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REVIEWS OF Concentra Urgent Care IN New Hampshire

Joseph Doiron

Customer service was great and the appointment was the quickest drug test ever. From start to finish was maybe 15 minutes.

Gary Roberts

Walk in dot physical took 3+ hours. 2hr in waiting room and a 1hr+ to see the Dr!!!

s d

Friendly, professional staff. Easy to talk to, and very receptive.

Danny Polanco

Always clean and professional

John Fitzgerald

Two and a half hours of waiting just for a simple preemployment drug screen. Being held hostage without any way to leave because it isn't allowed. Then when you have had enough because you are very hungry and your bladder is going to explode, you are told they could have taken you any time when you have asked five times while you are there how much longer.... :(

Felipe Herrera

In and out.

Sherrin Kuriakose

I had to wait a bit but the people were really friendly.


Clean,friendly workers,the wait times are never long,my employer wanted me to go to another clinic the company uses, they would pay for it.but I went to concentra because of the satisfaction I no I would receive.and payed for the physical my self.satisfaction guaranteed.

Tammy Benoit

Jl B

I had to go to concentra and the staff was great the two ladies at the front desk in Warwick Kristin and Donna were professional helpful and nice. Dr Michael Ray was great.

Donavan Stevens

I completed some of my pre-hire testing for Schlumberger and my overall experience was positive. Once I was called back the testing process was relatively expeditious considering the extent of testing required. The staff that tested me were kind, thorough, and fast. The lady who cut my hair did so in a way that wasn't even noticeable which I was thankful for! The front office staff were on point. Phone in one ear, talking to me in another, juggling paperwork at the same time. These ladies were pros! They were also kind and happy which is always great. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because of the wait. I was not able to schedule an appointment as they do walk-ins and the wait was long. I think this is probably due to the sheer volume of people they were working with but I still think it's worth noting. Everything outside of how long the overall process took was A+. Thank you.

Rocky Road

Great care and very helpful people! Especially dr Scott!

Nick Nadeau

Although you should assume a wait period.. patient people will. These Nurses, as well as the Doctor, May I ad that I’m from the state of Maine.... that saw me treated me with compassion and provided urgency. These are people I’ve only met once and I’ll assume will not again. I believe that says a lot. Not many people I know including myself can often say that about their primary care doctors. Thanks again. Nick

Rashad Payne

Every time I come to this location I already expect to be greeted by a friendly staff & get in & out in a timely manner. I have zero complaints. Thank You

Shannon Gillan

Robert Hodge

Very short wait time. All staff very curtious and very helpful.

Cynthia Twombly

Thanks so much for the great care that you gave me. Everyone there was friendly and very attentive.

Krystina Soriano

Went in for a pre-employment drug screen and went quicker than expected and they were super nice.


Staff are friendly and helpful, even for such a stressful environment.

Renee Parente

Waited over 2 hours for a vaccine

Kathy Walsh

Very professional, and more importantly, very compassionate!!

Michael Hernandez

Went for an auto accident. When I told the doctor my back hurt and it would be hard to do my job he said try and tough it out and wouldn’t change my restrictions. Everyone else was friendly.

john ruddock

Great experience all around

Kennis Barker

Very kind and genuine staff! Made it easy and fast to get what I needed done, definitely recommend going here!

Elaine Adams

I didn't have an appointment but they kept offering me snacks. I enjoyed it.

Derrick Perry

Yes everyone at Concentra treated me with proper care needed! Even though I was a walk in they made the process as speedy as they could. They also made sure I was comfortable while I waited. Thanks to the Dr and the nurse was very friendly and answered all my questions clearly.

Michele Marquis

They were quick to get me in and out of the office. All the the staff was extremely nice and helpful

Michelle Spaulding

ella king

Fast process, friendly and prompt. Paperwork was easy

Sean Fraser

Came for a drug test (new job). Everything was clean, wait time was short, and the staff was very helpful.

Jasmine Ward

I was in and out of My physical exam with no issues! Also, the front desk lady, the nurse AND the doctor were all so pleasant! I would come here again, no questions asked! Thank you!

Jeremy White

I arrived as a walk-in for a new hire UA and hair follicle at 9am. Upon checking in I was informed there would be a 1-1/2hr wait and took a seat to fill out the required forms. After an hour and 45min I asked the clerk how much longer and she said I had a few more people in front of me. I returned to my seat and waited. At noon I finally heard my name called and went back for approx 15min worth of testing. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Gabriel Sanchez

Very helpful. Made me feel at home. Everyone was really nice. Even though it was late and busy.

Jay Bo

Bruce Russo

I went to Concentra at Warwick Ri for a Pre employment physical. For a new company that won the federal contract I currently work for 3 1/2 years. It was apparent the staff there where not properly trained to conduct this medical physical or pt test. First I was given the wrong eye exam and the pt tech that gave the pt portion had to read several documents to figure out what to do. As I spoke with several of my co workers that took the exams at different and the same locations were subjected to different test . Many failed the exam due to your staff. This exam was conducted no more then 3 months ago where I passed. My partner has taken the same one for 5 times and passed every time untillbhe went to Warwick RI.

Ross Harmon

Very polite staff I was in and out fast for a DOT physical.

Nicole LaBoy

I went to Concentra for a pre-employment physical and drug screening. From the time I sat down after checking in to the time I saw the doctor was 4 hours and 10 minutes. I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous. If I could give no stars I would, due to the wait time. However the staff was pleasant.

Thomas Saunders

Great people. They were very efficient and thorough.

William Sarn

Very professional and fast! Waiting time was not long at all

Susan Prescott

Waited an hour and a half for what the front desk said would be 15 min. Was there for a drug screen and even told them I️ was about to pee in my pant but they didn’t seem to care just said only one person there could do a drug screen. Watched at least 10 people go back that came in after me. Poor customer service and time management

johnny George

Very good

AyeeESayche Lee

FIVE HOURS. Arrived today at 1230 with a friend so he could submit a urine analysis and get a physical. They said it would take an hour and a half. Two hours in they tell him he's next on the list. The waiting room literally clears out as around a dozen people are called before him. Four hours later he got called in for the exam. Four and a half hours after arrival he gets dressed to find someone because they forgot about him in the exam room. Five minute exam happens, then another 30 minutes to print the paperwork. FIVE HOURS. It was worse than every trip I've talken to the DMV combined. NTM he didn't complain once and was extremely friendly with the staff while they were rude and condescending. I recommend staying away from here. If I could give zero stars I would.

William Cassey

Jonathan Bradshaw

Friendly staff for the most part. But heads up they will make you wait. I spent two hours in the waiting room. With only 6 other people in it. For them to tell me I am 3rd in line for the next call. But I got there before the rest of them...?

Matthew Jones

They took me in within 10 minutes of waiting. While with the NA she answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Overall from start to finish it was quick and easy.

Lisa Sydnor

Seen quickly. Great service. Lots of smiling people.

Aaron Good

They have a lady named “Amanda A” that works the front desk and she is very rude and does not know customer service. She kept making noises like she was annoyed with me and other customers and seemed like she just didn’t want to be doing her job. I hope someone from Concentra takes a look at this review because they need to let this worker go.

Art Mulcahy

I was very surprised how quickly the staff had moved me through the process for my drug test and physical. I walked in the door and the ladies at the front desk were very polite and took care of me right away. I was called in to the back room and everyone knows when they put you in a room it takes forever for the dr. To come see you but i was in there for 1 minute and he was in there and took care of my physical immediately . I was in and out of concentra very quickly. Thank you to the staff at concentra. I appreciate it

Derrick BROWN

The wait was a little bit long but once I got in It was professional and they took good care of me.

Patrick DeVries

Went here after a fall left me with a concussion and neck and back injuries. Received excellent care by both the medical and physical therapy staff.

Jeramy Vroman

Excellent processing with a excellent staff !!! The team answered all questions during my visit. Kudos Staff !!!

Sandra Antonucci

Sal Watson

The Dr , Dr Langkamp was a good , easy to talk to , none of that Don’t have time to answer your questions attitude so many doctors seem to have . Nurses & staff were friendly & helpfull . Unfortunately the rest of the visit was awful . I was there for a pre-employment / DOT - UA & phyisical . They had me sitting & waiting over 2 hours before letting me finally do the UA & 3 hours to get the physical started I think they should at least prioritise letting you give your UA sample . If you end up giving up & going to the rest room , you have to start all over again waiting . Plus you can’t leave and come back . So your stuck all day Expecting people to hold it this long is ridiculous and reasonable

Julia Jimenez

Professional and pleasant. I was checked in quickly and seen at my appointment time. The desk staff were warm and welcoming and my PA Jordan was thorough, competent and exceptionally pleasant. In and out on a timely fashion was a big plus. This will be my go to spot in the future. A+

eric ray

Dr and staff are great but how can you only have 1 Dr on a shift at an urgent care!? Should not have to wait over 2 hrs when there is you and only three others in the waiting room and only a few in a room being treated.

Lynn Lovering

Everyone is nice,easy quick and out the door!

Elise Frank

The staff was super friendly and made a quick visit for a routine test speedy and enjoyable!

Daniel Laroche

Taijuan Miller

Great place! They were very nice and helpful and I was in and out very quickly eventhough it was a full house. I would use them again!

Jereme Middleton

Concentra sucks! I hate this place. To them you are clearly a number with dollar signs attached. Never stepping foot in a Concentra again.

Clay Johnson

Texted me Randomly, very odd

Steven Andreoli

Fast and easy.

Rod Whitt

Good service!

Matt Bolton

Friendly staff, fast service, nice follow up call. Will recommend to friends and family.

Chris Hall

Very personal, qiuck really like this place

Jason Richmond

I was in and out pretty quick considering the accident I had.The Dr. was great and all the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

gary barnard sr

I needed a drug test for a job and they provided it in a timely manner

little habibi

It was kind of a long wait but that's to be expected, once you go inside it's fast and easy. Besides, everyone was really nice and friendly so it really doesn't matter how long I had to wait.

jack digeronimo

Good service, but took a bit longer than I was initially told. Not sure if this was in Concentra’s end or if I was just misinformed on how long the process would take. Was there an extra 45 minutes which caused me to be late for another appointment later in the day.

eric leite

Male Practitioner rushed me through my eye exam....told me he didn't have time for this. I sat for 2 hours waiting for a urine test. Causing my blood pressure to be high. Female doctor was very nice and understanding

Alicia Chevrette

Love concentra, quick and quality service. Takes care of emergencies and primary care. Great service & happy staff!

Dan Potenza

Joseph Cruz

The response I got was unbelievably quick. I'm a construction business owner and had lots of questions about the OSHA N95 Masks tests. Michele McCall was helpful in directing me to the right person and instrumental in getting me quick appointments as I was on a job that required it ASAP. Desiree was very informative, pleasant and helpful getting me appointments for 8 men. Thank you for your help through what seemed like a stressful situation.

iesha murrell

To long of a wait, you even wait wait wait when you get back to a room.

angie russillo

Everyone at Concentra have been very helpful and nice. The doctors are knowledgeable and compassionate.

Michael Tedeschi

Super friendly medical staff. Stephanie above and beyond. Thanks for making everything quick and easy

Michael Clonch

I called concentra and asked if they would fax a copy of my medical card to my employer, the lady.told me NO, I'd have to sign a release form, so I drove the 75 miles to their office and was told no we don't do faxs my advice to others is don't.go to.Concentra

Back Nforth

Waited for 2 hours for a DOT physical and over half an hour in the patient room. Don't come here without camping equipment.

Ellis Cogley

The staff at Concentra were all friendly and personable, and made my visit all the more comfortable.

brian wilson

Very nice people great place to go had a lot of positive people in there took a bit to get in but they were really busy that day and time I went

Andrea Hoadley

radio ron santos

Waited 45 min just for urine test very bad customer service

Candace Vettese

Everyone was professional and kind. Everything was explained to before every test and procedure. The facility was bright and clean. I would recommend it to anyone.

Keith/Keri Collette/Harel

The wait wasn't horrible. Considering it's an urgent care and you never know how long it will take. The entire visit from the time I walked in to the time I left was a little over an hr. The doctor was really good and she listened to everything I had to say. I never felt rushed.

Yvonne Dobelle

Very courteous and professional. Didn't have to wait a long time.

Ernest briand jr

The office staff and Doctors where AWESOME ty very much great work

Andrea Piña

The service is awful they are discriminating racist my husband almost missed the opportunity to work because they refused to perform the physical not to speak english. Ask if I could translate and they would not let me.we had to go to the memorial where they attended Very well.I remember that we are together Americans with immigrants who make America bigger do not forget

Pam Tameo

I was treated so kindly from caring and kind employees from registration to actual medical care. I would ever go anywhere else. When I will need urgent care in the future. I was even called day after to see how I was feeling

Willis Carson

Pretty quick and they kept me moving hardly any wait time great job

Jacob Massey

Nurse Practitioner was great. The nurse that brought me in for weight/height was ok. Front office staff was very rude. It was awkward for me to sit and watch the staff talk to the other patients.

charl sepe

I found the staff extremely friendly and answer all of my questions. Would recommend. A+++ Service

Experience Rhode Island Tours

The service was very prompt, friendly, and courteous

Anna Lujan

Discharged me, when I still hurt.


The staff are excellent. Very helpful and caring. Answered all my questions. And were very happy to be working with me. Keep up the great work!

Christopher chavez

The waiting time was a little under an hour but they were busy there are very nice and professional and friendly

Jose Carreon

I actually was impressed how quick I got out the staff was friendly and informe how long the process would take

Marthiano Yazzie

Although crowded the employees were great the waiting time was a bit long but thanks to them my appointment went smoothly.

Carmelita Joe

Concentra has always been the place to go for quick sincere care, whether it be testing, xrays, urgent care or physical therapy. I have been satisfied with their services every visit. Thanks Concentra team, you guy are great keep up the great work!! ;-)

Richard Garcia

Great care. Quick efficient and friendly staff.

Freddy Chavez

They got me in and out in no time they were really helpful to me and pointed me in the right direction when it came time for my employer to know some very sensitive information thank you so much!

kenneth ruoff

Front desk was very helpful. My direct staff for my physical was great. But however, there was a rather large male with glasses in the back while doing my physical evaluation who was very rude. His jokes were very unprofessional. Also I feel he was completely un-fit health wise to show anyone how to be physically fit. Moderate experience.....

Mr C

Pretty busy, but got in and got treated in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't high on the priority scale and I wouldn't have been able to get in to see my usual physician that quickly!

Brian Providenti

Very professional , even though the place was crowded, we were informed immediately how long of a wait we had , but was called back very quickly both times .

Tina Hawkins

Fast, professional, friendly. Clean, comfortable waiting area. Didn't take long to get exam done.

Tannia Avila

This is a great urgent care clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful

Angela C

Friendly staff, nice facilities, and got me in and out in about 20 minutes. They have a couple of televisions in their waiting are with premium channels. I was watching Food Network when they called me in.

Andy Abeita

Great experience! Staff very helpful, personable, and all seem to love their job. Great Combination!


Excellent service! 15 mins in and out.


Great customer service, fast and friendly service


1)Front receiving staff is awesome, kind, friendly and respectable. 2)Christina, in the back, is so helpful and makes one feel at ease as she escorts you to your room and begins her questions. 3) However, my NP, I felt never gave me proper answers to my questions. When I asked for papers/resources regarding my MRSA and dirty needlestick exposure she didn't know. She would stick her head out the door to look for someone to ask but never provided me with anything. You know, we are entitled to answers to our questions. Waste of time speaking with her!!!

Eli Martinez

My experience was pretty nice. There was some awkward and embarrassing moments that would have had me sweating through my socks visiting other clinics lol, but this was not the case. My examiner had a very easy going attitude which had me feel less nervous and embarrased going through some of the awkward procedures lol.

Ivan Diaz

Excellent service. The people of Concentra will get you squared away with ur medical issues.

Kenneth Park

Nice people, easy checkin, lengthy wait for simple drug test.

edwin deets

Went for CDL physical and everything else that goes with it. The wait wasn't as long asI thought it would be and and those taking my vitals, to the Md doing the physical were quick, efficient, thorough, and totally professional, Thanks.

Michelle Lunning

Dr Bhat is horrible. She doesn't listen to anything you say or care about how you feel. Her main goal is factory you back to work weather you feel better or not. I've never been hurt before at work and having her as a physician during this ordeal was the worst experience I could have had. Truely horrible. You tell me to email you and don't leave an email address...

Jennifer Montoya

I was in this center last week, and I had a great experience, until I was waiting to check out. While I was sitting in the lobby waiting, I over heard a women at the front desk, making rude comments about one of her employees. I am assuming she was a supervisor or a manger because she was the only one wearing regular clothes and not the medical staffs scrubs. Although I had an amazing experience with the medical staff in the back. I am giving a one start review to the lady manager or whoever she was. In my opinion a manager should be addressing issues with her employees professionally and not the way she was.

Steven Nguyen

Employees here are very nice and quick with their job. I have come here three times and seen them have the same attitude with everyone.

Vicki Reinacher

My experience with Concentra was good. Had to wait, but not too long. Was there for a physical. Just make sure you have list of medications list of medical to have had etc. Everyone was very nice and good at their jobs.

Anne Marie Palma

Nice and professional staff. Fast service.

Joshua L

In and out quickly. Friendly staff.


Horrible, unprofessional, easy to tell they don't care about there job's! Should get some receptionist that want to be there. They should follow the policies of other great walk-ins around the state.

micah perkins

Professional and courteous staff members, free coffee, clean, relatively comfortable while in waiting area. Overall a quality experience.

Craig Hughes

For the last few months I have had physical therapy at Concentra in Warwick. To say the professionalism is above and beyond is an understatement, Kathia and Michelle have gone out of their way too make sure that I have the best treatment and experience possible. I wouldn't have my range of motion or drive to better my situation without them. My hat is off to these women who have made me feel like family and given me the inspiration to conquer my injury.

DarkBlueDude I hate youtube

Worst experience I had in while


Had a physical here for 2p.m. Was seen around that time. Staff was very friendly. Good experience.

Brendan Joseph Ramos

It's a good place as it's understands to help you with an injury but it's a good service here.

Not Saying


Kellie Collins

Excellent customer service, will definitely be back. I thought everyone I met was professional and super friendly! Thanks!!!

Dave Rayno

The staff were great. I waited over an hour to have three titers drawn. Way to much time as far as I was concerned. Thanks Diane Ball .

Mike Spencer

earnest kellum III

Okc location is slow,Tulsa if you just going in for a drug test they take you right on to the back and get you out.I was at Okc location about to urine on myself waiting 2 hours just to take a urine test it was ridiculous.

Charlotte Demmons

I went there for a dot physical. I have a 16 inch neck but I’ve already had a sleep study and and they said I don’t have sleep apnea. She made me leave there without a medical card. I went and got my paperwork from the sleep study and brought it to her and she gave me a year medical card for one year. I passed the physical test and there was no reason why I didn’t get a 2 year medical card. I am just trying to make a living.

Chris Hurley

This place gets in no hurry. Went in for a pre-employment drug test and physical agility test. They lost my drug test results. Close to two weeks went by and had to go take another drug test. What incompetence. Its a hurry up and wait atmosphere. If another company would come in and start doing on time physicals and drug tests maybe this place would get with the program. Until enough people complain you might as well get used to the long wait times.

Christian Resto

Concenta staff is very respectul. The facility is clean and all my questions were answered.

Chris Couchon

marcus bryant

Great company made the day go by fast and my nurse was awesome

Lisa Niemi

Even though they were quite busy they treated me in a timely manner and were able to get me a stat referral to a specialist.

Reggie Black

Staff was very nice , every one had smiles on making my visit very welcoming.

Danielle Drew

Adam Charter

This place is complete BS. Nothing URGENT about urgent care. They see you inbetween appointments if there is time. Wait time 3+ hours. Brought my wife who had internal pains and the pain got worst and she was bent over crying. Didnt go to ER because it wasnt life threatening. But this is BS. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU NEED URGENT CARE!

Tony Oliver

It was good everybody was very helpful The Chew in and out as quick as I could

Joan Fomboh

Loida Skiff

David Moore

Only bad thing I have to say about my visit was the 1 1/2 hour wait, but it was a first come, first served place.

Tamika Brooks

Pick up was on time and drop. Reason love it . when driver on time to take Cameron Brooks back home. Thanks!

Frank Baker

Went to get my medical card everyone there very friendly and helpful. Hating doctors offices this was great,not sitting around waiting. From filling out forms to physical getting started about 15 min. Doesn't get any better for me. Thank you !!

Ootek Imora

The people were very kind and helpful

Fredrick Haynes

Customer service from staff up front being checked in was awesome! I felt that the Doctor had a nasty attitude.. he stated that I hadn't used my CPAP machine enough so I was asking him to explain because I've been using my CPAP like crazy and his response was YOURE NOT D.O.T. COMPLIANCE IM GIVING YOU 6 MONTH AND I DONT HAVE TO DO THAT....and just walked out the room all because I had questions. If u don't like your occupation than find another job.

Anne-Marie Palumbo

Everyone was very professional from the front desk to medical staff working in the back.

James Stuckey

Good place, nice people

Jeff Schreck

Our issue is not with the medical care itself but with the intake and waiting process. We were initially given a 1.5 hour estimate for waiting. I left a telephone number as my elderly mother in an assisted living facility cannot easily wait onsite. There should be some kind of update provided - the desk is busy enough but not too busy to update prospective patients. When I returned at 2.5 hours I had the sense we had been overlooked and there was no sense that anyone cared. Although we were told that we would be next when a room opened up that did not happen. I think the intake people feel burdened and are not attuned to making the experience as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

Edgar Mendez

Wonder group of people

Rob Marin

Excellent care and staff! Will definitely go back if needed.

Tesla The Writer

Went in for a preemployment drug screening. It was quick and easy and explained well.

Hunter Darling

Deryke Ramsey

Very professional, quick and painless. : )

Moe Thibodeaux

Was seen almost immediately. I showed up 5 minutes before my appointment and I was brought to the back exactly the right time.

Bella Taveras

These folks do what it takes to get the job done and price fairly!!! Keep up the good work...

Lori Izzi

I was there for acute bronchitis,the doctor I saw was very thorough and prescribed meds for the condition I would have given 5 stars but the front desk personnel 3 out of 4 of them were unfriendly and in unpleasant moods I almost called to mention one of these women in particular but left to know I would be on my way to recover from my sickness

Rosann Gregory

Diddy 41

Very friendly staff and awesome all round people.

Mike Evans

Amber Dasilva

Do not go here if you would like good/quick service. Got there at 1:45 had to wait til 2:45 to take a urnine test. Told staff multiple times I needed to use bathroom and I could not continue to wait they responded with you need to sit down and wait. Never in my life has it taken that long to complete a urnine screen (I been taking urnine screens since I was 15 due to my profession) Never again will I use this place

Maria Rao

Efficient and staff was pleasant

Melissa Miller

Great staff in physical therapy section, Connie was very personable. Jake was very patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my needs. He took time to work with me and helped me reach my goals. Big thank you!

Ashley Benevides

The staff in the ER made this painful situation a little less painful. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Robin Sargent

Every one went out of their way to make me feel comfortable

jason kuntz

Quality timely service.

Steven Ingram

Yearly driver med exam/certificate. Just received a notice from the Dept of Pub. Safety. that med card has expired. Upon inspection of my microscopic med card. found my driver's lic. number was entered incorrectly. DPS allows license will be downgraded 30 days from notice. Wow! You'd think proof reading would be part of the training. Live and learn. Double check your info when someone else is inputting your info...

Kimmi Butler

Tammy Worrell

Very friendly and got me in quickly

Danielle Jones

I wish I could give them no stars as well. The front desk staff was great but the PA was awful. I knew I was sick but needed a note to be excused from work for the day. I went in and they confirmed I had respiratory infections. The PA said she would get me a note. When I read the note she said that I could go back to work that day. I went back to have it corrected for the following day and she told the front desk staff no. The staff saw me upset and set me up in a room to talk to the PA. Once she arrived back in the room she questioned why I shouldn't go to work and I told her that I wasn't feeling well. She said that I wasn't running a fever and more than capable of going back to work. Smh

Stephanie Wheeler

Norman Brunette

Reception was efficient and kind. Medical personnel was friendly and easy to talk with.

Michelle Housman

christian goodson

Friendly staff. I came in, did my business, and I was satisfied with the experience. Not too much paperwork either. I liked that.

Julie Smith

I had to have a DOT physical done. I was surprised at how quickly I was in and out of the waiting area. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Christine Bowie

Everyone was very supportive.


Routine pre-employment testing.

Edwinna Schurkamp

Professional staff that got got me in, out, on my way to my new awesome job

Keith St John

Chris Thurber

Scott Raynes

Nice people. Not a long wait had scheduled appointment.

John Tate

4 hours for a health card is a bit much not very good service

Decoding Dyslexia RI

Every time I go to Concentra there is a wait. However, the staff is what makes me keep going back! From the front desk to the nurses and Doctors, I am listened to and given a good explanation of what to expect and do. I appreciate the one-stop visit with an xray machine to check on breaks. Thank you.

Tracy Caine

Personnel were pleasant and helpful. A little more communication from the front desk people would be great.

john Gravelle

Anthony DeMaio

everyone was helpfull and I didn't have to wait long.

Bret Downs

Concentra was having trouble with their AC that morning, and it was being worked on. So they brought out several fans for our comfort, they apologized several times for the inconvenience. But you didn't have to wait very long at all! All the staff members were very courteous, and that alone made the whole situation much more tolerable. Very polite! Other places should take lessons from Concentra on the right way to treat people that don't want to be there in the first place! Bravo Concentra! You have "people" people working for you! And I think that since your staff is extraordinary, they deserve an extraordinary boost in their wages to keep them! You definitely have the cream of the crop! Thank you truly for making my hellish day have a bright spot in it! Sincerely, Bret Downs

Jason Lynch

I went to Concentra for a preemployment physical. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional . I was seen the minute my appointment was scheduled to begin. The receptionists, nurses, doctors, and Physical therapists were all excellent. Very nice experience.

DONNIE Leniger

They have a friendly and professional staff. They were fast and had me back on the road quickly.

Esteban Gomez

Excellent service by a truely professional staff from the front desk to the exam room.

Katie Glover

There was a HORRIBLE wait and they were extremely busy. Hoever, once I was helped the workers were very nice and helpful toward my needs.

Paul Charbonneau

All your staff is very pleasant

Cory Pyle

Jonathan Bashlor

Showed up 15 mins before the door opened and was the 7th person in line to be seen. They finally opened the door about 8:04am and by that time there must've been 20 people waiting. Not a major deal but illustrates a lack of respect for other peoples time. Once I arrived to desk I was told it would be 30-45 mins to be seen which is reasonable. The reality is that it took 2hrs for them to call my name. Remember, there were only 7 people in front of me. Once I was seen, it took another 30 mins just to complete a urine and hair follicle test. Long story short, noone moved with purpose. I will say that everyone was friendly and professional but clearly lack a sense of urgency or proper staffing. Wait time was almost 5 hrs by the time I left with only 20 people in room. People were just leaving. Recommendation, find a local clinic or plan on spending half if not all your day there.

Bill Hunter

Attitudes and wait times need improvement. It doesn’t take long to realize the people that are at the front desk don’t want to be there.

Lauren Brady

Very courteous staff, SUPER CLEAN!!! Even though the office was swamped they got me in and out within about an hour which is great for a walk-in clinic.

Don Dubach

The girl that shaved my chest was hot

Robert Barker

Receptionist for payment was very rude .. I'm sure she deals with alot of weird people in her line of work but she had no reason to be hateful... hateful is a understatement for this lady... every one else was great and pleasant

Jamey BD

I don't usually leave negative reviews, but this visit was absolutely horrible. I had an appointment for 1PM, and didn't even get a room until 4:20PM. They had told me that there were some emergencies and were running a little behind, which I totally understand, but I had plans after this visit that I had to cancel after having already made someone wait for me in a parking lot across town for an hour and a half because I thought I'd be out on time. I wasn't even allowed to leave because I was there for a pre-employment drug screen, and I didn't have to use the restroom at the time, so I was told that if I left the building I would fail automatically. Instead, they told me to "just go drink a bunch of water" until I had to go, and then when I did that the next guy looked at the sample and said "oh, this might be too diluted, next time don't drink so much water..." Yeah, absolutely infuriating when I just blew my entire day off in your waiting room and had to cancel plans I've had for a week because I'm basically being held captive, thanks.

JOE Hall

The people were very courteous and want to thank all concerned Joe Hall

Bruce Parks

Workers were nice and fast. I was in and out in like 20 min. Thanks

Robert Martin

Had a DOT physical for a new job. The staff is very friendly. The process was quick and accommodating to my schedule


I was there for a "Company Physical", and respirator "Fit- test". I had a 2:00 pm appointment, I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. I believe the actual process, after the paperwork, started by 2:15..... there was not a long wait. Hearing test, Eye test were quick and easy. The Respirator Fit test took a bit longer, but there were three (3) different respirators being tested. The person giving the fit test gave me some pointers on how to best wear, and use the respirators. I had blood drawn, and then a very short wait for the actual physical. The Doctor mentioned the "results" of a "urine test", and answered my questions very thoroughly. Overall a very pleasant visit as far as Company Physicals go.

Ethan Souza

Quick turnaround time if you arrive early. Friendly and professional staff.

Joseph Blackburn

Very Rude Staff! VERY HEARING IMPAIRED UNFRIENDLY! Not very professional acting

jose rivera

I had called ahead for an appointment. The day of my visit I came in way before my appointment was scheduled for everyone in the waiting room for called ahead of me & they were walk-in people. Then I asked the last at the front desk if I was going to be called next and she didn't have an answer. My quoted wait time was 30min I sat in waiting area like a dummy for 1hr and a half then I just walked out at that point. Very poor customer service and poor communication towards waiting patients. I will never go back there evan if I'm hurt from a job related injury

Cynthia McCall

Prompt friendly service. Ample parking. In and out in an hour.

Matthew Hill

Was quick. Longest part of my wait was in the lobby.

Brian Fox

Very friendly staff and got me in and out in no time. Worth going back.

Craig Middleton

Staff and facilities are excellent. I would recommend this location to anyone.

Lenny Hall

I have had open heart surgery 10 years ago. Till two years ago, I received a medical card every two years. Now it's like I'm lying about my health. One year card and BS EVERY TIME I COME BACK.

Helen Stephenson

Dr told me to use a netipot when I had a sinus infection! Then said it might not work right now because I was too congested. I went to another urgent care same day who gave me antibiotics, steroid and cough medicine. Smh not too mention the 4 hour wait and they had skipped me!

jeffrey paase

Concentra provided great customer service, even though I was told I had a 2hr wait; I was in & out in less than 1hrs. I am happy to say I’ll recommend them any day; any time. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cecilia Chizyuka

Kelvin King

I went in for a DOT physical told me to wait would probably need two hours that they were behind how they got me in in like 45 minutes everybody was professional just a great experience

William Conway

Fast, friendly service at a competitive price.

Samuel Montes

My work send me there a semitruck run over my foot at work they took X-ray and say I didn’t have any fracture got teraphy for 2 week with a lot of pain and I keep telling them and just told take you pain killer on my last visit to the doctor they send me back to work with no restrictions and I told them still hurts and I ask my self for a mri went back to work and after a 3 week I have the mri done and they found 3 fracture on my foot that’s ridiculous i should have done a mri since day one of my accident over 20000 pounds went over my foot

Chris Guillou

Josph Davis

Jennifer Boisvert

In and out in a flash. Staff is very friendly!!!

lisa e

And the crazy busyness that parents deal with every single day they took me in quick in between job changes which means in between health insurance changes with no difficulty totally appreciated it

Robert Estes

Concentra was a very professional service. My company paid my fee but I thought the price was reasonable 105$ Clean courteous and quick All around a good experience

Armando Limon

Meet with courtesy and professional service. Did not have to wait between stations and felt level of service was great.

Mary Blankenship

Very friendly staff who worked very efficiently.

Cecilia Rogers

Even though the waiting room was almost a standing room only, the staff worked quickly and diligently to move folks through. Most of us were there for testing for work. I waited maybe 15 minutes before I was called back. Jason was great. Very friendly and walked me through everything whole explains the "why" behind the procedures. Quick and streamlined.

Mary V. Ginny Calogero

Both Dr. McGrath and the technician I saw were very good listeners, did a thorough exam, were very patient with answering my questions and quickly and efficiently provided me with exactly the support I needed for my medical issue. The support provided by the administrative person who greeted and organized my appointment me was also fast and efficient. I was able to get seen the same day my medical issue occurred with minimal wait time. It was the best experience I have had in urgent care since relocation to Albuquerque and I plan to refer anybody who asks me for a recommendation of where to go for urgent care to that office in the future. Dr. McGrath is an empathetic, skilled provider with a wonderful patient management skills who should be treated as an invaluable asset to the medical team.

Arthur Coca

Very fast and good service

Sarah Wood

Went for an employer required random UA. Waiting room was full and I was on a time constraint so I was a little frustrated at the wait time, which was over 30 minutes. Once I was called, the staff conducting the test was courteous and professional. Overall the staff were friendly and did the best they could with the overwhelming number of individuals in the waiting room requiring various levels of care. I never was notified of the results of the test unfortunately and that is why I'm giving 3 stars.

Johnnie Baca

The staff was very rude and condescending. When the assistant did my hearing test she stood 5ft behind me and whispered a number and expected me to hear her. Every person who worked there were rude. Their answers were.....just go wait. When I was leaving I asked the girl at the front if she had my DOT card and she responded.... well look on the last page if you want something for your wallet. What happened to yes or no. Or being polite. I’m sure companies pay good money NOT to be treated like this. It’s sad for a company with such a big name treats people like this

James Yeager

It was fine, the only issue I had was a bit of a long wait time, start to finish, other than that it was all good.

Cathy Coleman

My son had his sports physical there. They got him in quickly and did a very thorough job. I give all the credit to Andrea Bazan. She is wonderful. I will go to there again because of her.


When I got there I needed to urinate badly as I had traveled a hour and a half, but they were not ready for me, the one thing I did not enjoy was the wait it was a little over two hours, and I kept drinking water to make sure I could urinate when they needed me to and so by the time I went in my urine was like water but I was able to urinate when asked, the personnel was great they were very professional and very helpful and the customer service was fantastic, the Dr. was very very helpful and was very thorough in his examination. Overall my experience was Great and I would highly recommend that facility to anyone. Best Regards Mary Rodriguez

Devon Sullivan

The county government has decided to contract with Concentra, not that it's a bad thing. When my personnel go in for a random drug screen or an injury and are made to wait for hours to get taken care of. the thousands of citizens that rely on our department to save lives and property are denied a resource. Our firefighters go in for a physical or a drug screen and are made to wait. Mean time people who call 911 can't wait. But we are out of service waiting... What if someone you cared about called 911 for help and we said we don't have any resources cause they are waiting for consentra to take a urine sample or they are still waiting for a physical. Priority is important. Might want to think about who you serve and who your client serves. D. Sullivan Bernalillo co. Fire and Rescue.

Sarge Spike

I was very impressed with the courtesy, and professionalism of the staff. All the staff treated the clients with respect snd consideration. I cannot think of a single complaint or criticism of your clinic. It was quick as can be expected, without any dissatisfaction. Thank you for the fine way your staff has been trained. Very impressive.

Cashflow Glo

So they close at a certain time. I was worried about not being able to finish this procedure before they closed and they were just so sweet and nice. Told me “no do not worry at all we stay as long is necessary to take care of the patients”. I thought that was nice. They were also very quick at everything that is not to say that I felt like a number just pinging around from one associate to another. They would visit with you and give you your time but in an expeditious way. I will return here.

Marie Kirk

This was my first time at Concentra and I was told it would take 30 minutes to get my drug test done and it was within the 30 minutes I was called. I was very satisfied. Thank you.

Tracy Bean

Tried to get the Dr to understand what my capabilities were but I feel he didn’t listen completely to me and I’m still in a lot of pain !

Mark Collier

Dr .will not take note of my personal Dr. Who knows me better then one that may see me once in a lifetime and wants a neurologist to check me out

Melissa Abeyta

I had to do a drug and TB test here. I waited for probably about 10 minutes, they took me in, administered my drug test then took me to do my TB test. It was quick and the staff was courteous. I had my results within 3 days for the drug test although it takes anywhere between 2-3 days. My TB test was only 2 days and of course is visible on your arm so that was simple. Overall I was satisfied with the whole process.

Antonia Villalobos

My experience here was amazing!! Everyone I encountered was absolutely wonderful they were friendly, happy and made u feel very comfortable!! I can honestly say this has been the only medical facility I have been to where I didn’t feel like people hated their jobs and took it out on the patient.

Diana Holmes

When I applied for the customer service position to work from home, your application required that I provide my equipment information. I wasn’t able to modify my application. Now I can tell you that I have an Intel Core i3 with Comcast internet. All of my service is now conducive for me to work from home for your company.

Melanie Lovato-Goens

Very friendly employees in front. I couldn't print my form at home, so she helped by printing my form in the office. The office was New and clean.

coby jay

Concentra completed the incorrect forms for my pre-employment drug test. I had to go back in a take another drug test. This put my employment start date back by almost a week.

Michael Diaz

This place has a friendly staff, plenty of magazines and convenient parking. Also there is a Keurig in the waiting room available to patients/customers. What can I say, I am partial to extra perks.

Stephen Friend

The employees were nice, I signed in, sat for maybe 5minutes. Was called to the back, was in and out. They were very thorough and friendly.

Viviana Galvez

Great experience, front desk gals and assistant were awesome!!

waterdog Jones

Always happy with my experiences and I really like this new location. It's an upgrade from the former Encino location. I've been a patient for the last 2 decades over 3 different employers and never a bad experience. I've had a couple of work place injuries in my career and every time I've received great care by caring knowledgeable staff. I threw my back out back around 2000 and at that time their rehab facility was incredible at getting me back to normal work duties. I have yet to receive that level of care elsewhere.

walter miller

I would have given 5 stars but when everything was done I sat in the lobby for an hour and 40 minutes waiting for the guy to give me release papers. I went to his desk 4 times and finally told him that me and my boss went for physicals, I got done before my boss and now he has been waiting in the truck for an hour and forty minutes. He said the nurse never brought up my file which was a lie because I walked up there with her.

Eduardo Perez

Friendly staff ran my test smoothly and no wasting time, even filled up my out of state forms thanks.

Jason Urias

Very fast and painless. Check in process was smooth and they took very good care of me. Great experience.


Staff isn't very friendly especially when I was handing them their papers back.

Darcy Hansen

I went to Concenta for drug screening for my nw employer. There were really fast and everyone was very friendly!

Joe Fraire

Great care.....all were very professional ans understanding.... Thank you great care...Joe Fraire

Verlisa Smith

Not extremely friendly. Waited to long to be seen.

Cathy Romero

They were nice and polite when you walked in take you right away the weight wasn’t long and we’re very concerned on how you were feeling they did a great job

Daniella Davis

It was fast and everyone were pleasant

Alicia Baud

Quick easy! In and out. Friendly people

Damon Young

They're fast about their drug tests.

Bill Hanley

matt corriveault

I came on a Saturday and was told they had 3 patients ahead of me and it will be a 3 hour wait time. I went back Sunday and waited 4 hours for a preemployment drug test. With one person in the waiting room. Don't know where all the good ratings come from. You've been warned

Sloane Markwardt

Great facility overall. Only drawback was the wait time. I sat for over an hour, and was never given a time frame of how long it would be until I was seen. Otherwise, the staff was great and my needs were met.

Matthew Larson

Great experience.

Alexander Covatis

Lisa Kirshenbaum

I brought my daughter there recently for an injury. She is nervous about medical issues and the staff was unbelievable patient and professional. We did not have too long of a wait.

Alysha Bailey

Great service, long wait time.

Victor Dichristopher

I been working for the City of Cranston for 32 Years and Everytime I Went to your facility all the staff was pleasant,,, Couple of times I couldn't urinate upon being called in,,The staff always said we have water,go have a couple of cups of water and we'll call you in a half hour,,,,. I rate your place a 4 star ,,very pleasant,,,,,,Best Regards VICTOR DICHRISTOPHER

Peter Brown

Showed up for a DOT Physical and they told me 45-90 minute wait. I paid my fee, filled out the paperwork and sat down and 3 hours later I'm still waiting. Last time coming here. If it's going to be 3 hours, let me know then I can decide whether or not to wait. At least I would know what to expect. UPDATE: It's now approaching 4 hours!

Kevin Gregoire

3 hours to get a physical ,pretty ridiculous

michael hayes

The staff were pleasant and enjoyable , the Doctor on the other hand was a condasending jerk. He Claimed the reason my lung capasity was at 74% was because i was fat. Just to let you know when I had allergy test just 2 months prior my lung capasity was off the chart, higher than anyone they have ever seen before. I am also a proffesional singer, much for the reason I have a high capasity. Thankfully the longer I was away from the mold the better I got and was feeling normal by the time I went to bed. Michael Hayes

jerry webster

Terrible customer service at the front desk. Absolutely no respect for their customers time. It's my opinion, this doctor's office would have no business if companies did not refer patients. I would never come here on my own free will.

Lisa Lynch

Friendly staff. Kept patients notified of approximate wait time. Facility was clean and everything ran efficiently.

Joseph Salvador

It was very professional , fell very comfortible the nurse And doctor Were very helpful

Donald Bushee

Walked in for a DOT medical card recertification. Friendly staff greeting and they are helpful answering questions. Simple easy process and exam.

Tina Creamer

Wrote on the form that I was there for an eye infection, waited 3 hours for them to tell me they are not staff to treat eye problems and sent me Kent County hospital. But they have no problem billing my insurance company and charged me for the co-pay which they should refund me because they did nothing but wasted 3 hours of my life.

Jorge Vasquez

Very professional. easy to talk to, give good instructions

Ben Carter

Fast service vary streamlined process

Roland Rankin

Very easy process, in and out in less than an hour and out within 5 minutes with follow up test results. Also open 7 days a week which is a huge plus for time dependent follow up.

Anne Valence

Everything about my visit was fine except for the paperwork forms that wouldn't download on my phone. Receptionist said that has been happening. Other than that.... all good.

Cynthia Anouar

The staff was very nice, met my needs and answered all my questions. Great smiles and additudes.


Snacks could have been better.

Suzanne England

Very professional & friendly. Would recommend!

80sMetalMan .

Everyone I came in contact with was Friendly, Fun & Well Informed! They were All Great! Thanks Guys!

Alicia Nerich

Laurie Wilkinson

I went to Concentra for physical/drug screen and endurance test for pre employment. The staff was so nice . The endurance test was a little tough but I think at 59 years old I kicked butt

Mike Pereiira

Polite and always professional. Thank you again for the Physical.

Anthony Barrows

I went to do a drug screening an couldn't hit the line for the amount required then the lady said oh u have 3 hours drink some water an poured my sample out like I only needed a little more I left after that cause the chances of me making more pee are small I coulda prob went a little an added it but nope she ruined that idea then they couldn't even talk to my boss an tell him what happened all they can do is say it's a refusal to take the screening that was crazy no side notes to say i tried.

Benjamin Taylor

Nicest People! Took care of me in a ordily fashion! Thank You So Much!

Sandy Kraemer

Professional, proficient, and convenient .

The mrangatang Sisters

Professional staff, I had the pleasure of meeting with one the employees (female) for a drug screening for employment she was very nice, quick and the place was super clean!!

Gus Olson

They we're nice and professional. They managed my expectations excellently. I was quoted an hour wait but only waited 25 minutes. The employee helping me was personable and professional. I would recommend this place to others .

Vin Ortez

The staff here can be moody. I understand it can be busy and people in distress make for a tough work environment, but part of customer service to work through those difficulties. The medical staff were fine and friendly, but diagnosed my knee pain as a strain and tried to push me into physical therapy at the facility here. I saw my own dr and found out I had a torn meniscus. If you have something minor to be seen, this may be the place.

kelly tuxhorn

I was there recently to update my medical card for my CDL. Everyone there was very helpful, cheerful & pleasant to deal w as well as courteous. I was in & out, w no problem w in a hour & I wasn’t the first person in line, closer 2 the 4th or 5th that morning. Very prompt & professional employees & atmosphere.

Ashley DiCenzo

Didn't even get up to the counter with my 10 year old son before the extremely rude woman behind the counter looked right at me and was like we don't take your insurance find somewhere else. This lady must have had xray vision to see what insurance I had and nevermind the fact it's a RI insurance. Didn't even show the card. Ended up going to ocean state walk-in in Smithfield. Where I've never had a single issue.

Nathan Jones

Went in for a DOT annual physical. Front staff and assisive staff was more than personable. Wait time was reasonable. Not too fond of the experience with Dr. Mychak however. He had an attitude with me on both contacts. Argued with me about my medical history, called me a liar and ignored my statements as to what previous treatments I and my personal physician had worked with. Needless to say, I will go elsewhere next time if he is still there.

Megan Victor

Not impressed. I got there way early so I could be the first one in since I had a limited amount of time before going to work. I printed out all my necessary paperwork and filled it out the night before. I was the FIRST person in the door, FIRST person to sign in and... and then SEVENTH to be called back! what the heck? then i was told to get into a paper gown, i waited in the exam room for 20-30 mins, dr came in, asked me a few questions and then said we were down. so i got into a paper gown for nothing.

Scott B Meader

Staffing was very nice, and Dr is pleasant and considerate.

Chris Stahler

The staff was extremely friendly & very professional. Both my husband & I only use this office when we need to have anything done.

Philip Caputo

The staff there was very professional

Ruth Agosto

Went to Concentra to get work medical workup done, And as I told my husband everyone tgat I had contact with treated me so nice everyone were smiling very respectful, they let me know it was going to take a while in a very professional way. I'm just very please with the services I received. God Bless to The Team Keep up the good work

Subash Shrestha

Jerome Hall

Narlyn Arias

Worst experience ever! I went in and I was being told that they don’t accept my insurance. I will never go back to this place. The receptionist was really rude and uncooperative. This place is horrible. I don’t recommend anyone to go here.

edward L

Charged me before I even had a seat in the waiting Room. 3 1/2 hours later I was walking out the door. I only went for a DOT physical. The woman NP declined approval for my new card bc a said I used CBD oil for a dietary supplement. When she didn't even know what it was. Now I'm out of work and the state of RI Will reduce my license to a regular car license instead of a commercial CDL that I have had since the 1980's. (That's before CDL) thanks for nothing!!!

Brian Johnson

Everyone from the office staff to the medical staff were awesome. The X-ray tech was the most personable professional I have ever met. What an asset he and Wanda are to this office

Davi Raimundo

Kristin Hulsopple

The receptionist and the test administrator were both just excellent! I was there for a preemployment drug screen and the process was quick and easy! Thank you!

Julia K

Absolutely terrible. Denied care for my 13 y/o with a vague explanation that "that don't have anyone to see her". Then why are you even open if you can't care for any patient that walks through the door? However, I suspect that something else was an issue, that my insurance was not to their liking. Got four questions about insurance (United, mind you!) and one question about the child. Very unhappy.

Ashley M

I needed a UA and physical for my new employer. First - I was told multiple times I didn't need a UA. Finally after thoroughly reading the order.. yes indeed there was a ua needed. Secondly, there was a 45min for the UA and I was told an additional 1.5hr for the physical. I could not stay that long so I returned the next day for the physical. Lastly, I was told 1.5hr was that turned into 3.5. I would've left if it was absolutely necessary for my employment. The physical itself only took about 5 min and come to find out they had one Dr on staff. I dont feel walk ins welcome is a legit advertisement when there is an hours upon hours wait and there is only one dr seeing all patients.

Marshae Holloway

My experience was fast and quick and that's what I like in and out the workers got their jobs done as expected IJS!!! Thank you

April Kyle

Front desk staff were nice and very helpful. Guy who processed me was great. Super friendly and professional!

Mike Boucher

Johnny Johnson

In and out in 20 min. Hard to beat No problems.

Kelly Kardys

The nurse was so friendly and reassuring and the wait time was very quick!

Savannah Plummer

Joelly Ramos

Clean ,friendly, Fast ..and coffee . I like how it's a team effort there . They all work together very well to insure that things get done right and on a timely manner. Im always satisfied.

benetor Jorh

my visit at concentra was excellent .the staff was so nice to me doing my visit .

Maria Pflieger

The wait wasn’t good the service was excellent friendly staff and knowledgeable doctor. The fact the Doctor took his time to tell what is going on with my health and told what I needed to do next.

Wendy Pinkham

Melissa Salem

After holding a DOT medical certification with no sleep study needed for 1 year, I went to the same concentra for recertification, then was denied a 1 year DOT medical card for a sleep study. I am not over weight, nor is my neck size over the limit prescribed by the DOT. Yet now I am required to spend my time and money to get a sleep study that is not mandated by the DOT, but merely a suggestion.

Carol Winfrey

Very kind, talked to where I understood, from when I got their to the last day of my visit every one treated me with respect not just someone who got hurt.

Carol Owen

Very understaffed. Waited in registration bbn line 1 hour to get drug screen URINE. Another hour to give the specimen.

Gideon Wainwright

I received great service just was bummed about waiting so long. But it was busy so that was understandable.

Brandon Main

Angel Santiago

Staff was very attentive and polite. The process was quick and the receptionist explained everything clearly and attended us in a timely fashion.

Carol Doran

The wait was long and the two receptionist didn’t seem to be too happy.

Rick Bogrett

I was there for a work related injury. I was a walk in so i did have to wait about 2 hours but i was told that when i went in. When i did see the physicians assisstant it went quick and was a thorough exam. The only problem was i was suppose to leave there with a appointment to a specialist, i was called today and probably wont get an appointment till tuesday at the earliest.

Andrea O'Neal

The staff were nice but somehow there was a mixup behind the counter where my file was placed in the wrong bin and I ended up waiting almost three hours for my analysis. It wasn’t even brought to their attention until I spoke up and then the wrong file was brought out first. The examiner did apologize but apparently I wasn’t the first one it had happened to according to another patient that had waited the same amount of time as myself.

Tommy Wood

Had to wait 45 minutes to give a urine sample. Not enough staff. On the other hand, the staff was very nice.

Greg Christian

Great service from the front desk to the back lab. Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Thank you Greg

Richard Plourde

Chris Surman

Very nice and it was all done in a timely manner

Heather Gaudio

Only went for a drug screen and waited for 2 hours

Wade James

Great customer service and friendly people service was fast

David Cummings

The only reason I gave this rating because of the wait I had to endure. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Once I got my name called it went smooth from there on.

Daniel DePatie

I only gave it 3 stars because the wait was ridiculously long. Otherwise I would have given it 5.

Francine Posa

If you I not have an appointment, the wait is automatically an Hour and s half, in the receptionist .words. yet they didn't have any appointments available for weeks. The front desk nurses are very serious and not too friendly. The nurses in the back for exams are wonderful!

Cortney Scott

The doctor I had made me feel like he rushed through the whole process and I don’t feel he helped me so now I am looking into a third professional option because I wasn’t satisfied with the first results

Sheri Trebian

Michael Martin

Rexx Rex

Toxic place, rude doctor, bad attitude, long wait. Only good thing was the coffee. Terrible service!!


Good service

alex austin

Dave Lambert

Visited for a pre-employment drug screen. Staff was super friendly and things seem organized. Would have rated "5" stars but a lack of technicians made for a bit of a lengthy wait. Otherwise I have always been pleased with services provided by this facility.

J. V.

Stopped by this location, was in and out in 10 minutes. Great job guys.

Gilary Rosario

Brian Click

Just okay. The staff tending to the desk and sign-in paperwork were mediocre in their attentiveness and tact and seemed more interested in sharing their thoughts and reviews of local restaurants and lunch options. Television was not working or turned off, and was uncomfortably warm inside.

Robert Sergi

You guys suck thanks to you I'll be living out of dumpster just because you refused my medical card because of a medication I've been on for over ten years for chronic back pain and In no way impairse my work ability I had the job and I hold a medical card from mass I even have a Drs letter stating that fact so thanks for helping me become homeless

Mark Henson

People were very nice, but had to wait 3 hours for pre-employment physical and drug screen.

Chris Coffey

5 ppl in the waiting room. 2 hours to complete my physical. Ridiculous.

Bryar Botelho

Wish I got the name of this unprofessional woman but when you call the main number and Press #2 to speak with someone about Physical Tests, whoever she is...RUDE! The first thing out of your mouth after having me on hold for 40 minutes shouldn't be "I don't have time to go over all that with you". Yes I use to work in a busy office for many years so I can talk:) When I pressed for more assistance she got frustrated and said "ugh hold on!" and put someone else on the phone who answered my question in less than 30 seconds. Learn some office etiquette, you know who you are;)

Julie O'Bryant

Employees were great. Had to take a Pee drug test, no spot in the bathroom to place my cup. Had to place it on the ground. No cleansing wipe before I Peed. Was not asked to wash my hands before I signed the last document after I Peed (I had to ask if it was ok that I washed my hands before touching anything after I used the restroom handling the cup I peed in) Too much bacteria!

Kathy Renfrow

I was sent to Concentra by APS after being injured on the job and was pretty shaken. The staff at the urgent care were friendly, professional and kind. Dr. Bhatt is wonderful and was able to calm my nerves and make me comfortable.

tony pittarelli

Your staff was excellent a 10 but i was disappointed that i filled out the patient information on paper and you wouldn't use it i had to redo it on my smartphone you should let people know on your web Site .Thank you

Hey Kennedy

Had to go here because it's where my workers comp sent me. The doctor vaguely offered me pain pills but I'm nursing. He offered me prescription pain killers at my follow up & I had to remind him that I am nursing & cannot take opiates. Sketchy AF. Did physical therapy with them, the staff was very nice but they were also juggling 3-4 appointments at a time so I never got more than 10 minutes with my physical therapist & it felt like a waste of time.

Daniel Castro

Nice people, gentle , and the place very clean

James Ball

Honestly, I have hated going to Concentra in the past for a DOT drug screen or physical. You had to have and iron bladder, clear schedule, and an abundance of patience and tolerance for rude staff. This appears to finally be changing! I visited the Menaul location with the quest to complete a DOT physical and drug screen to secure a new job. I think I was out of there in less than an hour! The lobby was beautiful and the staff and providers we polite and courteous. What a pleasant upgrade to their services.

Brittney Ortiz

One of the ladies up front is cold and doesn't really seem like she likes her job, but other then that all the people are really nice and helpful, they are very fast I was in and out with very little wait time, out of 5 I give this urgent care a 4 1/2.

Ethelinda W

When I called initially, I was told I didn't need an appointment for physicals. Thankfully, I called back a few days later to confirm and was told that I did, indeed, need an appointment. This changed my other appointments for that day. When I arrived, I was given the one sheet to fill out. I returned after completing, and it took another 30 mins to be called back. Once in the room, I waited 30 mins before the provider came in. When leaving, I waited 25 mins before my packet was reviewed and able to leave. The while process in Concerta was nearly 2 hrs from the time I arrived. None of the staff were friendly or welcoming. I felt like a burden to them. Working in the medical field myself, in all aspects from reception to coder and nurse, I would never be that unfriendly to our patients. I plan on moving back to the Albuquerque and will hesitate to visit this company again for myself or my family.

Alaina Locey

They are very nice staff! Considerate to their patients and although there are quite a few patients in the waiting area they are good at giving a accurate waiting period. Also very clean and have a T.V. and complimentary coffee for those waiting.

Marissa Kraft

This place was pretty good. Seems popular for work drug tests but can do many other things. I got sent with an electronic document to get a drug test done. I signed in sat down and drank water for 40 minutes to do my test. Crowded waiting room but people circulated pretty quick. Hand in your clipboard fast. Called my name for drug test took me back verified my info. Had me lock my purse in a safe. Took cup closed door and peed was not not to flush. Sink is outside of room. Took sample checked some boxes and was out in 5 mins. In total it took 45 mins at noon. They do xrays which is nice not all do. Staff was nice.

Lauran Wellborn

The women that provided the job ua I needed was awesome.I'm sorry I don't remember her name.she was informative, helpful, knows her job and friendly. I was in and out in about 15 minutes.I would be more then happy to use concentra urgent care in the future. Its really nice to leave a business feeling better than when you went in. All in all a good experience.

Clarice García

Very long wait, the first staff member I interacted with was rude.

George Padilla

They are all really amazing, since the doctors, nurses and therapists helped me a lot. Dr. Dana is amazing, she speaks to you with the truth and really helps you. Dr. Evan motivates you and makes you see things positive. The nurses are super friendly and respectful. The therapists Allen and Anabelle are wonderful, incredible thanks to that I have managed to walk again normally. I really feel great thanks to the Concentra team. I wish we had more people like you. They really treat you like a patient and not as a customer. I recommend them 100%

Craig Murray

The overall visit was great. The front desk staff was great. The guys who checked my hearing, drug testing, weight, vision, eyes, also great. But when the doctor entered, it all changed. She very quick to exam, left no room for questions, was very I personable. No conversation about my health, or weight or anything that would normally be part of the exam. There were no words exchanged other than commands for the part of her exam. I left irritated and a little angry at the most important part of the exam. The physical. I assume she was having a bad day, or just did not like examining men? As I left and passed people in the hall way they were please ant and wishing a good rest of my day, when I passed the doctor she looked down on purpose and when I said thank you and have a good day, she kept moving as though mad. The reason I give this feedback is the interaction I had with the doctor set a tone that initially left me thinking, “ glad that’s over and I not coming back”. Later I reflected on it and would come back because the overall was great, just the one piece left me that way.

Othello Porter

Customer service was outstanding, my wait time was less than 10 minutes.

Ken Reynolds

The time was faster than I was told to conduct the service I was there for. Instead of taking two hours it took me an hour to be seen.

Krista Menesini

Easy, the people were nice.

Carlos Lopez

Very friendly and professional staff.

Matthew Martinez

Perfect staff just always takes forever

Crystal Silva

Be prepared to wait more than 2 hours even if youre 30min early to your appointment.

Deana Smiel

Nice, professional, quick.

Jose Manuel Ortiz

My service was great and I really liked the intake and the doctor maybe feel very comfortable in it is about getting un dressed

Tammy T

Checking in was average. The problem I had was the the staff member sending me into the bathroom to retrieve my things before he had put my urine samples into the plastic bags to be sealed. It’s a drug test. I’ve taken many of them because I’m a travel nurse. This was the only staff member that did not close and seal the bag in front of me.I also did not like the fact he dumped the rest of my urine after he told me to leave. It has always been done in front of me and flushed. If the procedure has changed, it’s good to inform the customer. These actions made my suspicious of the drug screening process.

Dominic Trujillo

Great place nice amd friendly people to talk to

Julie Reyes

Nice staff....short wait ...won’t give a note for school saying student was there.

Mirella H

I done all my work test here for the last 7 years. They are great. Except this (new) girl they have with excessive eye make up. She is rude. She doesn't listen to you and makes no eye contact. Aside from that it's a good place. They have things done in a timely manner.


Went in for a work related drug testing a d was in and out in 30 minutes! fast and friendly staff.

Shannon Pollard

I went into Concentra for a: drug, alcohol, eye and physical test for my job. I process went fairly well, the staff members are nice and professional


Despite how crowded the facility was when I arrived, I still made it through in less time than the original wait time I was given. The staff was incredibly busy trying to move everyone through, but we're always friendly, cordial and professional. The staff was definitely overwhelmed with the amount of people, but they never showed it. Facility was clean as well.

Sam Morris

Fast and friendly service.

Marian Sawyier

The person @ desk kept saying I was going to get Hep B vaccine, when I said (& paperwork showed) I was came in for flu shot. Med assistant came in with unlabeled syringe. Sure hope I recieved correct med

Erlinda Baca

The facility is immaculately clean. The staff are friendly, prompt, respectful, kind, and show the utmost professionalism ever!

esther lopez

Staff was very professional and they assisted pretty quick. I was out of there within an hour.

Matt Pilcher

Good and helpful people that were concerned about my well-being

Wolf Breitfeld

They got me in and out very quickly and were very professional.

Luis Gonzalez

They were kind and caring. Dont have no negative feed back....

Ryon Ellis

Very organized and very good service.

Robert Castellano

Cosentra was great they were nice and friendly and very quick it was busy and I was still in and out within 20 minutes such a great place thanks again Consentra.

Vivian Etsitty

Friendly and waiting was not bad.

Elton Koepp

Great fast service. Be sure you have paperwork with you.

Ethan Rogers

Messed up my urine sample some how .Now I gotta go take a new one for this job, thanks guys!

Tina Evaldi

Was not so pleased with your customer care

Beverly S.

it took over one half hours for me submit urine for a requirement for a new job! the wait was very time consuming and ridiculous!

Bryan King

Everyone, from the receptionist, to medical staff, was not only professional, but friendly, outgoing and welcoming.

Rick Hunt

Appointment went very well. No waiting and staff very helpfull.

William Cockerhan

People are very nice and helpful and try to do whatever it takes to help you get in and out.

Larry Miller

Very helpful and courteous. Answered all my questions, got me in and out very quickly. Thanks!

jacob perez

Best customer service I've ever had. The staff went out of their to help me out and I couldn't have asked for anymore

Ronald Egalka

Arrived 15-minutes early for paperwork. An hour later, I was still waiting to be called. 2 times the nurse tried to draw blood unsuccessfully then no better results from the doctor trying to find a vein.

Emanuel Almonte

Fast and nice people helping you out

Quintez Huddleston

These people are about business and run things pretty smoothly.

Bobbi Rushon

I the address does not explain that the office is in a separate building from the mall. I walked around the mall trying to find it for25 min. Thought I was going to be early but wound up on time for doors to open. But still waited for 45 min to be called. There was one other person in the waiting room. The staff was friendly and professional though.

Bruce Cantara

Jennifer Marz

Great place. Receiptionists were very nice and helpful. Nurse physician Wanda was extremely nice and great throughout my dot physical. The only complaint I would have is waiting 2 hours to get in, but I understand they have appointments and testing also going on. Thank you guys.

Alexa Tompson

Came in to pee in a cup and ready had to wait 30 min to go has to dispose of my sample and wait till I was ready again. Was not planing on waiting for long at least let one pee and keep it in view of doc and one giving sample till tags are printed

Michael Hendricks

No appointment and they were up front about it. Friendly service

Deana Harrington

DOT physical... The staff were all excellent. They explained everything thoroughly and gave me all the paperwork I needed for my employer. The doctor is great, highly recommend her!!

Trader McCrackin

Alpha Nubine

Loved it They Assisted Quickly smoothly and Perfectly friendly happiest place I've been in.

Siemens BMS

jim tucker

In and out pretty quick. Friendly crew, and very helpful.

zac hodges

Y’all need one place to stay open till after five or even work Saturday also. Not everyone can take off of one job to got take a drug test for another.

Brandon Dyer

jake fleury

It did not take a long time and everyone was professional

Hannah Bean

Awful experience. The staff was fairly rude and inattentive. The cost was outrageous and they refused to correctly bill for what should have been covered by insurance. The doctor there ran unnecessary tests that were redundant and excessive. Would certainly not recommend this location or company.

Greg Durkee

Great staff they helped save my life. The discovery of my high blood pressure was a life saver.

Sam Chavez

They are nice people. They try to get the patient in as quick as they can. Physical Therapy department have very nice kind people. They don't rush their patients to finish their sessions quick. They also work within your schedule.

Bernie Patenaude

Long wait for exam


1 and a 10. One because I waited 3.5 hours to see the doctor. 10 because I was very pleased with everything when I got to go into the examination room. The nurse was very good and efficient and the doctor was great. It was just the long wait. I have never waited so long for a doctors visit in my life.

Jacob Estes

It took me three hrs to het a physical and i was the only patient here... Service was as the slowest ive ever experianced

stepahnie Prezioso

Always wait to long to see the doctor feel like im forgotten about

leedle lee

Concentra is amazing! Best nurses, best PAs, best physicians. I recently had a really bad stomach ache, and this beautiful nurse took real good care of me, gave me a Medrol-Dosepak. Random aside, but on that visit there was this super hot Fedex deliverer that made my stomach pain go away for a brief minute. Makes me wish I had more stomach aches hehe... anyways great UC

Denise Brindamour

I had to get drug testing for my new job; the wait was short and the technician was very pleasant.

Bonnie Harper

The front office staff were all very helpful and professional. The nurses were as well. If it was just them, my experience would have been very positive. The doctor I was seen by, is a different story. They were not helpful in answering any questions I had about my injury and when it came time to leave and my leg was rewrapped in its splint, it was done so tight I had to go back and get a nurse to redo it because I was losing feeling in my toes. This was after I had mentioned it didn’t feel right on my leg to the doctor. Also if your quick response or for them to contact you in a professional manner, go elsewhere. It’s been over a week since I was seen, was told they would be in contact with a referral within 2-3 days and I’m still waiting. All contact has also been through text messaging which I don’t feel is a professional way to conduct business of this nature.

Adam Rossi

James Chaney

The worst place in the world to go. Kids with X-ray machine shot them too hot for Dr. to read. Terrible Customer Service; hung up on me. Physical Therapy just as bad. Tech was so busy watching a movie he had in he paid me NO attention. Took over an hour for a 30min appt. due to this. Avoid if at ALL POSSIBLE.

V S13

Rude staff and the slowest place I’ve ever visited I’ve gone to the same concentration 6 times and never once had a good experience I went for a simple drug screen and left 5 hours later and they won’t let u go get food but will keep you there for hours concentra is a joke they work for companies and don’t care about you or your well being

Karen Dudley dane1989

Was there for 2 hours after check in....

Jimmy Toner

Very professional, friendly and fast.

Blair Berube

Luz Acevedo

Caring staff, friendly professional!...:)

celibel rodriguez

Worse experience ever!! I wouldn't recommend this place at all!

Paul Dion Jr.

Joel Schroth

Being a truck driver I have gone to your location and the one on South Willow Street many times through the years I've always I'v always have had good service thank you!

Daniel McAllister

The line was long. But the service was fast. It seemed like I would be there for hours, but after a 20-25 min wait, I was done. The nurse was very good. Made the visit go a lot faster once I was inside.

Steven Polanco

My experience at Concentra was fine. Everyone was nice and respectful. Other than waiting close to two hours, which was expected since I didn’t have an appointment, my physical was quick and easy. I recommend this place, appointment or not.

Kt Hoppin

Great job, friendly and so nice!

Carrie Curtis

Quick friendly service.

Robert Jergensen

James Booth

The staff was very helpful. I had an issue with my paperwork from Haliburton. The nurse had a number for me to call and resolve my issue. Very happy with the service.

Gene Laplante

The Customer Service ladies at the front desk greeted me with respect, and asked how they could help me.

Joe Summers

It was a nice place but to many of them grape koolaid drinking, watermelon eating sticky guys.

Remy Steele

Was there for PPD in Warwick. Appreciated that I could get it read in Providence near my work. Very quick read - dry efficient!

Robert Surprenant

Quack quack quack

zachery combs

Everyone was nice and informative and it was very quick.

Darrell Bearden

I am still waiting for the outcome of my examination.

Alejo Aguayo

Very polite people

Isa Garcia

Ive been sitting here waiting for three hours.

Richard Menczywor

Professional and quick. It was a very satisfying visit.

jack makerney

Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable

John Roebuck

As always great staff..great job..

Keith Moor

Went in to do drug test took over hour and 20 minutes

Ed Betchan

Medical personnel performed duties professionally and competent. However, the two hour wait in the lobby was a little bothersome. I was told it was due to my file being misplaced. Once discovered, everyone seemed to do all they could but a mistake is a mistake.

Amy Renee

This place is horrible go somewhere else. Front desk is unhelpful, the PA that my husband first saw said she would NOT take him out work no matter what. Even though he was already taken off of work by the out of state Dr who was treating him when injury occurred. And we had already had an MRI showing his herniated disc. Refused to give him anything for pain. Oh and did I mention we were here for 5½ hours. The female PT made us choose between our chiropractor and them. So we are now being refused service because we choose to utilize chiropractic care. Avoid at all costs!!!!!

Michelle Mancinelli

Loved the NP but despite that, my daughter and I were seen together and NEITHER of us were taken care of. I called to request additional meds for my daughter because the two of us are immunosuppressed and just got the run around. WORST Urgent Care I’ve been to!!

Chris Chancellor

The doctors listened to my explanation of my injuries and gave me a regiment of treatment to control further injury’s and pain, until such time, I was able to go to physical therapy. The physical therapist Jake is very knowledgeable and professional at his job. Jake‘s testing and evaluation of my injuries allowed him to make a plan that was very suitable and assisted me with healing my injury.

J. Spaulding

Just moved there with a Driver's License from Wyoming . They issue paper temp ones in Wyoming until they mail your permanent one but they dont do that in Oklahoma. You'd think theyd be educated enough to at least look it up but NO, They straight up called me a liar and then said the picture looked like my son (so not just calling me a liar but an OLD liar I guess). I was getting a pre-employment drug screening so needed this. Also, even tho they thought I was lying with a fake ID they still ran the tests which I believe is illegal ! The company I work for stopped using these people.

Haylen Dalomba

Staff is very professional and polite! I was seen within 20 minutes of walking in and the RN/NP were extremely professional and helpful. Would go here again if ever needed.

El hadji Boye

Excellent service. Quick turnaround

Paul Foisy

Got DOT physical got my card and discharge paperwork stating issued a 1 year card can perform all duties. Went in 1110 am out @ 105 pm. 6e0 pm Dr calls says. I'm not In compliant. Because he can't read. Sleep study

Zachery Terrill

The staff was nice and professional. I went around noon and had to wait almost two hours. If you need to go, try and go early.


Such a great staff! They were nice and very quick service! Also they had free snacks!!! Lol got to love that!

Kelley Nailor

The people where very nice helped me fix my right shoulder

Stacy Zellers

No parking for semi/ trailer. Took to long to do a simple piss & breatherlizer test, was there over 2 hours.

Emerlita Thistle

If I can only put zero this place is the worst place as an urgent care longer wait than the regular hospital .please go to new England care of coventry they're fast. Dont come here


Kanikki Callins

Good experience. One lady in waiting area that sat further from door into back was amazing and attentive. The staff in the back were very service oriented as well.Zach was friendly and fast.

Rob Jackson

The Dr. and staff was very professional and courteous I would recommend Concentra locations to anyone since I have visited both locations in Providance, RI. and Warwick, RI.

Daniel Boynton

Corey Galletly

Rick B.

3rd time their. Always fast, good service standards, and appropriate diagnosis and if necessary good referral.

Matthew Donovan

Vin Bayne

There for a pre-employment drug test.. They were all very polite,professional and efficient. In and out in less than 15 min. They really care about their patients and it shows!

Paul Dirk

Fast & Professional, Thorough & Friendly!

Malathy Sai

Waited so long.. But the service was good.

Jason Halsted

Medical service was good; actually getting in was the problem. I arrived at 10 AM, filled out my paperwork, and then went to use the restroom. They came out and called my name while I was in the restroom. Since I couldn’t respond right away, they voided my file and I had to start all over. I was there for 4 hrs before my appt was finished.

Chris Januario

Fast, efficient, nice to deal with.

Courtney Mccauley

Waited over two hours to be seen. The staff is nice enough but maybe they need a larger staff to get to the people faster.

Christian McDermott

Professional, quick, limited cell service

Na'Kia Burrell

Best urgent care I've been to! Brenden and Dr.Nace were nothing but awesome and helped me out a great deal. Thanks so much!

Nelson Falcao

Great staff nice and polite. Only bad thing was the wait was longer than what I was told but that's really not a big deal.

Alexandria Barrows

Even though the staff was extremely busy they took the time to be thorough during the process and friendly. Great job!

Paula T

Great experience. Quick and friendly personnel all around.

Mike Easterling

Vince Villafane

I don't understand how a nurse can be so rude..the nurse who took care of me was rude, didn't say hi, she was ordering instead of asking. She should not be working as a nurse..not only that, she took a personal phone call while trying to take care of me..I'm a military veteran, and I can honestly say, I was treated better overseas, then I was at Concentra..I will never go back there nor would I recommend anyone to go there!!

Carla Huntley

Waiting time is ridiculous!

William Gregory

I was given a DOT physical twice this year within a 6 week period at sister facilities in Rhode Island . The outcome was different and I don’t understand how that could happen unless one physician is looking at results differently then another . Nonetheless in a cyber world where information is readily available the offices should have some idea what repeat customers are being told, thus making your Organization reputable and proactive as a health provision leader. Otherwise your Brand and Marketability well suffer. Nonetheless I did like the service but not the process by which the got there final results which make me question your organization!

David me

Very hard to get an appointment.and if you walk in it's a long wait.

Gloria Patterson-Trosper

From the minute you walk in, Kelly is a joy to encounter. She always has a smile on her face and in her voice. Dr. Langkamp has amazing bedside manner and he is very thorough during his treatments. I appreciate the care I received while using Concentra.

Pete Nostrand

Heather Cutter

They’re are always pleasant when I come in

Kellie Shelley

Dr Torres was great!!

Kevin Robitaille

The wait wasn't terrible, i was told my blood pressure was high, just above acceptable levels, and told protein in my urine, i was given a 1 year card, concerned for my health i went to my primary care physician, and had a bp reading over 20 points lower in 1 weeks time. I find odd that is a significant decrease, i thank your nurse practitioner for her concerns. My primary said she didnt wait for the pause in my heart beat, and took the higher reading. I question the if the results were an attempt to get me back, for another company paid $$$ visit . My doctor is certified for DOT physicals and i will be going to him from now on. Thanks

Taylor Collman

This location was good, it is the I-240 location that needs some work. They had me wait in the urgent care line for a new hire drug screen, as a pregnant woman I didn’t want to be exposed to all the illness of the people waiting in the waiting room. I didn’t need to see a doctor or nurse, I just needed to pee and go on with my day. When I got really mad is when they bring a walk in back for a consultation with the doctor AFTER I had already waited an hour. I had to use the restroom badly so I asked them if I could have the cup and then wait in the waiting room. They said no & that I would just have to hold it. THEN some guys walks in and the counter girl starts flirting with him for all of us to hear! Well after I had waited a little longer I told her I couldn’t hold my pee anymore and would have to come back, the girl started arguing with me and told me i can’t just skip people even if i Don’t have to see a doctor. So I use the restroom & as im walking out, I hear the MA tell the registrar that “she has to wait in line like everyone else” so then I get mad, as a nurse, this is a HIPAA violation so I ask her if she is talking about me (the only female in the waiting room) and she says no and how dare I accuse her, i asked her if she had a urine cup in her hand and she had fruit snacks. So she has time to eat fruit snacks but not take a person who has stated they have to use the restroom to the bathroom? That is poor customer and patient service. I have notified my recruiter and she now is not sending anyone for a drug test through this company. I have had to take many drug tests and never have had to wait in a room full of sick people and be treated with such lack of respect of my time and as a patient. When I went to the Reno location to take my drug test later, they were very friendly and also stated that this is the 2nd complaint about I-240 in the past 24 hours. If your company gives you an option of which company to use, DO NOT use this company. My additional star is because the Reno location was friendly and while I had to wait in their urgent care line as well, they at least made an attempt to get me back when an MA was available.

Nick Lawson

Very quick to get me in and out and give me a prescription! Thank you!

Sunshine Baby

Concentra is fast, thorough, and everyone there is very respectable and very nice! I appreciate how I was in and out. I had to use them when I filed workman's compensation, and my physical therapy was outstanding. Zach was amazing, he made me feel welcome and I loved his methods.

Brandi Travis

Service was fast and friendly. The employees were all smiling. There was a clean environment. I would go again.

Milos Daboss

Fast and friendly

The Real Mikey Savage

The worst Place hands down.

Lisa Harper

I was referred to Concentra by my employer for a required physical. The folks there were very kind and were able to get me in quickly that day. The doctor was very friendly and pleasant. They made my experience quick and painless.

Edward Spencer

Just a very nice and personable staff, I needed an x-ray but their machine was down so they sent me to another location got one done no wait . Excellent place.

April Whitehead

It sucks I had to go cause of work comp. But it took them forever and I needed to reschedule and they were rude about it ... Wouldn't go here by choice for sure.

Chloe Cyr

Everyone was super nice, the only problem I had was that I went in for a drug screen only. Something where I just have to pee in a cup and that’s it. I ended up waiting about an hour and 15min just to do that. People that showed up after me even got in before me and I was there for a total of 2 hours and more than half of that was waiting to go in the back.

Raymond Burgess

I got to Clinic a little early, my wait time was short. Everyone that assisted me was very professional and hospitable. Some of the best service I ever had.

David Weller

Ed Laster

Great people that really cares about your health.

D Clay

Nice staff in and out!! Came in for a DOT Physical the doctor was very nice just seemed like a great guy

Antoine Francis

Awsome service

Robin Florczak

Concord..Easy accommodating...could not print..emailed to your and out... Second Manchester..tb and out..quick Checked..3 days in and out.. Excellent Robin FLORCZAK

Tony Reinoehl

The staff is very helpful and friendly and always there to help. More places need to be like this plasma center

Arnold Avriett

When I arrived at the clinic I knew it would be a crowd and they were pretty busy and the receptionist was very nice and said I could come back later but I decided to wait and the nurse was nice too and the doctor was very good

Brenda Saccoccio

They were very good to me I was very sick & they took me in to lay down & covered me with a blanket. Júlie was my nurse she was awesome so sweet! Beverley was the one who took me in to lay down. Thank you for taking care of me.

Dave Bouchard

Was able to leave and come back to avoid 3 hr wait. Good. Still an hour wait. Not so good when not feeling well. A little disorganized. Visit report incorrect on my take home. I called.

Skip Buxton

The staff was professional and courteous, and despite it being Saturday they were all very pleasant. I had a great experience on this visit.

Harold Simpson

This is the first urgent care facility I have attended a physical. The personnel were friendly, knowledgeable & very professional. Each step of the process just flowed smoothly. Great service and a great staff that cares. Thank You Harold L Simpson Jr

Jackie Canglia

Staff was very nice and I was seen quickly I am pleased with the service

Ruthann Webster

Zach is amazing!!! He distracted me while I was getting an injection/shot for work!!! He did it so smoothly I forgot about the needle,and I'm a huge cry baby! Thank you Zack fellow 1989 baby lol!

Jeff Horton

Staff was great to work with, took my information, processed my evaluation as quickly as possible and performed their tasks rather well, no problems and sent me on my way. Just need to fix the A/C in the waiting room.

Deborah Cardenas

I signed in and was handed paperwork and advised to hold onto it until I was called. Turns out after waiting 3/4's of an hour the protocol was to take the paper work back to the desk and then wait to be called. Receptionists were very impersonal and I got the feeling you are just another number. It was much easier for the receptionists to talk amongst themselves rather than look around and use some common sense and make certain no one was slipping through the cracks so to speak. There was one receptionist that went out of her way to be pleasant and courteous to people, I think she worked with signing people out. The drug test process was fast and efficient, tech was firm and of friendly desposition. My advice is be more particular about who you hire for your front desk after all they are the first impression of your company.


In for a pre-employment drug screen. They had me in and out in no time. The only issue was they had all my information correct but a contact number that was not mine, not a typo but a number that wasn't even close to mine or to my employers.

Enrique Gonzales

It was professional,fast and the people were very nice especially jennifer she was a very cool person.

Sara Padilla

Although it is a long wait to get in the back, the staff and drs are all very professional and make a person feel comfortable. Jennifer was the nurse that helped me get through the physical. Took us a couple hours but she made me feel Comfortable, was funny and very professional and made sure everything was correct and precise.

Esther Otero

THE WAIT TIME WAS LONG. The MA who collected my urine specimen messed up the label for the 2nd container, therefore she could not submit it. She insisted on sending it in with a written label and I had to tell her that it will not be accepted like that. After she confirmed this with 2 other staff employees, she realized that I was correct all along and had to dispose of the 2nd incorrect labeled specimen and apologized to me. I could tell that she was Embarrassed and was new employee and She hadn’t been trained appropriately.

Tim Herrera

Great service!!! Professional Nurse's and Doctors.

Veronica Clayton

The staff was super busy, but very friendly. I was seen in a timely manner and the Dr I saw had a wonderful sense of humor.

Mark Amerman

They were very professional and courteous with everything they did, very clean and efficient. I would of given 5 stars, but the wait time is long, recommend you arrive their first thing A.M. if you are a walk-in waited 1.5 hrs from start to finish, which is not to bad, individuals that got there later had anywhere from 2-4hr waits. by appointment might not be bad though.

Bruno Aragon

Showed up 10 minutes early, and left 15 minutes later. Fastest drug screen ever!

Bryan Sellers

Big disaster, the tech and the doctor used the wrong sized bp cuff to take my blood pressure! They gave me a reading of 179 over 80. When rechecked by another physician at Presbyterian hospital, who used the correct cuff, my pressure was 139 over 80. Almost cost me my job by costing me my DOT certificate

Mark Garcia

Jason was the man when I went to get my dot physical will be back in 2 years

Arely Gallegos

It was awsome great people.

Susan Romero

I give them no stars. The doctor didnt want to talk to me about anything. Would not address my current issue and asked me nothing. If I was a workmans comp insurance I would seriously consider using a different provider because I am not the only one saying these things which opens the door to many law suits. Concentra which use to be great is now the worse place ever. Thank God my employer had the sense to listen to me and addressed it immediately. PS they dont let me post without giving a star. I still say zero stars they are so bad there

Roberta Sedillo

Concentra was quick and, thorough I guess the only complaint that I had is when I went in to see the doctor, I told her that I pulled my back and my arm and she just paid most attention to my arm, but she was very nice

Hasana Omar

It took us almost 3 hours to wait just to do physical . I’m not sure why cuz they’re not too busy. It just so pisses me off we spent almost half of our day waiting

Leonard Abeyta

The process we smooth, however the demeanor of the staff, except the doctor, was pretty bad. I felt like a number, not a human being. They were not rude, but very tuned out that I was there. They should at least try to interract with the patient, it would make a better experience for the patient.

Margaret Magee

When I arrived I asked how long I should expect to wait and was told " Give us 10 to 15 minutes." Needless to say when I waited over 2 hours before I was called I was a bit testy. The person who took me back was less than sympathetic until I told him about the unrealistic expectations that were set when I arrived. He also was not a good listener regarding issues with the appointment. The nurse practitioner was not at all friendly and equally unsympathetic. I was there 2 hours & 50 minutes. Not a good use of my time.

chris griego

Everything was good a few receptionist were rude the wait is always an hour to two hours even when you get there first. But the people who do the tests and work ups are always friendly and helpful very patient as well.

Genell Burns

The doctor who saw me on Friday did not follow through on any of her promises and when I attempted to walk in on Monday (after being advised to do so by the front-desk staff), they refused to see me. When I tried to plead my case, "I spent money that I don't have to get here...Please let me speak to the doctor for 2 minutes," they still refused, despite my arrival time of 805 am. There are two particular workers who work the front desk; they were unsympathetic, rude, and arrogant. One of them tried to keep from smiling/laughing as I tried to express how serious my situation is. Do not waste your time with this clinic or its staff. I recommend finding another source of healing if possible. Please spread the word.

PAul Rivera

Always friendly people and the service is great even for a walkin, my company had not set up an appt. For my drug screening and the people at concentra very courteous to take me in.

Cathy Madrid

Everyone from front desk staff to technician was nice. It was quick too.

Gloria Kennedy

Wow, I've had urgent needs all across the country, and this BY FAR is the fastest, most cordial place I've used. From the warm welcome when I walked through the door to the time I left, EVERYONE was so nice and polite. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Joie Beitia

Clean facility. The front desk staff was efficient. The wait time for a urine drop-off employer required drug screen took about an hour and a half. The medical personnel who collected the sample was welcoming, kind and professional.

Vicki Goss

The people were excellent, however the process is horrible. They never weighed me, and use my weight from three years ago which is 35 pounds heavier than I am right now. They also said I could return to work the very next day on crutches and be able to push 25 pounds constantly for eight hours or more. How the heck could someone do that, had that been in my job description? It’s not even physically possible to push around 25 pounds while you’re walking on crutches. Again, the people were wonderful, the process and the results are just ridiculous. I imagine you have a lot of people going in there trying to scam businesses. I’m not one of those. I truly feel going downstairs, and was in a lot of pain.

Darrell Blair

This place was very fast and efficient

Ann Nicole Garcia

I was there for a random ua for work. My first attemot was an in adequate sample amount. I return to lobby drink water to try again. When I felt I was able to go and try again same results. With that being said I had an emergency with my son and had to attend to him. Which resulted in my termination.

Mark Smith

Easy to find. Despite being somewhat busy, was not rushed at counter, and employee courteously asked clarifying questions about form. Was seen quickly enough, and person who took care of the test was knowledgeable and professional. It was near the end of the day on Friday, but everyone was professional and helpful, not seeming to want to hurry people out. Since it is a clinic, I hope I do not need to return, but it is a place I would not mind going, if I do.

Kerrick Julian

I was painless! Drug screening done right. Fast and quick service

Polet R-S

This place is unprofessional! I had a horrible experience! They don’t know what they are doing ! I went in for a physical where they needed 4 tubes of blood and they couldn’t find my veins ! I’ve had that issue before at other clinics but when they don’t succeed the first time they always do the second time but here they poked me 4 times 3 different doctors! And they all missed ! One of the nurses came in and said she hasn’t done a blood drawn in years! They don’t even have a rest chair like they do at other clinics, they put your hand on a pillow! . The staff is very rude! I was told I was going to be rescheduled since they couldn’t find my veins and as I was sent to the lobby they call me over for my paperwork they dismiss me, I had to remind them that they told me they would reschedule me. I needed to have that blood drawn for a pre employment! The nurse did not even remember why I needed to go back and asked why! And she was one of the nurses that attended me and that tried for the blood drawn ! How is it posible that she did not remember why I needed to be rescheduled! She had to call another nurse that attended me the first time and asked her if I needed to go back and she said yes they she asked her when and she nodded her shoulders and said (I don’t know , tomorrow?) plus they had me there for 3 hours!! I hope i never have to go back there. They need to make changes and get different staff !

Jay Ross

Great experience, got my passport for drug screen confirmation from employer, showed up 10 mins later, was out of there in not even 20 mins.

Daniel Davies

I was Definitely clean and the nurse messed it up

Robert Montano

Everyone invlovedbin my visit was professional and courteous.

Crystal Salas

They were fast and attentive

Sam Cordova

This facility is clean and organized, dancer doll of my questions with professional answers they made me feel comfortable and relax with the process of doing a physical and going through a new hire drug test screening


So far my experience with my physical therapist first name, Zack, has been great. I noticed the first week a Improvement and my lower back and the staff has been completely attentive and on time.

Geneva Johnson

It was quick very fast and the people were nice

Eugene Young

Fast, courteous, and always. Thank You.

Charles Maez

I work nights and it's important that i go to an appointment and they take care of me right away, concentra did that even though they didn't know that! They did a great job in doing that!

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