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REVIEWS OF Ally Physical Therapy IN Michigan

Marguerite Erpelding

The physical and occupational therapists are wonderful. They care and want you to improve! Great support staff!

Michael Schooley

Ally Physical Therapy has a friendly team that will help anyone reach there goals. I had intense sciatic nerve pain from a previous injury. The team not only brought me to a place of relief but instilled the skills to retain a painless life style. Any questions that I had were answered. I highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy.

Michelle Shartran

I was treated at Ally for a Sciatic Nerve problem. The staff is wonderful, and they were right on! with my treatment. They have some very cool equipment and very good techniques that helped me recover very quickly!! I am so happy with how they helped with my pain issues!! Mansi is the Best!

Donna Zarras

I came to Ally for lower back pain, within a few visits I could notice the difference. Dr. Aliya Bahjet was like a personal trainer and a Massage Therapist. She showed me strengthening exercises that really helped my back. After a few weeks I was going days without back pain. If my pain started coming back I would just start with the exercises that I learned at Ally. Everyone at the Office was very friendly.

Charlene Kinnard

Warm, attentive, caring, and knowledgeable in their craft. Wish i could take them home with me:) this is the place to go if you need care for your body.

Michael Cuellar

This is a good PT facility with good people who know what you need to feel better. They work you hard but you'll get to your goal faster, and they're personable as well. I recommend Ally PT to anyone looking for help coming back from an injury.

Jerry Stover

When I came into Ally Physical Therapy I could barely walk. I was having difficulty bending over and getting up out of a chair without pain. The staff was excellent. My main therapist was Brian. I am now able to get up, walk and bend over without pain. The staff was very professional, courteous and caring. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

ken m

Staff was friendly and professional. Mansi was hands on, working to heal my injury, adjusting methods used throughout my treatment regimen. Thanks

Tiffany B

I work at a medical practice that refers many patients to Ally. Our patients are always happy with their care there and they are great about keeping us informed about our patients' progress and concerns.

Pam Mark

Amazing!!!!!! After my knee surgery I found them online. Hesitant at first, fell in love with them immediately. Personable, professional and worked magic with their knowledge of just what I needed. If you're searching for a great place to go for therapy, look no further. Ally Physical Therapy is the right place for you.

Jason Persondek

Harold Wiser

I came to Ally with severe shoulder pain after hitting golf balls. After my 10th session with Mehul I played golf the next day with no problems! I highly recommend Ally. Great people to work with!!!

Phil Osaer

Mary Ann Arsenault

Ally has really worked hard to diagnosis my muscle issues, and has been very supportive during my therapy. I am very pleased with her service.

Donika Simon

The physical therapists do an incredible job and are very polite when answering questions. They make sure the client feels comfortable and works at their own pace. The environment is spotless and easy to excercise.

Sharon Genga

This was my second time at Ally. When my doctor recommended I go to physical therapy for shoulder pain, I knew right where to go! Mehul did a great job diagnosing the problem and coming up with a treatment plan. Brian did an amazing job and put me through my paces twice a week. The chronic pain that kept me from enjoying daily activities soon began to lessen. Brian, Mehul and Mansi watched my program closely, and I now feel great! I can sleep better and the pain and discomfort are gone. My husband needed p.t. shortly after I started. I told him go to Ally, and he did! Sharon Genga

Tina Fultz

The Staff at Ally Physical Therapy are the best. They are all very friendly and go out of their way to help you I went to them for a frozen shoulder. They work with you on exercises and manual therapy. Also will go above and beyond to make sure you are getting everything you need to heal. I will be going back when ever I need physical therapy and will recommend Ally to anyone looking for a place to go to. I also knew how much my insurance would cover the first day and how much I would have to pay.

Doug Ellis

My experience in working with Ally Physical Therapy was very professional and satisfying. All the therapy for my back pain and also my hip replacement surgery recovery was through, intense and effective. I enjoyed not only the time spent at there facility but also the clean and sterile conditions which they constantly strive to maintain. I would recommend there service's for physical therapy for not only there knowledge but also there execution of all therapy that have prescribed for your recovery.

Shalonda Jean-Louis

I LOVE this place and all of the staff. I have referred friends and family to come here for their physical therapy needs. I personally needed vestibular therapy and could hardly balance myself well with my feet apart when I started! But Mansi, Brian, and Alyiah* were all instrumental in helping me complete my physical therapy and regain my balance. Thanks to you all! Choose this place, you won't regret it!

Dot Weisberger

I have been very happy with my care They worked with my Dr to accomplish the exercises I needed to relieve my pain I couldn't asked for a more pleasant staff to Work with. Thank you Mansi for all your care and helping me to understand what I was doing and why. I would recommend Ally physical therapy to Anyone who needs good professional care.

himanshu negi

I had a long history with my rotator cuff pain and recently it got triggered as I torn my rotate cuff at the gym with pain moving around my shoulder and scapula. APT helped with the mobility as I couldn’t even move my shoulder without feeling pain. Aliya and Brian were my PT who helped me understand the nature of the injury and specially Brian with whom I was working more not only he helped me with all his tremendous prior knowledge but he also used different method/techniques to help me get back to lifting weights. Both Brian and Aliya helped me understand the anatomy and always answered my questions related to my injury including what to be careful of as I had same injury in the past. Also, the facility they have is pretty neat so I would highly recommend this place as the whole staff is very friendly and know what they are doing.

sandy kerr

I have been coming to Ally Physical Therapy for about 7 weeks now for a knee injury I sustained last August. I have learned a lot about exercise to help the knee. I was limping regularly when I first started and having a lot of pain doing ordinary tasks. I'm 65 years old so I know some of it is just arthritis and had given up on fixing it without surgery. I'm so happy to report that I am having steady improvement. I recently went on a 2 mile walk without limping. I still have a ways to go, but I am confidant I am going to be able to do a squat again. That is my goal. I am working with Dr. Aliya Bahjet. She is really creative and works me hard, but in a nice way. I highly recommend her. The whole staff here is nice.

Marciela Ross

The staff at Ally Physical Therapy is world class. They are caring and attentive and very committed to giving the best possible care. The staff is well trained and seek ways to keep pushing towards a higher level of mobility in a safe and empathetic way. The facility is clean and spacious and easily accessible for people who may have mobility issues. Ally has up to date and advanced equipment and methods that I believe will be suitable for a wide range of rehab issues. I highly recommend the caring and attentive staff at Ally Physical Therapy.

Brent Tomayko

Aliya and Ally Physical Therapy have been nothing short of amazing. After my back injury, I had limited mobility in my left leg and was unable to sit/stand/walk without severe pain. Slowly but surely I regained movement and Aliya pushed me hard each session, but just enough. I made substantial improvement in a short period of time and am back to golfing in just 8 weeks! I would absolutely recommend Ally to anyone. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly, and they know how to get people back to their normal lives.

Pam Heffernan

I was looking for a place close to home. Boy did I find the best place. Went in spinal stenosis, pain level at least a six. Today was my final visit and I told Mansi even though she worked my rear end off, my pain level is just noticeable. Facility was very clean and staff was extremely kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.

Caitlyn Willyard

I am a current patient here for my knee recovery after my tibial osteotomy. They treat their patients with great respect and they are fun and easy to talk to. Unlike the first two places I had physical therapy for the same knee, Ally really gives great personal attention. Although this recovery has been a challenge, they made it enjoyable and I will be coming here when I get surgery done in my other knee.

Francine Green

They are awesome! I have osteoarthritis and began therapy several weeks ago for pain and stiffness in my hips and knees. I was really wasn't sure the therapy would help. However, through exercises, education, and encouragement, I am doing so much better today! I've learned aa lot about managing my arthritis, which is exactly what I needed to do. I'm so very grateful for the help! I now know the things I can do for myself that will help me into the future. Thank you so much!!

Kathleen HUSTON

I have received PT at other facilities and I have no criticism of those places but at Ally I felt the care was much more personal. The therapists get to know their patients as people not just patients. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have recommended them to my friends that need PT and if I ever have to have PT again I will certainly go to Ally.

Samantha Stafford

I had to go to physical therapy per the doctors orders and I’m SOOO glad I came here! I work at a doctors office and I’ve never seen such nice employees who are great at their job and they genuinely care! I leave in a better mood because they’re so good at their job and as a person who works 40 hours a week at a 8-6 place I never struggle to get appts here they always make it work for my schedule. Everyone is so nice!

Kristy Schweim

Everyone here is great! Clean, friendly and. Relaxed atmosphere.

Kyle Lawson

Everyone is incredibly nice and supportive! I had a great experience recovering.

Lew Newcomb

Very satisfied with my time at Ally. I can be a difficult customer, but they won me over. Mehul and Brian were always honest with me, and they listened to my concerns. I think the diagnosis and the treatment plan they gave me are spot-on. I highly recommend Ally.

Susan Jankowski

I was referred to Ally Physical Therapy Livonia by my doctor for frozen shoulder. I had suffered with this painful and limiting condition for 3 months. With the help and guidance of Dr. Aliya Bahjet my shoulder is moving much more freely and I am able to enjoy pain free movement. I am happy to have received such a positive and comprehensive therapy for my shoulder. I was able to complete my treatment in four weeks time. The office staff is professional and very welcoming. I feel as though I have a new group of friends at Ally.

Dan & Diana Campbell

Great experience. Very helpful instruction. I had a remarkable improvement with my hip and balance. Very highly recommended to use ALLY PHYSICAL THERAPY

samir ezzat

Wendy Mahan

I has been my pleasure to work with Ally Physical Therapy for close to 5 years. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. They are committed to the highest level of care. Ally Physical Therapy is compliant in all aspects of patient care and business practices. Their commitment to professionalism and integrity is exceptional. I highly recommend them for all physical and occupation therapy needs.

Laura KILL

Best Physical Therapy I have ever experienced. It has only been a couple of weeks and I already feel at least 70% better. Very professional, nice, friendly, caring, I feel like their name should be "Healing Hands Therapy". They have accommodated my schedule and have made me feel like the only goal is to just get me better! I would very much recommend this as the only place to go. Laura

Daniel Law

My first time ever having to go to physical therapy after hurting my back I was introduced to Aliya. I felt very comfortable with her and the knowledge she had to get me back to my normal activities. My lower back was a mess from a herniated disc and sciatica but Aliya and the team at Ally Physical Therapy helped me through the pain and taught me what to do if this were to happen again. I learned so much and want take this time to personally thank everyone for their kindness & helping me get past the pain and back to my busy life... thanks to Nancy & Jessica for working with my schedule and a shout out to Brian for his help too !!

Janet Ellis

I highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy in Livonia. I am currently receiving therapy for my shoulder from Siddhi and am very pleased with her skill, knowledge and positive uplifting attitude. I am a former PT myself and have had shoulder therapy 3 previous times at another clinic. I must say I feel results much quicker this time and I believe her one on one manual skills and logical exercise progression are responsible in large part. I also appreciate the updates in my home program. The clinic is small(comparatively), but more than adequate. Very private area for manual treatment with actual doors! When here I feel that all my therapists attention is on me, not her other patients. Looking around I see the "normal" equipment you would expect. Best of all friendly staff, quiet space and close to home. I would come again and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Theresa Byrd

I cannot say enough good things about this business. My therapist was exceptional!! I am in the medical field, so I am hard to please. I look for things that most would not. First, Jessica the receptionist is so kind and sweet. She makes you comfortable from the get go. After using the machines I noticed she goes around and wipes them all down. Love it!!! The staff is always happy and smiling. My therapist, Mansi was so kind and understanding. After she worked on me I went to get up and had a pain in my butt and she immediately made me sit down and showed me what exercise to do to take away the pain and it did!! She explained why and how the exercise worked. This is a special place I would recommend to anyone. They are the BEST!! I will miss them, however if God forbid I need P.T. again, they are the only ones I would consider.

Brian Duggan

My experience at Ally Physical Therapy was wonderful. Mehul, Mansi & Brian are awesome therapists. They took the time to educate me about my condition and what they were going to do to improve it. They always listened to my concerns and explained things so that I could understand. The facility is bright clean and well equipped. Nancy was always sanitizing every time I was there. All the staff was very friendly helpful. I would defiantly recommend this place to my family and friends. Thanks for getting me on the road to recovery. - Laura Duggan

Ravidev R Chalanti

I have visited Ally Physical Therapy due to an elbow and wrist injury due to sports. I had severe pain in snapping my elbow during pitching. It took 3 weeks continuous sessions with Mr. Mehul to regain my strength. He was able to understand my pain points and tried addressing the problem with ultrasound and strengthening exercises first. The results were not greatly effective initially. so he switched over to manual adjustment of muscles and tendons that support the bone joints. It proved effective in a very short period of time. Besides the physical adjustments, he also suggested on how to address the problem mentally to increase confidence and reduce healing time. After that, I took an appointment with Mehul for my wife. She was suffering from shoulder and thoracic pain due to sports and whilst many doctors were not able to figure out the problem, his analysis of root cause of the pain did really help. We are now able to look into diagnosing the problem effectively. I would strongly recommend Mehul for quick healing with Physical Therapy If anyone has questions about this review, you can directly get in touch with me to get to know more.

Elisa Vandraiss

Can't say enough good. There are no egos here--everyone works together to help the patient. You are an individual, and they treat your needs as if you were their dear friend, not another case in a corporate chain therapy place. I had the privilege to work with each therapist and both office assistants. I felt like no one was listening to me regarding my pain and weakness before I went in. They handled my physical ailments and soothed my anguish as well. Love them!

Deb Kolar

I was told to get physical therapy for my arthritic knee. The pain and swelling were quite intolerable, and I didn't hold much hope for improvement. But today, I am back to walking, bicycling, and yoga. The therapists provided several different treatments besides exercises. They were very patient and genuinely happy to answer all my questions. I enjoyed the personalized service that this local business provided with courtesy and professionalism. If I should need PT again, I will definitely return!

Barbara Zarek

I was so impressed with Ally Physical Therapy. On a scale of 1-5, I would rate them excellent at a "10". They are so kind, compassionate, caring, professional and knowledgeable. I came in totally dependent upon my walker after knee surgery. I graduated from a walker to a cane and now I am getting ready to walk without a cane. Ally Therapy is different from other therapy places. Ally therapists are with you every minute of your entire therapy time. They do not have you go to therapy assistants during your time there or having you waiting for an assistant to come. Your therapist stays with you. The results speak for themselves as you can see your own progress.

Marisa Azure

My 4 months at Ally were amazing! The entire staff are so nice and caring. After my car accident I was beginning to think I would be living the rest of my life in chronic pain. That is, until I met Mansi. She is so caring, so knowledgeable and so personable. She took the time to explain my injury and my treatment plan to me. She really cared about my recovery and made sure I was happy every step of the way. I am a busy mom with a young family and she was very accommodating to my schedule. I am so happy with my care I received from Ally and that I am now on their Wall of Sucess, but sad I am leaving because I feel I truly made a friend in Mansi. I would recommend Ally Physical Therapy to anyone needing therapy. Everyone in each department at Ally are awesome and I will miss them all!

Elizabeth Saltzman

Absolutely loved my experience at Ally Physical Therapy with Mansi. I was looking on google for somewhere close to my home and found Ally with the fantastic reviews and they DEFINITELY lived up to them. I have lower back pain (SI joint dysfunction) and Mansi did a great job with the manipulations, teaching me exercises to do, and educating me overall on my condition. I went to a different PT place for this condition a few years ago and I didn't feel much benefit at all. I have had a ton of benefit and improvement while going to Ally. Highly recommend it!

V Ramu

We are very happy with the therapy and advice provided at Ally. Our son had a multiple fracture in his yelbow and once the cast came off, he had trouble extending his arm. Mehul and Mansi were very attentive and gently guided our son through the exercises. They were instrumental in our son quickly regaining full range of motion and strength in his arm. Highly recommend!

Susan Hill

Wow, I have been to two other physical therapy places and Ally Physical Therapy has them beat by a very wide margin!!! I'm working with Dr Aliya Bahjet and I have to say she is incredible!!! I go in with so much pain and by the time my session is done I'm in awe because I feel so much better. Sometimes the pain level goes down by at least 60 / 70 percent. She is so gentle and intuitive that sometimes l really hate to leave. I give Ally Physical Therapy 5 STARS. Respectfully, Susan Hill


Had a great experience at Ally Physical therapy, would highly recommend to anyone looking for skilled and attentive PTs!

George Paros

Wonderful Dr.and staff at Ally in Livonia.. Helpful Understanding and determined 2 help u.. Convenient clean office . THEY really understand your specific problems / issues. And come up with a great individual theory two Help u. Ally therapy will have me as a comsumer for life...thanks

Brandi Wilson

I love the staff at Ally, The staff unlike other companies take the time to go over your injury and target it head on, I was involved in a car accident which has left me in alot of pain, at time's the pain is at 20 which is not on the charts, by doing series of stretching, palpation n exercise, the company has my level at a 2/3 by end of session, I do not think it's possible to ever be at a 0, I've been to other placing as well as series of meds and injections only to cause more pain as well as inflammation to area of injury, I highly recommend Ally I thank them for all their work and time they spent with me and I will return as well as recommend them to anyone.

gina cutting

Excellent customer care. Not only do each employee preforns their job but they go above to insure that my needs are met. They are attentive to the consumer as a whole not just what issue they have. Even after my health care visits were up they offered more opportunity for my recovery. I myself never felt like a number!

John Pouch

dan g

Mehul was my Physical therapist and gave me personal one-on-one care. I also received message therapy from Dawn that also played a big roll in my recovery. I would definitely recommend this facility to friends, family and anyone who needs PT.

David Gravel

Dr. Mehul Vaidya was great at explaining the physiology of why my knee was hurting and my knee pain quickly disappeared. I enjoyed the staff and the results of eliminating my knee pain.

Rick Shaw

My experience with APT was excellent. The staff was courteous and very thorough. I felt better after each session. I will recommend APT to my friends, and I will return when I get my knee surgery done.

Patricia Mulholland

ally physical therapy is well equipped and very clean, with a friendly staff.Dr Mehul was most helpful with my balance and sciatic problems. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.

Muhammad Zindani

Claude Paquette

When I knew I had to have physical therapy again, there was only one place to choose. That was "Ally Physical therapy" because I had been a patient once before and had a great experience. This time was no different. My main therapist was Dr. Aliya. She was fantastic, very knowledgeable and caring. I went from a pain level of "8" to nearly "0". I did have sessions with other therapist and they were all very attentive and knowledgeable. In fact the entire staff was wonderful. I don't want to be a patient again but if need be it will always be " Ally Physical Therapy". What a difference they have made in my life. Forever grateful, Claude Paquette

Maryann Simmons

Had a wonderful experience. Sakina my therapist was the best! I would highly recommend Ally for physical therapy.

suzanne MacDermid

Ally Physical Therapy(Canton,mi) cured my excruciating shoulder pain.Yes,no drugs or surgery.After evaluation I was taught many exercises and during the course of a few weeks my pain went away.Dr Mehul Vaidya is very knowledgeable,and was very easy to talk with.He explained everything simple and clearly about how the muscles work,how they become irritated or inflamed,and how to strengthen or cure.Thank you Ally P.T for teaching me how to end my shoulder pain that has been imparing my daily life.

Sybil Taddia

I highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy for all therapy needs. Both my husband Joe, and I have benefited from visiting this clinic, and I have used them several times for several issues with good results. Everyone at this clinic is considerate, professional, and caring.

Mr Cabbage

I highly recommend this PT clinic. Their employees are very kind, very courteous and very friendly. And willing to accommodate their patients time. Excellent job and I'm very satisfied under their care.

Deborah Dillard

Diagnosed with positional vertigo in which, I thought it was going to go away but it didn't. So I came to Ally physical therapy and within a day I felt like I was completely cured. Love the staff loved Siddhi, she's such a sweet young lady and I felt like she put Humpty Dumpty back together again.. LOL. When I left here I was totally back to my life again because of her. Don't hesitate, if you feel any type of constant dizziness, it may be a sign that there's something going on and the therapist here are able to get you back to your life again. That were the greatest and I had the greatest experience with them. I'm really going to miss them and I wish you all the best this is the greatest location.

Leslie Virag

I had a very positive experience at Ally Physical Therapy after my knee replacement surgery. I found the staff to be friendly and professional. My therapist Mehul listened to my concerns and gave me excellent feedback and advice for work to do at home. I would definitely recommend them.

Alexandra Starr

I came to APT for a calf issue that prevented me from long distance running. The care I received was second to none. My physical issues were addressed professionally and expediently. However, what really makes APT stand out is the people who work there. I felt cared for as a person. The staff is friendly, welcoming and very much in tune with their patients’ needs. When it was time to be discharged, I was almost sad to leave. I am now running and training pain free and I am most grateful for the people I met and the way I Way I was treated.

John DiBella

Very knowledgeable and professional. My wife and I went there together and we're pleased with the care we received. They are very patient and will answer all your questions.

Michael Makled

Excellent staff and facility. Met me at the worst time in my life after an injury I was sure would change me forever and helped me through the recovery treating me as family the whole time. I truly felt that they saw my success as their success. I developed a personal connection with every single member of the staff I interacted with. If you or a loved one is in the position I was in, I strongly recommend allowing these EXTREMELY knowledgable therapists help you through it. Take my word for it, as a nurse, and as anyone who works in the medical field can tell you, it is more rare than it should be to find exceedingly competent AND kind people to take care of you; and this facility supplies exactly that, compassionate experts. Thank you for reading this and if my excellent therapists are reading this, thank you too. ❤️

margarita Macy

They are the best. The staff is professional, friendly and caring. i work hard and they encourage me to work harder and I am so happy with the results. My balance and leg strength is so much better. And they are a fun bunch to work with.

Gail Walker

I just wanted to take a few moments to share with you my experience here at ally. I first came to ally with two torn Rotative cuffs. I chose Physical Therapy because I did not want to undergo surgery. In the beginning I was pretty nervous and concerned because I was unable to do some of the exercises right away but thanks to a great team of workers who were patient with me, who allowed me the time that I needed while yet challenging me when they knew I was able to go a little further, this helped to build up my strength and I begin to become stronger and stronger. I am so grateful. I would like to thank the entire team of workers that help to make this facility what we need it to be. A clean and well manage facility. A special thanks to Aliyla and Brian. Your the BEST! And Ally for being the best at what you do. I am able to lift my arms and pick up my grandson to give him a kiss and it's because of the care that I recieved. I would HIGHLY recommend this facility for your rehabilitation needs

Sue Draper

I highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy in Livonia! Thanks to Mehul, Brian and Aliya for taking such good care of me after my knee replacement. They are highly trained, knowledgeable and very professional. They knew exactly how to get my knee back to full range of motion. I also want to give a shout out to Nancy and Jessica for scheduling my appointments around me and treating me like family.

Casandra Young

Everyone here is great! They were able to help me with my sprained knee a month before my wedding! I was able to walk down the aisle! Courtney and Mansi. Set up a program that worked great. I am very happy with my quality of care at All!

Janet Steimel

I have received therapy for my knee this time. Ally Physical Therapy is just as great as last time. Every one is so nice, Appointments are easy to make, and the therapists are very caring and knowledgeable I highly recommend them.

Michael Sanderson

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Ally Physical Therapy. The staff was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and the facility was pristine every visit. I had laser therapy on my arthritic knee, and within a few sessions the swelling and pain had gone down. I highly recommend going to Ally for your therapy if you need it.

Mandar Parasnis

I have taken an extensive physical therapy treatment from Dr. Mehul Vaidya and Brian after my acl reconstruction surgery. They helped me through the entire process and speedy recovery. I was able to regain my confidence and knee stability and strength was achieved. Thanks to entire team of Ally physical. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of PT. These guys know what they are doing.

Nancy Cacciola

very good, thorough and one-on-on therapy.

Marci Johnson

You all do such a great job with me and I appreciate your help in my recovery. Brian was my primary Physical Therapist. I'm not the easiest customer, but we learn together, and I have become stronger with each session. I enjoy working with each of you, adding different perspectives and elements to my routine. I am challenging I know, I ask "why" a lot of the time, you each have great answers. My accident case was very difficult and I came to you in such terrible pain. With head, neck, spine, hips, left knee, and broken left ankle injuries I needed overall intensive treatment. I had tried a different PT place for a year with little progress. Over the last year, you worked everything and continue to do so. I really thought "I might have to have the cervical and spinal surgery." With my diligent participation in my therapy every day hard work and determination, I have avoided surgery for the time being. Participation with my" homework" and trying with extra efforts and understanding that there WILL be pain at times when working the joints, with the reward of pain relief and sleep. The myofascial release techniques and multifaceted modalities with kenezial tape and ultrasound, electro stimulation, HyperIze gun, and manual manipulation in combination with biomedical massage therapy has made life tolerable. I have excellent communication and compassionate care, trusting one on one care with my Physical Therapy Assistant. It's not always easy but the relief afterward is so worth it!!! I am amazed at my progress, I feel confident that we will get me back to work eventually. I brag to my doctors about the care I receive and pain relief I have from Ally. I am happy to recommend Ally to everyone and one day to my own patients, at a clinic I will run of my own, as a Family Nurse Practitioner. THANK YOU ALL!! <3 Marci Johnson, RN

Susan Gunn

Compassion, expectation, and expertise are the key elements that Mehul brought to my rehab experience. With his positive outlook and drive to explore all possible treatment options, I have now regained my previous level of function with a treatment plan in place that will continue to strengthen and support my future health. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ally Physical Therapy.

Timothy Deuby

This is Marlene and I’m writing this review under my son’s account. If anyone needs physical therapy and wants the best treatment possible I recommend Ally Physical Therapy! This was my second time and they did not disappoint. Love the staff including the receptionist, Jessica - so helpful and kind. Mansi worked her magic along with Katie inbetween and achieved amazing results with a maintenance plan going forward. They listen, explain and produce amazing results on a one on one level which is very important to me. I recommend Ally to anyone and everyone in need!!

Teresa Allen

I have had therapy elsewhere when I was younger but the therapy I am receiving here is much more comfortable for me. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. I look forward to each visit. I trust the staff and highly recommend it to everyone.

ayush singhal

I would highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy to anyone who wants personal attention, expedited results and treatment under experienced professionals. Everyone there is committed to give the best possible care. I received therapy for my right knee ACL and meniscus tear, which happened to me while playing badminton and also received therapy for sciatica nerve pain which got developed over time. My physical therapist, Mansi and Brian were very hospitable. Jessica who managed my schedule for therapy sessions has also been very flexible all throughout my experience. At beginning, my right knee was at almost 60% functionality as compared with my left knee in terms of strength and mobility. Before starting the therapy, my physical therapist discussed about my end goals of the therapy and by the end of my physical therapy I was able to achieve them. Throughout the therapy, my physical therapist payed attention to minute details and tailored the sessions according weekly progress.

Guy Czarnowski

Ally Physical Therapy of Livonia is great. I went in for a hip problem due to overdoing it playing pickleball, ( 2 hrs a day 5 days a week.) I was paired up with physical therapist Aliya Bahjet and couldn`t be any happier. She worked with me 3 times a week for 6 weeks as prescribed by my doctor. She not only is very knowledgeable in her field but also personable and willing to take her time to answer any questions or concerns that I might have. I was in so much pain at the beginning of my therapy that I was taking 1800 mgs of ibuprofen daily. After just 1 session with Aliya I have not had to take any pain meds at all. The entire staff at the clinic is awesome. Jessica, the receptionist always greets you with a smile and is always friendly. My thanks go out to Aliya for getting me back on the courts. Job well done.

Salvacion Harris

Best facilities, best team of therapists, best services - that's Ally's Physical Therapy. They take time to understand your needs and are patient when it comes to helping you. They are firm in their treatments but they are human and compassionate about your feelings. The schedule is accommodating. I highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy.

Marilyn Pedit

As a current patient I really enjoy coming here, they have made my recovery process quicker than expected, it is a very pleasant environment and, highly recommend them.

Johnny Hassan

I received physical therapy after undergoing knee surgery that repaired a tear in my meniscus in my right knee. Ally PT was the best experience I could have asked for. The team of therapists I worked with (Katie, Alia and Mansi), supported and encouraged me throughout my recovery. I owe a huge thank you to Katie who pushed me to the limits twice a week to get me back into my pre-injury physical form; I could not have done it without their help and guidance. I would highly recommend Ally Physical Therapy.

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