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REVIEWS OF Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy IN Oregon

Clare Jayawickrama

Kuuipo Walsh

When I first started PT at CSSPT, I was in a lot of pain. Now my back, neck and joints are pain free. Thank you Carol, Laura, and Theresa! You ladies rock!

Anicia Criscione

Dr. Hoffman knows her stuff :)

Dennis T

They provided a great PT experience. I came to them with back and neck problems and after my time in PT with them I can do many more activities without pain. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Baccary

Corvallis Sport and Spine has been a great place to work on my recovery. I have unfortunately been injured twice recently and have come to CSSPT both times. The great staff were able to help me return to all my favorite sports and activities post ACL repair and have been helpful in getting better after a recent shoulder issue. PT’s are knowledgeable, front desk staff is welcoming, the view in Corvallis is amazing, and they were even flexible with my bill. I highly recommend CSSPT to anyone in need.

Linda Baker

This place and these people are like family. I have in the past four years needed therapy. They treated me with such respect, listened to my needs. Explained what was going on in detail and told me why they do what they do. When I was exhausted and feeling like it was never going to end, they cheered me on. What a lovely experience for any one seeking body mind and spirit to be healed together. Thank you Carol and Tracy and Linda for all you have done for me!

Melissa Chamberlin

I actually went to another Physical Therapy place before finding out about CSSPT and ended up getting hurt more. So by the time I got to Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy I was in a good bit of pain. Luckily, I asked a sports trainer I trusted and she recommended CSSPT. I made an appointment and had the best care I could ask for. Not only did they solve the problem but they also gave me advice on how to prevent similar types of injury in the future which has really worked for me. The appointment process was also easy and I give high marks for their professionalism. I have also recommended them to others because I believe what they do is as an expert in their field and also as caring people.

Rebecca Barrett

I just finished 8 months of successful rehab following a tendon repair with Dane Happeny, DPT and Bernadette Podwika, DPT. Can't say enough about these two. They motivated me and helped me to overcome a devastating injury and get back to the things I love. If you're willing to work hard, they will create an exercise plan to meet your individual goals. Everyone I encountered at the office was positive, friendly and encouraging.

Brian Egan

Carrol and company did a great job getting me through rehab after my total knee replacement. I would definitely go there again for future needs

Karen Daugherty

Dane is absolutely the best Physical Therapist I’ve EVER had the pleasure of going to. He makes you feel comfortable and listens. His knowledge and support in one’s recovery is commendable. His approach as each patient is evaluated as to where you are now and where you want to be, is especially important in your recovery. Linda, Blake and Ann Marie are kind, courteous and professional in their respective positions. I recommend Corvallis Sport and Spine to everyone! Never under estimate the power of a fantastic team!

Sue Jackson

The folks here at S&S have seen me through two knee replacements and a hip replacement, and i owe my mobilty success to them! They have been super understanding and supportive of my needs as a multiple replacement patient, and have helped me work through any accomodations and skills i needed. Thanks for everything! Ill see you out on the trails!

Paul Bradley

The staff at CSSPT is amazing. They have treated my whole family. If you want to get better these are the people to work with.

Daniel Nunez

Melissa Ewton

Dane at Corvallis Sport and Spine has helped me take care of a variety of issues. Always friendly, always professional, and always effective! I highly recommend Dane and CSSPT to anyone.

C Petrovich

Carol and LInda provided me with exercises that have made an amazing difference in how I feel. Carol's before and after testing results showed incredible progress. I thought there wasn't much I could do because I thought the problems were just age-related, but they helped me see that I could improve, not matter what my age was. Not only were the exercises helpful, but their explanations about how my mind and body could work together to improve my health gave me the motivation to make positive changes that have made a world of difference in how I feel. Thank you!

Sharon Knight

The staff here is amazing! The atmosphere is friendly and helpful. The staff is so encouraging and they really listen to what's going on with your individual aches and pains. Laura really helped with my recent hip pain. Not only am I pain-free now, but she gave me a list of helpful exercises to keep me that way! Thanks everyone! I would highly recommend you to anyone needing physical therapy, and would gladly come back if I need to again.

Adham Sproat

Super friendly and helpful staff. Very clean and organized facility. Great experience overall.

Cindy Alexis

Great group of therapists, particularly Tanner!

Courtney Childs

Bernadette is a miracle worker! She helped me heal my shoulder injury and avoid surgery. I love the whole staff!

Alicia Allard

At my first appointment I didn't have much confidence of being able to hike again with my knees feeling so bad and since I had waited so long (2-3 months) before going to a physical therapist I figured I had done permanent damage - in short I was very discouraged and lacked knowledge in where my knee pain was coming from - by my last appointment I felt confident and more knowledgable with my knee discomfort and what I needed to do. My knees were/are doing so much better and I'm excited to possibly run again someday! My physical therapist I had was awesome to work with, taught me so much, made sure my goals matched his and that we were on the same page every step of the way and made me feel more and more confident and encouraged at each appointment. Loved the way he described everything. The staff all around was encouraging - it seemed they were all like family and enjoyed what they did - positive work environment. I was impressed with the receptionist being so kind and helpful as I've experienced the opposite in most every other place I've been. Loved the atmosphere here and had excellent treatment.

linda brewer

Saint Theresa has created a miracle in my life! My gait training is a tremendous success than I am more stable and confident. Yippee And while I’m propounding here I must mention St. Peter who made a comment about my ankles. It took me a couple of weeks to incorporate that into my gate but WOW!! The strength of this practice is that patients are shifted to the therapist who - in the current phase of healing - will have the greatest impact. ♥️

Candice Ellliott

Amazing knowledgeable and friendly staff, got timely appointments and got me back to normal activities! Thank you!


I could easily write paragraph upon paragraph about my positive experience(s) with CS&S and their entire staff. However the highlight is their new DPT: Erin M. Fusting. Injury has been common for me, due to being a stubborn athlete my whole life therefore this is certainly not my first time doing PT. However, this is my first time doing PT consistently, as prescribed (mostly) and looking forward to it. The credit is entirely due to Erin, her knowledge which is evident in her attentive, careful application of her skill.

Lauren Sprowl

Corvallis Sport & Spine is the best physical therapy group I've found. I've had my fair share of knee surgeries. After my last surgery is when I'd found Carrol and her team. There were some issues with the surgery that have created a lot of pain and instability for me and I truly feel as though my pain and experiences were taken into consideration by her (which is not something I'd experienced with other groups in town). My strength is now at a good place in preparation for my next surgery. If I weren't moving away, Carrol and Corvallis Sport & Spine would definitely (without any doubt) be my continued PT team. I cannot thank them enough for the work that they've done for me and the quality of care they've given. I'm not constantly in pain anymore and I owe that to this wonderful group of professionals.

Mark Koenig

These guys are the greatest! Super friendly, super helpful!

Beth Harris

David Kline

Very knowledgeable, knew how to treat me when my doctor wasn't sure what was going on. Friendly and proactive. I highly recommend.

Shanna Cox

Theresa is awesome! She has been instrumental in my recovery from severe bilateral plantar fasciitis. She is patient and kind and always keeps me honest about doing my at home exercises. All the staff at Corvallis Sport and Spine are friendly and knowledgable. I recommend them highly!

Nicole Rocco

After ~4 months of shoulder PT with Dane (THE BEST!), I've gone from barely being able to lift my arm to back to full activity level (including being a skydiving instructor). The whole staff is friendly and fully professional. I can't recommend CSSPT highly enough!

Sandy Baumgartner

Forever grateful to CSSPT and Peter McMillan! Peter is brilliant, creative, and determined! He helped me meet achieve ALL of my goals... big and small! Peter was in my corner the whole way. His mental and physical coaching tips have stuck with me months after I graduated! Thank you!

Erica Koenig

Ok as far as medical bills (from a laypersons perspective) CSSPT has the best I've seen --- and sadly I've had to opportunity to see a few recently. Also their therapists and reception staff are great :)

Jessica Gray

I had a great experience here working to heal my shoulder. Dane created a personalized exercise regiment for me that has gradually and successfully increased my strength and mobility. I had to bring my baby with me to PT and they were so accommodating and sweet with her. The staff here is great - super kind and encouraging!

Deborah Lindsay

Everyone is friendly, professional, and supportive. The atmosphere is fantastic.

Bernadette Podwika

Laura Hoffman (aka LaLa) is absolutely fantastic!

Heather McNutt-Kaestner

Very accommodating with my schedule and PT needs. A solid team!

Michelle Esterhuizen

cheryl Neuman

It all started with my first full knee replacement. My first appointment was before the actual surgery. They got me in and we worked on getting me prepared for what was to come! They helped with adjusting my walker to the correct level. Showed me how to handle stairs and some excersise to do. After surgery we continued to work hard together. I always felt they were in this with me to the finish line. Because of Corvallis Sport and Spine I had a full recovery and my knee works wonderful!! They are amazing, compassionate, and understanding people. I would NEVER go anywhere else.

Høwling Wolf

Super friendly and caring staff!! Great views of the three sisters too!

Karina Espinoza

Peter is a great therapist, and has helped my husband Ernesto so much. Also great staff thank you all for all the great treatment done for us.


Dane is very thorough, conscientious, and knowledgeable. He listens well, teaches effectively, and communicates organized plans for therapy. As a bonus, he has a great sense of humor and awesome socks!

Luke Whitman

The best physical therapists in Corvallis, great facility

Pati Craven

I love the care I get here. A kind and professional staff.

Elliott Nichols

I recovered from an ankle injury here during the summer and early school year. Dane was great and worked with me through everything! I now am fully mobile again and back to sports! The service was awesome and everyone there is very nice and there to help you!

Cilantro Cilantro

Needed physical therapy for dislocated shoulder. Had a half-dozen appointments with Dane over several months. He was incredibly supportive, demonstrating a wide variety of exercises that were perfectly suited to the different stages of my recovery. The online video demonstrations are a real plus! Along the way he also shared his comprehensive understanding of anatomy, explaining the complex structure of the shoulder in simple language. This experience far exceeded my expectations in every way.

Kalea Stumbo

Love this place!

Patty Williams

Why have I repeatedly returned to Corvallis Sport and Spine over the years for a number of issues? Carol and her staff of assistants, particularly Theresa, have gained my confidence with their thoughtful and educated approach to solving my problems. It’s clear they know their stuff (because I always feel results) and they impart that knowledge to me. I always come away feeling well educated in just what I need to do to continue my improvement and prevent future problems. Besides that, they’re just awesome people!

Karen Misfeldt

I have had the pleasure of working with the knowledgeable PTs at CSSPT - Tanner, Theresa and Dane. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed and cared for from every staff member. If you are in need of physical therapy, Corvallis Sport and Spine is your best choice.

Larry Lake

I have to agree with all that’s been said. I met with Dane after he was recommended to me. I just started here but am very happy with my first visit.

Beth Lambright

I have really received great help for my shoulder problem from the therapists here. Amanda diagnosed all the muscle involvement and Theresa Baker has been treating me so well weekly. Theresa is very gifted in narrowing down the problem muscle and joint attachments and using a variety of therapies to help from massage, cupping, taping, and ultrasound as well as prescribing exercises that have really helped me gain full range of motion back. I am so grateful for these therapists.

Julie Balderston

Corvallis Sport and Spine are top notch! I used them for ACL rehab in 2007 and I’m back again for help. You are in safe and caring hands at CSSPT!!!

Michelle Hoopiiaina

Awesome! Attentive, direct, complete care. Exactly what I needed/wanted.

Felipe Barreto

I have come to Corvallis Sport and Spine PT for three different injuries (shoulder and back) over the last few years, and I have been incredibly happy with the attention and service provided by all of their staff. My most recent treatment was for a shoulder injury, and Dane Happeny was my primary therapist. Besides developing a strengthening program specific to my injury, Dane was also a fantastic teacher for re-training my movements to improve my recovery and prevent re-injury. I returned to near full activity in less than 8 weeks, and I now have confidence that I can continue to perform appropriate home exercises prescribed by Dane. I enjoyed my visits to their clinic, and felt great every time after leaving. I almost look forward to getting injured again next year! :)

Colin Smith

Really friendly and experienced staff, helped me recover in time for a big tournament.

Lauren Mealey

All PT's are so thoughtful and proactive.

Robert Rinehart

I have been going here for ruffly 4 months now. In these 4 months I have made leaps and bounds compared to what progress I was making at the VA physical therapy . The staff at the front is always polite, and have a smile on there face, and make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. I wish the VA sent me here 5 years ago. I have been working with Peter and he gets to know you and your life style works out a plan that can fit into your schedule and will work for you. He dosnt have a problem showing me the exercise time and time again until I am doing them right . I would defiantly recommend this place to friends and family if they ever needed physical therapy.

Shailynn Miller

Monica Macpherson

All of the PT’s staff at Corvallis and Spine are amazing. Laura and Dane have helped my hip and ankle issues.

Nicole Koski 'student'

Before getting treatment from CSSPT my back injury debilitated me so much that I had a really hard time bending over, laying down, and getting back up. After just a few sessions I regained full range mobility and could get back in the pool and on the soccer turf no problem. Not only does CSSPT help relieve pain and stress on your body, but they are such a kind staff and I loved my sessions with Carrol.

Scott Linn

We have been using Corvallis Sport and Spine for quite a few years, all for different injuries or surgery recoveries. Every time has been great, the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The outcome every time has been great!

Paula Merino

Corvallis Sport and Spine has really helped with my back and hip pain. Carol is amazing!

Nichole Hoffman

Two of my family members have used Dane at Corvallis Sport and Spine. He had excellent care and a fantastic way of being with people. He is great with kids and adults. Thanks Dane and CSSPT for your work!

Dane Happeny

Great PT clinic providing 1-on-1 personalized care to help you discover how to help yourself move and feel better so you can work, live, play... again!

Ansel Atkinson

Lauren Clemens

Molly Marcum

The team at Corvallis Sport Sport and Spine is amazing! I could not ask for better care. Laura, Carol and Theresa have all been amazing throughout my many ventures into physical therapy for various injuries over the past two plus years. The team has been amazing, allowing my two young girls to come to appointments and the girls absolutely love everyone at what they’ve deemed “physical parody.” So much so that one time when an appointment was rescheduled due to illness, they both burst into tears crying and begging to go to “physical parody.” I ask them what they want to do on any given day and it’s usually get hot chocolate, go on a walk and go to physical parody. Laura is an amazing therapist who helps get you back living into your active life. Her vibrant energy is contagious. An overuse injury prior to my last half had me doubting I could run it at all. And with Laura’s help, I did AND cut 20+ minutes of my prior PR. Carol was amazingly helpful with postpartum recovery and is such a caring woman, even walking me to my car to see how I am placing my girls in their car seats (not ideally) even though I was at PT for a different issue. Theresa has been incredibly helpful as an assistant working with me on stroller running form and proper technique for basic body weight exercises. The hiring of each member of the team is clearly a careful, conscientious decision. The atmosphere and chemistry of Corvallis Sport and Spine is amazing. Go here, leave feeling better!

Gabriel Dain Johnson

I’ve had great treatment for plantar fasciitis and rotator cuff from both Peter and Erin. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Quentin Hays

Tanner is the man!


Knowledgeable staff and great facility! Laura diagnosed me quickly where multiple physical therapists and chiropractors had failed. I thought about giving a one star review so that I'd have less competition for appointments, but this place is top notch :)

Wayne Gibson

Been going to Corvallis Sport and Spine for well over 10 years with great success. I've seen Laura, Carrol, Dane, and Theresa. Each and every time they have met my goals in therapy and this has become my "go to" place for physical therapy. Can't say enough good things about them!

Heather Greene

I can't say enough positive things about CSSPT. Their customer service starts as soon as you walk through the door with receptionists that do everything to schedule you to your schedule, not theirs. They make it work. The treatment team is just that, a team. It encompasses the receptionists, techs and therapists. Everyone is so friendly and really takes the time to know you. They treat you like family. The level of integrity, talent and willingness to think outside of the box for my injuries is outstanding. I will always recommend this team. Thank you for everything Dane, Carol, Theresa, Amber, Lauren, Molly and all the techs!!!

Zoe Fidler

“Best in class” service is an understatement, more like… “Ultimate patient service” Greeted with a warm smile and genuine enthusiasm for helping their patients, every staff member that I have encountered has made my experience pleasurable and worth coming back for. My primary Physical Therapist is Bernadette who is amazing. Bernadette took the time to show me how the shoulder area bones and muscles work and why the pain I have experienced for my particular injury is normal. The exercises that she has written down for me (which includes cute stick people for a visual) to do at home have helped improve my range of motion and strength. Bernadette is factual, fun, and personable, I feel like I am working out with my best friend. I have also had sessions with Carol and Dane who are awesome too. The front office (Michelle, Kristina, and Molly) and assistants (Tyler and the girls, sorry I can’t remember their names) are ALL very friendly, caring, and pitch in without hesitation to make sure their patients are well taken care of. I would like to add, I appreciate any business that allows local students interested in the medical field access to a job shadowing day. My daughter Sheriden enjoyed her day with the staff at Corvallis Sport and Spine and insisted I go through my recovery with them….I am happy I listened to my insightful daughter, you will be too… : )

Louise B

Dane, Theresa and the whole staff have been informative and patient in helping me deal with painful osteoarthritis in knee and back. I’m far more mobile than I was when I started with them after one knee suddenly stopped functioning properly.

Roland Leiby

Review for my wife Pam. Great staff. Very helpful and patient. Most appointments are punctual.

Jane Averill

I have been to Corvallis Sport and Spine several times and have found them to be very helpful. This time I worked with Amanda and Theresa, both of whom were great. Amanda was very knowledgeable and came up with a variety of exercises that kept me on the path to recovery. Theresa’s caring encouragement was much appreciated, too. Thanks to the whole team!


Michelle Tyndall

During my time as a patient at CSSPT, I was given the most personal and caring service. The entire staff is devoted to the care of each of it’s patients. All of the therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and are dedicated to giving the best care to their patients. I worked with Amanda and she not only took the time to answer all of my questions but also eased my pain in a few sessions.

Amanda Blevins

Absolutely gorgeous campus, they are just as good at meditative practices as they are at PT. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Luke Johnson

Friendly staff! Always a smile on the staffs face. A shout-out to Karla and Linda in billing!

Burch Family Oregon

They have helped me with gaining my strength and life back after two work related injuries. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I recommend anyone that feels that there is no hope for their recovery to give Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy a try. Thank you for everything!

Cam Little

I've been coming to Corvallis Sport & Spine since 2008. I had ACL surgery and they helped me recover fully. I also had a serious case of plantar fasciitis last year and had been trying to take care of it myself. After 4 months of no results and getting worse, I finally came in to see them and my symptoms improved quickly. They have a top-notch staff and are very organized. I think they have the best office in town capable of handling all types of physical therapy needs. Dr. Cam Little

Karen Swanger

For runners this is the place to go with any type of runners aches and pains. They have helped me many times and keep me running!

Jay Nicholas

All of the staff here are super competent and friendly. They gave me excellent care and resolved my injury quickly. Thanks very much.


Hands down the best quality care I have EVER received! I’ve never once felt like “just another patient”. My foot has healed so much faster than I expected, and the physical therapists (I love Laura) are amazing at what they do! I recommend these guys to anyone looking!

Nevette Orth

Wonderful, caring and supportive therapists!!

Bob Hazleton

Staff is friendly and helpful. Amanda took the time to fully examine my shoulder, where as my doctor in three visits never looked at my shoulder. She is friendly professional yet she pushed me to perform home exercises.

Ethan Colvert

Corvallis Sport and Spine exceeded my expectations by far. The staff is consistently warm and friendly, making it a pleasant experience every visit. The treatment level reflected a depth of care, knowledge, and experience beyond most of my interactions with other medical professionals. I'm happy to write this review and recommend CSSPT to anyone looking to get back on track with physical therapy. Thanks!

Beth Filar Williams

I went here because of an ongoing issue I had been having for years that often massage or muscle manipulation helped but only temporary. I was a bit embarrassed to be going in for something so minor but it turned out it was so worth it, especially at Sport & Spine! Laura was amazing, listened well, checked me out thoroughly, and figured out what was going on. Through exercises at home and her work on me there over a few months, I built up the right muscles and got my body to learn how to walk properly. I am no longer in pain after my hikes and feel so much stronger and happier! why did I ever wait?! The staff there was always friendly, accommodating, kind.... and what a view they have :)

Jamie Gee

Just after my very first visit with Carrol, my ankle felt so much better. The exercises she taught me were very helpful. She was so encouraging with her positive attitude and made me feel comfortable. Walking out of the office without a limp and having confidence in my ankle/foot on uneven ground felt amazing. I've babied it since my injury in October of 2018 and it has not felt better than it does today. All of their staff is helpful, friendly and very welcoming. Thank you so much! See you soon!

Leanne Schuetze

Everyone my 4 yr old grandson and I had contact with was amazing. The aids were fantastic especially when it came to to keeping a very very busy kid occupied. The front desk staff were compassionate, professional, friendly, and a joy. The therapists are great and my issue has improved greatly. I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff and the facility. Highly recommend.


I highly recommend Peter McMillan at Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy. I am amazed. For the past 2 years I had severe inner knee pain, which even interrupted my sleep. Initially I went to a knee specialist in Eugene who told me that he couldn’t find anything wrong with my knee. The pain continued until my Corvallis doctor referred me to Corvallis Sport and Spine for PT. I am so grateful to have been matched with Peter, who has truly helped me. Even with my yoga background, I needed an expert eye to guide me and detect misalignment. I’ve not only gained back strength and balanced my alignment, but I have absolutely NO PAIN in my knee. Thank you Peter for your extensive knowledge, compassion and supportive expertise.


Theresa was very gentle,kind,and knowledged

Benjamin Liu-May

Laura was awesome!

Joshua Petit

Erin is the best! This place is on top of their game!

Debbie Riker

The staff was extremely helpful and caring! I received excellent advice and lifestyle changes to help prevent any further complications with my back. I highly recommend Corvallis Sport and Spine for Physical Therapy!

Sydney Hutton

A little over a year ago I got a big knee surgery and finally completed my treatment today and have never felt better! My PT Dane helped me get back the strength and the exercises were always tailored to activities that I want to get back into like Wakeboarding. Couldn't have done it without them!

Steve Fiorito

My PT was determined to put together a plan to help me achieve my goals. He achieved what others failed to.

Scott K

I have been in a lot of pain over the last five years. Finally found the right PT. Being pain free is amazing. Thank you so much!

Hannah Hochenedel

Been getting great care here! All of the therapists work together well and seem genuine and optimistic about improving their patients’ conditions.

Jo Morgan

Last summer Dane and Linda helped me heal a rotator cuff issue. They are a great team! I trust them with my healing. They provided me with skills that will help keep me well and moving towards my fitness goals. If I fall back into old patterns, I review what they taught me and get right back on track! Thanks Dane and Linda for your help to heal my body.

Adrienne Ewanchyna

I have been going to Corvallis Sport and Spine at least twice a week for about 4 months now. I've seen several therapists, and have been quite happy with everyone. In particular, Theresa has been very helpful. My case has been a bit difficult, and she has been very innovative with her treatments and always seems to have new ideas to help me find success. Her positive energy helps keep me going! I've also worked with Peter, and he's very knowledgeable and has a lot of new exercises to keep challenging me, and helping me progress. The entire office is very helpful and friendly!

Daniel Varughese

Corvallis Sport and Spine is the best! I made the mistake of going to two different clinics before going here and I really wish I started my care here first. Peter is the absolute man when it came to rehabbing my knee. He knew exactly what I needed and the steps I would have to take to take to go from walking with a limp, to running with perfect form, to lifting weights, and finally returning to play basketball. For my final appointment he took me to Dixon and worked on footwork drills and basketball drills to see how my knee would hold up, and it was perfect. I still have to increase my strength in my leg muscles in order to jump as high and play as hard as I did before, but Peter gave me all the right tools and exercises to be at a 100% better place than I was 1 year ago. Huge thank you to all the overqualified staff who were able to get me back to the court.

Jaymeson Wilson

Awesome place with great staff. Theresa and Peter genuinely care for my future health and provide quality service. The atmosphere is very positive and everyone is welcoming making it a comfortable place.

Sara Heitzhausen

All of the employees are very welcoming and inviting and it's an awesome feel inside the studio. I broke my elbow and came in for PT right after surgery. I had very little mobility and Dane truly helped me reach my goals. I am now able to move my arm/elbow like before and have full strength back. I couldn't be happier with Dane's dedication and knowledge, in addition to the couple other PTs who helped me as well. I highly recommend Corvallis Sport and Spine- they are truly all amazing at what they do.

Nikki Marr

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and kind work staff!! They helped me so much!

Fran Frost

Carol, Has helped me so much/am truly grateful for her knowledge of the problem I was having with my left knee. I will continue with the exercises she’s given me that truly works. Thank you. Fran Douglas

Julie Weiss

Corvallis (and their Albany office too) are truly the best! I went to them for both back pain (years!! ago) and knee pain and was treated kindly, compassionately and professionally. They know their stuff! I haven't had a back issue since once they taught me how to use my back properly! And to help my knee, they taught me how to work on my hip. Who knew! They are just awesome. I can't recommend them enough.

Sharon Crary

Major improvement with regards to women's health issues and small fiber neuropathy.

Jake Burch

Nicholas Koch

Taught me how to take care of and approach rehabing my back. I feel well-prepared and educated about my injury.

Katie Hogen

Great, knowledgeable and awesome staff!

Shannon Lane

I highly recommend CSSPT. Founded by PT”s Laura and Carrol, the personal care and attention from every member of staff is exceptional. They care about you,

A Perkins

I worked with Dane and Linda at Corvallis Sport and Spine for several months following rotator cuff surgery, which was this past December. I'm not surprised that these guys have received all five stars from everyone who's reviewed them. My experience was 100% positive, and I think I'm pretty picky! I experienced Dane and Linda as solidly knowledgeable and skilled technicians. They were both also so so kind, GREAT educators, and supportive cheerleaders. They were adaptive in responding to the ways in which I struggled to remember directions about my homework by videotaping my exercises on my iPhone and simplifying things for me when I was getting all tangled up in details. They were so skilled and so kind! Dane has a way of exuding confidence and sharing his amazing expertise and still remaining incredibly humble. Linda is calm and reassuring and took time to massage the areas around my newly forming scars to break up the hardening tissue. I loved that! I have to mention the counter staff as well, who were always so kind and on top of things. GREAT PLACE. Short of some accident, I'm trying to find an excuse to go back ;>) to get that great care for my aging body!

Brenda Van Damme

This place is the best! Only in area for a few weeks, was able to get appointments I needed. Everyone is very nice and professional, feel very comfortable. Equipment and everything is very clean. I have been seeing Tanner and Linda, they are amazing, explain how and why for everything, answer any questions and follow up. Drew is also very good. Would recommend this PT to anyone without hesitation. All good experiences.

Linda Spain

On two occasions I worked with Laura to resolve injury issues. She diagnosed the issue and taught me to understand the underlying problem and complete exercises and develop a long range strategy to resolve the issue. She and the staff are professional and friendly.

Gwendolyn Wyard

Loving my visits so far. During the initial consult they quickly tuned into the other care givers I am seeing (chiro, massage & acupuncture) & took a team effort to compliment the additional care I am receiving. Very cool!!

Sean Taylor

Awesome staff! Unfortunately I've had to go for a few different injuries but each time they are always super friendly, caring and professional!

Cheryl Dunham

Until I have time to write a more thorough review: 1) Everyone is welcoming and encouraging; 2) The PTs are very knowledgeable and stay current in the field; 3) While I have a personal bias towards Erin (my personal PT) I would recommend all the PTs here (something I can't say about other health care facilities in the area); and 4) After a horrible back injury, I have progressed from day 1 where just lying on the table had me in painful tears, to today where I am able to drive, walk, and enjoy life a little bit more. Thank you Erin and thank you CSSPT! :-)

Rob Baker

Awesome staff from from reception to the care team. Very knowledgeable therapy staff, understanding and work with you on scheduling especially Theresa and Carol. CSSPT does an excellent job listening and addressing your needs. 10 stars!

Mary Chuinard

All the staff and therapists at CSSPT are great. Each therapist, like any person, has their unique strengths and perspectives. It is nice to have so many great different folks to see in one place.

Don and Nancy Boatwright

The Corvallis Sport and Spine Team are absolutely the best, from the office staff thru the Physical Therapists. I highly recommend them based on the results I have received in their care. I won't go anywhere else when a need arises. I have on three separate occasions been referred, by a physician, to physical therapy. Some six years ago I was experiencing chronic neck pain for which prescription pain and muscle relaxer medication were not helping. Fortunately for me my attending physician referred me to Corvallis Spot and Spine for physical therapy where Carrol was able to determine the root area of the problem to be the upper right back near the point of the right shoulder blade. By the second session, along with doing the home exercises provided, the pain was greatly reduced and within three week I was pain free and with the exercises I was instructed to use I have been able to stave off any re-occurrence. The next two times my physician suggested physical therapy I requested that I be referred to Corvallis Sport and Spine. Some three years ago it was a problem in the left hip and groin area where muscle deterioration occurred as a result of a Statin drug reaction my PT was Teresa. This year a problem with the left shoulder, my PT's were Dane, Linda, Teresa and Megan all of which knew what they were doing and were on the same page in the treatment I received. The end result is a job well done by each that treated me. Than You.

Jean Kughn

Great place to rehab. They are all very friendly and love their job. Willing to work with your schedule. Carol and Teresia are amazing. Glad. I came here.

Dustin Kassman

Over the years I have utilized Corvallis Sport and Spine's services for a variety of reasons and I have always been more than happy with their skills. For pelvic and core issues Dr. Esterhuizen is great. She had natural techniques for dealing with bladder issues when a urologist's first response was medication. For butt and leg issues ask for their 'Glute Whisperer'. Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the helpful staff at the front desk.

Paige Kamp

Great physical therapists. They really listen to concerns that I have and work the way up to getting 100% and meeting goals that I have. They listen to when I'm in pain and when an excerise isn't working.

Alexis McQuillan

Dane is a great PT! He understood my goals and worked with me to make sure I could reach them by the time I was done with therapy. I really liked the functional exercises he gave me that directly related to my regular activities to strengthen my weaker areas and improve my flexibility.

Cindy Preece

Exceptional care. From the moment you walk in the door you will know you are cared for. The physical therapists at CSSPT are the best of the best. They listen, problem solve, and come up with a plan. The care I have received has been outstanding - not just for the moment but also for educating me in how to maintain and improve my mobility long term. PT at Sport and Spine is individualized and tailored just for you, your body, and your medical needs. This is not a cookie cutter clinic where everyone does the same exercises. The only cookie cutter you will find at CSSPT is if you are lucky enough to be there when Molly makes cookies.

Nancy Shaffer

Very professional, always on time. Theresa is great as well as Andrew Lewis.

Ted Langton

Very good experience. Worked with Carol and Teresa and was really impressed with their expertise in analyzing and treating my lower back problem.

Marcy Hermens

CSSPT has excellent staff committed to helping you get back to a pain-free you. They get to know you with a whole body approach. Special shout out to Theresa and Carrol for their positive attitude. I won’t do PT anywhere else except CSSPT.

Lori Hendrick

I've been seeing Dane since my ankle replacement surgery 4 years ago and he got me back to normal with his great coaching and follow up when I needed a reminder of what I need to keep doing. He's also helped with my back arthritis. He's a great coach!

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