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REVIEWS OF Custom Performance IN New York

Arrak Bhattacharyya

I came in for both the running analysis and VO2 max test which took approximately 1.5 hours together. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I was particularly pleased with the running videos as well as their advice on how to improve my form. I would recommend this for any runner, beginner to advanced. Getting feedback on your form and stride is well worth the money.

Lawrence Silverberg

I am a podiatrist who treats lots of runners and athletes. I refer all my runner patients to Wendy. I have always received excellent feedback from my patients. Wendy really knows how to treat runners who have problems and injuries and also runners who just want to be evaluated and treated to improve their running. Wendy really is the best physical therapist for runners in NYC!

Meredith Edwards

I love Custom Performance and have been going there for over a year. I first came here because I was having knee and ankle pain and wanted help from people who knew running and loved the sport as much as I did. Over that past year, Cat has supported me through a stress fracture, trained me to be a stronger and safer runner, and greatly improved my running form. Best of all, Cat has honored my goal of "being able to run until I'm 85" and allowed me to focus on injury-prevention and getting comfortable with outdoor running instead of other goals that aren't as important to me, like speed. I wish I could go to Custom PT forever!

Robert Goldberg

If you are a runner there is no better place than Custom Performance. I injured myself after a marathon and they have not only gotten me back to running, but better than ever. You get personal attention at every visit. They treat you like a part of the family and I have learned so much from going there that has not only helped me stay healthy but improved my running as well.

Austin Shaw

Custom Performance has helped me transform as a runner. I came in for the first time back in the spring when I was having a lot of tension/soreness in my hips and IT bands. The "Fresh Legs" session with Greg was perfect for me. He worked out a lot of the tightness and showed me some stretches and PT exercises to do to open up my hips and hamstrings. After two sessions with Greg, I ran my fastest half marathon ever. This fall, I went in several times for additional "Fresh Legs" sessions since I was training for the NYC marathon. The sessions were really needed since I was doing so much training. I felt great during the race. Overall, Custom Performance has a stellar staff that are competitive runners themselves - so they really know what they are talking about! Book a session and you'll be happy you did!

Susie Rolander

Wendy is literally the physical therapist who changed my life. I am an athlete who has had back pain for years. The amazing thing about Wendy is that she helped me actually change my habits and taught me how to stretch and train so that I wouldn't be in pain. She is amazing.

Tara Mardigan

This is THE place to be if you are a runner in NYC. The entire staff at Custom PT is top notch from clinical knowledge and care to customer service and efficient scheduling. The physical therapists are all runners themselves. They understand not only the physical demands of running, but also the mental aspects, especially as it relates to injury recovery. What's more, they have built a strong practice with tools to help runners of all ages, sizes and abilities prevent injuries and run strong and healthy. Highly recommend the gait analysis to get an expert look at your specific running mechanics. It's a great place to start. Also, the Fresh Legs service is most helpful a few days before an important race. And, after!

Nicholas Tang

marla rosenthal

I suffer with chronic ankle sprain and I was referred to Custom Performance by my orthopedist after two courses of therapy at another office, cortisone shots and a trip to an orthopedic surgeon who told me my next step was surgery. Kathleen quickly diagnosed my ankle issues reassured me that i was not destined for surgery. The care I receive from her is awesome - with very thoughtful diagnosis, great exercises I can do at home - all expertly communicated. As the office’s focus is treating runners, Kathleen understands how important it is to be able to run again after injuries. While they are work out-of-network for insurance, their attentiveness (they are not treating multiple patients at at time), their flexibility with appointments/treatment plans and expert care more than make up for it. And of course i have to give an extra shoutout to Katy & Brit for making insurance issues and scheduling a delightful experience!

Andrea Michelcic

The PT’s and sports trainers at Custom Performance are simply the best. I would not have run my 3rd marathon without Kathleen’s expertise. She helped me build a training plan, assigned strength training, and kept my legs is working shape though high mileage weeks. More than a PT she has her clients goals and best interests at the forefront.

Gabriel T

I went there for the first time after throwing out my back. Not only did Kathleen help me recover much quicker than I would have even thought possible, but she gave me a few simple preventive exercises which have been incredibly effective. Thanks to her, I've been able to dive back into my routine while staying pain and injury-free. By far the best PT I've been to.

Peter Goldwasser

The team is fantastic--super talented and super nice, which is always a good thing when they are twisting your legs in all sorts of new directions. The space is bright, airy, open and clean and the back end follow up (billing, etc) is easy and direct. Go team Custom

Matthew VosBurgh

Phenomenal staff that really listen to both what you verbally say as well as what your body is saying. I've gone back to them again and again. They help you fix your running mechanics as opposed to simply resolving the symptoms. The running analysis was worth every penny. I am without a doubt a better runner because of the guidance I've received. It was also great to know that when I had an injury completely unrelated to running that I was also in completely qualified hands.

Breanne Wahl

Custom Performance is an excellent place for a runner or anyone seeking rehab, prehab, strengthening or just wanting to use their incredible facilities. I have had a gait analysis here, PT for stress fractures, I've used their air compression boots and I've come for an evening event with guest Des Linden! Every experience I've had here from scheduling the appointment to following up after services has been superb, with every person I've encountered who works here. I cannot recommend Custom highly enough.

Lisa Fox

I particularly like Custom PT as the PTs work with you personally for 30mins and you’re not handed over to a trainee. It’s a friendly environment, the PTs are athletes too so understand the typical triathlete or runners symptoms. As always you only get better if you put in the work yourself but the exercises I’ve been given have been achievable and fun!

Liza Goodspeed

Custom is an amazing community with a great staff to boot! I have been suffering from ITBS for years, and just recently ran 4 miles non-stop pain free. Couldn't have done it without this awesome team.

Melis Heerens

Greg is awesome!

Daudu Talatu

Matt Fried

I first discovered Custom when training for my first marathon as I got hurt mid cycle to find out from them that I was overtraining, which I considered. The amount of info I learned from Kat and the team was way more than I expected to walk out the door with. I was under the impression they would help me get better and what excercises to do to strengthen but they gave me an array of knowledge to the point where I fell more in love with the sport. As I am now 2 years into running I cannot imagine not having this facility on my side as its great to check in every few weeks or so even if no injury just to make sure my body is even and able to produce a great form going forward.


Kathleen is the best PT I've ever worked with. My ortho referred me to Custom PT to work through hip flexor tendinitis in preparation for the BK half marathon. Kathleen is highly knowledgeable and hands on. She set a clear plan for my therapy and training regimen and adapted it based on my responses to the various exercises and workouts. It's also super helpful having an app with a weekly schedule for me to follow, with functionality for me to send her real-time progress reports. Their facility is also just a really nice place to rehab and train. I've loved my experience so far.

Jeff Drew

Every runner should take advantage of this video evaluation. I wish I had done it 20 years ago. In just an hour, I learned how to correct flaws in my form, and corrected some false assumptions. Time and money very well spent.

Blake Dircksen

Daria M

These guys know their stuff! I've had 3 sessions so far and already am starting to feel stronger and more confident in my recovery. They are positive, attentive and professional. Highly recommend!

Christina Nunez

Top notch, running-specific care provided by knowledgeable and compassionate PTs! I trust my health with Lisbeth completely and appreciate her working with me to get me back to running health. Other pluses: AlterG to ramp back up to training provided with rehab treatment, Rapid Recovery Boots which can be also be used at each visit, clean facilities and friendly staff and patient population!

Rory Coons

Custom PT is the best!!! They really care about their clients. Your goal becomes their goal and they want you to achieve it! About a month into my 16 week training for my 2nd marathon I started to get severe knee pain. The pain would kick in after about a mile or two and it made it hard to finish training runs, especially the long runs every week. I started going to a different physical therapist that will remain nameless, but after two sessions there I knew I would never make it to the marathon if I stayed there. So I googled running physical therapist and Custom PT came up in my search. I knew after reading the info on their website this was the type of place I needed. I made an appointment with Cat and she was amazing from day one. The first thing she had me do was run on a treadmill while she recorded it. We then watched the video and she told me what I was doing wrong, gave me a couple of cues to try and had me run again and recorded it. We then watched the videos side by side and there was a vast difference just from the simple cues she gave me. We then went through a series of exercises to strengthen muscles that were weak and not being activated that can cause the pain I was experiencing. The video analysis is such an amazing tool at pinpointing what could be causing the injury. She also encouraged me to do the exercises at home and continue running and training with the cues we had worked on earlier. Since my training plan had been disrupted do to the injury she helped me create a plan that would give me the best chance at making it to the marathon healthy and ready. Every time I went in they worked on massaging my IT bands, stretched me out and then put me through an intense workout that was purposely created to strengthen the weaknesses in my legs. The strength training exercises were what I needed and what my training was lacking. I highly recommend Custom PT if you are a runner with an injury and need help getting back on track to achieve your goals. You meet with someone 1 on 1 that cares and wants to help you make it to your race. The entire staff and management are incredible and are super easy to work with. I always looked forward to going to physical therapy and always felt better and stronger after leaving each session. Even missing a few weeks of training due to my injury I still crushed my goal of beating my previous marathon time, my legs felt great the next day and recovery time was very minimal. I couldn’t have done it without Custom PT! Thank you Cat, Greg and Jordan who were the staff I worked most closely with over the last few months.

Susan Nazimek

After four months at two other physical therapy offices, I was still in the same pain I walked in with. I had three orthos evaluate me and no one could conclude why I had annoying pain behind my knee. When I walked in to Custom, within 20 minutes, Lisbeth had watched me run, pinpointed the exact muscle I had strained and explain exactly what I needed to do. Within a month, I was having painfree runs! She answers alllll my questions about running, form, muscles, etc etc etc. I would recommend Custom Performance to all runners. They are runners helping runners! I’m so grateful for Custom!

Eva Frissora

NY Custom PT & Performance is FANTASTIC! I strongly recommend going there for any physical (and mental!) therapy, or just for simple recovery tools or for running analyses. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and well-resourced (e.g., plenty of staff, clothes for you to change into, towels, lots of equipment, etc.). The facility is very clean and they also have lots of healthy snacks. They offer a wide variety of services on top of working with a physical therapist, such as acupuncture, massages, and boot compression, and also has many running specific tests such as VO2 Max and gait analysis. The people are great, and I always look forward to going there (in fact, I always try to find an excuse to drop by). Great experience all around!

Ian Marcus Amelkin

Custom performance helped me a ton with IT band, quad, and hamstring issues as I prepared to run my first marathon. I truly believe they helped make my legs permanently stronger through their program. I am very thankful to them for the support!

Brittany Brugos

I started going to Custom when my previous physical therapist hit a wall while addressing my IT band injury. On day one Cat filmed me running and continued to work tirelessly with me on my gait, cadence, pelvic tilt, and glute strength. On my first appointment, I couldn’t complete a 10 minute run/walk without knee pain, but after working with Cat and the whole Custom team, I completed my first marathon pain free! They are a phenomenal team. The office is welcoming and an open layout that provides clients and staff the camaraderie to talk running and commiserate over injury. I’ve never had trouble making an appointment and they offer other services like massage, yoga and strength training classes for runners, and a run club. Custom’s runner-specific focus got me running again and if I ever need physical therapy again, I will be back. 10/10 recommend!!

Richard Corbi

Custom Performance has been an essential part of not only my marathon training but also my overall fitness routine. The "fresh legs" helps with the recovery after super long runs and the advice of all the trainers and PT's at Custom Performance adds volumes to your running game. I also discovered their "Bread & Butter" fitness class, which is a hidden gem of a fitness class. I like the small size of the class and the focus on doing the exercises with precision, which translates into better and more efficient miles on the road. I highly recommend Custom Performance to runners and athletes of all levels and abilities. It's one of the most supportive and welcoming places in the fitness community. Rich C of Long Island City, NY

Carolina Cohen Freueh

Getting injured as a runner in training sucks. And there's nothing more than a runner hates when a doctor or PT tells them they need to stop running. The thing is, at Custom PT, the staff are runners themselves. They get it. They want to get you back in the game strong. Unlike other PT places, here you work with one therapist your entire visit so you really get personalized attention. On top of the hands on care and home exercise routine, the staff asks about your nutrition, your sleep, etc , they really listen and take a holistic approach to make you the best runner you can be. They know their stuff. It's worth every penny. Oh and their facility is spotless and has the latest running gadgets. They even offer strength classes for runners and "fresh legs" services for some TLC even when you don't have an injury. They are truly the best

Elen Aghekyan

The best PT experience I've ever had--A+ and golden stars galore. I went in with a foot injury two weeks before a half marathon, and was able to recover and make it through the race with little pain and no complications. As someone who hasn't received formal running training, I found their running analysis extremely useful--there were things about my gait, stride, and body that I had never noticed before (hello, excessive hip and shoulder movements!), and they were able to easily explain how my habits can contribute to injuries and also help me implement effective fixes. Their use of an app for training schedules and how-to videos is super useful. I've worked mostly with Cat, but have found everyone in the office to be extremely caring, knowledgeable, and responsive. And really fun to be around!

Kyle Randolph

THIS PLACE IS THE BEST. Custom Performance helped take me from a running novice and finishing the New York marathon! The journey to my first marathon was filled with plenty of bumps and injuries. The awesome team at Custom Performance helped get me back on my feet each and overtime help me correct and strengthen my running form. THE BEST.

Emily Palmer

Custom Performance is the best place for PT. I've gone there over the last few years and they've helped me prepare for many races and come back from various injuries. The PT I work with, Kathleen, always makes sure to explain what is going with my body, which is so incredibly helpful. 10/10 would recommend!

erica guja

My story before Custom Performance was a long one filed with agony, disappointment, frustration, and unshakeable pain. My story after my 1st and ONLY visit to Custom Performance with Greg Laraia quickly turned into a pain free, invigorating, uplifting, and SUCCESSFUL one. I traveled the 2 hours into the city and had an hour session with Greg Laraia that changed EVERYTHING. When I met with Greg I remember explaining to him that I was 2 weeks away from the start of my 16 week training program for the NYC Marathon, but at the time I had not run more than 1 mile without excruciating pain in 4 whole months. I explained that I was told from the doctors that I have ITBS, patella tendinitis, and muscular imbalance — and have NEVER ran more than 13 miles before…oh, and I have scoliosis too. I was expecting him to have the reaction that I was a lost cause, and maybe wasn’t meant for running this length. Instead, Greg met my adversity with an exciting energy and eagerness to start the running analysis and get to figuring my running form out. Throughout the session Greg get off a calmness that ensured me that he would figure out what was causing the pain, and step by step he indeed pieced the pieces together. After my session I received a detailed write up that broke down everything we went over in our session, including the tests, as well as a recommendations for strength training, stretching, and of course cues on how to correct my running form. I have to say that the program Greg wrote up for me was not difficult by any means. It was 5 exercises with a resistance band and a few stretches, and he gave me about 5 cues to focus on changing in my running form. I loved that the solutions were not overwhelming or complicated, it was very precise and targeting only the areas that needed addressing. Greg prescribed me 2 mile runs 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks and then to start my marathon training. Since then, I HAVE NOT HAD KNEE PAIN ONCE. 16 weeks later I ran my first marathon, the NYC Marathon in 4:13, and am already planning my next. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for Custom Performance, and especially Greg Laraia. I pushed myself through so much pain, spent so much time trying to figure out my knee problems through all of these complicated processes… and my experience with Custom Performance was so SIMPLE. The knowledge that the running trainers have is so incredible— Greg was able to watch a video in real time with me, and break down core aspects of my form and how they effect my body. The fact that Greg was able to take that complicated knowledge and break it into simple terms for me, and most important simple SOLUTIONS, was extremely impressive. If you are on the fence of whether its worth it to invest in an appointment, DO NOT HESITATE. I will try to keep my backstory short, but I started training for a Marathon in January, and by mid MarchI was not able to run more than 1 mile without debilitating pain. For almost 5 months I visited 3 different doctors, traveling all over Long Island to see different knee specialists, got MRI’s twice, ect. I changed physical therapists, went 2-3 times a week, even routinely tried acupuncture and deep massage/cupping. I changed my diet to reduce inflammation and began juicing and taking supplements. I did EVERYTHING, and spent a LOT of money doing so — $2,000+. Tried braces, taping mechanisms, and wraps… I tried it ALL! The problem was no one was focusing on WHY it was happening and HOW TO FIX it so it won’t happen again. This is when I began researching the web for running analysis locations and running specialists. This brings us to Custom Performance! The whole entire staff was so friendly as soo as I walked in, and welcomed me as if I was their best friend. Greg Laraia followed up with various emails after my visit, continuing to offer and guidance and answer any of my questions via email. I can tell that Greg Laraia, and the entire staff at Custom Performance genuinely cares about their clients and I am forever thankful.

Rachel Weinstock

Has continuously taken care of me for a year and a half. I owe them every start line and finish line after multiple injuries threatened to take me out. Each and every member of the staff is a god send. Thank you Custom for everything you do for the running community!!

Jason Hernandez

NY Custom Physical Therapy was a fantastic experience. As an avid runner, I'm always trying to find innovative ways to improve and educate myself towards an injury free future. During my visit, I was evaluated on every aspect of my running mechanics and was offered easy and crucial ways to better my form. These techniques were advised and as a result, I already feel better. To all those thinking about checking them out, please do so as you will be impressed by their professionalism and intense attention to detail.

Frederick J Moehn

I came to Custom Performance a couple weeks before the Berlin Marathon and have worked with them through the NYC Marathon, with a half marathon in between. Booking is easy, staff are friendly, helpful, efficient, and the therapists are experts that listen to you and know what to do about any issues you are having. The location and space are good. I’ve seen noticeable improvement in my two months with CP. And they keep track of your progress and races. I am very pleased to have found Custom Performance and can recommend them to athletes or anyone who has a PT issue to work out. I’ve worked with Kathleen mostly, but I have no doubt all staff are experts.

Don Favre

The staff at Custom Performance are amazing. Special shout-out to Kathleen Leninger, the best physical therapist in NYC !! If you’re a runner and are having any physical issues, i highly recommend visiting Custom Performance. They will help you....I guarantee it !!

Emi Matsuyama

Entire staff are professional and the place runs like a well oiled machine. Facilities are clean, spacious, and modern with boutique gym vibes. I'm in great care under Kathleen - her approach is very practical and centered around addressing and fixing the underlying issue of injury. She answers all of my questions directly and patiently.

Jerlyn Thomas

The staff here has been so essential to my endurance sport career. Whether I was training for a marathon or half ironman, they helped me remain injury free. They genuinely care about each athlete's development no matter what level they are. I've seen so many other clients come through the doors from elites to first timers (All thrilled to be empowered by running). Besides the day-to-day care of their clients, they also host beneficial panels/events and workouts. This is basically a one-stop shop for all your training needs (you can get gait tested, find your VO2Max, etc).

Kaitlin Fuelling

Simply the BEST PT facility I have been to. They helped me train for my first marathon as well as helped me recovery from some lingering injuries. They also helped me improve my running form and enhance my running mentality, which was essential for finishing the New York Marathon. Everyone who works there is kind, considerate, and understanding. They took into consideration my past experience and helped me adjust various elements of my running to heal certain injuries, prevent others, and get me to the start/finish healthy and happy. They are intuitive and will listen to your goals and help you reach them. I appreciated not only the physical therapy but mental aspect that they provided. They provide their undivided attention when helping train clients for events such as a marathon or half-marathon or recovery from an injury. I could not have made it to the start AND finish healthy and without them. The facility is top-notch and was just expanded to include a full equipment area. I cannot say enough positive things about this PT clinic and highly recommend checking it out!

Lauren Soto

Custom PT is the absolute best!!!! Their facility is amazing and the entire staff seems to truly care about each patient. Kathleen has worked miracles on my dance related injuries! I really appreciate how she customizes my rehab to my needs as a dancer. I would not go anywhere else!

Nicole Sumner

Custom PT is fantastic - all of the staff is so friendly, and I've been working with Kathleen who is awesome. I started to have knee pain while training for a half, and Kathleen worked with me to improve my form, patiently answered all my questions, and gave me very thorough explanations about what was causing the pain. She is incredibly helpful, and made me feel confident about what my options were for continuing to train and race.

Leeat Shnaider

The Custom Performance family is amazing! I've been going to Custom Performance for over 3 years now. My first visit was in April 2016 when I started having pain in my right hip. The rehab for my stress fracture was really tough but the whole team was so supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. They helped me so much through that injury that I decided to continue going on a weekly basis for prehab. They've helped keep me healthy through many miles since including two marathon training cycles.

Dolors Heras

Great quality and nice people. They have been helping me a lot with my hip alignment and make me feel very comfortable. Thanks

Sara Cavolo

I started coming to Custom as part of my 2018 NYC Marathon recovery and maintenance plan. At the start of my training, I got myself set up with a gait analysis, which was super informative and helped correct my excessive spinal rotation that was causing lower back pain. Additionally, Greg set me up with at home exercises to help with my hips and glutes. Throughout my training, Custom was my go-to place for post long-run recovery boots and the painful, yet extremely helpful "Fresh Legs" service. A magical service that helps loosen up sore/tired/tight legs especially when you get into the long mileage of marathon training. No matter what was going on throughout my training, Custom helped find the solution and got me back on track. From the front desk, to the trainers themselves, all are super knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Custom Performance to anyone looking to step up their running game or aid in their recovery.

Rick Andrews

The best PT experience I've had. As a runner, lots of pt's will simply tell you to not run. The staff here was amazing and worked with my training to get me healthier, stronger, all without abandoning my training plans.

Anna D

Cat has done a miracle in helping me heal from shin splints and at the same time train for the NYC marathon!

Jeff Linder

There is a good reason why Custom Performance is widely known in New York for the unique ability to help runners and their associated injuries. The reason is, Custom Performance handles patients differently than other PTs. While ordinary PT's will have you execute a variety of exercises and send you home, at Custom Performance, the PT's hew to a higher calling. It's called healing. The exercises are demonstrated exclusively for practicing at home. Exercises are individually chosen for your abilities and your injury based on discussions with your PT. For my Achilles injury, with little progress after three months at a general PT firm, I went to Custom Performance. At Custom, Dr. Hoyt understood what was necessary for this specific injury, coached me and helped heal my Achilles injury so I could run again. So, if you are a runner, Custom Performance will find a way to improve the way you heal and perform. No one knows as much about how to heal and work with runners than the PTs at Custom.

S Jabri

Professionals, courteous, knowledgeable & everyone will go out of his/her way to help. For nearly 2 years, suffering from hip flexor issues, so running was always painful. Referred to PT Custom and my first session was on 31st of March 17. The only promise, after the evaluation, I received from Cat was: I'll get you ready for Brooklyn Half Marathon, don't worry. On 20 May 17 ( 50 days after my 1st session) , I ran my 1st half Marathon in 2 years, pain free. Thank you Cat, Jordan and all the friendly staff there.

Alexandra Furie

Could not recommend Custom Performance more. I started seeing Lisbeth almost a year ago after a stress fracture and she helped get me back to racing in no time. She has kept my body healthy throughout all of my races this year and guided me through training for my first marathon (along with the other amazing coaches there). Not only are all of their PTs top notch and the nicest people you will find, but they offer such a friendly and welcoming environment that you will want to be there all of the time :) Custom Performance also offers amazing strength classes to complement your training and keep you injury free. Their running team, Streets101, is an awesome training group with so much support and great people!

Kiersten Johnston

I love that Custom Performance's PTs and athletic trainers understand the people they care for as most of them are runners too. Lisbeth worked with me post-Boston Marathon and because of her I'm excited to come back stronger and smarter for next year. She took the time to check in with me and provide necessary skills I can take with me into the next training cycle. Thank you to Lisbeth and Custom Performance for being the best!

Chloe Lewis

I am so grateful for the team at Custom Performance. No only did they get me ready for the Chicago Marathon, they created a training plan, gave me detailed workouts, and managed all my injuries with such care and grace that I do not know if I could have crossed the finish line without them. Every PT there is so skilled, they are always staying educated and ahead of trends, and they community that Wendy has created there makes any kind of treatment a pleasure. The classes they offer are better than (and cheaper) than personal training sessions, and you know you are being trained by the best of the best in the New York running community. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for injury prevention, recovery, or coaching.

Luke Cebula

Custom Performance is the best physical therapy! No matter if you are a runner or not, they will help you feel confident with your recovery and optimistic that you will be better soon. Kathleen is the best :) Very happy with my appointments at CP!

Jenna Moulton

I cannot speak highly enough about NY Custom PT & Performance. I have been a runner for 12+ years, running competitively in both high school and college, yet I have found that even in my adult running life I still have more to learn! After suffering the start of achilles tendonitits, I decided to give NYCustomPT a try. Not only did their team effectively treat my injury while keeping me running, but I learned much more about my running form. My PT sessions helped to strengthen my achilles, but also to strengthen my form and overall running efficiency. A truly individualized experience. Wendy and Cat are both equally wonderful PTs and true professionals. The entire team work to encourage, strengthen, and empower their clients through evidence based practices. Best PT experience I have ever had!

Maja Feenick

I’ve worked with Kathleen for over a year or so, and she has helped me through a number of injuries and has gotten me to running more comfortably and effectively. I now go in at least twice a month to make sure I’m in good shape and I’m so happy to have found Custom Performance! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to stay a happy and healthy runner.

Ania Kozlowska

Had a great experience going to CustomPT to rehab a stress fracture. The PT was super knowledgeable, was able to diagnose what led to the injury, and worked on a comprehensive plan to get back to running. The staff is super friendly, facility is great (yay for an Alter-G!), and going there was a great experience.

Erin Kil

Great place to work with knowledgable athletic trainers to pick apart the running form through the gait analysis, build core strengthening, and consequently prevent injury.

Fran Ritchie

I cannot recommend Custom Performance enough! I've been seeing them for over a year, even after the successful completion of my first marathon. Although my IT band issues got better after a couple months (thanks to Cat's advice and help), I continue to see them for training plans and for random other ailments that have popped up. Everyone is friendly, thoughtful, and extremely welcoming. They take care of you emotionally as well as physically.

James Richardson

Nice, clean office. The staff and management are superb and I love the way they take care of clients.

Christy Corrao

If you're a runner, you need to go here. I work with Cat who is a runner herself and understands what I'm looking for. Her recommendations and treatment have helped me return from a hip injury stronger than before. The ladies (Cat, Wendy and Leah) are also super friendly and fun to be around. Great location too.

Madison McCoy

Custom Performance is INCREDIBLE! As an avid gymnast, runner, cyclist, and swimmer growing up, I have extensive experience with physical therapy. My mom is a PT with her own clinic back in Portland, OR where I’m from, so the bar was set very high when coming in here for treatment. Every therapist has dramatically exceeded my expectations over the past 8 months, and Cat Fitzgerald, in particular, is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend her and everyone else for any and all athletic injuries. They are all remarkably competent and knowledgeable as well as friendly. Wish I could give more stars than 5!

Brandy Carbone

This team is AMAZING! I ran my first marathon this past November in NYC. At the beginning of training, I developed Planters Fasciitis so I was referred to NY Custom PT & Performance by my marathon coach. I worked with Cat over the months of my training. Through the exercises, training recommendations and stretching/massage, I was able to not only accomplish my time goal (a sub-4 hour marathon!) but I achieved this goal without injury. Cat, Wendy, Kathleen and their whole team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great facility and an extended team of therapists. Their equipment is first class, modern and top of brand. They treat all types of athletes - from the extremely competitive to the novice - with the same professionalism and care. I could not be more happy with my performance on the marathon, but I know I could not have achieved my goal without NY Custom PT & Performance. I highly recommend.

Min M

I had such a GREAT experience at Custom! Kathleen was my PT and she was awesome. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to run the NYC Half Marathon (which was also my first half marathon) if I had not gone to Custom 6 weeks before the race. I learned so much about my body and how to train properly. I also now have exercises that I do weekly to help strengthen my body.

Kyley Herring

Custom Performance has helped me tremendously during my last training cycle for the NYC Marathon. I had various injuries from over use and they helped put everything back together. All of the PTs are athletes themselves so they really understand where you’re coming from and have a wealth of knowledge and tips to share with you. They will get you strong and back on your feet in no time! Everyone on the staff is so friendly and the welcoming environment makes you feel comfortable from the very first time. I cannot say enough good things about Custom and their staff! And, if you’re looking for some awesome people to run with, their running team Streets101 is a great support system with the best coaches to help guide you through training for any race!

Ariel Lublin

Working with Kathleen at Custom Performance has made a HUGE difference for me. I have seen more than a half dozen other physical therapists in the last five years or so, and though some have been helpful in other ways, none have been able to help me return to running. Indeed, several practitioners over the years have CAUSED me injuries in their offices, doing their exercises, under the PT's supervision! - these injuries have each taken months to recover from. Kathleen is, by stark contrast, WONDERFUL at getting people of all body types safely back to running - in just a few visits, my ability to run has been transformed. I am so grateful for Kathleen's expert analysis, both on the treadmill and off, and for her expertise, including the range of exercises she has at her finger-tips to recommend for my specific situation. I do most of my exercises at home, with visits once a month or so to check in and get updates as I progress. Kathleen has been very understanding about working with my schedule and what works best for ME given my ability to do the exercises accurately and safely at home once they have been clearly explained. I feel very appreciative of how she has enabled me to get back to running in a way that minimizes my risk of future injury. Ariel Lublin

Lauren Tanenbaum

Greg saves lives! He got me back outside more quickly than I expected and explains the exercises and running form in a really easy to understand and execute way.

NYCTri 2018

I would highly recommend Custom Performance PT to any athlete looking to maximize their recovery from injury or improve their overall abilities as an athlete. After sustaining a knee injury and having surgery to treat a torn quadricep tendon, I contacted multiple physical therapists in the city to discuss my recovery process. As a competitive triathlete, I was pretty concerned, as the injury completely derailed my most successful season to date. After a few not so great phone conversations with other physical therapy facilities, I contacted Custom PT. Even from the first phone conversation I had, I was confident that I had found the most qualified physical therapy group. The facility has a very modern appearance with great equipment and very personable staff. Perhaps the most important feature of treatment, was that every appointment was individualized and you had supervision throughout the appointments. This is not a PT factory where you spend five minutes with the physical therapist and then do lame exercises by yourself unsupervised. Cat and Greg were absolutely amazing, incredibly knowledgable and were able to take me from having trouble walking, back to top form. During my first season back, I surpassed all of my expectations and goals and most recently had an age group win at the NYC Triathlon. I am forever grateful to the staff at Custom PT, as all of this would not have been possible without their expertise and dedication. Thank you so much.

andy wegman

Great staff and setup

Mark Fonseca

Greg was great in helping correct my running form

Shan Haq

I went in with some rudimentary knowledge about gait. I'm a recreational runner with 40 race history ranging the gamut from 5k to marathon. Aspects of my gait I've been aware of are cadence and foot strike. Interestingly, these were the strongest aspects of my biomechanics-- showing me that this is something that can be improved and worked on as long as you are aware. At New York Custom, I worked with one of the PT's, Cat. She numerically evaluated my gait, explained what the numbers meant, and gave me exercises to improve my biomechanics. If you enjoy running and are conscious of form; it is absolutely worth having an evaluation so you are aware of tweaks that can help you become the strongest and fastest runner you can be. I will likely go again for a followup evaluation to see how my biomechanical efficiency/gait has improved either before or after NY Marathon coming up in November. Thanks Cat!

julie huntington

Simply put, Wendy is the best Physical Therapist I have ever worked with! She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! A runner and athlete herself, she tailors each PT session, taking into account the present state of the body (injuries, weaknesses), while helping patients focus on short-term and long-term rehabilitation and training goals. Post-recovery, Wendy helps patients design practical plans for improving form and preventing future injuries. When working Wendy, it's never just about spot-treating an injury. Her approach is holistic with an eye to maintaining optimal function and health for life. When I experienced a quadricep strain 5 weeks into a 16-week marathon training plan, I was scared that my distance and pace goals would be derailed by the injury. After providing an accurate assessment of the injury and recommending a week of full rest, Wendy devised a stretching and strengthening routine to promote healing and compliment my running routine. She also helped me implement a tactical plan to safely ramp back up to high mileage, get back to hill work, and increase my training intensity with pace and interval workouts. As I begin my taper, the apprehension I felt about the injury has disappeared. Three weeks out, I am feeling focused, confident, and prepared for this race. Through this whole process, Wendy has taught me so much about my body and how it works. Undoubtedly, the knowledge I have gained from working with Wendy through this training cycle will benefit me for years to come.

Scott Solomon

Custom is a haven for anyone recovering from an injuring or training for a race. The PTs are great and Greg is awesome on the coaching front. Couldn’t recommend it more.

Eric Xiao

Great people, great service

Laura Mutis

I have been working with Custom PT for over two years on and off. I had to push back my goal of running the NYC marathon several times, but what made the difference for me was Cat and the team at Custom PT. These people understand running because they are runners themselves. The tailored and explicit recommendations they provide truly work and I saw it happening in my own development. It is an investment nonetheless, but it is worth every penny. If you are serious about running, they’ll make sure you get the treatment that will work for you. It will take time and it will require you to work, but they’ll provide all of the tools. I am very thankful for what Custom PT has done for me. On top of ALL of that, it is a beautiful facility, the staff is extremely helpful and there is always coffee or something for you to snack on, which, for me, is always a plus. I highly recommend Custom PT and Cat (she is the PT that I work with).

Jay Collins

NY Custom PT is the best in the city by far (Ive been to several over the past 5 years). Its clean, modern, has all the equipment you need and the staff are excellent! I was carrying a couple of injuries from Crossfit (hip flexor & quad) and Wendy has been able to drastically reduce my stiffness and pain in just a couple of weeks. I was recommended this place by a friend and have since recommended it to several. If you can get an appointment, its the best there is.

Gabriela Davogustto

I started running last year and Cat and the custom performance team helped me overcome injuries - ankles and knee- correct my running form, and achieve my goals! Two half marathons in less than a year. This team made the impossible possible with care and kindness from the front desk to the PT table.

beth salonia

Such a great facility, and Lisbeth is amazing! She is helping me get back to healthy running, something I've been missing out on for several years now.

Manon Blackman

Excellent PT for any and all runners! I’ve worked with Lisbeth mainly and she is fantastic. I came all through my marathon training season and stayed healthy throughout. Highly recommend!

Abby Armada

This is the best place to get yourself fixed if you're a runner in NYC -- they help everyone, even us back-of-the-packers. Each physical therapists are realistic, understanding and have an awesome depth of knowledge. I've been going to them for over a year for various issues and they helped me heal up, get faster and stronger. A friendly, efficient and warm place! Check it out.

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