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REVIEWS OF On Track Physiotherapy IN Michigan

Lindsay Miller

I went to Greg after multiple failed attempts with my healthcare providers to diagnose and treat a few nagging injuries. With a vague diagnosis ("patellar tracking disorder") and inconsistent symptoms, I had begun to feel like nothing would help. I go to Coval Fitness (where Greg's office is located) and heard many great things about Greg, so I decided to give it a try. I'm very glad I did! He is incredibly patient, understanding, and professional, and asks a lot of questions to get a full picture of what's not working, what your goals are, etc. He put together a treatment plan for me that included some PT exercises, calf massages, and he even worked with my trainer to make some adjustments to my exercise program. I am happy to say that my injuries/problem spots have subsided substantially, and I'm able to enjoy a much wider range of activities because of it. Thanks Greg!

arcadia Moment

Greg is a consummate professional. I appreciated that he was able to get me in quickly to see him. He took a video of of the exercises he taught me so that I could duplicate them at home on my own which I very much appreciated. I felt that he was looking out for my best interest and would definitely see him again.

Megan Thornton

Greg was very personable and efficient. Highly recommend.

Carina Fodor

I saw Greg due to lower back pain that had been bothering me for years. He was able to identify the root cause of my pain in my first discovery visit and the next sessions were dedicated to learning strengthening exercises. We went through the exercises every week and increased the difficulty as I got more comfortable/stronger. Greg was super helpful in answering my (many) questions and explaining things in a way that was easy to understand. I have seen other physical therapists for my pain before and I have not been able to get relief from it until I started implementing Greg's program. He is also great at transitioning you to a fitness routine and providing cues to ensure proper form. Going to On Track has really improved my daily quality of life as well as my fitness level. I highly recommend seeing Greg if you are looking for a physical therapist!

Grace Singleton

nice space, good advice on exercises that target my specific issues

Gabrielle Genovesi

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and all-around awesome staff. I walked away every session not only feeling better after my injuries but with more knowledge each and every time understanding the anatomy of what was going on and with a routine to help me heal.

Patricia Perone

I found Greg to be highly motivated in helping me to heal my knee injury. His professional persona and warm personality makes a good atmosphere for healing. When you are in a session with Greg you have his full attention. His techniques and therapy are well above any PT that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend him and will continue to reach out to him in the future if need be.

Stephen Furey

I have been dealing with a shoulder injury for the better partner of a year with no improvement. Over 5 sessions Greg worked with me to rehab the shoulder and on finding the lifting form that worked best for the anatomy of my shoulder. He wasn’t very knowledgeable about how all of the parts of the shoulder worked together. In addition Greg did some soft tissue work to help promote healing. I would recommend Greg.

Matthew Parsons

I can’t recommend On Track Physiotherpy more highly. Greg’s approach is fantastic. I had been seeing other PT for nagging shoulder and elbow pain, among other ailments. I had accumulated almost 30 PT visits before I discovered On Track Physiotherapy. Looking for alternative therapies I was interested in dry needling since progress was slow using other methods including traditional PT, chiropractor and active release therapy. Greg’s dry needling combined with strengthening exercises I could do at home got me back much faster than I had thought possible based on my prior PT experience.

Rebecca Joyce

very good, professional service that has helped recovery from an injury better then any other PT I had seen

Braden A.

Greg is a solid PT. I've made some great progress with him. This is probably the most cost effective and convenient place I've been for physical therapy. He also has a dog which is a plus. Only drawback is the facility itself (it's in a fitness studio), but that has nothing really to do with the PT.

Jennifer Tingley

I highly recommend Greg Schaible at On Track PT and Performance. I recently saw him for pain and mobility issues I had been having with my right arm over the past several months. He is a great physical therapist who showed genuine concern about getting to the bottom of what was going on and resolving the issue as quickly as possible. He was extremely thorough at my evaluation. He did a wonderful job communicating what was causing the issue and explaining the home exercises that he would have me do to treat it. In addition, he provided great follow-up communication and emailed me videos of the PT exercises for home use, which I have found to be invaluable. After just a couple weeks and two visits, I have had remarkable progress and am very happy with the results. Thanks Greg!

Mike Coval

I can't express how grateful I am to have Greg and On Track PT and Performance operating out of our facility. My company had been searching for a high quality PT for quite some time now. What we needed was someone who: -is passionate about what they do -has a strong desire to continue to grow as a professional and shows that by attending continuing education courses -can quickly, yet effectively treat patients and get them back to doing what they love to do in a short amount of time On Track PT and Performance fits the bill with all of those needs. On Track has had a big, positive impact on our facility already and its only been a couple of months. I look forward to witnessing On Track continue to grow and Greg to become one of the go-to PT's in the area!

Matt Green

Greg was thoughtful, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable in helping me recover from knee pain. I am very grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Matthew Baldeck

I saw Greg for a pec injury that occurred from lifting that had been bothering me for almost two years. I could not stretch my arm out to my side without pain, or do a push up without considerable pain. Within a week of seeing Greg I noticed a big difference in how my pec was feeling. By time I was done seeing Greg I was back to full on weight training and had no pain in my pec. Greg put together a plan of exercises, and manual therapy to target where I was having pain. Working with Greg was awesome, he was extremely knowledgeable, and listened to the information I provided him about my injury. After working with Greg I believe that he can fix any injury and is the go to guy for PT in Ann Arbor.

Jill B

I saw Greg Schaible for post-rehab fitness training after recovering from a neck injury. I wanted to make a lifestyle change and get in shape, but had a lot of fear about re-injuring myself. As a physical therapist, Greg understood my situation. He combined his PT and fitness/strength training knowledge to develop a safe and practical fitness program. Training was new to me, but Greg made me feel very comfortable during the learning process. He also provided online videos of the exercises, and was always available to answer questions. I never would have believed I could ever lose 50 pounds, run 3 miles or lift a weight over 10 pounds, but I accomplished all those goals. Investing in my health and utilizing this service is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so glad I didn’t let this injury scare me into sitting on the couch for the rest of my life!

Paul Lumley

Greg Schaible of On Track Physiotherapy is a high quality therapist. He helped my son and I improve our hamstring strength and conditioning to minimize pulled hammys, and improved our running techniques to minimize future injuries. He also developed recovery programs for other assorted pains and injuries. Greg's speciality is running improvement from his days as a coach and runner. I highly recommend Greg for any running training, injury recovery or exercise programs.

Colleen Loughman

I came to On Track Physiotherapy after suffering with chronic lower back stiffness and pain for many months. It was important to me to recover, but also to stay active while doing so. Greg was able create a therapy and exercise program to correct my movement issues and strengthen the weak muscles that were causing my pain. He carefully listens to patients and observes and evaluates movement in order to get to the root of the problem. It was really beneficial to have a therapist spend so much one on one time with me, and I highly recommend Greg, especially for athletes.

Josh Blades

I went and saw Greg for a weight lifting injury. From day 1 he was very professional and process oriented. After working through some exercises to determine where the pain was he put together a plan to get rid of the pain, as well as a preventative maintenance plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to go see him for whatever injury you have.

Edward Vaunder

Really knowledgeable PT and was extremely helpful in fixing issues that I had with my hips and breathing mechanics.

Dane Roach

Greg is extremely knowledgable and understands how to work with strength athletes. He doesn't use any gimmicky techniques or do anything that isn't efficient or useful. I'd highly recommend him to anyone that needs a PT that understands athletes and strength sports

Ben Kalman

Greg was a great help in getting me back in the gym doing what I love to do. I am an avid powerlifter, who came to Greg with some hip issues. Greg was able to quickly diagnose the issue and provide me not only with solutions during my visits, but the tools required for me to effectively troubleshoot similar issues on my own. I was able to get back to my normal functionality and learned a lot along the way.

Malorie Kwiatkowski

Greg is awesome! He was easy to communicate with and very timely in his responses. He dry needled my shoulder, checked in afterward, and gave me exercises to do at home.

Justin Kolic

I would highly recommend Greg and On Track Physiotherapy. I've had pain and limited mobility in my left ankle for a few years and decided to look into treatment. I'm glad I did! Greg's knowledge and multi-faceted approach to treatment has made a huge difference. My pain level and frequency has improved significantly as well as the mobility in my ankle. Do yourself a favor and get treatment for your pain and mobility issues or for injury / surgery recovery. Call On Track!

Drew Verlee

PAIN GONE! Greg helped me address my issue in a single session with excellent communication and attention to detail.

Tet suga

On Track PT and Performance helped me a lot with my problems/injurys so that i can enjoy my training again. Im very glad that we met. I had shoulder pain and he could help me fix that in 2 days. I was amazed. Thank you for your good work. Keep it up!

Ryan Harris

Working with Greg was super helpful for my elbow issue. The combination of dry needling and the exercises and stretches he showed me were by far the most beneficial treatment I experienced in the two years of having this issue. Greg is also very knowledgeable, interesting to talk to and personable.

Patti Hogue

Greg Schaible helped me get through the discomfort I was having with my knees. 1-2 visits, some at home exercises. Good to go! Thanks Greg!

Sarah Barjum

Greg has been extremely helpful in my shoulder recovery. I was just about to give up hope of ever being pain free when someone told me about dry needling. A few sessions with Greg did way more for me that months of PT.

Keith Severance

Greg Schaible did a great job of evaluating the issues I was having, understanding the root cause, and pin-pointing the treatments that would benefit me most.

Susan Basomjuchau

Greg helped me prepare for a hip replacement as well as provide physical therapy afterwards. Greg is very patient, listens well, and is very reassuring. He started with very simple physical therapy after my surgery, but challenged me weekly. At seven weeks post-op, I felt like I was doing full work outs. At my eight week post-op check, my doctor was blown away with my ability to sit, stand, squat, and walk without any stiffness or holding on to anything. He was also thrilled that I was walking three miles a day and striving for more. The doctor said he'd see me in 10 MONTHS! That's how much faith he has in Greg. As I recently told someone, Greg is exceptionally gifted at what he does. If you have the honor to work with Greg, and you follow his program, like I did, you will truly be on track in no time! All of this was achieved with sessions that were required to get the job done. Greg doesn't have you come in just he can make a buck. So, On Track PT is not a misnomer by any means!

Jason Reyes

I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder for many years and have tried many different solutions to relieve the pain with no success. Greg helped identify muscular problems linked to posture, breathing, and bad work out practices. With a combination of dry needling and exercises to stretch and build strength, I was able to finally get some much needed relief. Greg took the time to understand the problem and develop a strategy for faster recovery. Greg and the staff at on track physio are all courteous, friendly people with smiles on their faces every time you walk in.

Alyssa Harden

I have had lower back pain for years between cheerleading and lifting heavy I constantly threw my back out. A few months ago it got so bad I couldn’t walk or get out of bed for over 15 minutes once I woke up. I would try and get to my feet and collapse. Sleeping was uncomfortable. Everything was uncomfortable. Finally a friend reached out and told me about Greg. I instantly booked an appointment with him. Greg does amazing work. We started by fixing my pain to get me comfortable again then we went to the source of the problem. He helped me find ways to relieve some pain along with fixing what I messed up in the first place. Dry needling was a big part in my sessions and it was life changing. Greg always listened to any issues I asked him about and made sure to answer every question and concern I had. I will recommend Greg 100% to everyone.

Brittany P

I started seeing Greg due to upper back issues I was having from my physically intensive job. In addition to regular massage therapy, he also taught me some basic upper back workouts that I could do to help strengthen the muscles and reduce strain. After a few short months, I no longer feel pain after a day of work. Greg is excellent at identifying what needs to be done to help get your body back on track and working with you so it stays that way.

Deb Justice

I saw Greg for a shoulder problem after 12 weeks of doctor prescribed physical therapy showed few results. Greg took the time to really listen and I was impressed with how focused he was on my problem and concerns. He not only gave me exercises to do but explained in detail the purpose, technique and desired results. It was a very positive experience. I have noticed a definite and continuing improvement in my shoulder. I would highly recommend Greg to others.

sally raye

Greg is extremely knowledgeable, professional and most of all genuinely concerned about his patients. I have been in physical therapy before, mostly in hospital settings, and can say I have never had a therapist as skilled as Greg. He is just great! I would not even consider going anywhere else.

Marshall Howington

I originally went to see Greg for painful knot issues in my back, and even after he alleviated those with dry needling (in only a few visits I felt great!), I knew I had to keep seeing him because a great, knowledgeable physical therapist is hard to find. Greg takes a holistic approach to treating you in that he focuses on finding the problems rather than just treating the symptoms. I've torn my ACL four times, and after the most recent one, I was really bummed about having to get another surgery, but working with Greg, he's helped me strengthen my knee so that I can not have to get surgery and still be really active and happy with my athletic performance. Greg really cares about his patients, and really enjoys seeing and hearing about them making progress. He not only is well-versed in a ton of different aspects of rehab, sports performance, and physical therapy, he's also really good at teaching the things you need to know to understand what's causing your issues and how to make them better. All in all every visit is a 10/10, and like many other people here, I can't recommend him highly enough!

Anne A

I went to Greg with a herniated disc . We met 7 times. Over that period he thoughtfully identified my condition, customized exercises for me and modified the exercises as I improved. He took the time to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly and made small adjustments as needed. He also was able to clearly explain what was going on, describe how each exercise would help and calmly convince me that I would indeed get better! ☺ Moving forward, he provided me with a game plan for working out again. I would highly recommend Greg.

Joelle Emery

I've been seeing Greg for about 8 months for dry needling after I found it worked most effectively in releasing tension in my shoulder. He's always super responsive to my emails and gets me in as soon as he can. He also gives me good stretches and exercises to target specific issues I'm having.

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