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C M Watts

I have been to Hruska on three different occasions and each time used David Drummer. They are top rate at what they do and not only do they asses you from head to toe they understand and get you can hurt in your shoulders due to issues with your hip! I have never been to a better place! Not only did he get me back out there with no pain he got me back to running. The processes was go in stretch out and learn new exercises then go home and do the exercises until next appointment. The thing I loved most was I had about and hour drive to get there and David got that he wasn't out to make money he would schedule my appointments at one ever two weeks as long as he was seeing progress then he slowly cut back to once a month to once every two months! Until I no longer needed the treatment! If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Jaime Thibodeaux

Angela Burchett

Lori Thomsen at Hruska Clinic cured my incurable plantar fasciitis, and I didn't even have to quit running. As a recreational runner (5k here, half marathon 1-2x a year), I was devastated when I started having right heel pain, especially when I woke up in the morning. I went to 2 chiropractors, a physical therapist, an orthopaedic surgeon (had a cortizone injection), and I tried a night sock to keep my foot flexed, different shoes, an air brace, electrotherapy. I ended up with right knee pain as well. Finally one of the chiropractors (Adam at Spine & Sport) told me that the problem must not be in my foot and referred me to Lori Thomsen at Hruska Clinic. She took one look at me and noted my right side dominance, did some flexibility tests and told me the problem was my bite and the way my teeth were(n't) aligned. Crazy, right? I hadn't mentioned that I had TMJ problems in high school and college, but that made her not sound so crazy. I got fitted for a bite splint to give my body a center point for reference, and she recommended different tennis shoes (to wear as often as possible) and different exercises every month to strengthen the muscles in my body that had grown weak from my instability. I was able to run through the entire process, no boot, no night foot splint, just a bite splint for exercise and sleep. About a year after starting with Lori, my foot is completely healed and pain free. I'm doing orthodontia with Dr. Rebecca Hohl to correct my bite problems longterm. With the knowledge and awareness of my body mechanics as a whole (it's all connected, folks), I have faith that I'll be able to run for a long time. I'm extremely grateful for Lori and the Hruska team for their innovation in physical therapy and helping cure the cause of my pain and injuries when I felt I'd exhausted all options. I highly recommend them to anyone having pain, especially athletes and those with one-sided injuries. I'm confident Hruska Clinic can help.


Rebecca Wehling

Dominique G

Jason Masek treated me. I had serious hip pain, like barely able to walk pain. Chiropractor got me out of pain, but it would always come back, so he recommend that I get physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in the area. I went to Hruska Clinic and Jason was really cool. He explained everything to me, was patient and understanding. He did not waste my time. The exercises worked and got me out of pain. Then I just got better and better. Until it was gone and stayed gone. That is what I call workable, demonstrable results! Thank you for the help!

andre adler

It was worthless just trying to sell me useless equipment and baloney therapy

E Ternus

I've seen many different therapists for my many issues and PRI was the only place to help me. The vision/dental integration was integral in my recovery and made the difference.

Crystal Witte

Lori Thomsen and Ron Hruska have changed my life! After suffering with chronic left ankle pain for many years, I finally discovered the Hruska Clinic (I live in Virginia) and they were able to accurately diagnose the culprit to my never ending pain: my vision. After sustaining a concussion in a bike crash several years prior, the head trauma I encountered negatively impacted my vision and how I was viewing objects around me (inaccurate spatial awareness). I never would've figured out that my vision was the problem because I have 20/20 clarity with my eye sight, so clarity wasn't the issue, it was how my brain was processing what I was seeing. After doing vision therapy with Ron and Lori, my ankle pain is gone and has not returned since! Seeing orthopedics, traditional physical therapists, chiropractors, ART, massage therapy, and doing strength work never gave me lasting pain relief until I finally found Lori and Ron in 2013! If you have pain, the staff at the Hruska Clinic can help you!!

Johnson McJefferson

While the staff here are professional, I'm not sure that the treatments are grounded in research based science. I was seen for an issue where core strengthening and motion improvement were recommended by my doctor. While some of the early exercises seemed helpful, it wasn't long before we began to focus heavily on other unrelated body parts, vision and dental care. I get that this is part of their holistic vision, but it didn't feel right, or like a proper direction.

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