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REVIEWS OF Evolve Physical Therapy IN Oregon

Karl Bringhurst

Evolve Physical Therapy is great! I received physical therapy from Matt Whitaker for chronic problem with my feet. I had been having progressively more painful foot problems for about 5 years and had seen 3 podiatrists, had a surgery, countless steroid injections, different medications, and physical therapy from other places of the 5 years with very limited results. When I went to Evolve I was very discouraged and feeling very desperate. The first thing that set Matt apart from others that I had worked with for me feet is that he had scheduled enough time in my first appointment to go over all the issues i was having and everything that had been tried on me so far. He was very empathetic and also optimistic that he could find a solution that would help me. When I came back for my second visit it was clear that he had thoroughly thought through my situation and was prepared with a solid plan. I went to therapy frequently for a while and incorporated a home care plan with Matt's guidance and was eventually able to get to a point that I am mostly pain free in my feet. It has been over a year now and I am still mostly pain free! What really set Evolve apart is that they listened to me and made adjustments to my treatment all along they way. I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you haven't been able to get relief elsewhere.

Jason Senior

I been seeing Matt Weissbach as my Physical Therapist for the past few months and have been impressed with his professional services. His personal program helped my to overcome muscle pain and tightness. I would not hesitate to use his services to treat pain management. Thank you Matt for making my life pain free!

Chandra Davis

I travel for work and have had discomfort in my neck, shoulders and back for months. I thought the pain was just an issue I would have to deal with. Matt W. advised that I have a PT session. Honestly, I was skeptical that I would feel any different but the results were beyond what I expected. My pain was gone, range of motion improved and my entire back, neck and shoulders continue to feel great. For anyone who travels for work or is in a car for a few hours a week... seeing Matt W. is a must!!!!

Jacob Taylor

I had first heard of Evolve Physical Therapy via word-of-mouth. Before coming in, I had been into weight training and fitness, and was having back and hip problems before coming to see them. Now after having several appointments, they were able to pinpoint my back and hip issues, give me a regiment to help correct them, and ultimately get me back to a better, healthier life. More-so, I have been showing better results with my weight training than before seeing them. The individuals at Evolve PT are incredibly professional, friendly, and genuinely care about helping their clients with pain and discomfort. I can't thank Evolve Physical Therapy enough for helping me through it all!

Mary Bush

I have arthritis in my knees and Matt Weissbach helped me immensely. I know how important it is to keep doing my physical therapy exercises. It was a pleasure working with him. I also get vertigo and Matt Whitaker worked me into his busy schedule two days in a row and worked wonders. They are very lucky to have Brittany at their front desk. She is very helpful and truly cares about your well being.

Piper A.

We had a very positive experience at Evolve. My 6 yr old son had hip/feet pain. After several weeks of treatment at Evolve and home, my son's pain was gone. Matt W. was kind, knowledgeable, and patient. We lucked out and will certainly return if more treatment is needed.

David Kilian

Incredibly smart therapists. I had the pleasure of working with Matt Weissbach, and throughout treatment he challenged me, encouraged me, carried on great conversation to keep my mind of the strain of some of the hard work, and taught me as much as he treated me. I highly recommend Evolve Physical Therapy!!!

Corey Werle

Visited Matt Whitaker for neck pain, shoulder pain, and numb fingers. These where preventing me from performing normal daily activities. Over the course of a few appointments, he worked on specific areas of my neck and shoulder resulting in quick relief. I didn't realize how much I was protecting a previous injury in my shoulder but after visiting Matt, I have more movement in my neck and shoulder than have for years. I highly recommend Evolve PT. Their staff is amazing as well.

Cam Durrell

Huge shout out to Matt W. I can’t say enough about the personalized service that I have received since I have been a patient. Unfortunately I will be spending much more time with him than I would actually like (nothing personal my friend). Our relationship started with a miniscus tear and subsequent surgery to repair it, but that was just the beginning. As I am writing this review, I am sitting in my recliner, with my left foot elevated 22 hours every day. I have had to do an ankle reconstruction followed by an ankle joint replacement four weeks later. This is a zero weight recovery. So where this is going? While we were rehabbing the knee, we were “pre-habing” the ankle. Working the joint and the muscles around the joint to prepare my leg for the surgery and consequent muscle atrophy from the post surgery inactivity and damage. I appreciate everyone in the facility and would (and have) highly recommended them to anyone that is “in the market” for this kind of service. This is a service industry, but it is much more than that. They bring the personal side out, they build a relationship with their clientele. To me that is the most important side of any business, relationship, trust and knowledge. Thank you guys!

Abigail Wachter

As a D1 track and field athlete, I have faced many different injuries ranging from shin splits to muscle strains. Whenever I come home and see Matt, he finds the source of the problem quickly and explains it to me so I know exactly whats going on and what we're gonna do to fix it. He is constantly encouraging me and helping me set long term goals. His rehab has helped me stay injury free and run personal records. His treatment and advice has always boosted my self-confidence as well. Matt is personable and genuinely cares about my recovery and success.

Patricia Saab

Evolve Physical Therapy in Sherwood is outstanding! There are two experienced, well trained, caring Physical Therapists here. Previously I worked with Matt Whitaker at another clinic. I was beyond delighted to find he was still in the area. Matt helped me regain strength, flexibility and balance plus repair damage from an ancient severe whiplash injury that was never treated, plus a recent shoulder strain and lower back pain. Matt’s hands-on, personalized treatments supported with home exercises has me believing my active lifestyle can be maintained indefinitely (I’m 70+.) Yay! I always felt I have Matt’s full attention and concern that I am making progress toward my goals. Co-owner Matt Weissbach has equally great credentials; highly recommend him if Matt Whitaker is booked up. I’m totally enthusiastic about the physical and mental benefits of treatment at Evolve Physical Therapy!

Allison Bail

I had a running assessment with Matt Weissbach today. As a physician myself, I could not have been happier with the way he broke down my running form in an analytical and informative way. He provided me with tips to improve my form and speed. I figured I'd be more conscious of what he said tonight at track practice and was not only hit my fastest mile, but also my fastest 5k speed, shaving a whole 3 minutes off of my previous time! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back!

Megan Griffin

I had an amazing experience at Evolve. I initially went there to get my shoulder worked on, as it was shifted forward and was extremely painful to lift above my head due to a pinch caused by extreme overuse and improper treatment from volleyball. Not only was this problem fixed during my three months at Evolve, but I was also able to fine-tune other small problems in my back, legs, and feet. I was able to correct my posture and strengthen my back muscles very effectively, all thanks to the help of the amazing trainers at Evolve! I am now able to play volleyball again without being hindered by my previous shoulder pain, which I haven't been able to do in years. As Matt got to know me our sessions progressed to address the entire person, not just my specific injury. I would definitely recommend Evolve if you are in need of physical therapy!

Jill Owens

I have had such a wonderful experience at Evolve physical therapy. The kindness, and professional treatment have been amazing. They go above and beyond to accommodate every aspect of my treatment from billing to working with my schedule. All of that being said the physical therapy is so thourough and out of this world none other can compare. Over all my experience has been top notch. I give them a 100 out of 10. I hope to always be able to go to Evolve for all of my physical therapy needs Thankyou so much to both Mats

Kaori Kammerzell

I was struggling with day-to-day activities due to my lower back pain which had been going on for over a year when I came to see Matt Whitaker for the first time. He articulated the cause of my pain and laid down the treatment plans, and explained to me in a way I could understand. That gave me hope! The pain limited me what I could do for a long time, but I am now getting back to daily work outs, long hikes, traveling and more! It's a great feeling to know that I can have an active and quality life back again. Matt has great knowledge, skills, experience, and is sincerely caring for the clients' wellness. I'm so grateful!

Judith Shull

I went to Evolve to get help and relief for a spinal muscle strain. I worked with Matt Whitaker. He was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in relieving the pain in my back. My back has never felt better! Thank you!!

grant omeike

Cool parking

Cassandra Pham

I could not be more pleased with my experience at Evolve Physical Therapy. Matt Whitaker is wonderful and knowledgeable. I had struggled with knee pain for a few years that even made everyday activities difficult. When I tried exercising on my own, it only seemed to exacerbate the problem, so I had stopped trying. Matt was able to identify the issue right away. He helped me rebuild strength through targeted exercises and attention to proper form and alignment. Within a matter of weeks, the pain I had been experiencing in everyday life was almost nonexistent, and I was even beginning to run and jump without pain. Thank you to Matt at Evolve Physical Therapy for giving me the tools I need to continue working toward my goals independently!

Ric Wright

My experience at PTEvolve was uniformly positive. When I started I had some significant issues. Matt helped me work through them and developed a plan that helped me very significantly. The facility is clean, modern and well run. Brittany does a great job handling the scheduling. I highly recommend Evolve. I hope I don't need their services again soon, but will definitely keep them in mind if I do!

Natalie Horton

My adventure of healing and recovering started last year. I was a passenger in an unfortunate accident which left my whole back and neck in terrible pain. My world quickly changed, affected my job, my life and caused some major depression to top it all off. I have been going to chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage for quite some time. The last piece to finish off my treatment was physical therapy. When I went to Evolve to start my physical therapy I had no direction and felt quite lost on where to start. Matt Whittaker made me feel not only welcomed but genuinely cared for in helping me regain the confidence and muscle I had lost after my accident.You will not find two extraordinary human beings like Matt Whittaker and Matt Weissbach. If you are looking for a top-notch experience with your physical care and would like to be treated like you are more than just a number, then I would 100% recommend choosing Evolve to help you on your journey. Not only did I make new friends, but I learned so much about my own body and the importance of taking care of my physical health. Everything is so connected. I will never forget all the laughs and good times while I profusely sweat on the floor doing my exercise’s hahah!

Ruth Talbott

If you are looking for a well trained and caring Physical Therapist, Matt Whitaker at Evolve has them all beat!!!! Best I have ever been to. I've had a fracture after back fusion and laid up for a year. I am now on the road to recovery and walking without a walker after a short time of seeing him. He is also trained for Lymphedema, Vestibular, TMG and more... Try him, you don't have to wait for either surgery or broken bones.

Kate B

Matt Whitaker is a genius at what he does. I saw him several times before he left Mendocino County, CA for Oregon. On a recent trip to Portland to visit family and friends, I decided to look him up to see if he could work me in and help with an annoying lower back problem that I'd irritated in a yoga class. He had just opened Evolve and found a time that worked for both of us. Once again I was beyond grateful and so sad that I can't pop in to see him help me heal all the aches and pains that come up. Matt is a good listener, he understands the forces involved in injuries, he helps you fix them, helps you learn how to move to prevent them, and gives you toning exercises and stretches to strengthen weak areas. His hands are strong and well educated about finding the source of the pain. He also explains clearly and repeats things as needed. I really can't say enough about his talents. I know a dozen people who had seen him at his old practice and thought the world of him and his skills. SW Portland is lucky to have this incredible resource. I'll return whenever I'm in Portland with a pain...

Glenn Gill

Matt at Evolve PT really got me back on track after my knee injury sidelined me from things I used to love doing like hiking. We started off with foam rolling and other stretching activities, went into corrective exercises that really focused on building flexibility and good form, and then finished with strength work. Through it all, I felt supported and pushed in a good way. Heck, it was even fun getting back into hiking shape. You should give Evolve a call if you have such needs!

Travis Lander

I have seen many PTs and PT facilities and found Evolve to be top-notch, utilizing state of the art equipment and a measured approach that enables you to see the progress you are making. Would recommend to anyone in need of a PT in the Portland metro area.


Never been in there but walk by it almost everyday. The place looks really nice from the outside. Staff that I have ran into are very polite. I've here from people that have been here for treatment that they are really happy with the results and professional staff.

Kristina Martin

About a year ago, I injured my shoulder. I was afraid I might need to have surgery, but decided to call Evolve Physical Therapy after reading all of the promising reviews. After my first appointment with Matt W., I felt there was promise that my shoulder, through physical therapy and hard work, would be able to improve. At that time, I had very limited mobility of my arm, had difficulty lifting things, performing daily tasks, even sleeping comfortably was difficult. Today, I'm much improved. My range of motion and strength is nearly all back, I'm able to perform daily tasks, and my sleep is back to normal. I've been to other physical therapists in the past, but they weren't nearly as informed as Matt. Other places felt like they delivered a "cookie cutter" routine that they used on everyone. At Evolve Physical Therapy, it feels like they take into consideration what you need individually to improve. Thank you Matt for all of the hard work, dedication, and humor you provided during my recovery. Thank you Brittany and staff for always being so friendly and kind through the whole process. I recommend Evolve Physical Therapy to anyone who's looking to heal from injury, deal with chronic pain, or just wants to improve their health and feel better.

Aaron Henderson

Lucas Spencer

Both the Matts at Evolve are outstanding physical therapists and people. They truly care about their patients and go above and beyond to help their clients. I am a police officer and was injured on duty. I had surgery on my knee and before I started therapy I had stability, pain, and strength issues. I still have a few weeks of PT left and my knee is already starting to feel better than it did before the surgery as I return to my normal activities and hobbies.

Cheryl Bonawitz

Personable, knowledgeable and honest about his expectations and treatment. I was referred to Matt Whittaker at Evole physical therapy from a trainer at the local YMCA. I was having issues with my neck. My range of motion was limited and pain level high. I called for an appt and was worked in that same day. Matt worked with me one on one for an hour. He educated me using his model of a spine and gave exercises to do at home. After 5 sessions im back to normal and can attend my exercise classes. It was worth going out of my plans network to seek help. I highly recommend this practice.

Danielle Coughran

Evolve Physical Therapy is AMAZING!! I saw Matt Whitaker, for two different injuries (an auto accident & work related injury) and from day one, I knew this place was something special and very different from the PT places I have had to go to for assorted reasons over almost 30 years. Evolve Physical Therapy is THE absolute best, top notch. Exceptional. They truly listen to you and involve you in the process, to help achieve your goals. They are extremely attentive. Matt Whitaker is extremely professional, versatile, experienced, proficient and extremely skilled. He also made it a pleasure to go to PT, which is really saying something! Matt is such a great person.....very friendly, sincere, honest and all around a truly great guy!! There is no other place I will go for PT. Matt Weissbach is also wonderful and I had a great experience with him when he had to fill in a couple of sessions. Brittany at the front desk is also great & very kind. All of them were always so helpful for any reason and always ready with a smile. If you need to go to PT... if you go to Evolve Physical Therapy, I promise that you will not regret it!! Thank you Evolve PT!!

Marney Jett

I am finally free from vertigo. Matt Whitaker knows his stuff. And now I’m working with him to prep for knee replacement surgery. This place is fantastic! Don’t think twice...go here!

Kaley Brown

I loved my experience. I went to recover from a car accident that caused back and neck pain. They were great with my young children and got me back to normal.

Lois Fox

I sustained 2 compression fractures in an accident 3 years ago and had lower back pain since then. I had extensive physical therapy from other clinics with little improvement. I had pretty much decided to live with it. Routine visit with a cardiologist recommended physical therapy as a strength building strategy. I made an appt with Evolve. I have been very happy with their approach of helping me heal myself. I now have the tools to use exercises and stretches to keep myself pain free and flexible.

Morgan Luccio

I was born with poor bone alignment in both feet which ultimately developed into bunions. I first began to feel excruciating pain when I was eighteen years old while simply taking a walk. At that point I should have undergone a double bunionectomy per a doctor’s recommendation, but my youthful ignorance prohibited me from making that smart decision. Over the course of the next two decades, I was limited in my physical activity due to constant, throbbing foot pain. In addition, I developed sever plantar faucitis in both feet. The pain created my inactivity which then created poor physical habits. I had devolved from an aggressive soccer player to a spectator in a blink of an eye. And now, well into my thirties I regret not acting sooner on finding a solution because had I known then what I know now… June 1, 2018: I underwent a left foot bunionectomy which entailed breaking my foot in two places, aligning the bones with two metal rods and shaving down the instep of my bone. I was not able to walk for four weeks, in a walking boot for three months and my recovery felt unusually painful and unlike what I expected. Despite asking several times if I should go to physical therapy, it was not urged. November 2, 2018: I underwent a right foot bunionectomy- replicating the exact same procedure done on my other foot just six months earlier. I was not recovered from the first surgery and was terrified that I was making a physically limiting situation even worse. Three weeks post operation, I rode my scooter into Evolve Physical Therapy with hope to focus on the recovery issues I was experiencing in my left foot. At this point, my doctor was suggesting a corrective surgery on my left foot, but Matt recommended I put a little time strengthening my feet before I went to such an extreme. It has been less than a year from my first surgery and I am doing so well. In fact, the other day my daughter asked me to jump on our trampoline with her and I had a blast. From wiggling my nerves awake to teaching me how to balance again, Matt gave me back a life that I never thought I could have again. I even was an assistant coach to one of my kids’ soccer teams this winter, and had a blast kicking the ball around once again. I couldn’t be more indebted to Matt Weissbach for being the awesome guy he is and for him giving me the tools I needed to feel like myself again. Thank you Matt. And thank you Evolve

Gregg Jacot

Awesome therapy techniques and equipment.

Sean Loomis

Mike Hennessy

Just wanted to take a moment and thank Matt at Evolve physical therapy. Working with Matt for several weeks I was able to increase my range of motion in my neck and corrected my insole so that I don't have lower back and hip pain any longer. Such a tremendous life-changing experience. I had such a negative therapy experience over the years with other therapists who did not have nearly the positive, hands-on methods that Matt provided. I would highly recommend EVOLVE PHYSICAL THERAPY for your therapy needs. Mike H.

Rob Smith

I was recommended to Evolve by my doctor after going to see him with knee and shoulder discomfort from old injuries. The Matt duo were awesome to work with and set me up with a great 4 week plan that helped me get back on track to doing the things I love. During the month of physical therapy I learned a lot through the knowledge that was shared as well as the training they had me do. They had some great training machines and regimens that I haven't used before but I enjoyed them so much that I incorporated some of the workouts in my normal routine. My favorite had to be the pneumatic workout machines, unfortunately not many other places/gyms have these type of machines so it's back to the old iron weight machines for me. After every session I was given more and more at home workouts to do to keep up with my therapy. The workouts were easy to understand and they even have an app that helps you perform the workouts/shows you how to perform each workout the right way. I definitely would suggest this place to anyone who is in need of therapy because the team at Evolve is great! Thanks to Evolve Physical Therapy I'm back to my everyday routine with no discomfort and even better am able to mountain bike again!

Kristin Quillin

I am not a person who usually writes a review. But Evolve Therapy, Matthew Weissbach has been amazing. He has been working on my foot. The arch of my foot fell 18 years ago and I have been to numerous podiatrist and chiropractors and other businesses to try to fix my foot. None of them ever recommended physical therapy. Anyhow long story short, I started coming to Evolve Physical Therapy and Matthew worked on my foot and strengthened my legs. WELL one day it happened! He got my heal back into place! It had been out of place for 18 years! I kept saying to anybody, who would listen, I felt like it needed to be put back in place. So now it is and I literally cried. I’m not a cryer but after this long it was like a miracle. I was so excited and so thankful. My balance is much better, I can walk and not feel weird, my foot functions like it’s supposed to, I can walk bare footed, the main thing is I can walk without pain. My stability is great. I have had several falls in the past and now I feel confident again with my footing. Such a blessing! Never would have thought it, but physical therapy fixed it. I highly recommend Evolve. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Priya Prins

I have had the privilege of working with Matt Weissbach for at least 15 years. As a teenage ballet dancer, I injured myself badly and from there on out I felt as though I was battling one new injury after another. As frustrated as I got, Matt helped me each step of the way to find a good balance between body maintenance and being injury free. Even now, when I run into an occasional problem, I can always depend on Matt's advice to be sound. Particularly for those people who feel as though they are reaching their wit's end, Matt's exceptional skill, patience and kindness will help walk you back to staying injury free! Malaho Matt!!

Susan Cochran

I learned about Evolve Physical Therapy at a knee pain clinic and I am so glad I did! Physical therapy appointments with Matt - exercises and an appropriate treatment plan have me walking and working out without pain. Thank you Evolve!

Tammy Cornilles

Everything in this facility was great! They really try there best to help you!

Tina Reneau

Wow! Amazing work with Matt at Evolve Physical Therapy. For 10 years I had lower back pain. Through the right suggestions, guidance, and exercises the pain is gone. When it starts to hurt slightly, I do the suggested posture and the pain goes away instantly. It feels so wonderful, amazing to have my life back full of more energy than I could imagine and no pain medications. Being able to lift and pull heavy things without hurting myself is a great experience after 10 years of limitations. Doing half marathons, yard work, kayaking and of course working full time are so much easier without limitations from the back. Thank you Matt, your Amazing..Evolve PT is such a positive experience and I Highly recommend. Smiles

Debbie Roshak

Great pt therapy

Richard McKinney

Evolve PT was instrumental in helping me heal my lowerback. I was certain I was headed for surgery. Matt listened to my chief complaint, developed a plan specific to my needs, and helped me get back to 100% recovery with a few lifestyle modifications. Hopefully those will be short-term.

Steven Rice

My experience with Evolve PT has been fantastic! Matt W. is an exceptional communicator. I had injured my shoulder and he thoroughly explained what the cause of pain was. When it came to the rehab process the purpose behind treatment was thoroughly explained as well. Treatment itself targeted the injury with exercises emphasizing being pain free. The pain symptoms of the injury were non-existent after the first session. Over the course of treatment my should not only healed but became stronger. I cannot more highly recommend Evolve PT!

Scott Copeland

Matt W. put me "back together" as I struggled with chronic back pain from an injury over two years ago. The systematic routines have put me in the best overall physical condition I've been in for over 10 years. He's positive, realistic and committed to restoring overall health. I hope I don't need more PT, but if I do, this is where I will come.

Edward Charbonneau

Krystle Davis

I recently had my first visit at Evolve after a terrible accident. From the point of scheduling through my entire visit they were effficient, knowledgable, thorough and so kind. I can trust that I am in good hands and can focus on healing.

Eloy Plascencia

Matt is the best, highly recommend Evolve....

Lucas H 2018

After having meniscus surgery as a 50+ year old active male, I needed a physical therapist that would help me get my knee back to pre injury health. Matt Weissbach at Evolve Physical Therapy in Sherwood did exactly that. Matt took great interest in my PT goals, and pushed me to accomplish them. After two months of PT, I was back running and skiing. My knee, and entire lower body feel as strong as ever. I would definitely recommend Evolve Physical Therapy.

Marian McAndie

I have suffered from vertigo off and on for a number of years. It usually comes once a year and lasts up to 2 months. I was resigned to just dealing with it until I googled and found Evolve Physical Therapy. The reviews were encouraging so thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did! In one session with Michael Whitaker my vertigo is gone! Michael is a miracle worker! I went back for a check in and he taught me how I could quickly and easily get rid of vertigo on my own should it return. Brittany in the office was also very helpful in contacting my insurance company to find out about my coverage and co-pay. I highly recommend Evolve Physical Therapy especially if you are suffering from vertigo.

Ian Taylor

I have never had a knee injury until recently. Hurting my knee on the job was extremely disappointing. With Matt Whitaker's help at Evolve, he was able to not only figure out what was creating the pain and inflammation, but also provide a game plan to stabilize my knee. I am now able to go down stairs without pain.

ulmavl45 .

Spanish Version. Estuve en un accidente el mes de Septiembre 2017 y cuando me recomendaron a Matt Whitaker en Evolve la verdad lo dude por un momento,pero finalmente me decidi hacer la cita fue la major decision que pude haber hecho sobre mi salud fisica. Cuando llegue con Matt y le mencione todos mis Dolores rapidamente me dijo, "Te alludare un poco con esa tencion en tus oidos y dolor de cabeza", fue algo magico rapidamente senti el cambio en mis malestares, despues de haber trabajado en mi cuello la verdad supe la experiencia, paciencia y amabilidad que tenia para su trabajo. Fue algo inexplicable salir de esa oficina sin esa presion y dolor de cabeza, y desde ese dia supe que le confiaria mi salud fisica. Difinitivamente se los recomiendo 100%. Gracias Matt

Lew Meteliz

Matt Weissbach helped me resolve persistent post-surgical shoulder pain and weakness which hampered my daily activities and frustrated my attempts to return to overhead sports like basketball. He developed an array of strength-building and range of motion exercises tailored to break the cycle of weakness and inflammation to regain shoulder strength and mobility. Matt's expert knowledge of joint/muscle biomechanics, combined with great listening and teaching skills, helped me acquire the "buy in" mindset to execute my rehab program at home and work. At clinic visits, Matt made mid-course adjustments to increase my endurance and safely regain my activities while avoiding setbacks. When you leave the clinic, his coaching sticks with you. From my experience therefore, I'm truly comfortable suggesting to those seeking physical therapy to arrange an appointment with Matt and Evolve PT.

Sheila Littleton

A friend of mine recommended Evolve and she was right. From Brittany who is friendly and organized to Melisa my experience has been great. Melisa has a great attitude and she is a wonderful listener.I wish I started going to Melisa sooner!

Hugh Wiley

I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). If I opened my mouth wide enough to bite into a sandwich or hamburger my jaw would lock open. For years I would have to cut up sandwiches and hamburgers before eating. I had reached a point where chewing my food was painful. My dentist suggested physical therapy for treatment. Previous dentists told me to live with the pain until I could not tolerate it any more. Then the only option was surgery. No surgery can repair or replace any body part better than what you were born with. Unless you were born with a defect, surgery is usually a bad option or last option. I was referred to Evolve Physical Therapy. After completing physical therapy I can now chew my food pain free. And I no longer have to cut up sandwiches and hamburgers before eating them.

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