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REVIEWS OF Procare Rehabilitation - Clark IN New Jersey

Helene Leprince

Experienced physical therapists and the absolutely best customer service! Everyone is so polite, helpful and willing to help.

S Smith

Procare physical therapists are great! Thank you Mike! I had shoulder surgery and have come a long way thanks to the caring people working at Procare!

rosemary burke

I would recommend ProCare for all your rehabilitation needs. The staff is very professional and extremely helpful and very invested in your recovery. Both Dean and Jess and all the other staff members were most helpful and attentive to my concerns. I would highly recommend ProCare and their team! Rosemary Burke

Chekesha Seymour

They are the best. Love it here.

Chloe Trahan

Everyone here is helpful, kind and they all want to see you get better! There amazing!!!

James Cox

I've had crippling back pain for the past 15 years. I was beginning to convince myself I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I was missing time from work and losing sleep nightly. A friend convinced me to visit Procare and see Dean... boy am I glad she did. Dean and his staff are incredible. They worked with me on my schedule and gently put me through a variety of exercises and movements that, after about 8 appointments, have 100% cleared up my back paid. I can't believe it. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm sleeping well, my personal and professional lives are better, and I am not experiencing any pain! Needless to say, I can't recommend them highly enough!

Patricia Evanik

Terry Bowers

I used Procare Rehab in Clark following my double knee replacement in early summer 15. It was hands down one of the best health care agencies I've ever used or seen (worked in health care for over 30 years). My main therapists, Lauren and Glen were outstanding. They were both so knowledgeable and patient centered. This was an extremely tough time for me and they, along with all of other staff, from the other therapists, aids, techs and reception staff, know who you are and why you're there. You never feel like just another patient. Everyone chips in and helps out. The open concept lends to this supportive environment. Everyone who's working can watch the patients and jump in whenever needed. You're never left in a room by yourself wondering if and when someone is coming (they do have private rooms if needed/desired). They learn your name and watch your progress - commenting as you improve and giving a kind word if you're looking troubled. The aid Amy is one of the most customer service oriented workers I've met. She jumps right in and displays genuine interest in who you are, what you need and most importantly, how you're doing. Many times when I was overwhelmed, she could tell and would provide a little extra attention - this was so appreciated. If you're in need of physical therapy, go to Procare in Clark and know you'll be in good hands.

Dan DeCataldo

This place is awesome. I have been back for multiple injuries and have always felt right at home here. The entire staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They push you when you need to be pushed and realize when things need to be slowed down. I have worked with Dean Kapetanakis all 3 times I have used Procare. He is awesome at what he does and is also a fun guy to be around. Manages to mix in a sense of humor while also not taking your injury lightly. All in all just a great place to recover. I would recommend Procare to anybody who asks.

Kate Diamond

Stay away from this place! Stay away from Pro Care Rehab and more specifically Dean Kapetanakis and Michael Mitacchione the two physical therapists who not only didn't help the back injury I came to them with but created an entirely new and worse injury with my hip. I went to Pro Care with back pain and had hoped to learn some exercises to strengthen the back. Instead Michael performed chiropractic adjustments on me without my consent and Dean pulled my leg with such force that he severely strained my hip and now I am unable to walk without severe pain much less run, bike and do other physical exercise that I had previously enjoyed doing. Both of these men are grossly incompetent and downright dangerous! I have already registered a formal complaint against them with the Physical Therapy Association and hope that they lose their license to practice before they hurt anyone else. Stay away from Pro Care Rehab in Clark if you value your health!

Jay Coughlin

My first experience at Procare, Clark was 2 years ago (February, 2012) after undergoing double knee replacement. I spent better than 3 months under the care of Mike Mitacchione and his staff working to reach my goal of being pain free and returning to the normal activities that was able to do before my difficult surgery. I am an avid golfer and by June I was playing again without any lingering knee issues. Their attention and encouragement was key to my overall recovery. Most recently, I returned to Procare in May 2013 with a nagging lower back issue. A few visits to a chiropractor provided no relief, Mike was able to diagnose the cause of my discomfort and quickly provide the attention and care to get me back on the golf course. Mike and his associates at Procare Clark are true professionals.

Robyn Opacity

Where do I begin? The ease of getting an appointment outside of the regular 9 - 5 business day? The due diligence the staff has never failed to complete with ensuring all of my insurance info and pre-authorizations are done before I walk through the door? The friendly faces that greet me when I walk in? The speed at which I am acknowledged and attended to when I first arrive in the office? The personalized, competent, amazingly capable care that I've received? The honesty and guidance I've received each and every visit? The compassion shown to me when pain overwhelms me? The RELIEF of experiencing a large reduction in pain each and every period of time I go? This place is a shining light out of the darkness that has become the world of healthcare. To qualify this review, a bit of my own background should add some perspective. After sustaining life-altering back and neck injuries at the age of 17, I have been in and out of physical therapy, pain management, orthopedists, neurosurgeons etc. After almost 20 years of pain, this is my go-to place when I need physical therapy. Mike Mitacchione has been a knowledgeable, reliable and helpful physical therapist to me for years. Unlike some PT offices who leave their support staff hanging (and you standing around waiting for instructions), both Mike and Dean train and supervise their staff with competent kindness to ensure that each and every patient in their care receives the attention and care they deserve, and their staff is happy to provide it. I have referred countless patients to this office, and have received thanks for it. Bottom line, if you need physical therapy, I recommend you go to Procare Rehab in Clark.

Thien N

It stinks that anyone should need physical therapy, but the staff in this office makes it a much nicer experience. Dean treated my rotator cuff injury years ago and I recently came back for treatment of another injury. The staff is top notch. From the front desk, to the therapist and the assistants, they all know you from the very first visit to the last. Glen and Ashley are super nice therapists. Both personable and extremely good at what they do. Chase is super friendly and always on top of things. Everyone there keeps at least one eye on you while you are going thru the exercises to make sure of proper form and technique and to make sure you are not slacking. Don't expect to be pampered but do expect to be "fixed". This office was super flexible with my appointments and worked around my very busy schedule. It's with sweet sorrow that I've regained my mobility and will not be back to this office (knock on wood), but it's nice to know that there is a place like this if I need PT in my future.

Robert Kowalski

Most rated top-notch rehab ever been involved in. Highly qualified personnel that are licenced to work I back to u back u back to u back shape a a pet's food

Dave Rousso

I was a physical therapy patient for 7 months being treated for a chronic condition. There are a number of aspects that help to distinguish ProCare above a lot of other PT offices. From the moment I stepped foot in the clinic, I was struck by how friendly and approachable each and every member of the staff. I have been to a number of healthcare providers and most are quite frankly too over worked or apathetic to take the time to check in on you or even to smile. That is the not case at ProCare, regardless of how busy they are they will help to make you feel comfortable. In addition, they are great, knowledgeable therapists. They helped me see improvement and gave me the tools/routines to help me get stronger even after I stopped going for PT. A special thank you to Ashley and Glenn, both were instrumental in helping me. I highly recommend ProCare to anyone who needs to go for PT.

Tim Brown

If I could give ProCare Rehab 10 stars, I absolutely would. Amazing, knowledgeable, wonderful, professional, informative...I could go on and on!! The one thing that I appreciated more than anything is the knowledge and compassion that they gave me. Dean Kapetanakis and Michael Mitacchione cared about my Physical Therapy and overall well-being. I am grateful that I was able to do my PT here. They are efficient, communication is clear and concise and helpful in ways that go beyond the call of duty. They noted my pain level and walked me through steps and ideas for pain management and mobility. They listened when I had questions and I never felt harried or like I was not a top priority with them....even when they are busy and multi-tasking. With every treatment they continued to explain to me why each treatment should help. I have been to other physical therapists, and even though I asked A TON of questions, they never really explained to me why they were doing the treatment. Dean and Mike use a really neat combination of techniques - ultrasound, stretching, "hands on" joint movement and therapeutic massage to relax muscles and ligaments for the best treatment possible. Additionally, they approach recovery and treatment though encouraging easy lifestyle changes like at home stretching and strengthening exercises. I felt so secure with the treatment I received from Dean and Mike, that I brought my son (10) and daughter (9) to them for therapy when they got injured. As a father I wanted to make sure they received THE BEST physical therapy possible, Dean and Mike did not disappoint! I am happy to say that both children are as healthy as ever! I have also recommended many others to ProCare Rehab. I have yet to hear about a bad experience from someone I have referred. I really can't say enough good things and will close by saying it's so difficult to find people who are experts and take care and pride in what they do - but Dean and Mike are certainly two of those people - you will be in very good hands with them!

Becky Fitzpatrick

Absolutely loved that I chose ProCare for my Physical Therapy. The aides Amy and Bree are incredibly helpful, physical therapists Jess and Nicole are so friendly and professional, and the front desk girls are always willing to help work around your schedule and organize your therapy sessions. The location is clean, convenient, and has all of the machines/accessories needed to fully recover from any injury. After just a few months, I feel better than I have in year.

Joseph Calavano

I had back problems and I went to Procare and they have an excellent staff especially Brianne and Diana. They also have the best candy bowl at the front desk!!

Nate Hamm

sam clark

ProCare was an incredible experience for me, they greatly accelerated my healing process and managed to make every session enjoyable. Lauren is very professional, and she knows what she's doing. At times she deserved the title of "wizard" as she could make the pain just disappear. Never wavering in her efficience as a technician, or her tendency to make me laugh, Brie made the process that much better. Overall I would not for a second hesitate to reccomend ProCare to anyone in need.

Kevin Krueger

I've been to Procare for two separate issues over the course of the past year and I have never had any issues. Everyone on the staff is incredibly helpful, friendly and willing to help. Highly recommend Procare for anyone in need of PT services.

Ruben Melendez

I went in 2004 and knew if I ever needed PT again I'd come there. I returned in 2016 and even though it has grown, the customer service remains amazing. All the therapists are extremely knowledgeable and everyone works together to help all the patients. They are extremely accommodating and will not keep you longer than you need to book extra meaningless appts. Their hours are great as I often went late after my kids ate and got ready for bed. Leaving was bittersweet as I was happy to be feeling better but I enjoyed the company of the staff. You really get the best of everything...knowledgeable staff who are great at what they do, compassion, flexibility and great customer service. I highly recommend Procare.

Katherine Allegro

I went to ProCare Rehabilitation in Clark. I worked mainly with Ashley who is great. She’s really knowledgeable and helpful and pushed me, but made sure I wasn’t in pain. When I had to take a break before my sessions were done because of a family matter, she called to make sure I was okay and asked if I would be back to finish my sessions. The entire staff, including reception, the other therapists, and all the techs and aids are really knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and professional. Even when they are very busy, they all take time to check on you and help you. With the way they work, when your main therapist isn’t in on a particular day or is away, any of the other therapists can jump in so you can stay on schedule. I also like the environment which is very open and comfortable, and there are private rooms if needed. If you do need physical therapy, I highly recommend ProCare Rehabilitation.

Linda Barton

I feel torn. Although I'm happy to have successfully completed my rehabilitation, I'm sorry to have to leave ProCare. I was treated for almost a year for two different injuries that occurred concurrently. Although the going was rough, and I felt I would never improve, my therapist Lauren was steadfast with her approach and reassurance. Throughout the process she monitored my progress, making realistic assessments and recommendations. Because of her diligence and expertise, my medical needs were recognized and addressed. Lauren listened to me and together with my doctor, we were able to find the accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Her caring and commitment are unparalleled. Bree and Chase worked along with Lauren assisting me with my in-house independent workout regimen. Their concern for my well-being along with their cheerful disposition actually made my sessions enjoyable. The time just flew by. Although I have had successful therapy before elsewhere, the synergy at ProCare makes me a devotee. There are several PT facilities locally, but I would never consider going anyplace else. Thank you Lauren, Bree and Chase for taking such good care of me!

Patrick Scanlon

My experience with Procare was extremely positive. Everyone from the therapists, to the assistants, to the people who work at the front desk was extremely helpful and very costumer service oriented. Not only did they help me recover from injury, but they also helped with the more painful insurance issues. Special kudo’s to Mike, Chris, Lauren, Ashley, Cathy, Mary Claire, Glenn, and last but not least Amy. I had ruptured my quadriceps tendon and my recovery was a slow and at times painful process. Mike, who was my therapist, is a knowledgeable experienced therapist and the right person for my injury. Getting my range of motion back was extremely difficult and Mike devised a sustained quad stretch that really put me over the hump. I was also impressed with how Mike mentored the PT students that were there. He would quiz them on the course of action for treatment of a certain condition and then explain to them the correct method. Chris who is a PT assistant was always there when I was, is a PT student and has a great attitude and work ethic. Chris was always checking up on me to and assisting me when required. Chris will make a great therapist one day. Cathy, Mary Claire, and Amy who worked at the front desk were always pleasant, helpful, and caring. Amy my new BFF always made me laugh and put me is a good mood. My overall all impression of Procare was of a caring establishment. I will miss going there.

Dianne Fannell

I have been coming here since they opened over 10 years ago. The entire staff are friendly and helpful.

Franni G Kelly

I have known Dean for 14 years. He treated my shoulder, my knee, my ankle, my neck and my back. Wow! I’m bionic now. At ProCare, you have competent, skilled therapists and technicians. Whenever I leave the office after a therapy session, I feel like a “rock star”. They work magic there…it’s the only way I can explain it. My daughter and husband are patients as well. Recently, my granddaughter was discharged from ProCare and is happy to be back playing softball again. Everyone on staff there is professional, dedicated and accommodating. I love you guys…I don’t know what I would have done without you! You are part of my life now and forever (a healthy forever). Thank you for all you do for me and for everyone who crosses your path. If you are looking for a personable, dedicated, proficient team of experts….This is the place – ProCare, Clark, NJ.

ron amadeo

I am currently rehabbing a recently dislocated and fractured shoulder at Procare Rehab in Clark. Everyone there has a great attitude, all employees are very helpful and knowledgeable. It is truly a relaxed therapeutic atmosphere which is excellent therapy for your mind as well as your injury after long day at work. I find myself actually looking forward to the sessions cause I feel better every time I walk out of their door. My range of motion and strength are getting better with every session and I am much more knowledgeable about the area I injured. If you follow their instructions exactly keeping strict form on all movements shown to you, you will get better quickly.

Joseph W

This place was really great. This was my second experience with a physical therapist; the first experience was pretty terrible and gave me a bad impression of the PT practice as a whole. You can find that review... These guys turned that completely around. They were very organized and had a good program for my lower back problem. I just finished my treatment and I haven't felt this good in 2 years. My schedule was a little wacky at times so I got to see different people depending on what day/time. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Martial Arts for Life

Unbelievable service. I have been a patient since 2010. I have worked with Dean for injuries to both shoulders, my hip, and my back. As a martial arts instructor, it is crucial for me to be able to physically perform at a high level. I would not trust anyone but Dean and the Procare team for my physical therapy needs. Procare has exceeded my expectations every time I have been in their care. 5 STARS!

John Antonellis

I have been a patient at Procare and specifically under Mike Mitacchione's care for several problems over the last six years. During this period I've been under several orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon's direction. With my first prescription, it was Mike's specific regiment, based on his very in-depth knowledge of the body's mechanics, that his follow up report to the surgeon was instrumental in confirming an unusual orthopedic problem. I had a compression of the suprascapular nerve. Following surgery I returned to Mike for rehab which resulted in full recovery of my left shoulder functionality. The next prescription that took me to see Mike was the breaking of several vertebrae in my neck and the dislocation of my shoulder. Again under Mike's care, I had gained back the range of motion in my neck, and found the strength and stability in my shoulder. As an active retiree my goal is to continue mountain biking, kayaking and staying active. Recognizing the consequences of certain activities I clearly understand there can be substantial difference in the expertise and quality of care amongst physical therapists. Mike is second to none. He is supported by a staff and organization as committed to providing effective, quality care.

Michael Domenichetti

I cannot wrap my mind around the ONE negative review that I have ever seen or heard about ProCare Rehabilitation. I have been treated by Dean and Mike several times over the past 8 years and could not have had a more pleasant experience. Their personalities, professionalism, knowledge, and skills are outstanding and unparalleled. They have an unbelievable ability to make every single PT session fun, and make you want to go back. The entire staff remembers your name, your ailment, and truly makes you feel like part of their family. I have never been to a medical facility of any kind where patients are sad to leave, but that is how everyone feels when they are discharged from ProCare. I have personally referred over 10 of my closest family members and friends to get treated by Dean and Mike, and have heard nothing but praise. I want to personally thank Dean, Mike, and the entire staff for providing me with such and excellent experience and for giving me my healthy life back. Hopefully I will get to see you all soon, but maybe I should just stop in to say hello instead of getting another injury! :) Thanks a million, Mike

Marie McFeeley

Aches and Pains!! In my quest to recover from marathon training injuries, I found Procare. I had been to Sport places in NY as well as two other rehab places in NJ. Then - YAY - finally found Dr Michael Mitacchione at Procare. The facility makes you feel at home - very clean and runs like clockwork as far as appointments. They worked with my insurance and despite - very serious injuries helped me run my marathon. The front desk staff are very pleasant and the techs are always on top of their game. Take your weary bones to them ..highly recommend! PS - also cool they are involved with charities and community!!

Diana Moore

Procare rehabilitation is a wonderful physical therapy clinic. All of the therapists are knowledgeable, caring and work with the goal of making all their patients feel better. I have never been an easy person to diagnose or treat. They work with you and pay attention to what you say. They always make you feel welcome and that their number one priority is to get you back to doing what you did before your pain started!!

Kevin Kenney

It's a shame that John D could not listen and understand that EVERY employee at PROCARE is there to help educate and heal their patients and that they work as a team throughout the process. The entire staff is always friendly, courteous, professional and work towards getting you back on your feet and to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible. Ashley, Lauren, Dean and company have put me back together more times a that I can count and if I would have only listened to their instructions while out of therapy I would have kept myself from returning for more, needed assistance!!! You are always in great hands at Procare!

Amber Eckenrode

Love love love ProCare in Clark!!! I went in after bunion surgery on a knee scooter, walking only about 2 hours per day. I walked out, maybe I should say “ran out” 3 months later! Jess listened to what i wanted to accomplish because I do like to go to the gym. She worked my foot and ankle out all 3 months to get me to where I am today. And let me tell you... those assists really take pride in their job. They are so nice, funny, and personable! I will be back next May for the other foot!

Gregory Eschbacher

Both my wife and I were having trouble with our legs and hips. My wife was almost convinced she'd need surgery to fix her hip. BUT NOPE! We both went to Procare, found out it was our backs, and after a few months, we are living pain-free. Procare is the best. Any type of sports related injury, I recommend you check them out.

caterpillarnana .

I come here after every serious fall and for rehab after surgeries. I've been to other facilities but Pro Care is the best.

John D

Horrible. My evaluation was interrupted 5 times by workers looking for directions as to how to treat clients. After evaluation therapist saidI guess this is you issue. I don't need guessing. Never went back.

lbird64 .

Dean and his crew are the best! They are like long time friends. I love the personal care I receive, and the true concern for my medical care. If not for Dean, I’d wouldn’t have known about another issue I had going on. Simply the greatest PT place I know of. I’m now there for my second round of PT after a 2nd Achilies tendon surgery.

mike abdelnoor

I came in with a misaligned patella and atrophy of the left quad. I was experiencing pain with almost all activity. Jaime Scott and staff started me out with some basic strength exercises to build the quad back up, as well as stretches to work on correcting the alignment. These both helped in alleviating the pain I was feeling in the knee. From there we moved on to more high intensity sports specific movements. By the time I completed therapy I was moving much faster and was more agile, it was really evident in the sports I participate in. I was performing at a higher level than I was even pre-injury. Jaime and staff always went the extra step to make sure I was progressing. A huge thanks to everyone at Procare, I really looked forward to my appointments as was sad to say goodbye.

Mario Poggi

I went to see Dean Kapetankis at Procare Rehabilitation for lower back pain. I can't say enough on how friendly the entire staff was. Mr Kapetankis was the utmost professional and extremely knowledgeable. After explaining to him what my issues were he took the time to thoroughly explain to me the causes and treatments for my lower back pain. He showed me graphs and diagrams so I can visually see what the problems were. I was well educated and completely understood how my issues with my back occurred and how to avoid such problems in the future. Needless to say he put my mind at ease. I am a very active person with two small children and can not afford to be out of commission. We began a regimen of exercises I did at his office. Mr. Kapetankis and his staff also went through with me step by step exercises I was easily able to do at home that helped immensely. I had several more sessions at Procare and after following Mr. Kapetankis's instructions my back feels as strong as ever. Mr. Kapetankis and his staff made me feel very comfortable and very welcome every time I walked in. The care I received was truly second to none. I would absolutely recommend Procare Rehabilitation to anyone in need of physical therapy care.

Ellen Furnari

I would like to thank Dr. Dean and his staff for helping me. This was my second trip to Procare and the experience was better than the first. The staff is professional in everyway. Everything was explain to me on how to use the equipment and how it will help in my healing process. I have recommended them to my friends and plan to use them in the future if needed. Thanks again for all your help. `

Duragon Darko

This place is nothing but class. All therapists welcome you each visit with a smile, all are happy with what they do and genuinely care for your well being.

Melissa Frankford

I came here for a foot injury that I got training for a marathon. The race was only 4 weeks away but my physical therapist was positive, reassuring, and dedicated to getting me back on my feet in time. Everyone was highly knowledgeable and they had all the latest and high tech equipment (including an awesome anti-gravity) which got me up and running again quickly. Would definitely recommend for runners, other athletes, or anybody else rehabbing an injury

Lindsay Faria

I tore my ACL playing high school soccer and coming from never being injured, I knew this injury would come with a long road of therapy to get back to “normal.” Working with Lauren has helped me tremendously, getting me back to playing softball for my final season! Everyone at ProCare is the best and all so involved with your recovery. The environment is very welcoming and I would recommend ProCare to anyone!! I loved coming here so much that I even volunteer here too:)

Natalie Coelho

Dean is awesome! Must get therapy here!

Brianna Dowd

I can’t say enough great things about Procare. My daughter had a complete tear of her ACL in August 2012 and we knew she had a tough road to recovery facing her. Prior to her surgery we had her rehabbing at another facility and I would watch and think it was a complete waste of time. The therapists rarely spoke to her and seemed to just want to put her through the motions. After her surgery, her doctor stressed the importance of PT and I knew I had to find a different place. Luckily, a friend recommended Procare in Clark and I knew within 5 minutes of meeting Mike that we had found the right place. It was apparent that he truly cared about her rehabilitation and really knew how to go about her therapy. Complicating matters, she contracted a staph infection in the hospital and this required additional surgery and more than a week in this hospital. This resulted in a major setback to her ACL rehab as she developed so much scar tissue and had absolutely no range of motion. At that point she needed bending exercises every day just to regain limited range of motion, and to my great surprise (and appreciation) Mike started meeting her in the office on Sundays to help her get through this difficult time. I could go on and on, and then some more, about how great this place is. My daughter wound up going there for just about two years, even after she completed her rehab I was sending her somewhat regularly just to work out under their supervision. As she has finally resumed her sports career, I still consult with Procare because I trust their opinion even more so then her surgeon’s. And because she was being treated for so long, we also had the pleasure of working with Dean and Lauren, and I think the world of them as well. This can be said about the entire staff of Procare Clark, just a bunch of great people who really care – and really know what they’re doing. I’ve probably recommended this facility to about 10 friends and every one of them has thanked me.

Gwynne Lassiter

I began going to rehab at this facility with Dean in 2005 after a bout of Guillian-Barre Syndrome. Being partially paralyzed among other things, Dean and his staff brought me back to being more functional than I could imagine. I went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane and now I am walking without assistance. They are an amazing place and take healing seriously. Dean is a consummate motivator, full of encouragement when you feel you can't continue. They still check on my progress and and will always be family. Procare Rehabilitation in Clark is the place for professional, thorough, physical therapy. You will be taken care of expertly and in a pleasant encouraging environment.

Janet R

My first time at ProCare was in 2004 for rehab after surgery for a broken elbow with a radial head implant. Dean was excellent & the end result exceeded the surgeon's expectations! 11 years later, I fell forward, shattering the bones & elbow in my other arm, requiring 2 surgeries incl plates, rods, screws & a radial head implant. The Ulnar nerve was permanently damaged, affecting the use of my right hand. I went back to Dean at ProCare for rehab; again, his treatment plan & care was excellent! I have recommended ProCare to family & friends who have been extremely happy with their care & results. My husband was treated for Sciatica by Glen & Dean with a full resolution of his pain. The Physical Therapists, their Assistants and support staff provide encouragement in a positive environment.

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