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REVIEWS OF Rebound Physical Therapy IN Massachusetts

Nancy Molina

I have been going to Rebound Physical Therapy for many years. They have worked on almost all my joints in one way or another. Their friendly staff, ease of appointments, knowledge about my conditions, and vast variety of ideas and experiences has lent itself to helping me get on the road to recovery quickly. They have excellent facilities which includes pool access for aquatic therapy, and multiple fitness machines at the ready for any and all injuries. I have referred many friends and family to Rebound, and will continue to do so for a long time. Not only do the help heal the physical injuries, but they also heal the heart and soul. I consider them a an extended part of my family. As well as friends. Nancy Molina

Richard Ely

Amazing therapists, amazing staff. I've been seen by 4 surgeons and 3 other physical therapists but none were able to figure out why I was still having pain. At Rebound, they took the time to listen to my whole story, to thoroughly evaluate me, and didactically ruled what I'd been told I had out from possibility until they found the real cause. Now that we know what we're trying to fix, the therapy has been very direct and I have been without pain since day 1. Thanks to a whole team approach to my needs, I can now effectively manage my symptoms simply and on my own.

Robert McAlear

This operation is terrific... Know their stuff and apply it in a friendly eficient way....

Brian Hersh

Myke Farricker

Dr. Paul Henning PhD

Really great care and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend Rebound!

cindy lowe

There is no better provider of PT than Rebound. They are all top notch professionals who quickly get you back in shape and out of pain!!

Gustav Freedman

I was treated for a shoulder issue, very successfully. Angle, my PT person, certainly understood my issue and was able to guide me through the healing process. I especially appreciated her attention to my form and body position as I went through my various exercises while there. I wish that her attention, and that of Matt, her assistant, had been consistently on me during these workout routines. I do understand that I was not the only client that they were treating so I couldn't expect total concentration on what I was doing. I know, from training generally and previous injury, how critical it is to make your injured muscles work correctly during a workout session, and having someone right by your side all the time during the exercise period means that you would be using the muscles as they should be. All in all, the experience was a positive one and I feel, not only better and "healed", but that I have a series of new routines to maintain my good health. Thanks..

jocelyn kasper

Michael Eliastam

Smart well trained staff, friendly people, enthusiastic expertise.

Jim Scheufler

I've been elsewhere over the years and the staff at rebound is by far the best. Also a better history was taken , and treatment plan created than in many physicians offices. Thanks

Betsy Doherty

Best PT experience I have had.

Mr. Herbst

I had a great experience at Rebound Physical Therapy, specifically with Stephanie Boggs and Jeff Reisman. Between the two of them, they made rehab a fun process. I felt like they got to know more than just my injury, they got to know me. It's not like I want to hurt myself, but I jokingly told them I would, just to get to continue to work with them. They made "going to rehab" something I looked forward to on a weekly basis. Additionally, Jo, at the front desk is absolutely the nicest person you'll meet and the perfect person to greet you each time. All in all, an amazing experience. If I get injured again, it's not a question where I'm going.

Peter Mariani

Knowledgeable staff. Exercises very much geared to my area of need. Challenging workouts and every time I finish a session I know I have made big steps to improving.

Julia Carpenter

These are well trained and engaged PTs. They really care about getting results for their patients. I have used them many times. They have gotten me back to rock climbing, skiing and other active goals every time. I've used them to recover from an elbow surgery and two shoulder surgeries. Great facility too comes with the use of all kinds of equipment to help heal. I highly recommend Rebound.

Kyle Robb

I've been to Rebound twice now, first to help recover from a bad broken foot, and again recently to treat a year-old nerve injury in my shoulder. I saw Angela both times. She is amazing - really easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable! Seriously, I can't overhype the depth and breadth of her skills. The environment is very clean and professional but far from clinical; every employee is excellent and warm and helpful and welcoming. 10/10 would return to Rebound to recover from any injury, ever.

Louis LeBlanc

The therapists at Rebound are wonderful to work with. They are knowledgeable, considerate, and very serious about helping their patients get better. I have been to Rebound for shoulder and back injuries, and have always felt like I was getting the best care available.

Dianne Silvestri

The front staff and therapists are friendly, efficient, responsive, and knowledgeable. My therapy is always tailored to my needs and limitations while incorporating progress and always encouraging me. A great place!

Desiree Lawson

Great atmosphere! Staff is very pleasant and therapists are knowledgeable and helpful.

Gary Smith

I had a serious hip injury and was worried that I would never be able to play tennis again. I went to Rebound because I trusted them for getting me back on the courts after a previous knee surgery. Kim took charge and for four months pushed me to the limit every single visit. She was tough but compassionate and once we worked together for a few weeks she got tuned in as to what I could handle and also what I was going through psychologically. She kept telling me that I was going to make it and to stay with positive thoughts. I trusted her and plowed forward. It was a long, miserable, winter with no tennis, PT, the weather and the blizzards, but I hung in there. Kim had to take a leave of absence so Jeff took over and it was seamless. He set me up with an intense workout regimen that I still do today and stressed to me that were going to over prepare in PT and the gym so that went I got back on the tennis courts, I would be ready for anything. Finally, after six months I returned to tennis and after a few times back on the courts my self confidence returned and I could make lateral moves without fear or pain again. I started to play competitively again, went undefeated, and I played a major role when we won the championship. Big kudos to Kim, Jeff and the gang at Rebound!!! They are a class act from the time you walk in the door at reception, to billing, management, and overall friendliness, knowledge and experience of all the staff. There was never a problem to cancel and they were always helpful and considerate for cancellations and moving appointments around. Can't say enough about Rebound. They are the best, and if you need physical therapy, this is the place to go.

Elizabeth Szymczak

Tiffany O'Connell

Nicholas Grant

Rosemary Ramos

I have great experience with them . They work together as a group to make sure you are satisfy. I don't need to ask for a better place .

Terry Foster

The staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. Highly recommend Rebound PT!

Rachel Goldner

Alan Levin

Unfortunately, over the past 15 years I have had more than my share of physical problems. I have used Rebound Physical Therapy several times. I have had several different therapists because of staff turnover. i can honestly say, every professional who has treated me has been outstanding and I am thrilled to have Rebound Physical Therapy as a resource.

Lianne Manzella

Dennis Archibald

Rebound Physical Therapy is excellent. They quickly understand your needs, can explain what needs to be done step by step, have the right training to explain what muscles are being worked on and why, and have a variety of the right exercises to bring you back to health. Their staff is friendly, extremely professional, and use your time and their time wisely to get you started and then to advance your capabilities with each visit. Several people told me about how good they are which is why I went there but they far surpassed my already high expectations - definitely use them!

Stephen Rogers

Highly recommend Rebound! Easy scheduling, great information/ feedback every session, and encouragement from very knowledgeable staff. HabHalready recommended to friends.

Sam Naseef

After tearing my ACL, everyone here has been incredibly helpful and I have seen marked improvements with every visit

Fordie Madeira

Having been a client at Rebound Physical Therapy in Natick for the past several months, I cannot recommend more highly the superb care I received there. Starting with the receptionists, who were always warm and efficient to the entire PT staff who were exceptional in their knowledge, their high standard of treatment, their thorough follow up and their sincere commitment to helping me make a full recovery. There was always a feeling of teamwork in this wonderful state of the art facility and always a joy and a deeper purpose to make every client's experience the best it could be!

Shawn Arsenault

Great and friendly staff who takes their time to listen to you and regardless how busy they are always makes you feel like you're their number one customer.

Valerie Ann Kirshy

From the very first introduction, I was impressed. I arrived, having completed PT after a broken hip but was not totally and completely functional. Steve took care of it easily and professionally. Since, I have had two shoulder surgeries. After Rebound PT I have total mobility in my arms and shoulders.

Julie Pollock

I was told by numerous physical therapy places that I would never be the active person I always was due to my back issues. I couldn't accept what they were telling me and I am glad I didn't! I went to Rebound PT, Steve Crowell, and it changed my life! I am as active as I ever was and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Rebound changed my life!

Barbara Ebert

I have been to Rebound for several conditions: dislocated shoulder, total hip and knee replacements. My outcomes have all been successful, due in no small part to the role the dedicated therapists at Rebound have played. I also like the teamwork that goes on at Rebound among the therapists, assistants and the gracious staff at the front desk. As my late namesake would say: "Two thumbs up!"

Brian Mulcahey

Just when I thought my running career was over, Rebound gave it back to me! My wife and I are repeat customers and huge fans of Steve Crowell and his awesome staff at Rebound Physical Therapy in Natick, MA. I’ve been a distance runner for more than 30 years. Over the past 5+ years, repeated and unexplained hip pain kept curtailing my attempts to get back into a consistent running routine. After extended rest, medication and chiropractic and primary care failed to address the root cause of what ailed me, I was finally referred by my PCP to Rebound. In my initial assessment with Steve, I was both impressed with how much uninterrupted one-on-one time he spent with me, and shocked to learn that one of my legs was significantly shorter than the other. As an engineer, the diagnosis certainly seemed to match my symptoms. Imagine learning that for the first time in your 40's! After getting my dress shoes and running shoes modified (by an incredible cobbler Steve recommended) to accommodate that discrepancy, I began aggressive hip therapy and strengthening exercises. Nine months later, I completed my fifth Boston Marathon after a 17-year hiatus. Sadly, during that endeavor, I tore the labrum (soft fibrocartilage lining) in my hip, which six months later (after exhausting passive options) required surgery to repair. The surgery was a complete success and I was cleared by my surgeon to run again. However, another six months later, I was still having significant pain in my hip, affecting my ability to sit, sleep and run pain free. At my request, my surgeon referred me to Rebound. In my initial evaluation, Steve found both hips to be very weak and the muscles around my repaired hip were severely and deeply knotted (likely a result of my body’s trying to compensate for the injury). I then began a series of aggressive PT treatments on my surgically repaired hip: targeted deep tissue massage, electro stimulation, and strengthening exercises. Between appointments, I did daily stretching and strengthening at home. Foam rollers and rubber therapy bands are my friends:) Within four months, my hip pain was almost entirely gone, and my hip strength and flexibility had greatly improved. This is 100% correlated to my treatment at Rebound. As a result, I’m back to comfortably running 15-20 miles a week, with a recent long run of 10 miles. I also recently won my age group in a small 5k road race – my first-ever top finish! What impresses me most about Steve and his staff is their patient-centric approach to care. They take the time to get to know each patient, develop a customized treatment plan, and stick with it until you see results. Even the front-desk staff is superb – patiently working with me to find appointment times to fit into my hectic schedule (7:30am and 6:00pm usually did the trick). At a time when most patients are just a number, and most medical practitioners rush to minimize time spent with patients, Rebound’s approach is refreshing … and highly effective. If you want to tolerate pain, poor range of motion and limited flexibility, stick to the couch. However, if you instead want to get back in the saddle – and you’re willing to do your part – give Rebound a call and you’re likely to see impressive results!

Nancy Amstutz

I've had a very good experience at Rebound in Natick. My therapist was very knowledgeable and used exercises for me that were very helpful for my condition. Additionally, she was a very nice person. I highly recommend this organization.

Wayne Szretter

A number of years ago, I went to Rebound Physical Therapy for a knee injury. Given the choice of surgery or physical therapy, I chose the physical therapy route, and never regretted my decision. Not only did they provide the needed physical therapy to resolve my knee injury, but they took the time to teach me simple exercises to prevent future injuries. I recently attended a health fair at Longfellow Sports Club in Natick and was pleased to see Steve from Rebound Physical Therapy there. He analyzed my gait and recommended corrective action to prevent future problems with my feet. Again, the staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent care and advice!

alexis corneille

Rebound is amazing. The PT team is exceptional: Kind, patient, highly skilled, and very well organized. They even email the exercises to me after the appointment. I highly recommend them

Robert Weiland

Professional and caring people who know what they are doing.

Bill Vonachen

Michael Ackerman

I've had a lot of PT in several cities over the years but Rebound is the best; great staff(smart,professional.empathetic,,talented), great equipment, and great technology( Theravid really makes things easier for a technologically, ignorant old man; direct and honest) My ortho surgeon referred me to RT and that's good enough for me

Rosamond Geller

No better clinic in the Metrowest area. Everyone is so knowledgeable, patient and helpful, and the results are amazing!

Heidi Blake

Karen Masterson

While needing to go for physical therapy is not fun, couldn't imagine a more welcoming environment. Friendly, professional staff. Highly recommend.

Rachel Reck

Richard Eckhouse

Excellent analysis leading to an course of physical therapy exercises that relate to my condition. I highly recommend Rebound PT to those that need it.

Lisa Danca

Sue Ellen Harwood has magical hands! I saw her for Thai Yoga last week and it was everything she promised- calming and renewing. Her session was so relaxing it almost put me into a trance. Would highly recommend Sue Ellen.

Joseph Wear

Bette Sarnevitz

Jan Signore

Best PT practice I've ever been to. Really effective and uncovered an underlying problem no one else has ever identified. Great follow-up, videos of how to do the exercises at home, outstanding over-all.

Jeff Kaplan

The staff is great! They're knowledgeable, personable and effective.

Haylee Pergola

nancy langwiser

Extremely competent and professional staff. Pleasant atmosphere. Quality equipment. Good scheduling and back office. Also has Massage Therapy and Pilates classes.

miranda miller

What would I do without these people? They are all great listeners, super knowledgeable, motivating and fun to boot. I'd be broken without them!

Karen Patterson Greene

Rebound has been great - the thorough evaluation and comprehensive treatment plan gave me confidence that I could be "fixed" with consistent visits and clear guidance on exercises to do at home between visits.

Marjorie Packer

Rebound has a caring staff from the therapist the assistants all the way to the front staff. Everyone greets you by name and is always friendly and helpful.

Nancy McFarland

I have been to Rebound Physical Therapy for my back and my neck. It has made a world of difference in my everyday life. I have found the staff very knowledgeable and informative. The exercises that I have been given, have proved to be perfect for my needs. Yes, you do have to do them daily to maintain yourself and be comfortable. I would highly recommend Rebound Physical Therapy to anyone!

Bing Boucher

Currently I am in my fourth rehab with Rebound Physical Therapy over the last 10 years. I have always found them to be professional, effective, and sensitive to my needs. They get my highest recommendation.

Don Greenstein

I have been going to Rebound Physical Therapy for almost a decade. Steve and his team of PT experts and massage therapists are amazing. They know what they are doing. I recently fought for over 6 months to get my new insurance company to cover my PT at Rebound as a long term relationship with a PT facility makes a difference. I had neck surgery last year for a nerve impingement that was causing severe pain and leading to paralysis in my left arm and leg. Surgery stopped the pain but the neuropathy, foot drop, spasticity and clonus on the left side of my body continues. I have been working with Rebound since Late January and change is slowly happening. It makes a difference to have PT people who care and know my long term history working to help me overcome these health issues. Go for a massage, go for some PT, Ask about the Graston tools... I am always well supported and feel like I have a team helping me work through my physical issues. From the front desk, to the back room administrative/billing personnel, to the PT and assistants, Rebound is the best!!

Mekenna Peter

I've gone to rebound now for two of my injuries and the whole team is absolutely amazing. From the friendly receptionists to the knowledgeable and welcoming physical therapists, I've had an amazing experience with Rebound and recommend them wholeheartedly!

Linda Lea Wells

Beverly Hector-Smith

You will find the most skillful and knowledgeable Physical Therapists at Rebound.

Robert Mainer

expertise with professional conduct

Jaime Turcotte

Such a knowledgable, patient and supportive. They've really helped me with a number of orthopedic problems!

Mike Gates

Orthopedic injuries can take a long time and need therapy expertise to work them out. I saw the doctor and went directly to the therapist. I'm making progress thanks to her. Rebound is exemplar !

Liz Turi

Physical Therapy in general keeps me moving. With connective tissue disease, any thing I can do to help keep my joints moving is good, and I've always counted on my physical therapist to help me keep my goals. Since moving to MA, I've had a problem finding a PT that I really liked and felt could help, and put off getting help I really should have had early on post really bad fall. Then I found Rebound PT in Natick - the fact that they're connected to Longfellow Sports Club really helps, and we have been able to take advantage of the pool for water therapy as well as more traditional PT. I especially love that I can go in at 6:30am, so it never disrupts my work schedule.

John Harris

Rebound physical therapy has been highly professional and skillful in the two times I have needed their help. Once after knee surgery and once with tendinitis (Golfer's elbow). In both instances the staff has been a pleasure to work with and diligent in their attention to my issues. In both instances I have been extremely satisfied with the results of their efforts. Excellent faculty and staff.

Nancy Karis

Extraordinary! Patty Magill got to work immediately on my shoulder, frozen stiff after 4 wks of immobilization. I swear her hands are HEALING instruments, and she isn't afraid to tackle stubborn jobs with them. Her skills were further tested when BPPV struck, but she rescued me from that affliction as well! I am eternally grateful to Patty for her skills and dedication to healing. The word, goddess, is overused, but I can't think of a better descriptive ( saint)? Thank you, Patty at Natick Rebound!!

Susan Polk

The staff at Rebound PT Natick is attentive and caring regarding each person's particular story and needs. I recommend them without reservation.

kevin Flynn

Pat Gillooly

Great team of therapists focused on recovery from injury and prevention of future injury. Great staff and excellent environment for treatment.


Pamela Mizrahi

Alison Zetterquist

First, let me tell you that I've had some terrible experiences with physical therapists. Only after careful review and recommendations did I choose Rebound in Wellesley, and I'm so glad I did. While I can't speak to all the therapists, Erin is an absolute star. She's professional, through and through, and that includes both a straight-forward approach alongside gentle encouragement. I've only had a handful of sessions, but they've already made a difference to my strength and balance. As for the facilities, they're bright, airy, clean and well-equipped. The parking is a little catch as catch can in their lot, but it's a small price to pay for such great results - thanks, Erin!!

Craig Cowles

This practice is hands on and works very hard to make sure that not only are the helping to rehab the injury you came to them for but to build a better foundation so that it doesn't happen again. From the front desk to PT & PTA its the same goal. So glad that I am at Rebound

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