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REVIEWS OF Athletico Physical Therapy - Novi IN Michigan

Jason Kanakry

Excellent PT location. Highly knowledgeable and highly recommended! Thank you!

B - Prat

Charles Heil

I had a great PT experience!

Anthony Witkowski

The staff/Team helped return my range of motion to my Rotator Cuff so life is good. They have the skill set that can make a real difference. Laura, Carly and Daniel vanquished my pain!

Steven St.James

As an aging multi sport athlete that pushes things to the limit I've found that establishing a working relationship with a top notch Physical Therapy team is indispensable. Finding one that that has cutting edge talent and a genuine ability to understand what drives me, design a treatment plan that specifically address my individual needs for multiple interrelated issues is like the proverbial "needle in the haystack". I can say with the utmost gratitude that The team at Novi Athletico lead by R.C. Edwards and assisted by Laura Tustin was instrumental in helping me overcome debilitating spinal issues and return to competitive racing. My treatment began in early 2017, I had been unable to run without serious pain for some time and had all but given up hope. I had qualified for the Boston Marathon that year and needed a miracle to happen in order to have any chance of finishing the race or even training for it and I had less than 3 months to do so. Athletico, specifically, R.C and Laura were that miracle. I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in the Lumbar and Sacroiliac area complicated by Facet Arthrosis . R.C. worked diligently to help me strengthen the area and performed massage techniques that helped release the muscle and various soft tissues to restore flexibility. Their attention to detail, empathy, intuition and mastery of Physical Therapy gave me a platform that allowed me to get back to training. We continued regular therapy right up until the day I left for Boston and at that point, I felt that although I was not 100 percent, and realistically, due to the nature of my problems would have to always have to deal certain limitations I was confident that the treatment and advice that I had received would give me not only the physical ability to compete but more important the mental edge required to assess flair ups during the marathon and make physical form and stride adjustments to alleviate the issues. I was able to complete the marathon and actually finish almost 8,000 runners ahead of where I started. Without any reservations I recommend this firm and am confident that without them, my ability to do things I love would be severely restricted.

Shadow Drake

seeing as the staff are too inept to manage appointments i doubt the therapy is any good either

Adam Tessman

I had a great experience with the team at this site. Everyone was incredibly kind, the facility was in great shape, and I came out better than when I started. Laura did a great job with helping me understand why I was hurting and ways to remedy the issue. I highly recommend Athletico Novi to anyone that needs physical therapy.

Yuko Yoshiya

I've just been discharged from this place after a few months of treatment on my fractured wrist. Thanks to Amy, an excellent occupational hand therapist, the motion range of my injured wrist and fingers has been so much improved. She's knowledgeable, competent and caring. She listened to my words, read my reactions from the injury, very attentive whole time. Everybody in the facility is nice and friendly. They treated me with respect and warm welcome in every single visit. I enjoyed going there. Making appointment and payment is easy and convenient. Carrie, the receptionist makes everything go smoothly. I'm glad I found this place for my wrist treatment. It's worth spending time and money here if you need physical therapy!

Nichole C

I am so thankful for the wonderful care I've received from everyone! Carrie at the front desk has been very helpful with my questions and Hima has been a lifesaver with helping me through my back pain. I look forward to each appointment and cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much!

Evelyn Dudek

I highly recommend this facility to everyone. From the initial phone call of setting up the appointment with Carrie I was overwhelmed. All the staff is very friendly. Hima is my Physical therapist and she is amazing. She is extremely skilled and compassionate. I had spinal surgery and L5 nerve damage. She listens to all my concerns and has a treatment plan designed personally for me. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Margaret Neuhaus

The Novi location and my therapist are amazing! Laura is the heart and soul of this branch. She's so engaged, kind, comprehensive and very professional. I've been having therapy lately for a couple of a complicated injuries and I can say that she knows more than any of my previous therapists, plus she has a lot of charisma, and is always trying to do more for everybody. I'm really lucky to end up finding her. I've been working with her for a couple of months, she never stops amazing me, though. Thank you so much, Laura!!!

Terri Buckner

Top notch in every aspect! Laura Tustin, DPT was recommended to us by two doctors as the "best shoulder PT in metro Detroit." We can't agree enough! She has seen my daughter through two surgeries with compassion and professionalism, going beyond anything I could have imagined. The staff is also outstanding and efficient. I highly recommend this gem.

Steven Jones

Where to begin with the amazing staff and service here. I have been a patient at Athletico for two separate treatments. During the treatments , the staff always go above and beyond, make me feel safe, comfortable and in an enjoyable setting. I know I would still be in a lot of pain and discomfort, should I have not gone to Athletico for treatment. Thank you because you are truly a lifesaver!

Larry Walewski

The Novi staff was very helpful with getting my son cleared to compete. Laura was very professional and interested in the well being of Luke’s physical abilities. She communicated well with Luke and Luke’s doctor. I was very impressed with the “ACL Return To Play” test and how it was administered. Laura demonstrated concern for my sons situation and was very connected with us about his status as Luke was going threw the process of physical therapy. I would highly recommend this site.

Patti Sclabassi

I had a very positive experience at this facility. I started with a lot of hip, knee, and groin pain. Staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Laura and Ally even accompanied me to my orthopedic appointment midway through my therapy!! The atmosphere and environment is also comfortable. Now, at the end of my treatment, I am pain-free in these areas. I leave Athletico Novi with the tools and exercises I need to stay healthy. Thank you Athletico Novi!

dennis fitzgerald

If you are in need of some PT and do not give Laura and her crew the chance to get you well again you will be missing an amazing experience. They are on time, ready and take ownership of getting you healthy again. My wife and I have both used their talent and are almost hopeing for another physical problem that they can fix!!! Amazing is the understatement for what they accomplish. Laura even helped my wife find a PT in florida so she could continue her treatments

K Bhambare

This is by far the best occupational therapy location I have visited in the area. Amy Milioni, OTR provided dedicated time during each visit and complete attention to issues faced. She is very knowledgeable and changed care slowly as recovery progressed. This location was recommended by my doctor and helped me to recover fast from the high pain. All the staff is very kind and supportive.

Carol Blunt

Unmatched dedication and expertise! It’s with great appreciation to the team at Athletico, Laura Tustin, PT (Novi) and Ryan Mertz, PT (Plymouth) that my son was introduced to Dr. Christopher Cooke after sustaining an ACL injury to the right knee. Together, this team of colleagues led my son through a rough situation of injury at the height of his athletic career. Surgical success and weeks of physical therapy helped restore him to full potential. PT Laura worked with my son. She is a dedicated therapist with passion and knowledge, always available and ready to help. Many thanks to all mentioned here.

Anita simone

I've been fortunate to have had a great experience and awesome results from my treatment at Athletico. I have fully recovered from my tendonitis in my wrist and continue to utilize the helpful exercises they taught me for my tennis elbow. The staff are reliable, considerate and very attentive. I would highly recommend Athletico.

Jesse Crawford

There are just no words to describe how much they have helped me with both of my shoulders and back after a nasty car accident which lead to two surgeries. They take the time to really explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. Every single employee is friendly and helpful. They are really flexible with scheduling and the location is great. I highly recommend Laura if you are having shoulder issues. They are truly the best around!!!

Michelle Farmer

Lauryn Barnett

Laura is excellent and the staff there is so friendly. Everyone was very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Delonte Hollowell

Athletico is the best physical therapy location I have ever been. As a former professional athlete/ U of M alumnus, I am only accustomed to First Class treatment. With that being said, in Michigan it is not easy to find GRADE A therapist; however, this facility’s staff will amaze you with their professionalism, efficiency, and care (especially Laura). I felt just like I was at home every time I went for my appointments, and I would highly recommend this location. “GO BLUE” -Delont’e

Don Eller

Don Dolph

Very happy I chose APT for my PT this time. Laura started with a complete evaluation and then proceeded to make real improvements on my knees in the first visit. She is confident, knowledgeable, experienced and very positive and upbeat. I am impressed with the 1 on 1 service, I have been to 3-4 other PT companies where after the initial 30 minutes the therapists are trying to handle 3 patients at once. I detest standing around waiting for instructions and doing the same routines every visit Anyhoo I am impressed with the staff and facilities at APT and Laura is making a huge difference in my quality of life with the rehabilitation program she set up for me

Cody Tustin

Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly! Had multiple issues with my knee and Laura Was able to help my recovery time shorten. Highly recommended!

Maddie Mays

The staff was wonderful. Laura, Ally, Mark and Carrie, they are super and very Patience and helpful. 1 on 1 bases. Also they are very informative, and I would recommend everyone to go there. And if I ever need help with anything, I will be going back to the Athletico Physical Therapy center. The staff is awesome. I rate them more that five stars, they need to be 100 stars. - Wanda.

David Kraai

I am one of those, "If it hurts, quit the complaining and go walk it off" type of persons. After many long walks I finally ended up at Athletico Physical Therapy in Novi. Laura, my experienced therapist, took the time to fully evaluate my extensive needs, I would list them here but then we would all be in tears! Laura found owwies buried below my owwies and through therapy worked them out one at a time. Today, I'm a new man with a bright new future, thanks to Laura and the excellent staff at Athletico Physical Therapy in Novi!!! What excuse are you using? What are you waiting for? Your owwies won't fix themselves no matter how long you walk. Stop in and see them, you'll thank me for it!!!

Amber Laho-DeGroat

Athletico Physical Therapy is simply AMAZING!! When I first entered the clinic for treatment, I felt so welcomed by the entire staff. By the second week, I was excited to go to Physical Therapy. Laura helped me so much with my ankle rehabilitation. I was continuing to make progress and gains in PT. She helped me get my life back and helped me along the way with getting me back to doing the things I love to do. It was inspiring and uplifting to be around such a great Physical Therapist who wanted to help me and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have Laura’s help with my journey. Laura is top notch and the best physical therapist around. Thank you Laura and thank you Athletico!!

A Bruyer

Great experience for a lousy situation. Needed physical therapy (PT) for an injured knee & hip (lousy situation). First, they worked with my availability to get PT. Then they worked with the issue, getting the knee & hip stronger, teaching me how to go up and down stairs properly, provided exercises to be done at home (and in the future). Laura, Kayla and RC work well as a team in helping with one's recovery. If I ever need PT again, I'll be back! Thank you!

Sam Csatari

My ortho doctor recommended Hima Kambhampati (PT at the Novi location) for a growing chronic pain condition in my hip and leg. Check in at clinic is swift. Hima's hands-on manual manipulation coupled with functional therapy is helping to reduce pain, and lead us to what we believe will be a diagnosis for the cause, so we can lay out a going forward path in conjuction with my doc. She is very knowledgeable and caring. The clinic space is clean. My only suggestion is to offer a web site that allows the patient to manage appointments along with payments.


We brought my mom here for PT after her knee replacement. I was so impressed with the personalized attention and care they gave my mom. They took the time to get to know her before starting therapy and created a program just right for her. When we come we are greeted immediately and my mom gets Laura’s full attention throughout her visit. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for PT!


Everyone is very nice. And helped me recover from 2 surgeries. I 100% suggest this place if u have any injuries

Olivia Mans

Overall my experience at Athletico was beyond incredible. I started working with Laura back in January and was amazed by her work ethic, knowledge of the body, and her willingness to do whatever it took to help me. Athletico was very accommodating of my schedule and would change my appointment when needed. Thanks to Athletico for all of the help!

Edward Somerville

44 years after my last 400 meter race in college, I decided to resurrect my track and field career as a Master’s athlete. Trying to re-build all of the muscles and tendons and ligaments and other body parts after 4 decades was a daunting, frustrating and painful task…….. even for someone who always stayed in pretty good shape…………..with one injury after another. Then, another master’s sprinter introduced me to Laura Tustin, at Athletico Physical Therapy in Novi, Michigan. Laura and I talked at length about my issues and what I was trying to accomplish. Then, she formulated a plan that not only helped me recover from numerous strains and pulls and inflammatory issues, but set me on a path to a rigorous, demanding training schedule without serious injuries. Working together, we developed a more gradual approach to regaining the balance, strength , coordination and mental and physical processes I would need to once again compete at a state, national and international level. In the two years since we began this journey, I have won many races throughout the country and six weeks ago was part of an American and World Record setting 4x400 meter relay team. That would never have happened without Laura Tustin !

John H. Scott

From a sling after cuff surgery to free full rotational movement with delicate yet firm guidence. Connect with Laura Tustin directly for a pre-appointment Interview BEFORE you do anything else!!!

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