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REVIEWS OF Movement 4 Life IN Missouri

Juan Pico

First appointment Dr . Dave got to know me and my physical problems . We talked and he was assessing me , finding a starting point . Before long Dr. Dave was working on me and teaching me how to help my self. I am now working at home and seeing Dr. Dave. Feeling good about my progress . I am on my way to being much better .

Carl White

Dr David Candy performed physical therapy supporting my recovery from total knee replacement. This surgery was the ninth on the knee over about the past fifty years and recovery was a daunting undertaking. His knowledge of anatomy, particularly in my case the muscle, tendon, and nerve structure involving the knee, is remarkable. Coupling this knowledge with his experience in working with prior knee replacement patients was critical in gaining range of motion, strength, and proper use of the knee and leg in a timely manner. It has been five months since the surgery, I am essentially pain free, and I continue to steadily gain strength. I am forever grateful for Dave's expertise in getting me through this ordeal. I highly recommend his services for any issues requiring physical therapy.

John Kramer

Dave is has really helped me with my elbow and my back. He's very knowledgeable of anatomy and physiology. He's great with his hands, but the real magic is dry needling. I hesitated for a long time for obvious reasons, but it has relieved pain that has lingered for years.

Laura Droege

I went to see Dr. Dave after my shoulder had been in pain on and off for a couple of years. Dr. Dave adjusted my shoulder and gave me helpful advice with my posture which was causing my shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

TC Thompson

Most logical approach to PT yet; and after over 13 years of recovery efforts I’ve had a lot of experience with PT! Finally, this is really helping.

Ezra Wasik

Sonja Bishop

Dr. Candy is skilled and professional. I would recommend he service to everyone who is in need of healing hands! Thank you Dr.Candy, Your work is making a difference in lives.

Ivana Bosnjak

Dave Candy is a miracle worker. He genuinely cares for you and does whatever he can to help you improve. I was worried and scared when I first came in to get therapy for my shoulder because finances were tight but he stepped up to the plate and was with me every step of the way. I had to cut down the duration of my therapy because of finances but he did all he could in the shorter timespan to help me accelerate my healing. I would trust him with anyone I care about. He is a remarkable human and quiet intuitive. Unlike other places where they just give you exercises, he teaches you how to operate in your daily life in order to help healing occur and prevent further injury. He truly has a holistic approach.

Laura Laurie

Dr Dave Candy is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. I went to see him for plantar fasciitis and some range of motion issues in my foot. He took the time to understand my concerns and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel and I’m back to my active lifestyle. Thanks so much Dr Dave Candy!!!

Gin Wachter

I highly recommend anyone who is having pain and needs help from a physical therapist to use Dave Candy. I have had other physical therapists over the years and there is no comparison to Dave. He is very professional and is highly knowledgeable in his field. Dave is a good listener and sincerely wants to help you. Before any exercising is assigned, he spends a lot of time with you to figure out exactly where your pain is coming from and designs exercises that will work for you. He also asked me what I was doing when I had the most pain. For me it was sleeping and driving and he told me how to do it without pain! He was always there to help. I am now pain free but am still doing the exercises he taught me, as he recommended. I am so happy with the results that I recommended Doctor Candy to my husband who later had some issues. He is also very pleased with Doctor Candy and grateful for his help.

Antonina Bratcher

I would like to say Dr..Candy is awesome. I was suffering from chronic and severe pain in both hips and lower back and all the way down both legs. Since I have been seeing Dr. Candy the pain has subsided tremendously. The exercises that he showed me work for me. He listens to you and takes care of you. Always professional. Thanks Dr. Candy. Toni B.

Maria Lambert

Dave is great! I went in with shoulder pain, a chronic long term issue and finally got some relief. He spends time with you and really works on your problems, I never felt like he was rushing to get to his next patient like they do in some offices. I can not say enough good things about him

Jim Apps

Dr. Dave is very knowledgeable, friendly, and a great communicator. He understands human nature and keeps things simple. These traits make him an exceptional pysical therapist.

Emily Bishop

I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences here. After visiting what seemed like an endless amount of chiropractors for pain I was having in my shoulder, I decided to give physical therapy a try. The first session alone, provided so much relief, that I wished I had come here sooner. The staff are all very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. They followed up with me after each appointment, which only makes me want to recommend them even more. Today, I have no more pain in my shoulder, because of the wonderful care I was given!!

Mary Friday

I’ve recently Had been advised by a neck specialist to seek out a physical therapist. I had been envolved in an automobile accident and had extreme neck pain. This pain was interfering with my job and was mind numbing. Nothing seem to be taking the pain away; I had tried pain pills, ibuprofen and heat. The pain pills made me feel sick and the heat was only temporary relief. I went in to see Dave Candy and honestly was a bit hesitant. Dave asked me exactly what was wrong and wanted to know exactly where the pain was. By the end of my first visit I felt instant relief. I’m still in utter amazement on how I had been dealing with this pain for almost a couple months now and in just one visit it almost completely went away.

Kathy Garvey

I struggled for 1 1/2 years to recover from an extraforaminal disc herniation surgery. David helped me get rid of terrible pain and weakness. David has an excellant ability to listen, evaluate and examine and get to the source of the problem. He has an excellant knowledge of the human body. Although with trepidation initially I tried dry needling which has been extremely helpful. I’m back to biking/walking and an active life. I highly recommend David.

Lauren Woll

Would 10/10 recommend Dave to anyone who is dealing with chronic pain. I was referred by a friend and have been quite satisfied with my care. Professional and knowledgeable, Dave has also been been willing to work with my schedule, and has helped me reestablish balance so I can continue to work and play. Very responsive, and quickly available for follow up/comments/concerns.

Jaime Lueders

Dr. Dave is an amazing physical therapist! I went to see Dr. Dave after I had hurt my back. At each of our sessions Dr. Dave would stretch out the tender spots, give me exercises to do at home, and he would ask lots of questions! Dr. Dave was able to find out why I suddenly started to have back problems, which started from an old running injury. Dr. Dave spent a lot of time watching me run and would give me new techniques on how to run more efficiently, to where I would not continue to put strain on my body. Dr. Dave is unlike any other physical therapist I have been to. He really takes the time to get to know you and dive down to find out what the cause it and not just treat your symptoms. Thanks Dr. Dave!!!

David Coblitz

David is very knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and effective. He thoroughly explains what he is doing & why to relieve my pain as well as explaining what I can do for it on my own. I can highly recommend him.

Misha Gutzler

I had stabbing pain in my chest, couldn't breath and hands and fingers were numb. Went to urgent care and they couldn't figure it out. Visited Dr. Candy and within a matter of 15 minutes I was feeling better and have ever since. All done with a few stretches and no medication.

Valerie Goldston

I highly recommend Dr. David Candy and Movement 4 Life. I have been seeing him for about a month for pain in my back and legs. Unlike other physical therapists I have seen, Dr. Candy’s approach to treatment was different. He sees how everything is connected and how all of your muscles and joints affect one another. I have been to lots of physical therapists in the past for various problems. They each had me do a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles or area that was hurting. After weeks of doing the exercises in their offices, I was sent on my way, now fixed. They fixed the system but not the underlying problem. Dr. Candy did not just treat my problem areas but explained that the pain in my back and legs were all interconnected. It was amazing to me how easily he could see the ways I was moving incorrectly. He then demonstrated, in an exaggerated way, how I was walking. It made me laugh, but it was spot on. He has been teaching me how to correct the way I stand and walk so that I can stop causing the pain in the first place. During our visits, he does a variety of manipulations and stretching of my back and leg muscles. He also taught me some simple exercises to do at home. We spend time reviewing them each week. He has really made me aware of what I am doing wrong, and I am now constantly thinking about the correct way to stand, sit and bend. My work with Dr. Candy and a massage therapist has really done wonders for my leg pain. My pain had been chronic for years. It is now GONE. At first, I thought it was a fluke and would return. It has not. Frequently, I would think, this used to hurt, now it doesn’t. We are still working on my back.

Yvonne Jones

Over the years I have needed some PT services. Dave is the most competent PT I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has helped me beyond my expections. Excellent in every respect!

Victoria Sowders

Dr. Dave Candy is a highly skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist. His commitment to his patients has been evident since my first appointment, when he offered to meet with my other care provider to coordinate a treatment plan - on his own time and free of charge. Dave is an excellent diagnostician, and right away he began implementing therapy techniques that have been a game changer for my chronic muscle tension. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Movement 4 Life to anyone needing physical therapy!

Nicholas Silver

Incredible is all I can say. I’m a massage therapist, and know the body well, but its always enlightening when someone is able to point out deviations that even you didn’t realize you had, and that could be affecting your ability to perform at a high level. After only 2 visits to Dr. Candy, I’m almost 90% recovered from a MCL strain that has left me unable to run for the last 3 months. I highly recommend him, and will be sending all of my clients his way in the future. If you have pain, then you’ve found the right place. The dry needling was AWESOME, but I’m weird like that!

Libby Nevins

I am so very grateful and appreciative of the results that Dave Candy, physical therapist, has rendered with the treatment I have undergone...without his expertise and management of my back and hip problems, I likely would be a very unhappy camper at this time!! Instead...I am forever thankful for the improved motion and decrease in discomfort and pain that I had before I started manual therapy with Dave Candy. I only wish that others would explore as I have done, and reap the benefit of manual therapy. It could be the difference in surgery or NO surgery! Words are not enough to express how happy I am and I will always be thankful for his therapeutic expertise and support through the past few months! Thank you :)

Pam Borgmeyer

I had been dealing with chronic neck stiffness and headaches for a year and a half before I began working with Dr. Dave Candy. He began to do a dry needling procedure which has giving a longer effect on the recurrences of my headaches than any other treatment I have had. He has given me the ability to control my headaches and not have to come to the office as often. I have even been able to travel without dragging additional equipment with me for the first time in years. If you follow what the therapist tells you and do your exercises everyday you too will find that it will improve your quality of life!

Liz Burke

Dave has struck a good balance between being a great listener and also offering helpful exercises that empower me to improve my health in tangible ways. He has given me insight into potential causes of my condition, and he has encouraged me to continue to push myself to better my quality of life. Highly recommend!

RoseMary Hontz

David played a major role as a member of my medical team in 2015. He worked with me as I struggled with a separated shoulder followed by rotator cuff surgery. During the course of this long recovery I met with David for approximately 8 total months--many of those months multiple times a week. I would highly recommend him as your physical therapist for so many reasons. He is a very skilled, talented, extremely knowledgeable individual. He has the ability to “translate” physical therapy terminology and procedures so you completely understand what it is you are doing as part of your therapy and why you are doing it. On those bad days he understands and works with you as you struggle. On the good days, he is as excited as you are as you succeed and move forward in your recovery. David has now become what I feel is a friend. He will always remember you, ask how you are and care. His physical therapy skill has allowed me to have full use of my right arm and shoulder. I couldn’t ask for more. He is definitely a 10! Rose Mary Avon, IN

Danny Gates

I have had neck pain for almost 6 years. I have had two surgeries and seen multiple physical therapist over those 6 years. Dave has made my neck pain more manageable then anyone else has been able to. I am back in the gym now and able to get through work outs with little to no pain. Thank you so much Dave

Ina Landsbaum

Dave candy is the most talented physical therapist I have worked with. In less than 3 months I have made more progress than in other long-term therapy sessions over the last 2.5 years. His muscle manipulation techniques are extremely helpful, he works on trigger points expertly, and his dry needling yields excellent results. Dave is always encouraging giving positive suggestions. He has realistic weekly expectations. I am extremely hopeful that with Dave's extensive knowledge I will achieve my goal.

Kathyrne Meyer

Since I have been going to Core and Dave Candy my balance has improved along with the strength in my legs. The pain in my left ankle and legs has gone away so I am able to go shopping and not be in so much pain. Before I couldn't even walk half the store and be in so much pain I had trouble walking to the car. Also the toes on my left foot have started to move a little. I haven't been able to move those toes for the last 4 years. I have also learned how to get up from the floor if I fall. Before I would panic if I fell and not be able to get up without help. Core has done a lot to improve my health. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sandra Burke

Abby Militzer

I injured my calf sparring for a Krav Maga level test (type of martial art). I heard a pop and just dropped. I was in so much pain, and the day of my injury could barely walk. I was better walking the next day but was still in loads of pain. I called Dr. Dave and he got me in for an exam. He determined I had a tear in my gastrocnemius muscle in my calf. He treated me that day and I felt so much better; obviously pain for a while, but much better! My favorite part was that he told me what CAUSED this to happen so I could take measures to correct and prevent from happening again. Dr. Dave also had the best follow up on checking back with me and answering questions AFTER my visit that IveI ever had from any doctor. That to me was just as valuable as the actual treatment. Recommend Movement 4 Life over any other PT practice, hands down!

Joseph Cangas

Dave Candy with Movement 4 Life Physical Therapy has me feeling better than I’ve felt for years. Working out was becoming very painful and thanks to just a few therapy session my pain is much improved. Thanks Dave!

Ann Krumrey

So grateful I have found Dr. Candy and Movement 4 Life! I have been recovering from herniated discs/whiplash issues in my neck for the last year and a half. I had received several X-rays and an MRI, all of which confirmed there was an issue, but the 3 and then 5 sessions of PT that were prescribed were never enough to actually make the issue permanently better. The day I found Dr. Candy's business card I remember being at my whit's-end about the entire process. I had already spent so much time at appointments and in physical therapy. I had spent so much money trying and buying new things like mattresses, pillows and chairs at home and at work. I had spent so much energy working on letting go of blocked emotions and negative thoughts - mind, body, spirit - you name it- I tried it - little things helped a little but nothing seemed to bring lasting relief. When I visited the website it said "We specialize in treating women over 40 with chronic pain". I thought... "I am a woman, over 40, and I have chronic pain - Yes! Yes! Yes! Please help me!" After researching on-line, speaking on the phone and then going in for my evaluation I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Candy actually LISTENED TO ME! He didn't make me feel like I was crazy, he understood everything I had been through and explained why my body was still in pain. He was than able to feel the neck, shoulder, back and body issues I was describing and advise how he could help. He talked to me LIKE A PERSON, answered all of my questions, and explained things to me when I wanted to know more. Appointment after appointment he continues to be a PARTNER with me in my healing journey. He has helped me understand the dysfunctional patterns that are keeping me stuck in pain. The standing, sitting, walking and sleeping posture changes I can make to retrain my body to a more comfortable position and provided hands-on therapy to work out the muscles and knots that are causing problems. I have grown, changed and learned a lot while working with Dr. Candy. The biggest thing since my first appointment is that I had HOPE that I could feel good again and that this didn't have to be my life. As we near the end of my treatment plan I am know that I will miss our weekly appointments a as they helped tremendously but Dr. Candy assured me that I can check-in any time or make a follow-up appointment as he will continue to offer support for me anytime I need. Again so grateful to Dr. Candy for his time and attention, I am not sure where I would be without him!

Barb S

Dr Dave Candy has helped me more than any other physical therapy or chiropractic visits. He really listens to where you have your pain and takes steps to correct. He helps you help yourself. Today for the first time in a year or more I was able to stay on the treadmill for 25 minutes. It was great! I will continue to see him until my pain is gone and stays away. Thank you, Dave

Alex Cheek

Dave Candy is a superb healer! I am having major shoulder pain and headaches post car accident, and I can go in bundled in pain and leave with a smile on my face, relatively pain free. Great listener and super nice guy and will get to the root of the problem. Thanks Dave!

Anna Ogent

I worked with Dave candy for a little over 3 months on controlling my TMJ. He not only focused on my jaw and facial pain, but focused on every other pain I had going on in my body as well. He not only gave me exercises to do, but also gave me practical ways to change my bad habits. Every bit was worth it!

The Hug Doctor

Dr. Candy is highly knowledgeable and was extremely supportive as I was recovering from a shoulder injury. I would strongly suggest you meet with him if you are experiencing pain and want/need relief. From identifying the issue and treating it consistently over time he made a big difference in my being able to have use of my arm and being able to fully enjoy my life and fully return to tennis, aikido, etc. It's definitely worth a visit.

Chelsea Dickinson

Dr. Dave Candy is such an expert in what he does and exudes so much patience, compassion and generosity (meeting me as soon as I needed). Not only has he helped me get back into running with great form, he gives me the confidence I've been searching for to know my body is healing properly. I sprained my ankle a few weeks back and discovered my running form was off and my right hip is very weak. Without Dave's help I may have never healed properly, or worse-re injured myself! I can't say enough good things about Dave!!!!!

Matt Larigan

Dave was great. Cut my recovery time in half. I can do all my normal activities, plus sports activities in about one month time. Thanks Dave.

Chris Marshall

I came to Dr. Candy for help with a wrist injury. I was pleasantly surprised by how much time and attention he gave me. He took time to understand the issue and its history, and then to "work on" my wrist as well. After one visit, my sessions at the gym are going better and I'm more able to lift weights with that hand.

Alex Peterson

Dr. Dave Candy is extremely knowledgeable has been a tremendous help in relieving my chronic shoulder/neck pain. Dr. Candy’s approach to PT is unique in that he uses a wide variety of modalities and questions to address the root cause of his patients’ pain. After just a couple sessions, the pain in my shoulder is just about completely gone! As long as I am in the STL area, I will always go to Dr. Dave Candy for all my physical therapy needs.

Donna Senaldi

I would highly recommend Dr. Candy. Hey seen his ad in the west magazine and decided to call him he has helped me so much I was tired all the time. I couldn’t get up off the floor. I had trouble going up and down the stairs . I just wanted to be able to play with my grandkids and be more agile and energetic. Dave has helped and is still helping. He is awesome. Thanks Dave..

Cary Baumann

I was amazed at what incredible results I got in such a short amount of time. I have been to PT before and I felt like the treatment was pretty routine. My past experiences of PT treatment involved braces and “living with” the issue instead of correcting it. I had accepted that there were some things that were going to be painful for the rest of my life and that some of the activities I enjoyed were going to be diminished. Dave disagreed. Dave took the time to diagnose the underlying cause of my pain. After that he locked onto those areas with laser focus. Dave wasn't satisfied unless his results were substantial. His bag of “tricks” or methods seemed to be endless. I waited before I gave this review because I wanted to be sure the results were lasting. I can say with a level of confidence that this issue is behind me! I wish I would have had someone like Dave in the first place. I think Dave's vast knowledge, determination, ability to listen and ask great questions is what sets this PT experience apart from others. I believe that a visit with someone like Dave should be a part of everyone’s annual wellness check!

Erin Coleman

I have been seeing Dr. Candy for lower back pain and he has helped tremendously. He has shown me how to correct my posture, the way I walk, and the way I work out. He has been able to point out how one area of my body being off has affected others and given me exercises and stretches to help correct this. During appointments he helps stretch or manipulate anything that needs to be. Very happy with my PT so far, thank you!

Addie Gramelspacher

I am so grateful for Dr. Dave Candy. Dave is an exceptionally skilled physical therapist, and also an intuitive and compassionate person. He has been treating me during my difficult recovery from TMJ surgery. After reaching a plateau in my recovery several months ago, I began working with Dave. Since then, my jaw, neck, and facial pain has continued to improve. Dave takes time with patients and really listens; he considers the whole person. He has also referred me to other healthcare professionals who are helping me along the path to healing. I give Dave my highest recommendation.

Lisa Shelton

I have been going to David Candy for 6 months now for treatment from a car accident almost 2 years ago. I have tried acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic services, and PT services from numerous facilities. Although all of them were helpful in some way, David's evaluation, PT and dry needling treatment is what totally moved me pass the daily pain. I have found that it is extremely hard to find a PT that is really effective at evaluation your particular issue and addressing it effectively. David is a true expert and miracle worker! If you have never tried dry needling to address pain, I highly recommend David as an option for this treatment as well as physical therapy!

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