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Auriel Rickard

Julianne Thomsen

I have stopped going to this location because the receptionist is such a piece of work and made me feel so awful when making and checking in for appointments. Every week I came in, she was unpleasant, but one week I came in for an appointment and she told me she didn't have me in the system. She was the one who made my appointment the week before, and I replied that she had told me the week before that I had an appointment on this day. Her very rude reply was, "Wow. Okay," with an accompanying eye roll. Confused, I replied, "I didn't make up this appointment time," and she repeated her disdainful glare and retorted, "Sure, of course you didn't," sarcastically. Am I taking crazy pills? I'm not the one who offered myself appointment times. And THEN she told me, "Oh, you did have an appointment today, but it was canceled." Gee, maybe you could have told me that BEFORE being super rude and treating me like I was crazy for thinking that YOU had told me I had an appointment on this day. And also, why did I receive no notice that my appointment was canceled? And then, "Also, your appointment for later this week was canceled too." WHY? No reason, she didn't know, and I apparently didn't need to be informed that TWO of my appointments were canceled out of the blue. And worse, she had to be nasty to me about it. This is your job, person: make appointments and communicate about them with patients. Do not treat them like they are putting you out when they ask you to do your job. I haven't been back since. Oh, and also for the first four appointments it seemed that they had no communication from my insurance company that my appointments were authorized, but instead of them calling my insurance company (they had my policy information) they made ME call and get them the authorization number. When I called the insurance company, they said, "You can have the provider call us and we'll give them this information directly." But I took the authorization number anyway and gave it to Orthology. Even AFTER providing this, they still called me before my next two appointments to tell me it had not been approved by my insurance company, even though I had explicit authorization until late June. So I don't trust them to communicate correctly or competently with insurance either. Made my first few appointments nervewracking, wondering why my insurance company was telling me it was OK and the provider telling me it wasn't. Overall, not a great impression of competence. My occupational therapist also said a number of off-color things to me that were not very professional, but that was the least of my complaints.

Azania Vernon


Marty Smyth

Ian Fosbery

Christin Johnson

Ashley was very thorough, explaining the different technical pieces of what was causing my pain. I felt fully educated on my condition and she was super sweet. I would definitely recommend her!

Kathy M

Bad!! Very disinterested, therapists that put in very little effort and they will SLAM you with HUGE ridiculous unexpected bills.

Sarah Eljurf

I have thoracic outlet syndrome and paid $350 per visit for a 20 min neck rub and some guy to tell me how to roll on a foam roller for 10 min. I was already doing all these exercises on my own but figured a PT might have even more insight in how to heal me. I'm worse off than I ever was. Super overpriced for super minimal "treatment".

Memo .

Danny Bernard

Dr. Elizabeth Melvin has magical hands!!! She treated my Achilles heel, left foot, one time and I left a healed man!!! Now I'm back at it for my right foot and await the same results soon enough. The staff in this place is great. What a delight it is to get treated by people who love what they do.

Ernesto Fernandez

Michael McSwain

In a little less than a week, I got lots and lots of emails and texts and phone calls from the Orthology folks to confirm my appt, and several times I spoke with them about the nature of my visit was to see a medical doctor to try to get a diagnosis for a sport injury. On 3 separate occasions they confirmed that they would take my insurance without a PCP referral, that in fact they would be the PCP, but then the morning of the appt, when they had asked me to confirm the appt for the 10th time, told me differently. If I may help diagnose the problem here, I think I was in their system as a PT patient, not as a medical patient. I think they probably are trying to give really good service, but I was told so many different things by so many different people. So, please bear in mind, this review is made based on everything that happened before I ever made it through the front door. I'm guessing they're probably lovely folks if you can get ahold of the right person!

son Oh

Karen Hunter

This place is special & miraculous! The atmosphere is pleasant conducive to therapy. Staff always smiling & caring. They help to improve you with photos & information, so you understand quite clearly what's going on during therapy. Brittney Ravettine a therapist has done for me what no one else has in 20 years , getting my right heel back on the ground. Now I don't have to have surgery to cut the ligaments so my heel stays on the ground while walking!!! Her hands are blessed & so is she ! Blessings everyday to the staff here. I'm a client for life. I'd highly recommend anyone serious about their therapy this is the place very encouraging!!!

Chris Owyoung

The care I received at Orthology literally got me back on my feet after a serious injury. The appointments were easy to schedule, the facilities are bright and clean.

Joel Velazquez

Great environment the trainers are very friendly helpful and good to have conversations with. Very easy going and comfortable areas. I recommend this spot to everyone..

Adam Humphreys

I could not be more pleased with the treatment provided here. I've found Joel, and the rest of the staff, to be helpful, pleasant, and engaging. The office is clean, and organized. Support staff is on the ball.

Madeline Crowell

marina catucci

Sam Hess

I cannot say enough on behalf of Orthology and their excellent team of professionals with regard to my treatment for a back issue. For me it all starts with Dr. Brittney Ravettine who worked with me from my initial assessment to my recent graduation. Brittney is smart, talented and empathetic and provides the highest level of care I can imagine. The staff that works with Brittney are equally talented and dedicated, and there are too many standouts among them to list them by name in a short review. Perhaps the nicest thing about Orthology’s Union Square office is the collegial environment they have fostered. An environment where the staff cares for each other as much as they care for the patients. They are a serious bunch of people, but not a bunch of stiffs and the environment they have created is one where I actually looked forward to my appointments rather than dreading them. Anything less and I assure you that I would have from time to time skipped appointments thereby hindering my much prized recovery. Simply put, Brittney Ravettine and Orthology are the best!

Lynn S

Just started physical therapy with Dr. Brando Lakes. He’s a very knowledgeable professional! I look forward to completing my next month pf physical therapy.

Sandy Bruno

Very welcoming clean and a cozy environment I was treated very nice

Mariia Chernova

This place is ridiculous. I called my doctor to fax in the prescription before coming, he did. After my visit they complained that the prescription was cropped. Long story short I have contacted my doctors office on various days about 7 times asking to fax the prescription again and again, and Orthology would either keep telling me that its not clear again (the year number is a bit smudged) or that they didn't get it. Instead of calling the office directly to take care of this issue they made me play the broken phone game for weeks with me calling my doctor, calling them, calling my doctor again. And now they ended up telling me that I cannot continue my visits cause the prescription they have is unclear and my doctors office is too far for me to pick up the original. Very frustrating experience.

Liza Youniss-Pereira

Joel and his team are fantastic. From my first appointment with Joel I felt assured that he would be able to help. He is extremely knowledgable and was always able to answer any questions I had. I have been suffering with a knee and hip issue that came on suddenly which stopped me from being able to exercise for months. I’m now at place where I’m able to get back into it slowly and I’m extremely grateful for that. It’s definitely taken some patience on my part and keeping up with the exercises that he provided for me. They also set you up with an excellent app that shows you each exercise in case you’re forgetful (such as myself). Overall I would highly recommend Joel as a physiotherapist. Everyone at Orthology are super friendly and welcoming.

Brian Pabey

tatia zurabashvili

Brandon Yogi Neely

Teresa Aust

Didn't tell me they didn't take my insurance and didn't bill me for 6 months. That's how I found out! Would ask ech week, what's my copays? We'll bill you is all I got. Therapist are not engaged The excersize after , not good or effective. Do not go here!

Surayyah Tatum Bey

José Castañeda

cynthia ricks

Fran Carpentier

The staff is top rate. They are very professional, very welcoming and very patient. The facilities are in top shape, including the bathrooms. Everything is very very clean

Michele Allgood

Denise Watson

First visit and was impressed with how clean and bright space was. Front desk person was very pleasant and so were the P/Ts. So far I highly recommend this place.

jean-pierre l

Mikey Kuplevatsky

This is great place filled with friendly and knowledgeable physical therapists and front desk staff. The facility is clean, well-maintained and has an upbeat vibe to it. Honestly, I've been to several different physical therapy clinics and they weren't as good. Orthology has the best of all worlds; the therapists are really friendly, but also really knowledgeable and courteous. The front desk staff are friendly and attentive. Overall, when you walk into Orthology, it has a very mood-lifting atmosphere. I walked in with pain but walked out feeling so much better. I definitely recommend this place!

Matthew Harris

Jorge Pareja-Diaz

The Dr. was very good. But the administration was very slow. Also, not only they did forget to give me my prescription but they gave my personal information to third parties services to contact me without my authorization. I think I can not trust this company.

Brandon Hafetz

Brit & Mook are really stellar at their jobs and as human beings ~ first time in PT and they made me feel at home from day one. It’s not every day you look forward to going to any kind of doctor/therapy. Most definitely will be coming back if needed at any point!!

Victoria Nuzz

Beware! Front deck will say you will only be billed for your co-pay but they are lying. PT's are charged out at $800 per hour ($200 for 15 min of massage) and $600 for exercise ($150 for 15 min.). They have billed me more then $125 for each 40 min session in addition to the $137 my insurance company already paid. And, I only got my first bill after I'd competed all my allowed sessions! Unconscionable!

Cristian Cuevas

Eric Massa

For the first time every going to physical therapy, this place made me feel very comfortable. Dr . Joel Jezequel was very patient and knew what he was doing. It was also great to know that he knew of people from my work place that has come to him.

June Berry

Laura Weiss

I am very Happy with Brando he's great. The receptionist, is nice when I'm there. but isn't very polite on the phone to me. Can't be bothered, to book my medical ride. and was condescending towards Me. I would change my rating. I won't, only because Brando is good and kind.

Muktar Adebayo

william lui

Cheyenne Ogden

John Flippen

When it comes to physical therapy this place is great. Professional, thorough and I like how they focus on functional and sports related treatment. Dr Neely is first rate.

David Cooney

Joel is the man

Freda Corporan

My Physical Therapist was very attentive and thorough. She had thorough knowledge of the human body; was able to assess lifetime of injuries by reading my body.

Kathryn Mauch

Melissa Vargas

I wish I could give 10 stars!!!! the place is friendly, pleasant and knowledgeable. They make you feel comfortable and they are extremely professional.

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