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REVIEWS OF Symbio Physiotherapy IN New Jersey

Damian McCaughey

Symbio has been a great find for me. The facilities within the Rise location downtown are brilliant, especially the changing area and the turf area where I can work on some controlled sports movements. Stavros is the best physio I’ve ever been treated by and I’ve been to quite a few. His knowledge is so impressive and he is able to make progress through each session in working towards getting me back to fitness for my sport. I highly recommend Symbio for any physical therapy needs, especially sports injuries.

Emma Varvaloucas

I would summarize my experience here as "PT magic!" I've been going to see Stavros at this location and can't say enough positive things about him and the facility itself. I was amazed at how quickly my hip pain was diagnosed and relieved. Would highly recommend Symbio, especially for dancers or athletes.

Tanner Shea

Was broken, now not. I had been suffering from a rotator cuff injury and was going to PT at another place for a few months before I self-assesed I wasn't getting any better. It was around that same time a friend recommended Stavros over at Symbio. The difference between how Stavros approached my injury and his care from my previous PT was night and day. I don't know if I can speak highly enough of Stavros and the work he does. And whatever, actions speak louder than words anyway. So let me tell you about my actions. I'm doing all the things, and then some, that I used to do at the gym and I've returned to my normal day to day activities pain-free. From where I was I literally consider it a miracle. But it's not. It's simply Stav doing his thing at Symbio.

Nicole Rydzewski

Best physio experience. Stavros is a phenomenal PT that was not only able to identify all my major hip issues within the first appointment, but meticulously work on fixing the issue and making me feel pain free for the first time in 4 years. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with short-term or chronic issues.

Brian Hoffman

Joe Turcic at Symbio is by far the best PT I've been to. I've had 3 shoulder surgeries, so I've been to a lot of PTs. Couldn't recommend Joe enough, he really takes the time to understand what the problem is, and because he is constantly learning new techniques and going to seminars, he always knows how to help. I started seeing Joe because I had a lot of neck problems this year. Before I saw Joe I had been to 4 other PTs and 2 acupuncturists who were not able to help me. Joe got me better quickly. Right now I'm seeing Joe for some shoulder issues, I thought it was something structural but Joe has been helping me work through the muscle issues and its definitely feeling better after just 1 session with him.

Brittany Bello

I’ve been to my fair share of PTs since I’ve been a competitive athlete since I was 8 years old. Symbio doesn’t just treat the area of issue, but the WHOLE BODY. Symbio has such great therapists I never feel like I’m asking a dumb question. This is so important for a successful patient relationship. I always recommend Symbio to my fellow runners and my husband is a patient too.

Sierra Alea

I came in yesterday for an appointment and was reminded why I LOVE Stavros. Yes, he’s on time, yes, he’s knowledgeable, yes, he does all the PT things that PT’s do. But I wanted to call out his method of diagnosis and care for his patients/clients in this email. He LISTENS to my whole body assessment (each session), and as he goes through the evaluation, he explains WHY he’s doing what he’s doing and helps me CONNECT THE DOTS of my movement patterns to my diagnosis. He provides a wealth of a really accessible fashion. I’m not an expert, but I leave with expert knowledge and feel empowered (and being honest, when I have pain I can’t treat myself, I often feel disempowered). Also the way he shares his assessment and information is like a colleague talking to another colleague - our conversations feel expert (of PT) to expert (of my own body), instead of being talked down to or like a child (which is rampant in the world of medicine). Thank you to Stavros for inspiring me to be curious about the body, pain science and physical therapy in general. The goal of a physical therapist is to not see their clients often, but I wish I could be here every week.

Jesse Lowenstein

Former competitive swimmer here, being active and working out was a daily part of my life until 4 years ago. I injured my lower back pretty bad and the first physical therapist was able to stabilize the extreme pain but not able to improve my condition 100%. The chronic pain was horrible, getting out of bed, walking, sitting at my desk, pretty much moving caused a lot of aches. After treatment finished the PT advised this was the best they could do and I would not recover 100%. Then 3yrs went by and I pretty much lost hope in regaining my athletic ability, my happiness took a hard hit. By good fortune I connected with Stavros and right from the beginning his methodical approach to my chronic back pain yielded immediate results. From his initial survey, Stavros targeted exactly where all the aches were coming from and I knew right away he is a brilliant, talented guy. He knows everything about the body and how the muscles work for/against each other, also able to explain in layman's terms why my lower back hurts and how various targeted treatments will foster healing. 6 months later my condition has improved a lot, the chronic pain is almost gone and my back strength is almost fully recovered. Call me a happy guy!! I am so grateful for Stavros and recommend him to anyone who has lost joint or muscle function.

Alexander Besant

Simply amazing place. The space itself is lovely and calming. PT with Stavros is thorough, fun and even educational. Was really concerned about my back but after only a few weeks I feel like I'm on the road to a full recovery and have learned a lot about my movements and my body. Very much recommend.

Loni Landon

I am a professional dancer and have seen many different physical therapists throughout my career. Andrew is one of my favorite PT's I have ever worked with and I am really picky. I highly recommend him for dancers, runners or any kind of athlete. Andrew is so thorough and knowledgeable about the body. I never feel the session is rushed and always leave feeling renewed . He is incredibly passionate about his work and I really appreciate how closely he pays attention to details. Added bonus, there is a spa attached to the clinic.

Russell Sun

Have had some really tough foot pain for over two years that a number of other specialists had no luck with improving. Highly highly recommend Symbio PT! I was referred by a friend (who also has had really great results) to Stavros. Such a great approach to understanding my history and logically explaining what the potential issues are and the reasons for each different treatment. I noticed more progress after one session at Symbio with Stavros than every attempt by other specialists in the past. Things have steadily gotten better each week. Not only do I feel consistent improvement, Stavros provides various exercises that compliment the work from the prior session so it doesn't feel as if I'm just waiting till the next visit. I only wish I found out about Symbio earlier on. Thanks again for everything.

Maurya Couvares

I work with Andrew at Symbio PT at 85 Broad Street. He's an incredible practitioner, and as a competitive athlete, it means a lot to have a PT that keeps my body moving correctly. I highly recommend Andrew and Symbio!

Benjamin Kessel

I see Andrew at Symbio (and have followed him wherever he goes ever since he started practicing in nyc). Andrew is the most professional, practical, and effective PT I've ever worked with. His patience, pragmatic approach, and vast knowledge of the human body is the perfect combination to help anyone who is in need. Andrew has gotten me from not running at all (pain in the Winter) to getting me healthy enough to race an Olympic distance triathlon in the Spring, Half Ironman in the Summer, and Ironman in the Fall. Besides my personal experiences with Andrew, for the past 15 years I've been a fitness studio owner, strength & conditioning coach, triathlon coach, and run coach, and exclusively refer my clients/athletes to Andrew to which they've all had fantastic experiences with him. On a side note, the owner of Symbio, Chad, is a great guy and runs a very special PT practice. The location of their financial district studio is in a beautiful facility and is a pleasure to be treated there.

Rosa Goglas

Oh my... where to even start... I had back pain on and off for a few years and decided to visit Symbio. I’ve had the pleasure working with Stav who seemed to have worked miracles. He took his time to hear my history and helped me understand what was happening along with what I needed to get over this pain. I definitely will be back if I need PT again.

Matthew Browne

Andrew is one of the best physical therapists in the city. I know because I have been to eight different PT providers in the NYC area over the past 10 years for various sports injuries and also some earlier shoulder issues. Some of the others have been good too, but Andrew is unique. He is a competitive triathlete and really knows how to prescribe treatment that works, and I'm sure he is just as good at treating non-sports-related injuries because he focuses on the hands-on work, exercises, and individual attention that are the most important parts of any PT program. He helped me recover from some injuries this year much faster than past injuries and I achieved some really major running goals: a half-marathon in 1:19 and just this past Sunday a full marathon in 2:51 (3rd place overall male finisher). This has been really gratifying because I ran cross-country in college but wasn't able to compete my senior year (in 2005) because I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. For several years afterwards, I experienced a lot of fatigue and felt like I was unable to return to running more than a few miles at a time, let alone competitively. It was through running, and especially running with Front Runners (which is how I found out about Symbio - the founder is a Front Runners member) that I finally felt back to normal. While my treatment for issues relating to the thyroid cancer surgery happened years before I met Andrew, obviously I have experience as a post-surgical PT patient as well. Thankfully I had a good PT at that time too, but I have been to other places where the treatment is one-size-fits-all - for example, electrical stimulation treatment, 10-15 minutes of ice - whether it's appropriate for their individual case or not. I'm not saying those treatments can't be effective, but with Andrew you know that your time in the session is being maximized with an individualized program. And he is very good at diagnosing issues and addressing the root causes that can prevent future injury. I'm very grateful to him and Symbio.

Loren Condon

I have literally (and mildly creepily) followed one of the PT’s to Symbio’s downtown location because he was the only person in the last 2 years that was able to help me with my nerve/muscle injury. 110% worth it. Note- I had some bizarre nerve injury ~2 years ago from a gym incident. After ~5 months of many doctors and tests, physicsl therapy was recommended as a “last resort”. Girls at a gym recommended Symbio, and I linked up with Stav - and worked together for maaany months to figure out how best to heal. I went from being unable to move my left arm whatsoever (horrifying) to feeling safe to kayak and return to the gym. (Shout out to the lovely front desk too, because they’re always on it.)

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