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REVIEWS OF Nevada Physical Therapy IN Nevada

Felicity Muth

This is an excellent physical therapy office - Jon has helped me rehab a number of injuries and following his exercises has always helped. I appreciate his evidence-based perspective and that he takes the time to explain the reasons behind the exercises he gives me. I also appreciate that he never told me to stop exercising - but would work with me to adapt my exercise regimes. Highly recommend!

Perris Benegas

As a professional athlete, injuries can make or break a career. Luckily, in my case, I had Nevada Physical Therapy on my side. Not only did they physically help me recover from a meniscus surgery, but they provided the best emotional support you could ask for in such a difficult time. The staff is skilled and attentive, and they helped me get back on my bike in what felt like no time, given the circumstances. I'll be forever grateful for the care I received here, and appreciate NPT for treating me like family.

Jessica Reimche

I worked with Dakota Ezell at Nevada Physical Therapy for nagging and reoccuring shoulder pain. I train CrossFit 5-6 days a week and was experiencing mild shoulder pain for about 3 months. The shoulder exercises I was doing to fix the issue and manage the pain were not working, so I decided to go to a physical therapist. Within two weeks of working with Dakota, I was completely pain free. Dakota made sure to focus on my CrossFit goals when creating a program for me- he made no changes to my current training- just had me supplement it with exercises that would strengthen my shoulder stability and tendons. He designed a PT program that fit seamlessly with my training and lifestyle and I am so grateful for his knowledge and attention. I highly recommend this clinic, especially if you are serious about your athletic goals.

Galen Gorelangton

These amazing therapists literally changed my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I went in there with a shoulder injury, a bad back, and a mysterious pain in my side-- all these maladies were hindering me in many aspects of my life, from office work to exercise. And I had been struggling with these issues for quite some time. Other PTs had failed to help, but John fixed me! Now I am doing weight lifting 4 times a week, and I feel better than I have in 10 years. Nevada Physical Therapy: You folks are rock stars! My heroes! Thank you!

Janie Funk

I've seen Dr. Hodges for several injuries and have been really thankful for finding him. Unlike other PTs I've been to, Dr. Hodges understands the goals of an athlete and just generally how bad it sucks to be out from training due to an injury. His approach is really encouraging--instead of telling me to stop doing a specific movement or training altogether like some providers like to do, he develops treatment programs that include movements that I would have been doing in my regular training anyways. Even better, Dr. Hodges worked through my sport-specific movements to identify dysfunctional patterns and helped to correct those. AND, his approach is also evidence-based--just ask him the latest empirical account of best-practice treatment for your given issue. I have zero hesitation recommending anyone needing help recovering from and preventing injuries to Dr. Hodges. He's definitely my go-to professional whenever I even think I might be injured. Oh, and a bit about the logistics because they are a little different than what I've had in the past: The PT works 1:1 with clients for about 20 minutes and then the rest of the appointment is spent doing the correctional exercises with the help of students in-training. PTs will check in on you periodically just to confirm correct form, but you are not going in for an appointment that's entirely 1:1 with a PT. That being said, the students are usually very helpful and knowledgeable. And, the PTs have no problem answering questions if the students can't for whatever reason.

Scott Whittemore

Nevada Physical Therapy is my first choice whenever I have sustained an injury, whether it be from training or outdoor sports. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable of the entire body and it's mechanisms, and is committed not just to the diagnosis and initial treatment, but also in addressing long-term ailments. I have seen Jon Hodges on a number of occasions, and he is professional and thorough. If you are a high-level athlete or just enjoy being active, I can highly recommend making him and Nevada Physical Therapy your first call.

Hand Craft Coffee Company

Crista at Nevada PT helped me so much with my back and neck. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Nevada PT has an awesome facility that helped me heal my injuries. I highly recommend Nevada PT.

Carol Swift

I cannot more highly recommend Nevada Physical Therapy and my husband's physical therapist, Dakota Ezell, PT/DPT. My husband has a history of sciatic nerve pain which had not bothered him for 4 years. He had been an active hiker and snowshoeing/cross-country skiing enthusiast until he was injured in a snowshoeing accident last Spring. The accident severely affected his sciatic nerve pain and caused excruciating muscle spasms in his leg. He found the pain to be intolerable and was hospitalized twice for it. He was bedridden for the most part and his medication provided only a temporary respite. Although we saw a number of health providers, no lasting results were obtained until we got help from Dakota Ezell and the Nevada Physical Therapy Team. My husband was seen in three days instead having to wait the month required by other providers. My husband was seen by Dakota twice a week for a bit less than 10 weeks. Additionally, Dakota gave him a home program to supplement the physical therapy sessions and extend them to maintain his progress. My husband has continued to improve over the summer and is now 100% pain free. He is now able to climb the mountainous trail near our home and is able to hike up to 2 hours to his favorite destinations. Thank you, Dakota and Nevada Physical Therapy for giving my husband's life back! We will always be grateful to you for the gift of a pain free life. P.S. Nevada Physical Therapy is conveniently located in the University of Nevada Sports Medicine Complex. The office is next to Mackay Stadium. Parking is easy and free with a temporary parking pass issued by the Nevada Physical Therapy Office.

joyce newman

After two plus years of hip pain, three other physical therapists, quarterly injections and no relief, Crista made the pain go away! If I could give her and this practice 10 stars I'd do it!

Jenica Law

Great experience here. Friendly staff all around, and they use evidence-based PT and rehab methods! You are given research articles that help you understand the process of injury to recovery, with objective parameters that you can use to safely progress. The exercise programs here are different than I have experienced at other PT clinics, and a lot of real weight lifting is utilized (much better than just using bands, cables, and bodyweight). As an athlete, I really do appreciate their approach. I saw Dakota Ezell, DPT, and highly recommend him! He will take care of you.

Bernadette Garcia

Thank you to my favorite Physical Therapist, Dakota, receptionist extraordinaire, Felicia, and all the assistants (Mark, Leo, Tristan, Brittany, Aaron and many others) who have taken care of me the three times (so far) I have needed physical therapy. Fun atmosphere and cool people. You all looked out for me and I truly appreciate your care!

Carole Aguirre

Tiffany Williamson

I went to Nevada Physical Therapy after injuring my knee running and Crista Jacobe-Mann did a great job helping me get back to running again! She is professional and knowledgeable and everyone at the facility was helpful. I would definitely recommend Nevada Physical Therapy to anybody!

Jeanne Wendel

I made an appointment with Nevada Physical Therapy because I was experiencing a lot of hip pain. After several weeks of twice-weekly visits, the pain was dramatically reduced. The therapist showed me how my gait contributes to the problem, and how I can prevent it.

Krysta Palmer

Nevada Physical Therapy has a great approach to recovery and no matter what you will always come out learning something that will help you. John Hodges is very knowledgable and has helped me significantly as an athlete to learn specific exercises for recovery as well as continued strength exercises that have helped me remain healthy. He is fantastic with explaining things as well as adapting exercises to fit your need and level. Highly recommend them!

Ken Damon

I’m a Vietnam veteran and after experiencing right shoulder pain the VA hospital of Northern Nevada referred me to Nevada Physical Therapy to have therapy done for my shoulder. From the moment I walked in I was treated with respect and professionalism. My Doctor at NPT Dakota Ezell and his assistant Chase have designed a program for my therapy that is working well for me. I highly recommend Nevada Physical Therapy for both the young and the old. Please remember as good as they are, you must be proactive in your recovery.

Traci Loftin

The first time I saw Crista, she knew exactly what to do to provide relief from my neck pain and gave me exercises to do at home to keep it away. She also got me walking again after foot surgery and knew again exactly where to target after I pulled my calf.


Knowledgeable and friendly. Science driven. Highly recommend Jon and his team!

elizabeth loureiro

The professionals at Nevada Physical Therapy are fantastic! They're caring knowledgeable people who listen to the patients and help them achieve their recovery goals. A special thanks to Dakota, Britney and Mira who have fully supported me in my journey :)

Daniel Anthonijsz

Excellent service and personal attention given. I have been suffering from knee pain for many years. I started treatment and it didn't seem to be helping me, but the folks here were persistent and found what the core issues were that I had. They gave me new regiments to follow and now I can say that I am mostly pain free. The only time I have issues is when I don't continue my exercises. Jon is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone. Very personal, individual assistance and a caring team!

Taylor Darval

I have been seeing Jon Hodges at Nevada Physical Therapy for many years. I have had a hip issue since I was a child and I now know how to manage any pain that may accompany it myself thanks to Jon and his wealth of knowledge. Additionally, I have had a handful of different injuries over the years and I have always been able to fix any problem with just one visit and by keeping up with the suggested stretches and therapies at home. I always leave with a packet of information and any bands I might need for the at-home stretches. I highly recommend Jon Hodges for any of your physical therapy needs!

Kyle Yamamoto

I have been going to Nevada Physical Therapy, off and on, for many years. They have helped me with PT related to playing sports and related to doing my job. Crista Jacobe-Mann has always been great at diagnosing my issues quickly and creating a treatment plan that works for my schedule and gets me back to full function quickly. She is also great at educating me on why I am having certain issues and helping me understand the science behind the PT she recommends. I highly recommend them and will continue to see them myself.

Jeffrey Conner

I saw Jon Hodges at Nevada Physical Therapy after developing an overuse injury related to long-distance running. The care I received was first-class. John used an evidence-based approach to identify the source of the issue, rather than merely treating symptoms, while also helping me understand how to appropriately manage my training-load in the future, which helped me get back to running pain-free in short order. I cannot speak highly enough about Nevada Physical Therapy and definitely recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy, especially injured athletes looking to return to competitive form and avoid future injury!

Ryan Takayama

I had a great experience working with Dakota at Nevada Physical Therapy. After I tore my PCL I was worried if I could continue competing in competitive sports. Dakota developed a very effective plan with a gradually increasing workload. Now I am back playing the sport I love and its thanks to the amazing people at Nevada Physical Therapy.

Brian Egan

Jon Hodges has been instrumental in treating both myself and my son for sports related injuries. His accessibility and in depth knowledge in this field has allowed us to continue to have fun (and in my son's case, excel) in sports and understand how to treat and quickly come back from painful experiences. The Nevada Physical Therapy facility is modern and comfortable, and there isn't another place I would choose to go.

Krista Schumann

Thank you Nevada Physical Therapy, Dr. Hodges, for straightening out my teenage daughter so she can continue to do the things she loves! My daughter has danced competitively for the last 5 years. Fortunately, we have not had an injury that has not been able to be fixed with heat, ice, ibuprofen, or ice-cream until now. I have been hesitant to write this review because I know I will not do Dr. Hodges and NV Physical Therapy justice. So in short, my daughter and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of care and compassion we have been shown. It is well worth the hour drive from Minden. Now if you want the long version detailing more specific care, keep reading. In March of 2018 my daughter landed an aerial (cartwheel with no hands) with a straight leg and was in quite a bit of pain. We were in the middle of competition season and getting ready for recital and she did not want to be taken out. So we started trying to get her the help she needed hoping for a quick fix. After trying chiropractors, massage therapist, and personal trainers we were referred to Dr. Hodges at NV Physical Therapy. After our first visit with Dr. Hodges he recommended getting an x-ray due to her age, mechanism of injury,and pattern just to rule out any red flags. Through this hip injury we were also given a scoliosis diagnosis. It was Dr. Hodges that walked us through this process and kept us calm and informed. The training and teaching of the exercises has been phenomenal. He knows when to add more, or he understands when she is getting overwhelmed and needs focus on target areas. With any prolonged injury, it becomes a mental challenge. I am grateful for Dr. Hodges and his understanding of word choice and how to encourage and alleviate the fear she is feeling. He treats her as a whole person. I would be amiss if I didn't thank the entire staff. Every person she has worked with has been kind and compassionate. I have to give a special shout out to Brittany. After working with her, my daughter is full of hope. Brittany is so encouraging and truly acts interested in my daughter as a patient and as a person! Thank you Nevada Physical Therapy.

Alexandra Urza

I saw Crista for postpartum PT and can not recommend her highly enough. More than a year after having my first child, I was still struggling with core weakness and abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Crista’s training in postpartum rehab was exactly what I needed. She evaluated my breathing patterns and developed a progressive exercise plan that targeted my specific challenges. Most importantly, she was patient and thorough in explaining why the exercises were helpful, which made me better able to notice and address issues in my movement patterns. I’m still doing the exercises she gave me, and I’ve been feeling strong and in control of my body. I’d recommend all women to see Crista postpartum. She will teach you how to regain your strength and power while avoiding injury. I have also been Jon’s patient for several years, seeing him for shoulder injuries and post-op recovery. I am a climber and constantly struggle with shoulder injuries. Jon has been incredible and is a major reason I can climb at all. He has developed recovery and injury prevention plans for me and consulted other PTs and doctors when my issues were tricky. He tailors his plans to his patients’ desired level of intensity — and has never suggested that I stop activities altogether. Instead, he designs exercises that build the strength needed for specific movements. The team at Nevada PT is amazing. I won’t go anywhere else!

Nadia Brouillette

I was a Navy helicopter pilot, medically discharged in part because I threw out my back about once every other month in addition to other joint problems. If I had met Jon Hodges a couple years ago I’d still be in the Navy. Here’s how Jon is unique. 1. Jon can see the whole picture. I had been to countless physical therapy visits for individual joint problems which began to compound on each other. I couldn’t tell if my back pain was caused by my hip pain or if my shoulders were affected by my back pain... Jon is the first PT in 4 years to treat me as a whole. 2. He never treats to fads. He runs a factual based clinic. 3. He doesn’t jump to conclusions. He works with his patients to find movements that are tolerable to strengthen/mobilize problem areas and his ability to find those movements and scale are more creative and better tolerated that any other PT/coach I’ve worked with (and that’s a lot!) 4. One problem several PTs have is they don’t push patients to their limit with their injury/pain which restricts progress. Jon makes it a point to quickly find out what that limit is and he takes you to 90%. He is able to rehab quick and make a stronger person because he is willing to take on the burden of finding that limit. I had been told that I’d never run or lift weights again. After just finishing 3 months of 2 per week visits with Jon, I’m back to both and still progressing. 5. The typical rehab at-home plan is semi-easy and boring. It’s the last thing you want to fit into a busy life. Jon developed an all-inclusive rehab plan with variety which felt like a daily workout instead of the typical therapy at-home plan. It was fun and challenging, which gave me more motivation to make time for it. 6. He is not in a rush. There are no “timeslots” in his clinic. He is great at splitting his time between one on one focused hands-on work and general coaching to all, providing small corrections to patients’ form and monitoring patient progress. 7. Teach a man to fish. Jon teaches his patients. He educates with factual data how and why he treats the way he does. This is valuable information I will take forward with me to ensure my programing in the future is backed up by facts and highly likely to succeed. Don’t miss an opportunity to change your life folks…visit Jon! As long as you do your at-home rehab plan you will succeed!

Spencer Sloat

Nevada Physical Therapy got me back on my feet and back to work with no physical limitations shortly after a femur and hip fracture. Strongly recommend Mr Hodges and his team to anyone seeking a very knowledgeable staff with a friendly environment to overcome an injury.

Game Time Strength Info

EXCELLENT! Nevada Physical therapy is first class. I own a strength and conditioning business in Southern California and Jon Hodges is my guru when it comes to injuries and sports rehabilitation. The man consistently blows my mind with his knowledge and he never stops learning. As an athlete myself and someone who trains athletes, I admire medical professionals that understand an athletes need to compete and get back to what they love doing. Nevada PT understands athletes and their desire to get back on their playing field as soon as possible. Its easy to relate to athletes when you're an athlete yourself. Jon has been competing in powerlifting for several years at both the National and World level, constantly honing his technique. I've been fortunate enough to work with Jon for several years and he's helped me and my clients immensely. We've also hosted a deadlift workshop together at a local Crossfit to improve form and gain an understanding of spinal mechanics under load. Great place! Highly recommend it. Jason Kelske NSCA CSCS Strength Coach, Competitive Powerlifter

Ryan Golec

Jon and Krista are rad! I love the progressive approach to therapy. I feel like they look at the big picture and not just a diagnosis. Not only do I see Jon exclusively for my PT, but I refer clients to him whenever I see a need! Nevada PT have never disappointed me!

Pendola Training

Nevada Physical Therapy has helped several of my athletes return to their sports stronger, healthier, and more competitive than before.Thank you!

Janine Robinson

Jonathan Hodges has treated both my husband and myself for several years for both post surgical therapy and other stress related injuries. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism is second to none. He has allowed complete recovery for all of our issues every time. I would recommend Nevada Physical Therapy and Jon Hodges for any physical therapy related needs. They are the best!

John Sagebiel

I’ve gone to NPT for several issues, but the latest one was a real challenge. I had some severe pain in my hips/hip flexors and I had x-rays done to confirm it wasn’t something in the bones. I’m a competitive mountain bike racer and 55 years young and do not want to slow down yet. Part of the problem of being a cyclist is most of the motion is in a single plane. Jon worked with me to gain some flexibly and strength and strongly encouraged me to spend some of my training time building strength instead of biking. I did very consistently work on strength and my first big race of the season in Moab, I beat all my person bests for power on the first big and long climb. This was a huge increase in my sustainable power — something I had long wanted and hadn’t been able to achieve, and I don’t think I would have without Jon’s help. I had to do the work and be consistent, but the guidance I got gave me the confidence that it would work and the results speak for themselves: I don’t have any pain in my hips, my power is up and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. On top of all that, everyone at NPT is really great to work with, helpful, willing to take the time to make sure I understand what I’m doing, and encouraging. Great place, highly recommended.

Kelly Wright

A good physical therapist will help you recover from your injury. An even better physical therapist will inspire you to not just recover, but to improve, and to think about how you move - in all aspects of your life, not just your sport. Before seeing Dr. Hodges, I wanted to get stronger and fitter...and then I got hurt. After seeing him, I want to get stronger, fitter, with perfect technique. I care about my form more than ever. I can't really put into words everything the guy has taught me, because, as he calls it, we should all be "perpetual white belt status"...always learning and refining our movements. Not only is Dr Hodges smart as hell, but he's funny, honest, and easy to talk to. He's also really strong, is a competitor himself, so he understands the importance of continuing to do what you love. He is someone you want in your corner. I will continue to see Jon as I need to, and I will continue to refer everyone I know to Nevada Physical Therapy. Seriously. Just go.


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