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Eugene Ketselman

Fluid Physio definitely lives up to its mission of taking “traditional” physical therapy to another level. As a physical therapist myself, I can honestly attest that Fluid Physio provides care in a way that you will not find in the majority of other physical therapy clinics. Sessions are always 1:1 and without distractions and other patients present. Being in this profession, I know just how rare and beneficial this is. 100% of the attention is always on you, and this individualized approach is further developed through the emphasis on manual hands-on therapy. Please keep this in mind if you ever find yourself thinking “Well I’ve tried physical therapy in the past, and it didn’t work.” Personally and professionally, I have learned a tremendous amount from Gianna. In fact, she was my mentor during my last clinical rotation in physical therapy school, and continues to be a mentor and inspiration to this day. I can honestly say that I aspire to model the quality of care, compassion, dedication, and overall atmosphere that Gianna and the rest of the Fluid Physio staff provide. I am sure you agree that there is enormous value in receiving treatment and care from the physical therapist that other clinicians in the profession learn from and recommend.

Vicky Teichert

I went to see Dr. Gianna about a problem in my right thigh, and ended up going back for a neck problem. In only four sessions, she made a huge difference to both of them. She allows a full hour for hands-on therapy, which is a completely different experience from all the other times I had physio, where the therapist worked with me for maybe 10 minutes, and then left me to do exercises by myself. For the problem in my thigh, she diagnosed the issue as actually residing in my lower back and my posture. After I complained that I seemed to only get pain when I was driving or in a plane seat, Dr. Gianna made me sit in my car and adjusted my seat to ensure I was less likely to sit incorrectly. Dr. Gianna is a wonderful therapist with great instincts and a holistic approach to addressing her patients' issues.

Vivian S.

I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several months when I finally found Fluid Physio. Giannna was very thorough, approachable and took a detailed history, all in the comfort of my own home! She is wonderful- very sensitive and intuitive in terms of her massage/manipulation, but also clearly very smart and knowledgeable about the way the body works. After only a few visits, and keeping to the preventative exercises she recommended, the pain in my foot has gone away, and I look forward to running on the trails again soon!


Gianna gave me relief and a game plan when 3 specialists could not. She is the body mechanic extraordinaire. Her style of manual physical therapy involves one hour appointments with you as her sole focus. No hot packs, TENS unit, or assistants here. Real physical therapy by a true caring professional. Thank you Dr. Gianna Bigliani.

Charisse Todman-Taft

I called Fluid Physio as I had hurt my lower back lifting/moving furniture, which resulted in me developing sciatica pain (lumbar radiculopathy). I could barely walk a few feet without collapsing from pain. My PT success story actually began with my initial phone conversation with Kimberly the clinic office manager. I asked her only two questions: was the clinic taking new patients and could I be seen either that same day or the next. Kimberly indicated the office was taking new patients and assured me I would be seen the next day. (as I was in a great deal of pain). That very day she was able to work wonders to fit me in to an existing full patient/busy therapy schedule. So, as my first line of contact with Fluid Physio, my first “thank you” goes to Kimberly. My second “thank you” goes to Gianna. I worked with Gianna for one therapy session due to the therapists’ schedule availability. In that one session, I knew Gianna’s many credentials solidified that she is a true expert in her field. Aside from her accolades, Gianna is personable and funny. It was my privilege to have been treated by her hands. In saying my final “thank you” to Gene, my primary therapist, I have saved the best for last. I had initial doubts about working with a male therapist, presuming the person was going to have a “no pain-no gain” or “work through the pain” type of attitude and the actual hands-on therapy was going to be painful itself. However, upon meeting and initially interacting with Gene, I automatically felt comfortable with him and knew my presumptions would not be the case. Being a school Occupational Therapist and sharing similar education and training as Gene, I felt an immediate connection with him in being able to describe my symptoms/issues, and him responding in a patient, thoughtful, and considerate manner. He always asked how I was feeling/what I was experiencing. Gene also was clever in getting me to perform more repetitions of an exercise without me initially catching on. Aside from Gene’s kind and compassionate way, having been a student of Gianna, his knowledge and skills definitely shown through. He is certainly a master clinician in action. Tremendous thanks to him for my speedy recovery. In closing, I am fortunate to have worked with the above-mentioned staff at Fluid Physio for helping me to return to my occupations in life. Best Regards, Charisse Todman-Taft

taylorraegribbin .

I went to Fluid Physio after I pulled a muscle in my leg. It was having pain shoot up the back of my leg when I would walk around and move from standing to sitting. The stretches that I learned from the staff at Fluid Physio helped to loosen up my muscles to the point that I was no longer feeling pain when I would walk and sit down. I learned a few additional stretches to do when I am at the gym to help avoid any further damage. I would definitely recommend Fluid Physio!!

Kelly Shedlosky

Went to Gianna for some neck/shoulder pain and she was wonderful! Saw her for 3 sessions she gave me some exercises to do at home and was feeling great by the time I was done. I would highly recommend her!


After seeing many physical therapists in typical assembly-line fashion, getting 5 injections over the course of 4 years, traction, nerve tests, MRI's, medication, and seeing several doctors for my lower back pain, I ended up changing my line of work for permanent relief. When the pain came back 8 years later, Dr. Gianna Bigliani was not only able to locate the cause of my pain, but was able to help me make it go away forever. In my previous physical therapy clinics, the heat pad, ultrasound, and traction would feel nice at the time, but they never permanently solved my problem. Gianna was able to educate me in the cause of my problem, and how to I can effectively keep it from coming back without her help.

Mary Beth DiBiase

Gianna is a caring and very competent therapist! She located the source of my shoulder/neck pain/tingling and stiffness and was able to almost totally eliminate it in 5 sessions. I now have exercises that I can do at home to keep my chronic pain/numbness at a tolerable level if it flares up again! She was referred to me by another therapist and my orthopaedic surgeon husband. They know how valuable good PT can be!! Thank you very much

Bettina Kelly

Doctor Gianna’s practice is built on individual attention and care resulting in positive results and improved well being. I was struggling with shoulder stiffness and inability to reach without pain. Luckily I was referred to Doctor Gianna by one of her patients. After the first visit I knew I was in good hands. The searing pain is gone and I am regaining my range of motion. My recovery was a bit more complicated as I have Parkinson’s disease. Doctor Gianni quickly became part of my support team and has provided my neurologist and trainer with treatment updates to ensure the best possible outcome. I feel blessed to have found a caring and talented professional that has kept the practice of high quality and individualized care above the business of therapy.

Floyd Ito

I've had issues with pain in my right hip for a couple of years where I would have to rest after walking for just about 5 minutes. I've gone to a couple of chiropractors as well as a couple of shiatsu practitioners and would get temporary relief, but the pain would return. Our daughter suggested seeing a physical therapist and referred me to Dr. Gianna Bigliani. I wanted to be able walk long distances without the restriction of this hip pain. Dr. Bigliani determined that my right hip was weaker than my left hip, but the left hip was tight and not very flexible. This caused my right hip to try to do much more work than my left hip causing this pain. We are working to strengthen my right hip and getting my left hip more flexible. I am able now to walk much further without experiencing the pain and having to rest for awhile. I not only appreciate Dr. Bigliani's knowledge and expertise, but her positive attitude and cheerful disposition. She is an excellent physical therapist.

Linda Boryski

Gianna is a truly gifted health care professional. A perfect combination of compassion, expertise, innovation and fun!

Peter Gregory

My carpal tunnel syndrome and general well-being are so much better thanks to Carly and Gianna. As a drummer and drum teacher, my body goes through quite a bit. I am back on track. Thanks so much!

Aim Sports Medicine

Gianna is the best!! She is knowledgeable, personable and compassionate. Don't go anywhere else for physical therapy!

Aura M. Moreno

Dr. Bigliani initiated prompt recovery from painful symptoms acquired through new and old injuries. She takes the time to perform a thorough assessment. She has the knowledge and abilities to correct dysfunction and prescribes easy to understand instructions on ways to prevent re-occurrence of injury. She was definitely the right choice!

Anthony Pizzutillo

Fluid Physio is a next generation new physical therapy practice that focuses on understanding patients needs. The evaluation process is quite thorough and analytical. Carly Ost is a competent therapist with a strong understanding runner injuries and ailments. For me, Carly was able to properly assess my issues, provide pinpoint stretching and strengthening exercises plus correct my running stride to produce pain free running. Fluid Physio was able to help me after months of no satisfaction. I highly recommend Fluid Physio especially if you an athlete looking to extend your passion. Anthony E. Pizzutillo

Kimberly Pulda

I've been having lower back pain for a long time and been to pain doctors and other PT's trying to fix it. I had Gianna look at it once and she quite literally pulled the problem right out of my back. I've been perfectly fine for 2 weeks now, no pain, I can bend, no locking up, no shooting pain and no more wondering if I can get up from picking something up I dropped. Thanks Gianna! You fixed my back and I am super appreciative! <3

Sharyn Stellitano

Caitlyn Chione

After attending a clinic at my CrossFit gym where Dr. Gianna discovered the root of my shoulder pain, I did a few sessions with her in order to rehab the area. Scheduling was flexible and convenient, as sessions can be done in the comfort of one's own home. Dr. Gianna is very knowledgeable, personable, professional, and efficient. I was on my own with exercises she provided and reviewed with me after only three sessions, the pain is nearly gone, and I have more body awareness for all the tough weightlifting movements. Definitely recommend Dr. Gianna's services!

Donna Neidlinger

Hi Gianna: I hope you're doing well. I have taken your exercises to the gym with me. I have been going 5 days a week remembering to stretch and do the moves you taught me. I have limited pain improved balance and better form which prevents new injuries from occurring. Let me say Thank you for your guidance.

Dina S

Gianna is great! She always has a positive attitude and makes you feel confident about your recovery. Using a combination of techniques and exercises, she was able to relieve my pain and get me back to my normal activities quickly.

Cynthia Newman

I tried the laser therapy for inflammation in my wrists and hands with benefit! Love the progress I have made.

Barbara White

Dr. Gianna Bigliani Cetkowski is a gem. I first saw her for an injury years ago and have gone back from time to time for "tune-ups" and counsel on an exercise routine for maintenance and protection from further injury. Most recently, I worked with her in her new practice and found the longer, one-on-one sessions incredibly helpful. She is knowledgeable, skilled, responsive, and detail-oriented. She was able to extend what my podiatrist diagnosed into a whole-body approach, to investigate how the entire body might be at play in the localized symptom. She is also enthusiastic, encouraging, and understanding: a perfect combination of encouraging discipline and self-care and also working with the patient where they are. A positive and hopeful attitude about recovery and setting goals for the future. Instead of warning me not to run because of my injury, she helped me set plans and goals to work toward that. It helps immensely with motivation and recovery too. I would recommend Gianna to anyone with an injury, or without, if you want input on how best to take care of your body so that you can engage in the activities you need and want to.


Most effective PT experience I have had! After dealing with a shoulder injury for a year, Dr Gianna’s methods put me on the right track to not only recovery, but to really changing the way I approach technique and training. This is not just therapy for the injury, but is an opportunity to re-evaluate form and fitness to avoid future injury and to actually improve at whatever it is you do! The picture says it all – right shoulder with no pain during and after multiple days of climbing! Thank you!

ankit srivastava

Doctor Gianna is very helpful and genuine. She gave me genuine advice, even though that advice was that I do not need therapy for my problem. She was not trying to exaggerate my problem just to get me into therapy and that's something I really liked. I am pretty confident that she would be able to help out with any physical therapy problem you have.

Winn Thompson

Dr. G is great! Only 2 sessions and she was able to resolve a long standing pulled muscle.

Waverely Hester VanWinkle

I was suffering from severe back pain for months that would wake me out of a sound sleep. I wasn't sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time. I could barely bend backwards without pain, pressure, and discomfort. After seeing Gianni and following her plan, I am sleeping for at least 6 hours at a time and am no longer waking from pain. I can bend backwards without any discomfort and feel more flexible and stronger each day. Her treatment and expertise have helped me heal.

Fran Taylor

Fluid Physio has been a blessing for me. I was at the end of my rope with pain from SI joint and hip issues. This has been going on for a few years. After a last go around with pain management (injections), the physician recommended Fluid Physio. I was hesitant, as I did not have success with prior physical therapy treatments, but I decided to give it a try. After the first session, I felt some relief. After a few more sessions, the relief was very noticeable, and I sensed it would be sustainable. During each hour long treatment, Dr. Gianna is very thorough, and she is also very upbeat, giving you encouragement that this can get better. Also, and this is key—Dr. Gianna takes the time to explain and demonstrate the importance of proper exercise techniques and strengthening the core - when most other therapists, because of time constraints, just give you a paper handout or quick demo. I just finished several sessions and I feel 100% better—physically and mentally. Go see her — you will not have any regrets.

Steven Hoffman

One session and my shoulder is feeling better already. Gianna came right to my office and was great! She walked me through what she was doing so I could understand it and gave me some very quick exercises that are easy to incorporate. Excited to have some relief and anticipate going back to yoga classes soon because my shoulder is finally getting better!

kalpana patel

Two years...thats how long I was inactive. I could not walk without pain and had to get off my mat and let go of my yogasana practice. I had gone to physicians and therapist before without satisfactory outcomes. And then I met Gianna and ultimately Carly....The best therapist out there. I cannot help but sing about them from the roof top. I had six sessions and was back to doing what I love most. I love how their input takes you through your ultimate goal...which for me was pain free but also to be on my mat. I HATE exercise but love Yogaasana. Gianna and Carly devised exercises for me that felt more like yoga. With those exercises and laser therapy, I was snow shoeing in 3 weeks and at 5 weeks marks did 108 sun salutations. Thats it. I cannot recommend Fluid Physio enough.

David Cohen

I have been working with Dr. Biglianni for just over a month to address shoulder weakness stemming from a pair of old injuries suffered over 30 years ago. My back muscles, pectorals, and shoulder muscles have a hard time working together, due to bad habits developed over the years to compensate for those injuries, making it difficult for me to raise my hands over my head, and even more difficult to keep them raised. Dr. Biglianni has been thorough in working to identify the source of the problem, and persistent in working with me to start to reverse the years of atrophy. She challenges me to work hard, and is warm and encouraging at the same time. She has also reached out to coordinate with my personal trainer at the gym, to communicate where I need work and ensure that my entire exercise regimen is consistent and well thought out. She really knows her stuff - I recommend her enthusiastically.

Beyond Communication

Gianna is personable and intelligent. A great combination. Went to her for a migraine and got an entire lesson on how I was actually causing them in a round about way. I used to spend lots of money on massages, but now I get to the root of the problem by going to see Gianna!

Sharon LaForge

Two years after knee surgery i was still struggling with walking and pain.. I was told I was a candidate for knee replacement and was beginning to believe it. I had heard about Fluid Physio through a client of mine and felt like their approach may be able to help me. I am now able to walk normally again am rarely in pain during the day and am able to sleep without waking from pain. As well as riding my bike I have started to do short runs again on back trails. I feel like I am getting my life back. Thank you Terry for all your help!!!!

Natalie Johnston

I came to see Gianna because I was having a lot of weird symptoms, and being a runner that tends to happen. I was coming back from an injury that has taken me over a year to heal. I had two bilateral tibia stress fractures, and although they healed, the pain in my shins and calves were still there, and giving me trouble. Furthermore, I was having some issues with my lower-back and hips. Gianna is a remarkable person and therapist, she really helped guide me with exercises to enable me to continue running, and I feel so much better!! I think I saw Gianna 4 or 5 times, and what I really liked was that every session there was a purpose, and there was a goal to achieve. I always feel like I am in an assembly line at other PT places I have gone, and they ask you want is wrong and then just treat the one area. Gianna doesn’t do that, she takes her time to really figure out what is going on, and makes it her mission to get you back out there. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and I have my own running coaching & personal training business now, so having someone like Gianna in my corner is incredibly important both as an athlete and a coach/trainer. I highly recommend Gianna to all my clients, and to anyone who is looking for someone who truly wants to help you and get you healthy! Pic of me running my first race back in over a year! Ran a 5K and won :-)

Winnie Woody

As a tennis pro, my body is my livelihood…and as a more “experienced” coach, the miles on my wheels have added up. Unfortunately, that means my temple sometimes balks. Usually I can fix it on my own since I have plenty of firsthand knowledge concerning rehab. But my most recent issue involved something I simply couldn’t seem to shake by myself and it didn’t appear to be worth it any longer to suffer needlessly. So when I saw Fluid Physio next to my favorite bagel store (Udo is simply the best around !!), I made the decision to get a professional opinion. Much to my surprise, my hip concern was not what I thought it was initially (hence all the things I was trying to do to self-correct the problem weren’t getting to the source). Gianni helped immediately—it certainly wasn’t 100% better overnight, but I could certainly feel a difference the next day. On the court, my ability to get to a drop shot improved…as did my recovery step when pulled wide. And the more I did my exercises, the better my court coverage became. But it was also about the little things: getting out of the car, or standing from a seated position. When the hip catches (instead of glides), that’s no fun. I’m not going to say I miss my time on the table with that metal ‘torture’ device in the freezing cold winter mornings, but I will say I made a worthwhile investment in myself. And I know that I now have a new go to source to guide me back to the best version I can be should there be a need for rehab #7. Stuart M. Woody ps…my wife Winnie says that my personality even improved as Gianna worked me over

Stephanie Cremer

Update: When I contacted Gianna again to schedule an appointment but she was all booked, I was nervous to work with a new therapist. But there was no need to fear! Carly was professional, kind, caring, and fun, just like Gianna! Carly listened to my symptoms and really took care of me. I'd recommend her to everyone! Original: Gianna helped me gain my life back! A year ago, I suffered from intense back pain. I could barely function, let alone live a fulfilling life. Gianna fixed my injury 100% and is now helping me become a better athlete! On top of that, she is a caring, kind, down-to-earth doctor. I recommend her to everyone!!

Karen Marino

I landed wrong on my ankle and ended up with an ovation fracture. Gianna was great, she worked with me on the times I needed to get in to see her, explained everything clearly about what and how my injury happened. Gianna explained everything I needed to do to get better, checked on me as well. Gianna is professional and easy to work with. I would go back to her

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