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REVIEWS OF Pivot Physical Therapy IN North Carolina

Claire Chau

My experience at Pivot was great. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They design a program specifically to your needs and they help you when needed. They will always answer any questions and explain everything thoroughly. I would recommend Pivot Lewisburg to anyone needing any sort of physical therapy.

Mike Bubnis

I would like to express my appreciation for the knowledgeable and sympathetic care given to me at Pivot in Lewisburg. My thanks go out to the entire staff. Friendly, refreshing and thoughtful exercises have helped me to continue on my path towards a healthy me. I highly recommend Pivot a delightful experience.

Harold Dunkle

Thanks Sara you did a great job today

Angela Gockley

Pivot is like the Cheers of PT/fitness centers! Adam, Kristen, and Sarah are fun, knowledgeable, and kind. They’ll work with you in your injury recovery, and are there for consultation during your workouts. Joe and Jake, also fun, knowledgeable, and kind, design personal fitness programs and classes to help you accomplish your fitness goals while being mindful of your personal physical condition. Classes are enjoyable - a place to reconnect with old friends and make new friends who are also trying to get stronger and more fit. The facility is clean and bright, there’s always music playing and people of all ages working to improve themselves. I actually WANT to go sweat there! I can’t say more good things about Pivot!

Sara Moyer

I've been going to therapy at Pivot for a little over a month to help my knee recover from MCL and meniscus repair surgery. I was honestly dreading therapy, especially after hearing horror stories of what therapy can be like...but my experience at Pivot has been far from a horror story! I've gained full range of motion already and my strength is gaining quickly. The diversity of exercises and stretches keep things interesting and the team at Pivot keep it friendly and professional. They push me, but never too far or too hard. I highly recommend Pivot to anyone needing physical therapy!

Caroll Blank

Staff members are competent and well trained. Pleasant setting. Parking is easy, especially if walking issues.

Frances Simko

Yesterday I was discharged from therapy and I know on Monday I will miss making the trip to Lewisburg. Everyone was very professional and the atmosphere was extremely friendly. Actually they made my therapy almost fun. If I ever need more therapy , I will be at their door.

taylor delbaugh

The trainers at Pivot Fitness are top notch! They work around your physical needs and strive to meet your personal goals!

ashley maines

Shane M

Adam is the best

Blake Pleasants

michael is an amazing physical therapist and I highly recommend him!!

Todd Merriett

I lead an active lifestyle and have turned to the team at Pivot Physical Therapy in Lewisburg on multiple occasions to overcome injuries. They provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and have worked well together to get me back to my normal activities in the most efficient manner possible. While some people might see physical therapy as a daunting task, it is certainly worth the time and effort. I truly enjoy the experience at Pivot and have learned so much during my visits. I have incorporated many of the exercises taught to me into my daily routine. I wish to always remain healthy, but when I am faced with a new injury, there is part of me that is OK with it because it means I get to go back to Pivot. Thanks for all you have done for me!

Ryan Wilson

Hands down some of the nicest people I've ever met. The staff at Pivot are very knowledgeable and design your program based around why you came to physical therapy. The wonderful staff also makes it easy to look forward to physical therapy making it and enjoyable experience all around. Hands down the best experience I've ever had with healthcare professionals!

Wendy Elliott

I’m so grateful to the kind and knowledgable staff at Pivot. Jeremy addressed my ankle injury and developed a plan to get me back on the road to recovery. Logan, was so helpful in scheduling my appointments. The sessions allow the PT to focus on one patient at a time. That kind of individual attention is rare these days but much appreciated. Within a matter of a few weeks, I could see improvement. I had let this injury dictate my life far too long and now I have exercises to do at home to continue and strengthen my ankle. I also have the comfort of knowing that if I do have a setback, I can walk in or schedule another appointment if needed. Thanks Team!

Katelyn Allers

The combination of PT and fitness in one facility is awesome. After I transitioned from PT (for a ruptured achilles) to fitness it was very useful to have the therapists available to check in on my progress and any minor issues that arose. The staff does an excellent job of customizing programs and workouts based on goals and ability. The environment is both welcoming and motivating. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Lee Cummings

Staff is very personal. They are fun yet professional. They provide great care and are very efficient with their treatments. They offer personal training along with physical therapy which is a great perk! Lovely people!

Terry Stahley

Pivot physical therapy has helped me through several injuries; the therapists at Pivot in Lewisburg are extremely knowledgeable and truly listen to their patients. They work diligently providing treatment that leads to wellness and pain free living. The personal fitness trainers at Pivot are great to work with as well, developing a personal fitness plan to fit my needs in conjunction with my physical therapy. Pivot really provides a great team of therapists and trainers to keep you on a path to physical wellness and strength . Thanks Pivot! - Terry Stahley

debra rozyckie

I'm 62 years old, work full time, have a bad knee, and my favorite time of the day is fitness class with Jake and the people in it. He modifies exercises for me and is concerned about my knee. He makes sure we are doing the workout properly! I have been coming a year and I seldom miss. I never liked to exercise before Pivot and now I plan my life around it!

Jakob LeMay

Adam, Kristin, and Sara have been amazing from day one. They have always had the answers to my questions and have been great to work with. I have nothing but fabulous things to say about them. They will certainly get you back to feeling great again!

Carol Graybeal

Pivot Physical Therapy in Lewisburg, Pa. has helped me strengthen my shoulder so I can swim again, feel stronger when I do yoga or activities of daily living. The staff ( both PT and fitness trainers) are excellent: very knowledgeable, professional and believe in helping people lead active lives and maintain a sense of well being. My sense of well being, strength, balance and coordination have all improved by working with the staff at Pivot.

Mary H

I am so grateful to the knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff at Pivot. They have provided workouts and advice that is personalized for me - and how I am feeling on a particular day. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance, a senior looking to regain balance and strength, or just trying to keep up with suggested aerobic and weight resistance exercise, you will see results from working with the trainers at Pivot. I encourage you to give them a try. Even the most reluctant exerciser can't help but find their training encouraging and effective!

Christena Harder

The physical therapists, assistant, trainers and staff at Pivot were all very helpful during my recovery after knee replacement. Their professional and caring attention to all details during the 10 weeks I trained and worked to recover was outstanding. Now that I have "recovered" I miss them. But, I know as I age I will have shoulders and hips that will have problems and I can go back to work with my "family" again.

Patti Hoover

I enjoy coming and disappointed when I can't make a class.. Jake is great and makes sure everyone is doing correct form and modifies if needed...everyone gets along well..all encouraging to one another.

Loreto Mancino

Nice environment, friendly people, and a good workout! I like it a lot for physical therapy and for personal coaching!

Emily Stauffer

The staff at Pivot has helped strengthen me to be successful on the field hockey field!

Paul oldt

I've been going to Pivot for a few wks. My first day I had Kristin..She did an excellent job to get me started..ever since that first visit I've had Sara..She is awesome, my shoulder is getting better. I have more mobility now and their walls are more clean...I've also met some really nice people that also go there so I'm well pleased with going there... Thanks!

Amy Golightly

The staff at ProCare are fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone needing PT in Lewisburg.

Gerald Sloto

This Pivot location has exceeded my expirations. I go to stretching class twice a week, exercise 5 times a week and do PT on my right shoulder. The improvement is amazing. In just 3 months I feel fantastic, have a great attitude and can do more than the past. My thanks goes out to Jake, Adam, Sarah, Kristen & everyone else behind the scenes to make it all possible.

Dean Guite

Ryan is great, friendly, knowledgeable, and helping me progress toward better health.

Elena B

Becca Harvey

Such a nice facility! Staff are caring, encouraging and very welcoming! Highly recommend for physical therapy and fitness classes!

Erica Merriett

I visited Pivot Physical Therapy prior to and after shoulder surgery and have nothing but good things to say. Going to Pivot is a great experience because of the people. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. It feels like you are visiting with your friends while also receiving top-notch care. I learned so much about strength, stretching and flexibility while going to Pivot. I am fully recovered from my surgery thanks to my work with Adam, Kristin and Sarah. I highly recommend Pivot to anyone that is experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort.

Kevin Weaver

ive had the opportunity to work with all the therapist and trainers. They have been very professional and courteous. There is a real concern for your well being and feels like family. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jacob Keister

Ernest Gromlich

Staff is exceptional! They are young and energetic, very knowledgeable and kind. They've helped me gain strength and have mints at the door! I think of them as family and look forward to my workouts each week. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Colby Bruton

I had my first visit today. I am overly excited to begin working with Pivot to rehab my back . I was so impressed and assured by their knowledge and expertise. I will recommend this facility to all that will listen!

Samantha Persuhn

Pivot's group classes are awesome! I mostly attend Saturday classes and I enjoy the variety of exercises that are done in each class. Both the personal coaching and physical therapy staff members are really nice and very knowledgeable! Everyone makes you feel welcome and like part of the family!

A Cowgirl With Bees

I’m stronger, healthier, faster and with more endurance thanks to the excellent programs designed specifically for me. My core, upper and lower back and neck have been very important and all function better and with greater suppleness thanks to Joe and his team. I started on the PT side about 3 years ago and once healed, converted quickly to the strength training side. I highly applaud the excellent care from both groups at Pivot. I urge you to try Pivot.

ricky ahir

Pivot provides exceptional sports performance, personal training, and physical therapy programs. The staff is very professional and knowledgable and they know what they are doing.

Holly Wagner

Wanda Kepler

From when I walked into the building for my first PT appointment, it has been a journey, from unable to able - and then some. I have been aided by my personal team, both Physical Therapy and Fitness, so I could get where I need to be. Yes, it is my life, and it was a good decision for me to allow my good heath to become their priority.

bill abers

Without exception the staff is professional, focused, and follows a friendly but efficient protocol . Example, once assigned a task the P.T. Pro. always says quickly " are you alright Bill" always asking always using your first name. Results are outstanding, sleeping in a bed not a chair for the first time in years. Prior to PT I was unable to walk 50 ft. without tightness and pain. Went for a long walk ( 1 mile plus ) Sunday. Top shelf outfit, Thanks!

john bucher

Sara Merritt

I love working out with Joe Stahley at Pivot. He always creates a personalized plan to help me meet my health and fitness goals.

Henry Kirchner

Pivot has been one of the best experiences of my life. I've been here since they were ProCare and switched to Pivot. I came into Pivot just wanting to get physical therapy over with, but after getting to know the exceptional staff I came to enjoy my time here. They made me realize I can't just "get it over with." They are like a family to me, they mentally got me through a lot and got me back to what i was physically. They aren't just physical therapists they're my friends, they're super nice and friendly, they always have a smile on their face and a positive attitude. They always encourage me to keep pushing myself to get better. I'm so thankful that I decided to come here . I always have a fun time and I always laugh when I'm here and always strive to get better thanks to everybody here at Pivot.

Larry Fletcher

At first I was reluctant to start any type of PT, thinking it would be a waste of time. That all changed with my first visit to PIVOT. Not only did my pain decrease and range of motion improve but I found a very comfortable atmosphere to receive my treatments. I can not praise the staff enough for what they do, not only for me but for everyone else who goes there. I would recommend PIVOT to anyone needing help with recovery. AS A MATTER OF FACT I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT AND THEY HAVE JOINED US. Thank you PIVOT.

Michael Rash

Pivot taught me the difference between good pain and bad pain. As an avid cyclist for 30 years, you would think I already knew this!

Nicole Long

The best physical therapy spot there is! I've been going there for a couple months for my shoulder and they're awesome. Very helpful, very nice, very good with working around your schedule. I would recommend these guys to everyone!

Griffin Wilce

Very nice place. Staff are nice and supportive, variety of equipment. Well designed programs.

Doug Richard

Jeff Graham

Great people. Helping my shoulder tremendously.

Julie Br

So grateful my doctor recommended this group for rehab. The staff are warm and friendly. Michael is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed to help heal my injury. I highly recommend them.

Carolyn Garisto

I contacted Pivot because I was training for an endurance event and was concerned I wouldn't be able to participate due to lower back/hip pain. Adam worked to identify the issue and worked with my heavy running schedule to keep me moving forward toward my goal. He was very thorough, professional and encouraging. He scheduled me around my training plan and was always updating and modifying his treatment plan to make sure I was in the best shape possible to continue running the increasing mileage necessary. The rest of his staff was very supportive and genuinely excited to see me succeed. I was thrilled to return with my medals after my races and show them proof of the pain free fruits of their labor. Pivot is the first recommendation I will always offer and the first call I will always make in the future.

Richard Wible

Best physical therapy and training in the area.

Benita Kolmen

Great coaching, pt staff is wonderful! I love having a place to go where my trainer and pt staff can work together to help me become healthier and stronger. Everyone is friendly, helpful and accessible. I have joined many places over the 25 years living in Lewisburg, this is the first place I have been at where I have stayed more than 2 years. Never planning to leave!

Hunter Battle

I can't speak for all Pivot offices but this one is really special. Mike is very smart and explains the workouts well. I've been to other places for physical therapy and the offices are always so busy. I've never had more then one other patient in there with me. This allows Mike to really focus on you.

Torii Seyfried

I have gone to Pivot for plantar fasciitis , the staff is great, they are very friendly, Mike, who is my physical therapist is top notch, very caring, he explains the treatment thoroughly, I would highly recommend Pivot Physical Therapy.. Torii

Dakotah Snyder

Since coming to Pivot PT and Performance I have become faster, stronger, and overall a better athlete. The training programs at Pivot Performance focus on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Frederick Weiss

Excellent physical therapy and personal training services. I am a PT and physician, therefore, very picky where I receive health care services. This place is top notch. Can't recommend enough.

Princy Chacko

Great tram and resources

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