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REVIEWS OF Hopkins Health & Wellness Center IN Minnesota

Cheryl Brown

I started going to the Hopkins Health & Wellness Center after getting no relief for the pain in my power back. At times, I could barely walk. After going to the DMR Clinic I am pain free. Would and have highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing back and/ or neck pain. They are the best!

Scott Kovensky

Barbara Howard

Trevor Larsen

Jeffrey Fischer

Sharon Manninen

Making a huge difference when no one else could. Love going there.

Danielle Furry

Dr. Pete and his entire staff are truly amazing! I started seeing a chiropractor at a very young age and thought "he was fine," but I wanted to see what else was out there. I was referred to Dr. Pete from a friend and was able to be seen on short notice. I almost needed help getting into the building due to the amount of pain I was in, but within minutes, Dr. Pete was able to diagnose my issue and alleviate the pain! I was completely shocked at the difference between a "fine" Doctor and an AMAZING Doctor! I'm a terrible patient and only go when I'm starting to feel the pain return, but I've always been able to be seen on short notice and have had great experiences with the other Doctors when Dr. Pete isn't in the office! This place is a game changer and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for knowledgeable Doctors and friendly staff!

Bill Farrell

I used Hopkins Health and Wellness Center following a car accident where I was rear ended at highway speed which totaled my car! As an avid squash player I wanted to (and needed to) be 100% again! I began treatment at HHWC for whiplash and back issues. I used the whole protocol in the DMR method including PT, Chiropractic and massage therapy to speed recovery. It works! I recommend not living with pain and investing in getting your body right. Playing Squash 3-4 times per week now at Boast Squash, Eden Prairie as good as ever!

bob McMenomy

I visited dr Pete L`Allier at Hopkins health and wellness center for some minor back and neck issues. After dr pete put toghtet a plan for my recovery I was feeling incredible. His staff was excellent and listened to my needs and they worked to fit my tight work schedule. I highly recommend the DMR method for anyone

Todd Glocke

Gary Katz

Mario Pena

Sarah H

Great people who take great care of me and our family, highly recommend!

Zac The Human

unbelievably expensive. just an absolute scam.

Bonnie S

I highly recommend Dr. Michlynn! I've been going to her for years and even drive a little further now to see her, its worth it. Prior to her I had seen other chiropractors, but have had the most success with her for reducing my back pain.

Josh Quale

Best help I could of dreamed of! I am back to 100% of what I was doing before my back injury.

David Botts

I was in so much pain from 2 herniated discs that I could barely stand. I had exhausted all the medical options and was considering surgery. After just 3 weeks at Hopkins Health and Wellness I was free of pain and have now been pain free for going on 3 years. This place works miracles

Grant Wingness

Mary Jo Schmith

Abdul Saifee

This is an excellent company, with highly knowledgeable doctors and therapists. The other staffs need major improvement.

Lacey Petersen

Although the doctors are good I’m extremely disappointed with how they explained how my benefits worked. I was under the impression that through my consult with them my services were being covered. I now received bills totalling over 500$ because my insurance actually covers zero dollars of the services I’ve been receiving for about a month now. I called to ask why this wasn’t told to me or the verbiage that was used made it seem like I was covered and I was just told that it wasn’t their problem and it is my responsibility to know what my insurance does and does not cover. I will not be going back or recommending anyone.

Jordan Baltrusch

Emily Beck

I wish I could give this place a good review, but I just cannot. The people are nice and I like the idea of having physical therapists and chiropractors all in one location, but this place kind of makes you feel like you're being herded like cattle and you don't get a lot of individualized attention. Several instances the therapist I was seeing had to go back and forth between several patients and I barely had any individual time with them. I do believe the therapists here a good...they just have too many patients at once. And they are the most expensive therapy that I've ever been to (and again, with the least amount of individual patient care). They also won't tell you any prices prior to receiving care, where every other place I have been to at least gives me an estimate. I would also check your bills as I was charged for treatment I didn't receive, although they were very nice about it when I confronted them with this and they removed the charges. Overall, if you want good individual care for a reasonable price, I'd recommend going elsewhere.

Tammy N

Michael Langlie

Awesome, simply awesome !! They listen to you, and they actually do what they claim to do. When I came in the 1st time I was unable to ride my motorcycle, after 2 visits I was back on the bike for short hops. But after a complete session I was back to 100%. The DMR method is real !

Rebecca Pruse

The staff is awesome. Every chiropractor and physical therapist I worked with is friendly and very effective. The massage therapists are all great, especially Frank. The receptionists are sometimes snooty, but you don't need to deal with them much.

Local Google Reviewer

Made an appointment to come in to have my back checked out, i was given multiple informational forms to fill out, and the custom, Hopkins Health and wellness HIPPA privacy rule. I refused to sign the form and was told that they are not able to treat me. The law states i am not obligated to sign or agree to the HIPPA privacy rule, the receptionist named "Sara"proceeded to tell me repeatedly that you have to sign it, i asked for the supervisor someone came out and said the same thing "we are not able to treat you unless it is signed". I felt i was getting nowhere so i decided to leave. No actual chiropractic services were performed. But the lack of knowledge of the office staff made me believe that perhaps the rest of the people working there were on the same level. I am also pretty sure it is a federal law violation for refusing to treat someone.

Adam Arnold

Not great. Been going here for over 6 months and still have pain. Seems like the assistants care way more than the physical therapists. They listen and try to pinpoint where you have pain. But I feel like the PT's barely listen when you tell them where you hurt, and just keep giving you exercises to do out of their DMR book in no intelligent order. The manual work the PT does with me seems passive compared to the assistants. I would think the person with more education, who obviously gets paid more, would be the best at providing relief and understanding your pain. It has turned out to be the exact opposite. I avoid making appointments with the PT if possible. The assistants just seem to try much harder. The PT's also really try to sell this book like its gonna do all the work to fix you as if they can't accomplish anything in the PT facility itself. It's like a drive through experience. You pop in and they do whatever they feel like is best even if you say its not in the right spot or not helping, brush you off, send you home. If you tell them about something an assistant did that actually gave you relief, they just nod and disregard it. Then to top it off you have to get reevaluated every month, for insurance purposes I assume, and the PT tries to get you to say everything is fine and you don't need to be seen anymore. I don't understand this place at all. It seems like they don't want me to be a patient here. Or like they are getting sick of me because I'm not healing fast enough for them. I wonder if other people feel the same. I should also mention that my PT has told me not to get massages. I have asked multiple times if that will help and the answer is always no despite what I have read on my own time about my pain. Doesn't seem right to me. If I get injured again I'm going somewhere else. I only came here this time because 6 years ago it was a different experience.

Douglas Hall

Great service

Jazzy Plantikow

T 梁

these people said they won't release my medical information to my insurance company if i didnt leave a 5 star or delete the bad review. So my insurance company couldn't close the case because of this. here you go, way to do business and way to criticism. bad business. keep in mind, reviews can always be changed, you can't stop that. you could try that again, i will submit a BBB for you. ‹^›(º;º)

John W Penfield

jerry maher

Penny Fulton

Maria george

Kelly Herzog

Been here quite a few times for both chiropratic care and physical therapy. Staff is very friendly and the issues I've been seen for have been resolved. Would highly recommend.

Beth Burgstahler

I have very complicated diagnoses, the staff at Hopkins Health and Wellness has been able to treat my issues and as a result I have been able to avoid back surgery and have remained mobile without assisted devices. The PT staff's phenomenal, I have experienced treatment in and out patient and the staff at HHW is THE BEST. They are also great at post-surgical rehab for joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. The chiropractors are very good and able to adjust their treatment to your individual needs. I highly recommend Hopkins Health and Wellness.

Lauri Aho

I suffered from chronic neck pain and upper back stiffness for over 12 years due to several auto accidents resulting in whiplash. Several MRIs were done over the years and the medical doctors recommended surgery. Because of the pain and constant headaches that I had, I took opiate pain meds along with muscle relaxants 3 x daily. I finally went to Hopkins Health & Wellness and basically after 3 months, I've not had to look back on those horrible 12 years of constant misery. Thank you so much for what you have done for me!

jeffrey Schloner

Been to many chiropractors over the past 38 years due to my low back problems. Went to HH&W after hearing there ad about the DMR method. Wow great experience! Dr. Abby Bell has to be the best Chiropractor I have ever had. Very good at finding and adjusting my problems. Great staff, clean office and easy to make appointments. Highly recommend HH&W

G Hodgdon

Hopkins Health & Wellness has a great approach that is centered on helping the patients in all facets of good health! They can quickly evaluate the needs of the patient and direct them to Chiropractic care, Physical therapy, or massage therapy. The best part is the level of professional care available and the second is the ability to have it all in one location. By the way there is a gym in the same building too. That's what I call one stop health care!

Debbie Taylor

Love chiropractic care hear see doctor pete

Chelsea Lee

I have been coming here for a while. First when I was in a car accident in 2003 and then on/off for the next couple years. Loved them then. I was then hurt in a volleyball accident this January. They helped a lot with the pain and I am slowly recovering. The reason they are getting 2 stars is because of the way they run the clinic. They overbook the doctors which means they are running behind all the time. You have to sit and wait way past your appointment time. Then you have to sit and wait for stim because they don't have enough room. I know they are a business and want to make money but overbooking will just make people angry. It shows no respect for my time. Would I recommend them to you? Probably. They are good. Just run late all the time and don't seem to care. So book first of the day, right after lunch, or don't make plans for after. Frank the massage master on the other hand get 5 giant stars! Love him and how he helps my back feel fantastic! Always look forward to my appointments with him. (And he runs on time.)

John Ronan

This combination of PT and Chiropractic treatment was a real winner for me. I was not involved in excessive treatments and the relief from leg and spinal pain has been long lasting.

linda norton

Gayle Heppelmann

Samantha Thrune-Zavala

The chiropractor was great! Ive always been scared of the chiropractor and she was perfect at explaining and working with my comfort level.

Brian Bode

Richard Kreyer

Hopkins Health and Wellness gave me my life back. I was in so much pain that I could not sleep, throw a ball, or really move my arm over my head. Through a coordinated effort of PT and Chiro, they relieved the pain, stabilized my back and shoulder and then strengthened everything back up again. Thanks to the DMR method , Dr. Pete, Dr. Kelly and all the supporting providers. I would recommend Hopkins Health and Wellness to anyone with joint and muscle pain because they all know what they are doing and treat the root cause and not just the symptoms.

Mike Vawracz

Your crew were awesome to me. They helped me with my back problem. Thanks

Gabriel the Gamer 25


Eric Hinkel

All of staff are very knowledgeable and work very well as a team to treat patients. I have recommended HHW to anyone I hear has a spinal issue.

Joshua Mormon

Mary Kemper

Really good physical therapists, chiropractors and staff. They do a great job taking care of my back and neck. Highly recommended.

Jessica Wegmeyer

Karyl Muehlbauer

Hopkins Health & Wellness Center is awesome and I highly recommend this place! Dr. Pete and his staff have helped me and my family tremendously! Surgery should never be your first option ... see Dr. Pete. His chiropractic adjustments, helpful advice and physical therapy department will get you on the road to recovery!

Bonnie Stein

Great experience and do not over subscribe or over treat

Justine Van Sickle

Dr Andrea is the best. So happy I found her

Eric Grom

First of all, my practitioner was friendly & competent so this review isn't personal. However, I was referred here by a friend for dry needling, which was the only service he recieved & the only service I asked specifically to be performed due to not being able to afford PT, yet the physical therapist provided less than a few minutes of manual therapy in each of my dry needling sessions & billed them to my credit card as full PT sessions without my consent or any heads up that it's a separate service I could be billed for altogether. You think they would be more transparent about when & what you're being billed for so you have the option to decline them, but instead they manipulate their dry needling agreement with ambiguous verbiage that allows them to take advantage of ppl's naivety. I thought it might be a mistake or misunderstanding on their part, but the billing department refused to reimburse me, which is why I'm publicizing my displeasure. This situation has caused a great deal of distress in my life recently & places like this need to be held more accountable for unethical practices that ironically have a negative impact on ppl's overall wellness. I feel gross about leaving a review like this, but that's my experience

Morgen Niccum

A Google User

Dr. John is a true asset to his profession and to Hopkins Health & Wellness Center. I really like his approach in his treatments and adjustments. Everyone I encounter during my visits are always friendly, positive and professional.

Corey Wolbert

Better than most, and maybe the best.

Judy Berry

Greg Solberg

Went through the DMR Method 4+ years ago. Great team of people, and I experienced great results. Not perfect, I never will be, but much much better. As mentioned, it's been over 4 years, and my neck and back are still doing way better than before Hopkins H &W took care of me. I've recommended them to many. I sure believe in their ways.

Moab Bachelor

I started coming here after an injury many years ago and have since recommended to friends, coworkers and family. They have always done a great job for everyone in my circles. And Serge and Tang sound like a couple of winners. I wouldn't trust reviews of folks that didn't have service or need medical reports for insurance. The insurance companies can get what they need from what is submitted to them so sounds like a scam. And Serge sounds like someone I would refuse service to just for acting like a jerk when walking in. What a dong.

Chase Halvorson

Bob Rusch

Dr. Pete discovered that I had a serious neck compression along with my lower back misalignment. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but it did not take long to realize I was in the right place. You can trust Dr. Pete and his team of professionals, I did and I have had excellent results.

Polly Laden

When my friend told me that Hopkins Health & Wellness Center was a "Godsend," she wasn't kidding. With their integrated, multi-faceted approach, I was out of misery and back to my regular state of well-being in half the time I had expected. I really appreciated their scheduling protocol too. My Dr and Physical therapist appointments were always back-to-back, with little or no waiting time between, and little or no waiting time on the front-end either. Hopkins is a good 35-40 minute drive for me, so I was hesitant to commit to that kind of commute, but IT WAS MORE THAN WORTH the hour-plus round-trip drive! I've been pain-free and not needing treatment for a couple of years now, but still refer to the book they gave me, and do the prescribed exercises whenever I feel like my lower back issue might be rearing its ugly head again. I appreciate that they gave me those tools to use on my own. The professional, and courteous staff and the clean, comfortable and current atmosphere/equipment made my experience just that much more comfortable as well. With all that being said, the ONLY thing that really mattered to me during that episode of acute pain, was finding RELIEF, and Hopkins Health and Wellness Center provided that!

Lisa Berry

jimmy erickson

After hearing the ad on WCCO Radio, Have become a big fan of Hopkins Health & Wellness! Dr. Brody and Elissa C. were terrific, in helping me with my back pain.

Josh Jahnke

I’ve been going here on and off for four years or so. This last time I went after two years of no appointments I was asked for a updated insurance card, in which I gave it to them. Thought nothing of it. Even though they had my insurance information since I started going there. I always opted to pay cash. For chiropractic adjustment and stimulation $35 bucks. Well this time they decided to charge my insurance and that’s where my problem starts and why I will not go back. If you use insurance, with my blue cross blue shield. they charge $85 per adjustment and stimulation. Which I pay out of pocket 42 bucks. How is it that I’d get penalized by paying more because I have insurance then if I paid cash. Every chiropractor I had was great, No problems with them. I tried to talk with someone about billing and getting this changed, but nothing happend and just boiled down to them caring more about the money then keeping a client.

Matthew H

doctors are pretty good, but they do your adjustments right out in a open with everyone else sitting and waiting. I want to be able to talk to my doctor and not conduct my visit in front of strangers and they have at least 4 or 5 private rooms to use. very unprofessional, they move you through like cattle.

Corinne Hacht

Hopkins Health & Wellness Center has made a significant impact in my life. I have done physical therapy, chiro, and massage therapy and found the treatments to be beneficial to my ongoing care. The providers and staff are friendly and genuine, and truly care about helping their patients find the most effective treatments. I would highly recommend HHW Center!

Jim Kersting

Hopkins H & W has always been professional and personal in their way of dealing with my spine and disk problems. They always listen to my current status and coordinate their adjustments to my specific needs. They addressed disk protrusions that had kept me out of work for 5 weeks. The results of their work are still keeping me pain-free and moving comfortably some 5 years later. The underlying reason for my confidence is that their approach and techniques are based on their own research vs. the latest medical fad of the day. They KNOW what they are doing. I have referred 2-3 people to them since.

Lisa Martagon

Super speedy to get you in and out fast for your appointment.

Clifton Williams

These people! Team work took me through the nightmare of very extensive physical rehabilitation, and made the dream work as I am living the benefits of ther DMR way!!! Surgical alternative is the route to take (if able) and HHW is the place to go!

Harriet Stifter

The Drs are great

Nicole Butler

Hopkins Health & Wellness Center and the DMR Method gave me my life back!! Before you pursue any neck or back surgery, you need to go here!! I thought my next step, and only hope left to being pain free, was surgery. Luckily a friend directed my to HHWC and within 8 weeks I went from severe shooting pain, numbness and tingling down my leg and very limited function to, no shooting pains, numbness and tingling down my leg! My pain was minimal and localized to just my low back and with continued treatment that went away too, and I am back to my regular activities. Please, please try this before deciding to have surgery!! The sooner you go the sooner you can recover!!

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