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REVIEWS OF F Squared Physical Therapy IN New York

Garnet Henderson

Paul and his team are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. As a dancer and personal trainer, I need to keep my body healthy because it’s part of my livelihood. F Squared has been there for me through multiple injuries, with high quality care and kind words to ease any anxieties. I rely on them personally and I refer personal training clients to them as well.

Demid Potemkin


I had suffered a relapse of a severe and repetitive back/neck injury with multiple herniated discs. I’d had 3 epidurals, hadn’t been able to walk for about a month, was on a second round of steroids and other pain meds and due to meet with a neurosurgeon to discuss surgery options. I was scared, in constant pain and feeling very overwhelmed...and then I met Monique. From my initial consultation, I knew this would be a very different experience to any physical therapy I’d had before. Monique’s philosophy and approach to PT comes from a true passion for her field and a commitment to her patients which is second to none. I trusted her from the beginning and felt very safe and secure in her care. Her holistic approach meant she was always able to get to the root of my pain and anything that was impeding it. She demonstrated a level of empathy and compassion that helped me navigate through some of my toughest and most challenging moments. She asks questions, listens, remembers and I can honestly say because of her kindness, support, patience, professionalism and most important her skill, Monique is the reason I was able to avoid surgery. She healed me and taught me how to take care of the parts of my body susceptible to injury and to this day continues to work with me in a preventative capacity. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am so grateful to call her my physical therapist.

Mo Khalfan

Excellent facility and team!

Brandon Stansell

I had an ankle surgery that went wrong in 2010 and spent over a year walking around in pain. I has previously seen two other physical therapists in the city who who not help with the pain I was having in my ankle, knee, and hip. I was referred to Paul at F Squared during the Summer of 2012 and worked with him for period of six months. In a relatively short amount of time, Paul enabled me to walk around pain free. Before I had my surgery I was a professional dancer and never thought I would be able to do the things I had done once before. After many early mornings and some hard work, I have been able to start again the thing I love best. Thank you Paul.

Christopher Skurat

F Squared PT has helped me get back on my feet three times for three different injuries. The personal attention and in-depth knowledge — in my case from Paul — can’t be surpassed.

Denise Harris

Judy Cohen

A PT in Paul Ochoa’s office, Monique Dupree, contacted a doctor against my explicit wishes. When I complained to Mr. Ochoa, he defended her actions. I posted a Yelp review describing this and Mr. Ochoa posted a harassing, misleading reply attacking me publicly. I filed a complaint with his professional association, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) because their actions constitute violations of the APTA “Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist.” However, APTA replied that they didn’t have the resources to investigate ethics complaints. Therefore, I am posting this review to warn potential consumers that Mr. Ochoa’s office does not respect client privacy and if you post a negative review, they may malign you in public.

Paige Hansen

I met Paul through my surgeon at Weill Cornell who was treating me for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Paul and I met before my surgery, and he helped me prepare physically and mentally for the rib removal. Once I was cleared to start PT post-op, I saw Paul once a week — he provided the perfect amount of optimism in my recovery but really pushed me to get myself healed and back on track. He’s easy to work with, tailoring every session based on both capability and preference, which I appreciate. Paul truly helped me get back to my routines quickly, rebuilding strength lost from mu surgery. I could not recommend Paul or the team at F Squared more highly. I also love the facility!

Alexandra Phillips

Shelby Terrell

Matt Martin

These are my go-to guys, and they've helped me through many injuries throughout the years (and I get injured a lot). I've been to multiple physical therapists around the city and no one comes close to the knowledge of Chad and the others at F Squared. No matter if it's back, knee, or shoulder pain, Chad is always extremely thorough and sniffs out the source (and 9 times out of 10, it's not at all what I would've expected). He's helped me completely get rid of knee pain weeks before a charity bike ride from Boston to NY that I was convinced I'd have to pull out of. He restored feeling to my arm and hands after a pec injury led to a pinched nerve (I didn't even know anything was wrong with my pec!) He genuinely loves helping people get better and is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. I recommend Chad and the rest of the gang at F Squared any chance I can. I genuinely can't say enough positive things about them.

Emma Kaye

Keeping it in the family, Monique came highly recommended to me by my sister who has long been smitten with her extraordinary services. Monique instantly puts you at ease and takes a wholistic approach in treating not just the physical problem, but also attending to whatever personal and emotional barriers may be standing between you and healing. I couldn't be happier with the progress I'm making and feel confident that I'm on the road to recovery with thanks to Monique's continued support and unparalleled expertise! I can't recommend her highly enough!

Emily Printz

I was referred to Monique by a colleague. I wasn't able to sit for extended periods of time without back pain or run for more than three minutes without pain in my knee. After working with Monique, I'm running 20 mins and counting without pain. Monique took a lot of care in evaluating the mechanics of how I move and explaining her assessment so it was clear to me. I now understand what was causing the pain. What's more, she's given me the tools to adjust my training, recognize good form when it's happening, how to adjust when it's bad and keep progressing at home. She's knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Monique and the F2PT team!

Marco Morabito

Ryan Masiello

I've been to three different PT's and the level of attention and expertise offered by Paul and his team is on a different level. I'm finally rounding the corner on injuries I've been dealing with for years. Thank you!

Kim Shipley

Ryan Connell

If you're looking to recover from an injury and get back to 100%, then Monique at F squared is the right choice. She provides excellent 1v1 care, no PT aides, no multiple clients at once. It's you and her working together to get you back to normal and in many ways even better than you were before the injury/mishap. She somehow makes what otherwise would be boring exercises very fun, and her playlists during your session are badass. Be prepared to do your homework, because she'll know when you've been skipping out! 100% would recommend her to anyone who asks me where they should get PT. Keep up the good work Monique!

Michael Suchman

Paul is fantastic. I might curse him during a session, but it’s only because he’s doing his job and working me. He is an incredible physical therapist who gets to know his patients and understand their daily lives. The end result is he treats more than your specific issue, but rather treats you as a whole person.

Jill Kaplan

Miri Choe

Anthony M

Very attentive and professional staff. Andrew is the man, helping me recover from complete tears to my mcl and pcl. Highly recommend.

Maya Geyer

I loved working with Monique. She is obviously highly trained and knowledgeable, and she uses this in a very attuned way: adjusting and tweaking the work as she learned more about how my system responded, really understanding and meeting my needs for a slow, digestible pace. I experienced her as steady, warm, very responsive, and with a good sense of humor . The work has really made a difference in an increase of strength, a reduction of pain, and a sense of empowerment in my body. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take advantage of her wisdom and experience.

Chandler Clarke

Monique is an excellent PT. She's attentive, caring, knowledgable and to the point. She takes her time and communicates at all times to ensure you're on the same page.

Greg Funk

F2PT is amazing. I have been going here for a very nasty shoulder injury (bike accident with multiple clavicle breaks, scar tissue, nerve damage, rotator cuff damage) and they've worked wonders. With their help I did a marathon 6 months after the accident and am on target to do a half Ironman 9 moths after and an Ironman again 1 year later. Given how bad an injury I had this is amazing work! You couldn't find nicer and more thoroughly effective/knowledge people as Chad, Paul, and Gurbans. They're great! Very trustworthy. I can't recommend them more highly. You should go see them.

Lauren Becker

Elizabeth Fine

I first saw Monique in December 2016, when I could barely walk due an overuse injury to mg hamstring. Through a variety of modalities (tissue work, strengthing exercises, cupping and KT taping), I was back running stronger than ever by March. I ran the NYC marathon in November 2017 pain free and with a 45 minute PR. This season, when I started to feel my hamstring acting up again, I got in early and within a few sessions was running pain free. The result - another 9+ min PR and a pain free hamstring post race. Monique is terrific with athletes and the one patient one PT functional PT philosophy of F2 is so great that I’ve sent a friend who’s had an equally positive experience!

Madeleine Williams

I was referred to F Squared through a friend and had Monique during my time there. I injured my ankle in rehearsal for a dance show and we had a very tight timeline to get me back onstage. I was able to get in to see Monique quickly and she was amazing! I worked with her twice a week and was ready to rehearse and be on stage well within our timeline. She was always ready with a plan when I came in, so there was no time wasted. She was extremely knowledgable about the movements that would be required for my show and knew how to prioritise which functions I would need most. The practice is well organised and the space is beautiful. If ever I had a question, Monique and the administrative staff were quick to respond. I would recommend F Squared to anyone!

Rena Eleázar

My time with F2PT was just about a year ago, and I'm sorry I didn't write this sooner, but I absolutely want to shed light on how wonderful these people are. I am a physical therapist myself, and a weightlifter/CrossFitter. I completely overdid it during one of the CF Open workouts, and after the soreness wore off, I had some residual back pain that wasn't all too concerning until it was a week later and I still couldn't bend to touch my toes or sit on the toilet without using my hands for support. I tried the self-treatment route and could get myself to a point where I could walk around, but anytime I would sneeze my back would go into a spasm to the point where it was impossible to stand without support. I knew the staff at F2PT because I train and treat people at Studio 26. During my first session with Paul, he was able to point out the most seemingly minuscule things about the way I moved, and was able to modify certain movements that I was having difficulty performing in such ways that I could do them without pain (such as squatting and performing hinging motions). This gave me incredible hope that my injury was not as serious as it felt. After 3 or 4 sessions I was pain-free and began gradually adding weightlifting back into my life. The first comment my coach made was that my squat looked way better than before I was injured. I definitely have Paul to thank for that! Since then, I was very hesitant to deadlift and go back to Olympic weightlifting, but with the improved awareness I had after seeing Paul, I've been able to gradually build back to where I was almost 4 years ago when I was training to compete (AND without any aids like a weightlifting belt). I thought that dream was way behind me, but now it is something I am working towards again! Thanks for everything!

David Kronig

I whole-heartedly recommend Monique. I worked with her to get over a hamstring problem that nagged at me for ages, failed to improve under the care of a different physical therapist, and kept me from doing things I love like running. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, patient, and encouraging. She cares deeply about getting you healthy, and skillful enough to do so. I had despaired of ever getting back to running, but Monique got me there. Today, even though Monique graduated me from needing to see her regularly, she introduced me to a terrific trainer to keep me on a path of healing and strengthening, and I still check in with Monique regularly for advice and updates.

David L. Smith

Monique is amazing. Through her hard work, amazing energy, upbeat approach and constant support, I was able to work my way back from knee replacement surgery to reach my goal of playing softball the next season. Then, after the season was over, I tore my calf muscle and, through Monique's patient guidance, I am back at full strength and ready for a new season! I just cannot say enough good things about Monique, Paul and F Squared. The facility is great and the therapists are even better!!

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