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REVIEWS OF Loyola Physical Therapy IN New York

Bartu Erdem

Let me start by saying Carlos has been simply amazing over these past 6 months. When I first herniated my L4/L5 I didn't know what to do at all and Carlos couldn't have guided me better througout these months. He knows immensely about the body as a whole and he complements that knowledge with various physical therapy and massage techniques that you might not be able to find in classic physical therapy parlors. His one on one approach is much more holistic, regenerative, so relaxing(!!!) and tailored to the individual. One on one sessions from start to end make a huge difference when you're dealing with an injury. I loved the fact that he guided me through every movement I was doing throughout these 6 months. Not once did he stop paying attention and that is dedication. Carlos also has his place setup in such a way that you can find anything and everything for your needs and it has a relaxing calm environment from the moment you step in. It's hard to summarize 6 months of experience in a few words but without Dr. Loyola I would still not be able to walk, sit and just enjoy life the way I can do today, his care level is amazing and he really only wants his patients to get better.

Rafael Glückstern Gardos

I went to see Carlos because I tore my Achilles tendon. And I'm grateful that I chose him as my therapist. Every single session was different, and he was very communicative. He wanted me to understand how the process of healing works, and he also warned me that it wouldn't be pleasant sometimes, but he explained me always very well, and even though there were some painful moments, the truth is that my injury with each session got better and better. He also manages to make sessions entertaining. For some people his place won't look very appealing or professional, but do not be fooled by the appearances. Is not the typical clinic with sophisticated machinery, looks like and old apartment from Williamsburg, and he works with his hands and simple gadgets. Carlos is kind, patience and says things straightforward, which I thing is also important when it comes to overcome an important injury like mine. P.S. For those who english is not their first language, and they struggle sometimes to explain or understand things in that language, Carlos can also speak fluent spanish.

Elizabeth Culbertson

I have had 2 other Physical Therapists on my road to recovery over the past year; one was $500 an hour and the other was $450 an hour and Carlos, at $150 an hour, was far better then either of them. He was very comprehensive and thorough in his initial intake ($250 for the intake). He explained the physical components of my condition and has incorporated a combination of core work, balance work and Medical Massage that has greatly improved my overall condition. In addition, Carlos is a very empathic and caring individual and this, to me, is a critical component of any healing process. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking a great Physical Therapist


Eric Jacobsen

I tore a rotator cuff while bouldering back in February; took a few months off, thinking the soreness would heal on its own, but by May realized that I needed some help if it was ever going to get better. Dr. Loyola is fantastic. He is extraordinarily knowledgable, and his sessions and the exercises he prescribes work -- I had measurable results within four weeks. In addition to my arm, he quickly recognized some slouching and imbalanced back issues I have (don't all nerds have terrible posture?). He stated very matter-of-factly that fixing my core would be part of the therapy as well, and for that I am most grateful. I recommend Dr. Loyola unconditionally.

Brad Hoff

I heard through a friend that I should check this place out after complaining to her constantly at work about a tense neck and sore back due due to poor posture (or so I thought). I work as a waiter and am on my feet all day. I learned from him that maybe some of my workouts need to be adjusted too. Even after the first session I was equipped with some tools to think about at work and exercises I can do at home alone to improve how I carry myself. His ability to see the bigger picture and give practical advice was much appreciated. I'll be back Carlos!

Rob Griffon

I highly recommend Carlos to anyone looking for a dedicated physical therapist, or those that simply want to improve their wellbeing and range of motion. I came to Carlos after an extensive arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder, and he created a plan and goals that were tailored to my situation and was adept at reading my behavior and knowing when to push for faster progress. In many ways, Carlos is a hybrid physical therapist and personal trainer. He has an innate way of knowing how to train the mind and body, and also setting an actionable plan with goals along the way. In addition to the physical aspect of therapy, Carlos also provides a wealth of knowledge surrounding natural supplements and remedies to accelerate the healing process and create a sustainable wellbeing.

alejandra arte

went for acl recovery. he told me to stop doing the excercise i was doing and told me not to ask any doctor or other physical therapists. i went with him for 3 weeks. my knee got weaker and weaker, after that i took a bad step and hurt my knee. right know theres a chance of re rupturing my acl. if i had been stronger i dont think this would have happened. i really trusted him and am know paying the consecuences.

Jan Cieslikiewicz

Carlos is a great therapist and a good caring person. He goes out of his way to help his clients whenever he can. He’s very knowledgeable about the body, and is creative in coming up with new exercises. Working with him is always fun, and I feel a lot healthier since I started working with him. I originally came to him with a shoulder and knee injury, but since then he’s developed for me a very holistic routine, that has helped to fix a lot of imbalances in my body. I am a former college level varsity swimmer, and have worked with a lot of trainers, therapists, etc, and Carlos is definitely one of the best.

Matthew Doers

When I went to Dr. Loyola I had been experiencing constant pain in my shoulder. It had gotten to the point where it was affecting my work and my day to day life. I couldn't even put a shirt on or take it off without the pain of motion. On first consultation, Dr. Loyola began evaluating and honing in on my shoulder pain and surrounding muscle groups...and within three treatments, I could already feel the improvement. He really goes above and beyond, taking the time and care to explain the "why's and how's" about the body and the way it works to compensate for its own strengths and weaknesses, resulting in knots and pain and immobility. His knowledge and understanding really added to my appreciation of his approach and the healing process. I now have my range of motion back and the pain is almost gone, I'm still receiving treatment and feeling better with each session. I highly recommend Dr. Carlos.

Judde Brown

I was looking for a physical therapist for a week and finally I found Carlos. He was so helpful with me, he explained me everything about my pain.I was feel a lot of pain in my neck, arm and hand. He’s so knowledgeable about the body. I was feel so comfortable with him. He’s a good therapist but the most important thing is he’s a good person and he takes care of his costumers. I really recommend Carlos if you have physical problems. He’ll help you. Thank you Carlos for everything!

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