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Warren Carvin

I've been coming here for a few monthes and im telling you it made a big difference. From the pleasantries of the front desk to the acct in the back they really take care of you. I start off with my alcupuncher and i tell you once im done with that, i look at her and tell her I love her. Then its my chiropractor, giving sound advice and made me feel comfortable as soon as i walked thru the door and went right to work on finding out what was actually going on. Then from there its to therapy this group came at me like a tag team and when i leave there im feeling so much them.

Seth Mendelson

Great service from the moment you step through the door. Acupuncture and chiropractic services have been extremely helpful for my back pain

Mavis Rose

I've been seeing Virginia for about 8 months now and she has helped profoundly in my life. Initially I heard about the office from a friend then I called to make an appt. Brittany answered the phone. It was one of the best phone conversations I ever had calling anywhere to make an appointment. She made me feel so welcome and enthused and I haven't even started treatments there yet. I was very impressed with how she was able to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease. When starting treatments with Virginia I was brand new to Acupuncture. I was suffering from daily migraines. Yes daily and now I am able to get through my day to day activities without them. She plays a key role for me in my life for achieving overall optimal health and happiness. So for her I am grateful. My only issue with the office in general is on quite a few occasions I've seen dogs in the area where physical therapy occurs. Other than that the rest of the staff is very friendly and wonderful

Piper912 .


I have been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for about a month for chronic back pain. After my first treatment, I felt the best I had felt in months. I have a completely different outlook on self care thanks to the Doctor Canova and the staff. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and seem to love their jobs so every visit has been great!

Kinga Novákovics

I highly recommend this place. Everyone is super friendly and professional. I've been going there for about a month now and my back pain is basically gone. Best decision ever.

Elena Chrysandreas

I've been coming here for about two months now for a back injury and I couldn't be more pleased. My back is feeling better and better each visit, but what really sets Hoboken Integrated Health apart from the rest is that they have the BEST team. They are so friendly and made me feel right at home at my first appointment. Having two appointments a week is sometimes difficult to maintain, and Carol at the front desk is always friendly and willing to work with me even when I have to reschedule an appointment the day of. Really great group, and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Chiropractor team in Hoboken.

Timothy W

Don’t let the small space fool you, HIH is a great facility for Physical Therapy, Chiropractics and Acupuncture. I arrived 2 months ago in significant pain due to herniated discs in my spine. The doctors, PT’s and admin have all been phenomenal and helped me tremendously. Dr. Peters spend over an hour with me the first visit reviewing my MRI’s & xrays and answering all my questions. This was much different from other Dr’s who have rushed through information in the past. The staff at HIH are knowledgeable, patient, and professional which makes each visit a pleasure. I have had dramatic improvement in my quality of life since starting my treatment at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare and would recommend their services to anyone.

Frank LaGumina

Excellent care. My neck pain is gone and range of motion has improved tremendously. The staff is superb. I highly recommend Dr. Canova and his team.

Jung Eun Kwak

I started going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare after they came to my office for a posture screening. I've always had a severe shoulder and lower back pain that I could not fix by a simple massage therapy or regular yoga practice. The X-ray result showed that I had a tilted spine. Doctor recommended me getting 6 months chiropractic to adjust my spine to eliminate the pain permanently - which I would love to do. I've been there for a month now, and I've noticed a significant difference : Chronic pain began to fade away. Also, people around me have been telling me that I have a very good posture - in contrast to years ago when I was constantly told that I slouch a lot. I don't have to go to regular massage therapy at a salon 3-4 times a month just because I do not feel any pain. Spinal flossing is the best! Each appointment only takes 20 minutes, and it feels like I have gotten 1-2 hours massage at a regular salon. Thanks Hoboken Integrated Healthcare!


I have been seeing both the chiropractor and the acupuncturist for the past 8 months which elevated my wellbeing to the new heights! I appreciate how knowledgeable the staff is, this is essential for me. I have been also bringing my kids for the routine chiro check-ups. It's a very popular practice in other countries, many childhood aliments could be traced down to a misaligned spine, even such things as frequent ear infections. Great place for people with health emergencies as well for the health conscious interested in gentle ways of enhancing general wellbeing.

Mom A

Dr. Canova and staff are amazing! Look no further. This is it!

Jhon Shaikh

Hoboken Integrated HealthCare has helped me recuperate from my injuries. Their techniques decreased my pain and helped me regain mobility in my back and shoulder. The quality of human beings that work at this place makes this place the place to go- The professionalism and medical techniques done with the great caring, plus the fact that no other place has approached my well being therapy as they have is why they are a 5 stars and highly recommend.

Liz Wiener

called here to get basic pricing on fees for acupuncture bc my insurance only covers 80%. Spoke with carol and could not get an answer. She told me she could give me cash prices but not insurance prices. huh? I tired explaining to her that Id like not to be caught by surprise after a few visits but she clearly didn't get it so I will go elsewhere as this sounds shady.

Sonia Williams

I have Tennis Elbow, and a friend recommended this facility. Attending this facility was one of my great decisions. Within 3 weeks, my pain level has dropped from 9 to 4.The therapists Dr. Osar, Darwin and Marsha are wonderful, and very skilled. The receptionists always wear welcoming smiles. Genna is always very efficient, and always gets your questions answered. They are a very wonderful and professional team. I have already recommended them to my friends and co-workers.

Daria Ezerskaya

Can't describe the pain I was in when I first came to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. Now I am happy to say that I feel much better and highly recomended this place!!! Every single person is very helpful and caring about the overall well being of their clients.Thanks guys for a great job!

Cheryl Dickson

Hoboken Integrated Healthcare is a one stop services facility with a chiropractor, physical therapy and where acupuncture is offered. Hoboken Integrated has a caring, friendly and wonderful staff. My meetings with Dr. Peters was a learning lesson as well as a “fixing back session”. I have had back problems for years and no one has ever taken the time to fully explain cause and effect, spine and nerve relationship. Therapy is gentle yet effective and relieves stress in the body and eases pain. Darwin and Carol are accommodating with scheduling or any assistance you may need during your appointment. I would highly recommend Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for your “pain” needs. Cheryl Dickson

Ramon Sanchez

I took my son here for an injury to his back in soccer. The doctors were very professional and actually spent some time with me and him to explain everything. They took X-rays and nothing was broken but he sprained his lower back. He got some chiropractic treatments and physical therapy for about three weeks and he was fine after that. I was there about 5 years ago for bad headaches and it helped that. I like that they have a nice waiting room with free coffee and friendly nurses.

Mayur T

The staff is very friendly and helpful! The doctors are very informative and helpful!

Raquel Gonzalez

Every time I get an adjustment by Dr. Canova I leave the office feeling brand new. I love it. My first time getting a full acupuncture treatment with Virginia was amazing. I've never felt so relaxed in my entire life. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Love this place to pieces.

Aaron Bartholomew

Very personal, down to earth staff. Nothing overwhelming, waiting area has a very inviting atmosphere that feels like you're in your own living room with magazines, coat racks, free coffee, water and reading lamps. I received chiropractic treatment, and there was a very clear step by step process, in which I was informed of what was being done and why. Started off with a simple examination and x-rays. My questions were then answered and a manageable treatment plan was laid out for me. The staff always makes sure the treatment is not only done properly but also double check that you're comfortable and will adjust anything such as temperature or pressure if needed. It's very easy to schedule evening appointments, and the office is conveniently located near the Hoboken PATH station, so it's perfect for attending after work in the city. Highly recommend for anyone seeking treatment for back/neck/shoulder discomfort!

Talia Filippelli

I started going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare about halfway through my pregnancy when I began having horrible sciatic pain. It was so bad that I had difficulty walking and going up stairs. After being evaluated by Dr. Vilan, we decided to approach the pain using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Within 3 weeks, my pain was completely gone! The team of professionals and support staff at this office have been amazingly supportive, helpful and welcoming throughout my treatment. I look forward to my appointments with them every week and couldn't be more satisfied with the pain relief I got from them. I would highly recommend this practice, especially for pregnant women!

Nadja Rutkowski

Love the adjustment machine! No more harsh or painful cracking, which I was afraid of. Friendly staff! Hours could be a tad later for those returning from work in the evening.

Hayden Kirton


Sheree Mendoza

Can't say enough about this place... decompression and adjustments were the only thing that has helped my herniated discs... Recently been going back again as I need to keep on top of my back issues.. Everybody is super friendly and knowledgable... you kind of feel you are with family and friends and they are very accommodating as well when it comes to making/changing appointments.

Brian Rourke

I went to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare two months back with a nagging back pain unrelated to any specific injury. The staff here is beyond helpful in helping evaluate what's wrong and putting a plan together to help correct. Can't thank Dr. Will (Chiro), Dr Hussein & Darwin (PT) and Carol enough! 10/10 would recommend!

anthony viggiano

I find the quality of care is quite high, and the staff and doctor are very informative, patient, empathetic, knowledgable and professional. My only complaint is they are routinely behind schedule, so I find waiting between 15 min and 45 min for my appointment is not uncommon.

Yolanda Garcia

Totally recommend Hoboken Integrated healthcare, I had severe lower back pain. Sense coming here feel much better. The PT is awesome and Carol is awesome friendly.

Alexandra Jacobs

Dr C and the staff are the friendliest, nicest people I've encountered in a doctors office. Totally flexible scheduling and they really care about your progress. I have been going for 4 months and my back is 80% better than it's been in quite some time. I am so happy with this office and thankful they work with me so that I can get the best care.

Alice Anderson

Hoboken Integrated Healthcare has been such a help in dealing with my back and neck pain. As a new resident in Hoboken I chose Hoboken Integrated Healthcare based on the recommendations and reviews online and I can say that I haven't been disappointed at all. The staff has been extremely helpful by accommodating my hectic schedule and Dr. Vilan is always energetic and personable. Every staff member gets to know the patients individually and they are always pleasant. I would highly recommend Hoboken Integrated Healthcare.

Ronak Patel

Don’t let the small size of this facility fool you; this is by far the BEST PT facility in Hoboken. I’ve been going here for the past 6+ weeks after trying another facility nearby and not being pleased with the service. I’ve noticed significant improvements from my care and feel so much better than when I first walked in. Rick and Devanshi are both super kind, knowledgeable, and experienced therapists who will design a custom tailored program to cater to your specific needs and keep you engaged throughout the process. This is not your run of the mill, cookie cutter type clinic that will throw the typical exercises at you. Rick can literally make an exercise out of anything, and his manual therapy techniques are top notch. Dr. Peters is also a very experienced chiropractor. If you’re looking for a great clinic with an awesome atmosphere, look no further. You will be very happy with your experience here.

Ahmad Alshehri

I have been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for almost a year now and I love it. very amazing staff that is very welcoming and professional. I would definitely recommend it for Chiropractic adjustment or physical therapy.

Debra Ashton

I've been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for many years now. Dr. Canova is the best when it comes to chiropractic. Darwin and the other physical therapists are very professional and courteous, and Carol at reception is very pleasant and helpful with scheduling appointments. All in all a very nice, convenient with a great staff.

Anna McElerney

Dr Canova and all of his team have been excellent taking time to listen to my issues, explaining the entire process and steps in the assessment through to treatment options. I have felt supported throughout and whilst the initial issues have resolved I have a long term plan in place to ensure full recovery and ongoing management. An extremely friendly and helpful team and I will recommend anyone to go here.

Emma Walker

I have been going to Hoboken Integrated for my shoulder for a few months now and am extremely happy with the experience. Everyone on the team is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable. They provide a full, comprehensive treatment by offering a chiropractor, acupuncture, and physical therapist in the same office. PT Dr Hussein has helped tremendously in working on multiple different parts of the shoulder/back and building strength and endurance back in those muscles. They really take time on each patient and listen to you in order to create a treatment that best fits you. Highly recommend

Kevin Morrow

Should bs called Hoboken Family Integrated Chiropractic, everyone who works here cares and is extremely positive and fun to work with. The care I have received here has helped my neck and shoulder pain tremendously, and now they're helping on making the improvements permanent with PT.

Lu Lu

i have been visiting this place for months and it has been an amazing experience. Doctor and the team are professional, knowledgable and also extremely compassionate. my treatment involved a combination of chiro, physical therapy and exercise which helped me fix my neck and back problems that had been bothering me for years. i especially like the fact that the doctor and physicians here not just helped me relieve my physical pain but also have been very patient and transparent in explaining the situations along the way. office is very clean and well equipped at a great location, and they have been very flexible in accommodating my schedules. i highly appreciate their help and would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for treatments.

Kyle Lampart

I have been a competitive runner for the last 12 years and have been to quite a few chiropractors and physical therapists during that time. None have compared to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. They have gone above and beyond to get my neck and spine back to where it should be. They have educated me throughout the entire process as well which is great in my opinion. The whole staff is friendly and you get a genuine sense that they care for your well being. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Art Delevescovo

I have been doing acupuncture treatments for about 3 years with Virginia, she has been treating me for sleep disorders, allergies, stress and pain. The treatments are painless and very relaxing. I would urge anyone who is seeking relief from any type of pain or chronic ailments to see Virginia first. You will be glad that you did.

Ellen Riley

Mine was a world of pain. Years of sports injuries had left chipped bones, a compression fracture and a knee injury. My MD prescribed 'Roids, Advil, a protective dose of Prevacid and a script for PT, chiropractics or acupuncture. My client and work schedule were less accommodating. I needed immediate pain management somewhere easy to access on my way home. At Hoboken Integrated Health Care, a compassionate and personable Doctor Joe Canova gave me a comprehensive evaluation after a series of X-rays. He measured my condition and progress via real-time computer generated graphs. And, he directed treatment to the troubled spots. After a few weeks, I was pain free, limber and back to normal physical activities. Dr Joe has a kind and courteous staff, and provides a really comfortable environment. Ellen

brittany rice

This place is amazing! The acupuncture is great and peaceful, Chiropractor really gets what you need done. The Physical therapist are great and Carol is amazing I love this place they they're amazing social and never has you sitting around. You should really come it's great.

Scott Garrison

The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and make an effort to learn your name as quickly as they can. Despite seeing many patients throughout the week, they greet you by name and pick up where you left off with your last session very easily. The entire team is knowledgable and works together very well. It's fun to watch them interact with each other, because you can tell they're friends and not just co-workers. All in all, it's a wonderful place to go for physical therapy!

Matthew Gould

I have been going to HIHC for physical therapy and it has been an amazing experience. My recovery time has been shortened due to the techniques used and also the suggestions of home exercises. I find that the approach to not only recover but rebuild has helped me to rehab faster, better and stronger. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a PT place to stop by and see Osar, Adrienne and Brittany.

John Clarke

I've been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare on & off since September 2018 for what was initially a herniated disc. The staff here is fantastic! When I first came in I could barely stand up straight but after a couple weeks I was back to all normal activities. I can't thank the staff enough for getting me back on my feet - I'd recommend HIH to anyone!

Helene Ruth

This was my first exposure to physical therapy, so I really didn't know what to expect. However, the whole team have been amazing and super supportive in getting me back on the golf course. They are very accommodating when it comes to my challenging schedule, along with encouraging a good mix of professional and relaxed atmosphere, that reduces my stress level as soon as I walk in. The comprehensive array of services means they can consistently adjust to your needs as your recovery progresses.

Michele Albano

I'm feeling 100% better since starting treatment with Dr.Canova and his new non-invasive state of the art adjustment system. Thank you. I highly recommend him! Michele

Mike Phalon

Great care and very professional people

Anibal Soto

I came to Hoboken Health for a back injury. I was able to utilize all of the services they provided to me and was very pleased with the results & recovery time. The overall staff is wonderful and was very accommodating to my busy work schedule. I will continue to visit HIH and recommend it to all of my friends and family. :)

Amine .

I have had a great experience with Dr Canova and staff. I feel very comfortable and welcome in the office and it is a warm environment for back-pain healing. I also really enjoy the acupuncture procedure which is offered in addition to the regular chiropractic services. 100% would recommend.

David DeVoe

great experience. i had severe pain in my neck and back. the staff was very great to work with and the doctors paid close attention to detail in figuring out the best course for me. My pain level has gone from 9 to a 2 in just a few months. highly recommend.

Hemali Kothari

Dr. Osar is really good. And Brittany & Adrianne are really helpful. Its perfect ambiance will lots of talk n awesome physiotherapy.

kristiana kolc-dass

Wonderful place! I have been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for about two months and I already feel much better! Dr.Canova and the staff are all very kind and knowledgeable. Five stars!!!

Casper Suchar

Services are very helpful. The chiropractor keeps my back pain at bay with regular adjustment and my shoulder and related pain are being kept down with Virginias use of acupuncture on a regular basis so I can prevent an operation.

Lauren Maffei

Wanted to add on to my previous review (in parenthesis)! I wrote the below after just a few short weeks! NOW it's been a year of treatment and I couldn't be happier. The staff here is amazing - i walk in and i NEVER wait! They even call me weekly to check up especially if i haven't made a follow up appointment. I usually start with a session of acupuncture followed by adjustments with the Dr. If you have ANY type of pain or discomfort, i truly recommend coming here. I come 3x a week to be treated for back pain as well as stomach discomfort. It truly is the only remedy that has worked for me. I love it here and i highly recommend coming :) **** (i've been coming here for a few weeks now for back pain. the staff is amazing! I get treated by the chiropractor, PT and acupuncturist and my pain has already decreased. the office is efficient and the staff is super knowledgable. you won't regret coming here!)

peter aleman jr

Time flies! This practice gets better! A few changes in the practice but everythingis going well! A great staff, polite, caring, friendly, very professional and productive! They work well together! God bless everyone of them!!!!! Kristina, Darwin, Carol, Virginia, Dr. Peters, Dr. Canova and the office manager who keeps everyone on their toes! LOL Truly a very professional and productive practice! Call and give them an opportunity!


Dr Canova and staff are absolutely amazing! I can't say enough good things!

Amanda Eitzen

I always have a pleasant experience at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. The staff is kind, professional and knowledgeable, and they all work together to help me overcome my back and hip issues. (I have attended HIH for both chiropractic care and physical therapy.) I would recommend HIH to others.

Sheri Spears

My experience with Hoboken Integrated Healthcare has been great! This is my first time doing PT and I am receiving excellent theraphy for my frozen shoulder. The entire staff is extremely professional and provide a range of servicesl! Carol and Jessica at the front desk are super nice and very accomodating with scheduling my sessions. I piicked the right place!

Devin Reed


Marti Morris

Great staff and great doctors. Really helped my back pain and they are always smiling. Go there!

Lauren Bergeron Velez

My husband and I have been going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for a several weeks now. We have seen other chiropractors to find the best one for us. At Hoboken Integrated Healthcare we found a combination of Accupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapist. The staff is amazing and truly listens to you. The care is specialized. This isn't some place were its one size fits all. Just in a few weeks of visits I have been feeling calmer and I base that on the Accupuncture. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience in finding a healthy way to live and ridding pain.

Kwabea O'Brien

I've been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for several months now and very much like the staff. Carol at the front desk always accommodates my schedule and Darwin and the other PT staff have been very helpful in the recovery of my back issues. Dr. Peters is a fantastic Chiropractor with a great sense of humor and Christine has changed the way I view acupuncture as it relates to health, wellness and recovery!

Gary Thompson

I started going to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare many, many years ago when Dr. Canova was just starting out on Washington Street in Hoboken. I remember that Dr. Canova and his staff were personable, professional, knowledgeable, efficient and caring. I can tell you that even after all these years, my experience is still the same. I'm still a happy and healthy customer. Being a performer, I've periodically needed adjustments for my neck, shoulders and back. I can honestly tell you that Dr. Canova and his insight had a lot to do with saving my career. I don't really write reviews much but in this case, I find that I must share the good news with others. If you're on the fence, give Dr. Canova and the Hoboken Integrated Healthcare staff a try. All the best to you.

Lisa DeFalco

I can say with certainty that you will be well cared for at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. I was in the worst pain in my life with herniated and bulging disks, and Im so grateful that Dr. Canova and Dr. Vilan set up a complete program of chiropractic and physical therapy care that had me feeling better in a very short period of time. The staff is positive and professional and make it a very pleasant experience. I normally don't care for physical therapy, but my sessions with Osar have been great with great results. I have no complaints and Im very happy with my care with Hoboken Integrated Healthcare.

Maria Monte

Excellent staff, friendly and professional.

Xiomara guzman

I had a great experience going to Hoboken Integrated. I had the pleasure of being treated by some nice and caring chiropractors and physical therapists who genuinely want to get to the bottom of your medical issues and make you feel better. Carol in the front desk is great!

David Calamoneri

I had never been to a physical therapist or chiropractor before. After my pointer and thumb went to sleep for a few days, I was prescribed my first visit. A co-worker recommended Hoboken Integrated and I am Glad they did. Not only did the "chiro" and "PT" professionals make my pins and needles fade away with time and commitment to the process, but the personable, knowledgeable and professional staff, from front desk to the doctor's office in the back, made me feel comfortable from day one. Making the exercises, stretches and treatments. I will definitely recommend them to friends in the future.

Nidhi Gupta

I have been visiting Hoboken Integrated HealthCare for wrist pain and neck pain. I get both physiotherapy and chiropractic care. I feel tremendous relief from the pain after getting these treatments. The coolest stuff about the place is, the staff is amazing!! They really ease you out into the treatment, with extra doses of laughter and care. I not only feel pain free but also happy visiting this place. The whole staff is super cool but special mention for Osar and Jen, you guys rock!! Love this place!!

Jacqueline Farnese

I’ve been coming here for a little over a month now and it’s been a wonderful experience. At the end of last year I herniated two discs and discovered I had scoliosis so I’ve been dealing with a lot of severe lower back pain. The staff and Carol at the front desk are extremely pleasant and very informative. The chiro has helped a ton with pain management and the PTs have been wonderful in showing me exercises to help build up my strength again. I’ve felt a lot of improvement so far with my back pain and look forward to continuing my treatment here! :)

Nigri Cat

I was seen the day I called for an appointment. I was seen immediately by the Dr. in the office. He pinpointed my area of pain and began treatment the very same day. I left the office feeling relief from my pain and was able to return to work that day.

Jim Free

I must say the staff at this office are the most friendly people I've ever met. They really make you feel at home. They are truly concerned with your health and take whatever time is needed to make you feel better. They are very knowledgeable in the practice!

Jessica Fuller McGinn

Wonderful staff! I’ve been going for chiropractic care for a few years now, couldn’t be happier!

Ralph Volpe

One stop shop! Convenient location in downtown Hoboken that offers exceptiobal chiropractic and physical therapy treatment. I would recommend to anyone in Hoboken needing such treatment.

mel diaz

After getting into a really bad car accident and not knowing where to turn next, Intergrated Hoboken took me right in and is fixing me right up. I’m Extremely happy I came here, between the doctors and staff this place is delightful!! P.s. If you suffer from lower back come get decompressed it’s amazing!!

doriayve .

Staff was friendly, like family. A bit of a wait, but worth it. Once in, the doctor and staff take all the time needed to educate you and make you feel comfortable—explaining every step of the way.

Wenteng Shao

I came to this office for the past two weeks. The front desk, Carol and another lady are very nice and accommodating. They make you feel you are welcomed as an old friend. Also the doctors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are also very patient and willing to hear what you feel. Three of them, chiropractor, PT, acupuncture, work together. With all three in one office, makes things easier and more efficient! From doctors to assistants to front desk ladies, everyone in this office is super nice. Coffee is good too. Will definitely go to this office on regular basis.

Erika Zamora

I am so glad I found this office. My old back injury had flared up again and when I first started coming here I could barely walk or move without pain. I love that the doctor explained everything in detail and made sure I really understood what the reason was for my pain and the plan to help me feel better. It's only been about a month and I am already having days with zero pain. The staff is very friendly and always ready to help and answer any questions. I could never thank them enough for getting me on the road to no more back pain.

Sarah Ghys

I have been treated by Dr. Flores and Dr. Canova since January of this year. I came to their practice with chronic neck pain due to an injury. Over the past few months they provided ongoing treatment to allieviate the pain and discomfort associated with my chiropractic issue. Recently I added physical therapy to my treatment which has tremendously helped. I could not ask for a better team of professionals who are thorough and dedicated to their patients. I have also experienced the acupuncture which is an effective alternative to medicine in my experience. I highly recommend this office.

Susan Karaban

Last December I had an accident which left me with severe neck and back pain along with incessant spasms, numbness and near paralysis of my arms and hands. After a long search, I found Hoboken Integrated after fleeing the office of a surgeon who saw the results of an MRI. The surgeon wanted to go in through my throat, remove all the bones in my neck and replace them with plates. After a detailed interview with Dr. Canova and an X-ray, I was told that chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and acupuncture might relieve my suffering, which it did. The therapists all made me feel hopeful, and the office staff made me feel comfortable and trusting. I owe this practice everything and recommend it highly to you.

Transaction Coordinator - The Sikora Group

Dr. C is excellent, highly recommended.

Steven Schirripa

Exceptionally nice, knowledgeable and genuinely caring staff. A+

Christina Fenn

Amazing, knowledgeable staff. Integrates PT, acupuncture and chiropractic care. Everyone is always friendly, talkative and having a great time (while working extremely hard!!!) They make you feel completely at ease. Very nice, clean office. Extremely efficient...I almost never have to wait to be seen. I've been coming to help alleviate chronic migraines...I can say that i definitely feel a big improvement on the frequency and severity of them...these guys are good!! Ill be sad when I don't need to come any longer. I'd highly recommend this office.

Stephanie Garbarini

My doctor recommend them after my ankle ligament surgery. very friendly staff, personalized touch, easy to schedule. I feel well taken care of!

Ronnie Filippatos

Great! Everyone on staff from the members at the desk to the PT's are both knowledgeable and helpful. My PT, Justina is awesome and always knows how to help with the right amount of exercises in both quantity and resistance. Everyone is very accommodating and understanding when you need to switch or cancel an appointment and the location is ideal being so close to the PATH. I would highly recommend Hoboken Integrated Healthcare!

Will Pryor

I was intoduced to hoboken integrated healthcare a couple months ago when i moved to Hoboken. Dr. Canova was very inviting in my first appointment; before adjusting he gave me a full evaluation to make sure he knew everything that was bothering me including x-rays. I have suffered from a bad back and migraines for the last 10-15 yrs, and he has been able to subside that pain immensly. Dr. Canova is a great chiropractor, I highly recommend visiting the practice for chiropractic care! Recently I've been visiting Dr. Justyna Zarzecka for physical therapy, she has been helping me for the last few months with an injured wrist, she knows her stuff and makes sure to push you. Would not be this far along without her determination on getting my wrist back to 100%. She is very personable and makes physical therapy something to look forward to, would definitely recommend the practice for PT!

Jackie Kondrk

STAY AWAY! They give out Starbucks gift-cards in exchange for reviews. It is the most unorganized and dishonest practice I've ever been to. They told me they accepted my insurance, and then told me they never said that and tried to bill me. The physical therapist was a rude know-it-all who didn't want to hear any of my concerns. The receptionist was totally incompetent. The chiropractor was okay, but the rest of his staff is ruining his practice. While I was in the office, there was another woman complaining about the same insurance/billing issue that I experienced. Beware.

Jeremy Morel

I first came to HIHC because I had severe pains in my lower back, I felt like I couldn't even standup straight. It hurt so bad! My sister recommended I visit this office and boy am I glad she did! Dr. Paul gave me a full evaluation and explained to me what the problem was so I could understand why I was in so much pain. I started seeing her regularly for adjustments and I never felt better! Thank you Dr. Paul!

Michelle Greves

Absolutely great staff, everyone knows who you are after your first visit. Dr. Canova took the time to explain absolutely everything I should expect in my visits and was incredibly professional.

Joe Brendel

After visiting the team here for over a month I've come a long way. The staff is always helpful and eager to answer my questions.

Pastor Peter Aleman Jr

Very professional! Doctor is outstanding. Bill the therapist very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff in general very polite and professional.

Whitney Segel

Accommodating, helpful and cohesive team that works together to make sure you are feeling your best. Scheduling is very flexible and that is helpful for my crazy work schedule. Highly recommend!

Cary Hamilton

I started going to Dr. Canova because my mom went to see him and got such relief that she was able to start walking again. My problem was stairs! Due to longtime knee problems, I was having to take them one at a time (I'm 46) and was thinking I might have to give up my job because of this. However, after seeing Dr. Canova, I am doing great! Going just twice a week fixed my whole body. I have more energy and am pain free.

Stephanie Viccaro

The bedside manor at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare is fantastic. I love going there. The holistic approach is amazing and leaves you feeling better than when you walked in.

Sofia N

I want to share my wonderful experience with HIHC's office. Weeks ago, I had tripped on the sidewalk leading me to fall and my ankle was paying the price. I was in pain from my swollen ankle and being one who works in Hoboken I pass by HIHC's office everyday. I decided to walk in the office hoping they could help relieve my pain and I was so grateful that they were flexible and able see me even though I was a walk in. Dr. Peters, Darwin and the rest of the team really helped me onto the road to recovery with specialized treatment and care. Everyone on the team really is enthusiastic to help the patients and it really shows. I'm so thankful for the whole office's kindness and care towards helping my ankle get better. 100% recommend HIHC to anyone who is in need of amazing Chiropractic, PT and Acupuncture services. Thank you all!

Evens Arretus

They're good. I like my PT, she kind of save me from those crazy neck pain sometime..

Eileen Elliott

The BEST place for physical therapy! The staff is amazing and I recommend them to everyone.

gila rice

I have been going to Hoboken Integrated Health for years the staff is great. Carol at the front desk always greets you with a smile. The Physical therapist Hussein is very concern about making sure you are making progress. Darwin his assistant makes sure you do all your excercises with a positive attitude. Kristine that does the acupuncture is very easy to talk to and is very delicate with the process. The new addition , Cardiologists Dr Will is nice. This staff has a great personality and makes it moreenjoyable to go to physical therapy.

A C.

I'm a homemaker and I take my patient there and they treat her very well and she is progressing very well! Definitely recommend this place the staff is awesome as well!

Jesse Chen

My initial consultation with Dr. Will was quick and informative. He immediately identified the issue. I thought it was my shoulder, and he showed how the real issue was emanating from my neck by conducting a series of tests and showing me a very obvious compressed disc on my x-ray. I am always wary of services that want you to come back over-and-over again as part of their business model - can you trust them or not? That said, I found myself educated and found the staff to be trustworthy at HIH. Carol took the time to explain exactly how my insurance benefits would calculate out in terms of my out-of-pocket costs, which was a great benefit. I look forward to completing my treatment plan with Dr. Will and HIH.

Margarita Tlacuilo

Excellent care and service. Dr.Canova and staff are very professional, and take the time necessary to explain where the pain comes from and take care of the issue. You feel welcome from the moment you step into the office; after years of back pain, I really feel for the first time my pain has been treated the proper way. I'm really grateful for this new found experience.

Maggie Lucas

I've had a such a positive experience at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. They are very committed to a holistic approach and using their entire team to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. They've worked with my insurance and are easy to make appointments with. The staff is friendly, attentive, and enjoyable to be around. I'm so glad I found them!

Ivette Heredia

The staff & MDs are amazing. Being a person who works in NY but lives in NJ, finding a convenient location to take care of me was everything and what better place than Hoboken integrated healthcare, located around the corner from the path. So glad I'm a patient of theirs

Victor Liao

The staff is extremely caring. I feel my posture is already improving after two visits.

Dan Quinn

Matthew Cariani

I can finally say I no longer have to worry about my debilitating lower back pain, and that is all thanks to the staff at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. Dr. Vilan, my chiropractor, and my physical therapist, Dr. Igbonoson, worked wonders to get me feeling better again. The friendly staff, the over-the-top care, and personal attention are why I choose to come to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

African Views

This is one of the bright spots in Hoboken. It’s a place where everybody knows you by your first name and you are assured the best treatment. I highly recommend it!

chris varano

I've been a patient for 15 years and it's always a pleasuregreat staff,great service.

Brian Keegan

Started going there when my knee was bothering me a lot. I highly recommend this place. I've been to other places for physical therapy over the years and I really like the way it is here. Osar is great at explaining exactly what's going on, how you're progressing, and is awesome to talk to about sports, tv, movies, etc while you're there. The office atmosphere there is also great and its easy to tell that everyone else working there loves what they do. Often while I'm there, people who used to receive treatment there will pop there heads in to say hi to the staff and catch up. You won't find a friendlier or more professional place to go.

Aris Martinez

I am a personal trainer. I have been to a couple chiropractors and physical therapist. This is hands down the best and most polite office I have been to. The chiropractor is great with relieve pain and explains everything you need to know and why he is doing whatever adjusting he is doing. The physical therapist are great at getting your body feeling brand new and improving your muscular system. Recommend to everyone and anyone looking to get rid of annoying daily pain and live feeling like a million bucks!

Funny Bunny

Mobility. Flexibility. Pain gone. "I told you it would. She treated me for both a shoulder injury and a total knee replacement. Through his stretch manipulation and strength exercises I am able to reach my goal

Aysha Centeno

I've been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for about five months now, Dr Canova and the staff are genuinely caring and nice. Since the first day I've got here they have cared about my well being and have tried their absoulete best to make sure I get to where I need to be. Thanks to them I feel a significant improvement!

Diane Nieves

The staff is friendly and professional, the office is very pleasant.

Michael Feliciano

Horrible service, front desk was the rudest person I have ever met. Wont consider this office for services until they replace with someone who knows about customer service.

Alejandra Espindola

I had many different conditions that were diagnosed as psychosomatic, since there was nothing wrong with me. Yet, the pain and discomfort persisted. I was recommended to try acupuncture, but I was needle phobic. I decided to give this a change and to my amazement, it was not only painless, but actually relaxing. Now I live pain free and have no problem sleeping. Thank you Virginia Kelly!

Timothy Keiper

Great experience!!! Staff is great !!! Totally recommend this place very professional, clean and friendly!!! Juan Carletti

Cal Payne

The level of service and professionalism at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare has been excellent. Everyone has been terrific, extremely helpful and has made the experience pleasant and seamless. Given my often busy work schedule, I especially appreciate the convenience of the scheduling flexibility. Most importantly, I've seen consistent and measurable improvements since I began my Chiropractic and PT visits. I couldn't be happier with the quality of service and treatment I've received.

Matthew Totaro

Worst experience. I never met a chiropractor so unwilling to adjust a mans back. Place is filled with unqualified PTs , a quack acupuncturist, and a lazy chiropractor. Their technique is "I will do it on your next visit" just trying to squeeze every dime out of a patient

Cindy Morrison

So happy i found this office, made a world of difference with my back pain issues. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Steve tagliamonte

Love coming here for therapy. Very flexible with my work schedule as they are open late during the week. The women at the front desk are very friendly and personable and get to know you on a first name basis. Would def reccomend to friends and family.

Priscilla Arboleda

The staff truly cares about their patients and are friendly . Started going to treat an IT band injury which hindered me from running for almost a year. After 3 months of physical therapy, I completed the half marathon pain free. Just started acupuncture and I’m very content with their services. Highly recommend checking them out.

Vesselina Stoyanova

They are more than amazing! I have been healing my lower back for 3 years now and have received nothing but fantastic care and support. Dr. Justyna is not only a true professional but a pure joy to be around! And the front desk ladies are as polite and helpful as being in a luxury spa! Thank you! Without you I couldn't have physically raised my 2 young children !!!!

Topaz Wong

When I first met Dr. Canova, we shared some comments on a poster in his office. It may not mean much to most folks but I have had some mixed experiences since my health coverage changed. This was a welcomed change of pace that put my mind at ease. Dr. Canova doesn't greet you with scripted medical jargon, in fact he takes as much time as necessary to make sure you understand your course of treatment on your terms. Unconventional only because he has incorporated technology into his practice that most practitioner shy away from to eliminate unnecessary physical manipulation, he has alleviated my back pain in short order and this has encouraged me to get back on the road to core strengthening to prevent future episodes. Highly recommended and endorsed!

Marie Radigan

Due to a fall I had in January, I fractured my right wrist. Dr. Isaac Roman recommended I go to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare to regain mobility in my hand. I was dreading going because I've been to physical therapy and found it a choice to go. But I must say that the entire staff has made my physical therapy enjoyable. The staff is knowledgeable and concerned about each and every patient that visits their facility. I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends.

Samantha Cagman

I’ve been coming here about 3x a week for 3 months now. After a car accident left me with multiple injuries, and a plethora of doctor offices and hospital visits and scans, i had it with the medical field and felt very alone with my issues. During the first few weeks of PT, my whole body hurt and brought up emotional reactions like crying and panic attacks mid-treatment. Never once did i feel like i burdened the staff here, never once have i felt unwelcome or uncared for. Justyna, Amy, Darwin, Carol, Peter, and everyone else who works here provides incredible service and care with everything they do. I️ highly recommend HIH to anyone in the area looking for attentive and compassionate recovery and care!

Adam Triglia

First rate staff, incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating.


From the front desk, to the assistants, to the doctors, everyone here is beyond helpful and professional. I've gone to them for both chiropractic work and PT, and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Very, very friendly.

Mara Lonardo

Dr. Canova and entire staff are top notch. I recently relocated to NJ from CT and I was hurt very soon afterwards. I was referred to Hoboken Integrated Health & Dr. Canova by my orthopedist. Boy did I luck out!! They were extremely responsive returning my call and were able to accommodate me the very next day. Everyone in the office is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I have done chiro, physical therapy and acupuncture in the past, but never had them all integrated and fully customized to my particular injury and wellness needs. I travel from Bergen county several days a week, Gladly, and I feel lucky to have found them. The "Real Mccoy"!

Dianna Tokic

I had a massage here last night and Lisa was wonderful. I highly recommend this place and Lisa! Really great!

Christine Murray

Dr. Canova and his staff are absolutely fantastic. I had three herniated discs near the bottom of my spine and I was in considerable, sometimes excruciating, pain, but with the help of chiropractic adjustments by Joseph Canova, spinal decompression, physical therapy with Justina (with assistance from Darwin and Norris), and acupuncture with Virginia, I am feeling much better, and I highly recommend getting all of these services if you have a back injury or another injury that could benefit from them. Spinal Decompression is a relatively new procedure and not covered by insurance, but the machine is great; there is no pain - just a relaxing stretch, and sometimes I even fall asleep. You may need to pay extra for it, but your back will heal faster and you'll feel great. I was relieved that this machine could help heal my back and that I would not need surgery. Some people may be nervous or skeptical about acupuncture, but it is incredibly relaxing and especially helpful before a chiropractic adjustment. While I am not completely healed just yet, my life is almost entirely back to normal thanks to these super friendly and professional people, and I always enjoy my appointments.

Jersey City Ballet Team

As a full time dance instructor I know my body and my body was starting to feel disconnected. I was starting to feel discouraged about my ability to balance and do all those things associated with my profession. I have had some back issues so I initially contacted Hoboken Integrated Health for chiropractic services thinking that maybe they could help a little to keep my back on the right track. That being said I made an appointment and met with with Dr Stimmel , the Chiropractic Doctor. He listened carefully as I explained my discouragement and general feeling of imbalance, he then mapped out a complete course of treatment that included chiropractics, acupuncture and physical therapy. I jumped right in and it was one of the best decision I have ever made regarding my over all wellness. The acupuncture with Virginia Kelly, MS. L Ac., has been a remarkable channeling of energy and has introduced me to a whole new way of healing, I cannot say enough about it, I have more energy, I feel open, lighter, in touch with my being. The Physical Therapy with Dr Osar , DPT has increased my flexibility and strength, decreased muscle pain and helped me connect to the leg I stand on which is so important in my line of work! After Dr. Stimmel’s adjustments I feel straighter and have more freedom of movement in my back and neck with no discomfort. Dr. Stimmel also follows up so I know my treatment is cohesive and going in the right direction. I had some concerns about certain adjustments and he answered my questions throughly and put me at ease. Now when I am standing taller or executing that turn I was previously unable to manage , in my mind I am thanking Dr Stimmel, Virginia Kelly and Dr Osar for helping me connect to my body. They have truly helped me reach my goals and I can’t imagine continuing on without their expertise. In addition, the support staff, Dariwn, Genna Crystal and Raquel are great. My balance,my body, my energy., I got it back thanks to Hoboken Integrated Health.

Kim Stern

Dr. Canova and team are GREAT! Started treatments a couple of months ago for a neck injury and pretty much pain free now. The chiropractic treatments along with the physical therapy is definitely helping as well as making my neck and shoulder area stronger. Everyone is so friendly and really devoted to getting you better. Making appointments is really easy and they are very flexible with cancelling and changing dates. I hear the acupuncturist is very good - might have to give that a try one day...

Jason Buckman

I came into the practice for neck and shoulder problems, and after a week of treatment I'm already feeling much better. All of the staff are very kind and accommodating, and provide great quality service and treatment.

Rebecca F

I’ve been seeing Dr. Peters for some time and he is amazing! He is Extremely professional, caring and I would highly recommend him. He takes the time to listen and provides excellent care to all his patients. The staff is also very pleasant

Ashley Hale

I have been a patient at Hoboken Integrated for a couple of years now. I have had various injuries with both of my shoulders, my wrist, and my TMJ (jaw). Every injury was treated carefully and persistently. Every staff member at Hoboken Integrated is friendly, professional, and educated in the field that they are in. I am happy to say that ever since I've been a patient there, I am no longer in pain and feel stronger than I have felt in a long time. I definitely recommend this place for Chiropractic work, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Raphael DeSouza

UPDATE 2018-June: I still highly recommend Integrated!! On top of the excellent care they provide, they are very friendly and caring. It makes going actually kind of fun given the conversations and their passion is obvious. My experience here over the past 3 weeks for a lower back issues has been great! 3 services in one place is convenient -- chiropractor, PT and acupuncture. Everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable. I will continue to come here for maintenance once I fully recover.

Marina Tyazhelkova

I have been coming to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for three months now and the outcomes are just amazing. I believe that my recovery owes a lot to the complex approach where every practitioner builds on the work of their partner discipline. Plus, everyone is extremely nice which makes it easy to come for repeated visits! Highly recommend!

Alex Oanono

I called this place a few months ago while I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and tailbone after a skiing accident. I called before the place was even open, Carol booked me for the first appointment of the day - totally saved me. Turns out I herniated 2 discs in my neck, and dislocated my tailbone. I was in so much pain. Dr. Lawrence Peters has been treating me 3 times a week for the last three months. After my first treatment, I already had immediate relief. He has been so cautious and understanding and gentle - he explains everything so well and helped me understand what was going on with my body. When I consulted a pain management doctor to get an epidural, all of Dr. Peter’s findings were validated. Carol is such a joy to see in the morning, she always hooks me up with a convenient appointment time and makes sure I am always on schedule. Dolan, the PT who takes care of me, is such a sweetheart. He always remembers where we last left off without looking at my file, even through he treats so many patients each day. Couldn’t be happier with this place - they are awesome and I would recommend my family and friends 100 times over.

Michael Capone

Integrated Healthcare has seriously improved my life. I came there when my herniated disc was producing some of the worst pain I've ever experienced and I left after that first appointment pain free. Doctors Vilain and Igbinoson work in perfect tandem, combing painless chiropractic (utilizing an innovative pivoting table) and expert physical therapy. Highly recommended.

Karan Garg

Dr. Joseph Canova is very experienced and helpful. Carol is also very cheerful and helpful. It is highly recommended for back pain.

Megan S

After experiencing frequent/daily migraines, I decided to visit Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for a consultation. I started seeing Dr. Stimmel and Virgina Kelly for adjustments and acupuncture. Mixing these two methodologies have helped me experience relief more than any medicine could! Everyone in this office including support staff (Raquel and Darwin) is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and nice. I highly recommend going to this office due to the integrated approaches that they use.

John Turner

The people here were warm and welcoming from the first visit to the last. They listened carefully to all your needs and tried to work with you to improve your injuries. I would recommend this place to anyone in Hoboken. The people and treatement were first class.

Ipshita Chakraborty

After struggling with acute low back pain for several years, I stumbled upon Hoboken Integrated Healthcare and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Canova is so knowledgeable, confident and kind and takes the time to make sure the patient understands their condition; the patient gets such a better understanding of the spine, discs and nerves. Virginia does some great pressure point release with her accupuncture while Justyna together with Darwin and Angie work wonders in physical therapy. The front office is so accommodating with scheduling of appointments and sorting out insurance questions. Above all, Carol and Jessica take an active interest in knowing about the patient's health and are always willing to help with anything. Dr. Canova works with a great team of pain management specialists and instead of putting you on a long program of rehabilitation, will take early calls on whether a pain management intervention becomes necessary. I went for my first epidural injection on doctor's advice and I feel a perceptible improvement in my pain. I'm hopeful that working with the team out here and continuing with my program will help relieve my pain to a great extent in the future. This place is highly recommended to anyone with chronic pain ailments.

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