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REVIEWS OF Equilibrium Physical Therapy IN New York

Carly Pisarri

I had knee surgery in June and have been seeing Matt for a few months now. I originally went in for a meniscus tear but ended up having work done to address right knee plica syndrome, chondromalacia of the patella and patella femoral maltracking syndrome. Matt helped me catch an early onset case of cellulitis. It was my first time having surgery so I wouldn't have known how to recognize an oncoming infection. The surgery addressed a few issues and Matt has done a great job at addressing all the areas that need work. From stretching to improving mobility to plyometrics work, Matt always knows how far to push. Amir is also great and has been very knowledgeable with the Alter-G machine to help me get back to running. Matt has recently been helping me overcome a case of plantar fasciitis using their sonogram machine and I have been feeling so much better. Equilibrium's therapists are all incredibly intelligent and are always sharing the reasoning of what they are doing and why they are doing it. They know the right questions to ask which is great for newer patients who might not know what information to volunteer. The facilities themselves are clean, very modern and I genuinely enjoy my time there. An hour literally flies by in the blink of an eye. I have recommended Matt's practice to a few people and would be happy to continue doing so.

Regina Alice Schroeder

Greg Pawlisa

The best PT experience I've ever had. I've struggled with severe shoulder pain for years and have tried numerous PT offices throughout the city. Once I worked with Matt he quickly identified the true nature of my pain and developed a simple but effective series of exercises that got me back to full strength in only a few months! Their one on one attention, in a boutique environment creates a comfortable and personal experience. I'm now able to compete in an IRONMAN competition at my best. I found my Equilibrium!

bernard elkies

Staff has been very helpful with appointments.Mikayla has been great.She has really put me thru my paces!

Patrick Young

I visited Equilibrium earlier this year for a shoulder injury. Mark Ciolek was my therapist and he did a fantastic job assessing my injury and finding the proper exercises for me to build the strength back up to avoid any future injuries. I'm still using these techniques now, thanks again Mark!

Joshua Leventhal

I have seen Matt Rome for a couple different knee injuries over the years. He has been incredibly adept at guiding me through a full ACL rehabilitation and a meniscal tear rehabilitation, utilizing various treatment methods (strength training, plyometrics, manual mobilization and treatment, ultrasound, etc.) depending on my condition at a particular time. He is very knowledgeable about identifying the causes of certain types of pain, discomfort, stiffness, etc. and treating it appropriately. Matt is very focused and attentive in his approach and considers the whole picture when treating a patient. Highly recommend.

Marilyn JS Goodman

Initially, I had such trouble finding a knowledgeable and reputable practitioner located on the UES of Manhattan to treat my sudden onset of dizziness. Luckily, my physician cousin out in California researched the problem and then recommended Equilibrium to me. Matt Rome, my highly-trained vestibular rehab therapist, was SUPERB! Exceedingly pleasant, methodical and thorough, Matt identified the precise problem area and treated it effectively. The end-result was stunning. No more dizziness! Hooray! Although I can only personally attest to Matt's success, I would highly recommend the therapists at Equilibrium without reservation. Additionally, the reception staff was most helpful, appointments were on-time, and the physical space itself was well-equipped, spacious and very clean.

Masha King

I needed to get my knee checked out after a bad fall. The environment is warm and inviting, unlike some medical offices. The staff is friendly, and my PT, Dr. Samantha Clifford, was knowledgable, incredibly thorough, and made the whole experience comfortable with her bedside manner. Thank you Equilibrium!

Connie Staton

I have just concluded 8 weeks of physical therapy with Garry at Equilibrium, related to a torn rotator cuff. I wanted to express my appreciation for the expertise, support, and advice that Garry provided me over that time. He has been consistently professional, cheerful, and helpful throughout this time. He has used excellent judgment in relating to me positively, while still progressing my therapy, and seems genuinely interested my progress. I was in excruciating pain with little movement in my arm when I came to Garry. I am now able to move the arm with less pain and am sure the exercises prescribed have been crucial to this result. Sincerest compliments to the customer service staff at Equilibrium. Their efficient handling of schedules, their pleasant greetings, the cleanliness and comfort of the facility make for a well run organization; one it will be a pleasure to recommended to others.

Thomas Matta

BEST PT in NYC! I've been going to Equilibrium since it opened several years ago, had been going to another Physical Therapist before then. The physical therapists there give more focused and individualized therapy to patients, more than any other PT facility I've been to before. They are extremely accommodating to fit patients schedules and have state of the art training equipment. My favorite piece of equipment is the Anti Gravity treadmill. It helped get back to running at a gradual pace by using state of the art technology to reduce body weight while learning how to run again. Recommend for anyone needing PT on Shoulders, Knees or Ankles! Dr Matt Rome is the best of the best!

Joe Tegeder

I am one of Andrew Eisen's clients from Seattle. He worked with me for about 3 years before he moved to New York. Over the years Andrew helped me with a professional bike fit for both my road bike and triathlon bike, as well as helped me recover from various injuries that I had from my Triathlon Training (Piriformis, Impinged Shoulder, Twisted Ankle, and a sore Achilles). Despite these injuries, with his help, I was able to continue to train and complete 4 Ironman Triathlons. I am sure that I would not have been as successful in my racing if I did not have his help. I highly recommend Andrew, especially if you are a triathlete or cyclist.

Barbara Mandel

I started physical therapy at Equilbrium P.T. several years ago for vertigo,. Matt Rome totally cured me over a period of 3-4 months. Now I'm there twice a week for balance issues and other aches and pain that come with the territory when you reach age 87. Both Matt Rome and Matt Cornell work with me in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere. Always one on one , always supervised. This is Equilbrium policy - soothing atmosphere, knowledgeable, professional staff and personal attention. If you need physical therapy or have vertigo issues - this is the place for you. Highly recommended!

Cecilia Wennerstrom

My legs were aching and I had difficulty running and just after couple of sessions my legs felt much better. Gary seems to be very knowledgeable and is calm and very nice. The office is beautiful and the staff are kind, knowledgeable and have patience.

Adrienne Lederman

Allison Lester

I have been working with Mikayla at Equilibrium for about 3 months now. After sustaining a traumatic ankle fracture it was hard for me to believe I would ever walk again, much less get back to my regular activities. In the early parts of my recovery Mikayla was a huge source of positivity and encouragement for me. She filled me with hope that I would be functional again. We have had a lot of fun getting me back on two feet! Equilibrium is a top notch facility for your PT needs. Appointments are 45mins long to give you very personalized care. I love that they have specialty equipment, like the AlterG treadmill, and the staff is always warm and professional. The owner, Matt, is extremely kind and is often in the office seeing clients. I would highly recommend you visit!

Bruce Knecht

Couldn't be happier with Equilibrium. I've had two different issues and they led me to relief for both with clear and friendly guidance!

Sabrina Dvorski Mercurio

Fantastic service. Especially personal training with Alan Baron, he has an amazing understanding of the body. Alan helped me in just a few session with the pain that was constant in my lower back due to decades of sitting in front of the computer. I highly recommend Alan, as well as other members of the team for services such as massage and physical therapy.

Elise Diamantini

After pulling a muscle in my back, I made an appointment with physical therapist, Matt Rome at Equilibrium. I was extremely impressed by Matt's skill and technique. During the preliminary interview Matt asked a lot of questions and really listened to what I was saying. He took his time with the treatment and showed me exercises to do at home. Truly impressive was his follow up: the next day he checked-in to see how I was feeling and sent an e-mail with photos and detailed descriptions of how to do the recommended exercises. Matt is not only knowledgeable, but friendly and caring. I was amazed at how much better I felt the next day! Matt has definitely become my go-to PT!

Susan Hecht

Equilibrium Physical Therapy has been the only place that is able to help me through periods of active vertigo. I have received rehabilitative therapy there for over 7 years. Even when my vertigo is tricky and difficult to diagnose, Matt Rome has helped assess and treat the problem. He has also referred me to other medical specialists when necessary. The office is comfortable. The people who work there listen carefully and patiently. And, not least of all, they help me understand my medical insurance coverage (or lack thereof!) for their services. I have recommended them to my mother and husband and others. I would, hands down, recommend them to anyone.

Tania Pyjov

This is a really wonderful place. You come there and everyone is shining with smiles, friendly, nice, ready to help, and excellent at what they do. I had a serious neck surgery recently and was worried about starting physical therapy, knowing how fragile my body and my neck were. I was so lucky to find this place, where everyone is so knowledgeable and really wants to help and take care of you. Matt Rome is brilliant. He is a superb physical therapist and a person of the highest caliber. Polina is also amazing. She is a highly knowledgeable, experienced massage therapist. The office staff is very warm and makes it easy to make an appointment, the manager Mag a real pleasure to discuss and solve all questions. This place is a gem for healing. It is truly as good as it gets.

Peggy Samuels

I wish that I had discovered this place years ago! Efrat Cohen knows her stuff! She knew exactly how to figure out a precise diagnosis. She listened carefully, observed carefully, and then chose the precise exercises that would rebalance my body. I feel as if I'm floating rather than walking. She is a great teacher, giving clear instructions, at a pace that was perfect for me. She is also warm, personable, and distracted me with good conversation so that I didn't tense up. Hard to find someone who is so skilled, and yet humble; someone who really reacts to what I say about my body and can offer a good strategy for each complaint. She's a genius problem-solver!

Vivek Baliga

Best PT $ can buy is Garry Cowell. If you have any serious pain and need to alleviate the suffering and get back to normal I highly recommend you get with Garry asap. You will not find a better use of your insurance $/flex spending/personal funds.

Adam Green

I have had two wonderful experiences at Equilibrium. The first was when my best friend had a traumatic brain injury and equilibrium helped work with him for many months as he rehabbed back to health. They were patient and kind to my friend who was going through a very tough time. I then had an opportunity to work with Effie as my internationally adopted daughter needed physical therapy. My daughter was born with a clubbed foot and we were told she may never walk. Effie and the staff at equilibrium provided a warm environment that we looked forward to going to every week. Effie was particularly patient with my daughter as you can imagine the transition from orphanage in China to New York City was not easy! Effie met her where she was and worked hard every session to make our daughter comfortable. We are happy to report that she is now walking (and running) and is fully functional! We are forever grateful for everything Equilibrium did and recommend Effie with the highest marks.

Dr. Josh Wagner - Patient Mastery

If you are looking for a physical therapist who is not only a fantastic person, but utilizing some of the most advanced appraoches in the healing/rehabilitative spectrum, Gabriel Ettenson and Equilibrium PT is your place to go on the upper east side manhattan. Your expectations for quaity of care and your results will surely be exceeded. Give yourself this gift.

Tami Earnest

I was luckily able to set up a pretty last min appointment with Matt Rome, the founder of Equilibrium, when my back went out a few weeks ago. I was immobile and in incredible pain. While I waited for my MRI to come back and for my appt, Matt coached me remotely with things to do and things not to do. I was seen right at my appointment time, the staff was super friendly and professional and Matt took great care of me and my back. Reading off of the MRI and throughout the appt, he seemed incredibly knowledgeable and he made me feel like I was in very capable hands. I felt relief within 24 hours of the appointment and the relief has maintained by doing all of the suggested at-home exercises. I will be going back (as needed) and I will be recommending this practice to others.

Jean M

Mark is terrific. I’d recommend him to anyone without hesitation. His open, personable style immediately put me at ease. And he’s someone who truly listens, realizing everyone is different and needs a customized, not a cookie-cutter, solution. I really appreciated the extra value Mark added by explaining how my issue had affected my body, showing his knowledge and giving me the tools to better manage my pain in the future.

Jill S.

I have been going to Equilibrium PT for a few months now, and I can't say enough fantastic things! My experience there has completely exceeded my expectations. When I called to make an appointment, the lovely receptionist told me they could see me the very next day because "when you are in pain, there is always a way to fit you in." I am not sure what else you can ask for in a NYC medical provider! Over the past few months, I have worked with Samantha, and she is incredible. She is super normal and has excellent bedside manner. If you are nervous about going to physical therapy, she definitely puts you at ease. Further, she is super knowledgeable, always explains her treatment rationale, and is super happy to design a realistic and achievable treatment plan. In short, I can't say enough good things about Equilibrium PT. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating, and I plan to come here for any future PT needs!

Michelle Hershy

Great caring helpful health care provider or shall I say miracle workers!

A Google User

I recently discovered the talented therapists at Equilibrium. I suffer from a chronic inner ear condition which can only be treated by vestibular physical therapists who are educated in special manuevers that help with the condition called BPPV. Matt and Samantha are simply amazing. They are available and thoroughly skilled and knowledgeable in this very specialized treatment. I am so grateful to have discovered them and to be privileged to have them treat me and help me to recover. They are also very kind and considerate and completely compassionate. Highly highly recommended!

Shahrod Hemassi

I've been seeing Matt Rome of Equilibrium Physical Therapy for several body issues, but particularly for 2 herniated disks in my lower back. I've seen a lot of physical therapists over the years for various injuries and surgeries and Matt is the best that I've found. He cares more about physical therapy than anyone I have ever met. He's very passionate about it. Matt gives a lot of personal attention to each treatment and the difference really shows in the results. Equilibrium is a very progressive PT studio with a friendly, helpful staff. I would recommend them highly!


My experience with Vertigo was a disaster in trying to relieve headache and dizziness, so I am writing this experience in order to help people from going through this terrible ordeal. I had a Stomach Virus and for 24 hours i was throwing up violently, I ended up with VERTIGO AND NYSTAGMUS. I saw a NEUROLOGIST and had a blood test, and then had an MRI of the brain (NEGATIVE). The Neurologist sent me to a Vascular Surgeon where they biopsied my Brain above each ear and removed 2 arteries. I am still healing from 1 and halfInches of where they stitched me up. Test came back negative . Three weeks later i saw another Neurologist The Neurologist did an MRA of the brain checking vessels instead of arteries. Fortunately i slept thru all three procedures. I had an Ultrasound and another blood test. All negative but still had Vertigo He recommended vestibular physical therapy. I saw Matthew Rome and he put goggles on me which was attached to a monitor. Dr Rome found the problem right away manipulated my head and within two sessions all vertigo was gone. It was called BPPV. I should have seen Dr Rome right away as all the tests above were not necessary and delayed me from resolving this issue .This was an awful experience which could have been averted. I hope this helps people better navigate the medical system to avoid unnecessary tests and go straight to Equilibrium Physical Therapy.

Paula Pongsuwan

I 've been seeing Dr. Rome for a few year for vertigo. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He is the best Physical Therapist I have ever met. Also unlike the other Physical Therapist place, here you will get a full session one on one with PT. They are also very prompt with appointment time, I never have to wait.

Tal Giat

I was seeing Garry Cowell at Equilibrium Physical Therapy and found him to be a fantastic physical therapist. I came to him with a sciatic pain in my left leg after a long history of back problems and two discectomy surgeries, dreading to have another one. I think the first thing that was different about him was his approach to pain. It took some sessions for this approach to "click" with me, but once it did it help recover faster, and gave me the tools and the correct set of mind to deal with any future pain issues. After about 3 weeks of treatment I was back to work and felt much better. I could sit for prolonged periods of time (which I couldn't initially without pain) and pretty much go back to normal activity. I highly recommend him. Last but not least, besides being a great physical therapist, he's really easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor which makes the sessions so much better. Also Equilibrium Physical Therapy is a great facility and all staff members there are super nice and welcoming.

Sara Metzidakis

After two years of ineffective treatment for vestibular vetigo, Matthew Rome fixed the problem in one session. The staff, and especially Matthew, at Equilibrium, are second to none and I would recommend to anyone. After my first visit, the women at the front desk were concerned that I was feeling ill and took me to a cab. Thank you to everyone.

Barry Schneider

I had suffered from BPPV (a form of vertigo) for 2 months before making my way over to Dr. Matthew Rome at Equilibrium. I found him on Google and that was a godsend. Up until then I had managed by avoiding as best I could activities that triggered my vertigo (a room-spinning sensation). I was able to stop the spinning fairly quickly (within a minute or 2) by changing my head position. And if I ever couldn’t stop the spinning, I had medicine (Meclizine) at the ready. Yet, I felt far from well or normal, for the spinning was triggered several times daily anyway: when lying down, bending over, tilting my head back to look up, turning my head too quickly, etc. And there were bad days too, when my head felt very heavy/woozy, and I moved about in slow-motion, or in which my balance was off enough that I’d need to walk with my legs spread wide (drunken-like) for stability and safety. At Matt’s clean, bright office, he gave me the BPPV lowdown, went about his work to find the inner ear canals involved and then performed the vestibular therapy of head-positioning treatments. He confirmed more fully my BPPV diagnosis, which it turned out involved inner canals in BOTH ears. Matt communicated & listened very well. He was just the right mix of sensitive to my condition on any given day, yet, like a good trainer, still encouraged me to try to take the extra step up for my own benefit. It was rough at the beginning when I was in my worst shape, moving my head this way and that, but I steadily improved in the course of my treatment (5 visits across several weeks). Today, a month since our last session, I don’t have the spnning, I move normally, and I don’t avoid activities. After our first session, me (and my crystals ;) were quite shaken up, and it gave me pause to sit in the waiting room with a new unease. But Matt had said I should recover in 30-45 minutes, and very possibly feel better as the day progresses. He was spot on. Each day I did feel better, and the recovery time I needed at our last session was nill. Matt’s a delightful individual, as well, with very good bedside manner. I felt very safe in his care, trust him, and will return to him if I have a recurrence in the future.

Daniel Littlefield

The staff at Equilibrium is outstanding. They are very accommodating to a busy schedule and work hard to make sure you understand exactly what your road to recovery entails.

David Schuller

My therapist is Effie Cohen, and she is innovative and wonderful. The goal is simple: improve your condition, learn how to keep it improving, and move on! The staff is cheerful and easy to deal with, the environment is friendly and quiet, and the attention is entirely personal. I then recommended my wife there, and she sees Steve, who also is wonderful, and has produced more results in a few weeks than she had gotten over many months at another facility. My highest recommendation for both Effie and Steve, and the facility.

Jennifer Jarvis

When I first came to see Matt, I had been having bouts of dizziness and vertigo for months, seen half a dozen doctors, and still wasn't better; by this point I was very scared and had little confidence in the medical system. Matt seemed to have training that none of the other doctors or physical therapists I saw had had; he diagnosed fairly quickly where the problem was and within a few visits I felt normal again. His bedside manner is great; being so dizzy all the time made me feel very vulnerable, and Matt put me at my ease and made me feel taken care of. I wouldn't go to anyone else now! I also saw Robert for massage therapy every week for a few months, and he is wonderful too, I wish I could keep going back!

Teddy Flattmann

Great experience! Highly recommend Gary! His unorthodox style, vast knowledge, and personable personality made each visit an enjoyable experience rather than a tedious therapy session. Couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist!

erica katz

I have been going to equilibrium for quite some time for a chronic condition. The quality of the therapy is top-notch. The PTs know what they are doing and do a great job. But what really sets them apart is that they really care about the patients. Everyone from the receptionists, to the therapists is super- friendly and invested in patient care. I've been to other facilities with a much more impersonal feel and I much prefer this. I highly recommend equilibrium PT.

Michael Baker

As a patient I have always been given a one-on-one evaluation and suggested procedures that would be employed to better my physical health. The competent and professional staff (look at the website) provide a model of trust and patient collaboration contributing to, which has been for me, a successful outcome. Between visits they provided me with tools to build my strength. Tools that I took with me once my therapy had concluded. And no...not equipment. Choosing a therapist is always personal and Equilibrium has many choices for any patient and therapies to fit many needs.

Marina Khesin

My daughter underwent a course of physical therapy at Equilibrium PT while recovering from an ankle fracture. She's had a wonderful experience with Efrat Cohen who came up with a customized series of exercises which she kept modifying according to the progress my daughter was making. Efrat was very attentive, cheerful and encouraging during each session. My daughter made a steady improvement thanks to Efrat's efforts. Another therapist who worked with my daughter was Steven Lavender. He gave invaluable recommendations to my daughter that made it much easier for her to return to her dance classes after the injury. The office staff is very pleasant, polite, efficient and accommodating. I can't say enough good things about Equilibrium PT!

charles leonard

I have been a patient of matt Rome and equilibrium for almost 7 years. I have had incredible care. His diagnosis is always on target and I get relief at his studio or i am given a series of exercises that help me take care of my issues. NO pills, no shots just good basics. Matt treats our entire extended family and I recommend him to all my friends. He and his team are the best.

Melanie Smith

came to Equilibrium Physical Therapy as a patient suffering from undiagnosed vertigo. After spending 24 hours in the hospital with no confirmed diagnosis upon discharge, I was told to follow up with a vestibular physical therapist. I found Equilibrium PT from a google search and was very pleased with my entire experience. The receptionist was able to help me schedule an appointment with Matthew Rome, the owner and vestibular therapist on site within one week’s time. Matthew was an exceptional therapist, from his ability to listen to my story and decipher what was potentially wrong to his ability to explain things in a manner that was easy to understand. Having vertigo makes one very anxious, and he is skilled and knowledgeable in a way that makes you feel at ease and comfortable in his hands. Might I add there was no wait time, he saw me for the full hour despite my being the last patient of the day, and the room I was in was clean and private. I truly felt I had his undivided attention which is rare in the PT world. After a battery of tests including using vestibular goggles to diagnose my issue, Matthew was able to determine exactly what was wrong with me and give me a treatment plan I felt confident in. He assured me that I would eventually return to normal and made me so confident in his diagnosis that I did not follow up with an MD. Matthew is very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable and I would and have recommended his practice to everyone I know in need of vestibular PT.

Loni Miller

My experience with Garry Cowell as a Physical Therapist is exceptional. His vast knowledge and intuitive understanding of the human body and each individual’s physical complication instills a level of confidence and hope in each patient’s expectations of recovery. When I started physical therapy I was in extreme pain and limping. After working with Garry, the pain has subsided considerably and I am no longer limping. I have worked with other physical therapists before and Garry stands in a category unto himself – Confidence Builder. Also, Cynthia was over-the-top helpful with scheduling and just generally a lovely & professional personality.

Mira Edery

Always willing to accommodate. Welcoming and pleasant staff. Clean and private rooms. Knowledgeable, professional, efficient and caring therapists.

Stuart Zuckerman

I was having significant pain in my right knee, and went to my long-time orthopedist, Dr. Edward Crane, for an exam. He determined that I had a torn miniscus in the knee, and recommended a 2nd opinion by a colleague who specializes in knee surgeries. The surgeon x-rayed the knee and recommended that I not have surgery, but and try walking with a brace. I returned to Dr. Crane a few months later for a cortisone shot. When I was still having pain, despite the cortisone and the knee brace, Crane recommended Equilibrium. I trusted Crane as I had done physical therapy before for a broken shoulder. I started working with Garry Cowell in Fall '16 and have seen significant improvement in my ability to walk longer distances. For the past 6 months, I've worked with Garry 2 sessions per week Over the course of my treatment, I've done many different exercises each designed to build strength And mobility. Garry clearly knows what kinds of exercises to do with each patient. He also has a great personality, and talking with him about a wide range of subjects, makes the session more enjoyable. I highly recommend Garry to anyone seeking a personable, knowledgeable physical therapist

Gloria Hodes

Having suffered from vertigo for years, I was ultimately directed to EQUILIBRIUM by a P.T.I was working with on another issue. I will forever be grateful for the work of Matt and Samantha, as they took me through the period of diagnosis and treatment. I felt safe, as the vertigo and dizziness subsided with caring expertise, and as they informed me of their findings every step of the way. I feel so grateful, knowing that at any time there may be a recurrence, I can return to this peaceful, beautiful studio of healing.

David Goldberg

Matt Rome is incredible! He spends time hearing your concerns and paying close attention to what your body is saying. He spent a significant amount of time with me explaining what was going on with my discomfort and what steps we could take to improve how I felt. I have been adhering to his protocol for months and am seeing tremendous recovery in the areas of concern.

Trey Rollo

Matt Hoppenstedt

Everyone at Equilibrium PT has done a great job in helping me overcome my sprained ankle quickly and effectively. Matt Rome did a wonderful job doing hands on work on my ankle and giving me exercises to work on a home. His PT tech, Matt Cornell, would lead me through exercises after my time with Matt Rome and he was great to work with as well. This is a great studio, with a courteous and professional staff, that works to get you active again quickly. I cant recommend it highly enough. - Matt

Rhoda Elkies

Going to Equilibrium has been very beneficial. Garry my therapist has helped me immeasurably with my balance and self confidence. I would recommend Equilibrium and Garry to anybody looking for help with a physical problem.


Having tried other PT locations in Manhattan with dismay, and now recovering from a fractured shoulder/frozen shoulder, I can say without hesitation that the Equilibrium facility and its personnel are top rate. I would recommend them to anyone. The areas are clean and well kept and freshened, the clerical staff are friendly and efficient and the physical therapy staff is professional, well informed, patient, cooperative and on time! There is a high standard for client care here.

Amy Damin

Horrible administration.Nasty, rude, lie and do not understand insurance requirements.Almost impossible to get appointments, because only 2 therapists are taking new patients, and they work part time. Matt Rome seems to be getting rave reviews. But, it is impossible to get an appointment with him. And, he does not control administrative staff. Therapy was not helpful, and after one of my sessions, I had new pain (pain that I did not have before the session).

Jeff Lord

I was recommended to Equilibrium and Matt Rome for vestibular therapy. Going in to the appointment, I had very little understanding of my condition and how the therapy would help. Matt went above and beyond to explain the therapy, its benefits, and how I could best apply it to my situation. As the sessions progressed, Matt continued to work with me to tailor the exercises to my particular needs. He has gone out of his way to work with my other doctors and help me understand my condition. He is quite simply a gifted healer and an extraordinarily compassionate human being. All of the staff at Equilibrium are friendly and treat me like family. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Jane Reiss

Cynthia Zuniga

I had my first physical therapy visit with Garry Cowell PT, DPT, OCS. Garry was very professional and warm. He gave me a thorough exam even though I was a bit late. I highly recommend this office. Unfortunately this is my last visit as they are out of network for my insurance provider but they were very acommodating with setting me up with an appointment quickly.

Centro Español

Ashok Parameswaran

I got a very positive referral to Matt Rome by two people who went with him to Duke Med School, where he graduated summa cum laude. I figured he must be pretty capable if his fellow students admired and recommended him. I was not disappointed. I went to Matt to strengthen my ankle after I had torn a ligament there, and I've been seeing him for the past 2 months. I always felt that I was getting advice from someone who cared deeply about his patients and his work. Matt is very patient and takes the time to explain your condition and how the exercises he recommends will help. At every visit, Matt modified the session based on how my ankle was doing. Whether I was working with Matt or with his trainer (also Matt), I always received their exclusive attention -- I was never crowded into a room with several other clients, as happens at other PT offices. Matt is someone who is truly excited about his profession. He started Physical Therapy Nation to provide training on advanced PT concepts to his colleagues. In addition, his enthusiasm for helping his patients just shines through in his personality.

X.Y. Pu

Dr Matt Rome is a true professional who cares about his patient. He helped diagnose my mother's vertigo and fixed her problem on the same visit. I can't say enough thanks!

Wayne Edelman

Unbelievable hands on approach to physical therapy and healing. Garry was amazing and coached me through the healing process after my hip replacement. His awesome table side manner coupled with his realistic views on healing and strengthening after my surgery really helped my speedy recovery. I still hear him in my head "listen to your body......". Highly recommend him and the entire staff!!!

Eliana Yang

Donna Kurz

I am continually impressed by and very grateful for the therapy I receive at Equilibrium. It is targeted and focused 100% on my needs. I feel totally secure in knowing I will be carefully guided to get the most possible from my therapy to achieve realistic goals in addressing my particular issues. On a personal level, I also want to note that I "enjoy" my sessions with Efrat Cohen - the time we spend is always productive and invaluable to my health....and very pleasant!

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