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REVIEWS OF Midtown East Physical Therapy IN New York

Laly Katsnelson

A M A Z I N G. Exceptional experience and great result. The doctor is a miracle worker. His bed side manner is wonderful and he is humble in his approach, yet very effective and knowledgeable

Eugene Mendelevich

I have been to multiple physical therapists for various injuries throughout the years, but none compare to Dr. Dmitry at Midtown East PT. When I first began PT I had severe back and shoulder pain which had not subsided for almost a year. From the first day Dr. Dmitry was super helpful in identifying the issues and attacking them by using an osteopathic technique called strain/counterstrain. It is obvious that he is extremely knowledgeable in the area of physical therapy. After going to Midtown East PT. my level of pain has decreased significantly. I am able to function and play sports without constant pain, tingling and tightness in my shoulders and back.

Julie O'Sullivan

MTE has sonw wonders for my sciatica. Greg is a professional, very qualified therapist. He takes the time to explain what he is doing during the appointment. Greg has worked on several of my colleagues. So happy to have found him!

Katie Palencsar

I began physical therapy with Dr. Dimitri and Dr. Greg initially for sciatica pain that I left untreated for too long. They have helped me tremendously since working with them and I am convinced if it wasn't for their practice I would be unable to continue the activities and pain free track they've set me on. Fast forward - pregnant with my first child and terrible groin and pelvic pain - midtown east physical therapy got me through that pregnancy, a specialty as many other physical therapists (and even OBs) do not understand how to treat it. There's usually trade offs when seeing certain doctors but on top of their expertise, you won't find better bedside manner and ease in scheduling appointments/billing. I continue on my maintenance plan and their treatments are a part of my routine self-care. The quality and customization for patients sets them apart from all others. Grateful for midtown east PT!

Eleonora Corradi

Dr Shestakovsky is very professional, attentive, patient and kind; always thoroughly explains the procedure. I experienced immediate relief after the first session. One of the best therapists I have ever tried. Definitely recommend him!

Evelina Petrova

Dr.Dmitry is a great therapist! Professional and extemly knowledgeable! Very happy I found the office! I already feel better after one visit!

Sheila Brathwaite

This is my third injury within the past five years and my third PT series with Midtown East PT. I don't trust anyone else to bring me back to health after injuries. Not only are both Greg and Demitriv professional, they are personable and knowledgeable. Fingers crossed I don't have another injury, but if so, I will be back at Midtown East PT.

Lyuda Shevchuk

Had a problem with my knee and even after the first session with Greg felt much better. Greg is courteous, patient, knowledgable and professional. Highly recommend!


I came in with a torn meniscus diagnosis. Both Greg and Dmitry have been nothing but professional, accommodating and flexible with my schedule. I've noticed a huge difference in the recovery since I've started. Greg's knowledge even pinpointed an issue the original doctor left unnoticed and went above and beyond to help get it looked at. I highly recommend Midtown East to everyone.

Marlon Kerzhner

I saw Dr. Dmitry for a shoulder problem that was giving me issues for years, before him i went to 2 different PT's and got zero results and felt very frustrated. After the first visit I was not only able to move my shoulder with less pain but he fixed my ribs and i was able to literally breath better. He uses this technique called counter-strain but to me it was like some kind of magic he performed. I have since referred my wife and cousin to see Dr. Dmitry. I highly recommend Midtown East PT .

Hayley Cave

I received a referral to Midtown East PT and was able to see Dmitry for Back Pain within a couple days. Their location is conveniently located if you work in midtown and they have flexible hours(during lunch and after 5). I felt 100x better after my initial visit with Dmitry, my back pain which had persisted for over a month and was debilitating and impacting my everyday life felt much better after visit 1 and am getting closer to 100% with each visit. Dmitry is wonderful, he has a great energy, very knowledgeable, and makes trips to his office seamless(always running on time) I would highly recommend Dmitry if you have any pain, personally I had never done PT before, and this was a great first experience, my only regret is that I didn't go sooner!!

Abdelwahab Mahmoud Khedr

Professional, accommodating, flexible and friendly.

marvin rauch

had problem with my back for years until I found GREG at Midtown EAST, he is absolutely the BEST therapist one could find, now I can move pain free. thank you GREG

David Gerts

Best in the field. I never actually take the time out to write a review but this guy definitely deserves it. Knowledgeable, Professional, Courteous. He basically gave me back the full use of my hand after a Pitbull mangled it. Other's said "you'll probably have to live with limited use". He used the latest techniques and equipment. After just 2 visits I saw the difference. Best of all, reasonably priced and never had to loose time in the waiting room. Thank you Dr. T!!!!

David Torres

Midtown East is an excellent facility. I am suffering from a large herniated disc in my cervical spine. With the help of Dr. Dmitry and after a few sessions I am seeing plenty of progress. I had radiating pain down my arm that would throb. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being painful it was a 1000 (not a typo). My arm pain now is a 1 on a consistent basis. My spine dr recommended surgery. Dr Dmitry was adamant that we can get somewhere with PT. And we have. He is patient, knowledgeable and very kind. Between him and Greg. This facility should your go to for your physical therapy needs.

Louisa Kerenska

I had an appointment with Gregory and was pleased with my experience. He was friendly and answered any questions I had and gave me some tips what to do at home as well. Unfortunately Midtown East Physical is out of network for my insurance but Gregory was proactive about letting me know in advance which I appreciated. I would go back for another session in the future for sure.

Kristin Davis

I started PT at Midtown East Physical Therapy with Dr. Dmitry in January of 2017 and it has been such a wonderful experience. I started physical therapy due to IT band issues and over just a few months I have seen incredible improvement and healing. I have run three half marathons over the past three months and I have had no issues with IT band pain or any pain whatsoever. Dr. Dmitry is great as well. He is warm and welcoming and doesn't treat you like "just another patient". He is highly professional and I will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs a Physical Therapist.

ragzyp .

Dr Dmitri was very friendly and professional. I had never been to a physical therapy before and he was able to manipulate my back and neck in a very subtle unscary way! My pain subsided very quickly and would definitely recommend him to others suffering a similar injury.

aseem trivedi

Greg is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. He explained the root cause of my neck pain and took necessary steps to help alleviate it. I have made considerable improvement since I started seeing Greg. I highly recommend him. He is best in the game!


Dr. Dmitry has made a difference since I started physical therapy with hm THANKS AND KEEP IT GOING

Amirhos Imani

I have tight shoulders and neck caused by long hours of working behind computers. I tried multiple other places before coming across Midtown East Physical Therapy. I found Greg's personal approach and attention he gives to his patients to be unique. He uses a combination different methods to make sure you won't have to deal with your issue for much longer.

Svet lana

Dr. Shestakovsky is the most knowledgeable, competent, diligent, honest, thorough doctor I've met. Excellent bed-side manners, he took the time to listen to my many questions and concerns. Immediately after one session of back adjustments I felt better. Dr. Shestakovsky was also able to give me a set of exercises to do at home and instructed me on what positions to avoid. I would also like to point out that the office is conveniently near public transportation, very clean, and has friendly staff. I have recommended Dr.Shestakovsky to a few of my friends and everyone equally found him above expectations. Thank you Dr.Shestakovsky!!!

Desmond Ellis

Greg has been very helpful in relieving my lower back pain. I had been suffering for several years with sever pain but after a few sessions with Greg the pain has subsided tremendously. In addition to in-office therapy, he provides stretches and exercises to work on your own time, which are very effective.

monica haines

Dimitry and Greg have been helping with my recovery of heart surgery . They have helped me manage my pain .I do not know what I would have done without them .Thank you!

Charlotte Platt

Dmitry is the best PT! From the moment I walked in the door with unknown knee pain, he reassured me that he’d get me back to recovery in no time. And he did! He was also super flexible about my payment schedule and helped me find an orthopedic doctor promptly. When your physical health is jeopardized, it’s always refreshing to meet health professionals who go above and beyond to making sure your injury does not need to be more stressful than it already is. I definitely recommend going to Dmitry and would use him again.

Veranika Yushchyk

Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky treated by knee after the ski injury, and I went back couple of times when I had some back pain. He fixed everything, I am very happy with results and would definitely recommend his services.

Sabrina Pupplo

I can not say enough wonderful things about this practice. Dr. Dmitry truly is professional, caring and most importantly knowledgeable. The entire staff is friendly and go above and beyond to make sure every appointment is a pleasant one, whether it be a first appointment or repeat visit at the office. I would highly recommend Dr. Dmitry and his practice. I am so thankful I found Midtown East! Thanks to Dr. Dmitry I can enjoy running and playing with my children again!

lola shapiro

I’ve been coming to Greg for my shoulder pain and I can’t rave enough about him. He is a “Healer” and makes me not only feel better but has a great personality and bedside manner. I recommend this place highly!!!

Linda Lee

Dr Dmitry is a miracle worker! I suffered terrible lower back pain and had difficulties walking, standing and sitting before I received his treatment. After several sessions with Dr Dmitry, I am fully mobile and can do my yoga and take care of my child. Thank you so much, Dr Dmitry! I have already recommended him to my colleagues and will go to him again if any new pains happen.

Jenny Tarn

I have suffered from chronic back pain for years. Through the years, I have tried many specialist and remedies and haven’t had any real lasting results. That was until a friend had recommended Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky. Not only Dr. Dmitry is a wonderful person, he TRULY knows his stuff! Ive been seeing Dr. Dmitry for a few months and have SIGNIFICANT difference in the way I feel. I don’t have the ever so present ache every morning and can actually start my day with a smile. He is truly a knowledgeable, caring, and an one of kind physical therapist. I normally don’t write reviews, because heading a medical dept in a major hospital and a big family my time is limited. However, this is truly an exceptional place with a one of kind therapist!! Thank you, Dr. Dmitry – You’re the BEST!

Laura Zhu

Alma Mater

Honestly, I was skeptical at first as Dr.Shestakovsky's method is very gentle you could barely feel it. But you feel the results immediately. I had super strained muscles and pain in the hip area. After the first appointment I couldn't believe there was no pain anymore. During the next appointments he fixed the muscles completely so no tension left. He's very careful during the procedure and overall is a very positive person. Thanks to Dr.Shestakovsky I can walk without any pain!

David Aschenbroich

Dr Shestakovsky fixed my neck pain and lower back pain in three sessions. I highly recommend him

Hasan Kazi

I have been very impressed by both Greg and Dmitry. Ive had knee pain for a long time (marathon injuries and lack of flexibility). They took a very holistic approach, not only focusing on the knee but taking a full systems approach and analyzing how different parts of my body may be weak/strong and over/under compensating and causing the pain. Their tag team approach was great, Greg focused on massage and stretching while Dmitry used counter strain techniques (totally new and magical to me, he finds these tender points that hurt and then uses quick, painless movements to release the built up tension in them) that helped improve my flexibility quickly by leaps and bounds. I was able to start running again within 3 weeks and liked that they focused more on natural movements, stretching, heat treatments etc. vs. quickly putting me on a stretch training regime (which other physios had done but didn't work). I highly recommend checking their practice out, especially to check out the counter strain techniques. If regular Physio and exercise hasn't helped you as well, this may just be the key. They both have a great personality, explain things well and are very considerate and attentive.

Eduard Snesarev

Inga Grinberg

I was suffering from Sciatica for about 5 years now, I made frequent visits to physical therapy clinics all over NYC, with little or no relief as i was given a bunch of exercises and stretches. I was recommended to Midtown East Physical Therapy by a co-worker of mine who had the same conditions and was treated successfully by Dr. Dmitry. I already gave up on finding any RELIEF, but my co-worker convinced me to schedule an appointment. After the first treatment with Dr. Dmitry I noticed a reduction in pain and after several visits i basically was PAIN FREE and doing things I initially gave up on. Dr. Dmitry use of an osteopathic method Strain-Counterstrain really got to the reason i was having such pain and fixed it. I recommend Midtown East PT to all my friends and colleagues without reservation.

Marina P

A coworker recommened I see Dr. Shestakovsky for my chronic back pain. From the moment I walked into the office, everyone was attentive and supportive. Dr. Shestakovsky was knowledgeable and I really felt he wanted to help me. Would definitely recommend him to all my friends!

Kyla Jones

Dr. Dmitry is the absolute BEST! He is so kind and patient and extremely knowledgeable. While some doctors may treat the spot where the pain appears, Dr. Dmitry targets where the pain is actually stemming from. He is not satisfied until you are completely rehabilitated. I was having extreme pain while running from my IT band, and after just a few sessions with Dr. Dmitry I was able to start running again with no pain at all (for the first time in 8 months!). HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dmitry to anyone suffering from IT band syndrome or any other injury.

Stephanie Chung

I am a runner and tennis player, and have been suffering from IT band pain (to the extent that I wasn’t able to bend my knee). Over the years, I have tried PT clinics in the Midtown area, and honestly didn’t find the treatment too helpful or long-lasting (I can ice, stretch and do the exercises at home!). However, with Dmitry’s help (I’ve been going once/twice a week for 4 weeks now), I am really seeing immediate results. Strain-counterstrain therapy (which admittedly I was skeptical of in the beginning) has been very effective in releasing and healing my permanent muscle tightness. Highly recommend Midtown East Physical Therapy, especially if you work in the area. Scheduling is also flexible, you can email the clinic directly to make appointments.

Anita Kabuga

Garnik Arzumanyan

I have been coming to this office for a few months, having physical therapy on my foot, that I broke and was on a cast for 3 months, done by Greg and Dmitry. They did a “magic”, I can walk without crutches now and almost not limping. They have all the equipment, you may think of: laser, ultrasound. electrical simulation, exercising and they do very good hand massage, working with every muscle group, that need to be fixed. Appointments are scheduled at a very convenient time for me, and I never waited after arriving. I picked this office, based on many other very good reviews and wanted to share my experience. I would definitely recommend Midtown East Physical Therapy to anyone who need physical therapy. Thank you, Greg and Dmitry I really appreciated your help in my recovery.

Alex Sher

I recently visited Midtown East Physical Therapy due to pain in the buttocks region, and a tight hip flexor. Dr. Shestakovsky evaluated me and performed stretches and certain type of manipulations which helped me tremendously. Thank god it's been over a week since my visit that I'mfree of pain

Pria Singh

Dr. Dimitry is awesome! I started PT sessions with him two weeks ago to treat issues with my core and spine curvature. I noticed a huge difference in the first two sessions, and l look forward to having my back and core issues fully resolved. Highly recommended!

Brad Erickson

I came to Midtown East after a long battle with knee pain and Greg was able to get very quick results using a variety of treatments. I have referred co-workers to him for other types of injuries (shoulder, back) and they have all had similar experiences. Excellent!

Calvin Cheung

Greg and Dimitry are great therapists who implement a variety of techniques. The facility is clean and spacious. No scheduling issues. Overall, would highly recommend.

Anna Clara Fleury

Greg and Dimitry are great-my finger was better in one month. So personable, nice and professional! MY experience was great. Would recommend to everyone.

mig ang

Great service and attention.

macha fogel

Greg is fantastic. He saved my back after years of pain!

Adam Cooperman

Can;t say enough good things about these guys! Excellent practitioners - knowledgeable, skilled, flexible (schedule, insurance, etc), and just great all around people.

Shekhar Kumar

I’ve had an absolutely incredible experience with Greg at Midtown East. I have been going there for a bit over two months now due to three tears in my rotator cuff and labrum. When I first went in, I was in excruciating pain that kept me up at night and I could barely lift my right arm. My doctor recommended surgery on the shoulder but I walked through the MRI results with Greg and decided to try therapy for a month before making a final decision on surgery - and am very happy I did. Within two sessions the pain in my shoulder had greatly reduced to the point where it was just annoying but not really troublesome. I’ve continued to work with Greg for about 2.5 months since then and I now have zero pain and have the full range of motion back in my right arm. Greg has been helping me focus on the right exercises to continue to build up the strength in my arm and is very conscious of making sure I’m doing things that are helpful and not activities or exercises that will cause a setback in my progress. I truly don’t think you can find someone more knowledgeable, helpful and tuned-in to their patient’s specific needs. A couple of months ago I was mentally preparing myself for surgery and life in a sling for a 4-6 weeks. Now, my biggest issue is remembering that while my arm feels great, it is technically still injured and I still have a bit to go before it is actually fully healed. Not a bad spot to be in if you ask me!

Michael Bielik

Great at figuring out what is causing my aches and pains and fixing me up and giving me exercises to do in order to get me back to 100% quickly.

Ed P

The BEST in the industry! Both Greg and Dmitry are highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and caring. Location is convenient and the setup is great. Greg has been amazing and uses the most advance techniques in treating my sciatica and lower back pain. This is the place to go for all your physical therapy needs.

Amanda N

Love the attention and care I get from this place! Convenient location and pleasant staff.

Caroline Kane

I was helped so much by Midtown East Physical Therapy. I highly recommend! The wait was never too long and I had a quick recovery!

Agata Cieplik

Dr Dmitry is super helpful - when working together I got really fast results (dealing with a numb leg etc.). It's all complex - takes care of my back (back pain) as well as head (migraines). Totally recommend, he's da best ;)

Caitlin Brewer

Greg is fantastic and cured my post marathon bad knee and now will be running again next week.

Mahmoud Amer

Gregory is a great physical therapist. I have been visiting his office for almost 9 months now for rehabilitation from multiple spine, hip and leg injuries, and he has consistently been professional, knowledgeable, friendly, personable and encouraging. After tens of sessions, I can confidently say he is excellent in every aspect of his work. Thanks to his magic fingers and seemingly endless energy, I have made make incredible progress in both flexibility and strength and also in reducing discomfort in the multiple injured areas. Every session, after activating deep muscles by applying electric stimulation and cold leaser, he does extensive manual therapy on me, including a balanced combination of effective stretching techniques, smart and safe spinal manipulation, and deep tissue massage. Another point of strength is that he conscientiously doesn't overbook himself to be able to give every patient undivided attention. In many cases, he has extended my appointment time to address all my concerns. I recommend him enthusiastically to everyone!

Ad Kara

Greg is a great guy. He is definitely a professional in his field, very accommodating and diligent. Would recommend his services to anyone.

Jasmine Megnia

Dr. Trakhtenberg is great. Highly recommend

Gabe Gruboy

I went to Midtown East for Physical Therapy after years of suffering with back pain and sciatica, not only did Dr. Dmitry meet my expectations he greatly exceeded them. His osteopathic approach was something I never experienced before and it payed dividends from literally the first session. The counterstrain method he employed erased years of pain and frustration for me. The only thing i wish is that I would have found him earlier.

Kayla Isaac

I've had chronic neck and back pain for years. After a few months of treatments by Greg Trakhtenberg, I finally know what it feels like to be pain free. Greg has made a tremendous difference in relieving pain, improving posture, and helping me prevent more injuries as an athlete. Greg runs a respectable practice - he is trustworthy, down to earth, and very knowledgeable. Truly the best physical therapist around and genuine person overall.

Marc D. Latrique

"Midtown East Physical Therapy" lives up to the "ME" P.T. experience, just as their initials reflect. This practice is a true and rare gem in the heart of the city. It is a very private, quiet and personal, full-fledged setup they have going. The one-on-one with their really exceptionally knowledgeable and well-versed doctors who attend you makes every encounter under their treatment that much more reassuring, whether you're there just for maintenance or for more serious recovery. You're not a number on a medical chart. It certainly makes recovery faster, and best of all, you always know where to go for what you need to keep going. Their operation is supremely efficient. I have never been kept waiting, despite a consistent flow of widely diverse clientele, all with an equal array of spanning needs. This is 100% real positive treatment, not a spa-type place with bells or whistles or smoke or mirrors - not that there's anything wrong with those places, it's just that with these guys you always leave actually feeling physically better than when you arrived (consequentially emotionally, as well), but their treatment lasts... it doesn't expire a few hours later. I've come in for various recovery needs I've had over the past few years (ankle, knee, lower and upper back, hip, wrist and neck), followed all their at-home exercises and I've always recovered better and faster with less challenge every time. They get to know YOU and what your body needs by how you respond and what will work for you to get there. In my mid 40's my body isn't what is used to be in my more athletic youth, and before having kids... these guys have gotten me back on track every time, making this guy feel 100% and understanding how to turn the clock around. I've worked with Dr. Gregory Trakhtenberg (Tues/Thurs) and Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky (Mon/Wed). Both superb, perfect professionals with exceptional bedside manners in attending you, especially if in pain. They've directed me to phenomenal specialists in my more serious cases which kept the circle of support and care acute and tightly woven. They're always accommodating with scheduling, even following up with me towards any progress when coming in was too challenging, making sure the home exercises were working to get me back on my feet. I've had a long history throughout my life with many physical therapists, chiropractors, and sports physicians, and these guys are just the premiere cream of the crop, hands down. I trust and recommend them a thousand percent, a million times over.

E M Latrique

Greg & Dmitri are aces at their profession. They are very knowledgeable in their practice and are often in the know of the latest physical therapy & counter strain innovation. It is definitely worth your while to add them to the list of professionals you keep for your Wellness & Well-Being. I have to tell you, Greg is NO joke with his medical massages! Dmitri is just MIRACULOUS with his counter strain technique. Our family has been seeing them both for 5+ years. Booking an appointment is very easy. Occasionally they may have a day of appointment available for you. Just call and ask. They are really great guys!

Simona Goldberg

I was involved in an auto accident that left me with pain in my back and neck. Until I went to Dr. Shestakovsky, I thought I'd suffer with this forever. I'm so grateful to my friend for recommending therapy with Dr. Shestakovsky. He listens to everything and knows what he's doing. in just a few short weeks I'm starting to feel a difference. Highly recommend him.

e34esp .

Dr. Dmitry is an excellent physical therapist and his methods have really helped with my lower back pain. I have a L5/S1 disc herniation that was operated on a number of years ago and he's been able to release all muscular tension across my lower and mid back to help relieve residual back pain. His osteopathic methods are extremely helpful in advancing physical therapy regiments since it's best to start strengthening muscles from an evenly distributed core and without imbalances in muscular support on each side of the body. I'll definitely be a repeat patient to Dr. Dmitry.

Sarah Jiao

Dimitry has been very helpful in relieving my neck, should, and lower back pain. He was recommended by my several colleagues and I would definitely recommend him to everyone.

Taverney 4

Greg is one of the best therapists I have ever seen. My doctor insisted that surgery is THE only way for my knee issues. Within two months of PT with Greg, I ditched my knee brace and went back to normal life and excercise! The doctor was astonished by the results. This is not the only reason why I love this practice. The availability and flexibility in making and changing appointments makes his practice, in my view, a unique business model that each private practice in NY should follow! Due to my unpredictable work schedule I often have to change my appointment last minute, not only that he accommodates me but also makes it feel easy and normal! Greg is an exceptional therapist with an outstanding work ethic and a vision for exceptional medical service (which does not exist in NYC!).

David Antonelli

Dmitry is amazing - very thoughtful, methodical and effective in his approach. He cares a lot about his patients' improvement and has helped me a lot in a short amount of time. Very highly recommended!

S Velich

I was seeing by Grigoriy. Great physical therapy place. Clean, professional and very patient.

Rohan Saharia

Came in with a lower back pain and Dr. Dmitry was absolutely awesome in helping alleviate the pain. His knowledge of the muscular anatomy, and prognosis was excellent. He used a combination of stretches and electrical stimulation to help ease the pain.

Sergio Rovner

Great place, great service!!! Thank you Greg for helping me with my tennis elbow!!! Huge progress!!!

Henoch Senbetta


Some of my colleagues recommend this place for my lower back pain and I’m truly glad they did. Greg was kind enough to squeeze me in for an emergency session so that I did not have to be in pain for several days until Dmitry was back in the office. He also gave me some sample routine exercises to take home with me which were simple yet effective. Dmitry is very focused and knows exactly what part of the body should be moved or adjusted in order to relieve the pressure points. I have made great progress since my initial visit for which I’m very grateful. I highly recommend this place.

Ye Zhang

Dr. Dimtry is amazing. He is so expert and knows how to fix it right away. I definitely feels a difference after each treatment! Highly recommended.

Patricia Figuereo


Liz Chappelle-M

Dr. Dimtri has been a God send. I have had chronic back pain in my lower back since the birth of my daughter who is now 5. Since starting with Dr. Dimitri for a random ankle injury back in May I now how a full range of motion within my body that I haven't had since before I gave birth to my daughter. Dr.Dimitri has been wonderful and I recommend him to anyone, and have because he is excellent at what he does but most importantly he makes the pain go away and stay away!

Tova Mavashev

Have been going to Dr. Dmitry for about a month. I was suffering from a chronic back pain in one isolated area for about 5 months until finally going to him. Within just 2 sessions, my pain had severely minimized to the point that it is almost gone. Very impressed because he told me that he had never seen a situation like mine before in his career, yet he was still able to treat me with his expert care. Very satisfied and feeling much better!

Sergei Solovei

Professional and caring doctors. Very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Have been using their services for 2 years with great results.

Renee Rattray

I've struggled with severe IT band issues in my right leg going in 12 years. I've seen countless physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors in the US and Australia with little to no relief. I could only get to 1.2 miles in March before coming to Midtown East Physical Therapy but now i'm at 7 miles in just 3 months. Dmitry and Greg are super friendly and knowledgable and i would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sanket Gupta

Dr. Dmitry is patient, friendly and amazing! I have learnt so much talking with him. He is motivating and takes you on a journey. I'm glad I found him, highly recommend!

Taryn Mahoney

Have been using this practice for a couple of weeks and the back pain I've had for over a year (herniated disc) has already shown massive improvement. I've never done PT before and I was intimidated to start, however working with Dmitry has been such a great experience! He's very easy-going, patient and thorough and has made such a difference in my injuries. He always takes the time to answer all of my questions and never makes me feel rushed. Plus, they never run late for our appointments and I'm always back to work on-time, which is perfect since I usually need to go during my lunch hour. I can't recommend Midtown East PT enough!!!

Samuel Whitney

Great treatment for runners

Helen Yankilevich

Dr. Dmitry is an excellent therapist. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and was able to help me with my severe neck pain almost immediately. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking treatment.

Rupal Gupta

I am very pleased with the experience at Midtown East Physical Therapy. Dr Dmitry is one of the best therapist I have ever been to! Due to the long hours of sitting in front of computer I had a very bad posture which resulted in strained neck and back pain. But the expert care of Dr Dmitry, helped me get rid of the stiffness and pain. He is very skillful and friendly and he also explains you what's going on with your body so you can actually work on improving your posture, diet and exercise routine. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.

David Berg

Greg was very knowledgeable and helped with my recovery post-surgery. Developed a plan to help me regain range of motion and strength, both of which improved much faster than I expected. Very accommodating with scheduling and insurance/billing.

limor senker

I was a skeptic but after one treatment I feel remarkably better!

david yoo

Highly recommend Dr. Dmitry - he is truly an expert and really explains what is going on with your body. My mind gets blown away every time I leave an appointment.

Christian Ebner

I've been seeing Dr. Dmitry for a couple of weeks for tennis elbow related issues. He seems both very professional, analytical and knowledgeable from a medical point of view and is a great and skilled physical therapist at the same time. Convenient location in Midtown and not far from Grand Central and even the United Nations ( the guy is very friendly and speaks Russian as well) so I can squeeze in sessions during lunch breaks.

Yilin Zhang

I've been going here for PT sessions every week for the past 4 months, and my neck/shoulder is feeling much better. Greg and Dmitry have different styles of treatments that have both been helpful. I also really appreciate their flexibility and responsiveness with scheduling appointments, and the minimal wait every time.

alla trostyanetsky

Christina T

I've had weak ankles since my teen years, and I thought the chronic swelling I experienced was just normal, and that my ankles giving out from under me for no visible reason was just how things were. Dr. Dmitry relieved the pain immediately during our first session; within two sessions, I noticed significant improvement; and after maybe two months of treatment it's like I have brand new ankles! Since then I've done thai kickboxing for a few months with no ankle issues, and just got back from a two week hiking trip through the Canadian Rockies. I packed my ankle braces and wraps just in case, and never needed them! A year ago, that would've been unthinkable! I highly recommend Dr. Dmitry, have recommended him to family and friends, and will be going back anytime I need PT!

Matthew Bodo

I have been dealing with pain and lack of flexibility in my shoulder for almost a year now. After only a few visits I was able to get all flexibility back and now I am focusing on building back strength. I would highly recommend Dmitry and Midtown East Physical Therapy.

Megan Melofchik

Jess Rosenthal

This was the best medical experience of my life. I had a herniated disk and had a bad reaction to an epidural shot my physiatrist gave me. I was on the verge of surgery until I met Dmitry. His unique approach to therapy worked amazingly well. I feel great now and am confident that I would have had to have surgery if not for Dmitry.

Chrissy Ritter

Would highly recommend this place to everyone! I came in with a herniated disc and started feeling better after just 2 weeks of PT here. The physical therapists are really great and very flexible with schedules - they are absolutely amazing with patients. The treatments are great and really cater to each patient. Will definitely be using Midtown East physical therapy again next time I need PT!

Vitaly P

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the staff at Midtown East Physical Therapy. The staff is very friendly and I could tell that they really cared about me and helping me get back to 100%. I would highly recommend Midtown East Physical Therapy to anyone on need of physical therapy.

Paul Zakris

Greg and Dimitri are a great team. Professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and they know how to get you motivated. I have had various knee issues over time and they always come through.

Steve Colletta

I have had a really great experience at Midtown East PT. Very accommodating with scheduling and targeted in the treatment. I have been coming to Greg for over a year and he has helped me with a variety of different issues. I have reccomended them to friends and family.

Bret Weinberg

Great service and informed careful approach to healing. Feeling 100x better than I was on the 1st day I walked in.

Marina Zaytsev

Great location, terrific bedside manners, impressive results after even one visit!

Yelena S

Professional office with thoughtful and attentive therapists. They take an individualized approach to every patient. They take their time and made me feel like they are really there to help you heal! Would highly recommend these therapists!

Gia Cam

Zineb Lahbabi

They are knowledgeable and very professional and very nice. I definitely recommend them.

Sylvia Tutein

I found Dr. Dmitry on Yelp after I became desperate to find someone to help me with this persistent pain on the right side of my abdomen and the ongoing struggle with "living with back pain". I had been suffering with lower and upper back pain for years and since my right side wanted to "join the party", that made three areas I had significant pain. I also knew I needed to find help soon because I knew my range of motion was becoming very limited. At my worse when I would bend over, I couldn't reach my knees. I knew I was in trouble then. I previously had tried physical therapy, chiropractic visits, acupuncture and massage therapy. While some of those treatments provided temporary relief, my back would always start to bother me again. Fast forward to my first visit with Dr. Dmitry, I wanted him to focus on my right side because I walked into his office barely able to stand up straight from the pain. He did some manipulation on my right side and lower back and by the end of that visit, I was able to bend to my knees and the pain on my right side subsided. I went to him for four more visits and now I am happy to say the pain on my right side is gone entirely. Although the pain in my upper and lower back is not entirely gone, it has drastically subsided and I am happy because I can now bend over and reach past my shins. My goal is to reach my toes once again and I know with being under the care of Dr. Dmitry, that goal is obtainable and I will one day life again without back pain. Get those fingers moving, call and make an appointment with Dr. Dmitry, you'll be happy you did.

Ron Spinner

I had an amazing experience at midtown east PT. Unlike the larger machine shop places where therapists work on 3-4 patients at once, midtown is just two guys so you get lots of personalized attention. Greg worked with me on some really bad back pain and shoulder issues. His partner Dmitry used a newer technique to get rid of rib pain I’ve been experiencing for years. Both guys are incredibly personable, occasionally funny and flexible with scheduling. This is the only PT place where I’ve never had billing or insurance issues; everything was smooth. I highly recommend!!!!

Jose Carlos Ferrer Avila

Great professionals, really worth it.

Jill Kirsh

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dmitry at Midtown East! He is a true professional, totally knows his stuff & am grateful to the friend who recommended him to me so thought I pass it on!

Israel Gomez

Excellent doctor. I was in pain for months and after visiting the clinic I am fully recovered.

Chris Van Maarseveen

Dr. Dmitry has treated me for a couple of issues and has provided top notch therapy so far. He's very knowledgeable and explains the underlying issues well.

Saanya Khanna

Dr Shestakovsky is very professional, highly knowledgeable, extremely kind and so so helpful. I went to him with a lower back injury and an upper back strain, and four sessions later I noticed a great difference in my back! He knows exactly how to manipulate the body, release tight muscles/tissues, which gives you instant relief! I have nothing, but good things to say about his practise. He came highly recommended by my doctor and I have definitely not been disappointed!

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