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REVIEWS OF Albany Sport And Spine Physical Therapy IN Oregon

Kayley Blethen

Everyone that works at Albany Sport and Spine is beyond nice and amazing. The secretaries that work there are phenomenal, and the physical therapists really know what they're doing. I absolutely recommend going to Albany Sport and Spine for anyone needing PT because it is the best physical therapy location around the Albany area.

Frank Cheung

Holly is the friendly and happy all the time, Tracy is fantastic . the staff there is fun and makes you want to go to PT all the time

Shauna Kiefiuk

Great therapists and the rest of the staff is just as awesome! Highly recommend them!

the proper dummies 17

Matt and Tracy were a great team for my PT! Their techniques were complimentary and very effective. They always, thoroughly, answered any questions I had. If there was an exercise I was unable to do, they came up with a modification. They are very knowledgeable and caring. I was frustrated with how slowly I was healing, but their encouragement and assurance kept me motivated. The office staff and assistants are also quite friendly and helpful. I have had PT at other places, but this experience was by far the best! D. Glass

Todd MacMillan

Great attention to actual symptoms as part of a full body analysis to determine the root causes of my issues.

Mad Maddie MacGregor

Wonderful and welcoming staff. Caring and compassionate care. The practioners at Albany Sport & Spine understand the needs of patients with chronic conditions, and in particular, hypermobile spectrum disorders. If it weren't for Dr Caitlin Daly and her team, I think I would have given up.

Rich Olson

Lisa turner

Ke Ly

Sport and Spine is a wonderful place! I see Cait Daily and she has improved my quality of life with a chronic condition. Thanks for your work!

Candice Ellliott

Oh my gosh, love the staff and help they provide!

Julie Rossback

Wonderful staff, cheerful reception, text and email reminders for appointments- all around a great office. The PT is exemplary. Tracy and Matt worked with me with humor and detailed diligence, I would recommend either of them!

Erin Carhart

MollyAnn is by far one of the best PTs I’ve ever had. In just a few weeks I’ve learned more about my body and muscles than I have in the last 10 years! We’re so lucky to have her and Albany Sport and Spine!

Amy Krahn

After suffering a debilitating shoulder injury, I felt like my life would never be the same. Through extensive surgery and consistent physical therapy, I have regained motion & strength - finally able to do things that I literally thought would never be possible again. The staff at Albany Sport and Spine is phenomenal. They are compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their patients. Because of them, I didn’t give up! A big shout out to Laura, Matt & Tracy who have literally changed my life. THANK YOU!

AmberRose Houck

I had never used physical therapy prior to about three months ago, so I was a bit hesitant to start at a small clinic. I am SO glad I did though! I live about 20 minutes away, and there are numerous PT clinics closer to my home. The quality of care, however, is totally worth the extra distance, and I would commute even if I were further away! The reception staff are beyond friendly and helpful. For instance, when I fell ill with the flu and had to cancel a session the morning of, they were totally understanding and assisted me in finding an appointment later in the week. Further, they are so dedicated that if a schedule opening happens come up closer to your preferred time, they will go out of their way to call and check if you want to attend then instead. While I cannot speak to the experiences with every physical therapist at the office, MollyAnn, my PT, is amazing. I have had chronic pain my entire life without explanation but recently was diagnosed with EDS - a genetic connective tissue and hypermobility condition, so I was hoping to find a PT who could help me better understand my body and how it moves. MollyAnn is that person. She is knowledgeable about the condition and PT protocols for it but is also empathetic to the setbacks that come with it. She provides realistic exercises and attainable goals that truly have made me feel immensely better, but it takes work on my part. Further, she is a wealth of information and demonstrates creative thinking/techniques when the "standard" solutions aren't functional for me. If you want to commit to improving yourself and putting in the work, she will be there to support you!

Kelly Marshall

Feel immediately relieved after only one visit - such nice flexible and accommodating staff - so glad I was referred here!

Wade Bloecher

Matt has been vwry helpful with my injury, thanks

Jordan Glass

Everyone at Albany Sport and Spine is so kind. The receptionists are sweet and patient, and Matt and Tracy have helped me to learn exercises to eliminate the knee pain I have been suffering for years. I really wish I had started going sooner! It has been such a great experience and I am so glad I started seeing them.

Richard Russnogle

Staff are super helpful, friendly & listen to you. They were able to isolate areas causing pain & adjust my physical therapy. I am now leaving the clinic without any pain that I was dealing with for 6 months. Awesome Staff! Can't say enough good things about them. Also, I have a strict work schedule & they worked very hard to keep me informed when an opening was available.

Pamela Parker

From Holly at the front desk to my Physical Therapist Tracy the experience was great. I never felt pushed to over do it. I would definatly return.

Shane Russell

My Albany Sport and Spine crew is the best! I’ve been quite the problem child and they always have something new for me. MollyAnn, Tracy, Matt, and now Alex have done great things for me. I wasn’t sure about PT before I came here. I need extra push and they have it, where I was before there was just a lot off stretching. Not real sure where my shoulder would be with out them. I would recommend them to anyone!

Tina Withrow-Robinson

I am so glad I came to do therapy here. Erin and Tracy worked patiently with me to strengthen my knee and taught me just the right exercises to make progress every week. I am back to doing all my former activities pain free. The whole staff is warm and caring and professional.

Sara Blackwolf Dancer

Dr. Daly is an excellent physical therapist. She really knows her stuff, especially about hypermobile patients and their unique needs! I have a chronic condition, and without Dr. Daly I'd be in a much worse place. She has made all the difference in my progress toward recovery.

Eugene Horvath

Kathy, did a wonderful job educating my daughter hoe to rehab her shoulder and get her back to playing volleyball in three weeks! Thanks for taking time to really help her out! Top notch......

David Post

I was referred by my doctor and came into Albany Sport and Spine somewhat skeptical. After my first visit, I knew it was the real deal. Erin had my shoulder problems diagnosed in the first visit and the exercises have me moving like I haven't in years. My pain in the night is gone and my range of motion is back. My deepest thanks to Erin and the rest of the staff at Albany Sport and Spine PT.

Sandy Hug

Physical Therapist was great. Very knowledgeable and offered a variety of exercises and ways for me to improve my back issues. I learned tools to help me maintain my active lifestyle. Holly, at the front desk, always greets me with such a warm, genuine smile. They were great at scheduling and helpful if I needed to reschedule.

Brittney Corbett

John Fagan

Kathy at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy has been a tremendous help to my recovery. I continue to do therapy with Kathy on a weekly basis. Extremely proficient, professional, and friendly.

Lindsay Baker

I absolutely love this place! You walk in to a friendly environment followed by knowledgeable PT staff! The are flexible and work with any schedule needs. Carol and Tracy are hands down the best there is and they compliment each other perfectly!! I would recommend Albany Sport and Spine PT to everyone!!

Brittany Hubbard

I have been seeing the PTs at Albany sport and spine for a couple months now and they have all been wonderful! They are all very knowledgeable and work as a team to help you become stronger. I began seeing carrol after the delivery of my daughter for pelvic organ prolapse to re-establish a strong pelvic floor and strengthen the other supporting fascia and muscle surrounding the pelvic and core. They are giving me the tools to have a strong foundation!

Lee Anne Spivey

Debi Bloecher

My therapists are Erin & Tracy. They are fantastic!! I had hip replacement and both these ladies have taught me so much in strengthening. All the therapists here are extremely knowledgeable and I am completely comfortable asking questions. I have been taught very useful & practical tools to assist me at home.They are so encouraging in my recovery. Holly & Christina are the receptionists. They always great everyone with a smile and they call each patient by name. Anyone needing excellent PT, I would highly recommend Albany Sport & Spine. Absolutely everything! Erin is my therapist. She is wonderful! Always attentive and extremely knowledgeable in treating my hip and helping me get my life back. Erin always encourages me in my journey & is never shy to tell me how well I'm doing & how far I've come. She has taught me so many tricks & exercises to strenghen my hip. Tracy is excellent as well! She is also a cyclist so is extremely helpful in aligning my legs on the bike. Holly & Christina at the front desk are very friendly & helpful. They know all the patients names and always welcome them by name when you walk in the front door. They deal with insurance issues and always give an update. Albany Sport and Spine is #1 in my book.

Susan Jennifer Purcell

Albany Sport and Spine are amazing? Greatly accommodating, friendly and helpful. They scheduled me in quickly and Alex has been fantastic in helping with my recovery. I highly recommend them and will be returning for future injuries.

Dale H

Very professional people. They urge clients to work hard without causing damage. Worth the visit!

Rhonda B

These people are awesome!

Lindsey Hollinger

Edited to add: I’ve revised my original one-star rating to two stars. The owner of Albany Sport and Spine personally called to apologize for my experience after I posted my review here. I appreciate her call and accept her apology. However, after much consideration, I’ve decided to let my original review stand. The soonest I could be seen was three weeks after my initial call. After my first appointment, for three subsequent visits, I only saw an assistant. Finally, five weeks after my initial call, I was able to see the owner. She was rude and condescending. She made assumptions about my body and lifestyle without asking questions first, and any of my attempts to correct her assumptions were met with hostility. She forced my injury into and past the point of pain more than once. She made me feel broken and ashamed of the things my body could and could not do. Despite the Albany Sport and Spine website promising that I would be evaluated and treated by ONE physical therapist, I was passed around from person to person with zero consistency or continuity of care. After five appointments and no improvement with my injury, I feel like my time and money were wasted. When I expressed all of this to Albany Sport and Spine, their practice manager--not the owner--apologized. There really isn’t anything they can do to “make it right” at this point since the practice owner is their biggest problem. After speaking to other medical professionals in the community, I’ve learned that I am not alone in my negative experience with the owner. If you are a potential patient, please consider yourself warned. I urge you to look elsewhere for physical therapy.

Kristin Holcomb

The entire staff at Albany Sport And Spine is top notch!. They are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, caring and just fun! The list could go on with praise. I enjoy coming in every time and always leave feeling optimistic about my recovery. Thank you!!!

Heather Jobe

We were referred to Craig after my 16 year old daughter began having a lot of pain in her back & hips. His staff was able to get her in within a week of calling and in that very first visit, Craig had pin pointed my daughters' issue. He gave her some excises to do to help and she is doing GREAT! Since Craig fixed her up she was able to work her way up to the competition level for her HS cheer squad and they brought home 2nd in state! If it hadn't been for Craig she would still be sitting on the mat running the music and nursing her wounds. I HIGHLY recommend Craig and all the great people at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy!!

mikko Thomas

Super friendly staff, very helpful and polite. If I need physical therapy, I'll 100% go there.

Mary Landrus

I appreciate the helpful and friendly staff at Albany sports spine.they consider the whole body as they work on the area of concern.Molly has been wonderful.the office staff and helpers are all great.

Dawna Steele

Such an amazing place. Love the therapist and all they have done for me. I couldn't have gotten better without them.

Tricia Greaves

The therapists at Sport and Spine know their stuff. I’m so impressed with the progress I’ve been able to make after two back surgeries. The exercises are well tailored, the treatment at my appointments is immediately helpful, and the personalities make it so I will be disappointed when I get cleared from needing further visits. I’ve always been athletic and felt I understood my body but I have learned so much and benefitted immensely from getting my physical therapy. I think Tracy has magic hands. Matt and Mollyanne can make the smallest motions meaningful and strengthening. Working with Carol is life-changing. I’ll be able to do activities I haven’t done in decades. Thanks to all the staff that work there. It’s a great service you provide.

Nicola Peterson

I was a PT hopper until I came to Albany Sport & Spine. Their goal right from the start was getting me back to doing what I love. I've met 3 therapists there and it's hard to say who was best as they are all great. No more looking for a new PT for me. Couldn't recommend this place more.

Dustin Stocker

After two knee surgeries they helped me get back on my feet. From the moment you walk in eveRhône is smiling and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a therapist.

David Weigert

I have used Albany Sport and Spine for 3 years with different issues and they are the best. I have decades of experience with rehabbing issues as I am very Active. I work a lot with Erin and she is always on point and gets me back quickly. The staff is super friendly and the appointment system helps with reminders. They take care of the Insurance so it is always a seamless process. I highly recommend Albany Sports and Spine

Rebecca Powell

I would highly recommend Albany Sport and Spine. MollyAnn is phenomenal she is very knowledgeable and thorough. I have seen multiple physical therapists in my life, but none compare to her knowledge and excellence.

L Wright

I have had two courses (if that's the word) of physical therapy with ASSPT, both for a hip problem. One before I knew I needed surgery, and one in recovery from hip replacement. In both cases, I was very pleased with my treatment and the improvement I experienced over the course of the therapy. I learned stretches, exercises and techniques that will be helpful for years to come. Everyone I worked with there was friendly and helpful, from the PTs and PTAs (Erin, Matt, Alex, Tracy) and their helpers, to the Holly and Christina at the front desk, and even the folks in the business office.

Patricia House

The staff here is great. They do not push you for extra unnecessary appointments. My Doctor scheduled me for 8 visits. After 4 visits my therapist told me I was doing great with the in office and home exercises and it was up to me if I wanted to do more. I like that the reception area spoke to me on a first name basis when I first walked in.

Lisa Walker

MollyAnne works with me and listens to not only what my body says but also what I’m saying and feeling.

Debbie Patton

I haas shoulder surgery last year and Albany Sport and Spine and Erin, were awesome. Helping me through a very painful recovery. Definitely recommend them

Angela Johnson

My Physical Therapy Assistant, Tracie, has been one of the three best therapists I've worked with in over 30 years of hands-one care for my chronic condition. Her intuition, knowledge, and understanding have me looking forward to my visits with her, and give me hope that my symptoms will continue to improve.

Amy Blais

Last year I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hypermobile) shortly after having brain surgery. I was recommended to Cait by my geneticist. I was pleased because she was someone who was actually local and that was eds aware and treated the condition. She has taught me a lot about this condition and things to help with it. I am thankful to have her and Tracey. I highly recommend them.

Sandie Radford

I have been going to Albany Sport and Spine off and on for various things and the are amazing. From the front desk people to the PT'S and assistants, all welcoming and make a sometimes difficult appointment feel great. I have always completed my time there feeling so much better. They are very encouraging and I highly recommend them for your PT needs.

Katie hoefer

I have had a great experience with Albany sport and spine. Holly always greats you personally when you walk in with a smile. Carol has been a great help improving my pelvic floor strength. If you have had any pelvic floor weakness after giving birth, I highly recommend seeing carol.

Kelly Rauscher

trevor Smith

I love Albany sport and spine, everyone is so awesome here and they've helped me make plenty of progress getting to where I want to be

Lynnette Wynkoop

Great level of service and attention to your specific needs! Love the staff here! Thanks for helping me feel better!

Brent McDoald

Holly at the front desk is always so cheerful, and the place is always busy with happy patients. My eleven year old Son received therapy for his Achilles Tendon at Albany Sport and Spine, and thanks to Molly... he now walks and runs like a normal little man!

Jennifer Ficek

Took my 12 year old in today for her first apt, the staff were so friendly and kind. The physical therapist was fantastic with my hesitant and sceptical 12 year old. She left feeling hopeful and motivated!

Wayne Jacobson

I've been doing rehabilitation this summer for a torn acl, mcl, and meniscus. What a great facility they have here. The receptionists Holly and Christina are always friendly and greet me by name and a big smile. A big thank you to my therapist Alexandra. She pushes me at my therapy and makes me want to work harder each session I'm there. The high fives after my therapy sessions say a lot about her character. I've seen this with the other therapists and there clients too. Thank you for running a facility I look forward to using every session.

Mike Murphy

Corvallis/Albany Sports and Spine helped me with vertigo issues I’ve been dealing with.. Carol and her team genuinely cared about my well being as if I weren’t a patient, but as if I were a part of their family. They were very knowledgeable and helpful with getting me back onto my feet.. Thanks Carol

Beth Graham

Alan Filipponi

I've never been so confident about my rehab and the friendly and knowledgeable people from Holly the receptionist to the senior therapist Erin... You won't regret the experience...such nice people

Ally Samuel

I have loved receiving care here, MollyAnne has been great. She is very patient, and always takes the time to exlpain everything she’s doing. Each appointment helps me tremendously, and I appreciate being surrounded by a helpful and caring staff.

Kurt Knutson

I appreciate the staff at Albany sport and spine nice facility warm very knowledgeable staff first time in physical therapy the only place I trust to go now definitely five stars

David Hensley

My overal experience has been super awesome thanks to Lori and her attention to detail and wanting to figure out what exactly was causing my issues !

Wayne Fanno

The staff is very professional and highly skilled. After reconstructive back surgery I was only able to move with the aid of a walker. One year later, I am cleared to full activity with no restrictions.

C Wright

I went to ASSPT for hip flexor pain caused by working out too strenuously without enough stretches. Mollyann was a great help in getting the pain worked out and learning stretches and techniques to keep it from recurring. I found the entire staff friendly, helpful and supportive, from PTs and PTAs to office staff (hi Holly!).

Bob Smith

Tracy is the "best"!!!!!!!! She has been keeping me functioning as well as I can for a long time! Tracy, Thank you for working there . Bob Smith

Peggy Taylor

I improve Every week and am so happy with every staff member I have been in contact with! Tracy H is awesome!

Corrina McGinnis

I am so thankful for the care and rehab I have received at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy. Erin and Tracy are wonderful, knowledgeable, and eager to share information. Their instruction has helped me be pain free and getting stronger at every session! The admin staff is so helpful and handled all insurance and appointment schedules with ease! 100% recommend!

Patty Johnston

Molly and Tracy were great to work with during my PT. They were friendly, caring, and very helpful. I highly recommend Sport & Spine PT.

Jan Goin

This was my first go around with physical therapy. I felt so comfortable the minute I walked in the front door. Molly, Matt, and Tracy are the best. I had a great experience. I will recommend this office to my coworkers and friends! Thanks

Taunya Shelton

This place changed my husband’s life in unspeakable measure. He was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident and suffered severe brain injuries as well as many physical impairments. Matt and Erin are amazing at what they do and my husband’s improvement are outstanding in a short amount of time. The whole team there is so wonderful. It really feels like home, such a welcoming atmosphere.

angelica martinez

I highly recommend Albany sport and spine. Staff is amazing.

Laurie M

I am so happy that I came to Albany Sport and Spine for my PT. The staff is so knowledgeable and supportive. Love Molly Ann, my physical therapist, who was there to cheer me on, work me hard and help me get back to my active lifestyle. Holly made me smile the minute I walked thru the door and was always a joy to work with.

Will Wood

Traci and Erin did a wonderful job helping me.They did a wonderful job explaining the process of getting my body going again ..You both have changed my life forever...Thank You Will Wood

Karla Johnson

I just had back surgery and needed to start PT so I can get back to work in a few weeks. Samaritan couldn't get me in for over 5 weeks but to the rescue was Albany Sport and Spine! They got me in the very next day and it was a wonderful experience between the front staff, the therapist Molly and the tech. I will definitely be using them again. Great place and I highly recommend!!

Carolyn Armstrong Bard

Great therapists and wonderful staff! They have given me my life back! I don't know anyone as kind and caring as they are.

Jennifer Truax

MollyAnne uses a thorough and caring approach. Results (increased mobility and decreased pain) in session are noticeable. The therapy homework is also manageable and precise. I would recommend her to friends and family for sure.

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