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REVIEWS OF Ompt Specialists Physical Therapy - Southfield IN Michigan

Andrew Kline

Lance was really great at relieving muscle spasm in my back and showing me exercises that continue to help. He was really professional and easy to talk to. Just wish they didn't wait 5 months to send me a giant bill

Vanessa Craig

I had a fantastic experience with Amanda from OMPT! I had a injured back and she took the time to explain my injury and answer all my questions. She was kind, understanding, patient, and made my first PT experience enjoyable given the circumstances. Amanda was flexible with my schedule and would let me reschedule/cancel as needed. I would recommend OMPT for anyone!

Linda Zurilla

My experience at OMPT has been very positive. Everyone with whom I have had contact, has been friendly and professional. My therapist, Charlotte, was very knowledgeable and instrumental in securing additional therapy sessions for me. I would definitely recommend OMPT to anyone in need of therapy.

Rachel Bil

Ompt sacro cranial massages help reduce my migraines majorly. The staff was friendly and caring. I definitely recommend going to Ompt. They offer one on one care.

June Vasu

I was referred by my doctor to come here as his first preference and I understand now why he did. The entire staff that I encountered were very courteous and friendly. My therapist Christy was phenomenal! She is very "hands on" (no pun intended).

Robin Swift

For the past few years I have had lower back pain issues related to SI Joint. The care/therapy I received at OMPT Specialists, Inc. is by far the best I have ever received. Meghan Jackson was my therapist and I highly recommend her. In addition to manual manipulation for pain relief, I was taught different exercises to do at home. I really learned a lot on how to take care of my myself and how to manage any future flare ups. The staff is friendly, professional and accommodating. I was able to make appointments that fit into my schedule as well as Meghans. I highly recommend OMPT Specialists to everyone. I won't go anywhere else!!

Lisa Mysiewicz

I was referred to OMPT Specialists by my family doctor who loves them. He was right...I love them too. I had a thoracic spasms in my back/left shoulder and I was in extreme pain. The hours are great...I went after work so I didn't have to take time off. I was seen by Lance and he helped me so much. I felt at ease and I am no longer in pain! If I ever need therapy again, I'll be heading back to OMPT Specialists!

Tracy Clarke

I am elated that I found OMPT Specialists for my physical therapy. I had two full tears to my rotator cuff. My repair surgery was done n January 20th , I also started therapy in January. By the end of my scheduled visits in May I had full range of motion thanks to my special Physical Therapist. Keep up the great work!!!

Jeri Bartolotta

Christie booth is an amazing pt. I came to her after a rotator cuff tear and bone spur removal surgery. At first I could not even lift my arm away from my body.with exercises and fantastic manipulation of my shoulder ( this girl is a powerhouse of strength in that little body) I am now able to do just about everything. Corey , Allison and The others did my ultrasound . Everyone was so friendly! I almost cancelled on two occasions as I get severe headaches but went to pt and along With my usual appointment Christie massaged my head and then did cervical heat and I felt soooo much better after. I've been to other pt groups and the difference is amazing ! I would -- and have recommended ompt to others.

Mary Beth Domaz

I have been to PT several times in my lifetime. This was my first experience with an OMPT certified Physical Therapist. It is a very different philosophy from what I was used to. In the past I would be guided through exercises during my entire session. At this office I did not do exercises as part of my session, except when I was being taught an exercise to do at home. Here I was treated by my very knowledgeable therapist, Amanda, for 30 minutes of manual therapy each session. The orthopedic manual therapy worked very well for my back issues. My mid back burning issues are gone. :-) My lower back feels the best it has in years. It feels stronger and I can now stand without the discomfort I previously was dealing with. Prior to coming to OMPT Specialists in Southfield for treatment on my back, I went to a different PT office. Instead of my problem improving there, I developed a second back issue that they totally ignored. I decided I was not getting the kind of care I needed, so I pursued looking for another office. I was very pleased with my experience at OMPT Specialists in Southfield from my first phone call to my last day. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. Everyone I encountered displayed the utmost professionalism. It was enjoyable to go for my sessions. Amanda was always professional and very interested in my improvement. Her true concern and competent treatments kept me motivated to keep coming back for my appointments. Now I have to work hard at continuing to do the many exercises she taught me, so I can maintain the improved status of my back. I will not hesitate to return if I should have any further needs for physical therapy.

Gale Dalton

My therapist Amanada Berres Davis exceeds all the training and experience she has. She has excelled and is very serious about her work and her profession. She doesn't come to work she lives for this. To help all of her patients. I have seen her not only with me but also other patients who come in after me she is sooo compassionate about her care and concern for her patients. She uses the knowledge she went to school for and trained for. She utilizes all the tools and professional approach and pedagogy of her as a physical therapist to make sure the patient will recover and get better. I have had this happen to me sooo many times. I have had a shoulder out of socket, and dislocated along with a small rotator cuff tear. The orthopedic Surgeon put me on therapy to see if this will help so I wouldn't have surgery. Do you know I got better where I didn't have to have surgery. Number 2 I had posterior tibial tendonitis end of august and I didn't get better till November. I am sooo glad my therapist worked with me and did over and above services to help me along the way. I do have orthodics but my swelling and pain is gone. Testimonial number 3 I had a strained shoulder trapezoid muscle and side of my neck due to over weights in exercise. My therapist worked with me and pin pointed the area exactly and thank God I am healed and better no more pain turning my neck or in my trapezoid muscle or side of my neck.

Crystal Bloodsaw

I have been going to Sfld OMPT for several months and I love them. Molly is thee absolute best physical therapist. Kim, Corey, Melissa and all the other staff are great as well. I recommend Ompt as they are very open as and welcoming!!!

Jane Foreman

I thought I was going to a great PT office, until I was cared for by Christie at OMPT! I was referred by a cousin. Then I learned what professional therapy truly was and quickly healed! There is more…I then referred my daughter and we were both cured. It was a very caring, comfortable and professional office.

Lisa Scott

I loved Lauren at the Troy office. I am doing much better after surgery, and Lauren's help. I would highly recommend their services!

Ruth Daniels

Specialists is an accurate name. I have worked with three different therapists, Megan, Molly and currently Amanda. They have been warm, professional, accurate in treatment and life-saving. The office staff is always efficient and helpful and very accommodating. The office is clean and inviting. Working with Amanda at present is time I always look forward to. I know I will leave having been treated with skilled hands and what I need to continue on my own at home. Amada has worked with me to develop personal training exercises which I continue. I would refer friends and family to OMPT without reservation, knowing they would be in professional hands. Thank you OMPT!

Emilia Askari

Physical therapist Molly Balbach does a great job. I went to see her with some shoulder pain, essentially from spending too many hours in front of a computer. After a couple of sessions, I was asking myself why I didn't address the issue years earlier. Thanks, Molly.

Pat Martinico

Serendipity! How lucky I was to choose OMPT in Southfield for physical therapy for my healing broken leg and torn ligaments. Charlotte Spicuzzi, DPT is my physical therapist. She has been supportive, encouraging, thorough and careful to explain what we are doing and why. In short just plain marvelous. Also the techs at this location have been kind and careful. In one month I will have hip replacement surgery and I fully intend to return for hip recovery physical therapy. Additionally I had a massage by Melissa. It was heaven, particularly when she massaged my recovering calf, ankle and foot which I cannot comfortably reach. I did not want the tranquility to end. And due to the massage, I had no pain in my calf for the next two nights. Definitely I will be back for more massages. Thank you to OMPT Southfield. You have a really good team.

Susan Darlington

Outstanding! Relieving terrific back pain these therapists all have their doctorates plus two extra years of manual training. Although I didn't need it they offer a half hour free consultation so you get an idea of how they work. Using physical therapy for decades for a variety of reasons like post car accident, shoulder surgeries etc I rate them in the top 98% of therapies I have received.

C Wallace

I am very impressed with the facility and the staff make me feel very comfortable that I will be receiving excellent care!!

Teresa Foley

They gave me my life back. After 3 years of traditional physical therapy and no results, OMPT has given me my life back. What more is there to say but thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jenna Valencia

This place is the BEST PT place. Here I recieve 30 mins 1 on 1. At so many other places the therapists rotate between 2,3,4 clients at a time having the clients do exercises on their own the whole time. Molly is amazing and is actually more knowledgeable than my orthopedic doc. Melissa is great at massage too. At this place they actually care, unlike other PT places and doctor's offices. OMPT is the best!

Becky C

OMPT Specialists is an outstanding physical therapy clinic. The therapists and staff are focused on your needs, get to the root of your issue, and perform therapy that yields great results! In addition, your appointment time is YOURS, and your appointment is always on time. I would highly recommend OMPT Specialists to anyone for their physical therapy treatment.

Craig Werner

Molly was my therapist for a winged scapula / thoracic outlet syndrome. She was a joy to work with, both very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. She answered any and all questions I had regarding my injury. She was great with treatment and provided additional resources and advice to aid in my recovery. The entire staff, from the front desk to the PT assistants, were very professional and always friendly.

Sabra Sturgis

I loved the professionalism of the staff. And Amanda Berres is amazing. She helped in my range of motion and walking.

Linda Ann

A big thanks to Amanda and the staff at OMPT for helping me with my Physical Therapy. Everyone was very professional, caring and pleasant to work with. Sharon M

Carla Stewart

Great service from the time you walk in and speak with Kim and Courtney (forgive me if I misspelled your name) and until leave after being treated by Amanda. Amanda treats every patient as an individual and does not utilize a cookie cutter approach with her patients/clients. She actually listens to your concerns and setup your treatment plan to accommodate your needs or concerns. I love the fact that she truly cares when she asks you, "how are you feeling today"! Everyone treats you with dignity and respect on a daily basis and you enjoy going to therapy, if that is possible? Missing them now and will return after my surgery later this year. Great job ladies!

Nizam Hyd

OMPT Southfield facility has Professional, Friendly and Caring staff and specialists. They were suggested by Henry Ford Health Neurology.

Markus Ströbele

I was in Commerce and Southfield at ompt with Lance. He definitely knows what he is doing. He is very friendly and I could see progress. His exercises which he showed me were great too.I would go anytime again. Thanks a lot.

Cynthia Spires

I spent nearly three months with Dr. Amanda at the Southfield location, going twice a week. When I went in, I had very limited mobility due to intense back pain, and when I completed my weekly sessions, I had hit significant milestones in my recovery that since have helped me feel confident about now working on my own to continue what I learned with Dr. Amanda. I would not have hit those milestones without her techniques and expertise. Dr. Amanda is an intuitive Physical Therapist who used so many approaches to help me reach a level of recovery that I could not have done without her. On me, she used both safe, manual massage and manipulation techniques, and she taught me tailored movements and exercises that were specific to my particular needs. I now know what to do when my back "goes out" thanks to her. Before I went to OMPT, I went to another PT facility, and their lack of expertise put me in a much worse situation--actually causing me to have back spasms, which Dr. Amanda helped me recover from over the course of those 3 months at OMPT. If I hadn't been referred to OMPT, I don't think I would feel as confident about healing after the experience I had at the other place. Everyone in the office is welcoming and helpful. The staff are personable and always smiling to greet you and to say goodbye. On the day I "graduated," I felt so proud not only of getting to the point of increased mobility, but of knowing that if I ever were to need her services again, Dr. Amanda and her team of highly skilled physical therapists would be there. I highly recommend OMPT Specialists, and Dr. Amanda Davis Berres in particular.

Karl Ericson

Lance and Molly were extremely helpful and professional. They are both skilled practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and offered me both relief, practical advice, and coaching in appropriate exercise training. The facilities are clean and comprehensive. The front office staff efficiently coordinated with my insurance and made scheduling a breeze. I would not hesitate to make OMPT Specialists a part of your recovery process.

Keith Ingram

Melissa Sullivan

I was going to another Physical Therapy place for months and wasn't progressing so I stopped going there. I was referred to OMPT Specialists by my Ortho and what a difference. This was a way better place and I am so happy with Kali who was my PT. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend OMPT to anyone who needs Physical Therapy. I went to the Shelby Township location.

Susan Goldberg

OMPT has the most professional, caring, educated staff and therapists, who partner with you, the patient, from start to finish. My experience at OMPT was so successful after my first knee replacement, I went and had my second knee replaced, also with great success! Now I am grateful to be back on the tennis court with two strong knees, thanks to my wonderful experiences with John and Kristie. I highly recommend OMPT!!

Kristen Theos

Been to many physical therapy places. OMPT Specialists Commerce is GREAT! They are super accommodating and friendly. I've been attending for my rotator cuff. My therapist is Jill and she is awesome! She really knows what shes doing, explains exercises well and explains what they should be doing and why they help. All the other staff is super nice, great environment and facility! HIGHLY recommended.

Jacki Roessler

Amanda and the entire staff are wonderful; they’re incredibly competent and make me feel like they really want to help me alleviate pain. They’re not just going through the motions! Highly recommend!

Emily Thomas

I recently completed at LONG course of treatment at OMPT in Southfield. I now consider them my dear friends. The entire staff is just incredibly intelligent, kind, funny and caring. As a cohesive team, they work hard yet manage to have fun. My amazing therapist, Charlotte was smart, hilarious, talented and very sensitive to my needs. Just talking to her often times made uncomfortable moments tolerable. I can't say enough wonderful things about her as a person and her PT expertise! Melisa, my massage therapist was so knowledgeable and thoughtful, always willing to accommodate my needs. I was really impressed by her skills and magic hands! From the office staff to techs and therapists, an unforgettable experience. You all deserve a big raise! Thank you!!

Michael Baskin

The team at the OMPT Southfield office is just fantastic. They are friendly, helping and truly care about your well being. In particular, Molly Balbach is an exceptional Physical Therapist. She instantly got to the root of my back pain and worked with me make amazing progress. Before I met Molly I had spent 18 months working with other providers who had misdiagnosed my issue. Now in just a few months I am back to feeling like myself for the first time in several years. The is no way I can thank her enough for her care and the program she created for me. I highly recommend her and the staff at OMPT Specialists in Southfield.

LaQuetta Walker

I am very thankful to have found OMPT Specialists for physical and aquatic therapy. I was in a tragic auto accident in October 2012 and had to learn how to walk again. Once my doctor recommended I transition from in-home physical therapy to outpatient physical therapy, I researched facilities that provided physical and aquatic therapy. I called OMPT Specialists to schedule an appointment and was greeted promptly and very courteously by Kim. She answered all of my initial questions about the facility. After my initial visit in February 2013 with Molly Russell, I decided before I left the facility that I would like to become one of her patients. Molly is very patient, knowledgeable and professional. She teaches me about the physical body while performing manual physical therapy. She answers all of my questions even if they are repeat questions. Because of Molly's expertise and utilizing the Hydro therapy, I no longer need a wheelchair nor my walkers for mobility. Also, working one-on-one with my personal fitness trainer, Lea has helped me overcome severe pain and limited mobility in my right shoulder from a torn rotator cuff and surgery repair. The office staff, other therapists and techs are wonderful!!! Everyone knows you by name!! I look forward to my continued growth and improvements!! Thank you, Molly and Lea!!! :-)

A. Wayne

Very caring staff that worked with my specific needs. Would recommend them to anyone.

Mitchell B

Super easy to work with, knowledgeable staff, and clean facilities.

Anita-Joyce Barnes

Molly has healing hands and an incredible comforting spirit.

Margery Klausner

Timely. Always friendly, professional and courteous!

Rayford Thomas

Ompt help relieve a nagging pain in my lower back that was also aggravating my right leg. My personal doctor had suggested steroid therapy. After several sessions and daily exercise routines to strengthen core muscles I began to experienced relief from the pain. Now I back to my normal routine pain free. My personal thanks to Amanda Davis Berres whose skills and patience has enabled me to return my active lifestyle...pain free.

Sherryl Weber

Amanda Davis Berres has been my pt. two different times at ompt Specialists in Southfield Michigan on Northwestern Hwy. She is very knowledgeable, great personality,caring and has a great pair of hands for manual physical therapy. I would highly recommend her for all physical Therapy treatments.

Raymond Urena

I was referred by my doctor, who had received physical therapy from OMPT. To my astonishment, the staff was even better than what I anticipated. Everyone is very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they listen. They treat the patients with empathy and respect, and are careful not to push to hard. I am receiving PT for about a month now for my herniated disk in my neck and I feel a substantial difference in my range of motion and less pain.

Chad Gierak

I was recommended to come here by my family doctor after being diagnosed with a partial tear in my rotator cuff. Jason was extremely knowledgable and helpful throughout my recovery process and I'm now feeling better than I did before I injured it. I would highly recommend OMPT to anyone in need of physical therapy!

Lori Fagan

Molly was my therapist and couldn’t have been any better. She was helpful and put up with all of my questions and requests to “please show me again”. They helped with my doctor and renewing/extending my prescription for treatment. I would definitely recommend them.

Alan Baroff

My experience at Southfield OMPT was excellent!! Dr. Amanda Beris was my therapist . Her understanding my condition and her treatment was. exceptional. If I had a question or concern she addressed it immediately and adjusted her aproach so that we got the best result. The office staff made everything easy. Go there!!

Dayna Anderegg

I went in for a free consultation and was impressed from the start. My OMPT was so knowledgeable and good at what she does. She knew what hurt and what didn't just by feel and was so good at controlling pressure. You can tell this is her passion, not just a job, because in addition to being skilled, she assists with OU's physical therapy programs, training the next generation of PTs and OMPTs. The office staff is really great too. Never once did they mix up appointment times or have issues with billing. Thanks to their care, I was flipping tires last week.

Bina Mandelbaum

I love OMPT. I have been to 2 different therapists - Amanda and Molly and they were both great! I have had back problems for a few years and they have helped me feel a lot better. Before I went there, i was sent to 2 different physical therapy places and they were awful compared to OMPT. They had scheduled multiple people at the same time, switching from patient to patient. They had me doing exercises even though i was in pain and it made the pain worse. At OMPT you are exclusive to your therapist for the 30 minutes assigned to you. No one interrupts! And, they work with the painful areas to relive the pain. I absolutely LOVE OMPT!! I plan to use their massage therapist as well. Thank you OMPT!!

Barbara Kenerson

My experience at OMPT Specialists was the best! Amanda was always on time with my sessions, never had to wait. Amanda was thorough and knowledgeable and made sure I understood my at home exercises so I could continue them correctly long after I was discharged. The complete staff at the Southfield office was friendly and very capable, from the receptionist who scheduled my appointments to the ancillary staff that applied my heat pack and STEM. I will definitely recommend Amanda and OMPT Specialists to my family and friends.

John Johnson

A passion for their work, compassion for the patients! I have never had such care and concern in therapy ever. Amanda Davis Berres, the face on an angel, and hands that I swear belongs to Jesus!!!! Thank you so much Amada,you made me feel like I could do more than just live with the pain.

Paulette Smith

Amanda is AMAZING! She is professional, caring, reliable, and was genuinely concerned that I make progress toward my goals. I had a different therapist at a different facility for my ankle injury before coming to OMPT Specialists and had I started with Amanda I would not have wasted two months! She truly listened to my needs and concerns, provided me with printed educational materials for use at home and used wall charts to instruct me while in the office. It was a very thorough, thoughtful, EFFECTIVE, approach to treatment. I would definitely seek out OMPT (specifically Amanda) again if I were to have need in the future and would recommend them to a friend!

Rick Wilson

Ompt specialists southfield location has the best crew exhibiting professionalism and they truly make you feel welcome!

Nancy Ferguson

I came to OMPT on the recommendation of my physical rehabilitation specialist. He stated that they treat differently and he is correct. Kali spent all of the time working on my body - not watching me do exercises. She also taught me things to do at home to control my pain and keep my back more functional. I would recommend them to anyone I met! I went to Shelby township, but I'm sure you would receive the same care at any of their locations. Office and auxiliary staff extremely friendly and helpful. I would return if I need PT again.

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