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REVIEWS OF Optimum DPT IN Michigan

Darin Payne

Dr. Gaunt is wonderful. His style of treatment gets awesome results faster than more traditional PT. If you want to get well, call him!

Holly August

Matt is extremely helpful and so great at what he does. By the time I left my appointment, not only was I fully armed with helpful exercises to heal my injury, I understood much more about what my body was doing and why, in regards to the pain I was experiencing. This is the place to go if you desire a highly educated approach as well as a gentle one. 10/10 would recommend!

Thelma Hickman

Matt has changed my life. Lifelong migraine sufferer, who has tried everything from injections to chiropratic. Matt has notnonly done physical manipulation to relieve my pain, but has taught me valuable exercises to do on my own. Highly recommend Matt if you suffer from any pain! Thank you Matt!!!

Lindsey Manthei O'Connor

Matt is great. I went to see him for recurring headaches and neck/shoulder pain. He gave me some exercises and manually worked on my neck - and I haven't had a headache in over a month. I'll be seeing him next for my lower back!

Sandra Gray

If you are struggling with pain, whether from an acute injury or something chronic such as fibromyalgia, I encourage you to give OPTIMUM DPT a try. Dr. Gaunt will spend the time to get to know you and understand your issues and/or condition. He will listen, I mean REALLY listen, to what YOUR goals are. He has a unique and refreshing approach to attaining the best results possible for your particular situation. Very different from other physical therapy clinics that I have visited. In one months’ time I have had excellent results! I am doing things today that just a few months ago I was convinced I would not be able to do anymore because of pain and deconditioning. I have gained range of motion, decreased pain, addressed an acute injury without surgery or steroid injections and have been given a new perspective on how pain is perceived. The membership plan that is offered by Dr. Gaunt is beyond compare. No more worries that I will run out of the covered visits that my traditional insurance plan offers, before I am well. I highly recommend OPTIMUM DPT! Thank you Matthew……for your expertise and guidance in helping me stop the downward spiral that has been my health over the past several years. I have hope and a new found optimism for what my future looks like.

Brandon Beckman

I was in alot of pain in my lower back after 6 visits DR. Gaunt has my pain to a minimum I will continue to use him for my back and any other pain relief.

Jason Bigelow

I went to Dr. Gaunt with a foot injury that left me unable to run for over 3 weeks. After a bad experience at a podiatrist who misdiagnosed me, Dr. Gaunt was able to do a cuboid manipulation on my foot and it was nearly 100% better instantly. I was able to do a light jog the next day and I'm slowly increasing my running again. Thanks so much!!!

Mandy Hagerl

Matthew's expertise in rehabilitation has helped my mobility substantially. He has used multiple methods of therapy ranging from dry needling to just his words. Without even imaging, he was able to diagnose my difficulty with zero hesitation. Now that I've been working with him for some time my quality of life has become so much better!

Leah Boucher

I went to Matt not knowing what was going on with my back or if he could even fix it. I left feeling heard, understood, and much better than ever. He spoke with patience, kindness, and knowledge. Matt is easy to work with and genuinely cares about you and how he can best help. 10/10 recommend seeing him.

Clinton Cleveland

You won't find a more educated, professional, kind, relevant and evidenced-based practitioner of physical therapy in Northern Michigan than Dr. Matthew Gaunt. My back, neck and joints thank him immensely for his expertise! If you're in the Petoskey area, Optimum DPT is the way to go!

Dane Rasper

I have never had to undergo physical therapy treatment until this past September when I injured my leg. My right calf had atrophied and lost 50% of it's functional strength. I couldn't run, jump, or even walk without a painful sensation reminding me of my injury. After my initial evaluation with Matthew, I was astonished at the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience he had. The diagnostic portion of my appointment was beyond comprehensive and thorough. Matthew screened me for neuromuscular compromise, muscular traumatic injury, bilateral strength and sensitivity, and much more. I had no problem putting my trust in this man! Modern and advancing modalities along with common yet essential exercises were both incorporated into my therapy program to achieve the best results. I am now pain free and symptom free of weakness, immobility, etc. and am encouraged to spread the word of the effectiveness of Matthew's Optimum DPT! Matthew is a kind and compassionate yet professional and competent provider and I highly recommend his treatment plans to anyone considering or seeking therapy.

Dawn Hovie

Dr. Gaunt is extremely knowledgable and professional. I went to him with a back issue resulting in numbness in my fingers. He identified a nerve issue and worked with me to resolve the problem. I highly recommend his practice.

Gayle Felski

After suffering multiple injuries from a car accident, Matt has helped to significantly decrease my pain levels and increase my mobility. His techniques have proven to be extremely effective. Matt is knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for results.

Robbie Morford

Matt is one of the most intelligent yet relatable doctors I've ever worked with. He offered me options along with the information I needed to feel like I was responsible for my own treatment. I would highly recommend starting with him for whatever health issue you're dealing with, as he also has the integrity to get you connected to treatment that's right for you, even if it's not with him.

Timothy Hammond

Dr. Gaunt was incredibly helpful and responsive when I experienced a sudden issue, going out of his way to help me out. I highly recommend Optimum DPT as he will listen to what you're experiencing and work with you to make sure you recover and find relief from your situation.

Cynthia Wolak

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Gaunt. He has always been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. I have knee and neck problems. It is rare I have found one as knowledgeable, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Gaunt. Most importantly, Dr. Gaunt PT treatments and recommendations have cured many of my physical problems. My health is very clearly improved, and I can get around better than before. Seriously, he is the first doctor that ever made me consider to go out of my HAP plan. If you are looking for a PT specialists, Dr. Gaunt is the one. SIX STARS

Nancy Manthei

I can’t say enough good things about Matthew Gaunt! I went in with terrible nerve pain in my neck, arms and thumb. He’s addressed them all and I’ve gotten so much relief. I also had significant hip pain that limited walking, standing and sitting on any hard surface. I am so excited to say Ive had miraculous relief from that as well. If you’ve run the course on traditional solutions for your pain give Matt a try. I am so thankful for him. He has magic in his fingers! Thank you Matt.

David Radoy

Works with my schedule. Very knowledgeable and sharp! Would highly recommend

Zoe Shepherd

I broke my leg and sprained my MCL playing high school soccer in the spring. My doctor recommended Blood Flow Restriction Therapy. We contacted Matt and he was great! I started working with him July 6th and finished up August 10th. I worked with him 2-3 times a week strengthening my leg. I had lost a lot of muscle and Matt helped me regain my muscle back. When I was injured I was worried about being able to play again, but with Matt's help I am excited to say that I will be ready to start playing soccer at Saint Mary's College this late summer/fall. I highly recommend working with Matt to any athlete who needs help regaining strength and skills they have lost due to their injury. He is the best of the best!

David moody

I had back pain and sciatica that kept me from being able to go to work. As a business owner, contractor and EMS professional this was a big problem. I went to a chiropractor and while it was somewhat helpful it didn't really deal with my pain. I made an appointment with Dr Gaunt and was very impressed with the amount of time he spent doing an evaluation of my problem and medical history. He listened to me and made realistic suggestions for what he thought would be helpful. He was very thorough in explaining why I was having pain and what could be done about it. The manual therapy treatments were helpful in relieving my pain and accelerating my recovery. I walked out of the office after my first visit feeling better. Within a week of starting therapy I was back to work and within a few weeks was good to go. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Megan Heintschel

The most helpful physical therapist I have ever been too! Having gone to a specialist downstate who advised me to get surgery on my meniscus, I wanted an additional opinion as surgery is costly AND a long recovery. Dr.Gaunt listened to me and my concerns and was able to eliminate my knee pain AND I am now able to run again (beforehand my knee would buckle and give out). Again, I have been to MANY physical therapists and I cannot stress enough how much better my experience was here than anywhere else!

Deborah Lyon

Been having jaw and neck pain for years! Started dry needle therapy and physical therapy at optimum DPT and having wonderful results! I feel relief and look forward to my appts. Thank you Matthew for taking me on as a client!

Angelika R

Sarah Falk

Matt is so very thorough and definitely patient-centered. I’d recommend him to anyone!

James Canada

Dr. Gaunt is by far the go-to expert for the Petoskey area. He helped me get over some pain that I thought I was just going to have to keep living with. Not to mention his training and knowledge. There's nowhere else I'd go in northern MI.

Larison Helm

My experience at Optimum DPT has and continues to be outstanding! I found Dr. Gaunt and Elizabeth to be very competent and compassionate. My TMJ is gone, I'm far more confident in my balance and less fearful of falling, and I think their membership is simply amazing. I highly recommend Optimum DPT!

Daniel Schillinger

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gaunt for some general pain issues in my back and neck. I had no idea if there was anything Dr. Gaunt could do to help me. After the very first appointment my neck rotation improved by 12 degrees and back pain diminished significantly. Over the next three appointments it only improved more! I can say I am almost pain free since seeing him. He is unbelievably efficient and professional with his patients and does everything he can to accommodate your specific needs. I would highly recommend seeing him even if you believe your pain can’t go away.

Bri Cleveland

Matt is an excellent physical therapist! He is knowledgeable about the most up to date research in physical therapy AND is great at explaining it to patients. You can tell he takes the time to give his patients the best care possible. I went to him after a back injury and after a thorough eval, he has used some spinal manipulations, dry needling, and walked me through some stretches and exercises to work on at home during the week. I'm so thankful we have this in the area!

Victoria McDiarmid

Dr. Gaunt is a wonderful therapist. He is very well educated and practiced in his methods, he is courteous, kind and professional. Dr. Gaunt always encouraged me to push a little harder, but never more than I could handle. I had a trimalleolar fracture to my right ankle and required ORIF surgery. Once I had the surgical cast removed, but was still not weight bearing, I called Dr. Gaunt to ask if there was anything I could do to improve my recovery. He started BFR (blood flow restriction) therapy and in only 10 sessions I improved my range of motion by 45 degrees and did not lose any additional muscle mass (as would happen with no weight bearing). He had to travel out of town and arranged another therapist to cover so I would not miss any sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Gaunt for your therapy needs.

Gail Tolzdorf

Nerve pain around my knee after knee replacement surgery, as well as pain in my hip from limping, are the issues that led me to seek treatment from Dr. Matt Gaunt. The nerve pain was intense and miserable, more so if clothing or bedding touched the skin. The hip pain was sharp enough that it was uncomfortable to sit or lay down. Dr. Matt Gaunt is an outstanding physical therapist. He identified the cause of pain and crafted an individualized treatment plan. He recommended BFR (Blood Flow Restriction therapy) and dry needling. Both the nerve pain and hip pain are gone! The exercises with BFR helped strengthen my knees, improved the range of motion, and I regained lost muscle. A shoulder injury that involved the rotator cuff and bicep tendon became an issue after I resumed pre-surgery activities. Dr. Gaunt’s expertise again helped me return to normal activities without pain. Yeah! Thank you, Dr. Gaunt.


Well versed in what he does. Had a great experience.

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