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REVIEWS OF Physio Logic Pilates & Movement IN New York

Jessica Hynes

Physiologic is THE BEST! I have taken classes with most of the instructors and even some private sessions with Abby and could not be happier! All of the instructors are super knowledgeable about correct form and offer modifications for anyone with injuries. I have been dealing with a shoulder impingement and have still been able to keep up in class because of them! Not to mention, the location is beautiful. Unlike more studios where there is little to no sunlight, Physiologic has giant windows and I always feel happy when the sun beams in during my workout :)

Katie Zimmerman

Hands down Physio Logic Pilates & Movement is the best studio in town and the instructors are all superb! There are a variety of options available, from individual sessions to small group classes offered for different levels of experience. Classes start on time and the instructors always ask if there are areas the class is interested in working on. I've been taking classes for a number of years and continue to feel challenged and mored learned in my practice of pilates. I highly recommend this studio for all beginners to the more advanced. It's truly the best around.

Susannah Stopford

Physiologic is a wonderful community of care givers and instructors offering excellent services is a warm and relaxed environment. Pilates with Barbara is excellent; she is warm, tough and technically. Massage is also excellent with Steve and Nicole. Highly recommended.

Erin Sage

Pilates at Physiologic has been exactly what I have needed to help reconnect me with exercise in a way that also helps me feel safe. After living with a lower back injury, many of the ways that I used to work out were no longer safe or sustainable for me. I decided to do the new member 2 individual sessions with Rotem (extensive knowledge base on alignment and positioning) before joining the various beginner classes offered (mostly with Ellie and Jamie-both amazing). The classes are small enough that (often 5 people... sometimes up to 7 in the Mat classes) that you still get a great deal of individualized attention to support your form/alignment and you are able to seek clarity on positioning. The instructors here are definitely invested in the success of the members and will celebrate with you when you hit new milestones. I fully recommend for beginners and up!

Kate Elkin

I go to physiologic weekly for Pilates and monthly for massages. It is a one stop shop for wellness, alignment and pain management. Everyone who works here is amazing and incredibly professional. So lucky to have this place in my neighborhood.

Judith Sackoff

I am addicted to Lauren's Pilates instruction. I have taken private classes with her for almost two years and I see and feel the difference. She is responsive to where my body is on an given day but also has a big picture in mind and pushes me to do more/better. I want to give a special shout out to her attention to the challenges facing older women (I am in my 60's). The Physio Logic studio is very friendly and well run. It has a good feeling when you walk in.

Danielle Gustafson

What a wonderful discovery in downtown Brooklyn! After injuring my knee in a climbing accident, I wanted to have my physical therapy in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Previously I had always gone to the sports medicine specialists at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The space is full of light and beautiful. The equipment is core-focused, a pilates aficionado's dream. And the team of administrators, schedulers, masseuses, technicians and physical therapists are wonderful, just top notch. What a find!

Lisa Starr

I have been taking private lessons and group Pilates classes with Barbara Sampson for over a year and it has been a wonderful experience! She brings years of experience into her teaching, making Pilates approachable, challenging and fun. As a former yoga instructor, I’ve been to hundreds of exercise and movement classes in the city and I can truly say that Barbara is one of the best instructors around!

houffkm .

This place is wonderful. A large, clean, beautiful space with a large variety of equipment. I've been seeing Barbara for private Pilates sessions and feel very comfortable but also challenged and motivated through all the exercises we do. I have some specific quirks with my body (as I'm sure everyone has) and Barbara works with me to modify things as needed to make sure I'm supporting myself correctly and not harming my compromised areas. I come in once a week for privates and will start taking group classes soon as well.

Lauren Schmale Estacio

After moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan, I tried several different pilates studios and found this was the best! I wanted a tough, advanced level reformer class and Barbara's Level 4 class was just what I was looking for. It's challenging, fast-paced with a good flow, and she knows how to change u the routine so it's not the same thing every week. Highly recommend if you're looking for a tough class. The studio itself is light-filled and very clean, although I admit that a few times I've felt it difficult to relax and hear the instructor during class due to noise from nearby private lessons since there are no walls separating the areas.

Peter Kendall Clark

HEAVEN ON EARTH. I have been going to Physio Logic for fifteen years, for chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, Pilates classes and massage. It is a unique facility that offers a wide range of wellness services and is staffed by expert teachers, therapists, clinicians and physicians. I receive regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Mike attend group Pilates classes several times a week. The teachers are the best I've ever encountered: Jeanine, Lauren, Shannon, Ellie, Jamie, Leola and Amanda all lead small group classes of varying levels. All the teachers have great personalities and lead very strong classes. Class size caps at 5, so you are always getting a lot of personal attention and adjustments. Rudy and Linda have created a gorgeous space where people of all ages are coming to get specific treatments to feel better. There is a great vibe at Physiologic, very friendly and welcoming. When I am able to stay regular with my treatments and classes, I live my life pain-free. I have referred MANY friends and colleagues to Physio Logic and I always run into people I know there. It has become an oasis for me, and I always walk out of there feeling a little lighter and bouncier. Honestly I feel better at 54 than I did at 39, and it's largely because of this place. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Minnea Lin

The Physio Logic space is huge and clean, the location is convenient and everyone I've met so far has been great. I’ve been seeing Julie for private sessions for several months. She’s fantastic, and has helped me strengthen my muscles so I can stand, walk and sit normally, with less chronic pain. I appreciate that she explains the how and why of all the movements so I know what I’m striving for. She is patient with my challenged areas but doesn’t let me slack off. The beginner mat classes have been great as well, providing good strength-building without injury. Class instructors Nolan and Kim are also patient, knowledgable and informative.

Kyla Parekh

The studio is beautiful and clean, equipment is in great shape. Take a class with Barbara, she’s the best! Her classes are fun and always a good workout. She’s super knowledgeable and always checking in on your form and ensuring you are using the right techniques.

Bryana Louie

Huge fan of Physio Logic Brooklyn! Studio and the pilates instructors are absolutely amazing. Completed a couple of private sessions with Ellie - she is the best, super knowledgeable and patient. I can see myself getting stronger after each session.


I've been a client of Physiologic since 2015 and love the classes they are offering. I've tried several Pilates group reformer classes, there are many options from Monday to Saturday on all levels. Classes are small, 5 persons max and well thought through and explained so it is easy for everybody to understand and follow. My favorite group class is with Barbara Sampson, her energy and good vibes are so motivating and she is very professional and caring about each participant's injuries or pains. Great overall workout perfectly choreographed for improvement of flexibility and feeling stronger and energized! In addition to that weekly group class, I take a private lesson with Shannon Green every Saturday. She has been amazing over the past 3 years, helping me to build stability and toning my muscles for better support. She customizes the exercises depending on where I feel pain and where I need to improve my muscles and gain flexibility. I sometimes walk in there feeling 200 years old and beyond stiff and then walk out with a smile feeling so much better! It has also been very helpful to learn from her how to do a few exercises at home with a roller just to keep it going... Allover I would rate PL 5 stars, the spacious industrial style class rooms with plenty of light are definitely a plus and it's spotlessly clean.

Cara Warner

I've been taking reformer classes with Barbara at Physiologic Brooklyn for the last two years and I LOVE her. Classes are small (max 5 people) and beautifully choreographed because Barbara doesn't just teach us the exercises; she teaches linking movements for the transitions between exercises. I'm feeling stronger and more balanced than ever and I'm finally able to return to running (something I thought I would never be able to do again before I started going to Physiologic). Also, because classes are so small, you get to know your classmates. Pilates at Physiologic is a community. If you want a shared practice, not just a workout, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Sarah Carr-Locke

I have gone to Physio Logic for PT, pilates and massage therapy and without exception every practitioner has been excellent. The facilities are beautiful, and the administrative staff is fantastic - always pleasant, professional and helpful. The atmosphere feels more like a welcoming, high-end fitness club than a medical office, while also delivering first-rate health care.

Janet Konz

I've been doing Pilates for about a year and a half with Julie and I have never felt better about being in my own body, I am so much stronger and less tense (physically and mentally) than I used to be. Julie is a gentle yet challenging, thorough but also easy going teacher. I really look forward to seeing her every week , and it helps that she teaches in such a beautiful, clean, and welcoming space like Physio Logic! I've had nothing but positive experiences there, everyone who works there seems happy and genuinely dedicated to their clients.

Lynn Vogelstein

wonderful and professional attention to holistic healing

Michele Zugschwerdt

I’ve been going to Physio Logic for PT for about 3 months now, so I thought it was time to write a review. The facility is beautiful and really convenient to get to, it’s only a few minutes walk to catch the train over at Jay St-Metro Tech. It’s so much nicer than and place I’ve ever been to for PT in the past. I found them through my insurance and had no idea it was also a Pilates studio (among many other things) when I walked in the first time. I really like that I sometimes end up on the reformer as part of my session, and I love that some targeted massage time is included as well. I mostly see Dr. Rachel, with care sometimes augmented by one of the Drs. Sarah’s. I’ve not had a poor experience yet. I wish I had the time for some longer massage appointments, as some of the masseuses are beyond gifted. They also have chiropractic, nutritional and Pilates classes. Really, everything you could need/want. Always see pregnant women here, what a great way to prepare for your birth. It’s a good pace to spend time.

Vittoria De Santis

I take private lessons for pilates from Barbara once a week for about two months and I can see a difference. I have major issuses with my knees and legs, she has helped me improve my body by making my knees and legs slightly stronger than what they were or as she would phrase it I am putting less pressure on my knees and legs allowing them not to be locked. Some of the excersies she teaches me in class I am able to also do at home, which I find very helpful. I look forward to her classes. She knows what she is talking about.

Daphne Birdsey

The UES studio is a nice, clean space, and I really enjoy working one-on-one with Lauren, who tailors the sessions to fit my body's needs. Their packages make it easy to start a good Pilates routine!

Laurie Greene

During a recent visit to NYC I took a Pilates private at your beautiful studio with Rotem. Though I am not new to Pilates, it was my first private with this instructor and first time using the Wunda Chair. Rotem as an instructor was wonderful. I let him know that I do a private Pilates workout at home in Santa Barbara weekly, but that I had never used the chair. His instructions were easy to follow and he kindly corrected my faulty positioning when necessary. He encouraged me throughout the hour, gently reminding me to “knit” my ribs, contract my abdominals and breathe, something my instructor at home repeats weekly. The session was challenging, working my muscles and making me aware of every inch of my body. At 56 I do what I can daily to stay fit and healthy, even on vacation, and this private hit the spot. Thank you.

Allyson Dohan

This review is based on the pilates studio and not the physical therapy portion of the space. I have been taking pilates classes and private sessions since January 2018 at Physio Logic in Brooklyn. The studio is clean, the staff is super friendly and helpful and the instructors are amazing! As someone who has been recovering from a few herniated disks in the lower back since 2016, I was nervous to start exercising more frequently as I had since before my injury. I tried pilates as the next step from physical therapy before moving on to more physically demanding exercises. Physio Logic alleviated my worry since their pilates team works closely with their physical therapy team. I highly recommend spending the extra money on a private instructor if you feel the same way. The money is worth it and I feel so much better and stronger than I did on my first day!

Diana Brueggemann

I have taken Pilates in Los Angeles for 16 years and was concerned that I wouldn’t find as good a studio in NY. Physiologic turned out to be an even better, more modern facility with teachers equally as good. I was paired with a partner for semi-private’s with whom I have a lot in common. My instructor, Julie, understands the body beyond just the very varied Pilates exercises as she addresses my various aging body pains. She is very sensitive to a senior’s physical challenges. The facility is great and houses a physical therapy section with a wonderful masseuse who I frequent. I am so thankful every time I exercise in Physiologic’s space looking out at beautiful downtown Brooklyn.

Regina Canto

The best level 4 PILATES group class in the city. You will see the results. The best instructors!

Lori Majewski

I'm a big Physic Logic fan, having followed them when they moved shop several years ago from a small but chic studio on Remsen St. to their bright, modern, high-ceilinged and convenient-to-subways home above the Shake Shack on Fulton St. I've been receiving private instruction from Rotem Bar there up to twice a week for seven years now; considering I live in New Jersey and work in Rockefeller Center, that should tell you how happy I am with this place and this particular instructor. I've taken privates and classes in other studios, and the major difference is Physic Logic takes a more modern-feeling and tailored-to-the-individual approach to Pilates. I never get bored, because it's not the same-old, same-old -- there's always something new to learn, even seven years on. Also, Physio Logic is a one-stop shop for integrated health and wellness, so I've also come to rely on them for physical therapy and medical massage (among the best I've ever had) as well. I plan to see their acupuncture experts sometime in the future. The people who work here (including the Brooklyn-based husband-and-wife co-owners) are not only a cut above, they're also exceedingly professional and helpful. Finally, the Pilates studio is spotless (bathrooms included) and never overcrowded.

Lisa Clair

I have been taking private pilates with Julie for about a year now and she is the best. Julie has extensive body knowledge and is able to taylor our work to the needs of my body. I have SI joint issues and MS and my work with Julie has been an invaluable part of my healing process. Today I am unless pain, I feel stronger, more aligned and much more aware of my body thanks to my continued work at Phsio Logic!

joel censer

Physio Logic changed my life. When I got there I was depreciating college athlete/tinman who could barely touch my knees, couldn't tell my ribs from my low abs (or glutes for that matter) and the lack of mobility was slowly but surely ruining my day-to-day existance. I started Pilates as a tip from the chiropractor as a way to rediscover my body/strenghten/lengthen/tone with the hope of one day being in pain and eventually being able to SoulCycle, SLT, Tonehouse, (enter exercise class here). But something happened there @ PL and I actually fell in love with the practice of pilates itself. The Pilates teachers @ PL are smart, able to diagnose your body and invested in your long-term ability to move your body in effective/efficient ways. I started w/ custom 1-on-1 sessions, before transitiong to their class offerings (and I can now do all those aforementioned workout classes when I want ... which isn't all that much because Pilates gives me all the sauce I need) The extra joy that I feel everyday is significant. You couldn't ask for a more considerate, thoughtful, smart, and qualified staff and I'm lucky it's a stone's throw from my apartment. 5 Stars -- no questions asked. Special S/O to Abby and Daron for being them!

Adie Covalt

Lovely airy place! Duets with Julie have been great!


I have been going to Physiologic for almost 3 years for Pilates. I initially saw the chiropractors there and then started private Pilates class. The studio space is light filled and the instructors are really lovely, The Pilates has helped me quite a bit - many of my aches and pains have either disappeared or reduced. Both my instructors, CJ and Lauren worked to help me get rid of my diastasis. I've also had sessions with some of the other instructors, all of whom have been fantastic.Overall I've really enjoyed my time here and recommend it.

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