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REVIEWS OF Physical Therapy in Motion IN Michigan

David Hamill

Fantastic experience. Immediate results and left with a stretching/excerise plan that relieved my leg pain. David Oliver explains things very well. He keeps things simple. The entire staff is friendly and attentive.

Chris Rowland

I had a fantastic experience at Physical Therapy in Motion. After spending a month at a different therapist and seeing no improvement I came here because of the Mackenzie specialization as a last ditch effort to avoid surgery. David assessed my pain and listened to my concerns and I began to see amazing improvement within days. I'm extremely happy with my treatment.


Loved the PT’s they don’t want to rip you off for money.

rory hughes

Nick Zaher

Erin Perry

After a month-long slowly-progressing back injury this summer, I awoke one morning barely able to move or walk and spent the next two days in bed. A professional massage helped a little, and two chiropractic sessions ended up not actually doing anything for the pain or improving the issue. A friend suggested PT and recommended this place. I could not be more grateful to have found them! My first appointment with Dave was thorough and I felt like he was really trying to understand everything about the injury so he could put together a very specialized plan. We tried a few different stretches and I went home with some light stretches to do every few hours. The second session he fine-tuned what was working with what wasn't, and eased me into some strength and conditioning workouts. Each session thereafter built upon the strengthening, and each week there was SIGNIFICANT improvement in my back recovery. I was there in total nine weeks, and in that time went from being nearly immobile to a point where I'd be comfortable playing a soccer game at full speed. His small team there is super friendly and professional...I really enjoyed my sessions and am looking forward to continuing applying what I learned and doing my exercises at my local gym. Thanks, Dave!

Chris Kurtz

I was diagnosed with pinched nerve in my neck by the doctor. During my initial visit David confirmed my condition and applied a treatment plan. I did simple exercises and stretches at home, and his entire staff was helpful while I learned new things each week. At the end of my treatment, I was stronger and more flexible than ever, and had much more knowledge about how my body works. My only advice is to make the assigned exercises as habitual as brushing your teeth. Don't resist; he is only there to help!

Jamie olivers Mum

I am a med-student with a damaged lower back and I can honestly verify that this facility is the epitome of ethics and professionalism. The diagnosis was purely observational and followed what I guess to be McKenzie protocol (Certified McKenzie facility). The rehabilitation process and treatment plan was very well designed and had me back on my legs within weeks. All I can say is that if you ever need a physical therapy and are willing to place your health at the manipulation of a PT then this is the place. I traveled 50 mins twice a week just to attend my session and feel zero regrets. David and Matt are just beyond description! God bless this place and I hope they open many more branches that sustain that quality of patient care!

Barry Kirsch

Had wrist and shoulder problems no one else seemed to be able to fix... dave gave me a plan on conquering both issues... and have not had problems since... very professional, very thorough... highly recommended...

D Smith

Highly skilled therapists and wonderful support staff providing an excellent environment to promote healing.

Sarah Elgin

This place is amazing! I was sent to them by my doctor for reoccurring back trouble. David was incredibly through in my initial examination and helped relieve my back pain after my first visit. He really listened to me and my situation and tailored treatment for my schedule and lifestyle. He gave me exercises to do at home that were easy and very helpful. When working with him, he used techniques that not only assisted with my back but helped increase my overall strength. When I had ankle surgery and needed PT again, I went back to Physical Therapy in Motion because I knew they would get me back to my normal level of activity in no time!

Sam Argersinger

Dave does a very good job. He does what he can to address my questions. His practice seems very focused on giving you the tools to succeed on your own long term.

Anne Vandermade

Highly trained staff that addresses individual issues as part of an overall recovery program. Highly recommended for those that claim physical therapy doesn't work for them.

Rhonda Sizemore

I recommend Physical Therapy in Motion to everyone! I have had three different issues over the last couple of years - frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. David is incredibly skilled at ferreting out the real cause of difficulties. Frozen shoulder turned out to be a neck problem that was quickly resolved with his expertise, tennis elbow was actually the elbow joint not seating properly and fixed in no time with the appropriate exercise. I am currently in treatment for what had been diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, but since the pain is atypical for that condition, I am confident David will have it figured out in no time. He is in high demand lecturing around the country on the Mackenzie Method. The entire staff is personable and attentive. It's like a big family there. I cannot say enough good things about them and am so happy I found them.

Stephen Taylor

Excellent physical therapist, staff and facility. Small number of clients at any one time

Toomage Abza

I can honestly say that PT In Motion is extremely GOOD at this thing called physical therapy. Because I had previously been to another physical therapy "chain", I had something to compare PT In Motion with. The "other" physical therapy place had juices and breakfast bars and music and ... all types of things that don't get your body from point "A" to point "B". Dave and his staff are compassionate, knowledgeable and work hard to make the therapy help "YOU". Dave actually has SHOCKED me with his immense knowledge of how your muscles work with each other, when I came in one day and COULD NOT, NO WAY do this specific Dave says, well do this other exercise, and I LITERALLY could then do the exercise that I came in the door saying, NO WAY can I do this today!!! I have had to go to physical therapy for knees AND shoulder during 2016 (that ended up going into 2017) and every time I chose PT In Motion because they are just that GOOD. I usually don't write reviews, but this place deserves not just a great review, but some sort of award! The entire staff from the entrance to all the therapists are just genuine, good-hearted people who do everything they can to get you better. Following their advice, REALLY helps your progress... I am living proof. PT In Motion is Number 1 in my book!

Molly Weber

Jane Geiger

Knowledgeable staff, very courteous, friendly, and professional. Dave, Cathy, and Eli all did a fantastic job addressing my therapy needs, and set up a great routine for me to use at home to continue making great progress with my issues. Definitely would recommend!

Chris Ozminski

Awesome people and highly skilled!

Lisa Frederick

David Oliver is THE BEST Physical Therapist I have ever had for any of my injuries through out my lifetime. I am very active and there always seems to be some physical ailment I need to address. This time I asked for PT to keep up my shoulder strength and in the first visit David determined it was shoulder pain caused by a neck issue, which no one else diagnosed. His diagnosis was spot on and within a few visits, my pain was mostly gone and now I am working on building strength. A couple days ago was the first time in years I was completely pain kidding!!! How liberating! I cannot thank David and his staff enough.

Nicole Lennon

Alex Wang

The physical therapy was fine, but they wouldn't tell me how much each session would cost until weeks after I first went, when I received a bill for about three times as much as I expected to pay! I absolutely would not recommend them unless you understand and accept the cost up front. The therapy I received wasn't worth anything near what I paid.

Tess Karwoski

After years of living with pain and achiness in my back and hip, I agreed to go to physical therapy one more time. I'm now 2 months out from my 20 sessions with David, and I have to say, I'm still pain free. David has a remarkable, keen ability to evaluate, clarify and create an effective individualized program that makes sense. Taking an active role throughout each session has allowed me to incorporate the program throughout my daily life now. In addition, PT In Motion is a delightful place to rehabilitate. Along with David, the staff are such wonderful people. The kindness and support from Matt, Cindy, and Cathy continue to encourage me . Without hesitation, I would return if needed.

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