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REVIEWS OF Rahway Physical Therapy IN New Jersey

Kul Singh

I visited Dr. Osar for a sports injury and found him to be extremely professional, attentive, and helpful in explaining how to avoid the injury in the future. The combination of the treatment provided and his knowledge was exactly what I needed to not only recover from the injury but to also prevent it going forward. I would definitely highly recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy.

Allison Barry

This place ROCKS!!! From the receptionist all throughout. It’s a warm and relaxing environment. The Doctors are all very, very great

Dorota Novitskie

Mr. Kim is a fantastic provider of acupuncture. The facility is clean and easily accessible. They do a great job of individualizing care.

Willie Anderson

I have known and worked with Dr. Osar for a few years. In that time he has worked with me for a number of physical ailments, such as my hip flexor, tendons, and joints. Through working with him I realize the importance of maintaining often neglected muscles that are necessary to avoid injury to our body. Dr. Osar keeps me moving and has become a vital resource for my health and wellness.

Bart Santoni

alquadir williams-thomas

Dr. O and his staff are very good and professional. The first visit I had was an complete relief to my back. Im suggesting him to all friends and family. If you have pain this is the place to get it relived.

Charmaine Gray

Amazing! Words can't describe how great my body feels. I've suffered with lower back pain, stiff shoulders, and since starting PT and Accupunture with Rahway Physcial Theraphy...i am pain free. I am looking forward to a wonderful summer. The staff is extremely professional and caring. The facility has state of the art equipment, but my favorite thing is the Zen like atmosphere. Thank you Dr. O and staff.

Leonard Edokpolo

As an anesthesiologist with a background in surgery I understand the value of good rehabilitation in helping patients to reach their optimal condition. I have been very impressed with Dr. Igbinosun's expertise and therapeutic techniques. He simply delivers good results. I was especially moved to learn that he chose to open an office in Rahway as a way to give back to the community where he was raised.

Hecto Port

They were extremely helpful with my Meniscus injury and I couldn't be more thankful that they help me speedly recover from it. The staff is great and very helpful, the facility is very clean and well kept.

Darwin Usi

I've been seeing Dr. Osar throughout the years for different injuries. Been a loyal support of him since he was a director of an out patient clinic in Hoboken. Very caring and engaging clinician.

Samaya Stoutt

I suffered a lower back injury, and my Orthopedic doctor recommended that I need physical therapy. In looking for a Physical Therapy Center, Rahway Spine and Healthcare information was given to me as a new center in my neighborhood. I have only been seeing Rahway Spine and Healthcare for a short time, and I already see an improvement. The pain in my lower back is slowly and surely disappearing. I have enjoyed my experience at the center. Dr. O and his team are great, jovial and professional. I would recommend Rahway Spine and Healthcare to anyone who wants to see great results and be treated exceptionally well.

dj gangan

Rahway spine and healthcare has been a phenomenal experience - able to recover from a few injuries in a few weeks! I've left a fairly extensive review broken into a few parts: summary (below), personal history and perspective, their approach, and some misc. stuff (timing, ambience, music, payment types, location) Summary: I've had terrible knee pain in the past (every 6 months) - can't walk or sleep for 4-5 days - and it came up again. Within the second visit (8th day since pain start), I was walking (not limping/dragging), and sitting into a good squat. I've done about 7 visits (2 weeks) now and I'm pain-free and have more mobility in my right leg than when I first started. We're currently working on addressing the core issues (weak core + previous injury leading to hip and quad imbalances) using a combination of therapies (physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor). I've realized this place knows how to make all four work together and how different the experience is without one. So yes, you can call it holistic medicine but that term has a fluffy new age connotation that makes me run the other way. These guys are practical, knowledgeable, and *extremely* effective. Just a little personal history: Usually this knee issue lasts about 7-10 days but I wanted to treat it and fix the problem instead of waiting. When I first went in, I was a little hesitant of their approach but it took me 2 sessions to realize it works! In the past, I've visited many physical therapists (>6) for various problems and this center is ranked #1 in my book. Their approach is a combination of treatments that works on muscle (physical therapy) and bone (chiropractor) then reinforces these core gains with stimulation to increase blood flow and new tissue grwoth (massage and acupuncture). During treatments, they use modern tools (e.g. anti-gravity treadmill, de-compression table, ultrasound) and techniques (e.g. Grafton technique) for each treatment which shows the staff's dedication - it's not just a body shop! The best part is the treatment is made up of active (stretches, exercises) and passive care (ultrasound therapy, massages, etc.). I personally love passive since I don't have to do much but each person's treatment is unique based on assessment and capability. Most of visit 1-3 was getting showered in love with ultrasound, Grafton, massages, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. When I had mobility and no pain, they reintroduced the good stuff. Timing: they're open late on weekdays (7pm+) and have availability on Saturdays. For most of 9-5-ers this is gold. I travel out-of-state for most of the week so knowing I can visit them on 2-3x/week between Thurs-Sat is a blessing! Also they're very flexible with their appointments (I've changed 2-3 times per day). Staff: incredible and kind people. Everyone is easy to work with and they work well with each other; it's very complementary! Ambience: Modern almost-futuristic looking facility. It's very clean and very minimal (barebones feeling like you moved in with just right necessities). Music: This is one of the best little perks. Each room (PT, main, acupuncture/massage) has a different theme and music playing. It's very fun and appropriate to area that you're in. Payment: they take apple pay and credit cards! (as well as cash) Location: 3.5 min walk from Rahway train station. *update* I recently sprained my ankle and had 2 visits left. In 48 hours and 2 visit later, I'm able to walk without pain/no limp and swelling is minimal.


This place has a SUPER TEAM! When you notice that everyone on staff enjoys their role, performance and customer service falls in place seemlessly. The city is very fortunate to have a place with such advanced technological treatment tools and qualified professionals available at a central location where parking is always available(at least when I go lol). Meanwhile I give this place 10 thumbs up for the quality care I’ve received in a short period. After 2 visits I noticed a significant difference!!! In addition I have always felt welcomed and appreciated attending my appointments whereby I am never rushed nor am I pressed for time. Woo hoo - great job team ! You guys deserve the whole of Rahway hands down !

Pura Dermatology

Dr. Osar is a wonderful PT. I have been to many in my life and he has really helped me tremendously. As someone who has his own practice I know when a clinic is run well and his facility and staff are top notch. He really cares for his patients and absolutely cured multiple issues for me. Knee pain check. Back pain check. His staff was friendly and attentive and the facility is clean and modern. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a PT. Outstanding !

Danny Rua

Alex Staunton

I highly recommend Dr. Osar. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to listen to all your concerns. He doesn't only treat your injury but addresses your overall health and wellness. Great Doc and facility!

Natalia Belousova

Great clinic - very modern machines. Doctor is very caring and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for physical therapist.

Bonita Davis

My Experience is through my husband he is looking to get strength back in his legs so far so good he enjoying his therapy. Its been only a couple of weeks. Dr O very nice and professional as well as the staff there.

Catherine Malone

The staff is friendly and kind. Very professional. Dr. O is pleasant knowledgeable and friendly. He was attentive to my concerns and explained treatment every step

Jean Cross

Since coming here I walk better with anti-gravity treadmill.

Cody Stephens

I’ve been attending Rahway Spine and Healthcare for about 4 months and my experience has been truly life changing. I suffered from a complex wrist dislocation and fracture and was told I would never regain the full range of motion and strength in my right wrist. Being this was a severe injury I made sure to conduct extensive research before selecting a physical therapist. After seeing such great reviews for Rahway Spine and Healthcare online I decided to book an appointment. This ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. Both Dr. Osar and Dr. Kang were extremely professional and made an excellent first impression. The facility was very impressive. There is state of the art equipment and it’s kept very clean. From the very beginning I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Osar and Dr. Kang educated me about my condition and walked me through the steps to recovery. They helped me set both short and long term goals which helped me stay focused and determined. After 4 months of physical therapy I have regained both the range of motion and strength in my wrist. Overall, I am very happy I chose Rahway Spine and Healthcare and would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants true professional care.


I found this place on google and because it is in my city I decided to give it a try. Let’s say that it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made for myself. I’ve had an issue with my knees for months and only a month and a half into treatment they are healing wonderfully. Thanks to Dr. O he’s amazing and has no problem explaining the purpose of your treatment which makes the process easier. His staff has great personalities and are nice people. Acupuncture and the massages are very therapeutic and relaxing. I enjoy my experience each time I come in and would definantly reccomend it to anyone in need of physical therapy.

jasmine jones

Eveything was good. My husband hates Dr s and hates anyone touching him but they got him comfortable and it really works

Jeffrey Brooks

Dr. Osar Igbinosun has done an amazing job with his practice. Acupuncture, Health & Wellness, PT, Massage Therapy. I never thought I'd feel so much better in only 6 six visits. I've long had a long history of standing incorrectly and now I run into people who know me and they tell me my posture has improved greatly. I'm 31 and making sure my back in is good shape to carry me throughout life. I feel as if I am preparing myself thanks to me discovering this practice.

Joyleen Quesada

My experience here has a very positive one. Having constant neck tension headaches and lower back pain-since coming to RSH my pain has been relieved. The staff and doctors here they are very nice and professional. I highly recommend them.

Ryan Thompson

I've been attending Rahway Spine and Healthcare for about a month now and I'm happy to say my experience thus far has been quite positive! Dr. O took time out during our initial consultation to really understand the issue I've had with my shoulders for years now. Not only did he ask about the injury itself, but he made sure to question about all the treatments I've already tried. Honestly, most PT's I've been to asked about my past treatments but there's a few of them that did not. If they do not ask about past assistance.... that takes away plenty of credibility IMHO. I also like that he's been tackling my shoulder pain from different angles. He has me go through strengthening exercises, acupuncture, cupping, massage and machine therapy. Very well rounded treatment :) So far, my shoulder has been feeling better. I can't say I'm 100% healed but I can definitely see there's steady progress week by week. Finally, the staff is always friendly and inviting. This is VERY important!! I've been to a few places where the staff were not welcoming which can make visits pretty uncomfortable. Not the case here! Overall, I'm glad I chose this place for my rehabilitation and have already recommended them to a close family member :)

Solaris Ortiz

I don't know of any place where you could get physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services all in one location. Dr. Osar, Dr. Kim and Dr. Russell are all top knotch! I'm rehabbing my left knee after a 4th surgery and I feel lucky that I was recommended this place. My last rehab center was great but only focused on my knee. Dr. Osar knows the benefits of focusing on the whole body and I've had such a great experience there. Thank you!

Steve Counterman

I can honestly say that Dr. Osar has prevented me from seeking surgery for my lower back. I have been seeing him for the past 4 weeks and my back has improved significantly. I tried chiropractic care without much relief but after a few visits with Dr. O and the spinal decompression machine I am 80% better. Would highly recommend him!

Ryan Brennan

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a persistent knot below my shoulder blade that never seemed to go away. After trying a chiropractor with no permanent results I decided to give physical therapy a try. A quick google search led me to Dr. Osar and after two weeks, I have found so much relief in doing so. Not only has he helped relieve me of the pain, he has also taught me ways to prevent the pain coming back in the future. The space is clean and his staff is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a physical therapist.

Manuel Devia

This place is conveniently located near the Rahway train station, it's nice and clean and very professional. I would recommend everyone try this place for their physical therapy, it's like no other place. My wife and I are very happy with this place. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants outstanding service to come and experience this place.

Tracey Smith

I would like to say that this is the best place for physical therapy. I had knee surgery and received treatment at a different facility. The experience is night and day. The staff at Rahway Physical Therapy are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and committed. The facility is clean and I HIGHLY recommend them. Thank you Rahway Physical Therapy!

Ine Hordvik

I came in for stiffness in neck due to working out and this was my first time going for physical therapy. Dr. Osar put me on a spinal decompression machine which made me feel a lot better during and after. I was also treated with acupuncture and cupping. Dr. Osar was very empathetic and knowledgeable and had great bedside manners. The clinic and staff was also incredibly welcoming and the facilities were neat and clean. Overall a great experience! I will definitely return and can highly recommend Dr. Osar.

Edel Quinn

Fantastic team Of CARING PROFESSIONALS!!! Dr O takes EXCELLENT care of my back With Precision and CARING DEDICATION !! Matty the BRILLIANT and AMAZING NUTRITIONAL EXPERT has been helping Me to feel Strong VIBRANT Healthy Powerful Focused and feel POSITIVELY ALIVE AND help me to lose weight EFFORTLESSLY!!!! Dr Kim the acupuncturist invigorates me BODY and Soul with his MIRACULOUS Healing Touch!!! Marlene gives me a MILLION DOLLAR Massage that INVIGORATES me tremendously and Rejuvenates me both Physically and Mentally!! Bonnie runs the ENTIRE office better than most Presidents and Dean her assistant makes sure Everyone is getting the proper attention Focused on their individual needs with Tenderness and one on one attention. Thank you to the best group of CARING and COMPASSIONATE HEALERS in the ENTIRE STATE!!! Much love

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