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REVIEWS OF Pittman Physical Therapy LLC IN Mississippi

Ainsley wharton

they all helped so much and are amazing at what they do!! thank you so much pittman pt!!

Courtney Bradham

I had such a wonderful experience at Pittman Physical Therapy. The staff was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. Therapy helped my back pain to improve greatly and Mitch was always able to answer any of my questions. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of physical therapy!

Shirley Bethea

Quick service, minimal wait and friendly staff. Went in for a nagging pain in my shoulder, they quickly found the Cause and helped me feel better. Very accommodating office for this busy mom of 6!

mohini Shahi

I had great experience at Pittman’s PT. Everyone is very professional and caring. The staff is always smiling and welcoming. I especially enjoyed working with my therapist Laura and Jeremy. They were very knowledgeable and informative, making sure I had the right form while doing my exercises. I would highly recommend this place!!

Kim Foster

I can’t recommend Pittman PT highly enough. The staff is wonderful and always smiling. Brad and Jeremy were wonderful during my recent bout with back pain. I had visited them a few years ago for a similar issue and knew exactly where to go when I started having problems this time. Their use of different techniques and exercises ensures you get the quickest, safest results and that you’re able to prevent the issue in the future. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy!

tn cruiser

After dealing with heel pain for 2 years. I decided to attend Pittman’s heel pain workshop. Jeff Edwards explained the different treatments they offered and explained each one. He answered all questions thoroughly and was knowledgeable. There was no pressure to schedule an appointment to be evaluated. I made the appointment. Jeff evaluated me and set me up with Laura Wand. Laura has been great. She worked with me for about four weeks. She has me walking without pain in over two years. I now know the stretches and exercises that should keep me pain free. She has been wonderful. The entire staff as been great. From the ladies at the front desk to everyone in the therapy room. They are all very helpful and friendly. I now plan on letting them help me with my shoulder. Hopefully with the same results. Thanks Pittman Therapy for getting me back on track to a normal life. Keith Grubbs

Sonya Burton

Very professional, yet fun and family oriented. They’re awesome!

Vickie Arnett

Jeff is the absolute best. He was patient and didn't make it feel like it was physical therapy.This place is amazing.

Teresa Kaczmarek

Pittman’s physical therapy is the place to go. From the time you walk in the door and when you leave everyone is so upbeat. They worked with me on a back muscle that was so painful, yes I went some pain to improve my posture and strengthening my back. After 8 appointments I am stronger. They gave me exercises to do at home. Thank you Pittman’s!!!

Gary Boyd

Everyone at Pittman, especially Brad, were great. They were thoughtful, caring and concerned with my health.

Rodney Crowell

On occasion I over-do and tend to damage myself. Twice Pittman PT has been crucial in providing a diagnosis, treatment plan and solution towards getting me back to an operational status. Most recently the Team there helped me determine what I thought was another nagging "getting older" lower back problem was actually an issue requiring orthopedic surgery on a bad hip. Y'all don't always tell me what I want to hear, but you do tell me what I need to hear. THANKS Team Pittman PT.

Wanda Weston

I went for 7 sessions to strenghten my achelles tendon, so that I could walk without limping. My pain has not been completely eliminated, but the heel has improved considerably. I will continue to use the techniques I learned to help in the healing process.Thank you Pittman Therapy for your expertise in your profession. Your kindness and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Janice Coleman

Oh my, I love Pittman Therapy. April 2017, I had hip replacement and I was very nervous & filled with anxiety as this was my 1st time ever needing physical therapy. I didn’t know what to expect but wanted to get back on my feet. I was greeted & welcomed by Jeremy who did an assessment. I was then assigned a therapist who worked with me 3x’s weekly. In 2 weeks I no longer used my walker and I didn’t return to my pre-surgery cane. As I progressed, there was an assessment done by them & one done by me to note my progress. Additional sessions were needed, so Pittman got that approved by my dr. I am doing magnificently great! My family & friends can’t believe I had replacement and how rapidly I recovered. They asked me my post therapy goal and I responded to dance again. You bet I can! It was only natural to return to them after my rotator cuff surgery. Again Jeremy explained my treatment protocol. I’m doing well with a few sessions left. I’m praying full mobility restored in my right shoulder/arm. Pittman Therapy staff is like family. They incorporate 3P’s daily. Proficiency professionalism & politeness from the front desk to the gym. Thanks Pittman Team, Janice Coleman

Patricia French

Pittman PT has the most cheerful atmosphere with outstanding personable professionals. Genuine care of patients is a real plus. I really appreciated Jeff Edwards who was the physical therapist who helped me understand the "why's" of the particular therapy for my injury. The therapists and staff are all so upbeat and encouraging. My experience at Pittman PT was positive and I will not hesitate to resource Pittman again should the need arise.

David Gibson

From the beautiful smiles you get when you walk in the door to the great staff of therapist who take care of you, its a great place to get help. They make you feel like you belong there and will do they're best to get you better. Thank you for your help.

Jennifer Joyner

I went from intern to patient here at Pittman Pt. I have to say that both sides are great here at Pittman. I have had great improvement in my knee pain. I went from constant pain to no pain in a few weeks. I’m so happy to be able to do the things I love to do again. I trust the knowledge and opinion of the staff and they knew exactly what was going on with me. Thanks Pittman PT for helping me be pain free.

Michael Kossmann

Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. They helped to get rid of my lower back pain so I can play with my son and be able to do normal activities again. I will recommend them to anyone needing PT.

Tarsha Moore

I love these guys! I am a very active person outdoors. I have pulled, stretched and sprang but they really did help me learn to manage my joint pain and they taught me stretches that I can use in my everyday lifestyle that doesn't require much time to perform. I have used this facility 2 consecutive years due to my active life. I enjoy the atmosphere and the welcoming surroundings. I had given up on a finding a therapy clinic (3 prior busts) that wouldn't aggravate any other joints, while attempting to help me. I highly recommend this clinic.

lanier nelson

They helped me with my back when I had a back injury, and now I don’t have pain in my back at all! I will definitely recommend them to anybody I come across, very friendly environment! Super sweet!

Chris Bodry

This is the perfect place for physical therapy. The staff is great and the PTs are very knowledgeable. They are constantly using new techniques so you know they are continuously learning and genuinely care about the welfare of the patients. I've worked with Dr. Mitch three times, shoulder, thumb and elbow issues, and I wouldn't go any where else. If you want to fully recover from surgery or an injury then this is the place to find the best care.

Libsey James

I went to see Pittman PT for shoulder pain due to a bone spur. It was interrupting my sleep. After my first visit the pain was so reduced I could sleep through the night. The at home exercises they give you are easy to do and make a huge difference in your recovery. They also have laser therapy that greatly reduces inflammation which was very effective for me. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly. They treat you like family. Highly recommend!!

L Taylor

Often times it's the little things that are taken for granted. I couldn't perform the simplest of tasks with ease due to knee pain from a fall. I used all sorts of maneuvers to do what I needed to do. I would lie down on the floor with pillows to clean the bathtub. I had my car seat all the way back so that I didn’t have to bend much. Putting on socks/shoes was a challenge. Pain is not normal. Yet, I had readjusted my life to accommodate my pain. All of that changed once I came to Pittman. Absolutely everyone on staff that I interacted with was kind, courteous, and encouraging. I promised Dr. Jeff that I would be a good patient. It wasn’t easy. I am nowhere near physically fit. Some tasks were quite challenging (i.e. stool laps). That’s when Josh, Arianna, and Bret would yell out “Come on you can do it!”, then applaud when I finished my laps. Brad is Mr. Incredible. Not just on superhero day-everyday. I think that having been a patient in need of physical therapy really impacts his bedside manner and approach to his job. He was genuinely concerned about my well being and helping me get back on track. We worked on strengthening my core. I feel so much better, and dare I say stronger than before the fall. I actually looked forward to my sessions. I am very grateful for the care and services received. If you are in need of any kind of physical therapy, I highly recommend Pittman Physical Therapy.

Liz Crain

I absolutely love this place. My children played many sports so we have had our share of PT at many different places. Never have I seen the kind of personal care that you receive at Pittman. I’ve had two knee surgeries in the last 7 months and have dealt with extreme pain for two years prior to surgery. I am a nurse and am on my feet literally all day. I go to work, come home and lay down because that’s all I could do with the pain. I’ve gained weight, from not being able to exercise, which makes the pain even worse. My quality of life is nothing like it used to be....I am nothing like I used to be..and that is depressing, especially with my first grandbaby here. She is 2 and she doesn’t know “MiMi” without knee pain. For the first time, I know I am on my way to being able to walk without limping, manage any pain, and becoming healthier in so many different ways. I’m starting to actually feel like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve only been to 3 appointments so far.....but know that I am in the right place without a doubt. The encouragement given to me is a God send. I am so thankful I found this place and so thankful for Mitch, although everyone there is great! Hands down....there’s no better place!

Chris Liles

There isn't enough room for me to tell you how much this Physical Therapy team has helped me. Each of the therapists are compassionate, personable, knowledgeable and dedicated. It is their sole mission to help you get back to being your best you. Jeremy, Jeff, Mitch, Laura and Helen have helped me get back on my feet with no pain. They collaborate with each other and they aren't afraid to say that you aren't where they think you should be in your treatment and will not hesitate to send you for a Dr.'s consultation. Which is what happened in my case and the Dr. confirmed exactly what Pittman Physical Therapy had diagnosed, and sent me back for further therapy.They use all the latest technology along with tried and true hands on manipulation and coaching. They know how to handle tears too because being in pain is frustrating and they get that. I wouldn't hesitate one second to recommend this facility to anyone that has an ache or pain and, I didn't know this, you don't have to have a Dr. to send you to physical therapy in TN!! So if you have a nagging ache or pain that has been going on for a while, go see them at Pittman Physical Therapy. You'll be surprised at what they can do !!

Tammie Watkins

Very friendly and caring people

Luchanna Reid

The staff is very very professional, friendly and comical!!! I was greeted with excitement by Ms. Jessica as if she was waiting on my arrival! And Ms. Meshia has been corresponding with me via text and phone with updates!!!! Thanks Ladies

Dave Pickering

Tessa helped me “get my life back”:now sleep through the night without hip pain, walking regularly and once again bowling.

Cheryl Ullrich

Everyone at Pittman was very professional, friendly and caring, from the front office staff to the entire PT team. Most of my PT was with Laura and Krista, and they were great to work with. Laura was so knowledgeable in her approach to addressing my injury, and I learned how to care for and strengthen my shoulder beyond our twice-weekly sessions. Now that I've been discharged, I feel confident I've been given the tools I need to maintain my good joint health.

V McCoy

The staff are so SUPER friendly and made my mom feel right at home on her first day of therapy. She was very afraid and they have and are continuing to make her experiences very relaxed! Very excellent service and care for the patients and I would highly recommend!!!

Sheryl Carmack

I went to Pittman because I was having sharp pain in my hip when playing tennis and during everyday activities. Jeff dry needled me during the first visit and it decreased the pain greatly overnight. Helen and Christa helped me with strengthening and stretching, and made it fun when possible. After four weeks I am virtually pain free and back on the court. The entire staff is wonderful. I recommend Pittman

Josh G

Thanks to Pittman PT I was able to make a much faster than expected recovery from my shoulder surgery. In under 3 months, I have made incredible progress with this injury. It bothered me nearly every day for 4+ years and the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Pittman helped me recover from my surgery completely. I have rehabbed several different injuries at several different places, but this has by far been my best experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Paige Woody

I absolutely love the group at Pittman. They are great. They make you feel like family. I have seen them for two different injuries and have never been disappointed. It is always a bittersweet moment when I "graduate." I am happy to be recovered but am sad to not see them again.

Tammy Smith

I have been going to Pittmans for therapy due to a knee replacement. They are absolutely terrific. Never a dull moment with Brad who has taken really good care of my knee. The girls up front are always polite and professional as well as all the others that work in the Pt treatment area. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend this group of fine folks.

Chris Cantwell

All the guys and gals at Pittman were awesome! Friendly, professional, and eager to get you back to where you need to be. After surgery these guys did what was needed to get me back to normal and feeling better than I have in years. Very fun group of people. I hope I don’t ever need PT again, but if I do I’ll be back here. Thanks everyone!!!! Chris

Judy Brooks

A shout out to the staff at Pittman PT ... you are all great! The atmosphere is both very professional and friendly - and, the best part is they helped me with my lower back problems - THANKS! PS - would highly recommend to anyone needing PT ....

Maddison Harvey

Jeff was so professional and really helped me. Everyone at this establishment was very helpful and knowledgeable. The lady at the front desk, Tina, made me feel very welcome every time I came in.

Brad Allen

I came to Pittman PT with consistent pain in my shoulder and neck. Through some simple physical tests the Pittman PT team were able to identify the source as well as create a plan for therapy over several weeks. Through these weekly appointments the pain and soreness became less. This not only lead to a full recovery but increased mobility as well. Enough can’t be said about the positive working environment that you feel during your appointments. There is a genuine feeling that the team cares about your recovery and want to see you well. I highly recommend going to Pittman Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy!

David Playz

I just want a t-shirt

Tom Stoll

The therapists and staff at Pittman are top notch. They helped me regain mobility and strength in my shoulder with significant improvement after only a few visits. Dr. Jeff and PTA Tessa are great!

Mike Selph

Each therapist was very skilled and friendly. Office staff was always helpful, especially Misha!

Amyl. Thomas

The staff here is great! They make you feel welcome from the time you walk through the front door. They always make you feel good about yourself even if you're having a bad day. Jeff and Laura are the best! This is my second time using them for my therapy. They take their time to ask how are you doing and what's hurting you or what's going on. I have never had a bad experience with either one of them. I highly recommend Pittman PT for anyone looking for a great therapist. They're GREAT!!!!!

Wes Wheeler

I was having some issues with my calf and knee. Pittman recommended a orthopedic that could help to address the source of pain and tightness. With diligence and time I have improved with better mobility, less pain and hope to start half-marathon training next month. Mitch, Jeff, Jeremy and all the staff are a pleasure to work with. Very clean environment. They make you feel comfortable and communicate well.

Kimberley HO-TSAI

I’ve been going to Pittman Physical Therapy for about 5 years now and no matter how messed up my body is, they always know how to fix me. The staff is extremely warm, welcoming and knowledgeable about dancers needs, as they differ from the average person! These factors make Pittman Physical Therapy my top choice for body healing and revitalization!

Grace Reed

I came in with bad back pain and everyone was very nice and understanding. they quickly evaluated and got me working to help with the pain. They are very thorough and very concerned. I highly recommend Pittman physical therapy!

Frank Garza

Jeremy and his staff are amazing. They always take the time to explain why everything is being done and their customer service is amazing. I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy...

Julia Wilson

Great experience with such a great crew! My shoulder is getting better every week.

Melinda Dunham

Great Experience!!!!! The crew (Jeff, Laura, Helen, Brad, Miranda, and Krista) really helped me through 2 knee replacements. Now I'm ready for 2019. Couldn't have done it without them!

Todd Rodgers

Wow! I cannot say enough great things about working with Pittman on my PT needs! Everyone there is extremely pleasant to work with and very attentive to my needs! If you have a need for physical therapy, go so see them!

Ethan Doyle

Pittman PT provided me with the resources needed to get rid of my nagging shoulder pain. Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I had a great experience!

Eyvette Russom

This is the 2nd time I've been there and the staff is absolutely amazing they explain everything ensure that you're not hurting before you leave I feel like they are part of my family. The best place ever for therapy Eyvette Russom

Audrey Caldwell

Thank you, Pittman Physical Therapy! I have my life back. I can do simple tasks without the pain that I have felt for years. Getting up from a chair, walking up the stairs, pulling weeds from my flower beds, getting in and out of a car are just a few of the movements that I can now do without pain. I am back to clogging which I gave up several years ago because of the pain! I am thankful for the many encouraging words that I received from Laura, Jeff, Jeremy, and Kristen. The therapy hasn’t ended since I finished my therapy with PPT. Because of your great care and instruction, I now have exercises and stretches that I can do at home to continue this renewed life that I have. Even though I don’t see the muscles, I know I am stronger. Thank you, PPT, I can now fight dinosaurs with my four-year old grandson. Life is good!


The folks at Pittman PT really know what they ate doing! They had me walking pain free after my surgery in just a few short weeks. I owe a speedy recovery to them.

Mickey Rainey

After a full knee replacement, I visited Pittman PT in Collierville and was super happy with their approach and the results. My range of motion before the surgery was terrible and my doctor warned me that I may not get full use back after so many years of limited range, but now he shakes his head and laughs during my checkups because the recovery has gone so well. Huge thanks to Jeremy, Brad and the team for getting me back on my feet. I have a second knee replacement coming up and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else.

Donna Truitt

Staff highly trained,friendly, and adaptive to accidents or other forces that causes changes to how to address main problem while not causing problems to other parts of body. I completely trust in their knowledge and work they do with me. Also I find their high level of empathy and encouragement to be a positive motivator. Great team and environment.

Tpeete Peete

I was in a car wreck, and I’ve been moving very slowly as a result of my injuries. I went to another therapist, but he wasn’t very compassionate. However, when I came here, I was educated about what pain is and told why I had to push myself to get better. I admit, I have still had pain, but the therapy that they done has helped me. And the owner is very funny. He should be a sit down comedian. I wouldn’t go to another place; unless, I absolutely had to do so!!

Debbie Petrusek

Best staff EVER. From the time you walk in the door everyone is friendly and helpful. Always easy to make appointments to fit your schedule. The therapists are professional and personable and always take time to educate and explain. Before you leave a session they make sure you’re comfortable with the appropriate exercises to do at home.

Hannah Andre

I am on the CHS competitive trap shooting team and before my laser treatments at Pittman Physical Therapy, I wasn’t able to even hold my gun for the entirety of practice. My elbow would ache and I would experience sharp pains through it. Thanks to Krista, after my 6 treatments, my elbow had little to no pain and is getting better everyday. Now I’m ready to go take on State with my team. Go dragons!

Clai Selden

I had a son and a daughter both come to Pittman for some physical therapy and they were very happy. When was having some shoulder issues i saw they were offering an assessment and decided to schedule an appointment. I could not be happier with the help and support that i have received. I do not feel like a patient, i feel like i am a friend getting some training or coaching. The environment is very relaxed and comfortable and the staff is very knowledgeable. Mitch and Laura did a great job of asking tons of questions about what i was feeling and where i was hurting and directing the activities to address my issues. There are PT offices closer to my house but i am willing to drive further to get this personalized treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Pittman to anyone dealing with problems requiring physical therapy!

Linda Ross

Great people

M Keffeler

It took a village! I had two knee replacements last fall( 6 weeks a part)! It has turned out to be the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!! If it was not for the TEAM at Pittman PT it might be a different story. Every therapist, assistant and staff member cheered me on while I was in PT. I looked forward to every single day I was there, no matter how hard it was. Everyone cared so much about my progress! They taught me, pushed me and made me realize how much I could do! I “graduated” from PT today and I feel more confident than I have ever been about my physical health. I will miss everyone so much, but am full of gratitude I chose y’all to get me where I needed to be!

Greg Vantreese

Friendly and capable staff. They don’t just train you, they listen to you and respect your input in your own treatment plan. And they definitely seem to know their stuff.

Pamela Hughes

Highest praise goes out to Pittman Physical Therapy. This is my 2nd knee replacement (1st one not with Pittman) and the results were amazing - even better than the 1st!!! Everything from the professionalism, knowledge and smiles from the office staff and therapists made my recovery a breeze. Big shout out to Brad for his knowledge, experience and patience in helping me.

Shawn Coopwood

As a constant sufferer of lower back pain I was able to get the deep tissue laser treatment and after 3 sessions I am already feeling better. As a massage therapist and client I highly recommend Pittman Physical Therapy to my clients and friends . Thank you for all that you do.

Jared Morley

Went to Pittman PT after straining my hamstring while running. After 3 weeks they had me back to running pain free. The staff is always friendly and work hard to get you back up to speed.

Linda Lannom

Pittman PT has been the only good part of recovering from a severe elbow injury. Everyone in this business is so professional and caring. They all join in to encourage you. Thank you all and especially Brad. He has brought me so far and given me hope for further recovery. I appreciate everything and hope to see you again after my second surgery.

Camille Norwood

I had a sore Achilles for months, but once I started seeing Jeff, Tessa, and Mallory at Pittman PT I differently saw a difference. They are friendly, concerned, and just good people.

Donna Drzal

If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you and your injury then call Jeremy! I have been to many physical therapy places and Pittman hands down does what is needed to get you back pain free. All the therapist know you by name and make you feel a part of their family. Pittman Therapy uses a lot of tools that others therapy places do not. They spend time working on your injury...not just go do this many reps of this or that! Happy client of theirs!

Amy Burcham

Jeremy's skill and deep understanding; his responsiveness and willingness to explore solutions to a complex issue have been invaluable to both me and my husband over several courses of treatment. The entire staff at Pittman PT is a cut above. The atmosphere is caring, casual, personal, and upbeat. Jeremy's breadth of knowledge is remarkable, and he shares his thoughts with his clients so that they can truly work as a team. I was able to communicate with Jeremy whenever I needed to, and always received quick and thoughtful responses and advice. I'm very grateful for the high standard of care maintained at Pittman PT!

Judith Ramos

I was referred to Pittman Physical Therapy due to a neck/shoulder pain. Since day 1, the staff was always supportive of needs and goals in a friendly and respectful way! I asked for being challenged since I’m a fitness coach and that’s exactly what they did. They look for the exercises that will help me go back in track with my normal lifestyle. I’m so blessed to be to the things I love without pain. Thanks Pittman Therapy staff, specially Tessa, Brad and Jeff for always challenge and cheering for me! Every win of mine is certainly yours too! Thankfully, Judith Ramos

Jessica Smith

This place is awesome. Jemery and Tessa are the best. Everyone is super friendly. I highly recommend them.

Wink Rush

Brad, Jeff, and Jeremy are great! I highly recommend these guys! Wink

Cary Hart

I was only in the country for 3 weeks, but Pittman's managed to squeeze in 9 sessions and I feel great. I can already tell that things are moving in the right direction and look forward to following my home plan to continue. I only wish I had a place like Pittman's in Moscow to go to so that I could continue, but I feel confident that the work they have dinner so far has gotten me on a good path that I can continue to build on.

Skewda .

Always made me feel welcomed and as if I was part of the group. It was a fun atmosphere to be in and they quickly and efficiently fixed the issue I was having.

Shawn Sandy

Jeremy, Brad and the Pittman Physical Therapy team was awesome. Every torture session (yes, they will push you, but it's for your own good) progressed me to full mobility and no aching pain in my rotator cuff! They tried several things until we found the right combination of exercises and therapeutic support. I'm amazed that I could progress as quickly in just 5 weeks and get back to sports and exercise. Love them!

Thomas Hart

Professional is the word which best describes the staff from the front desk to the PT certified staff.

Cassandra Farris

Staff is friendly and efficient! Love this place!

Gurbinder Suri

Omg PT Pittman therapist has given me the real meaning if life. Whether it relates to my neck stiffness or foot Pain or even lower back, Jeff and Jeremy have indeed applied miracle therapy My quality of life has improved significantly

Morgan Robbins

I came to Pittman PT for my knee pain. I wasn’t able to workout and do normal things like walking up the stairs without pain. All of the staff are very friendly and welcoming. In a month, with the help of Jeff and Duncan, I have not only strengthened my knee, but I am pain free. I’m able to do bootcamp multiple times a week without pain. Jeff and Duncan, both invested time and energy to help my knee get better, while also getting to know me. You aren’t just a number here, they build a relationship with you. They really take pride in their work and it shows! I’m so glad I chose Pittman PT for my physical therapy.

Barbara Gatlin


Nate Sumner

Came in with lower back pain and being a college athlete made it near impossible do things in my sport without extreme pain. After seeing Jeff and Mitch here, I am now able to practice and lift with minimal pain that is getting better day by day. I learned altered form for lifting that will avoid the pain coming back again. Thanks Pittman!

Dennis Hacker

Had a great experience getting PT here. Always on time, great PTs and friendly schedulers. Definitely recommend Pittman PT!

jack rose

Before I came to Pittman PT I could barely swim with my shoulder pain, but after dry needling and the exercises I am back to swimming fast again. The staff was amazing and helped me with all my problems.

Richard Barbas

I enjoyed working with the staff at Pittman therapy. They were encouraging and knew how to show me the exercises to help me with my shoulder problems. I would recommend them and go back in the future if needed.

Hometownhero Quinn

Thank you so much Pittman Physical Therapy it was great working with Mitch , Ms. Helen and christa. Throughout working with them I was getting to know them and they were getting to know me , we all laugh and had fun but at the same time they were working me hard to get me back right. I recommend who every is going through any type of injury or pain come to Pittman Physical Therapy we’re i know you’ll leave out of there smiling. Thank you guys for helping me out i won’t forget about you guys at all and when I’m in town I’ll stop by . Thanks again

Adam Evans

Awesome place and great staff!

Matthew Reed

Just want to say first if you have plantar fasciitis come in and they will help you heal. I had it for over a year and my foot feels great now! So my first experience with Pittman was back in highschool I injured my quad. The physical therapy got me back into running for cross country quickly! Since then, I occasionally have a rib get out of place, and Jeremy can pop it right back in for immediate relief. So I had another rib out and when I came in Jeremy noticed I had a limp, from my plantar fasciitis. So after fixing my rib he began treatment for that. We started with dry needle therapy treatment which wasnt pleasant, but very helpful. Coming in the following weeks the excercises and programs they gave me helped immensely. Thanks to everyone on the team! Everyone is super friendly and helps you feel comfortable and welcomed. If you have any type of physical therapy issue make sure to come in.

David Kelly

Jeff and Brad have been great to work with through recovery and strength training following surgery. The interactions with other clients and staff are engaging and fun. I cannot recommend them enough and would gladly return.

Jessie Bell

These guys are great! I was having trouble with my running and taekwondo. I came to them to help with my hamstring issues. They were able to get me feeling better in a few short weeks! I am back to running and kicking with no pain!

Melissa Norwood

We love Pittman PT. Jeremy and his staff are always so positive and helpful. My daughter goes regularly for sports injuries and they are always easy to work with on scheduling. Staff is always smiling. Always a good experience.

rodney mcelroy

After falling off of a ladder and spending 8 days in Trauma ICU I rolled into Pittman PT with my walker, my aspen neck collar, my Jewett body brace, and I was in extreme pain. I suffered a broken neck, 3 breaks in my spine, and 3 broken ribs. On day one Jeff asked me what my expectations were and I really had none – the future wasn’t looking great. The Pittman team designed a program for me that carefully brought me along the path of recovery and restored my confidence and abilities. I am forever grateful to Pittman PT and I am most especially grateful for Brad, Krista, and Jeff who cared for me physically and mentally throughout this journey. Being able to walk, sit, stand, and drive to work again is great, but being able to lift and hold my grandson again is priceless. Thank you all.

Lynn Campbell

Treated very well. Very friendly and professional. This is my first experience with pt and it has been positive and helpful.


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The atmosphere is positive and encouraging. Everyone really cares about the progress you’re making in your therapy.

George Palmer

My complaint symptoms were significantly reduced by the quite competent therapists. Would definitely return for similar issues in the future.

Karla Espaillat

Professional ballet dancer being taken care of and recovering from a patella tendinitis. Very happy with the results and loving the hard work they are doing and the special care. Thank you ❤️

Hosea Franklin

I love the fun vibe and friendly environment!!!

Krista Caller

I have been working at Pittman PT since May 2018 and have loved it. I love it because I’ve been learning so much more than the typical patient-therapist relationship. I’ve been given opportunities to go interact with people I’ve never met before at seminars and I have been taught the “why” behind every exercise and condition. Because of the team I work with, I have been able to find where I fit in in the Therapy world and I’m now on my way to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree starting in August 2019. I’m so incredibly thankful and blessed that I’ve been able to work with such a motivating and fun team.

Philip Pichard

Awesome staff!! Everyone is caring and friendly. Brad and Jeff worked wonders on my shoulder. Before treatment I could not sleep because of the pain and discomfort. After three weeks of therapy the pain is gone and I have full range of motion. Thanks to Pittman PT I am able to resume my normal activities!

Tina Drewry

When I visit Pittman PT, I know I will get the most honest and knowledgeable diagnosis from Jeremy Pittman. Along with the necessary treatments in the office, Pittman will also provide you with the tools(stretches/exercises) necessary to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. I also receive informative newsletters and videos I love to read and appreciate. I highly recommend Pittman PT! =)

Joanne Roberts

3 weeks ago, I went to Pittman PT because I couldn’t turn my head very far in either direction. I have had 2 dry needlings with excellent results. Along with physical therapy, I am pain free and have very good range of motion. The therapists care about their patients and I would recommend Pittman PT very highly, if you need physical therapy.

Kathy Reel

Good experience with exercises and progress. Helpful information from Front Desk , especially Paige.

David Johnson

Professional and friendly staff combine to create a healing atmosphere. Thanks guys.

Cindi Peckham

Pittman Physically Therapy is a great place to recover! I had a few days of PT in the hospital in Colorado following a sledding accident but when I arrived at Pittman I was still a mess. I had lost consciousness and physically moved my collarbone when I crashed into an ice bank. My range of motion was poor and my pain level was a +10! I am so grateful to Tessa for the excellent care I received. She was always encouraging and helped me see the value in the baby steps I felt I was taking. Everyone there, from the front door back, was always professional and friendly. They all made you feel they were invested in your progress. I am so pleased with my results and I will truly miss my new friends! I wear my t-shirt with pride!

Heather Short

The Drs. and staff at Pittman are wonderful.

Deidre Morrison

I’m truly thankful that I was referred here for my PT treatment! The entire staff here has been so welcoming and friendly, but beyond that they made sure that I left here being able to everything I’ve wanted and needed to do without experiencing any pain. Now that my treatment is over I feel like I’m leaving my family behind, but they have sent me off with the best care I could’ve received! I will recommend them to any and everyone I know needing PT treatment!

L Oakes

Once again Pitman PT has done a superb job in rehabbing me. This is my 4th experience with them and the experience and the results continue to improve. Before hip surgery, two hip replacements, and now a dislocated shoulder. The shoulder rehabilitation went well and has allowed me to avoid shoulder replacement surgery. Brad Apple was my primary theorpist and did a great job. I highly recommend Pitman PT and the entire staff.

Frances Boyd

I was a patient here. At first I was mad and didn't want to be there but the staff was Great Jeremy and his personality was great he kept my mind off my fears and made me laugh a lot even tho I didnt want to be there.But Brad was my physical Therapy coach sort of speak .He was so encouraging telling me I can do this when I was Telling him I couldn't. The other Teams were Awesome as well They Greeted me with a smile as well. The staff as a Whole is Amazing!!!!!❤ Well it has been 5 month next month and I am doing just Great.I Highly Recommend this Place. They know how to take care of their Patients❤☺ love you guys Y'all ROCK

Kristy LaShea

I had an amazing experience. The therapists challenged me and quickly helped my body to regain some normalcy. Love the friendly, family environment!

GKL Productions

Thank you Pittman for make me my ankle feel better!

Ellen Ann Burton

Pittman Physical Therapy in Collierville was a great experience for my physical therapy. The staff is always welcoming and attentive to the needs of the patients. The therapists do a great job of assessing the problem and re-assessing to find different ways to strengthen my body. I am extremely grateful for their compassionate care and hard work. This will be my first choice if I have to have any more physical therapy.

Kim Sessions

I have been to Pittman several times. I won’t go anywhere else. The office staff is very welcoming and always greets me with a smile. The therapists are the best! I worked with Brad mainly. But occasionally Jeff. But you work with one and all the other therapists ask you how you’re doing or wave to acknowledge you’re there. Brad was awesome. He worked me hard enough to get the job done but with enough ease not to bother my health. He constantly reminded me to take breaks if needed. He made me feel like family. As did the entire staff. Office staff included. Thank you Pittman family!!

Sailu Posinasetty

Great place and friendly, knowledgable staff. They work with you in scheduling appointments according to your schedule. I had to visit for neck pain. Experienced great relief after my first visit. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Donna Kovach

I had a very good experience. They helped me alot. When I was release, I was pain free, and able to do things I couldn't a month ago. I highly recommend Pittman physical therapy.

Samantha Sanchez

Today was just my second day of therapy with Pittman, and I already feel like we’re old friends. The therapists push me just enough and encourage me to try my best. I’m confident my recovery is in the best hands!

Crystal Norment

I am so impressed with the whole team and I have achieved great results. Crystal Norment

Arthur Bagomolny

Jeremy and his staff are fantastic. They are always very professional and do a fantastic job of treating the issue that brought you in and helping to completely resolve it. My family and I have used Pittman Physical Therapy numerous times over the years and have always been extremely happy with both the recovery process and the results. They always exceed our expectations!

Nicolle Ipock

The BEST place for PT!!!!!! I always feel welcome when I walk in the door. ALL of the staff are so friendly and I look forward to going. The excercises are not the typical movements, which makes it interesting and never broring.

Cameron Caller

I had a free screening offered to me and used it to talk with a Physical Therapist (Jeff) about my lower back issue. He helped me understand my issue and went through some stretches and exercises to help reduce my pain.

Samantha Hudson

I came to Pittman PT off of the recommendations of several friends and my family doctor post hospitalization. I was diagnosed with ataxia, and was suffering from weak legs to where I was no longer able to walk without the support of a walker or cane. I was out of work and scared, and I had been told by certain medical health professionals that there was a good chance that I would never walk again. Entering into the warm and professional atmosphere of Pittman PT honestly was such a blessing. Dr. Jeff assessed my case, listened to me, set up goal setting and a plan to work on my specific needs. I noticed massive differences right away and I can happily say that I am not only now on the mend but I have developed a love of working out. I would like to give out shouts to my PT Tessa - she is amazing, the entire front desk staff that knows everyone by name, Dr Jeff, and Krista and Brett who have helped me get better while making me laugh at the same time. Thank you guys!

Genevieve Preston

I have used Pittman Physical Therapy twice. They are the best!

Jeff Sokolik

I could not be happier with the attention and resultsI received at Pittman Therapy. I had pulled a muscle and was not having much luck letting it heal on its own so I went in for a free evaluation and decided to come back for some PT. So glad I did as after 2 weeks I was much better and the pain was gone. Thanks so much!

Karen Schmulbach

What a wonderful bunch of folks. They love whst they do, love their clients and have a lot of fun. They include their clients in the fun too(which makes the pains more bearable)! I went in with pain in my shoulder-I couldn't raise my arm without pain. Three weeks at Pittman and I "graduated" today with no pain! Believe me, it's worth a drive to Collierville to work with all the staff at Pittman!

Linda Johnson

I’ve had a wonderful Experience at Pittman physical therapy, everyone is so friendly and helpful. When I started I was having a very difficult time walking without a limp due to knee and feet problems. I also had two back surgeries and was still having problems with my back. Needless to say I don’t think they knew just what they were going to do with me when I first started. After three months I’m very happy to say I have no Lamp, I can walk straight without wobbling. I also was Shown different exercises that have been very helpful with my back. I highly recommend their team.

Christopher Janse

Had a great experience with them. All the staff were super friendly. I would highly recommend them!

Chase Holmes

I went to Pittman PT for 6 weeks and they are amazing. Everyone is kind, easy to talk to, and a joy to be around. They do get busy sometimes, but everyone there knows what they’re doing and have great equipment to work with. I was able to schedule my days with my time easily.

Anne Ross

Jeremy and his team are not only good at what they do, they're passionate about it. I had upper back pain for months and had seen other professionals who just went through the motions with me and were only able to temporarily relieve the pain. Jeremy not only figured out the underlying issue and fixed it, he taught me how to better strengthen my body, so it wouldn't happen again. I highly recommend them!

David Kellerman

I would like to thank Pittman Therapy for all they did to help me recover from a shoulder injury. The staff here is excellent, very caring and effective! Today I can do all the things I was unable to do before, and I am no longer in physical pain! My physical therapist Brad, and those who worked with him to help me, were terrific! I also very much appreciate the staff at the front desk who were both friendly and helpful! I would very much recommend Pittman Physical Therapy for anyone in the process of recovering from surgery or injury.

Lisa McMahan

I have had trigger points in my left shoulder and back for years. One treatment had me pain free for 10 days. Subsequent treatments build on the other for long term relief. Thanks for great service and great staff!

Melissa Cardenas

Personable staff, knowledgeable therapists and a very friendly environment.

john moore

I am suffering from nerve damage, and have lost my balance , My PT Brad has designed a session and works with me to restore my balance and give me back a safer life. The You Pittman & Brad!

Pat Gary

I went to Pittman after back surgery to regain strength and flexibility. The Physical Therapists are knowledgeable, well trained, experienced, pleasant and professional. All the Staff Is kind, helpful and friendly. I was truly amazed at the facility and the equipment which allows them to offer a range of exercising and techniques for a wide range of injures, surgeries and physical problems. My six weeks at Pittman was very beneficial in helping me on the road to a full recovery. I really enjoyed my experience there and looked forward to each appointment. I would not hesitate to go back for any kind of problem. Pittman Physical Therapy is a Happy Place and you leave there happy.

Bethy Jones

The staff is very friendly, sweet and very accommodating. I was having terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Pittman PT recommended dry needling and physical therapy. After a few weeks of therapy I am now feeling 100% again. I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you to Jeremy and his staff for your wonderful service.

Teddy Roosevelt

Mitch has genuine concern and care for his patients, and Jeremy helps to be sure everyone is doing all they can to help healing and relief of pain and discomfort. Always in good spirits and a positive environment.

Rita Black

Though my time at Pittman PT was short, it was exactly what I needed. My knee pain was addressed with care and concern. I was then equipped not only with exercises for the issue but also with knowledge as to the problem. The staff was professional, yet personable, kind, and fun all at the same time. Great experience!

Lashonda Hampton

I love this place very respectful and will help u in every especially the clerks.

Josh Black

Great place for physical therapy with a very friendly and fun front desk staff as well as awesome therapists that work with you extensively and truly get to the root of your issues. Highly recommend the therapists Mallory and Josh who have both worked with me and both have been awesome!

Vicki Reed

Everyone at Pittman have gone over and above to provide the highest level of treatment for me and my family. It’s not often you find people that are willing to go the extra mile but these guys do 100%, every time. They keep me moving and I can’t thank them enough.

Gwin Lenderman

I had a great experience at Pittman. The office staff is very friendly and efficient. My physical Therapist was very nice and extremely helpful. If I ever need physical therapy again I will definitely return!

Aaron Cichocki

Excellent results. Love the team and very friendly environment. The times available work well with my schedule and the variety of therapies ensure continuous improvement.

Daniel Demetrio

Pittman Physical Therapy helped my 10 year old daughter, and she really enjoyed coming here. Jeramy made my daughter feel really comfortable and everyone we interacted with there were great.

gautham kunapareddy

I had the therapy for 2 weeks and had a very good experience. The staff was very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Vera Johnson

I woke up one morning with a sharp pain in my left shoulder I couldn't lift my arm to my forehead without a lot of pain. I started going to Pittman"s and got my range of motion back. A special thanks to Brad. Thank You all for caring . Vera Johnson

Icedragons Reign

I love Pittman Pt and their staff. As a newcomer, I was very nervous and anxious, but they are so friendly and caring! I had an injured knee, and after the first day I saw improvement in my ability to move it. So thankful that I got to work with them and have fun! -Sarah Pugh

Lou Lou

They’re super friendly! I drive my friends father three times a week and it’s a hometown welcome every time. Wonderful place to come heal. Thanks to all the friendly faces who make it such a comfortable and welcoming place.

Carol Clark

Friendly, personable PT. ENJOYABLE experience, knowlegble PT’s. They got me through my my first few therapies and coached me through the pain. Thank you! Carol Clark

Kelli Lewis

This is by far the best physical therapy clinic around! Jeff and Jeremy are so skilled and the entire staff is extremely welcoming and professional. They have helped me immensely with both a cervical disc herniation and sciatica pain in my leg. Pittman PT is a great place for athletes or recreational exercisers to visit to have their chronic pains and strains checked and corrected. 10/10 would recommend!

Donna Moore

I was very skeptical, but in great pain when I came to the workshop. I decided to give the staff a chance. I can not thank you enough for the care I received. You all are passionate, amazing, professional, and caring, beyond my imagination. Thank you Jeremy and team for being there for me!

Eric Keszler

The staff at Pittman did a wonderful job helping me recover from hip surgery. They were patient with me, listened, and tailored a program to meet my specific situation. Thanks to them I have regained most of my strength and flexibility. I would recommend them highly.

Trent Bontly

After going to a couple of other physical therapy providers, I can say this one is hands down the best. Excellent customer service, excellent techniques, and you will be treated with care, not like cattle.

Susan Gambrell

Patient, friendly, caring staff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

Richard Strausser

I appreciate the professional care that was giving to me, at this facility. Excellent treatment, thanks.

Tammy L. Middleton

The entire staff is great!!! Everyone is very friendly. My PT was Jeff and my PTA was Brad. I couldn't have asked for better. I also had the pleasure of working with Helen and Jeremey whom were also great. Along with Christa, Laura and Mitch working in the therapy room not to mention the front desk staff Tina and Arianna, going there was like going to visit family. They made by healing process much more bearable. I would recommend this facility to everyone. You Guys Rock!!!! Thanks Brad for being patient with me. I'm going to miss you guys!!!!

Pamela Zubrod

I am so very grateful to the team at Pittman Physical Therapy for Treating my knee! In just 12 sessions, I left with no pain, more mobility and strength in both legs. Working with Jeremy, Brad and Helen gave me complete confidence in the regimin designed for a total recovery. Through their efforts and patience, they demonstrated professionalism and compassion throughout my treatment. In working with other patients, I witnessed the same qualities. I recommend this team for any physical therapy or conditioning needs!

Kathleen Bracho

I have been to several physical therapy offices in Shelby County. I appreciate the expertise, care and professionalism that I receive with Jeremy and his great staff. Do not hesitate to visit this office!

SubaS gmail

Excellent job! Thank you

Debbie Jones

After total knee replacement of my right knee in February, 2016, I chose Pittman PT for my post-surgery rehab. I could not gave made a better choice! They all are so knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient. In September, 2016, I had total knee replacement of my left knee. Without any hesitation, I returned to Pittman PT. By the time my post-rehab was finished, I was walking like I had not been able to in years. I would not consider going to any where else for physical therapy. Thank you, Pittman PT, for helping me get my life back!

Noah Graves

Everyone is very friendly here and makes you feel at home as soon as you begin therapy. The only scary thing about Pittman PT is how much they care for their patients:)

camidel .

Great staff and professional attention to your rehabilitation needs.

Membirdie Baird

Was having pain in my shoulder. Went to Ortho and he suggested. Pittman PT. Knew a lot of people who had been there and spoke highly. Well in about 3- 4 weeks they had me feeling great. Staff at checkin very friendly and on top of in when you walk in the door. My lead therapist quickly found my issue. Worked with another person most of the time and lead would check in weekly to see how progressing. You can book with just one but felt good with other person. My mother was having trouble Lexi and I took her there and they helped her a lot. Thanks PittmanPT!!!

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