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REVIEWS OF Rose City Physical Therapy IN Oregon

Eric Rader

I used Rose City Physical Therapy for a left knee surgery three years ago and again this year for right knee surgery and am back to full activity. Highly recommend if you want to get back on your feet.

John Chin

Sasha is very professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. She obviously enjoys her work. She takes time to explain things. I feel she will be very instrumental in the success of my recovery.


Justin Carson

Julia Montag

Best PT experience I've had. Karl's knowledge of runner physiology and when to push my body a bit and when to pull back is impressive. The entire staff is helpful and friendly. I look forward to every one of my PT appointments!

Kris Aguero

Rose City PT and their awesome staff will help you with your rehabilitation. I recommend them. They have the latest equipment for getting you back to normal too!

melissa jeffery

Rose City Physical Therapy is the best. Ryan is outstanding!!!

Krystina Fischer

Rose City Physical Therapy has a great program, everyone is very nice and caring. It is a great environment to be in and I enjoyed the company and the progress that I made at my time here.

Ameen Prince

Stanley Penkin

Frank Bird

An educated, professional, and friendly staff in very nice close in facility with a parking lot.

Lauren Sankovitch

Excellent facility, excellent people!

Ami Nieto

Luke is a wonderful therapist. He’s knowledgeable, thoughtful and encouraging, and he makes sure we stay on track for progress. And Tyler at the front desk is awesome. It’s always a pleasure to speak with him. Great service and care all around at RCPT.

Bethany Lukens

As a PT myself, there is nowhere else in Portland that I would go or recommend that a friend/ colleague go for rehab than Rose City PT. I appreciate Karl's extensive knowledge base, ability to educate, manual therapy skill, and demeanor. I am excited to keep working with him in order to get back to full activity after an injury!

Lillian Knauss

Unique Physique PDX

We are a small fitness business across the street from Rose City Physical Therapy and have formed a wonderful relationship with Karl, Sasha, and their team. When any of our fitness members seek help with any pain or discomfort we always send them to Rose City Physical Therapy in full faith they will be well taken care of. I have gone in recently for shoulder pain and the knowledge that was provided to me to help heal my injury was phenomenal. I am so grateful for this team for their knowledge, professionalism, and care in everything they do. Do yourself a favor and let them help you! THANK YOU!!

Susan Hollingsworth

Glenn Puzio

I recently won a 75 minute complimentary runners strength and mobility screening including video gait analysis at Rose City PT. During my visit, Karl took me through a thorough range of motion and strength assessment. We then went to the treadmill where after a warmup he analyzed my running form and gait. Having been a runner nearly all of my 31 years on this earth, I was skeptical going in wondering what someone could tell me about my running form I didn't already know. Leave it to Karl to surprise even a veteran runner. I learned that because of my unproportionally tight hips (as demonstrated both in range of motion and gait analysis), one leg's follow through was much better than the other. I then learned specific stretches to target that particular area. I realized I had forgotten where exactly my arms should be swinging to prevent over-rotation in my shoulders and therefore hips and legs. I came away with great things to remember and slowly add back into my running form to make me more efficient as well as improve my range of motion. This place is top notch, professional, and a definite recommendation for any physical therapy needs.

Lisa Chulich

Experienced team that I trust! Karl Kolbeck understands the demands that I put on my body as a professional athlete. From traveling the world competing in rock climbing to beach volleyball, trail running, and surfing, he has not only fixed every injury I have accumulated, but has also taught me how to maintain recovered strength and self-care I can do on the road. This team realizes active lifestyles involve recovering beyond average strength and range of motion. Karl has helped me with multiple knee and hamstring issues, and has years of experience with shoulders. Rose City has been crucial for me this year!

Jack Kisseberth

I came into Rose City PT with an achilles injury from cycling that was so severe that it was painful to walk. Karl Kolbeck worked with me almost every day, often staying late to fit my schedule, and within a week I was back to training. Over the course of a month he not only helped me fully recover from the achilles injury, but also worked out a serious hamstring strain. As a professional cyclist finding knowledgable physical therapists is huge deal and Rose City went far beyond my expectations.

Anna Connor

If you are an athlete, specifically a runner, Rose City PT is the place to go. Their knowledge and quality of care goes above and beyond. I am a runner and I'm always impressed by Karl's attention to detail. He and his staff desire to treat the athlete as a whole person, not just the part that is broke. He has helped me through many injuries and taken very good care of the athletes I coach. If you are in need, you will be in excellent hands. From the Catlin Gabel XC team, "Karl is cool!"

Michael Pearson

Great experience with Karl. He did a great job tailoring my rehab exercising after doing a thorough evaluation. He videoed my exercises with narrated instructions so it was easy to review and make sure I was doing them correctly.

Josef Gabriel

If I'm injured or recovering from surgery, then Rose City Physical Therapy is where I seek a path to recovery. The staff is quite amicable and very knowledgeable. I would recommend these folks to anyone.

Elizabeth Brueggemann

I am a Physical Therapist myself and I sought out Karl Kolbeck at Rose City for my shoulder rehab. I have taken many continuing education classes from Karl and appreciate his expertise in manual therapy and shoulder rehab. So much so that I drove 3 hours from Yakima, WA to see him. He is excellent and really helped me on a tough shoulder. Thank you Karl!

Perry Rikli

This is a wonder facility with great personnel. From the moment one walks into the reception to the time of departure, clients find support, comfort, challenges, direction, and advice from skilled and learned therapists and staff.

Aaron Althouse

I would highly recommend Rose City PT. Karl is fantastic. He’s highly organized, well-informed, and excellent at identifying strength and flexibility problems—even ones that others miss. Furthermore, he understands that each patient is different, and does a great job tailoring the rehab to the individual, whether selecting and progressing exercises based upon the patient’s specific condition and needs, or educating the patient about how to maintain the progress.

Jalen Ladd

Sonja Einerson

I am a recreational runner and had developed shin pain below my knee. Went in to RCPT and was assessed thoroughly and knowledgeably. After only two appointments and following the assigned exercises to strengthen and heal, I’m happy to report my pain has gone and I’m back to running like never before! Karl’s expertise has given my running much more stamina and improved form. Had a wonderful experience here and am so thankful! You won’t regret it!

Robert Rutenberg

I got results!

Danny Burkhead

Rose City Physical Therapy is a group of well trained and professional individuals. They are competitively priced and accommodating. I highly recommend them for any of your PT needs.

Charlotte Shupert

Erika Heider

Karl is a caring and knowledgable physical therapist, who provides experience and compassion with his patients.

Marilyn Podemski

They are very caring. I was given therapy that solved my problem. Really nice people.


I am now being treated post-surgery again for the FIFTH time over NINE years by the pro team at Rose City Physical Therapy as I continually combat my progressive arthritis. Going for my FIFTH success.

Lucy Langer

absolutely one of the best PT groups in town, highly specialized, knowledgeable, accessible, and friendly

Mike Holland

I was having major issues with my right knee to the point where walking up stairs hurt. I couldn't even consider jogging and had a marathon in 7 weeks. Karl completely figured out the issue and helped me get back to 100%. I was running within a week of my first session and finished the marathon with zero pain.

Brian Lockard

Karolyne Lucero

A month after having hip surgery in Florida, I arrived in Portland and fortunately happened to choose Rose City for continuing therapy. The two months I spent have been extremely worthwhile. My therapist provided encouragement and motivation and kept me on course. The facilities are light and airy and all the staff are welcoming. I highly recommend them.

Kelly hopson

Recent rotator cuff surgery winner, I was referred to Rose City Physical Therapy by a coworker who had just finished PT for a labrum tear. Sasha Kolbeck is currently my physical therapist and I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Profession, knowledgeable and engaging, Sasha and the rest of the staff there are who you want to see when you can't move! I'm 46 years old so when I tear my other rotator cuff I'll be going back to see Sasha because I know that she will get me back to healthy in no time at all. Well, it does takes time but you know what I mean! :-)

Scott Olberding

Karl, Sasha, and their team are the best. They worked diligently with me to understand my injury, possible systemic contributors to it, and helped me understand what it would take to bounce back. They were also helpful when I became discouraged with set-backs. I recommend Rose City PT to anyone looking for a team of qualified practitioners to guide them in recovery.

Emily Baker

I saw Sasha for a year following ACL Reconstructive Surgery. Being an active person, I had goals to return to playing soccer, skiing, climbing, and hiking. Thanks to Sasha's expertise, warm and encouraging approach, I achieved all of my goals and more. When I had doubts and bumps in the road throughout recovery, Sasha was there to say, "Yes, you can do it!" When asked to jump over a hurdle that looked like Mt. Everest in my eyes and brain, she was there to give me the confidence to try and succeed. She even encouraged me to start running, which I had not done at any distance for MANY years. 6 years and many 5k's later, I continue to enjoy many sports and always feel ready to tackle the next 5k or mountain in my path. I would highly recommend Rose City PT, especially Sasha, for all of your PT needs.

Gloria Guy

I've been seeing Megan for lack of mobility and numbness in my wrist (dominant hand), and she's great! The clinic staff are friendly and helpful (they remembered who I was after the first visit!), the space is big and open, but without feeling like other patients are too close (though if you were concerned about privacy / embarrassed about your injury, it might be tough), and they have a nice balance of post-op rehabilitation + sports recovery. Would definitely recommend the clinic and Megan. UPDATE 1/2/2018 I finished my treatment course at Rose City PT on Nov 8 2017 and have had 2 months without sessions. I went in hoping to get a little more flexibility and stretching techniques, and left with what appears to be a stable, life-changing improvement. I couldn't open a jar or twist a doorknob when I started, and now not only is neither a problem, but my daily pain/discomfort level has dropped from constant ache to basically nothing. I have a battery of strengthening exercises and stretches I can use when my wrist acts up. The folks at Rose City work with your specific situation to find a long-term solution that really works. While the injuries in my wrist will never heal, I feel like I've gotten to where they don't slow me down - you can't get a better treatment than that. Kudos to Megan (and Carl) for a job so well done :)

Susan Bobowick

I am currently working with Ariel Salzman, who is punctual, attentive, and knowledgeable. She encourages and pushes me during my PT sessions while being cognizant of my limitations following my total knee replacement. I am very happy to have found such a wonderful rtherapist and rehab facility right in The Pearl.

Sylvia Lee

The best PT experience ever! All the staff are professional and friendly. Peggy has been so caring and helpful<3 I would like to recommend Rose City to everyone.

Daniel sanchez

Every therapist here are some of the most dedicated, caring, and professional i have ever worked with. Karl has been a literal life changer. Since my first visit my back recovery has been exponentially better. I no longer have pain at rest and can effectively turn around now. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you RCPT, and thank you Karl!!!


gail snow

I've been seeing Megan here for a few weeks. When I started PT, I could barely use my foot and now it's 90 percent better. This is an excellent practice with a therapy gym that appears fully equipped. I can highly recommend Rose City Physical Therapy.

Charla Hatton

The therapists at Rose City are masters at coaxing the best out of people. Their approach is collaborative, pushing me hard enough to do me the most good, and inspiring me to work on my own to complement their efforts. They go to extraordinary lengths to personalize everything from scheduling to therapy sessions, and they make the kind of course corrections in treatment that have enabled me to earn a "remarkable" progress report from my knee replacement surgeon.

Rosemary Hendrickson

Found Rose City to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, encouraging, experienced and prompt.

Jerry Grant

I've been to several PT's here in Portland over the years to mixed success. Rose City PT is easily the best experience I've had by far. The staff is fantastic - friendly and helpful - and the facility is top notch. Plus, they go out of their way to accommodate my schedule with early morning appointments. My therapist not only asks the right questions but he is genuinely interested in my personal well-being...its not just lip service. And...the owners are super involved and right there if you need them. I've been going for a few weeks but I feel I am well on my way towards healing a difficult shoulder situation that is keeping me from some of my favorite activities....thanks to these folks.

erick reister ullman

I went in for post shoulder surgery treatment and was referred to Karl. He did an excellent job the whole time, from explaining my exercises and walking me through them to explaining why I was doing them in the first place. Karl was extremely knowledgeable and the work seemed almost second nature to him. Through my time at Rose City, I got to know almost the whole office. Everyone from Elise and Rachel, at the front desk, to the other therapists, Ryan and Vinton, that filled in for Karl on occasion, were always respectful and very helpful.

Larry Christensen

Everyone at Rose City Physical Therapy is not only thoroughly professional but also genuinely kind and interpersonally friendly. My therapist Leo is very knowledgable and I trust what he has suggested for my rehab with a total hip replacement. After just six weeks I'm almost 80% recovered and doing great. I highly recommend him and the entire clinic

Marcia Truman

What a terrific team at Rose City Physical Therapy! Every single person on staff treats you with the best of care. I would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation.

mikesblack55 .

If you are in need for physical therapy I strongly suggest going to Rose City Physical Therapy. I had been treated for a shoulder impingement about a year ago and was instructed to perform certain exercises that helped me immensely. No more pain, knock wood. I am now being treated for tennis elbow that I got from rock climbing. The facilities are top notch, therapists are not only caring but extremely competent. When I come in I am greeted by a very friendly front office staff. Inside you will find most every kind of machine and apparatus. There’s a reason many of the local world class athletes go there. That’s because it’s a world class physical therapy office.


edith gessford

Steve Harris

Jeri Finn

My experience at Rose City Physical Therapy has been positive all around. Everyone is incredibly friendly from the front desk to the therapists. My appointments always begin and end on time. Throughout each appointment I receive personalized attention and helpful explanations about my injury and the exercises I am doing to recover. And, of course, I am happy that I have started to feel improvement so soon.

Neil Hutchinson

Vinton Mougey is the best PT I have ever dealt with - he has taken a shoulder issue from "can't move it" to a flexible, virtually pain free joint. I expect to be back in the gym in a few more weeks!

Thomas Bussell

I have had a great experience at Rose City working with Karl. It’s really difficult to find a PT that is also an experience rock climber, familiar with the nuances of the sport and especially one of his caliber. Thanks to Rose City, I’ve gone from very limited range of motion in my shoulder to almost full mobility. It was a breath of fresh air after having a bad experience at Kaiser. keep up the good work team!

Tara Welling

Karl and all of Rose City PT are very professional and truly enjoy their job of helping others get healthy. They are the only PT's that I see in Portland and I would recommend anyone looking for a PT to see them first. You will not be disappointed.

Sheri Dover

I received excellent physical therapy from Karl Kolbeck at Rose City Physical Therapy. He was personable, professional and knowledgeable. He takes his time, explains everything, has the skills to ask excellent questions to get the best info possible about your condition and has an unusual and effective technique for helping you remember exactly how to do your exercises. I've had several pt's that I have liked over the years; Karl Kolbeck is my favorite.

Gail Kingsley

I can’t believe my good fortune in finding Rose City and Sasha. After too many failed attempts to find a PT who listened to my concerns, I have finally found a path to healing. Sasha’s knowledge, compassion, and customized program have made a real difference in reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Tim Parson

All Staff, Kind and careing! A place for healing.


Rose City Physical Therapy is a well established clinic with Karl at the helm. I am a PT myself, I am not an athlete, but I know whatever orthopedic dysfunction one may have they can treat it or equally important know when they shouldn't treat and refer out. When I was being seen there, I could tell everyone worked well together as a team, a sign of a good clinic. The clinic is also clean, bright ànd spacious. The staff is very familiar with the majority of orthopedists in Portland. Karl and Sasha have put together two very well attended orthopedic symposiums in the last couple years and have one planned for next Spring. They keep up with the changes in orthopedics and keep learning what's current in physical therapy themselves and that would be across the board for the their colleagues there as well. Thanks for your expertise, I always learn something from you, Karl.

Martin Budak

Karl is great!

Dakota Gale

Megan was fantastic! She got on my wavelength and made me feel comfortable even though my lower back was hurting like crazy. She quickly addressed the issue and provided exercises for me to do. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist.

Suzanne de groot

I was referred to Rose City by my doctor and found it to be a delightful experience. I was greeted and taken care of by the front desk persons each visit, and could not have liked my PT Therapist ( Ryan Bourdo) more. He was professional, personable, thorough and caring.

kim mann

This place is amazing. I'd gone to another place prior and made no real improvement. In a short time Sasha had me further then eight weeks at other place. The therapists are very experienced and you can feel it. I was able to relax and focus on healing, knowing it would finally happen. They actually make the work fun. I find I look forward to going. Yesterday I was able to sit down on a low laying stoop, something I haven't done in forever. Sounds silly, but after a total knee replacement, and two manipulations, this is a big deal. Thanks to Sasha, there won't be a third manipulation. And that's priceless!!!! She got me past fear and into healing, I'm forever grateful. If you have physical therapy needs, this is the place you want to be. Truly it's a pleasure working with them. You won't regret it. Kim Mann

Steve McCarthy

Top notch physical therapy! The space is bright, clean and energetic. Karl Kolbeck,PT helped sort through a chronic shoulder issue and now I'm back lifting weights and doing everything I want to with this shoulder! His exam was thorough and he really listened to my story leaving no stone unturned. I would highly recommend Rose City PT to anyone in the PDX area for orthopedic or sport injury.


I came to Peggy with a limp and left walking tall. All the staff are friendly and professional. I would recommend Rose City Physical Therapy to any of my family members or friends. Rose City Physical Therapy is a bit farther away for me but well worth the extra travel time. Having parking in the building and a private lot across the street only added to the stress free healing experience! RC could do more. Breakfast would be nice. Your loyal patient, Steven

Katy Kippen

I started seeing Sasha Kolbeck for my chronic low back pain about 6 months ago. Since then, my pain levels have decreasing considerably and my core strength has increased. I have better balance and am more mindful when I lift anything due to the exercises she taught me. I recommend this physical therapy office to all my friends and family, and I especially like working with Sasha because she has such a warm personality! Thank you, Rose City PT!

Diane Rosencrantz

Excellent individual P.T. care and instruction.

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