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REVIEWS OF Maven Center IN New Jersey

Joseph Koppinger

Great service, perfect to get your body injuries fixed

Taijahan Prammer

I first visited the Maven Center in 2014, after a neck injury. They got me stable enough to make a unscheduled emergency trip to Florida. I have since injured my back, and have no plans to seek help Anywhere else but the Maven Center! Their professional technique's are superior, and their staff is exemplary !



Andrew Fernandez

Pina Paresh

If you are in Paramus or in surrounding neighborhood, you should definitely check Maven center. It’s a medium size fitness and rehab center with extremely knowledgeable and trained staff. For fitness group class, is an amazing experience. Even in group class it feels like one on one training with personalized attention. Whole maven team is outstanding. They literally took me at different level of fitness in just 3 months. First time I felt that every penny I paid for fitness, I am getting lot more out of it. In short, words are not enough to explain about the trainers team, you must come and see.

jake vinson

Dan Smith

joe mecca

I'm 56 years old and have been running competitively since I was 15. I went to Maven Center for PT due to a chronic hip injury. I had tried other PT places, acupuncture, message therapy, chiropractic, etc. All gave a measure of relief, but temporary. I started at Maven several months ago and now I feel better than I have in years. Ryan took the time to pinpoint the problem, which took some time, and then set up a program of exercises, stretching and modalities to address it. The key was, that he adjusted the program along the way, based upon what my symptoms were. All of the staff were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I can't say enough good things about them. They are the best.

Simon Huang

When your water line breaks at midnight and your house starts to flood, that is when you you wish your best friend was your plumber. Couldn't think of a better analogy when something breaks with your body when you make that wrong move and you think, "uh oh" Maven has put me back together time and time again. Dr. Jerry and the team are always there and can squeeze me in when I need it. dr. Jerry has the utmost integrity and in a sea of people who do it to turn a buck, he puts the well being of his patients first and foremost. My wife and I owe much to this group of healers.

Michelle Brown

Gi Ho Nam

Loredana Giangrande

Devin Monahan

A great group of doctors, staff, and patients. I wouldn't trust any one else to work on my shoulder or hip!

Mikhail Beg

I had an internship there while I was a student at Rutgers and working with the staff at Maven was truly a one of a kind experience. The therapists and aides all have an innate passion to not only help their patient get better, but to develop a fitness mentality among everyone that walks through their door. From my volunteer/part-time experience at dozens of therapy locations, Maven has stood out as far more than the average Physical Therapy/multidisciplinary clinic. The community built around the Maven goal is a constant motivation factor to better our lives regarding our nutrition, work-ethic, health, and mentality. If you're looking for therapy that develops your functional strength with guidance from some of the best DPT's in the country, Maven is really your only option.

Katie Weitze

nick gatanas

Excellent care and instructions on physical therapy. There care of each individual could not be any better.

Hugo Reyes

Laura Siclari

I joined Maven Center exactly a year ago on the recommendation of a friend who is a long-time Maven fitness client. I was 39 years old and had a history of yo-yo diets and joining gyms that I never stuck with. I was initially drawn to the fact that Maven offers 5:30 a.m. workouts, which I thought was the most realistic time of day for me to actually stick to a consistent work-out - BEFORE work and before everyone else in my household wakes up. Working full time as an attorney with a husband and two young children, by the time 6 p.m. rolls around, I can come up with a million excuses why I don't have time to work out that day. I'll be honest, in the beginning it was brutal. Both waking up at that hour and sticking with the workouts, which were like nothing I had ever experienced. My prior experience had consisted of using light weights and cardio machines, all at my leisure. A Maven workout is like night and day. The closest style of workout to compare it to would be cross-fit, but that's not really doing a Maven workout justice. Cross-fit (as I understand it) consists of challenging, sometimes dangerous heavy weights in an ultra-competitive environment. A Maven workout involves a mix of weights and body weight, sometimes cardio circuits, sometimes not. A Maven workout focuses on muscle confusion - not doing to same types of exercises or working the same muscle groups over and over. One day I might be doing a free weight circuit consisting of bar bells, dumbbells, kettle bells, etc, and another day I might be doing hill runs outside the building holding a weighted ball over my head. I never know what to expect, and in that way I never get bored and none of my muscles get neglected. Every workout is run by a Maven coach and is laid out when you first walk in. It's such a relief to me to have to not "think" about what workout I'm going to do at the gym and to have a coach there correcting my form. Over time, my body got used to waking up early, doing the workouts, and I became consistently able to stick to a 4-5 day a week workout schedule. My husband and I tag team and he does the 6:30 a.m. workouts so we both win and are getting fit at the same time. In addition to the regular workouts, Maven periodically offers a "Maven Project, (MP)" which, depending on the MP level, is either a 4 or 6-week program that other reviewers have mentioned previously. Going through these MPs (I did both Tier 2 and Tier 3) helped round out the health transition by adding a cleaner way of eating and healthier habits to make me more intentional about the food I put in my mouth and what time I eat it, and how much water intake I need. Having those extra intense workouts and a personal coach to be accountable to in daily food logs during these MPs really has been life-changing for me. My husband did the MPs as well and they have resulted in life-long health changes in both of us, which we in turn have imparted to our children as well. Lastly, I can't ignore the community and friendships that I have gained from becoming part of Maven. The core regulars at Maven, along with the coaches and staff, are truly a family. I look forward to seeing the same people at my 5:30 a.m. workouts every morning and it helps motivate me to get up and go when it's dark outside and I think I'm the only one awake at that hour. I really am truly grateful to Taylor and all the other coaches and staff at Maven for creating such a unique environment promoting health, fitness, and family. It's never too late to turn your health and fitness around and break the bad habits.

Solaida Mamsaang

Fantastic group of people and excellent PTs!!!!! Definitely NOT your average physical therapy place of business... Maven inspires true well rounded pursuit of full health and fitness. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and looks to provide nothing but the best.

Rosanna Parker

Excellent staff. Their physical therapy program is awesome. I do believe my recovery from my injury was improved a lot by program from Maven.

Liz Castro

Patty Petrula

I cant begin to explain the gratitutde I have for every single person at Maven PT. I have been coming here for the past 8 years for many different injuries. This past year I had the worst possible thing happen to me...I had a brain anuerym and a stroke. After spending almost a month in the ICU when It was time to go home my doctors wanted me to do my rehabilitation at Kessler. My husband spoke to the doctors and told them that I would be continuing my rehab at Maven. After months of PT with Dr. Jerry Yoo and the amazing staff at Maven...I am not only healed but I am back better stronger than before. I have never been to a place where everyone genuinely cares about you. You are treated like family when you are here. I am beyond grateful for Maven...I wouldnt be where I am today without them and I am forever thankful!

Renee DePiero

I had my 1st physical therapy exam and my ankle is feeling great.

Daniel Coda

These guys are miracle workers!! I came in with a nagging knee pain that I had for over a year. I went to several other doctors to resolve the issue, but it always came back. In the first visit they explained that knee pain was because my calfs were too tight. Within a week the pain was gone, now 6 months later I am still feeling amazing!!! Highly recommended!!

Christine Cook

I have been going to Maven for 2 years now for PT treatment and training help. I can't say enough great things about Maven. They have an amazing staff that is friendly and helpful. They push you physically to allow you to reach goals you never imagined you could reach. They also make sure you do not get injured while you are reaching these goals. In the past two years I have only had positive experiences with Maven. Also, they work really well with children. I would highly recommend Maven for PT treatment.

Karen Rezach

If you are looking for serious rehab and fitness, this place is second-to-none. I have been to many physical therapists in the past due to a chronic back injury, and the results were always the same - temporary relief and then a recurrence of the problem. About 1- 1/2 years ago, I could barely stand and was unable to walk. I found Dr. Jerry Yoo and his crew, and my fitness level was brought to new heights. Not only was my back completely rehabilitated, but I also was put on a regimen that has kept my back healthy for the past year. They are the best! Additionally, if you are a serious athlete or are serious about getting in shape, Jerry and the Maven Staff will challenge you to achieve new levels of fitness. You will be inspired by them, and by the others who participate in the fitness opportunities that Maven provides. Simply the best.

Radically Rapid Nails With Linnette

Jean Koustas

Darryl De Mott

Great therapists. They really care

James Lee

C Miller

Maven Center is the real deal! I was fortunate to participate in the Maven Project, which is a truly 360-degree transformational health and wellness experience. Maven gave me more than what I thought I wanted - they gave me with I NEEDED. Thanking everyone at Maven Center for your program, guidance, support and encouragement.

Amy Wilcox

I came to Maven at the beginning of the year due to a hip/running related injury. Since then, not only have Dr. Jerry Yoo and Dr. Dave Kwon completely healed my hip issue, but I am in the best shape of my life. The doctors at Maven are top notch: you NEVER feel like you are "just another patient" as they care about you deeply and make sure that all of your needs are met. I have been to other physical therapists before, and I have never felt like my injuries were solved until now. They make sure that you know how to take care of yourself and make sure that your issue is solved long term through good physical fitness. Once you a part of Maven, you are a part of their family, and they will continue to look out for you. One of the best decisions of my life was definitely picking up that phone to make my first appointment.

Joshua Keyak

Giovanni Battaglia

As a division 1 college athlete, I have been in the training room receiving PT TOO many times and I can attest that the team at Maven PT is 1st class. I watched them provide therapy on my wife's ankle that she sprained trail running with methods I had not experienced before. After just a few dry needle sessions, followed by strengthening exercises she was back to running in a short period of time. FYI she HATES needles, but Jerry Yoo DPT made her feel at easy and to trust the treatment process. I would recommend anyone that is looking for quality care in resolving their aches or injuries to come see the Maven PT group.

Maggie Kang

Tomas Hiciano

My wife and I have tried other gyms before and also tried home workout CD/Videos but these never kept us motivated enough to stick to them. We were introduced to the Maven workout 8 months ago and I look forward to Sunday nights when the schedule gets posted so I can plan my week around the Maven schedule. No workout is ever the same. Each is challenging enough for any skill level. The fact that you can modify to your skill level and to have coaches watching to ensure proper form and prevent injury is the added difference. The coaches push you to get better while offering encouragement. The variety and commaradity that we have developed with the added personal coaching is what keeps us coming back. I wholeheartedly recommend Maven for anyone looking to commit to a healthy and fit life style.

Claire Keller

Maven is a different caliber of physically therapy. As a runner, I've been hurt a lot, and I have been to a variety of PT places. Most are about the same: you warm-up, you see the therapist for 10 minutes, then 8 more minutes of an ultrasound, you then go through a bunch of static exercises with an assistant, and then you cool down. In and out in about an hour. You have no clue it can be different. I discovered the difference at Maven when I was walking to the gym and a girl I ran high school track with was running hill repeats with Jerry, a PT at Maven, correcting her form. And that is what Maven is about. They are constantly pushing you, getting you back into the shape to do what you want to do. You will sweat like you never have before! Here is what a sample day is like at Maven- you'll warm up through rowing, running or walking- they will actually dictate what pace they want you to be at depending on what you need. You will do a WOD (work out of the day) which is customized for your and your injuries. At any point a therapist or an assistant will be correcting your form or encouraging you to do more. The better you get, the less babysitting and more encouragement you get. You will see the a therapist for as long as you need- they will really "work" the area. They might try different techniques to work that area, like dry needling. And you will warm-down, possibly have stim and some ice. Have something else that is bothering you? They'll have no problem looking at that too. I was always there for 2 hours. I went when I was pregnant to work on the various things that bothered me, even then, I was there for over an hour. Someone wrote a few negative comments I want to address: I don't work for Maven, but I have gone there for years. The place is a little small- yes, but they are under renovations for a new place which is almost done. You only work with an PT in training- so not true. There are times depending on the semester that they are no trainers. Depending on your injury, you might work with the PT for one issues and the trainer for another. It is absolutely NOT true that you will only see the PT your first time and never again. I've gone to Maven for years for all sorts of injuries, often 3 times a week- I I can count on 1 hand the amount of times the PT didn't directly work with me- it was very rare. I always recommend this place when I find out someone needs PT. A friend of mine is driving 20 minutes to go here because of how I raved about it. I saw her the other day and she told me I was correct, this place is like no other she has been to. I couldn't agree more. This place is like a family, they care about the people that go there, and they want to make you better for the long run. They offer countless other physical programs (clinics, workshops, the MavenProject), all of which they do for little to no money- and what they do collect often goes to a charity! Besides being great people, the bottom like is they are really, really good physical therapist. I can't imagine going anywhere else!

Peter Ahn

The best PT clinic in the world. I love Maven because they truly care about rehab, but they care even more about your overall health so that you will not get injured again. Your overall health is their greatest concern.

Rita Acharya

It is a kind of rehab center. Instructor are well trained they work with patients 101 basis place is veryy clean and ample parking .

Samuel Lee

I can't provide enough positive feedback for the outstanding group of DPT's and fitness coaches that run this place. I tweaked my shoulder benching heavy. I couldn't raise my left arm above shoulder level. I came here and Dr. Taylor and Dr. Ryan healed me in two sessions. My shoulder is as good as new now, but they equipped me with key shoulder mobility exercises to do prior to working out. In addition, their group fitness classes are top-notch and I'm not talking about some Zumba/Sean T./P90x-type of cardio workout. No offense to those guys, but the fitness programs these guys put together are intense, challenging and ultimately rewarding. They have open workouts at 7 and 8 AM on Saturdays, which is free to the open public. Great energy, great vibe and also a great group of people. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I recommend you stop by and check them out.

Tuhin Sinha

Maven Center is not a typical physical therapy center. The owner and chief DPT, Taylor believes in a deeper philosophy of wholistic fitness that perhaps starts from rehabilitation and ends with a permanent, healthy lifestyle. This unique place has both a physical therapy section where Talyor, Ryan (as DPTs) and their excellent team of PT aides will evaluate and help you get back on track from any physical ailment or injury. However, on the other side of the facility, there is a state-of-the-art workout area where coaches hash out one of the most intense cross-fit programs you will ever experience and provide you with exhausting, yet exhilarating total body workouts. I've been the member of Maven Center for almost 2 years and in my lifetime, I haven't seen a group of people who are the best in the class and and are personally motivated towards making sure that their members and patients achieve all their physical fitness goals.

Karim Sallam

I went there for an ankle sprain they are very professional and respectful Thank you.

Barbara Vene-Anderson

The Maven Center is all you need for your therapy and fitness needs. I can't say enough about the helpful, friendly and experienced staff. The therapists are amazing and extremely knowledgeable. And... if you're looking to take control of your health and fitness the Mavens will take you to places you never even thought possible.

Brad Roy

Love the place. Been coming for over a year. The staff are great

Jeanine N.

Top notch physical therapists and coaches to help you rehabilitate and/or prevent injuries as well as take your training to the next level. The Maven staff has a genuine commitment to improving health and wellness and they have the expertise to help others meet their personal fitness and wellness goals. Five stars isn't enough!!

Micah Kaufman

Maven helped me heal from both and injured knee and injured shoulder. 8 months ago i was having pain just walking, and performing regular daily taks. This summer thanks to Maven i am training for a triatholon. in addition to great physical therapists, Maven also has a full staff personal trainers so that while the therapists are treating patients, the personal trainers can help other patients with their stretches and exercises. i highly recommend maven Physical Therapy. Micah Kaufman

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