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REVIEWS OF Manhattan Physical Therapy & Pain Center IN New York

Clinton Fuller

I was in alot of pain, from my lower back to my neck. Manhattan Physical therapy was able to give me relief by using Red Core. The team is amazing from the front desk to the Physical therapist!

Alina Iougai

I am a former world-ranked number 32 in Ballroom Dancing. I got injured a while ago while competing at the National Collegiate DanceSport Competition. I have not been able to dance since. I had to stop dancing and training for a while as my injury was so painful that I traveled all over the world to see better doctors to figure out what the problem was. I heard many different options. The most common one was that my injury is originating from my lumbar spine. I was treated for five months for this injury, and I was making no progress. I am 25 years old and I felt as if I would never dance or compete again. Then, I got lucky meeting the right person in the right time before losing hope. The therapist performed an evaluation and found out that the problem was a hamsting strain. This was confirmed on an MRI. i have been doing physio with him for teo months now and it is getting better. I have my fingers crosed and I know I will be bakpck on the dance floor soon.

Charles Shorter Jr.

MPT offers a variety of services and techniques to help their patients get better e.g., red rope system, cupping, acu and exercises. Staff are knowledgeable, approachable and professional. Administration is there to help you stay on top of everything and overall have made the experience seamless from billing to appointments. I really appreciate all the work MPT has put into my sessions. They take great care and its great to see the improvement in my health and energy!

Michael A.

great place. Very professional, and yet personable and friendly. Definitely addressing and helping to ease the pain and correct my issue. Dealing with Planter Facetious and Achilles Tendinitis . They have been able to address both issues and get me back and ready to play sports again. Always on time, accommodating to my schedule needs, personalized services and friendly demeanor. Good with flexible hours; handling insurance so :i don't have to deal with it. Overall great experience! Michael A.

Raig Adolfo

Amazing facilities, highly committed and professional therapist in a very laid-back and fun environment

David Weinberger

Lidia Blanco


I had a horrible stiff neck and had to get on a plane the next day. I couldn't even lay down or eat! One of the doctor's, Tiffany, un-crooked my neck and gave me much relief!! The people are very cool and personable. They also help me with me knees a few years ago. I completely recommend them!

Jenny Aybar

Dear Joe, I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help and your magical healing power. You are such a wonderful physical therapist, and when I was really in a lot of pain, you helped bring me to a much better place, a place I thought I would never ever be again. You have made such a difference in my life and I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for all your humor, kindness,knowledge, and healing power!!! (I’ve been keeping up with my exercises, and lost a couple more pounds as well!) Until I met you, I was really worried that I would never get better again and had lost all hope. The other places had not helped me at all, and I felt defeated and completely discouraged, they never gave me individual attention, and felt like a factory where you're passed from person to person. Not here. But the whole atmosphere at Manhattan Physical Therapy is unique, and although I hope to never return and continue to be pain free... I know that no matter what problem I would ever have, you could solve it!! Can’t thank you enough for all your help — for having such a well-run place – where people can heal.

Bibi Toribio

Excellent service from Magnolia, enjoy service of the staff and the great environment.

Anthony Astacio

Everyone was inviting and helpful... At first I was a bit apprehensive about needing PT but Joe was welcoming during my first visit. Erica or as she is called now pink hair lady was amazing, the same goes to Maggie as well. They pushed me to the limits and appreciated their care. Having a monthly payment plan helped tremendously since I didn't have medical insurance. Overall a great experience and would recommend them to any that needs PT. Also the monthly check ups were great incentive to continue doing my exercises after finishing my sessions.

Lawrence E. Street

The Therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and I felt improvements quickly. The Staff is amazing with scheduling and billing. I travel a lot for my job and I would rate this team of specialists at the very top in the country.

george simon

The therapists were knowledgeable and attentive. Each one that treated me created a plan that helped me rehab my shoulder and reduced my pain. The Redcord therapy really helped!

Ni Shu

Quality care. Good doctors. Nice service. Most important they made me feel better !!!

Hallie Geller

Came in feeling terrible - after a few stretches on the red cords (only place in NYC that has these), and a little bit of acupuncture - I felt like a new person. Not to mention a week later - still the pain has not returned. I highly recommend Manhattan Physical Therapy!

Verushka Ga Nun

These guys are fantastic! They go way beyond the usual treating to strengthen your whole body, and their RedCord system is excellent. I have never been to a physical therapist (and have used more than a few over the years) that's so comprehensive and unique. They will attack the pain areas with acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, you name it, and while controlling the pain they will also do the strengthening.

Noah Throop

By far the most understanding, compassionate, knowledgable, and down-to-earth physical therapy office you'll find in New York. Everyone here is A+, my lower back injury was treated with expertise, efficiency and genuine care, and I will wholeheartedly recommend this practice to any and everyone with physical therapy needs. Thank you Erica, Darren and John!

Luke Barclay

I’ve been visiting MPT for almost five years now, using the monthly maintenance service. It has helped curb the constant pains I was having in my ankles and knees by strengthening other areas of my body. The exercises are simple to remember, so I’m also able to do them alone at the gym. A+ staff and umbrellas.

Adam Mizrachi

Great place to do your rehab! I injured my knee skiing, and they got me walking normally again within two weeks. They have all kinds of high tech and low tech treatments including acupuncture, laser stimulation, air-compression pants, electro-stimulators, and therapeutic ultrasound. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They make it easy to make appointments that fit into your crazy NYC schedule.

Alison Giampolo

After injuring my leg in a motorcycle accident, I’ve been at their office every day. They’ve helped me stay positive, and regain better mobility and strength every day. Their entire staff is so knowledgeable, friendly and caring from the minute you walk in the door. I can’t say enough good things about Manhattan PT; if there were more than five stars to give, I would.

Pk Bikes

Dannia G.

Can't say enough about the professional and caring service. They truly have a holistic approach to healing and strengthening the body. Their staff know just how far to push you and they are always encouraging everyone. I have had the pleasure of coming to MPT for close to a year now. I value their guidance and support in committing to the steps necessary for long term results. If you want to not only address the challenges you may be facing with your body, but to understand how to sustain your progress, this is the perfect team. Plus, they are incredibly sweet and thoughtful! They send birthday and holiday cards to your home! It's always a pleasure seeing them.

elmalo matos

Annalisa Avogadri

William Polanco

I had a superb experience at Manhattan PT and Pain center. I came in for a nagging problem with my left shoulder due to a sports injury. I was surprised that they had an onsite ultrasound machine. They recommended me to see a specialist for an MRI. I was happy to hear that I didn't have any major problems in my shoulder. The doctor spoke to Joe about my rehab therapy treatment. Along with the diverse services offered such as acupuncture, Red Cord, massage, and concise stretch/strength program he helped me get back to my sports activity.

Ivan Drucker

I don't want to be over the top, but I can't say enough about how phenomenal this facility is. Their techniques and equipment are smart; and effective; the staff are insanely knowledgable and talented, and encouraging, and cheery, as a bonus. Really delightful experts to work with. When I'm done, I think I'm actually going to miss them.At any rate, they have been helping me recover from dual ankle surgery, and there is no doubt in my mind I'd still be having pain if not for their help. I can't speak to how they compare with other physical therapy centers, but if I find myself in need again, I am not going to try to find out -- I'll be grateful and glad to go back to Mahattan PT&T in a heartbeat.

Spencer Chase

I was told I’d have to pay thousands of dollars because my insurance wouldn’t cover the treatment. What actually happened was they didn’t accept my insurance and wanted to be shady so they made it look like the insurance just refused to cover it. Absolutely stay away from these creeps!

Michael Gorczyca

There is no better team than the group working at Manhattan Physical Therapy. They listen to your needs, have a ton of patience, and will work diligently to heal your injury. I actually look forward to going to my sessions- not only because I continue to recover from my injury but because I genuinely enjoy the conversations I have when visiting. They’re the best in the city!!

Rick LaFleur

Excellent care provided by very knowledgeable and truly good people. Also excellent in getting insurance coverage for care.

Gazi Nacif

By far the best Physical therapy I’ve been they cure my chronic back pain that I’ve suffer for over a decade. They also help me build my strength, endurance and agility thanks to all the team of MPT!! Your the best

James Daber

Great staff. Great atmosphere. If I could give them 10 stars I would.. definitely recommend to family and friends!

Robin Lee

The clinicians here are very helpful. I came here for PT. They utilized redcord and a lot of different exercises training methods that I have not encountered before for both evaluation and treatment. They also pay close attention to my form during therapeutic exercises to tailor the treatment plan. All the staff are very patient and helpful.

leticia barradas

Annelie Röding

Jack Holahan

Friendly, Trustworthy, and Smart! I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at MPT. The treatment options are customized and the team is attentive and focused on getting you back to and beyond your normal.

Bruce Cooperman

Excellent place! After having gone to other PT places in Manhattan, I found that MPT was dramatically better than any of the others. The staff Erica, Maggie, John and Joe are extremely attentive and supportive. Truly amazing staff! The Red Cord is a unique and highly effective treatment method and the team combines it with other excel uses to maximize the benefit. My leg improved more in 2 months at MPT than in 4 months at the other PT places.

Gilberto Valle

Great experience at Manhattan PT. All of the therapists were extremely knowledgable and professional. The front desk staff were always friendly and courteous. I have nothing but good things to say. They did a great job working with my insurance company.

Wes Robinson

If you are looking for a good physical therapy program, look no further. My experience there was nothing short of amazing! The staff are incredibly knowledgable and the facility is top notch (small, but contains all the tools necessary to recover efficiently). I had the pleasure of working with Erica most of the time after a tough shoulder dislocation, and after two months I am already back in the gym and feeling great. She took the time to walk me through many different exercises and explain exactly WHY we were doing them and what parts of the body they were affecting. The exercise difficulty and my shoulder comfortability increased proportionally, which helped make the process quick and effective. The few times that I worked with Magnolia, she was very helpful as well. Overall, I'd recommend Manhattan Physical Therapy to anyone looking to recover from an injury! 5/5 experience.

Magnolia Lopez Bencosme

Zev Taublieb

Fantastic place or top level athletes. They ghave is Norwegian machine that is great for the body

Darren Joseph

Alexandra Fischer

Manhattan PT is fantastic! The staff truly takes the time to get to know each patient on a personal level. They are knowledgeable, supportive, and develop a customized plan to help you reach your goal. I had morton's neuroma in my foot which was causing extreme discomfort and limiting my ability to walk. Joe and the team attacked the problem with acupuncture and cupping, laser treatments and massaging, and various strengthening exercises that I can continue outside of PT. The flexible hours to accommodate your needs are awesome as they are open early before work and late after work. Everyone from the front desk to the physical therapists to the owner is super friendly and took a vested interest in my progress, but also in my day-to-day life. I would highly recommend Manhattan PT!

Jason Machicote

The best PT place hands down the staff is always attentive to your needs and truly help you meet your goals cant say enough bout Maggie ,Erica ,John they make me feel extremely comfortable and excited to come in everyday thank you ladies and gentlemen for the support plz if you need Physical Therapy this is the place.

Sara Kladky

I’ve had a great experience here. The PTs and everyone on staff are friendly and knowledgeable, treatments are varied/effective, and the the hours are convenient even with my work schedule. Would highly recommend!

ezra arao

My first PT experience and I completed my sessions feeling energetic and restored. The staff is knowledgeable and very easy going. Would definitely recommend.

Melanie willingham-jaggers

I love this place. I have been coming here for over a year and I could not be happier. The staff are friendly, welcoming, and skilled. There are several treatment modalities available depending on what your therapy needs are: the pain relief massages and stretches are deliver immediate relief, the strength training excercises are challenging and innovative, and the acupuncture is intense and rewarding. Check them out!

matt slusser

I went in with significant back pain and the team helped get me upright again. I was so impressed with the services I'm now returning for monthly sessions just to keep myself honest and working out. Can't give them enough stars.

Paul Greene

Nick Annacone

What a wonderful team at Manhattan Physical Therapy. From reception to therapists, they’ve all been extremely helpful in making therapy a pleasant experience. I recently herniated a disc in my back and I’ve been on the road to recovery with the help of this amazing team. I’ve been to several places, but this is far and away the best. I highly recommend MPT for any injury or maintenance.

Kam S

I am so lucky that I found this place. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, proactive...but most importantly patient and KIND! I came in thinking that I had forever lost range of motion in my leg, but with the treatment options offered here I am doing much better and I am strengthening other areas I did not even realize were weak. Thank you team!!!

Kathleen Melvin

Nice Staff. Best Care

Javier Velazquez

Watch out for their a scheduling system. They gave me an appointment for a day when they were closed. They said the called me to change the appointment but I got no call.

Benjamin Rahmani

Hands down the best PT experience! I currently go to them and enjoy every visit, even look forward to them. Thank you Maggie, Erica, John and Joe, you guys are incredible! The rest of the staff is unbelievably caring and friendly as well and without them my experience wouldn’t be the same. I was always skeptical of doing PT but you guys have changed my outlook. I will always recommend this place to friends and greatly appreciate all you guys do! Thank you!

Alexa DeRiggs

In all honesty, I always believed physical therapy wasn't a real form of rehab after an injury or accident. I had lived with chronic ankle pain from having flat feet and years of soccer. And after going to many physical therapists nothing seemed to help. Then finally, after getting the Hypocure surgery on both my ankles in December and February my podiatrist prescribed me PT sessions at Manhattan Physical Therapy. From my very first day I knew the work being done at MPT was unlike any place I had been before. The trainers make sure to make real connections with their patients and for once, they explained everything to me so I got to better understand my own anatomy. After treatment for 5 months, my body is stronger and I feel like I actually know the things I need to improve on to help with my pain. Maggie, Joe, John, and Erica are amazing at their jobs and I'd recommend them to anyone who's lived with chronic pain or needs to go through rehab after a recent injury. Plus all the lovely ladies that work tirelessly behind the desk are super accommodating to my hectic schedule and my perpetual lateness. I love my MPT fam!

Andrew Newell

Excellent care from someone very nice people

Sean Swords

Bella Bulsara

Dr. Simon is one of the most dedicated and driven Physical Therapists I have come across. As a student, he taught me much about the field and how to succeed. He is practical in his ways, confident and I have seen him change the lives of many patients. Right before my eyes I have seen patients come in with complaint and always leave their treatment content and happy. He has inspired me to pursue this field and will always remain a mentor to me. He goes beyond what is needed for his patients and practice.

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