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REVIEWS OF Parkland Medical Center IN New Hampshire

Jen S

Everyone was very nice and professional and made sure I was comfortable.

Jacob Wiesmann

Parkland's urgent care was both efficient and compassionate. Dr. Margolis was outstanding. As were Laura and Jen my nurses. They quickly registered me and set me up with a chest x-ray before doing a neb treatment. I was in and out in about an hour and would recommend this facility to anyone.

Kathleen Hennessy

Very appreciative of the courteous and prompt care.

rolomiu .

Terrible bedside manners and unprofessional staff. NO DOCTORS only practitioners attending. My horrible experience began once given a room at the emergency center it took 45 minutes for any of the staff to acknowledge I was there when summoned by the call button on the TV remote the RN didn't even know why I was there or what I needed. I told them I wanted to leave that I will sign whatever. She said the Practitioner Assistant (Mark) that saw me will be in shortly, I told her what practitioner NO ONE has come in yet. He later came in when I was on the phone with my Dr who was already taking measures in helping me by e-prescribbing what I needed to feel better. I went to the ER with a 10 of pain and bleeding not once did they offer to manage my pain. I was later helped, after the CT scan guided them on how to ease my pain. Thanks to the RN Liz who, out of all those irresponsible medical staff members, was the most professional and empathetic of them all. Needless to say I will be driving to other hospitals in the future.

Davy Kitson

I went into the emergency room for a workers comp injury. I was there 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Had xrays and stitches. Total bill came to $6000.00 +. They soaked my hand in a cleansing solution, took xrays, put 4 stitches in my thumb and put a band aid on it. I saw the attending physician a total of 30 - 40 minutes. On top of that I received a bill for the deductable from the xray company. I think they billed Medicare and my supplementary insurance (this after they were told it was a worker comp claim). Here's the kicker, when the bill came to my employer xrays were on the bill. DOUBLE DIP?? Can anyone, including Parkland, figure out how they can justify that bill??? Unless you have tremendous insurance stay away from there. Had to add this footnote- I rated them 1 star, when I submitted my review it was changed to 3 stars-not by me.

Keri Vela

I would highly recommend this hospital. I recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Dr. Robyn Stewart, & Dr. Leonard Wasserman are amazing Obstetricians. The nurses are phenomenal. They are caring, patient, and highly compassionate about there job. I am so happy my husband and I chose this hospital for my labor and delivery.

Kevin Della Grotte

I would not come here again regardless of any medical emergency I might have. I came in complaining about chest and feet problems and they didn't even look at my feet. The doctor refused to answer any questions, and I was given an IV painkiller without my consent. My care was at best, lazy and incomplete. I was one of the only patients being seen in the entire ER.

Gary Gilbertson

This hospital is a once again a great reason why not to listen to rumors but prove everything for yourself. Before moving into my home; I was staying at nice motel a cheerful employee of that establishment was giving the pros and cons of the area. One of the things she informed me about was the good hospitals and Park and Die a nickname for Parkland given by some locals. She elaborated why it obtained such a negative connotation. On 12/5/2017, I was experiencing level ten pain. CMC was packed so I picked Parkland. As I drove to there ER I recalled that Nick name but when I walked through the doors the caring hearts of the staff started as I checked in. I was quickly taken to a room. One after the other each employee cared about how they did their job at the same time had good bed side manors. It was nothing like I had anticipated and I am so grateful. The downside to this ER is some of the things that are said while working could be more professional but now days it seems to be widely excepted in professional as well as any other field. Just like making your own opinions about an individual; the same goes for any establishment. Prove all things for yourself.

Kathleen Peterson

Brought my husband there for an injured leg from a fall. Triage was fine. It was crowded so we were put in the waiting room in the er and a nurse practioner came and saw use and recommend an x ray and an ultra sound. The x ray was done right away. We were then registered and taken to a room where we sat for 2 1/2 hours with no one coming in to see us. We left and went home. He ended up seeing his Dr this morning. I understand being busy but someone should have at least checked on us.

Bill Holden

Quality of care is always great when I visit and I never have to wait to be seen. If xrays or MRI is needed, it's right next door. Thanks for taking care of my lungs!

Katie Dube

I was seen today for my hand as soon as I got there everyone was so nice I was checked in and not ever with in a minute later I was brought to my room takin in for X-ray and discharged. The staff at parkland was on point and taking care of everything I will be going back here if needed that also was so kind to my 3 year old that is off the wall crazy!!

Alicia Copello

I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Lyla Rose at Parkland Medical a month early. She was due April 24 but arrived March 30th. My stay was absolutely wonderful, everyone made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. And they took very good care of me and my daughter. We had everything we needed and being a new mother, they taught me so much in those 2 days I stayed with them. I wouldn’t have picked a better place to deliver my child. I thank the staff at Parkland Medical very much for everything they have done for me. Also wanted to mention my delivery went very smooth and my doctor helped me get through it with such a positive and caring attitude! Thank you again so very much!

Natalie Rotman Cote

My visit was quick, welcoming and effective.

Steve Hunt

The staff in the emergency room including the nurses Hannah and Keachana as well as Doctor Grossman were great. They were very upfront with us about what they were thinking, explained their reasoning and what they were looking for. We also were visited by Nurse leaders to check in on our level of care. While it took a while to try to figure out what was going on, we were able to quell our fears about life threatening injuries. We were then transferred to the Specialty Surgical Unit at the hospital and had another great experience. The staff was great including the LNA's Bri & Sheriai, RN's Shaina, Ana, Meredith and Dr. Racherla. Very attentive, wanting to make sure my wife was comfortable, and willing to talk through care. We did have longer wait times for medications but overall it was a pleasant experience.

Tyler Ferrell

If i could go lower on the scale i would. Dr. Mclean is extremely unprofessional and is too full of himself. I lost payment from my medical leave from work becsuse he refused to sign papers. Why didnt he sign them? Because i couldnt afford to go get the treatment he recommended. On top of this, staff is extremely unprofessional and snobby, and on my last visit for a colonoscopy, they left the i.v. in my hand. I had to remove it myself at my house. Piss poor excuse for a hospital.

Denise A

My experience was very good. All the nurses except one were fabulous. I felt that the Doctor was caring and thorough. I liked that the nurse leader checked in daily and asked if I had any issues I wanted to discuss. -1 star for the smug nurse and -1 star for my bed lacking a privacy curtain in a shared room which proved to have an embarassing moment for me.

john provencal

You should have my records so I don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes answering personal questions that had already been answered two weeks prior.

TheFerraritech .

I went to Parkland from a local Urgent Care because my leg was swollen and I thought I might have a blood clot in my leg. I was charged $6,000 for an ultrasound on my leg and was misdiagnosed. Three months later my leg is still swollen and I'm out $6,000. I wouldn't come here even if my life depended on it. UPDATE: I was told to contact a Director of Patient Safety. After multiple phone calls and e-mails sent, I have not heard back. Somehow this does not surprise me.

Alexis Hammond

My little sister had sliced her foot open from jumping into a lake. Of course there was a lot of bacteria that the deep cut was exposed to. Any person with common sense would know that a cut must be cleaned before covered with a bandage. We went to the ER, not knowing if stitches were necessary. An RN glued the skin back together, without cleaning the cut. Therefore, the cut got infected, and my sister had to get a thick shot into each arm in order to fight the infection, which was very painful. Doing something so simple could have prevented further damage, but clearly Parkland does not have basic knowledge. That is just my experience. However, a friend of mine has had a tiring experience with this place in the past. I do not know enough details, but lets just say compared to other hospitals, Parkland is not on my best side.

Haeyoon Jacobus

This place always has been staffed with very caring people. They may not be the largest hospital in the area, but they will always be my first choice. I gave birth to my two children here over 30 years ago, and I think I'll have my later years of life needs taken care of here. Absolutely no frequent

Jake Sanford

Do not go here. My son got an ultrasound and was told to drive to Portsmouth to see a specialist. He was at Parkland for 1 hour. All they talked about was my deductible. The lady at Registration said I had not met my 4K deductible (I had....the 4K was for the whole family). Then she tells me it will be $1200. Wondering who was getting paid and for what, I asked for a bill. 10 minutes later i got it, and it was over $4000. She forgot about the “ER charge”. The place is a complete joke.

Timmy Cass

I was rushed to Parkland Medical Center with Very High blood Sugar Levels and implications with my Diabetes which almost went into a coma with such high levels. The ER was very efficient getting my levels down quickly but then I was handed to the Rest of the Parkland Staff. They were extremely attentive to all my needs and always were educating me more and more about diabetes. I'm a handful to deal with and the staff handled it with ease and it was impressive of how well they worked as a Team and just wanted to say Thank You to my Nurses Devan,Maquela,Abrielle these Nurses are all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nurse Leader Sandra LaPointe Doctor Mckinnis checked on me everyday and really Went the extra mile for the proper regiment for my Diabetes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and then Nutritionist Shannon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and Corrine for the Education and Food Plans to keep me Healthy. Parkland Medical Center Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

jessie c

If you have a sick baby, choose Elliot. I get the busy nature of the business but an infant with a high fever should at least be checked in on; not left to wait for 2 hours and then an hour for Tylenol. Honestly if it wasn't for Matt the PA I probably would've walked out. Also you have a nurse that can't administer liquid all. I've witnessed my vet handle cat medicine better.

Rebecca Saucier

The staff for the most part. Some on the other hand, are extremely rude and apparently don't know how to put an iv in. Every time I leave, I'm covered in severe bruises.

Lynne Wagstaff

I was brought in to the ER with confusion and memory loss. The ER attendant was constantly checking on me, and the ER doctor decided to admit me for a couple of days and run an MRI and CT scan. The confusion lasted over 24 hours and slowly started to clear. The staff was phenomenal, from the nurses, aids to the MRI and CT techs and the meal staff and house keeping staff. Although it was a busy weekend, none of these orofessioprof made me feel I was bothering them and gave me the time I needed. The rooms were spotless. The doctor was unable to figure out what was wrong with me, so I followed up with a neurologist. I feel the doctor could have explained what the tests showed in simple English rather than medical terms, but I got the gist of what he was saying. Overall, I felt well taken care of by the spectacular staff at Parkland.

Jackson Bickford

Freat place, great employees!

Steve Cunningham

If I could give a "0" stars I would. We went there when my son broke his arm. Went to urgent care center first, they did x-rays and checked his arm. Then they sent us to Parkland to see a specialist. Well, we sat in a room for 4 hours. Nobody came to see us or speak with us. Then someone came in to tell us we can leave. That the doctor looked at the x-rays. Then they sent us a bill for $100 on top of what they charged my insurance for doing absolutely nothing.

Kait Riesland

Service was fine when I was in the emergency room, but after making monthly payments on an outrageously large bill for over a year, there was a problem with the account I was unaware of, because after I spoke with a representative, I was told everything was up to date and there were no problems. When there was a problem, they failed to contact me, because they failed to have the correct information, even though my phone number has not changed in 5 years. They now refuse to offer me any type of financial assistance, when I am a full time student with a mediocre job. Now, because I am unable to pay a $700 bill in full when they demand it, they are instead sending it to the credit bureau where it will ruin my credit for years to come, which I worked extremely hard to get back into good standing. Thanks, Parkland, for going above and beyond to help your college student patients who simply don't make enough money to pay your massive bills all at once. Watch out for their astronomical prices for emergency care.

Thomas Malette

Treatment was alright, even though I didn't see the doctor at all during my emergency room visit. The problem I have and people should be aware of is that Parkland doctors practice "Balance Billing". That's when the insurance negotiates a bill and then the doctor will bill you the balance. I went in, thought that medicaid had me taken care of, and was charged $1,300 by the doctor. *edit* After I paid the bill, I found out that I shouldn't have been billed at all. Running Brook is working on refunding my money. I appreciate that Parkland addressed this and took care of the issue.

Andrew Spradlin

This hospital is a joke! From the poor service of the ER to the lack of knowledge and awareness of the hospital staff! I would rather give zero stars!! The dietary department needs to get there act together as well and follow directions for what patients request before they kill someone. This will be the last visit my family takes there and I will be filing a complaint with the hospital and also giving poor reviews across all social Media so hopefully I can save the lives of people before they make the mistake of killing them

suzan bennett

very impressed - co-ordination of all my tests was very efficient and results went to my Dr the same day!


Had my 3-year follow up today with Dr. Julie O'Brien at the Lahey Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Parkland Medical Center and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have access to a fellowship-trained breast surgeon so close to home! Dr. O'Brien and her staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. Highly recommend this office!

Lindsey Fraser

worst ER I have EVER been to. Not for the wait time, for the fact it's ghetto and they must train their staff in a back alley of Derry.

Diane goulet

The staff was excellent however Dr Loosman needs bed side manners !! Or go back to school to learn ethics and respect to her patients.

Sandy Connington

Sheri and Barbara and Mike are the best.. I was in agony when I started with a bad shoulder, but a couple sessions later I was up and running.. Can't thank them enough.. Professional and extremely well versed in shoulder pain.. Parkland Rehab is the best!


Absolutely fantastic care from the minute I arrived until I walked out the door.....

Amy Tenanes

I’ve been sitting in an ER Room for 5 hours now with a 5 month old who is having difficulty breathing. Inexcusable. I’ll never come back here for care. Not to mention, this room is disgustingly dirty and I feel like I am making him more I’ll by being in here for 5 hours.

Jonah Lynn

Worst hospital experience ever, ended up walking out after spending 2 hours in an exam room in pain. Received bill for $1600 for nothing! Went to Elliot in Londonderry and within an hour they found a kidney stone and got me on proper medication. Elliot is a far better hospital. Will never go back to parkland .

Barbara Arvidson

I have always had great care @parkland hospital

Diane Riley

Receptionist wasn't very nice...I waited over an hour to get in. After I was inside the nurse was great, she did apologize for the delay...

faith mbugua

This place is the worst hospital I have ever gone..I got in with the ambulance worst pain they come and take all the blood samples and ultrasound then leave you in the bed with the same clothes you walked in...leave you for hours , they prescribe antibiotics I don't know for what and then tell you you are discharged in pain and they don't check if you have a ride or you might collapse...oh lord the worst experience in my life all am waiting for is a huge bill for nothing!!

Darlene Beaudry

Dr's and Nurses were friendly, helpful, did every test they possibly could, I am very please with their help and all they did

Debra Loveren

I had surgery on January 8th, 2019 at Parkland Medical Center. From the moment I walked in the doors until I was discharged the next morning, I was cared for like I was the Queen of New England. My operating room team-Dr. Zarka, Ann Kumbani CRNA, Cheryl, Jill along with Deb my ACU nurse, all did their utmost keeping me calm, warm and confident. After I woke up from my surgery, Bonnie and Cammi were there in the PACU monitoring me closely and ensuring that I was warm (heated blankets), comfortable, stable and pain free. A couple of hours later, I was transferred to the Women’s Center on the 3rd floor where I spent the next 18 hours recovering. I received wonderful care from my nurses Ashley, Stevie and Stacey. They checked on me on a regular basis to ensure I had everything I needed and that my pain was manageable and under control. When I pressed my call bell, someone was there within seconds to see what I needed. A remarkable and most wonderful life moment occurred while I was on the Women’s floor. My niece Crystal was delivered a beautiful baby girl named Lily by Dr. Zarka who is my doctor too. After my spinal wore off and I could move my legs, my nurse Stevie helped me into a wheelchair and wheeled me down the hall to my niece’s room. I got to hold my grandniece Lily and sing nursery rhymes to her. It was a beautiful experience for all of us. The next morning, the Director of Surgical Services, Kathy Marschner and Dr. Duval from Anesthesia came to visit me to see that I was having an excellent experience at PMC. I told them that my hospital experience was just that, EXCELLENT. Parkland Medical Center is THE hospital of choice for me and my family. My husband Rick is very satisfied and happy with the care I received from everyone I came into contact with during my stay there. I received 5 star care from Parkland Medical Center-a 5 star hospital.

Music FMX Fanatic

My experience with Parkland is very interesting their staff courtesy is poor and and they hardly disinfect the rooms. I only went there for injuries and that's all but my boyfriend has had more experience than I did the only time where I feel thankful for Parkland was when he hurt his back. They were okay with them and they actually were we on the job. But when my mom came in to the emergency room to see him, the lady in the front desk said that girlfriends could not be allowed in the emergency room and was about to kick me out. Someway somehow she was not able to do so I was thinking that probably the nurses said not to move me out of the room. And that is the only thing I am thankful for that hospital. Other than that they're very disrespectful and I hope to God my children do not go for this place ever.

steve devine

I was referred to the Parkland Hospital by a surgeon I went to for a followup. I had a huge cyst that was infected and inflamed on my spine. He called ahead to Parkland ER, and when I got there, the Staff got right to work to remove and pack the incision...They recommended I follow up with Wound Care who were also absolutely fantastic! Parkland gets five stars in my book; they took care of that cyst in record time, as opposed to my Primary Care doctor, who kept putting me's history now, my wound is healing nicely, and God Bless the people at Parkland ER, My Surgeon, and the Wound Center! Highly recomended! and TY all so's nice to be able to sit back, or lay on my back without intense pain....

Tim Black

I've taken my mother to Parkland Medical Center ( Hospital ) on at least 3 different occasions over the past 2 years. The staff and Dr's have treated her extremely well every time. My daughter was admitted last year for kidney issues. She was also treated incredibly well. As with any Hospital, the wait times in the ER obviously vary, depending on the amount of incoming patients but I've personally have never had to wait more than about a half hour in the ER. It's also a very well kept facility

Rich Bogacz

I arrived at urgent care on stiles road and was taken in right away.they took me in the room and did multiple tests and was very concerned about my health!was very please with the nurses . They where very concerned about me and did an amazing job. So did the practitioner!

Eric Leuteritz

My wife had a procedure at Parkland Medical a few weeks ago. Everyone did a fantastic job. Communication was excellent. The nurses were outstanding. Everything went very well. I highly recommend Parkland!

Angela Martin

I had a great experience at Parkland. Attentive, knowledgeable, caring.

Pino D'Ampolo-Souza

Horrible, they have horrible staff, couldn't calm my young, type 1diabetic niece who needed help, i caught the head nurse making fun of my frightened niece to another staff member, and then called social services on us saying we are trying to kill her because we wanted to leave since they weren't treating her?! STAY far away, drive the extra miles and go to The Elliot.

Richard Glauben

Had an outpatient surgical procedure on 10/30. Everyone was amazing!. Nurses were so incredible. Thank you to them

J Savy

I recently had a CT Scan w/contrast. My experience with Ann Marie was phenomenal! She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and a major asset to this facility! She deserves to be recognised and rewarded for her work! Thamk you so much for your kind, considerate and professional attention! Grateful and appreciative- Joanne S.

Steve L

One bathroom stall in the waiting area, Nurse blew my IV. Waited an hour past scheduled procedure time. Hustled out of the recovery area. BASC was much nicer.

Allan Fernald

I have always been very impressed with the Parkland Rehab physical therapists and other staff members. They have been very helpful and given specific advice for exercising on the road to recovering.

Mom Boss

The staff is friendly, And helpful. I see a lot of complaints about the cost of this place. The cost of care has to do with your insurance and your deductible. This place is very clean, the doctors are great, the nurses are friendly. I highly recommend this place.

kenneth burton

always quick courtious and effective

Karen Hannigan Machado

I can't speak highly enough about our experience at Parkland Hospital. I brought my husband there when he was experiencing chest pain. We went through the ER and they had him in the back with a team on him immediately even before his name was given. The care was thorough and extensive. Barely ever left without someone there with us, questions and concerns always being answered. My husband was admitted to IMC - amazing staff as well. Always had lots of attention and super caring and friendly staff. When he had to go for a cardiac procedure, I came minutes after they took him. They had someone bring me down personally and handed me off to someone who brought me right to his side. Also awesome cardiac care people. So professional and attentive. I felt like we were VIP's the whole time. The room in IMC was HUGE, quiet, CLEAN and comfortable. The CAF food was great and so inexpensive. I always felt like everyone there loved their job and truly cared about your well-being. We will be soon moving to MA but I would drive back up here before going to some of the local hospitals where we have had horrible experiences within the past few years.

Cathy Monteiro

Every single person I met was wonderful!

Harry J. Rodrigues

Very professional staff, and I had no concern in the treatment that I received.

Gin Sacca

Very kind and caring staff. Kept me informed every step of the way prior to and post procedure.

wxdvb .

The entire staff at IMCU were exceptional, constantly letting me know what they were doing, but even better, they all took the time to explain why they were doing it and what we expected to accomplish. I could not have asked for better treatment. The food, while still hospital food and tailored to meet my specific needs, was surprisingly good.

Susan Jannino

I entered the ER with a fever and feeling weak at 4PM. Sign out front said 7 minute wait. I sat at the admissions desk and waited to be acknowledged by the dark haired lady behind the computer. I was not. A nice woman behind her told me I needed to sign in at the kiosk. She then asked if I would like help. I said yes and she took my license and then told me the kiosk was broken but that I would be the next one seen. I didn't have the energy to leave where I was so I put my head on the counter and waited. They called the next patient from behind me in the waiting area and when I said I thought I was next, the lady behind the computer said to me, "I don't know what your deal is." The other woman spoke up for me and said I was next. I then waited for another 10 minutes before being moved to the triage nurse. After having my temp and blood pressure taken I was told I'd be waiting in an area outback. I asked if I could possibly lie down as I was not feeling well. After a big huff, Joey got me a room with a gurney. I then said, "I know I'm being a pain but could I please have a blanket." Joey said, "Yes, you are," and walked away without giving me a blanket. The treatment beyond that was a lot of waiting with no explanations. I was told at 7PM that I was going to be admitted. I finally was moved to a room at 9PM. Horrible experience and I will drive to Manchester next time I need to be seen in an ER! No one from the hospital called to follow up either or else I would have told them to their face!

Nichola Lindquist

The best of skills, care and personality. Thank you!

Josh Overton

I had to go to parkland last night to get my leg stiched up and they were very nice to me and tried to make the process as painless as possible. I would recommend parkland to anyone in the Derry area.

Hoos Ela

Was there in the morning on 7/8/19 around 11am. The intake nurse in the triage room was so rude and unfriendly. Once inside the ER,all the nurses were great. But seriously I would go to Elliot just to avoid that one nurse.She made an already stressful situation worse.

Michael McKenney

The nurses and doctors were all friendly knowledgeable and caring

Kristen Ziesmer

Words cannot describe my deep appreciation for the care, comfort, and thorough education the maternity ward provided at our hospital stay. The most important thing about this hospital is that the ward is so small, there are only a few mothers and babies there at a time. We were the only ones for the majority of the stay and we received round the clock one on one care. Dr. Antisdel and his nursing staff have been with him a very, very long time and they all work so well together. You will never receive this care at another hospital! The nurses were ALL phenomenal and the lactation consultants were godsends. They taught me so much and we’ve only given our daughter the bottle twice since being home the past 5 days. This is pretty much a boutique hospital with how much attention you and your baby receive. I had a C section and they were still able to place our baby on my chest and I was able to breastfeed immediately just as I requested. I have never held a baby before our daughter and had no experience with babies. The nurses there Suzanne, Taryn, Sarah, and everyone else that I cannot remember the names of (thanks, mom- brain) were all wonderful and they taught my husband and I how to care for her properly. We’re off to a wonderful start and I have so much confidence in my self from their teachings. Thank you, Parkland.

Ed Sherman

Dr C, the Phys Asst, the Nurse and administrative reception were all professional and supportive. When you come to the doctor not knowing what to expect, it certainly helps to get reassurance and understanding. Thank you.

Edward Brady

No complaints at all! Clean. Everything done timely. No long waits in ER, Radiology. Cardiology/nuclear medicine super professional and knowledgeable. Nurses, lab staff, dietary and housekeeping all pleasant.

Karen Harrington

Dirty exam rooms, non-sterile tools that were needed during a sterile procedure, rude and cocky doctors and underqualified nurses. One of the physician assistant told me that Parkland Medical Center was under qualified to take care of my pulmonary effusion which was caused by one of their doctors the day before

Harold Kozlowski

Impressed by the level of service and care I received at Parkland. At every level. Nurses especially went out of the their way to ensure I was cared for. Highly recommended.

Dennis Hamson

Dr Graff takes his time to explain everything to your satisfaction.

Daniel Keith

It's a shame that I have to even give one star to warn people, there should just be a zero or a warning button. At all costs do not go to parkland hospital. I thought i was having a heart attack they saw me for an hour did an EKG and some blood work. 3 different people came in my room ,1 poked a needle in my arm to set for an IV that never happened. They all left an hour later a diffrent person came in pulled the needle out of my arm and told me they couldn't find the cause of my weakness. I said what weakness... I think I had a heart attack. But they sent me on my way and said if it happens again just come back. Then I get the first bill six thousand dollars. For what that's like bringing your car to the mechanics and they charge you six grand to tell you they could not find the problem. They charge 3096.00 for you to be in a room for 1 hour. This medical industry should hang their heads in shame.

Nora Marshall

My Mom was treated like a Queen.. Great passion staff who really love what they do. Food was good and hospital kept clean. Thank you for all your hard work. . Daughter

Nikki S

Do not use this "medical Center" as a from of emergency help, the wait time is a lie, and the doctors barely speak proper English and wrote out my husbands discharge papers with bad spelling and grammar. Took over 4 hours to get him discharged, and 2 days of unnecessary testing. I feel they were searching for something that wasn't there but made him take several expensive tests just to confirm what we already knew. Thank God we had insurance, but then again that is probably why they ran so many unnecessary tests on him. The only good thing about this place, was the nurses on call, they were very helpful and did what they could.

Michelle Wheeler

I went to my doctor with stomach pain and after a CT scan was told it was my gallbladder and I should go straight to the ER. I was given a room within a few minutes, and the staff was efficient and friendly. I was admitted for surgery and spent 2 nights. The nursing staff was fantastic. Things were busy, but they always came when I needed them, and checked in when they had time. They were all very friendly and personable as well. The surgical staff was also great. I hadn't had surgery since childhood, so was nervous. They took the time to talk to me, and the surgeon explained the procedure and what to expect. My first hospital visit in 20 years, and it was made as pleasant as possible.

Robert Yelle

I was fast-tracked for my registration. That was a good thing. Actually, It was all good. The receptionist was very pleasant and prepared to greet me. I was there for an ultrasound and the technician was personable and courteous. I have nothing to complain about for this appointment.


Very professional and friendly staff

Warren Dickson

I've never been to this hospital until last night - I was driving through Derry when I began to have an allergic reaction to a food and called for an ambulance. They got to me fast and I feel like I had the best ER experience ever. One thing I was worried about was having my reaction written off as anxiety, I've gone to the hospital before for multiple medical issues only to be misdiagnosed as anxiety despite trying to tell everyone otherwise. I had severe complications due to undiagnosed scoliosis - and for six months, in and out of the hospital, no one ran me tests on my back and I was always told it was just stress. This word was never mentioned here and I felt listened to for once. I was really terrified last night but everyone there was kind, and if I felt worse at all several nurses were always there in the blink of an eye, and they kept me updated often. Discharge was also quite speedy, I expected to be there for much longer than I was. Thank you so much Parkland staff!

Maureen Anderson

All staff were professional at Salem Radiology.

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Absolutely terrible do not go here if you can avoid it had a terrible experience ended up asking to just get released and go somewhere else was told to stay over and over after I told them I didn’t feel comfortable the registration tried to have me sign for consent to treat after I had said I’m not staying I’m leaving WORST EXPIERENCE EVER very unprofessional here

Jennifer Langevin

I have never been treated in such a demeaning, condescending manner like I was treated by the billing department. Never mind the fact that the woman was extremely rude, but to actually "Refuse" payment because it is what the family can afford is appalling. Although my daughter received the best care by her doctor and his staff we will not be coming back to Parkland in the future.

Linda Donahue

This review is for the Endoscopy department. I have contacted Theresa Houston of patient safety /quality

Beth MacBlane

I had a great experience at Parkland labor and delivery. The doctors and nurses were very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and comforting. The facility was clean and secure. I would recommend Parkland medical center labor and delivery.

Renee Clifton

The emergency room is never something we look forward to but at Parkland they do everything they can to put you at ease. My nurse Anna was the best. She was respectful, reassuring and professional. A very kind and caring nurse. Dr Pietrowski was amazing. He was so good at what he does and full of knowledge. He also took time to sit down and talk things over with me before leaving. He had great advice and even a few stories that made me laugh. Who doesn't need a laugh after an ER visit? To all the other nurses and support staff whose names I do not know deserve mention also. Everyone was extremely kind and concerned while delivery a high level of care. I'm feeling lucky to live near a hospital that's able to deliver personal care in such a busy stressful environment. Thank you Parkland

June Gallup

Met with Dr. Julie O'Brien with my mother. the entire office was phenomenal.

Douglas Webster

ED did not provide enough communication and was there for 6 hours without being told much about what was happening, once in room however the care and communication was very good.

Lynn Collins

I had shoulder surgery and stayed overnight. Everyone did a great job.

J Ram

Very good care. Great staff. I choose parkland!

Buddy White

This is the worst hospital ever I would bring my worst enemy here

Walter Martin

Was referred to a Leahy doctor for a biopsy. Check-in was pleasant and efficient, nurses in the day surgery area were outstanding as was the Nurse who administered the sedation.

Maryann Collins

Very pleasant staff

john mcbee

Patient entry is to time consuming

Steve Owens

Had 8 hour back surgery and 3 day stay. Very well run organization. Everyone was focused on my needs. Nurses were really good. Even the admin staff was great.


The day I went here, I believe I was the second person and there wasn't much crowd. The nurse and the doctor did everything fairly quickly and made sure of my comfort. I was there due to bad wisdom tooth infection that had grown from small to very large. While leaving I was able to check the tag for nurse and he was Joey who took good care of me, explained everything, kept the mood light once putting me out of miserable condition I was in with ivy, antibiotics and pain medication. The doctor was amazing too he explained what was going on and they both tried multiple places to get me in for surgery in the night trying place after place, checking in between how I was doing. I wish I recollected his name, I'm really thankful to him and Joey for all that they did yesterday 04/19-04/20/18.

Lisa Charland

Still getting the complete and utter runaround regarding my urgent care bill from Parkland Urgent Care in Salem, NH. Apparently the doctor who contracts with the urgent care clinic is from Parkland Medical Center. I was just advised to leave Parkland Medical Center's CFO a message (he's out for the rest of the week, of course). I said that I used to work for a medical staffing company and I know how much doctors on contract actually make per hour. I saw the doctor at the urgent care for a grand total of 20 minutes and was quickly diagnosed with an allergic reaction to Niacin. No medical supplies were used. I was billed $431 for 20 minutes of the doctor's time (a half hour at the most!) I know for a FACT that contracted doctors don't make anywhere near $1,200 an hour!!! This is straight up FRAUD!!! The CFO or someone in the finance department better call me back and I better get some answers. If not, I'm contacting a lawyer!!! Don't choose Parkland for your ER or Urgent Care services. Their services are a scam.

Frank Keane

Visit and pulmonary test was fantastic. Friendly and pleasant staff. Very efficient. Nice facilities. Would be 5 stars except for sign in. It's om a tablet that you pick up at reception. No visible instructions and no tablets at time I was checking in. Pleasant staff member noticed my confusion, got me a tablet and rest was easy.

Michelle Weatherby

For someone who fears getting their blood done, my phlebotomist Sandy was quick and painless! She knew I was nervous and talked to me the entire time she was drawing to keep my mind off of what was happening!

diane millard


Gina Vega

I was taken in immediately and administered several tests, had blood taken, and received medication and instructions for further care. The MD who saw me was organized, credible, and pleasant. The RN (Mark) was super...relaxed and competent.Despite my distress, I felt very well cared for.

Alfred Lafreniere

Very caring and kept all promises, food needs a lil improvement but hey it's a hospital not olive garden

Emily Balke

This was many years ago, but I feel I should share my story. When I was 6-years old, I jumped off a swing and landed on my elbow. I was taken to this hospital, where the doctor immediately jumped to, "this is a dislocation and is clearly from abuse." I was a very shy kid and I did something I was told not to do, so it's understandable why I wouldn't want to tell some stranger how I broke my arm. On top of that, the doctor was overly excited, which made me nervous; it's almost like he had never worked with children before in his life. I did eventually tell them what happened to cause my injury, but he refused to believe me. The cops were called, because he suspected my dad had done this to me. I was then taken into the x-ray room, where the doctor attempted to relocate my elbow three times by placing my elbow on the table, taking one hand and holding my upper arm and taking the other and holding my lower arm. He then pressed down as hard and as quickly as he could. I begged him to let my dad be in there with me, which should have been a clue that my dad wasn't the one to injure me; he refused. This was all prior to taking the x-rays. Once he realized this wasn't working, he finally had someone take the x-rays, to which he discovered I actually had a fracture confirming my story. Because of the negligence of that doctor, I continue to have issues with my elbow to this day. Please steer clear of this hospital; as a paramedic once told me, "you wouldn't even send your sick dog to Parkland". Elliot Hospital is not that far down the road and they are more professional and have an outstanding bedside manner; I have never felt unsafe at Elliot like I have at Parkland.

Sherry Bezanson

I had a great experience with the cardiology echocardiogram team. Very professional, friendly, warm & caring team. Unlike my past ER experience, (2016), where I was there 3.5 hours and never received any real care. Ended up walking out!

Kimberly Reasor

My brother-in-law went to Parkland in desperation because of his mental status (he was suicidal). He stayed there for a week at the beginning of September. His care was below average and the facility hardly did anything for my brother-in-law's depression and diabetes. His blood sugar was checked, but no medication was given. Seriously? And Parkland was extremely non-responsive to requests for disability information. Parkland also refused to speak with his brother about the claim and/or his medical file (even though paperwork was signed that they could share information with his brother). So because Parkland refused to provide any information to the Social Security Department (even though paperwork was signed for Parkland to release that information to Social Security), my brother-in-law's claim was denied due to lack of information. What do you need to do to get anyone to do anything there as far as fill out paperwork or release information? All other establishments were more than helpful. No one will even call us back!

Mary Stirk

This is the best and most wonderful hospital anyone should ever want to be in. They are caring, compassionate and truly miracle workers. I would not go to another hospital now that I have found these wonderful people. God bless each and every one of you for the care and compassion you have shown me and my family.

Kurt Hallbach

Easy commute from home. Friendly staff! In and out!

John Chabak

Waited on in a timely manner, pleasant people helped me.

Fallon B

Was charged 6 grand for them to give me Ativan and fluids when I had the flu .... my doctor was shocked that they literally did nothing to help me and charged me a ridiculous amount for it. Thanks for nothing guys!

Christopher Bunnell

Outstanding experience in the ER for a broken toe incident. The Parkland staff was fast, professional, and knowledgable. Thank you to the ER team. As a point of improvement, the apparently late for work employees whizzing past the ER entrance on their way to work is a major hazard.

Angela M Nicoli

I was rushed into the Emergency room by my 18 year old daughter. from the time I went in we as a family were treated with the most amazing care possible. Everything from easing the fears of my 18 and 14 year old children to the very best hands on care of myself. This visit subsequently lead to an admission of 3 days. I had an NG tube placed in the emergency room with a nurse that knowing how painful it was going to be staying calm and talking me through every step. Then the hand off in care was seamless to my room. Once in my room the care I received was as fantastic as you could get. The nurses were kind, caring and their knowledge of my medical issues and how to help surpassed my wildest dreams. Parkland Medical Center embodies the full concept of care for their patients by not only understanding their patients needs but also understanding the needs of the patients family. THANK YOU for the caring human touch you give to your patients every day.

Ryan Thomas

Less than impressed

Kasey Dunham

My last experience with Parkland ER was actually great. The staff was friendly, quick, and handled my situation fast and efficient. This experience tonight, I would not go back to that ER if I were dying. Since 8pm my left arm has had a throbbing pain (not painful but annoying), and I have a thickening vein with a clear lump about 3/4 or bigger of a inch, and a smaller vein knot off to the right of the lump. There is a indentation by the area of concern where you can tell theres pulling and tightness of the vein. I check in and wait less than 5 minutes for the intake person to call me, this is where my experience goes bad. She calls my name and I walk over with my daughter who is with me. I slightly smile at her like you would to greet someone and she just stares at me, very uncomfortably, and the whole time until I walk into the room she doesnt acknowledge me except for this very rude stare. I get in and she asked me what was wrong. I start telling her and pointing to the area of my arm and she looks at me and goes "veins get large sometimes, you know like when you work out". Mind you, shes saying this very rudely and her facial expressions said even more. I tell her, "well I dont work out so it's not from that", her response is, "well it can happen from having your arm down in one position as well". At this point with her horrible bedside manner, facial expressions, and whole demeanor, I said, "well if you dont think it's a big deal then I should just leave so I dont waste my time". Her response, "well I cant tell you that". Unfortunately for me she just did by her short interaction with me. Mind you, she didnt ask me any follow up questions or even examine my arm. And if she didn't feel she could advise me if it was a big deal or not then maybe her remarks shouldn't have been made to make me feel like I was there for no reason. My advice to the ER manager, take a look at this employee (blonde hair and big teeth, working 09/12/18 @ 945-10ish), how many people have left without getting care due to her lack of professionalism. I shouldn't ever feel that my symptoms are not a big deal, and I shouldn't feel so disrespected and judged by a hospital intake administrator, that I leave the hospital ER, especially since I went there for a reason I felt was a emergency. I had the same symptoms a little over a month ago on the opposite arm and I was checked immediately for a blood clot in the veins because that is what my symptoms are a sign of (this is when I had a positive experience there). I have never left a ER due to lack of professionalism in the staff but her interaction with me was so unnecessary, even my 9 year old daughter asked me what the girls problem was. I wish I had video recorded the interaction because I have never been so shocked by someone and the way they talk and interact with people in a medical setting.

Megan Harding

My daughter had question of kidney stone. Had Dr Lavoie and mark as nurse Katie in triage Anne registration...all the best. She had a great experience . Parkland emergency is great. Thank you all.

Cody Bythewood

Parkland is an absolute wonderful hospital, my fiancé and I had our child at parkland. The staff is absolutely wonderful, friendly and over all amazing. The over night nurse Cynthia is an absolute sweetheart. Karen, miss Wendy and Sam are amazing. They definitely make this place very welcoming. The security made us feel safe. They seemed like great group of guys! This place needs more than 5 stars. Outstanding job you guys! And I will recommend Dr. Zarka to any of our pregnant friends you guys are truly wonderful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

UnderdogIQ22 .

They didn't even take my temperature.

Alice Gibson

The service was friendly, fast, and efficient. Despite a date error from my doctor's office, they quickly got everythinfg redone.

K Dunbar

Parkland is a poor excuse for a medical center. My mother was admitted through the ER for a highly symptomatic stroke and the medical staff here could not have acted less efficiently. It took over 16 hours to get a brain MRI, and a full day for a neurological consult. She was re-admitted (to a different hospital) for a brain bleed less than two weeks after Parkland discharged her. For anyone reading this: If you love your family, I highly recommend you don't bring them here.

Anne Mayo

I was at the Salem office for an Oncology checkup...everything was fine..

Steve Flannigan

Had a recent procedure done with Granite State Gastro, Doctor McLean was the attending physician. He and his staff were great to be a part of their work. Fully explained every aspect of the procedure. Friendly crew from start to finish. I received follow up calls and directions on next steps to take during the next couple days. I feel they take a hands on approach to patient care to ensure you are aware of all your options and have the guidance to make the best decision that is right for you.

eileen regan

Courteous fast check in. The technician also was fast and friendly. Very pleasant experience.

Julie Munyan

Overall the hospital and the people that took care of me while I was there (3 days) did a very good job looking after me. There truly cared about what they were doing.

Madeline Valentin

I went in for a hysterectomy on Tuesday August 28,2018, the surgical staff, Dr.zarka. and the anesthesiologist were al incredible. I couldn’t have been more comfortable going into surgery. They were very attentive and made sure I understood everything that was happening. The nurse during recovery was the absolute best. She stood by my side and made sure I was doing good and not in any pain. The nurses on the surgical unit were incredible as well. Making sure I was comfortable, had everything I needed. I thank the entire staff that had anything to do with my stay.

Forrest Aldrich

I've been in their ER a couple of times over the past year or so. I've always been treated very well by their staff. As with any ER, demand of services can be taxed at times, so response time can be slower -- if you come in with a sore throat and there's a heart attack victim, you will have to wait. It's very simple how an ER works. It's not a doctor's office. They are generally very pleasant to work with there.

tracyd1233 .

Good experience at Parkland Medical Center radiology services in Salem. Highly recommend for convenience and efficiency.

Susan Kelly

Very disatified with the care today... We came to the hospital via ambulance for my husband, you would think the care would be a little quicker, NOT, the care 3 days ago was better when I brought him in myself... took an hour to give him pain meds... unbelievable

Mary Manter

Professional, caring staff from the office check in all the way up to the doctors. "Going under" even for a short basic procedure can be scary/unsettling, but the anesthesiologist was very compassionate and made me feel safe and well cared for while I was sedated.

Mark Bushell

The Lahey Urology team at Parkland Med Derry NH is excellent. Am a 61 yr old professional male- and this is probably my fourth visit in two years. If I could rate this group more highly I would. Beverly is a fantastic trainer / care giver, and my PA Cara was perfect - clearly describing my options. Also got to interface with Andrea, the Director. Just great positive attitudes all around. Even checking out with Linda was efficient and sprinkled with good humor. Thank you for a great experience.

Epstein Purim

DO NOT GO TO THIS ER UNLESS YOU HAVE UNLIMITED WEALTH. We were in the area visiting and my daughter cut her foot. It was after urgent care hours so we came to the ER. The service was great. We were in and out in under an hour. No wait. They used dermabond to repair the cut - no stitches, no medication, no x-rays or other procedures. I felt great about it - until I got the bill. $3300 for the ER visit and dermabond and another $1200 for the 10 minutes that the doctor spent with us. This visit, for less than an hour with no procedures other than a little glue on my daughter's foot, cost us $4500. This is highway robbery. My daughter broke her foot earlier this year, which required an urgent care visit with x-rays, two orthopedist visits with a cast and cast removal, a boot and another set of x-rays and it was $1700. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL UNLESS YOU ARE A LOTTERY WINNER.

Emily Denn

I only have experience in L&D, as both of my babies were born here. The Drs. and nurses are amazing! My first experience was traumatic, and the staff made it manageable for me. It is a small unit, allowing the nurses to give you more attention than you'd receive at other hospitals. Dr. Zarka is the best L&D you could ask for! Also, the pediatricians who come to check on the babies are awesome too. Our girls go to their office (Londonderry Pediatrics). Highly recommend!

lisa o

I use to have to drive into Boston 2x’s a month for my IVIGs lasting 5-6 hrs. I found out about Lahey Hematology Oncology on Stiles Rd. Salem, NH. What a difference. So CLEAN. The staff is very friendly. I don’t feel like I am at a hospital/clinic. I feel like I am going to see friends. What a friendly atmosphere. All the Dr.s, nurses, medical assistants and the secretary’s are AMAZING. They all go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I actually can say I look forward to getting my IVIG. Thank you all so much for making a difficult situation easier to deal with.

chris peahl

Please do not go there for something so easy as urinal infection. It ended up costing $2796.14 because the DR made it sound like I needed a cat-scan to see if i have stones causing my irritation. Of which the scan showed no stones, but big deal if they saw stones, I found out through by Physician who is 2hrs away he would have recommended no scan and to drink plenty of water to pass it. Well I did that and the irritation went away. Why didn't Parklands Staff recommend that instead of a scan? I asked them if my insurance would cover it, of which they said yes, they ended up covering $796.14 leaving me with a $2050.54 bill. Stay away, Parkland wants to make money from you not help you.

Gabby Medeiros

My husband was seen for a concussion on Christmas and sent home with "dont use electronics but it's ok to work and drive." Went home feeling worse than when he walked in. PA-C Kaiming Chiang had horrible bedside manner and no gave little to no info on the concussion. 2 days later we are waiting at another ER..

jamie petersen

I had an excellent experience here, i havent been here in years and before that it was not good, but i needed to go to the hospital and there wait time online was only a few minutes, from the moment i walked into the hospital i was greeted and taken right back my er nurse was amazing the doctor i had was great the staff were all very nice, they got me comfortable. I ended up being admitted and needing surgery. and from the registration lady down to the housekeeping since i was there 2 day were all amazing, friendly. If i need to ever go back to a hospital i will definitely go back there. They had done a complete 360.

JoAnne Dion

I had very poor service in the ER emergency I asked my nurse if I could get something to eat some crackers or something do too because I was a diabetic and my blood sugar is dropping low she said yes she never came back to my room I was in my room 6 hours by myself very poor

Salty Dog

I came here for treatment of severe anxiety with suicidal ideation. I came here via assistance from CLMs emergency services hotline. I was only here for short term, but my team was extremely professional and helpful and devised the right treatment plan for me and worked seamlessly with CLM for my continued treatment. The place was clean and the food was great. As a vegetarian I’m also grateful they have quite viable options! I am so thankful to have received treatment from Parkland.

shannon scarpello

The friendliness and professionalism of the staff and their treatment of all patients made me feel at ease during a very stressful situation. The hospital itself and the exam rooms were clean and although I didn’t care for the food, there were plenty of options available. The check-in process for the ER was easy and the registration process made me feel as though my reason for being there was much more important than finding out my copay information! The nurses and doctors were very informative and made sure I understood what they were saying and were eager to answer any questions and concerns that I had. Not once did I feel rushed. I have had the pleasure of seeking their services a handful of times for my three children and myself as well and each time the above was true!!!

Suz W

Before I get into this, I'd like to thank the wonderful people who were professional. Your job is not unappreciated. ER nurse walked into the room (chewing gum) to start my husband's IV. He put on his gloves and immediately scratched his beard. I mentioned it to him in case he didn't realize and he told me he wasn't doing anything sterile. I again told him that his gloves were not clean and he argued with me about it as he opened all of the sterile packaging. I asked him to change his gloves outright and he then asked me if I had medical experience and understood what he was doing. I told him I didn't care and wanted him to change his gloves. He challenged me again. I finally told him "I am asking you to change your gloves and you are bring extremely unprofessional." At this he dropped everything onto the tray and walked out, leaving my husband with his arm still strapped for a needle. I spoke with the director of nursing and hopefully this is resolved. No need to comment with a phone number for me to call. You will not tell me if or how he was reprimanded and I do not need to be patronized. This hospital has major issues. And those issues start with the fact that there is an "us and them" mentality. We should all be a part of the care team, including the patients. Working in a hospital does not make you special or above anybody else. Also, the new cafeteria is awful. Not only is the variety cut in half but I stood in line for so long at the register without being acknowledged that I walked out with a bag of chips. I bet they have a HUGE gap issue. Lastly, these spots were on the elevator floor when my husband was brought in yesterday. They look like blood and were still there when we left at noon today.

Lisa Branchina

This was the worst service that I have had. I went in not feeling good and the DR was not througho and decided I will fill her with migraine meds and send her on her way, stating that all my bloodwork was fine. I followed up with my primary care two days later and I had elavated liver numbers and tumors on my liver. Can't promise I may not sue.

Sarah Terban

If you want to be treated like you are bothering people by seeking help, this is your spot. If dealing with dismissive or rude staff when you're injured sounds like fun, this is the place to be! If being subjected to illegal cavity searches against your will sounds like a good time, then head on down! My Nana lived in Derry for many years; in a little wicker basket on her kitchen table, she kept a pill bottle with a note wrapped around it with a rubber band. In big red marker it said "DO NOT TAKE ME TO PARKLAND!!!" I will die there (in regular pen) Enough said.

Nancy Poteat

My treatment was efficient and timely. The staff were caring and comforting.

Kasey Rolfhamre

Amazing maternity department! Night and day difference of my experience giving birth at Parkland compared to my first child at Elliot. I highly recommend coming here for delivery! the entire staff were very attentive and knowledgeable to me and my babies needs. I could honestly go on and on about how great my experience was and I wish I had gone here with my first!

Pamela Mann

The doctors were great, professional, courteous and helpful and were attentive and we were seen right away...the ER nursing staff terrible, unprofessional, and rude...waited over an hour for discharge papers, after an hour I asked if someone would be in... was told I needed to be patient..waited longer ended up calling the emergency room from my cell, was asked what room I was in .. shouldn't they know who's wating to be discharged..before I could tell her the room I was hung up on, called back and I was told they will be in when they get there!!! Waited a bit longer and walked out .. the nurse was sitting at the desk as I left she laughed and waved! Wow really condescending!!

David McSweeney

This place doesn't get the credit it truly deserves. You've always been good to us when we come there. Awesome staff, not bad on the wait times, and easy to get to. Hopefully nothing happens again, but if it does I'll definitely always consider this place if I'm in the area.

Cecile Adams

We've never been treated so we'll, my Mom went there today for her pre-op, checking in was so easy Charlene was so nice. Once we got into an office, Winnie got all of my Mom's info, explained everything very clearly, gave my Mom the opportunity to ask questions she was wonderful. Then we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dr Elisabeth Akoma, OMG! I felt like I was in an episode of "Touched by an Angel" she was phenomenal !!! So calm and caring, understanding! I could go on and on about her, she really put us at ease, and her nurse Grace was fabulous! They all went above and beyond for us.!! Our last stop was to radiology,,, Tammy couldn't have been more helpful, she is so good natured, great sense of humor she made us feel so comfortable. What a great crew of women! Definitely a credit to this hospital!

Kathleen Hall

It was a very friendly easy test -very knowledgeable!

Joe C

Dr. Loosmann and the Nurses in the OR were great. I received exceptional care for my procedure. Everyone was comforting while keeping a great sense of humor.

Bill Perry

I am always very pleased at the care at this Parkland Medical Center Urgent Care in Salem NH. Tonight both my mother and I had to go there for care. Melinda at the check in, Holly Cabell the NP and Anna the nurse are super and very highly recommend them. This is not the first time that we have had care from them. Friendly, caring and are always superbly helpful. They are very good at caring for my elderly mother and are extremely patient and helpful with her. There are several Urgent Care centers near by, but would urge anyone in the Methuen MA or southern NH area to come here if care is needed.

Maria M

Great caring staff!

Paul Ronan

I was treated very well thanks to Jancie T in the billings Dept. She should be commended on her professional and compassionate demeanor. She knows what customer service means. Thank you to the staff that treated my injury just a great bunch of caring people.

Joe Chamberlain

fast service and friendly Dr and nurses.Keep coming back there which is easy to get there and never a long wait

Anna Kevin

Awful. Rude. Disgusting. Not good care or compassion. Reading reviews and can’t believe they are still open. This is one just like the rest and believe what you read. I know you have to take things with a grain of salt because things get embellished and blah blah blah. But seriously avoid at all costs if able. Hospital staff was extremely rude it was very dirty and extremely unprofessional. It was like they were snotty and also did not want to be there. I could go on and on but all the other reviews; trust them. After this review I’ll get the generic response that the person that’s in charge of image for the Hospital will write. I get it. Hard work, ERs. It’s tough work. However being in the field, being at multiple ER visits, this is not how things/people/hospitals should be.

Emily Holland

The emergency department at the hospital is frankly terrible. Went to the ER at 3 AM because of excruciating shoulder pain, numbness and weakness in my right arm. Was told they don't do MRIs after hours and to just call my regular doctor the next day. Was given a prescription for Valium - they did not even ask what other medications I take! Valium interacts with two of them. I did not know until I got to the pharmacy. Can't understand why they did not ask such a basic question - I was in too much pain to realize at the time. They basically provided no care, the doctor was rude and condescending, and I will never go back.

Jack Heffernan

You wrote a review for Parkland Medical Center 3 minutes ago 1.0 star rating 11/3/2018 My review has nothing to do with the care I received from the staff of The Lahey Institute of Urology at Parkland Medical Center. They were excellent. My complaint is with Parkland's shady billing practices. I had a procedure mid July 2018. I received notifications from Medicare and Blue Cross that the bill was paid in full mid August 2018. Mid October I received two notices from NPAS, Inc, Parkland's collection agency, stating that there was an overdue balance on the account. I was instructed to contact the insurance company to ask them to pay or I could pay the balance myself. At the bottom of the notice there was letter was a paragraph that said I had 30 day to protest the debt or they would consider me responsible for the debt. The amounts were the exact amount that Blue Cross paid on August 14 and 15, 2018. I copied the statements from Blue Cross and sent them to the collection Agency. The amazing part in all this is that Parkland never sent me a bill, they just sent me directly to a collection agency. I have to wonder how many senior citizens fall for this ploy and just pay it. Parkland should be ashamed. A few years ago Parkland tried to collect funds from me that were over and above the agreed upon amount set in their contract with Blue Cross. Despite repeated call and notices from Blue Cross to Parkland that I could not be charged for any amounts over and above the contract amount, the debt was sent to a collection agency. Once again I wonder how many patients have fallen for Parkland's billing scams.

Felisha Cunningham

Blood on the bed!! ER room wasn't clean when they put me in it. The triage nurse wiped the bed and ONE railing with disinfecting wipes.. I had to ask him to clean the other one. After being here for a few hours I noticed blood on the bed, definitely not mine. They didn't give me a blanket or pillow to use even though I asked for one. Had to use the restroom and was hooked to an IV, called to have someone detach me, she handed me my bag and told me I was all set... Been here many times, never have I had an experience like this one!!

Marl A.

Parkland has a sign out front telling how long the ER wait is at any given time. This is very deceiving. The wait that is posted is only the wait until someone takes you into a room to take your vitals and put some information into the computer. After that, you will wait, and wait and wait. Besides my experience, a relative was there recently with a broken hip. They have a sign out front that they are a hip center and advertise how wonderful they are. Well I don't think it's wonderful that my relative had to lay there in agony for two days before they could get a surgeon to operate on her hip. She could hardly move because of the pain and when she would request pain med, the wait was long and the pain out of control. LNA's came in to take her vitals but never asked her if she needed assist with washing, changing a johnny or brushing her teeth. She wore the same johnny for 4 days. These are the facts. You decide for yourself.

melinda mafera

This was by far the worst care I’d ever experienced there. I was brought in via ambulance due to a severe MVA. The doctor was rude to me and after our initial interaction and my explanation of the accident, he stated I was “ridiculously hard to understand “ yet I was never checked for a concussion. I was handed a script for opioids and shoved out the door. My needs were not listened to when I talked about pain location and after myself finding a large lump on my head and brining it to their attention they did nothing. My daughter suffered a severe concussion but they never checked her for it so she didn’t start treatment until days later when she could see her pcp. When my ortho asked for medical records they sent them over and were incorrect, the body parts I came in wearing air casts on from the paramedics were not the ones listed that they had checked. My ortho had to re-do all of the xrays. I will be putting in a formal complaint against this doctor and the hospital in general on behalf of myself and my daughter. I would never suggest anyone visit this hospital.

Gena Stein

Having been in healthcare for 30 years myself, I have to say I was extremely impressed by the care I received when I wound up in the Parkland Emergency Room last week with severe abdominal pain. Upon arriving, I was immediately assessed by a nurse. I actually had my credit card in hand thinking I would have to go through the ritual run down, but the nurse said “oh no, we’ll get you taken care of first and then someone will see you later about all of that”. Needless to say, I was shocked. Every person, nurse, physician, x-ray technician, lab technician and yes, the billing representative was extremely pleasant, kind, and understanding of my circumstances. The place was spotless and all of the equipment up to date. Our community is fortunate that someone is spending healthcare dollars where they should be spent. I for one am thankful for that.

Colleen Sullivan

Fast service. Extremely nice nurses and doctor.

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