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REVIEWS OF Living Well Therapy - Physical Therapy in Bend Oregon IN Oregon

Bernice Gates

I met the Living Well staff at a paddle board race in the Old Mill. There is something to be said about being at the right place at the right time. I had been suffering from severe migraines from a large amount of stress. On a scale of 0-10 for severity, I was a 50. Dr Z came up with a fabulous plan for me which involved exercises, massage, meditation and above all, a patient/doctor friendship. Gretchen handled all of the insurance and billing for me and the massage gals were phenomenal. After 3 months of working my plan with Dr Z. I graduated feeling 100%! I couldn’t have done it without these wonderful people! Thank you Living Well Therapy!!

Kirsten Wick

It has helped me with my pain a lot!

Larry Wallace

I had a very stiff shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. Getting my range of motion back was not easy. I cannot believe the attention Dr. Zamboni and his staff gave me. I received way more attention than I expected and I believe my recovery may not have gone as well elsewhere. They are total pros. And...we even had fun doing it!

Aaron Rubin

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Dr. Z is professional and has helped me in the past with my shoulder and is currently helping me for an elbow injury. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is in need of a physical therapist!

nick martin

I injured my rotator cuff over the summer and my general physician prescribed physical therapy. After some research I chose Living Well Physical Therapy and am glad I did. Doctor Zamboni is a wonderful physical therapist and his staff are very knowledgeable. They were quick to diagnose my problem and provided great care in treating my injury. While I hope I don't have to undergo physical therapy again, I will definitely choose them again in the future if I'm in need.

James Hilbish

If you are in need of any sort of physical therapy, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment at Living Well Therapy. Dr 'Z' and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. A few months ago, I came to them with limited mobility in my neck from a long list of injuries. Now, I am well on my way to living pain free and couldn't be happier with the treatment I received at Living Well Therapy.

Mark Schneider

This place is awesome! I've never had to do physical therapy before and they made it super easy to transition into it. I would recommend them to anybody!

John Del Signore

I have been experiencing significant lower back pain for the last 5 years. I have had two serious auto accidents and a backward fall off a step ladder. I had to have surgery on my lower back for sciatica problems and have had multiple appointments with physical therapists and orthopedic doctors since the surgery and the back pain has persisted. I was told I would have to live with this condition and that nothing more could be done to lower the pain threshold except to get steroid shots. I literally gave up all hope of having a normal life until I heard about Dr. Zamboni and his Practice in Bend. I decided to give it another try as I was functioning poorly both physically and emotionally and had had enough of my life as a disabled entity. At the first session, Dr. Zamboni discovered that my SI joint was out of alignment and was the probable cause of the pain. With one simple adjustment that day, my life changed. The pain level dropped to acceptable levels within a week and my emotional state had a boost like I have never experienced before. I continue to work with Eric and his very professional staff and continue to improve my physical and mental health. I am so grateful for the expertise of the this practice and would rate their services top notch.

Alfredo Rojo

The best therapy I have ever received.

Scott Fleck

I am thoroughly impressed with Erik Zamboni, DPT and his staff. I have been dealing with Plantar fascial pain since an injury 4 years ago. I had tried everything that was recommended. I even attended Physical Therapy 3 years ago at a different shop (8 weeks!). On day one during my initial eval Dr. Z watched me walk and found that I had a lack of mobility in my ankle joint. A few days of work and I am able to stretch again and the pain is going away! Boom!

Rebecca Frank

Dr. Z and Dr. B are so thorough and so amazing. In just a few visits I was back and ready to go again

Joshua Nadler

Living Well Therapy was very helpful the 2 times my back has gone out in the past 3 years - they took care of me immediately and I was back in action after only a few days, not weeks like previous incidents. Thank LWT & Dr. Zamboni!!!

Dottie Wells

Very knowledgeable, caring PT and massage therapists. Dr Z narrowed down the trouble spots and worked to zero in on strengthening the areas and focused on lifetime of wellness. Kudos to the whole office!!

Rick Reid

Dr. Z and his staff did an amazing job getting my shoulder in shape in 2 weeks time for my first pickleball tournament. Thank you so much.

Kayla Roebuck

The team is amazing, they really focus on helping you get better. They helped me control my pain from an accident from 4 years ago.

Cody Negrete

Had the best experience with the team. Very attentive, caring and professional.

HappyCamper Bus

Dr Z and his friendly knowledgeable staff are waiting to help Heal you! I'm a 61 yr old guy who recently had a herniated disc in my back and Living Well Therapy was instrumental in alleviating my leg/back pain and getting me going again through Physical Therapy and massage. Visit them and see customer testimonials on the wall!

Kiyta Freeman

Gave me the tools to combat pain that had been part of my life for years! Can't recommend them enough.

Sydney Baker

Thank you to Dr. Zamboni and the entire team at Living Well! My turnaround time was faster than expected, and I felt like everyone took a special interest in my case and cared about my recovery. I feel physically stronger because of my time with the team and learned strategies to maintain this strength in my day-to-day life. I would recommend this office to anyone exploring physical therapy as a component to increasing their wellness.

Denise Delcolle

I have had the extreme pleasure of going to LivingWell physical therapy for the past three weeks. During my healing journey of the past seven years I have seen six physical therapist, seven doctors and been on numerous pharmaceuticals including injectable medicine with virtually no relief for my complicated and chronic neck pain. From the very first day I entered the care of living well physical therapy and met an extremely knowledgeable and professional front office receptionist named Nick, and then met Dr. Eric Z, I felt a sense of relief that I had finally found someplace and someone that was willing to listen to me and had enough expertise, experience and sensitivity with a lot of tools to work with; a fantastic masseuse named Tabatha and a very diverse amount of techniques and treatments. I felt such hope and encouragement. The office is run efficiently and during the recent snow and road conditions, the doctor took care of getting transportation via Uber so I could make my appointment as I was very reluctant to drive myself. I have been in the healthcare business for 45 years and know what good customer service is and the value of having a professional team that exudes sensitivity and concern and a true desire to be of service to others. I would highly recommend anybody with any physical issues To experience such a wonderful facility. Denise Del Colle, RN

katie reeves

I have had neck pain for over ten years. A year plan with a chiropractor wasn’t helpful and I’ve managed symptoms with massage to tolerate pain. I am now having less pain than I’ve had in a long time! I can manage symptoms and have pain free days!

Carly Hibbs

I absolutely love the care I get everytime i come to Living Well Therapy! Being involved in rodeo means lots of unpredictable situations and accidents that tend to accumulate and wreck havoc on the body. Dr. Z has been the only person able to help get me back to feeling 100% and most importantly, he knows how to help implement a plan that is able to help maintain those results. Thanks to him I am able to compete pain free and pursue my goals!

Alex Uptain

Dr. Z and his team did a great job working on my sprained foot. They were all very personable and interested in how my well being was. They stay up to date on physical therapy equipment and and natural techniques. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with pain on a day to day basis.

Thomas O'Shea

I had a nasty fall and injured my shoulder. Dr Z worked with me for about a month. I could hardly raise my arm over my head without experiencing significant pain. I now have full motion and pain free. Thank you Dr Z and staff for getting me back on track for the golf season. Tom O'Shea

Jessica Simmons

Been coming here for almost a month and am feeling about 70% less pain. Its been a wonderful experience so far and would 100% recommend to anyone having issues.

Jenny Trembley

Gabe Ruane

Dr. Z and his team have taken excellent care of me over a handful of PT stints. Focused treatment plans, a great environment and straight pathways to recovery when I'm hurting. Neck, knees and back are staying strong and I'm back out doing the things I love! Highly recommended.

Pamela Bowler

Dr Z and staff are amazing! They are knowledgeable and listen!!! They look for the causes for your ailments and don’t stop until they can find it. Can not recommend them enough! Thank you Dr Z!!!

Xtra Moses

This place is great... Anyone looking for a physical therapist or PT of any kind in the Bend Oregon should check it out...

M Soto

After 4 and half Months of shoulder pain and horrible sleep, Dr Z and staff got me pain free in just a little over 3 weeks and back on Racquetball court. Thx so much to Dr Z and Staff... Hamstring tear on court , back to Dr Z and staff. Great results again, I am Living Well.

Elizabeth Havice

Dr. Z rocks!!! I had severe dizziness (benign paroxysmal vertigo). He led me through a series of Epley maneuvers that really helped. Awesome!!!

Carol Dienstbier

I have had 3 spinal surgeries and finally getting back from the care and help. The mat has really been a God send

Jennifer Treber

Great place!

Ted Groszkiewicz

Dr Zamboni and all the folks at Living Well Physical Therapy have been very focused on my particular needs. My goal was to play violin and cello without severe pain in my left arm. A modest goal, but one that had eluded me in recent years; and a goal happily met. Now I'm hopeful to maintain the current state - maybe even rebuild a little muscle mass.

Michael Hippenhammer

Dr. Z and his staff are very knowleable, kind and caring. They gave me hope when I had none and now my life is back to normal. Thank you!

Tony DeBone

I had a left shoulder problem that I had looked at by Dr. Z. He explained how shoulders work and confirmed that I did not have a tear or something that needs fixing. He gave me some excercises to do at home and I have been good all summer. Thank you Living Well Therapy!

Kerry Riper

Dr. Zamboni and his staff are wonderful! Dr Z took me from a broken leg after a hip replacement to being able to travel extensively overseas with no pain in just a little over 4 months. They worked with my schedule and kept me on track and gave me the confidence to move again.

Hazal Altinbas

I recommend physical therapy because they are an amazing people and they’ll treat you really good an make you feel more confident with your body and all of the people working there are super positive and admirable:)

Patei Dittman

Working with Dr. Z and staff has been an amazing experience. I was unable to drive , play Pickleball, lift my grandchildren etc. and was in constant pain. They worked with my orthopedic Dr. and I have been able to resume my normal activity. I am grateful to know them as caring people also. I am glad to be released but will be back for massages and a friendly smile. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!


Dr Z., Dr B., and the entire team are amazing! As a former pro motocross racer, my injuries have taken me to many different PT clinics around the NW. Living Well hands down is the best I’ve been to. The clinic itself is small, but that’s a good thing. It allows me to get the maximum amount of time working directly with the doctors and learning about my progress instead of doing excercises that I could do at home while being watched by an assistant. I would absolutely recommend Living Well for anyone who needs to get back to living the “Bend lifestyle”!

Megan Figgins

Fantastic team! After a motor vehicle accident almost 6 months ago and I have been struggling with debilitating lower back pain. I have been seeing dr “Z” for three weeks now and have a significant reduction in my pain and increased mobility. I am very impressed by how Dr “ Z” and his staff are knowledgeable and caring. By far the best physical therapy experience!

Michelle Bechtel

Super friendly and helpful staff!

Brian Anderson

Dr. Zamboni runs the best Physical therapy office in a town with many choices. I was quickly seen and given much more time than the hour I was alloted. His staff is efficient and professional. In days I was back skiing again! Thanks Dr. Z.

Neil Secor

A 5 star review isn't even nearly rating this physical therapy center high enough; they deserve ALL THE STARS! Doctor Z is hyper professional and at the same time a genuine person. His insight alone is priceless! There was nothing negative to be said about the center! The moment I walked in the receptionists attentiveness and ability to multitask was obvious. She did her job wonderfully. 100% the place to go for any physical ailment you're looking to recover from. Can't say enough good things about living well therapy!

Wilt Chamberlain

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