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REVIEWS OF Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation IN New York

EJ Camp

Wendy Glavin

I’ve lived in NYC for 20+ years and have been to many PT practices. Evolve on east 74th is by far the best. From the second you walk in the door, the front desk staff, like Roxanne and Brianna, are patient, friendly, engaging, and respond to all phone, email and text requests immediately. The owners, like Greg, the physical therapists, like Dave, the aides, Frank, Tommy and Danny adjust their care based on your daily needs. At times, my lower back and both knees (after two replacements) hurt. Rather than treating one body part they work on the whole person. Most of us hate going to doctors and doing physical therapy. The energy at Evolve is so uplifting, I actually enjoy going. Typically, I don’t write reviews because I’m running my agency and don’t have the time. I always thank and appreciate the work people do. Evolve is always worth the time! Wendy Glavin

jan873 .

Five stars for patient care – Absolutely the Best PT in my extensive experience with other facilities. I suffered a re-injury of a glute muscle from golf after having PT from another facility. Jason Roth and his team were spectacular in their skill and care for my injury. They worked with me, one on one and designed a strong exercise program that was smartly adapted as I improved. Now my glute muscle is really healed. Thanks to Jason’s extensive knowledge, care and follow up, I no longer have pain. Additionally, I have returned to Evolve for help with other chronic problems, e.g., neck and foot. Again, I had the same outstanding Pt experience.The courteous front desk is excellent as they keep track of your appointments and deals with your insurance company. If you need PT, do yourself a favor and go to Evolve! They are the Best! Jan M July 1, 2017

Debra Lynn

Its ALL about Katie!!! She is AMAZING

Barbara Campbell

The team at EVOLVE is simply the best. Jason & Jillian, and the entire staff literally got me back on my feet following 2 fusion surgeries a few years ago. They know what they’re doing and they help you every way they possibly can. If you are looking for help with Physical Therapy, look no further. And now, they offer MASSAGE — either at their space or yours. Lynnette Garcia is the incredibly talented and capable person who will give you a targeted and customized massage. Like the rest of the people at EVOLVE she knows what she’s doing and she does whatever she can to help you feel better. Do yourself a favor and give her a call.

Tess Blythe

Friendly environment with highly knowledgeable staff! Thank you, Evolve.

Heather Tyler

I have been going to Evolve to rehab an ACL and meniscus repair and I could not have asked for a better team to help me! These guys are top notch and care about their patients. From initial evaluation through the entire appointment, the PT’s here are always thorough and all of my questions are always answered. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy in the city. I couldn’t recommend these guys more.

Bob Bellhouse

C______ G_________

My daughter went to Evolve around six months ago for PT for a complex series of ailments after getting no benefit from the PT service at Hospital for Special Surgery. Evolve researched her issues, prepared a program for her and helped her dramatically. Recently, I hurt my back and needed PT so I also tried Evolve and they have been GREAT. They have taken the time to teach me what I need to do at home and the entire staff could not be nicer. My back is much better now and continues to strengthen. I highly, HIGHLY recommend them!

Justin Meyers

All I can say is WOW! These guys do it right. The professionalism in this office is only overshadowed by their extreme talent. I was not a believer in physical therapy before I came to Evolve but when doctors told me I would be off my feet for 6-8 weeks with a severe ankle sprain Jason worked with me and provided me with the treatment to be walking within 25 days (saving me the additional pain of canceling my trip to europe) I was SOLD! These guys are incredible I can not recommend them enough. If you have pain THEY WILL FIX YOU! THANKS JASON, GREG AND THE ENTIRE EVOLVE STAFF YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!

Sara Williams

I've been seeing Greg Babiec at Evolve Physical Therapy for years. He's helped me through countless ITB issues and also helped me recover from ACL surgery (enough to run three marathons and countless other races). Whether it's him or anyone on his staff, I've also felt well taken care of and in great hands. I will never go to anyone else....EVER.

Lois Rieser

5 Star Patient care- outstanding! I have several issues and Jason Roth and his wonderful team go to great steps in taking care of you one on one, and helping you get back to normal. Jason is super knowledgeable, friendly and takes a vested interest in your recovery. He is very accessible and a caring professional . I felt very comfortable immediately, since I knew I was in good hands. Besides Jason and his wonderful ability to work through muscle issues, the staff who help with exercises, are also excellent. The front desk is always smiling and helpful and deals with insurance, so I don’t have to, which is very convenient. I cannot say enough good things about Evolve Physical Therapy . Thank you for all you’ve done to help me! If you need PT, I would highly recommend you going here!

Jennifer Myers

Evolve Physical Therapy is a fantastic place, I worked with Greg Balbiec to recover from a fractured pelvis, I could not recommend him more highly- exceptionally-knowledgeable, great to work with, and really thinks about the best path for each individual and injury. My recovery has been weeks ahead of schedule thanks to Greg's work. Everyone on staff and the facility itself is first rate, a pleasure to spend time with. This was an out-of-network provider for me and I am 100 per cent thrilled with the experience and the results. Should be anyone's top choice for PT in NYC!

Ariel Katz

My experience with Greg has been great since day one. I am recovery from a major orthopedic surgery and Greg has made this recovery as easy as possible. I'm very happy with the care at Evolve!

Chris Allen

I highly recommend the professional and caring therapists at Evolve. Their expertise and dedication, as well as their personalized approach to patient care, sets them apart. I’ve been a patient at Evolve due to multiple issues, and the therapists and staff have supported me through every step (literally). I had become accustomed to living with pain until they showed me not only how to heal after being injured but also how to live a pain-free lifestyle. Evolve goes above and beyond. I am forever grateful to Jason and his team.


Lynette Garcia's sessions were exceptional. I am a well experienced bodyworker and movement educator of many years, and what I experienced during my Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Foot Massage was definitely a 5-star level. I felt secure and respected in Lynette's capable hands. I was able to relax, trusting the steady and graceful flow of her movements. I appreciated the restorative and invigorating sessions and I'll be back!

Edward Dramel

Had a session with Lynette - normally I don’t enjoy the stretching but this is exactly what every NYer needs. Felt safe in her hands and going back soon. Take her Thai stretch and reflexology for 90minutes. Trust me on the 90 minutes.


This week I went in for a Thai Massage with Lynn. As a fitness coach and CrossFit athlete I know the importance of recovery. Lynn was great and targeted all those tight corners and throughout our session I could feel my muscles loosen and relax. It was a phenomenal experience and would recommend any athletes who are dealing with nagging pains to see Lynn and get some relief. Three days after and I'm still feeling the positive effects, will be back soon!

Biff Landis

Everyone is friendly and caring. A welcoming, supportive atmosphere. Highly recommended!

John White

Everyone at Evolve is outstanding. I've been working primarily with Jason, who I couldn't recommend more! His passion for physical therapy shows at every appointment. At the beginning of each session, he describes a new method he read about or learned about at a leading PT conference to help with the recovery. Jason passes along this knowledge to his patients- he takes patient education seriously by recommending books and talking with his patients about their daily routines and behaviors, in addition to the exercises and hands-on work. I also worked with Joe, a personal trainer at Evolve. He also helped me through all of the exercises, and was a stickler for details- ensuring I wouldn’t hurt myself on the road to recovery. Plain and simple- Evolve is the best. I tried a bunch of PTs before finding Evolve, and no one came close! If it weren’t for Jason and Joe, I doubt I would have fully recovered.

Brittany Bolella

I just experienced my first ever Thai massage from Lynn. Lynn was incredible. Lynn is professional and even more so, she is a master at her craft. The way she carries herself and her energy makes for an incredibly relaxing experience unlike any I've had in a prior massage. As a CrossFit athlete, it's important for me to have a sound body but also, sound mind; this massage exceeded my expectations for both mind and body recovery.

Charles Hairston

My initial visits to Evolve, for wrists and later foot conditions, introduced me to savvy therapist Jillian C. (a former gymnasts). Sessions were informative, productive and homework was constructive. An excellent experience. Currently, I am learning and benefiting from the healing hands of Thai Yoga Massage specialist, Lynnette G. Trained as a dancer, as well as in Thai Yoga, she possesses an invaluable source of knowledge. At first soothing then, later, the surprising feel of post-workout. Sensitivity and competency are also what one experiences. As a former athlete, it provides me with a sense of trust, knowing I'm in the caring, good hands of such professionals.

Amit Peled

Outstanding treatment from Jason and the rest of the wonderful team. I needed someone who could help my posture and playing habits as a musician. They did just that as they we're nice, attentive, helpful, and willing to go into detail with questions, advices, and as well as pointers to apply in my daily routine. The treatment and diagnosis was thorough and thoughtful with focus on the daily movements I deal with as a musician. Highly recommended for everyone in general, and especially for musicians who want improve their posture and movement range!

Micki Friedman

Ana Roman

I've been using Greg as my PT for nearly 8 years. I've seen a bunch of different PT's and none can compare to the level of service Greg and the other staff members at Evolve provide: kind, compassionate, patient, gentle, accommodating, full of knowledge and so much fun. We're practically family now! I wouldn't entrust any of my multiple ailments (hip dysplasia/resurfaced x 2, both knees, lower back and neck) to anyone else. Highly recommend!

Rosalind Reed

Excellent staff. All therapists are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Sofia Shur

Greg and Jason – the owners of the Evolve office on E74 are well experienced PTs. They are attentive and cater to my needs and requests. For example, they work with me in scheduling routine appointments around my work and school schedule. When my schedule changed and needed to reschedule, the team worked with me to reschedule. Additionally, the physical plan was revised according to my condition at the time. Katie (DPT)– she is the best! Positive, motivating, and knowledgeable. She took care of me during my 8-month recovery. Jillian (DPT) - she is knowledgeable and gifted. It was a pleasure working with her. David – he provided practical tips to help with balance my daily routine and work. Lynn, Brianna and others– they are wonderful and bring peace and harmony to the practice. Overall, I had many obstacles after the surgery; however, thanks to the team, they made me feel stronger after each session and I want to thank them for their hard work. Disclosure: This review has been posted one year after my surgery. It based on my personal experience and It's not a paid review. I posted it on google and yelp.

Stephen Klein

I hadn't been to a physical therapist in quite a while and I was fortunate to have found Evolve. From the moment I walked in the door the first day, I knew I had found the right place. The staff was friendly, courteous and professional. I worked with Lindsay for the better part of 4 months- Not only was she was knowledgeable, warm and caring, but she was also so passionate about her work. She brought me (and my shoulder) along slowly and now I'm back to playing golf after barely being able to lift a club the day I first met her. The highest of recommendations !!

David Sloane

I was asked and kindly consented to review Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation located at 159 East 74th St. in Manhattan. I've had lower back pain on and off for many many years primarily due to swinging a golf club for decades. I've been helped over these years by two chiropractors. I was recommended by my physician to try Evolve. I was in a word highly skeptical. Jason Roth mentioned to me that he was given exercises by a Titleist golf pro at the headquarters of Titleist golf in I believe North Carolina. Jason assigned Lindsay a therapist he trained to work with me. Jason also spent a great deal of time with Lindsay working on me for about 1 1/2 hours. None of the exercises in of themselves seemed to make a difference. We finished and said our goodbyes When I walked out of their office and hit the street I walked about 10 steps and suddenly I was walking totally erect, totally straight, no pain in the hips or lower back and my walking felt light and I actually felt euphoric. I was about to turn around and go back into the office to tell them but I had a LIRR train I was going to try to catch. The results from the light stretching and strange movements were really spectacular. I was extremely pleased. Needless to say, I highly recommend them. I give them 5 stars on this review. If there was a place for 10 stars that's what I would give them. This is only the 3rd review I've ever given online. Sincerely, David Sloane

Samuel Anderson

Several years ago I had a series of terrible shoulder dislocations and thought my shoulder would never heal. I did PT at two other places previously and neither helped me, but Jillian at Evolve PT fixed my shoulder instability and taught me exercises to improve my neurological control over the joint and improve my mobility from where it was pre injury. I am now healed enough to do pretty much anything, including hanging and cartwheels! I couldn't be happier with Evolve PT.

Erinn Kary

Barbara Brookes

Expertise and hands-on therapy are outstanding here. The staff is friendly and extremely competent. I just finished a course of therapy for my weak knees which now have a good range of motion. They still need strengthening, and Jason, my chief therapist, designed a program of exercises for me to do at home. I am very grateful for Jason's thorough and expert care

Maddie Pasquariello

This team is the best! I've had such great results working with them and they are all incredibly attentive. I look forward to going in each week and the pacing has been ideal for what I was looking for in a PT.

Lynea Jay

After receiving news that I was suffering from Patella Femoral Osteoarthritis my Orthopedist, Dr. Stephen Nicholas, recommended Physical Therapy. Conveniently located in the same building as Dr. Nicholas' office, and within close proximity to the 77th and Lexington subway, Evolve PT was my go-to. After several weeks at Evolve I started to see a real change and now my knees are feeling awesome! Evolve's friendly staff have encouraged me to push hard to strive for results. I can honestly say I've recommended Evolve to several people in the NYC area and will continue to do so in the future !!

Emma Holt

My first visit I worked with John who was incredibly helpful. He helped me understand the pain I’m dealing and the steps I need to move forward that had never fully been explain to me after trips to numerous doctors over the past couple of months. Things many associate as positive such as workouts and stretching are not as simple in my case, and there were several things I was doing that were actually making the pain worse. I really look forward to continuing and learning more.


Penelope Heller

After major surgery, I came to evolve for rehab. Evolve has worked closely with my surgical team and has given me excellent care and therapy. I've noticed that I am regaining my pre-surgical strength as well as getting stronger in areas in which I have always had deficiencies. The staff at Evolve PT are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with!!

Ricard Cortes

I highly recommend Evolve. I walked into Evolve with what I thought was hip pain until Jason & Greg evaluated me. They figured out that my pain was actually coming from my back. When I started at Evolve I was having a hard time walking one block, by the time I finished with PT I was pain free. Not only are the therapists extremely qualified but the overall staff is amazing. Great job guys!

Hemanshu Dixit

Outstanding service. I had dislocated my elbow and couldn't even move my fingers, i mainly worked with Olayi who was exceptional. Just within 6 weeks i had 90% of extension, i was told by the doctor it will take 6 months to get 100% extension but Olayi helped me set higher standard and got the complete strength and extension within 3 months. I would highly recommend him.

Peter Lomtevas

Superb body repair facility: the human body that is. I came in with a severely damaged right shoulder (rotator cuff damage) and they fixed it. Their method was to loosen the arm, prescribe a series of exercises and then pull and tug until the arm and shoulder were normal. I am very grateful to the physical therapists at Evolve. Thank you!


Great staff from the always pleasant front desk to the PTs & aids in the back. Greg and Jason ask questions & explain treatment/ exercises. They are extremely knowledgeable, and super nice to boot!! I have had 4 surgeries in the last 4 years and been treated at various PT clinics during my many recovery periods. This one is my favorite. They are that rare combination of professional and kind - and often funny as well :) Thank you Evolve

Nicolas Kaiser

Evolve is AWESOME and the only place you should go for Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. I went to Greg after I had been suffering from lower back pains and he did an amazing job at 1) Identitfying the physical cause of the pains and 2) what I had done that may have caused it. Greg really worked with me to incorporate the rehabilitation excerices into my daily routine and after each session I saw considerable improvements. He adapted my rehabilitation to my body type and all throughout the sessions explained the reasons why we were doing a certain excerice over the other and the benefits of each. Greg and his staff's knowledge is very impressive! On top of that, the whole team at Evolve makes you feel really comfortable, they're always smiling and genuinely there to help you. It's clear that they have a passion for their job! I leave Evolve feeling even better than I did before I had my pains and with a much better understanding of my body. I would HIGHLY recommend Evovle to anyone looking for physical therapy or sports rehabilitation!!

Marie ange Guillot

My name is Marie Ange Guillot. I am a patient at Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. The staff is very professional. My main therapist is Greg Babiec and Michelle London is the assistant therapist. The staff made me feel welcomed and comfortable. My care has been exceptional. Each time I go to therapy, I feel better and better. They are a wonderful staff and I highly recommend them.

David Kann

Evolve fit me in on short notice as I had arrived from California with back problems. I saw Lindsay, who is an absolute treasure. She evaluated me, led me through some exercises and explained everything with absolute clarity. It's going to be a bit of work to fix my back, but the improvement has already begun. I also want to mention that everyone on the staff whom I met there was equally considerate.

MaryEllen Storniola

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Evolve. The staff is extremely courteous and will always accommodating. My first encounter was therapy for my hand and hip from injuries from an accident. The care was excellent and included a detailed list of exercises to ensure continued healing. However, what I am most grateful for is the therapy provided by Greg for the ongoing debilitating headaches that I have suffered with. Neither prescription medications nor massages provided any relief and doctors then recommended therapy. This was a life saver. Therapy at Evolve not only relieves the pain, but the exercises and instructions they have given me, have almost eliminated the headaches. I will always be grateful for their knowledge and care for they have accomplished what doctors could not.

Sarah Klein

Ant Fit

I went to Lynn for my first Thai massage experience. She was very informative about what to expect, walked me through everything, and had incredible bed side manner. I felt great and very relaxed after the session. I highly recommend for any person who is physically active. I’ll be going back again soon!

Bonni Braverman

i have returned to Evolve for therapy on SI Joint issues. John Wilbert is the therapist i was assigned to and he has been amazing! Totally understands what is going on and has helped me strengthen supporting muscles to keep my pelvis area stable. He is able to motivate me to do my homework and the results are significant. Bb

S. Sofia

I worked with Olayi at Evolve and he did an excellent job of pinpointing the problem with my leg and treating it. He was immensely helpful, answered all my questions, and made sure to re-examine my leg every time I came in to make sure the treatment was effective. He created an excellent program for me to follow at home and when I went abroad continued to communicate with me and check in to make sure I was on track. I would highly recommend Evolve.

Deborah Kugler

I owe my ability to walk, and walk with my head held high, to Evolve PT. Under their care, led by Greg and Jason, welcomed by Briana, supported by Olayi - I have gone from being a patient with less than 90-degree range of motion on her 3rd month post-op for total knee replacement, to an average of 125-degrees (and a high of 130!), 4 months they have seen me. From the first contact, Briana was the ideal representative of the office, accommodating my request to be assessed pre-surgery. Then, Greg, one of the owners, was kind, generous and informative. While listening to my medical history, he included a lot of compliments to describe the strength (very little) that I came in with. Post-surgery, I was assigned to Olayi, whose insight made me feel that I have come to the right place. He said, in Evolve PT, we find a way to do the rehab on the injured part without adding any more pain. What a stark contrast to the "no pain, no gain" mantra that most PT places I have been to, promote. In Evolve PT, you will regain your strength without having to combat pain, or the fear of the onset of pain. Lastly, I want to do a shoutout to Jason - Greg's business partner, who has overseen my care for 4 months now. He has taken up the challenge of caring for me when my past PT places have either made me feel like cattle in a crowded ranch, or have quit on me mid-treatment for admission of lack of knowledge how to treat a patient with my particular condition. Jason has armed me with valuable tools - tips, books, bands, loops, devices, even a new workstation, and more importantly a new consciousness about my body - that I will carry with me through life. Evolve PT, I believe is largely responsible for making my TKR successful, and for helping to give me back the spring in my step.

Lisha Papert Lercari

Christine Jones

Clear instructions Knowledgable therapists who did not waste my time and got results. Have seen for recovery of broken ribs, broken knee and back pain from yoga injury at different times. Olayi was my main therapist and i have confidently recommended him to a number of friends.

Meggie Jansen

I went to Evolve PT for chronic upper back/neck pain and got super treatment, my symptoms are well controlled again in just a few weeks. Great experience with the whole staff, they are always friendly and make you feel welcome. For good treatment you need to go to Evolve PT!

Rona Kaye

The Staff at Evolve is very caring, bright, intelliegent, personable, professional and talented. I am very happy with my physical therapist, Katie.

Morgan Ross

I came into Evolve after surgery on a broken ankle, I couldn't walk, and could barely even move my foot. Over the last eight months, Katie has helped me get back to normal. She has been incredible throughout the entire process, from making sure my exercises are effective, to helping to push me on my bad days, to talking me down when I start to freak out about the speed of my recovery. The entire staff at Evolve has made me feel comfortable, safe, and optimistic throughout my entire experience. I could not recommend them any higher.

Michael S

I could tell from my very first appointment with Evolve PT that the therapists genuinely cared about their patients, both in and out of the office. I went to Evolve because I had bursitis in my right hip as a result of flat feet and I needed to strengthen the areas around my hip and knees. I received a recommendation to go to this clinic from a friend of mine who was satisfied with their care and professionalism. Not only did Dr. Ezrick's team massage my hip area and treat me beyond personal expectations, I was given a customized exercise and treatment program and I could tell that my…Read more I could tell from my very first appointment with Evolve PT that the therapists genuinely cared about their patients, both in and out of the office. I went to Evolve because I had bursitis in my right hip as a result of flat feet and I needed to strengthen the areas around my hip and knees. I received a recommendation to go to this clinic from a friend of mine who was satisfied with their care and professionalism. Not only did Dr. Ezrick's team massage my hip area and treat me beyond personal expectations, I was given a customized exercise and treatment program and I could tell that my therapist was not satisfied until he delivered A+ medical care. This clinic has very patient and attentive therapists that helped me achieve my goals, and as a result can walk/exercise with greater ease. I had no second doubts whatsoever choosing Evolve PT as my physical therapy clinic and I am most thankful for the significant improvement in the quality of my life since working with them - the front desk staff is always incredibly welcoming and very flexible in scheduling/changing appointments too! My highest recommendation to this facility and I will definitely tell my friends about it. Keep up the great work :)

Gabrielle Aboodi

Best physical therapist that I've been to! I saw Jillian who spent a lot of time with me explaining exactly what was going on with my foot. At Evolve, they not only treat the pain, but make sure your educated on everything they do and what you can continue to do once your PT is complete. I've had foot issues for years and I finally understand what I need to do in order to ensure that I don't end up back in PT thanks to Jillian! I highly recommend going to Evolve.

David Lewis

Jason and his staff do an amazing job. I mean, who wants to go to PT and do a bunch of exercises...but they make it simple, easy and doable. Plus - results! It kept me away from having surgery.

Erin A Cantor

Harriet Norris

I worked with Jason over a period of several months. I wasn’t the best patient, but Jason persisted in his efforts to improve my strength and foster better ways of sitting and moving that kept my spine in neutral. I went from constant pain to pain free. I think he’s a very talented therapist!

Margot Green

In my lifetime I have been to a number of physical therapy places. I would rank Evolve at the very top. Jillian, my PT, got me in tip top shape very quickly after a full hip replacement. I went on a trip to Cuba 3 months after the replacement and was able to climb many flights if stairs each day with no problems. "The best of the best."

Ilene Tepper

Very professional, friendly, and caring. Five stars in every way.

Jon Salony

Sheri Katz

A. S. Tsai

As an athlete (weightlifting), I find it daunting to embark on a search for a physical therapist who understands the body's physiology when subject to seemingly unnatural movements. I have experienced various injuries the past 2 years, but I always go back to Evolve to see Jillian. She goes beyond assigning a handful of exercises for rehab and delves into the causes of the pain. It's eye-opening and refreshing to understand that much more about your own body after a visit with Jillian. I am very lucky to have her and Evolve in my arsenal of training.

margaret Sheehan

Pia Silva

Jason and the Evolve team are so knowledgeable and no BS. I have gone to a few of PTs over the last 15 years because of various back issues related to dance and this is the FIRST time I saw real results and can say I am pain free because of the work I did with them. Not all PTs are the same at all, and I didn't know that until I found Evolve. Don't waste your time somewhere else, seriously.

Tim Pasik

Jules Silbert

Most important, The Therapists are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. And the scheduling is reliable and efficient and receptive to individual needs.

Tzipporah Weinberg

After many visits to other PT's to evaluate and treat my pain, I finally found the place. Jason Roth is professional, thorough, and very knowledgable!

Ali Axelrod

I worked with Olayi at Evolve to get me back on my skateboard after breaking my ankle. Not only did he get me back to doing all my tricks, but he also created an excellent program for me to follow when I returned to school out of state. Olayi also advocated for me when my insurance insisted I did not need to continue physical therapy and was able to get my additional appointments covered so I was able to return to skateboarding in proper form!

Eddie Vernovsky

There's often a vast disconnect between solid suggestions, and actual intuitive and scientifically founded principles for marked improvement. These folks operate completely on the latter side. I had an awesome experience working with them to correct my imbalances and not only restore functionality in muscles and joints that were tweaked during workouts but improve on the foundation that I already had. It was a pleasure being in the company of people with such knowledge and insight. Thank you guys! Highly recommended.


Best physical therapists in NYC! I've been to other places and nothing compares to their level of service and expertise. Jay and Olayi are awesome!! I mostly work with Olayi, who has been nothing but patient and supportive during my road to recovery. I broke my tibia and fibula last year. Never thought I'd walk the same again. With Olayi's outstanding level of care and attention, I was able to regain the strength I lost in my ankle. He created tailored exercise plans for me and was attentive to my needs. He walked me through the exercises and explained everything we did in great detail. Now, I feel like myself again and I am forever grateful for his services. I currently see him for a separate hip injury, which has greatly improved since my return to Evolve. He is truly a stellar therapist. I trust him with any injury I have. For those looking for a therapist, I highly recommend him!

Marilyn Cooper

A first-class experience in all respects. Professional, dedicated and artistic in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Jason and the entire staff deserve great praise.

Stephen Kelly

The Best for Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Dave Garaffa!

Anne Habecker

Evolve Physical Therapy helped me run my first half and full marathon this past year! After not training properly for a half marathon I was barely able to walk, and Katie Cyrana got me through the race feeling better than ever! This past fall I ran NY Marathon and would never have been able to do it without Evolve Physical Therapy, I used to struggle with IT Band problems, and through the exercises I learned at Evolve I haven't had issues with my IT band in months. A Year ago I could barely finish a 10K but now thanks to Evolve I am a marathon runner! HIGHLY recommend them!

Jill Grover

I have been to Evolve Physical Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain and currently a Hamstring Strain and SI joint pain. I have worked with Michelle, Jason and Katie who are all extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient as well as personable. The office is efficient and clean with a reception staff who is courteous and accommodating. I highly recommend Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.

Ariel Blanchard

I had a great experience at evolve after straining my hip flexor this past summer. Jillian Chiappisi was able to help relieve my pain and get me back to the gym. Additionally she provided me with a comprehensive at home strengthening program that has allowed me to maintain my strength and help me avoid re-injuring my hip.

Elizabeth Mary Lomtevas

WOW! That's the only word to describe my experience at Evolve Physical Therapy on the Upper East Side. Greg and Michelle took great care of me when I had a herniated and bulging disk in my lumbar spine. They designed a program to address my specific needs unlike my previous physical therapy office that gave me a generic treatment that didn't really help. The facilities are beautiful and they provide you with clean pillow cases as well as exercise clothing and blankets if necessary. I only back to Evolve if I have any future injuries because they are the only way I healed so quickly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

mariah davenport

I am a skateboarder who has been looking for rehabilitation and strengthening for my various untreated injuries. Greg was super knowledgeable and willing to work with me. He seemed to care deeply about everything I mentioned regarding my concerns and tailored the experience to fit my needs perfectly. My appointment did not feel like a general instructional video, but a conversational lesson. He even sent me home with some resources and an instructional sheet to remind me of everything we practiced. Everyone I spoke to when I arrived at Evolve was professional, friendly and knew exactly what was going on and where to direct me. The place was clean and easy to navigate. I am really looking forward to my next visit to Evolve!

Michael Kirshenbaum

Evolve Physical Therapy is a professional , high quality office. I came in with serious back pain from a fall and Jay knew exactly what to do for my treatment. He identified problems with my posture and movements . He then suggested corrective measures to prevent re-occurrence. I am now fully recovered thanks to Jay. If you need physical therapy I highly recommend Evolve.


Evolve Physical Therapy really does it right! Jason was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He pushed me just enough to get better without making me too uncomfortable. He explained his every move and with his exercises, I am getting stronger every day. If I ever need PT again, I will only come back to Jason and his staff!

Natanel Schlossderg

Thai yoga massage with Lynn, I finally met a true Thai yoga massage therapist, that knows what she's doing, The Positive Flow of energy was at its highest level ! ! I left feeling reborn and rejuvenated! ! ! And totally Absorbed all the wellness That Lynn nourishes you with! I Highly recommend A session with Lynn! I will Definitely be going back to her Practice! Nathaniel

Chris Cappas

During my freshman year of playing baseball at the University of Pittsburgh, I developed a stress fracture in my lower back. I tried many ways to get rid of the pain such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, cupping, and massage therapy and noticed that I was not making progress. I worked with Jason from Evolve for about 4 weeks this summer before returning back to college. Being a college athlete, I had access to some of the best therapists in the area. Jason was more patient, helpful, and knowledgeable then anyone else that I met with in Pittsburgh or at home in New York. It is incredible that after just 4 weeks with Jason, I was able to enjoy my summer playing volleyball and waterskiing with NO PAIN. He constantly sent me emails and text messages to help me out with any concerns that I had. Jason also has connections with professional sports coaches and therapist all over the country. Whether you just want to be pain free or you are an athlete and want to stay healthy to keep succeeding at the next level, Evolve Physical Therapy in NYC is the best. -Chris Cappas University of Pittsburgh Pitcher and Outfielder

Jessica Tang

Had a great experience with the team. I had back pain and was seeing Olayi. He was very knowledgable and dedicated throughout the whole treatment. Most importantly, the treatment worked! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants great PT experience.

John Gray

I came in to the Park Slope location for a consultation about some ear discomfort and a diagnosis on whether physical therapy with Epley Maneuver therapy could be helpful. The staff was excellent, gave me an honest diagnosis, and were extremely friendly and helpful.

Matt C

I was training for the Brooklyn Marathon when I started getting pain in my Achille's tendon, so I went to Evolve. I worked with Dave and Greg, and could not be happier with the treatment I received. The team was very friendly and took a genuine interest in my healing process. Dave was very knowledgable, providing me with a solid explanation of what was causing the issue and a rundown of how we were going to treat it. I'm glad I went to Evolve when I did, because I was able to complete the marathon with no trouble from my Achilles at all. In addition to the excellent team, the facilities are great too. The space is brightly lit, and all of the equipment is clean and new. I highly recommend Evolve.

Meg S

I had a total hip replacement last summer. I had plateaued after months of traditional PT and was still in chronic pain, so last month a pain management specialist referred me to Evolve. The attention I got from the moment I walked into Evolve felt radical to me. My evaluation with Jillian and Jason was beyond thorough: the questions they asked were specific and probing; the dialogue was not simply between me and them but amongst all of the practitioners present; they took their time to put together a conservative but challenging first session; and they did all of this while putting me totally at ease. I left that first session feeling a way I had not felt in months—hopeful. Jason, one of the owners and the therapist I’ve been working with for the last month, is easy going and gregarious, but he is also intensely focused and professional. His aim is not merely to “heal” you: Jay seeks to educate you about your body’s specific dysfunction and makes sure you understand the reasoning behind the therapeutic techniques he’s employing —whether it’s massage, stretching, strengthening, or gait training. And he’s always thinking—modifying and adapting the session to your specific needs on a given day. Michelle, another warm, down-to-earth therapist I work with often, has also been taking a very hands-on and tenacious approach with me. Though I know my recovery is slow because of my specific history, I feel stronger--in body, mind, and spirit--each day since I've been going to Evolve. Everyone at Evolve is quality—both as people and practitioners. Their humor, support, and unrelenting resolve to help me get better and stronger confirm that I’m exactly where I need to be. I can’t recommend Evolve highly enough.

Andy Linari

I had a reoccurring tennis injury that was a combination of bicep tendinitis & weak rotator-cuff muscles. PT Jay Roth was extremely patient & knowledgeable and offered me a series of unique strengthening excersizes. A couple months later, I am playing pain free and with more power and consistency than before my injury. High recommend!!!!!

Robin Shanzer

If I could give Evolve Physical Therapy ten stars, I would!! The individualized care each patient receives is extraordinary. Over the years I've had issues with my back, neck, and knee - including recovering from surgery- and each time, they have helped me make a full recovery. I've been to a number of physical therapy places and have had bad experiences. At best they spend the minimal amount of time with you and it's like being on an assembly line. In some instances, they actually made my issues worse. Greg Babiec and his team at Evolve Physical Therapy have the perfect mix of technical excellence and professionalism alongside genuine caring and a physical therapy regimen tailored for each individual. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Candice Ellison

I have had issues with my knees all my life. After joining CrossFit, my knees went from bad to worse. Greg was amazing. Never did anyone tell me I had to quit CrossFit. I was assured we could work through and find scaling options if necessary but I wouldn't have to quit. I went for about a month and immediately began to notice the difference. Not only did my appointments help a great deal but I also have stretches and mobility exercises specific to assist with keeping my knees pain free in the long run. Greg and the team are amazing! Can't thank them enough.

Jess Zimny

Evolve Physical Therapy is a life saver! I can't recommend them highly enough, they were able to help me tremendously and went above and beyond my expectations. The personal attention and professionalism that they provide are unparalleled, I would never go anywhere else.

nancy Summers

This is the place to go when you need pt. I am a repeat offender. Everyone at Evolve is friendly and true professionals. It's easy to get an appointment and schedule it out. They print out your schedule, take credit cards, and you can purchase items to aid in your rehab. You can work with the same therapist or mix it up. You're never rushed, they are not clock watchers, and they give you homework with printed instruction which they go over with you as many times as you need. I highly recommend Evolve as they have helped me rehab my many body parts from total knee replacement surgery, to lower back issues, even a sprained ankle. You won't regret going to Evolve PT !!

Leslie Houseworth-Fields

I began physical therapy at Evolve after foot surgery. I could barely walk when I first began therapy with Olayi and Katie. Now I have full use of my foot. They were attentive to my concerns, knowledgeable about their profession, and patient with my progress. The entire staff was helpful and professional. I highly recommend them.

David Sugerman

The therapists and staff at Evolve are terrific. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and caring and always offering great advice. I always felt like I was getting the best PT available anywhere and had great confidence in them. Olayi was my principal therapist and was totally awesome. But others who covered for him in his absence were also terrific.

Lucas Bscher

Greg is by far the BEST PT I have ever encountered. After needing a Slap repair for an anterior and posterior tare, as well a bicep tendon complication and a cartilage defect, I received terrible pt in Europe that left my right arm with virtually zero mobility, 3 different orthopedic surgeons (including the team doctor of the Lakers) said it was an arm basically beyond saving but after seeing Greg for a few weeks the arm continued to improve and I am back to full motion, tennis, weight lifting etc. I owe all this to Greg, I would never ever see another PT, and neither should you. (Jason and Jillian, whom I saw on a few occasions were also AMAZING)!

Pamela Hartling

Myrna Z

Christine Friedrich

The entire staff is highly qualified and dedicated to the best possible results for each client. I am treated with care and professionalism so that I feel personally motivated to work hard at the rehab program It is a very pleasant, clean environment. I have made incredible progress after a bilateral hip replacement thanks to the knowledgable therapists at Evolve. Highest recommendation.

Victoria Pappas Bludorn

Evolve Physical Therepy really saved my life in so many ways! I was in so much pain from a herniated disc in my neck with radiopathy and honestly very pessimistic about healing. BUT luckily with all the attention and kindness of Evolve Im happy to say I am back to 100%! I am forever grateful for their entire team :)

Laura West

Despite chronic IT band issues, Katie and the Evolve team helped me strengthen and train to go from one mile this summer to the Marathon in November! I could not have done it without the training and support of Katie and the team, and I could not be more grateful! Would highly recommend Evolve to any athlete - they are the best!

Richard Guerrieri

I have seen a few physical therapists since my ACL surgery in August. It was not until I started seeing Jason that I saw real results. He is extremely educated on sports surgeries and knew exactly what needed to be done to push me to my limits and start walking / running again. I am truly thankful for Jason and couldn't recommend him enough to others.

Lisa Wilf

Evolve is awesome! I have had physical therapy at Evolve twice over the last few years and both times I have had great results. I usually work with Greg, one of the owners of Evolve, but everyone is knowledgable and helpful. I highly recommend Evolve for PT needs.

Brad Koegel

After having gone to 4 or 5 different facilities for a chronic shoulder issue with no proper diagnosis and failed treatment, someone I trust highly recommended Dr. Greg Babiec. I am now 2 months into my rehab, making steady improvements, feeling the results of proper physical rehabilitation from an expert physical therapist. Dr. Babiec is easily approachable, has excellent bedside manner, takes the time to listen to his patients, and tailors treatment specific to the individual. His approach is progressive yet conservative, and understands when and how to advance treatment to make the patient feel challenged while still comfortable. The Evolve Physical Therapy family is welcoming, encouraging, and supportive, which is something you don't often see. This is all a testament as to how Dr. Babiec conducts himself and cares for his business. The concern he shows his patients is the same concern he shows his staff, and it is evident with the way Evolve is run. I highly recommend Dr. Greg Babiec and Evolve Physical Therapy to any and everyone... especially those having trouble finding a good Physical Therapist!


Jillian is so knowledgable. I had an odd shooting pain in my neck so I described what I doing when I felt the pain the most and she knew what it was right away. Jillian checked my neck and found the spot right away. I was set up with some exercises and things to do while at home. I would, and already do, 100% recommend Evolve. I had the most amazing experience.

Yvonne Connors

Brandon Finz

Jason, Greg and the team are fantastic. They're knowledgeable, friendly, caring and engaging. I had a terrible back issue and they put me on the road to recovery (and more). I feel stronger than ever before and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help me get to where I am now.

George Bernard

Evolve at 159 East 74th Street is an excellent run facility, set in an immaculate and modern setting. They appear to hire only the best personnel and accordingly get spectacular results for their efforts. Katie is probably one of their top physical therapists.. Young, vibrant with an insatiable urge to restore a patient's physical health according to a plan she works out for optimum efficiently, she is extremely methodical in her approach. In my situation, she is firm, not going too far at any given time. She provides constant encouragement and let's you know the progress you've made even if you do not realize how much you have already accomplished. Unfortunately, word of a good thing circulates fast and she is constantly booked up. Fear not ,though the cavalry is arriving shortly in the form of Jillian, a highly skilled physical therapist who is out on maternity leave and will be returning shortly. In addition, I only hear good things about the other physical therapists. Getting back to Jillian, it's was a girl. Frank. who assists me, is really good as are the supporting staff of other aids who really go the full ten yards. The receptionists are always cheerful and make you feel at home..Sharmin, with her sparkling personality, is one, a standout.

Jason Herman

The physical therapy team at Evolve PT are some of the best in NYC. They were great and helped me out when I had issues with my back from the normal wear and tear of the life of a commuter and office worker. They deserve each one of these five stars!

Dodge Dorland

I have enjoyed an exceptional experience with Jillian Chiappisi, Danny, Camille, and Olayi.They have been good with the basics, but my comments are related to all they provide in addition. They relate to each patient's attendant circumstances easily and positively (from high school gymnasts, both accompanied by parents and by themselves trying for perfection, to seniors with specific disabilities just trying to return to normal activity). Jillian establishes appropriate levels of exercise that are reachable but stretch one to just above the comfort level. The atmosphere at Evolve is professional, the equipment real quality, and the atmosphere supportive. It is up to the patient to take advantage of the knowledge, support, and good atmosphere- the more one puts into the process, the more one gets back from Evolve-in multiples!

Melonie Sanassy

I recently visited Jillian with tendonitis in my right elbow that I developed over a period of a month. I cannot get over how amazing the team is at evolve. Jillian did a complete assessment of my injury and specific testing, she then prescribed the necessary exercises I needed to do and did some myofascial work and used the granston technique. Being someone who is from a scientific background I appreciated Jillian’s detailed explanations and she answered all of my questions and gave me her honest opinion based on her own experiences and evidence based practices. Joe worked with me with all the exercises Jillian prescribed, he ensured that I was doing them correctly and I left feeling that I understood all the movements. Olayi used the class 3b laser to promote tissue healing, we started off with icing my elbow then he applied the laser for 90 seconds which gave me almost instant alleviation. Throughout the process he explained each step and gave me tips on how to ice my elbow at home. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Jillian, Joe and Olayi for their conjoined efforts in helping me with my injury. I really appreciated the constant communication between them and with me also - they worked amazingly as a team. Before leaving I was given a handout of all the movements I have to continue doing at home and I left feeling very positive and reassured. Thank you Jillian, Joe and Olayi and I look forward to working with you again.

Joanna Poon

Evolve is a group of professionals that is dedicated to help patients like me to overcome aches and pains in your body. Everyone who works here including the receptionists, PT assistants, and physical therapists are very friendly, understanding, professional, and knowledgeable. This team provides a consistently high quality of care and professionalism. I highly recommend this place!

Harry Tail

Katie is best PT on planet earth

linda berghoff

Experienced and caring PTs provide individual strategies geared for each person and their needs. Office and everyone competent and friendly. My PT, John, answered all my questions and concerns, with great knowledge and experience, and he was a delight to work with! When a patient has many choices for PT, Evolxe is a great option.

Andrew Weinrich

If you have been prescribed physical therapy you could not make a better choice for treatment than Manhattan based Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. I had to previously undergone physical therapy twice for different injuries at other facilities. This time my doctor recommended Evolve to rehab a shoulder. There was a significant difference between Evolve and the other facilities. They have a very skilled and knowledgeable staff that really listened, cared and had an individualized approach to therapy rather than just running as many people through the facility as possible. Undergoing physical therapy is the opposite of fun, but the owners and staff have created an atmosphere that makes the experience a positive one.

Keith Freder

I am a repeat customer and a different injury did not change the expertise or positive result. The entire staff works together flawlessly and you not only receive exceptional therapy but you also receive priceless knowledge.

Donna Rohling

Anthony Tufariello

With the Boston Marathon about a month away I had a flare up of shin splints and a bit of tendinitis (obviously). As I always do when I get a running injury, I ran (limped) over to Evolve to get spectacular treatment from Jillian. After only 2 sessions with Jillian I already notice substantial improvement. Plus she is highly skilled at the Graston Technique for those who have always been curious about it. Highly Recommended!

Leonard Gerson

Today is my birthday. I'm 72, but don't feel any older. Instead, I'm climbing the cliffs along the Oregon shore. The reason is that last week I finished a pt program for my neck and left shoulder with Jillian at Evolve.

Oumar Sanogo

The staff is very nice and helpful. And Greg especially knows how to help jumpers knee.

Tammy Lewis

Anne Tax

Steve Kornreich

In addition to the technical excellence consistently demonstrated by the entire staff, it is both refreshing and gratifying to be the beneficiary of a compassionate and caring staff that strives to create innovative approaches to recognized therapeutic techniques so that my therapy is specifically tailored to deal with my particular needs.

Courtney Buth

I had the best possible experience at Evolve! After tearing my ACL and MCL, my therapist Olayi got me back to 100%. He went above and beyond to tailor my experience to get me back into athletic shape. He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and truly cared about my recovery. Highly recommend!

henry wisner

Franklin Rojas

Thai Massage with Lynn, What a fantastic experience! Highly recommended and a must! Thia Massage was utterly new to me, and I was interested in how it will help me with my body, so I gave it a try. Now let me tell you I did not expect the experience Lynn gave me. I am spiritual; I connect and feel peoples energy around me daily. The connection with Lynn was beautiful and pure, which made my experience speechless. For 90 mins, I allowed myself to be vulnerable to Lynn. I am giving not only my body but my energy my spirit and my trust. She not only showed me that I could trust her, but she made me feel safe in her hand. Her communication with me was bright and vibrant. She made sure I was comfortable, relaxed. After the session, I felt reborn, the uncomfortable tension I had throughout my body, no more. My muscles were relaxed and felt like a feather. The energy we exchanged through this 90mins was extraordinary. Will i see Lynn again, YES I WILL !!!

Carol Savitsky

The therapists are fantastic, and their care is individual. I have been to many PT practices in the past, but the guidance and dedication make this practice, for me, the best!!! The administrative staff also are all attentive and lovely individuals.

Ira Br

Best therapists you can find! I was extremely lucky to find Greg after a shoulder surgery and he made my (long) recovery process a lot easier. He helped me restore my range of motion, while being very thoughtful with everything he did. Our bodies are different from one another. and it takes a very good therapist to adjust methods that work for your body, and the way it is structured. This is Greg. He is the most thoughtful physical therapist you can find! Even when I was doing home exercises, and had questions - he will always answer my email to help me. Along the way I got a different injury, and of course that I chose to stay with Evolve. Learning how to get my body to a pain free place, is just amazing... and it's all thanks to Greg and Evolve Physical Therapy! Oh.... and the all staff is also AMAZING! it truly feels like home when I'm there. A place that truly cares! Overall... if you want a good therapist (really good) - this is the place!

Burton Strauss

I went to Evolve because I had two hip replacements in a six months period. Greg and Michelle have been my two therapists. They have been easy to work with, knowledgable and very ,very caring, It was such a successful experience I went back for my torn rotator cuffs, also very successful, and avoided surgery. Greg has also treated my wife who had serious back surgery and today is again active and pain free. She has also benefited from their care in strengthening her knees which suffer the effects of significant arthritis. The entire staff is capable and pleasant to work with, the atmosphere is friendly, and the place is clean!

Joan Eisenberg

The best experience I could have. I have certifications in fitness myself and they leave every other facility in the dust. Their focus, level of knowledge and hands on work is excellent and their therapists have exquisite attunement to increase difficulty in exactly the right increments. The business is well run, honest and efficient. The balance of professionalism and personal communication is wonderful. It is convenienty located and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Ann Brandow

I was experiencing weakness and pain in my lower back, hip and foot. After consulting an orthopedic doctor I decided on physical therapy. Evolve became my weekly routine for several months and Greg evaluated me each and every week and worked tirelessly on finding the cause of my discomfort. I found Greg to be extremely knowledgeable and he took a keen interest in my wellbeing. He really listened as we talked about how I felt each session. The entire staff could not have been more friendly and helpful as well. Greg always encouraged me to email him if I had any questions regarding the exercises that I did at home and was very responsive when I did. Evolve is the place to go if you want to get quality physical therapy and be treated with great kindness and respect. I could not recommend them more highly.


I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the shoulder. I go for injections every six months to help relieve some pain still but had painful motion. I went to a couple of physical therapists and had little success. A physician friend suggested that I try Jason Roth at EVOLVE PT at 159 East 74 Street. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Regained a lot of mobility. I'm able to reach my wallet in my back pocket. Can't complain about paying a restaurant bill when I take my kids out. Jason just loves what he does. He explains everything he does. You understand and you make progress. He instills this in his staff and they understand that as a therapist you just can't go through the have to keep up with new therapies, love your profession and be caring of your patients. If you live in Manhattan and need a physical therapist...this is the place.

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