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REVIEWS OF Body Harmony Physical Therapy IN New York

Jordana Ornstein Silverman

I started with Body Harmony PT in the summer to assist with an ongoing pelvic floor problem, and the staff were the first to recognize the diagnosis was indirectly related to an actual problem. After diagnosing my thigh injury that was over 2 years old and causing muscular-skeletal problems, they were able to heal the leg, hip, and release the tension on the pelvic floor. Irene was kind, attentive, and provided email instructions for all at-home practices needed to support recovery. Without Irene, my pelvic floor could still be problematic today.

Daniel Judah Sklar

Roseanne Cruz Schoen of Body Harmony did an excellent job of helping me with my urinary retention problem. Her hands-on work was sensitive and sure; she explained the exercises I do at home well; she listened to my concerns and offered logical and wise advice. It was a pleasure to be her client. I recommend her without qualification.

Megan Santosusso

Five stars for Irene who is amazing. One star for owner Naz and billing policies. After months of inquiries about my insurance and payments they just keep ignoring me and refusing to give me a straight answer. Pick a policy. Be upfront about it. Stand behind it.

Nicole Lebedowicz

I am so grateful for Body Harmony and my therapist, Gwen. Weight gain during pregnancy and a long labor put significant strain on my ligaments, abdominals and pelvic floor. I learned exercises that helped stretch my muscles and ligaments. I also received guidance on breathing and safe movements. I am on the mend now and so grateful to have had someone coaching me through it all - explaining the changes that were happening to my body and how to compensate. The entire staff is friendly and I look forward to my weekly sessions! I can’t thank them enough!

Adrienne Schumm

I started PT at Body Harmony almost a year ago with Irene. New to pelvic floor therapy, I was unsure about everything. Irene took the time to explain in detail everything that was going on with my pelvic floor, why I have issues, how therapy can help and how I can help myself at home. Every session is a great learning experience and I have noticed results. Irene is very dedicated to her work and patients, I would recommend Body Harmony to anyone with pelvic floor issues, especially if you are new to this type of PT like me!

Bethany Brown

Irene has been treating me at Body Harmony for over a year, and she is the best healthcare practitioner I have ever had. In two words, Irene is smart and she is kind. She is confident enough in her skill to include me to really discuss decisions about treatments. She thinks creatively and logically. She communicates with clarity, positivity and humor. She asks questions that show humility and curiosity. She also puts the care in healthcare. I know she is genuinely concerned when I am in pain, and she shows joy with every step of improvement I make. Additionally, the office is run by professionals that are friendly and efficient, even with billing questions!

LLs Things Shop

I have seen a total of 5 different PTs (between another location and this establishment). I also read the Amy Stein book and did their $75 phone consultation where they made assurances and explained the treatment I would receive. I can say, hands down, that Irene at Body Harmony is the best and most knowledgeable PT I have ever worked with. I suffered from severe pelvic pain and pain with sitting. Over time, she investigated and learned my body. She eventually found the root cause of my pain and eliminated almost all of it. I am now firmly on the path towards healing. Irene taught me about my body and its particular mechanics and movement. I can now relieve minor hip pain on my own through exercises and stretches that Irene taught me. After almost 2+ years of debilitating pain, several doctors and PTs, I cannot believe I am as pain free as I am. Irene saved my life.


My gynecologist sent me to Nazneen at Body Harmony Physical Therapy for severe pelvic floor muscle spasms. During my first visit, Naz was confident she could help me become pain-free. While Naz has been my primary therapist for 8 months, I have also been treated by Irene, Roseanne, Francesca, and Keely. Treatment sessions are one-on-one in a private, clean and comfortable room. All of the therapists are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and committed to delivering a customized treatment plan. On a scale of 0 to 10, my pain level has reduced beyond my expectations from a 9-10 to a 2-3. The office staff is extremely friendly and professional – very responsive to emails/calls and flexible scheduling. Thank you, Body Harmony PT! Life changing!

Simon Gittins

From reception through to treatment, a fantastic and professional service. Have struggled with lower back issues for years and genuinely feel the team here have restored my confidence in my body again. Cannot recommend them all more highly.

Alexey Skorokhodov

I worked with Irene, and during the two months therapy she was able to identify and resolve many of my physical problems. She is always attentive and takes note on every issue with ones body. Her holistic approach to body really helps to understand health and wellness in a different light. She takes her time understating issues and relates very well with her patients. Highly recommend Irene if you need any physical therapy.

Nikki Lutin

The office staff is great and very accommodating/flexible. Naz is terrific and helped me so much with my pain. She is thorough, consistent, flexible with appointment times, and very warm/welcoming. She also allows you to bring your baby to the appointment if you need to.

Gabrielle Ouaknine

I have been coming to Body Harmony for almost a year now after having been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Disorder from my doctor. I used to be treated by Keely (who was amazing) and now I currently see Roseanne once a week to treat my PFD, and she is also amazing. I usually come in complaining of SI joint pain and by the time I leave, I feel a million times better. Roseanne has helped me tremendously in the past few months and helped me to cope with my PFD in my day to day life.

Faye Layman

Highly recommend this business! I’ve been working with Naz since late last year. She is an amazing physical therapist - very caring and knowledgeable. I started with Mayan massages and then she treated me for lower back and pelvic floor issues. I thought those pains were just my new normal as a postpartum mom but she has healed me. Naz is also very accommodating. I’ve brought my toddler into many of our sessions and she is so sweet to him even on his temperamental days. And the staff has been great to us. That kind of kindness and customer service is hard to find.

Megan Farrell

I have been a patient at Body Harmony for over three years. Naz and the other therapists helped me recover from two pregnancies. They taught me how to manage my own issues with a great deal of patience and individualized care. After having substantial post-partum issues, I’m now back to running, spinning, and dragging toddlers around with almost no trouble. I highly recommend them!

Luisa Gonzalez

Treatment from Naz and Irene has given me my life back. Before starting treatment at Body Harmony, I had seen many other therapist and only saw marginal results. I honestly thought I would never regain enough function to return to school and enjoy a normal social life. After a few months of treatment, I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Today I continue to see Irene because I am still seeing improvements and my body is getting stronger (she is an exercise genius). I am so immensely thankful and I honestly don't know what I would have done without this team. FYI I get treatment for tailbone and lower back pain.

Vanessa M

I am so grateful for Body Harmony! I have been seeing Roseanne for over a year now. Her care and attentiveness helped alleviate years of chronic pain. Working with Roseanne has greatly improved the quality of my life.

Carla O

The therapist Naz canceled on me twice in the last minute, they never called back when they said they would. I missed two cycles just because they totally neglected returning messages and keeping their word. SO DISAPPOINTING!!!

Giselle Martin-Kniep

Gwen is an caring and super competent therapist. Her communication skills are impeccable and she takes all the time that is necessary to help her clients understand and be an active part of the therapy process.

Sarah McCollum Williams

Irene is a genius, though I am truly impressed with the whole team at this physical therapy practice. Highly recommend!

Jess Guro

I originally came to Body Harmony for hip/pelvis pain. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. I’m a runner and was very frustrated with this pain. I saw primarily Naz but also Roxanne and they not only helped me get to pain free but helped me with preventative exercises - I even ended up running a marathon that same year!! Recently I randomly fell on concrete on my knee and am back to Body Harmony because I know they will do everything they can to get me to be pain free and back to running. Not only are the physical therapists amazing, but everyone at the front desk has been incredibly helpful and always willing to review my insurance with me if I have any questions. They truly care about their patients here. Highly recommend!

sami shub

I go to Jennifer at Body Harmony. She is the best p/t person I have ever used!!!!! She has treated me for issues related to falling , knee injury ,neck pain and neck limitations , and more. She is not limited in her focus to working on the part u complain of. She understands the whole body and its interrelationships and subtleties. I have learned balance, my neck now has turning range , parts that hurt do not anymore. i tell all my friends to go to her if they have a problem O, and she is also a great person....

Talia Souki

I highly recommend Irene! She is an incredible physical therapist and her knowledge goes way beyond pelvic floor issues even though it is her expertise. I've been working with her for several months now and first came in with a tailbone pain that was unbearable. Doctors calling themselves "tailbone specialists" would tell me that my 2 only options were cortisone injections and surgery. The injections made things worst to a point where I would cry from the pain and wouldn't be able to sleep at night as any movement would trigger it. I was so lucky to find Irene, who thinks out of the box and treats the body as a whole. She was able to identify where the problem came from (and it wasn't the pelvis!), and put an end to my nightmare. We continued our work together as I got pregnant in the meantime and other issues started raising. Now that I'm almost 6 months pregnant, I consider that every long walk and activity I am still able to do is thanks to her. I have different types of pain due to the constant changes in my body, and my weekly sessions with Irene are helping me release a lot of the tensions. I am so grateful to have found her and can't say enough good things about her! The staff is also extremely nice and helpful, it's a very caring and safe environment to be in.

Jenny Adams

I've been a patient of Nazneen Vasi now for about 4 years. Originally, I came in for painful sex. No one had been able to give me answers. She's so kind and so knowledgable. Within about 3 months, she had fixed my issues. I've never been as in-tune with my body as I have been since then. We are now good friends and occasionally I go back in for pelvic floor tune-ups when my muscles get too tight. I've also had stomach issues, and she was the first person I sought out because I trust her and value her opinions. What a great practice to have in the city. If you are having issues, GO to Body Harmony. They are fantastic.

Aron Nafisi

Very happy with Rose Anne the therapist, Very proffesional and made me feel better in just 2 months.

Allie Nelson

I have been seeing Irene since May and she is AMAZING. Very knowledgeable and spends her free time researching pelvic pain, so she is constantly learning. She will even email me on her own time to ask additional questions to help figure out how to better help me. Multiple doctors have failed to find the causes of my pain, meanwhile Irene on her own discovered I must have had surgery in certain areas and when I looked at my surgical report, she was right! She will do anything she can to help you and will tell you if she thinks you need to see a doctor when she can’t.

Monisha Mahabir

I was extremely pleased with my experience at Body Harmony Physical Therapy, considering how nervous I felt going in for pelvic floor muscle treatment. The staff were very professional, courteous, friendly and welcoming. They even accommodated me despite being 30 mins late. My attending therapist was very professional, and she was able to relax me so that I could reap the full benefits of the session. My sessions lasted for about an hour, and I was given exercises to continue at home. My therapist explained in detail the potential causes and effects of different situations giving rise to pelvic floor issues, really helping me to understand the cause of my pain. The treatment has been instrumental in alleviating my pain. The office is conveniently located, and the staff are very accommodating. Their wealth of knowledge and experience showed in their professionalism. It felt great to be treated with such care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Karen Hashley

After years of being dismissed by doctors, painful exams, and the full range of Endometriosis symptoms, I was nervous to start pelvic physical therapy. I didn't know what to expect, but I did research and contacted Body Harmony with questions, they were reassuring and helpful before I even arrived at my first appointment. The staff was always kind and supportive. I started with bi-weekly appointments. Some days were easier than other, Nazneen explained what was happening and why, how to care for myself, and recommended at times for me to take a day off for endo-care when it all got too much. Stacy, the office manager, took care of all my insurance questions and helped with my ever change appointment schedule. Everyone at the front desk made it comfortable to walk in and get to work! Over the nine months, I got to work Irene, Roseanne, and Gwen. Each offering support and insights. Each patience and professional. My routine started with stretching and relaxation, undoing years of tight pelvic and leg muscles, and back pain that I didn't realize tied to endo. By summer we moved into strengthening my core, without undoing all the work we had done so far. Until I was consistency pain-free and was ready to graduated (Nov. 2018). I have recommended Body Harmony to endo-Sisters and friends who recently had babies, even if they don't have pain but if they want to understand their anatomy better. Endometriosis is a chronic condition, and I am glad to know I could come back at any time. Dealing with pelvic pain is highly personalized and weirdly intimate, as no two people or issues are the same. I am thankful I live in New York and have access to such care.

Alicia Joseph

The service is great!!! The staff is very helpful. Oh, great location that is convenient for me and the place is very clean!

Katherine Kenney

The front desk team is very friendly and accommodating, and PT Irene is extremely knowledgeable and creative regarding treatment, stretches, and exercises. She makes adjustments as necessary and is extremely responsive re: scheduling requests.

Ellen Belton

My doctor recommended that I work with Roseanne, and I found her to be a wonderful, caring therapist, who helped me greatly with lower back pain.

Sammy M

I highly recommend Roseanne. I had an appointment with Roseanne very late in my pregnancy to help losen the tightness in my hips and was very please with my appointment

Nikki Klevos

Love body harmony PT. The therapists were extremely thorough in their evaluation and took their time with the exam. I felt that each of my concerns was addressed adequately and we came up with an exercise plan which was tailored to my specific problem. Love the patient centered care and focus and the caring attitude of the therapists. Naz is amazing. The building is convenient, close to the subway and very accessible, not to mention the beautiful woolworth building it is located in. Keep up the great work guys!

Regan Lynn Larroque

Owen Kaye-Kauderer

Irene, Naz and the team are true gurus. Amazing place!

Elizabeth K

I have gone to see Naz and her team for several post-partum issues after each of my children, and found the staff and practitioners to be professional, skilled, courteous, and most importantly, extremely effective in helping me through my issues with a combination of an individualized PT plan and accompanying home exercises. Naz and her staff are very personable and easy to relate to, which is nice when you're coming for regular treatments and is an added bonus. The front desk staff is also very responsive and helpful. I recommend Naz and her staff to many of my mom friends as well as anyone who has orthopedic problems that need PT care.

Marcela Ruano

I consider myself very fortunate to have found the therapists at Body Harmony. After two very painful surgeries, I had lost hope that I would be able to lead a normal life. Everyday tasks were very difficult and even going to work was a daily struggle. I was scared and unsure about what I would gain from physical therapy, but after meeting with Naz, I was completely at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring. She truly cares about her patients and works hard to help them achieve their goals. She is amazing. Naz has been my primary therapist, but I am grateful to all the therapists at Body Harmony who have also treated me. They are hard-working, knowledgeable, professional therapists, who are a pleasure to work with. I am also very grateful to the office staff, who are very knowledgeable about any matters involving insurance coverage and claims. It is always a pleasure to speak with them over the phone or in person. I cannot recommend Body Harmony enough. They have helped me get back to a normal life.

Katie Tuss

I have seen many physical therapists and can not say enough good things about Body Harmony. I regularly recommend Nazneen and the team at Body Harmony to friends, family, and acquaintances. Nazneen and all of the PT's are incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough, and precise. They are committed to the very best care possible and spend quality time ensuring that you leave the office feeling better, and with a plan for moving forward to full healing. Naz has restored me to walking and living a pain-free life, over the course of two different pregnancies. The office staff is always very helpful, appointments are on time, and the care is individualized. Body Harmony is a standout among PTs and medical care providers in general.

Sara Robinson

After dealing with pelvic related pain for years, I found Body Harmony and couldn’t be more relieved. I’ve been working with Naz for about two and half months now. She is super thorough and supportive. She’s even gone out of her way to help me navigate insurance related obstacles so I don’t have to miss sessions. Everyone at the front desk is always friendly and helpful as well. The overall environment is very relaxing and welcoming.

Karen Corrie

I had a great experience working with Roseanne to treat pelvic floor issues that resulted from two back-to-back full-term pregnancies. She clearly explained my issues and a plan for physical therapy, guiding me through a series of exercises and treatments that have left me stronger than before I was pregnant! The support staff was always warm and friendly. Folks were even considerate of last-minute scheduling issues (e.g., days when I had not child care on short notice and had to postpone). I'm grateful that I found this nurturing environment to help me through my treatment!

Erin Belles

I can't say enough good things about Body Harmony. I have been going there for pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic floor pain in general after having my baby a few months ago. After seeing 3 other pelvic floor therapists before finding BH, I finally found the place where I know I will heal completely. What a difference it has made not only physically, but also emotionally. The office is calming, the staff is always smiling and friendly and the therapists are extremely smart and know how to make an uncomfortable situation comfortable. Naz brought a unique approach to my healing that the other therapists just didn't offer. I left pain free after my first visit and continue to see improvements. It is also helpful that they have a swing for my newborn to keep her calm during appointments. I highly, highly recommend if you are experiencing any postpartum pelvic pain or even just light bladder leakage...they will help!

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