Jeremy, and Whole Body Health staff has been one of the best experiences that I've ever had regarding my health, and I recommend anyone else that is struggling and feels like they can't live a life without pain to come see these guys. They are the best, hands down.

Erica Johnson

This is an incredible place with a caring, supportive and knowledgable staff ready to help conquer the everyday back or neck or knee pain that we all experience in life. I am still amazed at what I have learned from Brooke and am so grateful for the tools I now have to manage the arthritis in my back and my runners knee. I haven't felt this strong in a long time. It's a wonderful difference!

Richard Barasch

Great place. Always on time. Wonderful staff. Dedicated to your health. They healed me!

Suzanne Pflaum

Working with Kara is a highlight of my day. She's sincere, knowledgable, and encouraging. It's been empowering to see my body improve so quickly.

Sandy Le, ND

The Whole Body Health PT team is great! They are very knowledge and patients love them. I have been sending patients for services for the past year and they have had nothing to say but positive things about Bryan and Justine.

Diana Oslund

I had such a wonderful experience working with physical therapist Bryan Lang. He was extremely helpful in getting my body back to normal after a car accident. Bryan made the whole experience super fun and easy. He was very informative and obviously very passionate about his work. The whole crew was incredibly kind and a delight be be around. And the front desk czar, Jason, was very nice and helpful. Cannot recommend this place enough!

Nancy Dyke

My first experience with physical therapy has been extremely positive thanks to Justine. My doctor suggested I have physical therapy to strengthen and build muscles and bone as I age. Because of Justine, I'm excited to have the necessary tools and information to be stronger and healthier. Thank you Justine for making a difference in my life and many others!

Kimberly Seymour

Overall a fantastic experience with WBHPT! I received 1 hour appointments with the same therapist each time who was always punctual and very thoughtful and tailored treatment sessions to my specific needs. They were also very considerate of my insurance coverage by spreading out my visits and giving me the tools I needed to help manage my condition at home. I struggled with achilles problems for months and was unable to run and after only a few visits with WBHPT I was back to running pain free and have not had any problems since then! Highly recommended!

Shawn Andrew

To say the quality of care was life changing would be a modest effort to describe what has been provided to me here. From reception to top notch PT. I am an MS patient and because of my work with Justine Cosman I have regained both physical and mental acuity I thought lost. Thank you for putting up with me and making me better.Thank you.


Lovely people, exceptionally kind.

Leilani Yoga

Bryan treated me off and on in the span of 2 years to help me at every stage of recovery from a broken arm & ankle. Even with my own yoga practice & the pt exercises, it wouldn't have been the same without Whole Body's Humor. Healing can take a long time, but this office became a friend and ally. Bryan always helped me feel better and learn something new.

michael staley

Educated and very inviting personalitys. Seem very concerned about a given individuals program and progress. My body is a total mess. Can't get much worse. Slowly... GRANTED.... I'm finding some relief. Brian is my P. T. and is as nice as one could ever expect. Front desk is very welcoming and attentive.. I made the best choice enrolling as a patient. Thanks guys... and gals. Michael Staley

Shelby Hemphill

I was referred to Whole Body by my primary care provider for a back injury I had been struggling with for several months. I worked with Brooke and she was amazing. She explained what was going on with my injury and gave me the tools to help mitigate the pain and strengthen the areas of my body that were causing the suffering. I would definitely recommend her and Whole Body for anyone who is looking for a physical therapist.

Sam Pfeiffer

Whole Body Physical Therapy was great. I came in with lower back/Glute pain and after one session with Brooke, it was completely gone. It was a great atmosphere and she was very effective. The front desk staff were friendly and helpful. Should I need physical therapy in the future, I will be coming back.

Craig Madden

The PT staff is knowledgeable, patient and friendly. They have consistently given me exercises and stretches that reduce, or eliminate, the pain I'm experiencing. I've worked with Justine and she is both warm and to the point. I feel very fortunate to have her on my team.

Linda Blitz

I was in so much pain when I started my sessions with Brooke Carmen at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy. With her expertise, I was able to use the exercises she taught me each week and make a full recovery in a relatively short time. Brooke exudes warmth along with her incredible knowledge of her craft. Not only did she give me the tools to strengthen the physical weaknesses that were causing the pain, she made me laugh while doing so. I highly recommend Brooke Carmen and the Whole Body Health staff, who were always so friendly and kind. Linda Blitz

Susan Hanks

These PTs are very knowledgable and able to integrate therapy into real life. They evaluate the whole person, life style and needs and build a plan to meet all needs. Plan to return to rehab next shoulder

south lloyd

A really professional operation. Great physicians whose sole purpose is to fix what's broken. No unnecessary procedures, endless repeat visits, or dodgy answers.

Kimberly Bainum

I worked with Brook and highly recommend her, my back pain has decreased, and with specific stretching and excersises that target my imbalances, I believe I can beat the pain altogether. I also learned how to correct my posture and move my body in ways that don't harm me further or add to my pain. Brook and everyone at the office is always wonderful!

Kriya Krisnabai-Gitanjali

I have shopped around for therapists of all sorts after a car accident left me numb in one shoulder with intense lower back pain. Never have I had better care. Justine really knows what she is talking about, and she takes the time to explain it so that you feel empowered. She understands how to create exercise plans that fit your lifestyle and really worked with me to reach my goals and advocate for me. SO SO grateful!

Peter Schuft

Greg Sturbaum

Diana Breen

This is such a high quality experience! Justine was my PT and she is dedicated both to optimizing your healing as well as making you more functional in all the activities that are important to you. This was huge for me, because I am a very active person! She is also very knowledgeable about how to address other issues if they arise in your recovery process. I am so glad I found Whole Body Physical Therapy, as I am new to Portland and I needed to find someone as dedicated as I was to a full recovery from my injury. The whole team, including the front desk people are A+++. Thank you!

Michael Fisher

I worked with Justine on strengthening my right shoulder with its partial rotator cuff tear. Together we integrated the needed PT with my existing yoga practice. Justine is very clear in her communication, patient, and focused in her skillful guidance. Both shoulders are now stronger than ever. Thank you Justine!

Jon Grasle

Whole Body provided comprehensive and effective treatment allowing me to quickly return to trail running. Liked their web-based exercise program with refresher videos and instruction. Great service.

alyona simchuk

My Therapist told me more about my body than 3 of my prior MD's combined! I can't say how thankful I am that I got to experience this clinic. Their expertise and willingness to help and hold me accountable has prevented me from undergoing spinal & other surgeries. All of my recommendations for this clinic!

laura mcneeley

Words are not enough to say what Bryan and his awesomely fantastic team have done to help me have a body that actually is working well and allowing me to live a life worth living. I wobbled in and seriously did not know which "fire" to put out first as I had so many "parts" not working correctly and causing ALOT of discomfort/pain. With tons of encouragement and specific exercises/routines to tackle each "fire" there is now no question in my mind that the only thing keeping me from being able to ride a motorcycle cross country is my pocketbook! Their website and his posting (or printing) up of the exercises are extremely helpful, as well as the way Bryan helps to make sure I am not wasting time doing the procedures incorrectly. So FIVE STARS and then some! :)

William Schatz

They pay attention to the details while reviewing status of repair and design customized program to fit needs. At the same time, you are advised when it's OK to push the program or when to taper back.

Riley O'Connor

Qudsia Ahmad

Kara is incredible! She’s an amazing therapist, and a warm, compassionate human being- a joy to know. If you need physical therapy don’t think twice.

Alan Scally

Justine Cosman solved an left ankle issue of several years duration by observing, analyzing and applying her expertise to a problem doctors and other medical professionals had been unable or unwilling to address. We are know working on alleviating pain from a broken lumbar vertebrae and other back issues. Great staff, friendly atmosphere, and a positive approach to facilitating healing. I can't rave enough about this clinic.

Jeffrey Allen

The PT's truly care about their patients and understand how important pain free movement is to quality of life! Not just an appointment mill, they will answer questions or concerns at any hour of the day via email or their website. Best PT I've been to for my shoulder issues!

Jill Lang

The entire WBHPT staff is very professional. The therapist I have (Bryan) is highly skilled, and I feel better than I have in a long time. His hands-on approach simply beats any other physical therapy I've had so far. Bill Lang

Earl Dean Smith

Awesome experience, great service and overall, genuinely nice people

Ryan Van Noy

As Mountain Biker and Cyclist, I crash and hurt myself a fair bit. Through my experience I've begun to understand how important physical therapy is when recovering from an injury. I worked with Kim Seymour(Hand Injury), Bryan Lang(Shoulder Separation) and Greg Kluthe(Concussion) on a variety of injuries. Throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process they kept me motivated and determined to get back to full strength. They were able to help me set realistic goals on my recovery, track my progress, and get me back on my bike for racing. I can't say enough positive things about my experiences here!

Kerina Fitzgerald

This place is awesome! They listened to what I needed and got me back to work in record breaking time. I just can't say enough good things about this establishment and the people who work there. Compassionate care, friendly, responsive, intuitive, and always willing to go the extra mile. Nothing short of fantastic. Thank you so much!!!

Victoria Booth

This was my first time in physical therapy, and I am beyond glad that I went this route after my injury. Brooke Carmen was my physical therapist, and she was amazing. In the weeks that I saw her for my IT band syndrome, she got me back to running with zero residual symptoms. Not only this, but the exercises, stretches, and physical evaluations she gave me have given me a strong base that I have integrated in my workout routine to strengthen and improve my form. I would 100% recommend this clinic, and Brooke, if you are needing physical therapy in your life. This was a complete game changer for me and got me back to full capacity in my workouts. For sure on Team Whole Body Health.

Robert Glasgow

Bryan Lang and the entire staff was very professional, knowledgable and caring. My experience was very positive in every respect.

Sasha Strong

The staff was personable and precise. I regained shoulder strength in just a few months; the problem had been bothering me for years. I'm quite happy about my experience with Whole Body PT. Earland in particular was a real gem.

Mike Houck

I have had the great good fortune to have visited with Justine Cosman at Whole Body Health for two different maladies. In both instances she was incredibly attentive at the appointments and with follow up. In both instances I followed her advise on post visit PT exercises and in both instances I found relief from the intense pain I was suffering. I would recommend Justine to anyone with seemingly intractable pain and feel confident they would find significant relief if not full recovery. Mike Houck

Zack Graham

Taylor Duchesneau

Jason Abrams

They listen to me and work with me on a level I can reasonably implement on a regular basis.

Sky S.

I highly recommend this place if your hurting and in need of epically awesome help, love, devotion, and encouragement to keep going the distance!!! People with beautiful souls and very caring hearts!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Lisa G

Customer service is awesome. My therapist Bryan is very good and listens to what I have to say and helps me to reach my goals. I love that about him. I have seen alot of different therapist Bryan is at the top of my list and would see again and again. Thank you Bryan.

Lorin Rice

My experience with Whole Body Health PT has been excellent! Justine is my Therapist. She has lead me down the path to recovery after two major surgeries. She carefully assessed my condition and started building my strength back with exercises that were just right for me. She gave me exercises to do at home between visits and showed me how to increase as my ability improved. I will owe Justine for ever because I now can walk normally and I am pain free! I still do the exercises she taught me every day! No matter how good a PT is, you still have to do your homework to have successful treatment.

Doug Hageman

The care and customer service I have received has been exceptional. The therapists I have seen there are intelligent, friendly, and helpful. I have already recommended Whole Body Health Physical Therapy to friends.

gina micciulla

These women! Passionate, Caring and Magical

nancybriar .

I am so overjoyed to have found Whole Body PT. I've been working with Bryan Lang a year now. The experience has significantly aided in my recovery (hip dysplasia/surgery). His expertise and manual therapy techniques have resulted in my being pain free after so many years of chronic pain. Bryan make PT accessible, effective and fun! I look forward to my visits and am very pleased with the level of care and support from all staff. Thank you!

Smaaken Waffles

Thoughtful, kind and talented. Great PT clinic! I highly recommend.

Stefani Skidmore

Robert Brown

I started seeing Bryan for long-term lower back pain. The first thing we did was to evaluate what my issue was. It turned out that my back pain was really caused by the way I was walking after hip surgery. We started working on some of the muscles that had become weaker, which caused other muscles to have to do too much. Bryan treated me as a whole person and listened when I told him what would work for me for exercises between sessions (not too hard, not too many, things that I can do in the morning). With Bryan's help and the help of other practitioners, I am (most of the time) pain free and feel that I can begin to gather strength and meet my goal of being able to hike again.

Kathleen Black

I had a wonderful experience here, and I'm so grateful to Justine and the rest of the team. Before coming to PT, I spent over a year with limited mobility and knee pain, trying to heal myself and getting increasingly frustrated with my slow progress. After a few months of visits, I am 95% healed and feel very equipped to keep up my exercises and healing at home. Justine was fantastic — great listener, very knowledgeable and thorough, and would quickly adapt my exercises depending on what was comfortable for my body. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Clancy Feahr

Awesome staff!

James Bottone

Brooke has equipped me with the skills and competence that I needed to begin moving with confidence again. She has facilitated the removal of psychological barriers that were holding me back. With her expert guidance, I feel empowered to regain mobility and strength to enjoy the activities I love. She's great!

Catherine Riccio

I would not be able to start working without Whole Body Health! It is much more than physical manipulation and exercises, yheytrulycare about your whole health.

Anne Williamson

I love everything about this practice: ease of making an appointment, their flexibility in finding times that work for me, good location, warm staff (everyone gets to know you), and the most amazing therapist ever!

Bobby Smallwood

Whole Body Health was instrumental in my recovery. The staff are friendly, the physical therapists are very knowledgeable. Whole Body has helped me improve the quality of my life.

Marilyn Froude

Professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. All of the people I've dealt with at Whole Body Health are kind and caring. Bryan has a wonderful body of knowledge, is curious and listens as he guides you along the path to healing and health. He is genuinely happy as he sees the improvements he knows are coming. Thank you folks for all you do!!

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

Results, compassion, and understanding. Practical considerations for life in trying to do PT at home.

Paula Bartlett

Brooke was amazing-she always listened to what my “issues” were & steered me in the right direction. By feeling better physically, I felt better emotionally. Working with Brooke is one of the very few things I will miss about Portland

Kathryn Sweas

My experience has been highly beneficial and we'll-attended to and cared for. My physical therapist is present, listens well and gives me very helpful resources and support. She, Brooke, specializes is post-op orthopedic work and I picked out to be assigned to her. I highly recommend using this service!

Marie Iddings

Justine is a fantastic physical therapist, clear, concise and targets the areas needed for assistance. You will benefit from her expertise!

Matti Dwyer

Bryan and Justyne are awesome. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they are genuinely kind and concerned people who want to see you healthy, happy and successful. Easy 5 stars.

Tony Wade

Can't say enough about Bryan Lang and the help I received at Whole Body Health PT. Bryan knew exactly how to treat my issue and taught me how to exercise my way to being healed. He's personable and smart as a whip! His front desk guy Jason is personable and so helpful. No need to look any further for a PT. Highly recommended.

Jordan Madden

I had been chasing lower back pain from work related injuries through chiropractic care, but was not getting lasting results. My chiropractor then referred me to Bryan and immediately I was greeted with kind and comprehensive care that had a large impact on pain relief. Bryan is very engaging and encouraging, which was very important to my recovery.

Mikel Donner

Had neck and jaw pain due to a overbit, and with Bryan’s help I was completely better with two sessions. Got exercises and knowledge in case this happens again. Very friendly staff. A++++++

Erica Carmen

Leah Paradox

Kim Seymour has an incredible gift for physical therapy. She is very knowledgeable, has strong communication skills and is passionate about what she does. Her enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge translates into success for her patients. I have learned so much on my journey to healing. It’s been a long road, but thanks to her, I have had success working through a very debilitating injury. Also, I can’t thank the entire staff enough. Everyone that works there has been incredibly helpful and courteous. I never had to panic about billing or insurance processing. They made everything very clear and easy. I couldn’t recommend this clinic more. Thank you all!

kathy gordon

Bryan spends a lot of time analyzing what the problem is. Then gets, right to work on working with it to improve it. Have the highest regard for his professionalism!

Zach Teel

Great experiences working with Bryan Lang. Front desk staff was also great at check-in and with helping reschedule appointments. Highly recommended!

Askia Phillips

Everyone in the office is so very helpful. I can't say enough good things about Kim, thanks to her I'm well on my way back to full abilities.

Hannelore Fischer

After arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, I still had problems 2 years later. Bryan helped me to reduce swelling and provided just the right exercise program to help me increase strength, mobility and reduce pain. It worked! I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend him.

Jessica Jacobsen

I had a very positive experience at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy! The staff is very friendly and fun! Justine Cosman is a very knowledgable PT and truly was a teacher as well as healer. It was a bittersweet day when I was all better and we ended treatment for my injury (I was seeing her for an auto related neck and back injury). Even then she made sure I had a plan for continuing to gain strength and stay healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone with injuries or even someone looking to learn how to keep their body moving in a pain free and healthy way.

Yuzu Press

Times Injured: 2. Times Injury Healed: 2. The Best PT place in Portland.

Teresa Nicola

I've learned so much from Kim Seymour. I saw her for pelvic floor therapy after having my son. She's super knowledgeable and was conscious of the fact that I was a new mom and kept my routines simple! That, and she's warm and compassionate.

Kai Waldron

Been super happy with my experience at Whole Body. Brooke is very knowledgeable and is able to get my up and running again quickly. Highly recommended.

Sean Taplett

Very friendly people and they were highly recommended to me. Though my experience has unfortunately been a miss. Had four appointments, the following after the initial interview they scheduled the wrong Sean on accident so I got cancelled on after arriving in person. Things happen, I understand. Then unfortunately for me my therapist went out of town for the holidays so I had to wait further, again it is what it is. So I met with a different therapist whom I saw twice. Both times after leaving I walked away further injured, with the second time resulting in me going to the ER and me being to able to barely walk for 3 days. Who's to say it's the fault of BHPT entirely, but I definitely don't believe I would have been in the ER if it wasn't for my visits to them.

Nathan Akse

Whole Body Health, and more specifically Kara, did a great job providing instruction and direction that propelled me through a minor lower back injury. Kara took the necessary time to review my case in detail and provided a tailored exercise plan to my knowledge and skill level. In addition to recovery, I learned how to maintain the health of my lower back so I can prevent future occurrences.

Eric Devier

I had a few sessions with Brooke and she was extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and provided great end results with my bad shoulder aka my Nemo arm. 10/10 will come back when my body is even more broken than before. Thanks, Brooke!

Matthew Leavitt

I have complete confidence in Bryan! He understands the body thoroughly, helps me understand exactly what's going on with my injuries, answers my dozens of questions each time and seems to love doing this work. I've had great, speedy results following his prescribed exercises. I can't imagine a better P.T. experience.

Gayle Vrla

I really like my physical therapist at Whole Body Health. Every time I see her, I feel better and we add a little bit more to my routine. I feel she really listens to what's going on with me and addresses each little part in a manner that causes constant improvement.

Ray Kincade

My experience with Whole Body Health Physical Therapy began before I even knew about it. I worked with my therapist for a long time before she departed practice in a large local health system to join her present colleagues in private practice. There is a very good reason I followed Kara to private practice; she is simply the best! Her colleagues have the same reputation and I would not have expected her to want to work with anyone but the best. Even their front desk staff is calm and competent. I can't imagine why you would want to go anywhere else.

Preet Gujral

Overwhelmingly positive experience. Really felt like everyone was on my team and encouraging me to get better! Very responsive to requests and good communication. Would highly recommend!

Kathy Hardie-Williams MEd MS NCC LPC LMFT

I have always been treated with courtesy, and a genuine interest in meeting my individual needs. I have worked with both Bryan and Justine, as well as Sarah in scheduling my appointments. I have had a fabulous experience with each individual I have been in contact with at Whole Body Health Physical Therapy.

RJ Klingelhoffer

Where do I begin? This is by far the best PT in Portland. The staff is simply amazing, front desk to therapist! I’ve worked with Bryan and Brooke for multiple injuries. They are truly passionate and express ultimate care. No other PT office compares. Whole body health PT for life! Or at least until I’m healed...

Jeremy Blankenship

desiree tullos

I have seen a lot of PTs for various running injuries, and the folks at Whole Body Health are easily the most impressive. They make the experience so enjoyable with their friendly and deeply knowledgeable care.


Kara was extremely friendly and caring and took a holistic approach. I healed a lot during my time here, and looked forward to seeing her every single week. Would recommend this place to anyone!

Dann Wonser

I have been treated by Justine three different times over the past five years for different back injuries. Each time, I have been impressed all over again with her depth of understanding of how to treat these injuries, and the variety of strategies she uses depending on the situation. The best part is that she teaches me what I can do for myself. I was surprised that in this office, it's easy to not only get to know the therapist, but also the other staff. There's an easy friendliness with both the front desk person and the other therapists. From the beginning, Brian made a point of remembering who I was and chatting with me if we were both free at the time. Great atmosphere, better treatment. Two thumbs up for this group.

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