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REVIEWS OF SPEAR Physical Therapy IN New York

Janet Jenkins

I had a great experience here. After a recent foot injury and many years of having weak feet and ankles, Caitlin and the staff at Spear helped me finally get well! Caitlin was so knowledgeable. She helped address my injury, my overall strength and balance, and even contributing issues in my hips. I have been to other places that dealt only with the diagnosed problem and I am so grateful to have had my whole mobility system improved. Frankly, I haven’t felt this good in years! In addition, the place is clean. The equipment is in good shape. The front desk staff really helped sort out insurance issues so that I could keep coming back. There definitely seems to be a culture of great customer service and I appreciate that. Also, despite my being sometimes grumpy because I was in pain or feeling really vulnerable or overwhelmed, no one held it against me - they’re solid professionals! Thank you to everyone - esp Caitlin - for fixing me up! I’d definitely come there again for any other issues!

Nussin Fogel

Nicole is a highly skilled therapist. She is not one for just going through the motions; she continually observes, adjusts and tweaks so that her patient receives the maximum benefit of that particular exercise. She is determined and relentless in getting her patient back on the road to recovery. Even though she sometimes kills me, it's a pleasure working with her.

Darin Fiorendino

I can't say enough positive things about my experiences with Spear PT. I tried PT based on a recommendation from my orthopedic, yet was very skeptical. I selected Jess because of her impressive bio online and she didn't disappoint. From my consultation to my my final visit lasting four months, she was professional, knowledgeable, confident, consistent, motivating, empathetic, fun, service oriented and results driven. Her expertise has enabled me to resume every day activities without pain. I've since been converted as a believer in PT. The entire organization was impressive, cohesive and super positive. I've been a leader in the customer service industry for 25+ years and do not give five star reviews easily. Spear should package their training and business strategy and provide seminars to other businesses on how to provide awesome customer experiences. Unlike most companies who boast about their wonderful CS, Spear actually delivers it and their employees live their culture.

John Sheehan

Spear Physical Therapy has knowledgeable and caring Physical Therapists. I highly recommend!

Thomas Bayne

SPEAR provided excellent care for a leg injury I had this past year. The staff knows what's up, they explain things in a way that's easy to understand, and the exercises I was given were the just the right amount of challenging and fun. It was great to see/feel recovery get closer from visit to visit. Overall, the environment at 30 Broad St is extremely welcoming and encouraging - everyone's a friend! Wouldn't change a thing.

Chen Sh.

I was given little attention from my therapist. Usually he would start the session by spending about 10 mins with me, then he would assign his apprentice to me, who was not able to do much besides chatting with me. Meanwhile, my therapists would run around between 2-3 patients. When therapist talked to me, he seemed knowledgeable and friendly. His apprentice unfortunately was not able to offer much guidance. I’m unhappy paying the full hour service with only 10 min attention from my therapist who I chose. So I stopped going to SPEAR.

Ryan Gilligan

Great place for PT, good trainers, and good staff. Helped me with ongoing pain with Achilles. Would recommend.

Nicholas Canan

Professional place, with a good set up, including showers if needed. Big thank you to Sara Hernandez, who was a consummate therapist, with her empathy and kindness shining through my recovery process.

Michael Eddy

Phenomenal experience at SPEAR with Simone as my PT. She was amazing- pushed me when I needed it, was very flexible with my calendar and tough schedule, and nothing but professional. She deserves all the credit in the world for the recovery and rehabilitation of my knee- 10/10 would recommend.

Salimah Khoja

I had a wonderful experience at 30 Broad Street Spear PT. My PT Christine Lee was very sensitive to my needs and was creative in developing the most personalized and effective treatment for my lower back/hip injury. The PT techs were also great and ensured I was doing the exercises properly and were committed to making I challenged myself, but also set realistic goals for me, under Christine's direction. Christine and the techs are the reason I am feeling much better now. The staff was also generally very personable. The environment was positive. I highly recommend 30 Broad Street Spear PT. Thank you Christine, you are amazing!

Deirdre Chadwick

I have had an amazing experience at Spear with Nicole. Right away the exercises we did made a huge difference to my mobility and function, even in body parts we weren't specifically working. Nicole has great body knowledge, but also has excellent body intuition, and has really helped my overcome a lot of pain and weakness stemming from injuries from a bike crash. I would recommend her for any kind of injury or rehabilitation. The massage staff is also great, and I highly recommend them The staff at this location is professional and easy to work with. I had one unpleasant exchange with a staff member at another location, but the 30 Broad team has been great, and communication with my insurance has been seamless.

Joe Gillis

I highly recommend SPEAR Physical Therapy's 30 Broad St. location if you're looking PT in the Financial District. I've been to a few physical therapists, and Christine Lee is the best I've had. The rest of the staff is equally as helpful and welcoming.


Spear is one of the best facilities to offer best in class physical therapy. I have been seeing my physical therapist Jessica Weinberg for the past couple of months and she has been instrumental in improving my general well-being. She was thorough with her diagnosis, attentive to every detail and was committed to a positive transformation in me. She customized an exercise regime for me which has been extremely helpful. Her scientific approach coupled with her amiable personality has been assuring. I am glad to have Jess as my therapist.

Jane Hazel

Spear is real healing place. Nicole has been my therapist and she is just great. The therapists are all so wonderful, professional and very kind with their patients. I would highly recommend Spear.

Timothy Irvin

I don't think I could have asked for anything more from SPEAR Physical Therapy. Every single person who works there, in any capacity, is warm and friendly and immediately makes you feel at home. The facilities are top notch, and the therapists are professional and knowledgeable. I worked with Rachelle following my first ever surgery (shoulder), and needed to get back to a lifestyle that involved working out and playing sports almost every day. Spear PT helped me get back and then some... I would highly, highly recommend SPEAR to anyone looking for any kind of PT, you won't regret it!

Hy Schermer

Very thorough,caring they go that extra step too help

Laura Kassab

SPEAR PT at 30 Broad Street is incredible! The entire staff is super welcoming from the moment you walk in the door and the atmosphere is nothing but positive. The intake staff are happy to answer any questions you may have and the PT Assistants are always quick to assist and extremely attentive. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Christine Lee though. She is hands down AMAZING! I've been working with her for the past few months as I trained for my first marathon in October. Having struggled with injuries, I was determined to complete the 26.2 comfortably and without any issues. Christine was with me every step of the way; listening to how my body was feeling, challenging me in my exercises to increase my strength and mobility, and ultimately helping me to achieve my goal. I can honestly say that I would not have made it through training without Christine and the rest of the SPEAR staff. I always look forward to my appointments and 'catching up' the team! If you are looking for a PT office, I highly recommend SPEAR. You will not be disappointed!

Meg Tobin

This SPEAR location is fantastic. I worked with Simone there for the past couple months and have only great things to say about the experience. She really helped me target my weak areas from a chronic issue with exercises and stretches. I feel so much stronger and like I have a great foundation now, both in terms of strength and in terms of knowledge. Midway though my treatment, I also injured my back and Simone was able to help me recover while still feeling like I was progressing with my normal treatment. The techs are wonderful too - very informative and super friendly, they make even the tough workouts fun. A+ team --Thank you all!

Marisol Salgado

SPEAR Physical Therapy is amazing. There staff is well organized from their front office staff to their therapists, and very thorough and knowledgeable and caring. Location well advanced and innovated in their technology and clean. Thank you SPEAR for making a difference in my life physically and mentally. I am better than I was before still have a lot to go, but from what I was before there is a difference and I am truly grateful. Marisol Salgado

Noel Vega

Great place to get PT, the workers their really seem to care for your well being.

Deborah Molina

Dr. John Schott and the team at Spear are amazing. Everyone is really caring and knows what they are doing. Since starting with Dr. John my injury has healed significantly, pain levels are almost negligible and my belief that I will heal went up. I can’t say enough good things about Spear and it’s employees. The administrative staff, the massage team, the PT assistants and Dr. John have made this one of the best experiences. Also, they are so personable and I laugh at least once during my therapy. They work with you one on one and they are really invested in your health and healing. I am so happy I decided to go to Spear for my Physical therapy.

Erika Inwald

Stephen Calenzani

I want to recommend SPEAR in general and physical therapist Christine Lee in particular for anyone who needs first-class PT assistance. Christine was knowledgeable and professional, yet personable (as are the SPEAR PTs in general). Most important, I saw marked improvement during the time I spent working with her. Bottom line, I would highly recommend SPEAR and Christine for anyone who is looking for expert PT services.

Adriana Lizarazo

Christine Lee was excellent from day 1. She paid close attention to my words and my facial expressions and asked for constant feedback while treating me. Most importantly, she healed me. When I first met her I could not move without feeling pain. After a few sessions the pain was almost completely gone, and by the end I was actually able to volunteer in the building of a home! I am grateful for her care and will recommend her & Spear to anyone in pain.

Nicole Sidrane

Overall great experience. Jeff and Kai were great. Greg

Isabel Shill

Christine really helped me with my hips. The space is spotless, the receptionists as super helpful and responsive and overall it was a fantastic and easy experience. Thanks so much Spear!!

David McClain

I have come back from two injuries aided by the SPEAR Physical Therapy professionals. Great people. They take the time to understand your challenges and help you push onward. Go see about them when PT is prescribed / suggested.

Josiane F

I love SPEAR at 30 Broad! The atmosphere is so positive and relaxing as soon as you walk in. The intake staff is super chill and the techs are awesome and attentive. My therapist Dr Christine Lee has pretty much changed my life (love her!) After couple of sessions with her at SPEAR and some personalized daily at-home exercises my life-long knee issue is disappearing. It’s only been a few weeks of PT and I never imagined that my knee could feel this amazing! Thanks SPEAR and thanks Christine! (Also ask Christine about her latest baking projects! You will not be disappointed with the answer!)

Brenden Bishop

SPEAR Physical Therapy has been great. I go here for a back problem and have been working with them for the past month or so and it has really helped. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

Chris Marotta

Spear was my first physical therapy experience and overall it’s been great. The vibe is casual and everyone is very friendly. Christine is my therapist - she is both super cool and super knowledgeable. The bonus is I no longer have knee pain!

Mandy Y.

I highly recommend SPEAR at 30 Broad St. Christine Lee, my physical therapist and the staff here did an amazing job on treating and improving my lower back pain. Christine tailored each session for me and I feel stronger and energized walking out of each PT session. I have never had any PT before and had suffered from lower back pain starting a few months back due to the sedentary nature of my work. After 12 sessions with Christine and completing weekly home exercise programs, my lower back situation has improved so much. I find the tailored exercise program at Spear very useful and I am even continuing doing these exercises at gym even after I’m done with PT. I had very positive experience with Christine and would highly recommend her for anyone that is in need of physical therapy.


Very friendly staff and knowledgeable!!! You feel right at home from HELLO. Love this place as much as I hate PT it’s definitely a place I would recommend.

Leart Ulaj

The environment is friendly and professional. Simone is great! Very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and considerate. My shoulder works much better now. :)

Melissa A. Cabarcas

It was bitter sweet yesterday saying good bye to my physical therapist Jessie. She became a friend and more importantly someone who was always concerned with my well being. I came in for pelvic pain and the possibility of endometriosis. Until I was able to make the decision to have surgery Jessie helped me get my pelvic floor stronger and moving again. Through it all I only got compassion from Jessie and the team at Spears. This is what I needed during a time when I felt that many were telling me to just get over my pain. At the end I decided to have surgery and had Jessie view the whole procedure (it was very long). Having her there made me calmer and feel that it was going to be okay cause I had my team with me. I thank you, my family thanks you. If your in need of good care I highly recommend Spears Physical Therapy at Broad street.

Cleo S

My experience at SPEAR 30 Broad was fantastic! My Physical Therapist, Christine Lee, was exemplary! I have been to physical therapy many times before (not at SPEAR) and never before have I felt that my therapist truly understood the level of physical ability that I needed to be able to achieve. Christine tailored my exercises to fit my needs, and was constantly trying to modify things or create new exercise to challenge my abilities, and I could tell that she wanted me to leave SPEAR even stronger than I was prior to my injury. All of the office staff were so helpful, especially when I had concerns about my insurance authorizations. They were quick to follow-up with me and very patient with all of my double- and triple-checking to make sure that I had been authorized for visits. I left SPEAR with a personalized home exercise program involving minimal equipment, and I was given the appropriate resistance bands to use for my home exercises. I feel confident that I understand the correct body placement/alignment to do these exercises on my own, and I am equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge, so I don't have to worry about losing the strength I have gained! Overall, I feel that the staff and trainers at SPEAR really CARE about their patients; not only about their physical well-being, but also how things are going in their personal lives. I felt that they were truly invested in my care, and despite the busy atmosphere I always felt that I was given the level of attention I needed/deserved. 12/10 would recommend to anyone, regardless of age, injury, or physical ability level!

Fred Ricciardi

Spear is exceptional in every way. The staff, being the main reason for a 5 star review. This includes the desk personnel, as well as the therapists and pt assistants. I was originally only planning to come for a few sessions, but continued the progressive treatments for my shoulder, and, am back to playing golf and doing laps in the pool. This rating though, is principally attributed to Christine Lee who managed my program and made me feel at home with Spear. Thank you for a great experience.

Jenny Sussna

For the past 9 (!!) months Spear at 30 Broad has been my second home. I had shoulder surgery in the fall and then hip surgery in the winter within four months of each other. I wouldn't have been able to recover so quickly and so easily without Nicole. I am so unbelievably lucky to have been paired with her. She is the one of the nicest, and more importantly, funniest people I have ever met. She, the front desk, Patrick and all the techs were always excited to see me. I had insurance issues and the front desk dealt with my incessant calling and helped me work it out. I saw Patrick for massages almost every week as well and he is amazing. I always felt ten times better afterwards and my recovery was definitely expedited. I have been in and out of PT for the past ten years and have never received care close to what I had at Spear. I looked forward to coming in twice (or sometimes three times) a week, every single week for the past 9 months and I think that within itself shows how great of a place it is. It never even felt like exercise or work- Nicole made it all fun. My hip and shoulder are now fully healed and functioning. I would never go anywhere else for PT and can't imagine working with someone other than Nicole; she is simply the best. She cared about me as a person and I am now lucky to call her my friend! I was extremely sad when my PT journey ended last week, but I will definitely be visiting whenever I am in the neighborhood. Until my next injury- thank you to everyone at 30 broad!

Rishabh Sharma

I had a great experience here. Everyone is super helpful and welcoming. I came here for post surgery ACL rehab and worked with Rachelle over the next 5 or so months. Rachelle was great and had a complete understanding of my condition and the progression for my recovery. Also, huge shoutout to Dikyi, Kristan, Karina, and Marsha for helping out with the exercises and bearing with me in general and to Robin for always greeting everyone with a smile at the front desk. Definitely recommend this place.

Catherine Roseman

Christine Lee and all the other staff I worked with at SPEAR were amazing! Definitely would recommend.

Lauren Henfey

Incredible! This has been by far one of the best places I've been to. From their friendly and personable staff to their highly trained Physical therapists. I've worked with Rachelle and Joe and both were great. If you have a shoulder injury... I'd recommend seeing Rachelle, she is a shoulder specialist and has been so thorough reaching out to my doctors; making sure I'm receiving the best treatment. I highly recommend this location for its convince and incredible staff. They're also great with dealing with your insurance company so you don't have to!

Etay Zwick

Nicole and the team at SPEAR PT are amazing. It's a warm, friendly and caring office, with lots of space and equipment for different exercises. They tailor each session based on how I'm feeling each day, are always welcoming and positive (that really helps when you're doing PT!), and are very flexible with my schedule. I highly recommend!

Marcos Perez

I highly recommend Spear PT at 30 Broad Street. All of the staff there has been extremely friendly and helpful. In particular, Christine Lee has been amazing to work with. I started coming here after a shoulder injury that left me having difficulty holding a cup of coffee or putting on sweaters. After a few months of working with Christine, I have been able to regain full range of motion in my shoulder and am able to return back to all of my normal activities. I can't possibly say enough good things about Spear and about how good Christine is as a physical therapist.


I came to SPEAR with mysterious arm and shoulder pain that was nearly debilitating. Christine identified the cause and clearly explained what was going on. Just having that knowledge made me feel better and like I had regained control. Three months later I have no pain and know how to manage it when it does appear.

Andrew West

My experience at Spear was absolutely incredible. I feel like myself again thanks to my Therapist Sara Hernandez! Sara makes sure you are comfortable and challenged at the same time. She sets realistic goals and these goals helped my condition (foot and hip pain) improve day-by-day. Not only did Sara do an incredible job but her tech Masha did outstanding as well. The two together have exceptional teamwork and are super knowledgeable to help you accomplish your goals... A huge thank you to Spear, Sara and Masha!! I highly recommend all three...

Vignesh Seshadri

My experience at Spear PT at 30 Broad Street was amazing. I came in right after my ACL surgery on my knee and I was feeling pretty defeated. But working with Christine Lee and the whole staff at 30 Broad changed everything. After a few months of therapy, I'm way ahead of my schedule, my knee feels great and overall I'm in the best shape of my life. Christine is extremely knowledgable, explains everything, friendly, adapts the exercises based on your needs and makes coming in for therapy a joy. Their entire staff is equally amazing and fun!

Jessica Bottalico

I just love Spear. I was able to get an appointment right away, and they were able to work with my hectic schedule to be able to see me twice a week. I've been seeing Jessie, their pelvic floor PT, for my endometriosis related pain. Prior to seeing Jessie I would be in debilitating pain for up to 5 days every month, barely able to stand up straight and walk around at work. Since working with Jessie, I feel like I have control of my body again, I feel stronger, less anxious about my cycle, and most importantly, I'm almost completely pain free. Their space is great, the staff is friendly, and the treatments work.

Marie-Therese De Belder

My experience at SPEAR was wonderful! The staff is very friendly, professional and helpful. Marc - the PT I worked with the most - is extremely knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. His guidance motivated me to do my exercises at home diligently and the results are fantastic! My strength and flexibility are restored ... and I had so much fun during my PT sessions! Thank you Marc and team for such a positive experience.

Shelley Evans

I have been in physical therapy at least four times in my life. Spear is the best I have ever been to. The people are very knowledgeable,f kind and it is a very welcoming atmosphere. Everyone learns your name very quickly and you feel that everyone is there to help you get better. it is not the type of place where you do the same exercises week after week after week. There's so much variety that you never get bored and you're always challenging yourself. I go to the spear on Broad Street and work closely with Nicole and Joe and Grace. Everyone there is wonderful. I highly recommend Spear in any of the locations if you need physical therapy.

travis allen

Dedicated addressed my lower back pain with amazing results in two weeks. Amazingly professional from the administrative support to the massage therapist. Special thanks to Kelsey.

Melissa Herlitz

I’ve been coming to SPEAR for an injured shoulder for the last several months, and Christine has helped me through slow and steady progress toward healing. At each visit, usually twice a week, she takes care to work on my shoulder and assign exercises that correspond with her assessment of my current situation, especially when I had a setback following a bike accident. Christine is patient, kind, and good-humored, and the other staff on the floor all make what should feel like a chore feel like a fun workout with friends. Thanks SPEAR!

Sal Carollo

Christine Lee is the best! I had two knee surgeries done and she's been great since day one. She really helped my knees get better after both procedures and I feel strong after just a few months of doing PT. The facility and entire staff has been great and friendly! Thank you so much SPEAR for getting me back to where I want to be.

justin zimmerman

Spear Physically Therapy is by far the best physically therapy experience I've had in my entire life (I am not exaggerating, and I typically do not write reviews often). There is a terrific energy, all staff and patients are so positive with a go-get it attitude; I actually looked forward to going. Everyone is very knowledgeable so it removed the worry of how soon I would return to 100%. I worked with Stefanie David; she is very smart, kind, understanding, and had a terrific sense of how hard to push me without over-doing it. I recommend Spear at Broad Street and Stefanie whenever someone asks for a recommendation. Thank you!

Darren Rumack

I've been rehabbing there for over a month now for a torn pec - Amir and his staff are excellent, both professionally and personally to deal with. Very knowledgeable and very personable - I highly recommend

kevin hardy

Hands down quite simply the best physical therapist from A to Z!

Priya Gandhi

I have been going to Spear since January 2018 after an Achilles + complete foot reconstruction surgery. Jessie has been absolutely amazing-not only has she helped me walk with no pain, she has helped me build up my confidence to resume sports, exercising and living an active life. As soon as you walk into the office, you are greeted with smiles and people who want to see you succeed in your recovery. It is a team effort at Spear, and I cannot say enough good things about Jessie and the entire team!

Ziyad Gower

Recovered from back surgery at SPEAR with Christine Lee's help - she is amazing! Kind, attentive, and clearly good at what she does, based on the progress I was able to make.

Ryan Dere

Just a few months ago, I had been paired with Simone Floyd as I was dealing with shoulder instability. She was absolutely delightful to work with. Not only was she very informative, teaching me things I had never learned at prior PT centers, but she was also very engaging, making the experience both productive and enjoyable. Never before did I look so forward to PT sessions! I would highly recommend her and her staff for anyone looking to start Physical Therapy.

Rachel Li

I've had nearly four month's sessions with Christine. I looked forward to each session with her and felt much better after each treatment. Christine is super professional and friendly. And every technician who has helped me with treatment is very nice as well.

Patrick Gallagher

I have twice been a patient at the Spear at 30 Broad Street, and the experience has been great both times. Most recently I’ve had Daniel Romeo as the PT leading my treatment, and his plan has been excellent. The trainers are highly attentive/helpful, and the administrative staff is very welcoming and efficient. I strongly recommend Spear/30 Broad Street to anyone in need of physical therapy in New York.

Adam Sirois

The entire team at SPEAR is amazing and so are the facilities. Everyone at SPEAR makes you feel empowered and cared for. Most important is that they design individualized rehabilitation plans that really work and at the same time have a lot of fun. The Physical therapists are the best I've worked with as a patient. They motivate you to do your best, heal yourself, and for me, improve my overall health and stamina. Especially my main therapist, Dr. Nicole Savarese. Nicole has helped me increase my flexibility and strength in ways I didn't imagine were possible before seeing her. In a short amount of time, I have gone from negligible flexibility in my hips to full rotation and I feel great! Nicole is a consummate professional. Her knowledge and experience show every time I work with her. She really cares about her patients. Plus she is just plain fun to talk to. I laugh every time I go for my PT session! I should also say that the massage therapists are excellent and compliment the physical therapist work outs. The facilities are clean, comfortable, and allow for very creative rehab sessions. Finally, the administrative team is excellent and do everything they can to make scheduling easy and convenient. And they are all very kind. I highly recommend SPEAR!!

Stephanie Meehan

I love Spear. Great therapists (I see Nicole), great aides, friendly front desk, super massage therapists, excellent facility! I came in feeling pretty defeated with my pain, but have experienced an excellent level of care and feel like I am on a path to healing.

Luis Andrei Cobo

Everyone there are just so easy to work with and they really seem to enjoy their job and by extension, their patients. Never feels rushed or half-way done. Best PT place I’ve been to.

Janis Booker

I am so thankful for the therapists at SPEAR. I sprained my ankle at the end of November and was doubtful when it came to physical therapy, but can honestly say that it was instrumental in my recovery. Christine was my therapist and with assistance from the other lovely ladies that work there, I did exercises that helped me with mobility, balance and strength and after a month, was out of a walking boot! While my ankle still isn't 100% after 2 months, I can comfortable walk, workout and wear 3 niche heels without pain. By my last session, I learned enough exercises to continue my work at home. I highly recommend SPEAR Fidi

Katie Arpin

I have worked with Jessie for a few months now. She is caring, understanding, patient, and personable. I could not be a happier patient! Not only that, but everyone at Spear is friendly and kind. I highly recommend the Broad Street location.

Dong Joo Lee

Joseph Kim is the best physical therapist I have ever dealt with. Truly cares and takes the time to explain the big picture of the recovery process.

Thomas B. Ling

SPEAR got me back on my feet and living my life again. My physical therapist really took the time to understand my specific situation and to work with me and my body to recover from my injury. I had been to other places to try to deal with this injury, but SPEAR was the first and only place to treat me like an individual, not just a generic issue. From the beginning, my therapist was supportive about my condition, would consistently ask questions about what I was feeling, and gave me as much information as there was to give about my situation and our goals for recovery. With a great program designed for me, and hard work, I quickly saw progress, and my therapist was constantly motivating me toward my next goal. I am now back at work, feeling great, and am thoroughly dedicated to my long-term physical fitness. The facility is friendly and welcoming; after my first visit, everyone always greeted me by name and made me feel very comfortable. They also dealt with my insurance company and helped navigate paperwork for my medical leave. I am completely satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Veronica Mitchell

I had such a great experience at SPEAR 30 Broad St. Would definitely recommend!

Rachel Wallace

I had a great experience at Spear. My PT Nicole Savarese was a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, funny and always has a positive attitude. She really listened to what I had to say, asked questions and made sure she understood my ailment. I came in with a neck injury and actually felt real results from working with her. I can't thank the team at Spear enough. The aids and other staff are great too. Very friendly and professional.


I have been seeing Patrick Burford for the past few months and I have noticed significant improvement in my general well being. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable, caring and attentive to detail. His guidance motivated me to have a healthy lifestyle with a focus on maintaining a regular exercise regime. He makes an extra effort to build a rapport with you and is not only interested in your physical state but also in your overall well-being. The whole staff at SPEAR is wonderful and everyone works as a team. There is a pleasant vibe about the place. I’d definitely recommend SPEAR.

Hectors Ramirez

From the time you walk in the front desk staff is so welcoming and you get a great vibe. My physical therapist Stefanie is amazing. She was and continues to be very thorough with my regimen. All of the other staff that has helped me has been so amazing and know what they are doing. I am so glad I picked Spear and recommend it anyone.

Mike Golofaro

While my time spent receiving PT here was fairly brief, it was a wonderful experience. The staff is very friendly, helpful and always appear to be having a good time. Everyone looks like they actually want to be there, not as if they're just their for a paycheck (even if that may be the case). I worked primarily with Marc and he was amazing. His ability to help me understand my exact injury was impressive and far better than the doctors who referred me. I left my initial consult understanding the circumstances that led to my injury and over time I learned the best ways to avoid a repeat. It was truly a bittersweet day when he told me I was ready for discharge! I hope not to need their services again but I know that if I ever do, I'll be back at SPEAR in a heartbeat.

Ashleigh Orlando

I have nothing but praise for the hardworking individuals at Spear. They make the experience of dealing with an injury somehow pleasant and enjoyable. I found myself actually looking forward to my PT sessions. Christine Lee is absolutely fantastic and I am so grateful to have been paired up with her. She understood my injury and how desperately I wanted to get back to my regularly scheduled weightlifting sessions and did everything she could to help me progress. She was caring and empathetic and I will really miss her and the amazing folks who helped me throughout my injury.

Katie Lynch

If I could give Spear 6 stars I would- I have been a patient at this location for about 7 months after an ACL injury and my experience here has been wonderful. Nicole is an amazing physical therapist- she is brilliant and adaptive to the unique needs and goals of every patient she sees. She also does an excellent job explaining the purpose of each exercise in a way that everyone can understand. Most importantly, she is incredibly kind and is genuinely invested in the well being of each and every patient. I honestly look forward to the days I have sessions at Spear because of Nicole, the rest of the amazing and friendly staff, and excellent facility. I would recommend Spear to anyone who needs physical therapy!

Estefania Souza

I’ve had a great experience with the Spear FiDi team! Everyone is always joyful and happy to help. Whenever my particular therapist isn’t available, she always makes sure there’s someone around to show me the exercises and look over my form. I would absolutely recommend this place!

Yara Elborolosy

A current patient here and the place is wonderful. Everyone who works here from the front staff to the therapists are nice, professional and know what they are doing. They work with your schedule and your needs. Courtney is my therapist and she's just absolutely wonderful. She is always able to come to with a different excercise or technique if one isn't working for me and doesn't mind me asking a million questions about the concerns I'm having. I always look forward to going to my appointments!

Gaby Markey

Jessie at the 30 broad st location was super helpful and led me to full recovery! Very thankful for her expertise and great bedside manner!

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Orthology - Chelsea
Orthology - Chelsea
Physiotherapist - New York

Physical therapy clinic

Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness
Sarrica Physical Therapy ...
Physiotherapist - New York

Physical therapist

Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance- Chelsea Piers
Fusion Physical Therapy &...
Physiotherapist - New York

Physical therapist